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Mt940 Format Details

Mt940 Format Details

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MultiCash PRO STA file format description

2 Description of MT 940 Statement block format 6 1.1 Key to columns in the description of the records 5 TREŚCI 1.3 Description of MT 942 intraday information block 9 Closing block 8 1.1. Format description of MultiCash STA file 3 1.2.1 Example of STA file 10 What is the difference between statements (MT940) and intraday information (MT942)? 3 1.1.3 How does the Structure of STA file look like? 3 Examples 10 1.1 Header 6 Format description 5 1.1 General information about STA file 3 1.2.1 What is STA file? 3 1.1 Header 9 Transaction codes (SWIFT and GVC) 11 2 Further information 12 -2- . Transaction block 9 1.2.2 Transaction block 6 1.3 Transaction details structure (field :86:) 7 1.4 How are transaction details presented (fields :61: i :86:)? 4 1.5 What types of codes are availiable in MultiCash? 5 1.

1 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT STA FILE This document explains format of STA files in MultiCash system and is intended as reference for creators of interfaces between ERP system and MultiCash. Only MT940 data can should be used for ERP automated booking. Contains full transaction information for day 1 along with opening balance.2 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STATEMENTS (MT940) AND INTRADAY INFORMATION (MT942)? Statements block (MT940).1. STA files are downloaded from bank server and after communication are imported to MultiCash databases. closing balance and statement number. STA is structured text file. STA file. MT942 blocks are for information purposes only and main task of these is fast informing of customer about movements on accounts. closing balance. Format description of MultiCash STA file 1.1. they can be imported to any ERP system.1. statement number -3- . containing statements blocks (based on SWIFT MT940) and intraday information blocks (based on MT942). It is essential. next to transaction information. otherwise the same transaction will be booked twice.3 HOW DOES THE STRUCTURE OF STA FILE LOOK LIKE? :20:statement date :25:account number :28C:statement number :60F:opening balance :61:transaction 1 :86:transaction 1 details :61:transaction 2 :86:transaction 2 details :61:transaction 3 :86:transaction 3 details Statement block (MT940). If there is movement on account MT942 block is appended immediately to STA file. which is delivered by MultiCash BPHPBK contains MT940 statements and MT942 interim transaction reports. enabling automated entry of transactions.1 WHAT IS STA FILE? MultiCash system uses STA files as source of data in account history. 1.1. that STA file parser distinguishes MT940 block from MT942 block. Downloaded STA files are stored in …\MCCWIN directory. Because of exact specification of contents of these files. 1. MT942 can be easily distinguished from statement by STARTDISP keyword in field :20: 1. contains opening balance.

Party/Beneficiary NAME1 <28 Ord. beneficiary details and transaction codes. line :86: presents payment details.Party/Beneficiary IBAN <60 Ord. Information (MT942s) was generated as soon as possible and appended to STA file Statement MT940 for day 2 Contains list of all transactions from day 2 along with opening balance.Party/Beneficiary NAME3 (STREET) <30 Ord.Party/Beneficiary NAME2 <29 Ord.Party/Beneficiary short1<33 Ord.Party/Beneficiary short2 <34 ind.1. amount and currency of transaction.Party/Beneficiary bank<31Ord.Party/Beneficiary NAME4 (TOWN) <61 Reconciliation code 1 (transaction id in ERP) <62 Reconciliation code 2 (beneficiary id in ERP) <63 REF5898327000090031789 <64 original amount. closing balance and statement number 1.00NTRF :86:020<00Wyplata-(dysp/przel)<10transaction number <20 1st Payment details line<21 2nd Payment details line <22 3rd Payment details line<23 4th Payment details line <24 5th Payment details line<25 6th Payment details line <26 7th Payment details line <27 Ord. code<38 Ord. :61:0203260326DN5312. entry date.Party/Beneficiary Account number <32 Ord. charges <66 booking code from host system Profile -4- .:62F:closing balance :64:available balance :20:STARTDISP :25:account number :13:timestamp for message generation :61:transaction 4 :86:transaction 4 details :20:STARTDISP :25:account number :13:timestamp for message generation :61:transaction 5 :86:transaction 5 details :20:statement date :25:account number :28C:statement number :60F:opening balance :61:transaction 4 :86:transaction 4 details :61:transaction 5 :86:transaction 5 details :62F:closing balance :64: available balance Intraday block MT942.4 HOW ARE TRANSACTION DETAILS PRESENTED (FIELDS :61: I :86:)? Transaction details are presented in lines :61: and :86: Line :61: contains value date . Two transactions (4 and 5) were booked during the day 2.

