Marketing Management

the people who develop and build these brands are the foundation of our success.  Its goal was to become the finest global consumer goods company operating locally in Pakistan.  At P&G.  Four billion times a day.  Headquartered in Karachi. . P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world.INTRO & History of P&G:  P&G commenced operations in Pakistan in 1991.  P&G continues to have a positive future outlook for Pakistan.

Head & Shoulders and Pantenew hichare improving the lives of Pakistani consumers every single day.  Celebrating 20 Years in Pakistan: Recently P&G had celebrated 20 years in Pakistan.” 1. 2. Bob McDonald.. . we’ve launched brands like Pampers.Contd. Always. President and Chief Executive Officer of P&G said “Over the past 2 decades. Safeguard.

Target Markets: • Teenagers and youngsters (Males) • Hard workers and Sportsman (Males) .

 In its Advertisements.ATL Activities:  P&G’s anti dandruff refreshment Shampoo brand. Head n Shoulders Menthol has roped in Shahid Afridi as its brand ambassador. head n shoulder introduces itself as a premium brand and uses the charm and smartness of male models. .  Print Media (Newspapers etc.) with exclusive high resolution.

 We will provide test stalls of Menthols free of cost in every club. Every sports complex will have a billboard of head n shoulder menthol.  And distribute Coupons to consumers to participate international Games. .My Idea:  Our target market is a common and aggressive sportsman.

 Consumers will have a chance to meet and train with brand Ambassador who is Shahid Afridi for now. .  Sponsor Ramzan Premier League for Football and Cricket. Free gift hampers will be provided to winners..Contd.

 Hiring of Activists.  Joined venture of international sports council for our Games sponsorship. .  Hiring of Best Event Planners.Execution Plan:  Motivating Managers.