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r Professor Revaz R. Dogonadze (1931-1985) by Prof. Zurab D. Urushadze Professor Revaz R. Dogonadze (1931 - 1985) CG DLea Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of the Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Revaz (Rezo) R. Dogonadze (1931-1985) was one of outstanding scientists in the modern Chemistry, one of founders of the new science - Quantum , main author of the Quantum-Mechanical Theory of the e Act of Chemical, Electrochemical and Biochemical Revaz Dogonadze was born on November, 21, 1931, in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia). His father Roman I. Dogonadze (1905-1970) was a Professor of Economies of Agriculture Ulan Russia Sukhumi “= ~\ ~ oO ve Black Kutaisi a mee GEORGIA wah ° ¢ = TBILISI ‘ Akhatkataki t 7 oe) Turkey x . ,,. \ ; Ye, c Armenia =o 1949-1955 - Student of the Moscow Physics-Engineering Institute. 1955-1958 - Post-Graduate Student of the Moscow Institute of Physical Chemistry. 1958-1978 - Research Fellow (1958-1962) and Senior Research Fellow - Head of the Group (1962-1978) of the Theoretical Department of the Moscow Institute of Electrochemistry. 1961 - Revaz Dogonadze obtained the Ph.Dr. degree, in 1966 - the degree of Doctor of the Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Dr.Sci.). 1962-1973 - Associate Professor (1962-1969) and Professor (1969-1973) of the Moscow State University. 968-1985 - Member of the International Society of Electrochemistry