5 All criteria was met

3 One or two major pieces of criteria missing

1 An attempt at the criteria

0 No attempt at the criteria

Data: Criteria - At least three resources were used to find facts and data - Relevant information was sorted and well used in paper and calculations - Data is sited Research: Criteria -“Research Collection Packet” turned in with final paper - Thorough completion of all parts of packet - ORGANIZED and easy to follow Calculations Criteria - Linear equation/ best fit line equation was included and used appropriately to make prediction - One PERCENT CHANGE calculation made strategically in paper - Prediction was reasonable - Math used and was correct and relevant Graph/Scatter plot: Criteria -Excel Created - Two best fit line calculations made and drawn; 1 manually and 1 by Excel - An appropriate scale selected - Labels and title included and appropriate
Participation: Criteria -No reminders needed to stay on task - Student was present all days of research and used time wisely - All project pieces were completed on time

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