Code page for Polish characters is cp852. Information blocks (statements. intraday information) are separated with dash „-” Total length of row in STA text file cannot be longer that 65 characters. different codes according to SWIFT and GVC (Geschäftsvorfallcodes) standards are given to each transaction. 1. transaction block and footer (closing block). Number of statements in STA file depends on frequency with which STA file is downloaded from bank server.up to 2 digits 3!a . whether booked amount is payment order or interest cost. This enables automatic recognition whether order derives from ERP system and which customer (according to ERP database) it concerns.1 KEY TO COLUMNS IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE RECORDS Status M.Optional Format n Digits only a Alphabetic letters. that order was sussessfully processed and marked in ERP system as “done”.2 FORMAT DESCRIPTION Each STA file may contain one or more MT940 statements and intraday reports MT942. Transaction codes give ERP system differentiation. For example standard domestic payment is given SWIFT code TRF and GVC code 020. Reconciliation codes: each outgoing order can be marked with number or code.1. When this number (string) shows on statement it means. 1. It is also possible to give unique number (string) to every outgoing order.2. O .5 WHAT TYPES OF CODES ARE AVAILIABLE IN MULTICASH? Transaction details contain 2 types of codes: Transaction codes: depending on type of transaction.up to 4 lines of up to 35 characters each -5- .Mandatory.) as decimal separator Example 2n . Each statement (MT940) / intraday report (MT942) consist of header.always 3 letters 4*35x . that will be returned in exactly specified place on electronic statement. upper case only c Alphabetic letters (upper case) and digits only x Any character d Amount with comma (.1. Before every line the characters <CR><LF> (ASCII 13 + 10) are used.

whether it is a debit or credit balance. N for PLN Amount Transaction code (type) according to SWIFT specification Eg.16 where 2!a 2!n 8!n 16!n :28C: Statement number :60F: Opening balance Debit/Credit indicator Date Currency Amount M 5!n/2!n M 1!a M M M M 1!a 6!n 3!a 15d 1. the currency and the amount of the balance. :20:030226 Account identification IBAN (International Bank Account Number) IBAN = PLSSBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR PL = Country code SS= Control digits BBBBBBBB = Bank Sorting Code [BSC] RRRRRRRRRRRR= Account number [AccNr] :25:PL79106000760000320000752973 Statement number/page Eg.2 Field number :61: Transaction line Value date Entry date Debit/credit indicator Funds code Amount Transaction type Account owner reference TRANSACTION BLOCK Status M M M M 6!n 4!n 2a Value date YYMMDD Entry date MMDD C = Credit D = Debit RC = Reversal of credit (debit entry) RD = Reversal of debit (credit entry) Funds Code (3rd character of the currency code) Eg. F = Opening Balance C = Credit D = Debit Date YYMMDD Currency code ISO Amount Example for complete line :60F: :60F:C020326PLN134526.2.fiels :20: (customer reference – 16 znaków) Format Description M M M M 1!a 15d N3!c 16x -6- .2.statement date in format YYMMDD. :28C:00057/01 Field specifies for the opening balance. from 35) PLA – field :20: (customer reference –16 znaków) INT.2.2. TRF Customer reference: For outgoing payments: PLI – first line of customer-bank information (first 16 char.2 DESCRIPTION OF MT 940 STATEMENT BLOCK FORMAT 1.1.1 Field number :20: Reference :25: Account identification (IBAN) HEADER Status M M Format 6!n 2!a26!n Description Reference number . the date.2.

