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Part A.

1. Leaking electricity is electricity used when an appliance is not used

on, for example, when a microwave is not being used, but has a digital
clock on it, it is leaking electricity. A slightly harder to catch example
is the little light that flashes on a lot of appliances when they are on
standby. Although these things use very little electricity, it is still
using un-needed energy.
Five specific items that leak electricity in my household are:
-T.V (little red LED light flashing 24/7)
-Microwave (“glow in the dark” buttons and digital clock)
-Computer (flashing power button detecting movement to get out of
-Stove (multiple red led lights indicated functions of stove when not
in use)
-Fax machine (multiple different objects flashing indicating things
like unread messages and options)

3. Things that appliances can have that hint they are leaking electricity
are things like built in voltmeters, to measure the potential difference
(V) across the source. This will allow the owners to be informed the
amount of electricity that is aimlessly being wasted due to the fact that
an appliances has close to useless futures built in.
Things that can be done to reduce leaking electricity are;
-unplug appliances from outlet when not in use
- disconnect chargeable objects such as toothbrushes) once they are
fully charged
-buy appliances that state they are free of leaking electricity.
-buy less complicated objects; this will reduce the number of things
that the appliances have that use electricity that is not needed.