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Document #9C.1 - Neighborhood Library Openings - 2011 - 2012

Document #9C.1 - Neighborhood Library Openings - 2011 - 2012

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Published by: Gary Romero on Jul 24, 2012
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Neighborhood Library Openings 2011-2012

4th Quarter FY 2011 1st Quarter FY 2012 Fiscal Year 2012 2ndQuarter FY 3rd Quarter FY 2012 2012 4th Quarter FY 2012 1st Quarter FY 2013 Fiscal Year 2013 2ndQuarter FY 3rd Quarter FY 2013 2013

Neighborhood Library Mount Pleasant BST Reading Room* Northeast Library Westend Library Woodridge Library

July Aug Sept Oct

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar April May Jun Jul

Aug Sep Oct Open

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar April May June

Date Pending - Scope Change to Project Close Close (subject to change) Close (subject to change)

* Swing Plan and temporary library services for this project are still being developed. Month when Library or Division will close Month when staff and books and materials are needed. `

OPEN LIBRARIES Georgetown Interim Takoma Park Neighborhood Library Parklands-Turner Storefront Library Northwest One Library Washington Highlands Interim Petworth Interim Benning Neighborhood Library Anacostia Neighborhood Library Mount Pleasant Interim Francis Gregory Interim Deanwood Library Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library Georgetown Neighborhood Library Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library Petworth Neighborhood Library Bellevue Neighborhood Library Francis Gregory Library
Document #1 Facilities Committee Meeting July 10, 2012

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