Ib Walkthrough: Episode 1

Ib is a horror/puzzle game created on RPG Maker. It’s rather short, but it’s definitely worth the time spent playing it (possibly multiple times!). It can be downloaded here. At the time this was written, I was unable to find a completed written walkthrough (though I did find one today, but I am going to go ahead an post this regardless). I found a video walkthrough, similar to a Let’s Play, and, in fact, used it to get past a few tricky parts when I played the game the first time. However, I find video walkthroughs difficult to navigate, especially since I only wanted the next piece of the puzzle revealed to me, not the whole thing. It is for that reason that I decided to write this one, complete with the occasional picture. I hope to aid future players that get stuck, like I was, on one little thing, only to beat their head against a desk when they realize how simple the answer was. Please note: this guide is designed to NOT give away how to get either a good or bad ending! I will leave any of the parts that determine your ending deliberately ambiguous (though I may note the places), and if you really don’t want to experiment, you can find the ending guide on the site that you downloaded the game from. I highly suggest you play the game without the ending guide at least once, though. It’s more fun when you don’t know how it’s going to end. But, I digress. Let’s get on to the actual walkthrough.

Episode 1 It’s not very long before you’re allowed free reign of the gallery. There is very little you HAVE to do to progress the game here, but I highly suggest that you look around and talk to everyone. It’ll get you used to the keys and familiar with Guertena’s artwork. Some are references to events later in the game, and some you will see in other levels. When you’re ready to move on, follow the steps below: 1. Take the stairs to the right. 2. Hang a right, and then go down, past the display of headless statues and the odd couch. Go right again. 3. Here you will see a long painting. Read the plaque for it, and the lights will flicker. The music will fade to silence. 4. Go back to the receptionist’s desk. The lights will go out. On the desk itself is an open book and a quill in an inkwell. Use these to save the game. At this point, if you go explore the gallery again, you will notice that everyone is gone. Figures will run past the windows, and, most importantly, the paintings will move and make noises. Again, I suggest you look around. This sets the creepy mood for the rest of the game. When you’re ready, follow the next bunch of steps: 1. Go back to the long painting. You will see blue paint leaking from the bottom of the frame. Investigate it.

2. After the letters “COME IB” appear on the floor, check that blue spot again. It is now a message. 3. Go to the bottom floor of the gallery. You will notice blue footprints leading into the large painting of an angler fish. Follow them. 4. Proceed down the staircase into a set of blue hallways. If you follow the hall to the left past the painting of floating rocks over a red background, you’ll find a painting of a fish, a locked door, and a place to save. If you missed the first save point, be sure to do it here, and save whenever you get an opportunity to. At the moment, though, this is a dead end, so go back. 5. You’ll notice the stairs you came down are gone. Don’t worry about that now—keep going to the right, past the painting of floating rocks over a blue background. 6. Follow the letters spelling “COME” (giggle about that if you want, I just found it rather creepy) to the end of the hallway, where you’ll see a red rose in a vase on a small table sitting in front of a blue door. Take the rose. When you do, you’ll notice a little rose icon appear in the upper left corner of your screen. This is your health bar. Move the vase and table out of the way to enter the door behind them. 7. Pick up the blue key in this room. The plaque is also insightful—it tells you that you (Ib) will die if the rose does.

Here is the painting the ant told you about. Ignore the letters spelling “THIEF”. Now is when it starts to become very important to take note of your surroundings. Nothing will hurt you in this level. Talk to the ant—the moving black pixel. Take it off the wall before trying the door. or you will be attacked by shadowy black hands. You’ll enter a green set of rooms. Go to the vase again and place the rose in the water. Read the sign on the column and take its advice as you head down the hall past it. Unlock the door and head on through to the next room. so head back down the hall. The sign that now hangs outside the room says essentially the same thing. An attack from most monsters will only do 1 point of damage. It will be locked. though. too. which will be important to proceed. 10. 2. . He gives you a hint about his painting.8. Don’t rush forward foolishly. so save them for when you need them. 9. Go back down the hall. but keep an eye on your flower. Don’t use vases willy-nilly. Watch out for the one at the end of the hallway. 3. All vases can be used in this way. Stay in the middle. or your rose will lose petals quickly! 1. Most are only one use. This will replenish your health to 5.