1. Party/Beneficiary Name 3 (street) (full 35 characters) Ord. <62 are reserved for reconciliation codes. Party/Beneficiary Name 1 (full 35 characters) Ord.Party/Beneficiary bank identification: Bank Sorting Code (for domestic payments) or BIC (in case of SWIFT payments) In case of Polish domestic payments. Subfields from <20 to <26 are reserved for payment details. Special formatting applies (see below). For example.2. przelew Batch number Sequential number of transaction on account Eg. characters 2 –10 are presented here -7- . Subfields <61. if 6th and 7th payment details line is empty. Subfield number Beginning of field <00 <10 <20 <21 <22 <23 <24 <25 <26 <27 <28 <29 <30 Status M M M M O O O O O O M O O M Format 3!n 27a 10n 27x 27x 27x 27x 27x 27x 27x 35x 35x 35x 10x Description Transaction code (type) according to GVC specification Eg. Bank reference Last 16 digits of transaction reference number in Profile (host system) Eg.text description of Transaction code from Profile that is also printed on paper statement Eg. Party/beneficiary details (name and account). Wypl/dys. 24755 1st Payment details line 2nd Payment details line 3rd Payment details line 4th Payment details line 5th Payment details line 6th Payment details line 7th Payment details line Ord.3 TRANSACTION DETAILS STRUCTURE (FIELD :86:) General rules for field :86: Subfield separator is < Empty subfields are not presented. when account is in form of NRB.Bank reference Bank reference :86: Transaction details M M M (//)16x 34x See below For incoming orders: Reference: under condition they are received from ordering party bank If there are no references NONREF is used. Party/Beneficiary Name 2 (full 35 characters) Ord. subfields marks <25 and <26 do not exist. Description of type of transaction Eg.2. Subfields from <27 to <60 are reserved for ord. 020 Booking text . 8327000090031789 Second line of bank reference (after <CR><LF>). Oplata za wydanie/wznowienie karty Transaction details.

35 Available balance C = Credit D = Debit Entry date MMDD Currency ISO Amount Example for complete line :64: :64:C020628PLN3481.2. Party/Beneficiary Name 2 (for MultiCash screen presentation purposes only ) Individual transaction codes. characters 11 –26 are presented here Shortened Ord. Shortened Ord.<31 M 24x Ord. Second line of customer-bank information from PLI.) NOTE: Filed is for MultiCash screen presentation purposes only and should not be used by ERP as source of Ord. when account is in form of NRB. Party/beneficiary data.00/ Booking code from host system Profile <32 M 27x <33 <34 <38 <60 <61 O O O O O 35x 3!x 34x 35x 35x <62 <63 <64 <66 O M O M 35x 35x 35x 35x 1. Party/Beneficiary Name 3 (town) (full 35 characters) Reconciliation code 1 (only for outgoing payments) May be used as unique transaction id in ERP system.35 MultiCash 3. Reconciliation code 2 (only for outgoing payments) May be used for customer id in ERP system.4 Field number :62F: Closing balance Debit/Credit indicator Date Currency Amount :64: Available balance Debit/Credit indicator Date Currency Amount :86: Additional information from statement CLOSING BLOCK Status M M M M M M M M M M O 1!a 4!n 3!a 15d 6*65x Format Description Closing balance C = Credit D = Debit Date MMDD Currency ISO Amount Example for complete line :62F: :62F:C020628PLN3481. Currently this filed is not used. Party/Beneficiary Name 1 (name is shortened to 27 characters. concerning whole statement and should not be mistaken with line :86: after line :61: (particular 1!a 4!n 3!a 15d -8- . Third line of customer-bank information from PLI. <64/OCMT/USD10000. PLA and INT files. Note: this line :86: appears after line :64:.Party/Beneficiary account identification: In case of Polish domestic payments. For ERP subfields <27. <29< <60 should be used.2. REF 5898327000090031789 Original amount and charges (for SWIFT/non-domestic payments) With code words /OCMT/ oraz /CHGS/ Eg. according to agreement with customer. Ord. Transaction reference number from Profile (bank host system) with keyword REF Eg.Party/Beneficiary IBAN For Polish domestic payments NRB number is placed here (NRB is IBAN without PL) Ord.0 can display 6 lines 65 characters each of additional information from statement if it is put here. PLA and INT files. <28.00//CHGS/EUR01.

