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We are the students from BSBA MM 1-1D taking the subject ENGL 1023. As part of our curriculum we are conducting survey for our thesis entitled ―Parents’ Absence on the buying habits of students of Marketing Department of PUP. We therefore, request you to lend us some of your time in answering this questionnaire. We assure you that the data given will be treated with high confidentiality. Thank You! Instructions: Please check the box. 1. What causes your parents to be absent? 4. Your monthly allowance is: Separated? Divorced? Deceased? Working abroad or local? Living together (If Living together, the survey ends here. Thank You!) Others: ______________ (Please Specify) 2. Are you affected by this Parents’ Absence? Ye No (If No, the survey ends here. Thank You!) 3. How are you affected by the Parents’ Absence? Physically: Sickness Lose weight Gain Weight Others: ______________ (Please Specify) P1000 – P2000 P 2001 – P3500 P 3501 and above Others: ______________ (Please Specify) 5. How much is your monthly savings? P500 and below P500 – P2000 P2001 and above Others: ______________ (Please Specify) 6. What do you usually buy with your savings? (Rate them from 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.) __ Foods __ Clothes __ Shoes __ Accessories __ Gadgets Others: ______________ (Please Specify)

Emotionally: Depressed Homesickness Have feeling of longingness Others: ______________ (Please Specify) Financially: Lack of Money Enough Money Others: ______________ (Please Specify)

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