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CSS Quizzards

Objectives To provide training for students who have interest and willingness to compete in Quiz Bowl Competitions and, in the process, enjoy the wonders of reading. Membership Any following: 1. 2. 3. student who is willing to be part of the CSS Quizzards must satisfy the He/she is currently enrolled in the College; must have maximum commitment and interest in Quiz Bowl; must passed the elimination round which will be conducted by the CSS Quizzards Council.

Note: The Council set a quota to limit the admission of its members. Composition The CSS Quizzards has a teacher-adviser, a council, and its members. The CSS Quizzards Council has a Chairman and four (4) permanent members which will serve as a deciding body. Members recruited will be regular members but not part of the Council.

CSS Quizzards Council

Dario T. Nalug Chairman Members Placido J. Concepcion Matthew A. Apostol Mary Grace E. Aban Aljoy Marie Amores

Jofre G. Rasul Adviser Meeting Upon the organization of the CSS Quizzards, meeting shall be called at least once a week. An actual Quiz Bowl is conducted and members are ranked accordingly. The teacher-adviser has the prerogative to choose member/s who performed well to compete in Quiz Bowl Competitions. Any vacant room in the College shall serve as the venue of the meeting.