:OS: O No restrict ions x transaction details) (Optional – very rarely!) It can happen that text file or other small file is appended to the STA file.3 DESCRIPTION OF MT 942 INTRADAY INFORMATION BLOCK 1.g.3.2..2. we would like to inform. When MultiCash processes STA file and finds :OS: record. Identical to those described above in MT940 MT942 does not have closing block. :OS:0400003163DMIMCPRO.2 :61: Transaction line :86: Szczegóły operacji TRANSACTION BLOCK M M patrz opis patrz opis :61: Transaction line.1 Field number :20: Reference MT942 indicator :25: Account identification (IBAN) HEADER Status M Format 9!a Description Reference: MT942 indicator: Always STARTDISP :20:STARTDISP Account identification IBAN (International Bank Account Number) where IBAN = PLSSBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR PL = Country code 2!a SS= Control digits 2!n BBBBBBBB = Bank Sorting Code [BSC] 8!n RRRRRRRRRRRR= Account number [AccNr] 16!n :25:PL79106000760000320000752973 Timestamp for message generation in format RRMMDDGGMM. E. Identical like described above in MT940 Transaction details line. :13:0308272359 M 2!a26!n :13: Timestamp for message generation M 10!n 1. -9- . displays text information in info-log manager or places the file (patch) to one of MCC directories.txt Dear Customers. Such appended file always begins with :OS: and name of the file.2. This part of STA should not be processed by ERP system. Eg..3. 1.

<28JAN KOWALSKI <29STRĄKOWA 3A <3010501445<311000002252037854 <32USŁUGI REMONTOWE SP.10 - .2.27NTRFREFERENCJE//8327000090031791 Przelew wychodzący zewnętrzny :86:020<00Wyplata-(dysp/przel)<101000000003 <20FRA 7611/2003 TERMIN 030826<21ZA REMONT ZAKŁADOWYCH <22POMIESZCZEŃ MAGAZYNOWYCH<2602105014451000002252037854 <27USŁUGI REMONTOWE SP.00 :61:0308250825CN142680.<101000000002 <20FAKTURA 7/2003<21DOSTAWA KINESKOPÓW <22BLACK 17' 25 SZT.<101000000001 <20F-RA 4762/2003 ZAPŁATA ZA<21DOSTAWĘ KINESKOPÓW <22LIPIEC 2003<2622106000760000320000584734 <27BLACKTRONIX FABRYKA TELEWIZORÓW <29GŁOGOWSKA 248 <3010600076<310000320000584734 <32BLACKTRONIX FABRYKA TELEWIZ<33ORÓW <34051<3822106000760000320000584734 <6060-010 POZNAŃ <63REF5983270000900317897 <66DD :61:0308250825CN20000.57NTRFREFERENCJE //8327000090031792 Przelew wychodzący wewnętrzny :86:020<00Wyplata-(dysp/przel)<101000000004 <20FRA 324-2342-234/2003<21ZA PREFABRYKATY DO TUB <22PRÓŻNIOWYCH <2661106000760000320000119499 <27HUTA SZKŁA TOPIK <29PRZEMYSŁOWA 67 <30110600076<310000320000119499 <32HUTA SZKŁA TOPIK<33 <34020<3861106000760000320000119499 <6050-505 WROCŁAW <61TRANS65348260 <62HUTASZKLA .<23BLACK 21' 30 SZT <2667106000760000300000374405 <27MATRIX WYTWÓRNIA SPRZĘTU TV I AGD <29PUŁAWSKA 65 <3010600076<310000300000374405 <32MATRIX WYTWÓRNIA SPRZĘTU TV<33 I AGD <34051<3867106000760000300000374405 <6000-950 WARSZAWA <63REF598327000090031790 <66DD :61:0308250825DN8566.<33 <34020<3802105014451000002252037854 <6031-345 KRAKÓW <61TRANS65348259 <62USLREMONT <63REF598327000090031791 <66DWP :61:0308250825DN19587.00NTRFNONREF//8327000090031789 Przelew przychodzący wewnętrzny :86:051<00Wpłata na rach. Z O.1 EXAMPLE OF STA FILE :20:030825 :25:PL72106000760000320000546101 :28C:00237 :60F:C030825PLN0.4. Z O.4 EXAMPLES 1.O.2.1.00NTRFSENDERS REF//8327000090031790 Przelew przychodzący wewnętrzny :86:051<00Wpłata na rach.O.

16 :64:C030825PLN134526.11 - . .2.4.16 - 1.<63REF598327000090031792 <66DWP :62F:C030825PLN134526.2 TRANSACTION CODES (SWIFT AND GVC) Transaction codes list is in separate document.

+48 12 6186688 Fax: +48 12 6186686 e-mail: hotline. Further information If you have any questions about formats of MultiCash payment files please contact Hotline MultiCash: Hotline MultiCash Banku BPH Tel.multicash@bph.bph.2. 0801 362274 (0801 3mcash) Tel.12 - .pl Internet:www.pl/multicash .

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