pick up the green key. You can show the ant his painting. It will follow you through the door. As you can see. 7. There are two halves to the fish that goes into the hole. Place the painting of the ant over the hole and use it to walk over (squashing the ant in the process). 6. You’re only choice is to flee from and avoid enemies. the headless statue will come to life. Unlock it and head on through.4. Proceed to the right. but it . Proceed to the next room. When you do. 9. the floor in this room has a hole in it. you will hear the statue fall down the hole. nor will you obtain one at any point in this game. You might notice the last painting on the wall in this room. 8. Go back to the green door. 5. past the hall of hands. and in the first one you’ll find a fish-shaped hole in the wall between a pair of unblinking cat eyes. DO NOT try to approach it or fight it! You do not have a weapon. and once you get back to the main room. It will break as you pass over it. The next set of rooms will have yellow walls. so head back over the ant painting. It’s a rather grisly end to the series from the hall earlier. Get out of the room as fast as you can. Go past the paintings of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. Now. but it isn’t important. Go through the door.

When you do. 3.doesn’t matter which half you get first. You’ll see a room full of broad columns. the middle one’s eyes will light up. like turn the music off or leave a giant red handprint on your screen. so don’t directly confront it. Your “prize” is a wooden fish head that drops out of the painting at the top of the room. he’ll disappear behind one of the red curtains. 2. The order I give is just the order I originally used. Read the yellow note the stick man leaves when you win. and some just heads. Go down one column and three to the left. but it’s inconsequential. Walk past. however. It is a monster that will hurt you. . Once you read it. some without. 4. That’s where he is. most of which have red curtains. and a message will appear below him in yellow paint. Walk past the row of head statues in the middle of the room. The one nearest you. Several will also hurt you. The one in the top left corner unlocks a bit of scenery later in the game. You have to find him. To the left: 1. has a stick figure on it. and it will follow you through the room. To the right: 1. You’ll see a room full of statues: some with heads. Many of the other curtains do strange things.

First. ALWAYS keep to the middle when walking through this hallway. and then do the math to get the password.2. Head to the right. Check the door surrounded by green. . so be ready. It’s locked. avoid the saliva from the painting wagging its tongue. but it will ask you to enter a password. Once you have both halves. a hallway will open up. 1. It’s rather obtuse. but it’s warning you of more black hands. You have to find numbers throughout this set of rooms whose colors correspond with the Xs in the equation. go right. and that is an instant game over! You need to find something to feed to them first. It will hurt you. you have to figure out where those numbers are. As you walk in and save. These next several rooms are still yellow. DO NOT talk to them. too. though. and you’ll find the lips in question. You’ll be eaten. past the hanging dolls. Proceed through it. Once you pass the hallway. go back to the main room. Put the fish in the hole. revealing a wooden fish tail. Lead it to a plaque on the floor to your right. Go back and read the plaque on the floor at the beginning of the small hallway leading upwards. so you haven’t quite finished this level yet. Go right a ways more. 4. After a chorus of meows. 2. 3. You’ll see a yellow note on the wall warning you of lips. It will trip on the plaque and break open. This puzzle is a bit lengthy.

another will fall. and you will lift a tile to find a 4 in lavender. While they won’t hurt you now. so go back to the door surrounded by green. and they have murdered the painting that told you the truth. . Go through the yellow door to the left and you’ll enter The Liars’ Room. Follow his directions in the next room. Investigate the only hanging doll you can reach. Only one of the six paintings (the one in brown) is telling you the truth. When you return. you’ll find a pink 9. and take a look at the white painting. I’ll let you put in the numbers and do the math yourself. Go take a look at that one. 8. He is one of the few paintings in the game that openly helps you. 6. you’ll hear a commotion from the last room. anyway. At first glace. You might need the paper and pencil later. grab some paper and pencil or a calculator. past the painting with the wagging tongue. Pick the apple from the tree in the center of the room and leave.5. That’s your last number. You may be able to do it in your head. but if you look again. Unfortunately. but if not. 7. and you’ll find the number 18 in green on its clothes. you can’t help but feel a bit bad for the guy. Go back through the hall in the main room. though. the door doesn’t lead to the next area. It’s just a room full of trees. you’ll find that the liars now have weapons. Once you do. it will say it’s totally white. When you do. 9.

