Pre AP Art 2 Fall 2012 Sketchbook Assignments Sketchbook assignments are typically the only homework you will

have in Art 2; that is, if you stay on task during class and do your work. Sketchbooks are due on Wednesday of each week. I make every effort to remind you on Tuesday that you have a sketchbook due, however, if I don’t, that isn’t an excuse to not have your assignment on Wednesday! Requirements:     Draw a 6 inch by 6 inch square box on IN YOUR SKETCHBOOK. Title goes on the bottom left and name and date on the bottom right. ALL drawings will be based on your hand during the first semester. You must draw from real life. You may draw your own hand or someone elsse’s hand that you LOOK AT. Your drawings MAY NOT be merely copies of my idea starters.


Your Name Date

Assignment List:

September 5th

Hand in Blind Contour

September 12th

Hand in Cross-Contour

September 19th

Hand in Crosshatch

September 26th

Hand with Stipple

October 3rd

Hands in symmetrical balance

October 10th

Value drawing of hand

October 17th

Hand with color pencil/pastel

October 24th

Tangled hand (with monochromatic color scheme or in black and white)

October 30th

Hand as a landscape with monochromatic or complimentary colors

November 7th

Hand as an Animal

November 14th

Hand in watercolor and colored pencil

November 28th

Holding hands

December 5th

Hand sitting on a mirror/ reflection of hand on a surface

December 12th

Hand holding a present

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