2. Save and then go through the red door. Now you can talk to the lips. Check all the bookshelves—some give hints (like the fact that . 11. There is another door in the middle of it. double back. After that. and unlock the door. you’ll find a gallery room.10. grab the key. because when you get to the end of the hall. nothing will happen. 3. but as you walk away. Through the red door. Go back through the hall. You’re done with Episode 1. but it’s locked. Ib Walkthrough: Episode 2 This continues from Episode 1. Notice those guillotine paintings on the wall? They should make you nervous. but remember what I said: keep to the center. Let them have your apple. When it does. At first. one will come down on you. Get the painting away from the key by leading it to the opposite side of the red statue and then get out of its line of sight. Once you get through the door. Go look at The Lady in Red painting in the top right corner of the gallery. 1. the painting will come to life and try to attack you. and they’ll let you through into the next room. Dodge out of its way and head down the stairs when it lifts back up. you’ll find yourself in a small room with bookshelves and a locked door. it will drop a red key. Follow the red hallway—no puzzles or tricks here.

click on the “Ib Manual” file. There’s nothing more you can do for him now. In a hall past a painting. open the “Movie” folder. Go to the set of shelves in the top left corner. Once you leave that room. and click the only file in it. (Note: If the video will not play ingame. . and it’s free to download. Blue vases are special—they hold an unlimited amount of water. Push it in. you’ll immediately see a blue vase and a save point. you can probably find it on Youtube if you look hard enough. One will be the key to exiting the room. Feel free to heal here. you can still watch it! Go back to your “Ib” folder. If your computer supports it. VLC Media Player did it for me. and then you’ll have to leave him there. you’ll see a man in a blue coat lying on the ground. come back to this bookshelf and you will find a book jutting out. 6. go back to your “Ib” folder. especially if you had trouble with that Lady in Red painting earlier. If it doesn’t (like mine) and instead crashes the game. and follow the directions to fix it there. Once you do. Either of these actions will open the door for you. Otherwise. and others just chilling excerpts.) 5. Take the key he’s holding. 4. You need a video player that will play the video. though. Go to the right.the monsters can’t open closed doors). you will read a creepy story in the form of a video. Check the one that is one away from the door.

and you can continue on. You’ll find a door blocked by a statue. however. Garry takes care of that. she’ll drop it to chase after you. leave the room and go back to the middle room with the blue vase as quickly as possible. She is too preoccupied ripping apart a blue rose to notice you at first. go back out through the door. You might notice. His name is Garry. Now you can pick up the blue rose unimpeded. and a red door. Do so. Go to the right. You’ll find a vase. 10. When she does. Open the red door with the key. Once you have the rose. but if you approach her.7. through the center room and to another room beyond. a blue lady this time. . Go to the blue vase. 9. 12. back to the ragged man in blue. 13. In this room is another painting come to life. and she’ll break through the window in the side of the room to get to you. It will give you the option of putting the blue rose in it. a regular brown one this time. 8. Continue to the right. that the two signs on opposite sides of it are the same signs you saw when you got your rose. Immediately go back in the room. Go back to the left. Wait a few minutes outside the door. The vase is empty. so don’t worry about it. 11. but also take note of the blue petals on the ground. and he will join your party.

Ignore them for now and proceed up the narrow hallway. Go in and you’ll see a room full of stools and easels. DO you do. and NOT give it to him. Push them in the directions indicated in the diagram below to form a path. If instant game over. especially the white snake. You can push the stools. Go back to the last door. To you right is a save point. he’ll give you commentary as you proceed. Talk to him. Proceed to the left until you get to a hall full of eyes. Continue down until you find a door. 3. The first things you’ll see in this next set of gray rooms are a pair of paintings of a bride and groom and two black hands reaching out of the floor.Now that you have Garry with you. 2. . Go up past the eyes. 1. To the right of the upwards. At its end is wall. an 4. door is a short hall leading a bizarre blue face set into the he’ll ask you for your rose. Go to the left and take note of the paintings on the wall. To your left is a door— don’t go through it just yet. he’ll eat it—again. They won’t hurt you.

5. On the back is a message: “Behind the big tree…” 8. and you will find a secret passage. Pick up the eye drops on the stool you’ve reached and leave the room. Investigate the patch of wall. but that one was the one I found. The paint the note is referring to is the splotch that is closest to the top left corner. The easel in the top right corner is helpful: “Go straight south from the red paint. In the passage is a red glass ball. Inside is a labyrinth with three animated statues. The painting to the right of it will fall over. Press it and get out of there. in thanks. Use the eye drops on it. Take the eye drops over to the hall of eyes. it will indicate an area on the wall. “Straight south” of it is a switch in the wall. Go back to the painting of the white snake and put in the glass ball for its eye. 6.There’s more than one way to do it. Go back to the last door you haven’t opened.” 9. . and. 7. You’ll notice one eye is dry and red.

you will find a wedding ring. 11. Just ignore them and continue to the next room. the more of them that come alive! Every time you hear a crash. This room is a hall of sculptures. you can often read the words you don’t recognize. is a tree. you’ll notice that when Garry is with you. Be careful—the farther you get through the puzzle. however. you’ll know that the groom puts the ring on the ring finger of the left hand. You can put the ring on one of the hands. rather than having them blocked out with “???”!) 12. Garry will comment on each. Ring a bell? Behind it. Pick it up. The last. If you look at them. He’ll eat it and then let you through. the bride will throw her bouquet. Take the bouquet to the blue face and give it to him in place of your rose. (Note: When you look at the sculptures. 14. The switch will reveal a new door next to the save point. 13. This room is big and full of paintings and statues. Go back down the narrow hall to the paintings of the bride and groom. You will first go through a tiny room and then enter a hall of mannequin heads and unsettling paintings. Once the ring is in place. If you know anything about wedding rings.10. . Go in. and so will you.

you’ll find a mannequin head blocking your exit. 5. 1. save it for now. The door that is unlocked is the one on the right side of the room. since he is upside down. All that’s in the room is a mirror. To open the door on the left. All the doors in this room are locked. so are the numbers! The password is NOT 5629. This time. 6. but not important. When you look away. 4. Remember that. Both require passwords. You can’t move it. In this room. To open the door on the right. go look at The Hanged Man. Look in it and you’ll see Garry and Ib. Ignore it for now. Inside is a vase. First find the two doors right next to each other in the center of the room. He’ll whirl around and try to kick it. When you leave the room. The book shelf is also interesting. move the table with the vase to the left until you hear the click of a door unlocking. you’ll find a mannequin head between the two doors. the mannequin head will be floating behind Garry in your reflection.more paintings have come to life. . and some do as you walk past them. 2. Unless you REALLY need it. That is the password. so look in the mirror again. count the number of paintings of women in the room and input that number. 7. The Hanged Man doesn’t count! 3. On his chest is a four digit number.

open. The key unlocks the door below the two side-by-side doors. 9. . Either way. Escape through it. Either will progress the game. the one closest to the save point. Move it in front of the window (to the right). though. You can then leave the room. dropped a key. Dodge them. Try to leave. 12. 11. None of the bookshelves contain anything interesting. several more paintings you pass will come to life. 10. Take a look at it. Once in the main room. Get around her (or them) and go through the hole in the wall. You’ll find the last door. 13. a Lady in Blue will get in.8. If you didn’t cover the window. you’ll find the door locked and hear a loud pounding from outside. but be careful. Lure her away from it and grab it. They can easily gang up on you. One. the one closest to the one you used to enter the room originally. You’ll have the option of covering your eyes or trying to stop him. but the large one that isn’t full can be moved. Don’t dawdle. Inside is a painting of Ib’s parents. a Lady in Green in the bottom right corner. More paintings are alive now. a Lady in Yellow will break in through the wall. but one is easier to evade than two. or a Lady in Green will follow her. Once you have it. you’ll find tons of paintings and statues alive. When you do.

These are violet. 1. go investigate. After leaving (or skipping) the maze. When you hear a knock at it. secluded room. You’ll come to a locked door requiring a password at the very end. but you’ll only see blackness. It is not mandatory to so. but doing the ending you receive. Ib Walkthrough: Episode 3 This continues from Episode 2. She awakens to find that Garry has brought her to a safe. Backtrack a little until you . The other two buttons bring the remaining statues to life. continue to follow the hall. Walk down the hall past the violet door. rope maze. When you leave the safe room. That will take you to the next set of rooms. through it. The bookcase on your way out holds Guertena’s diary. When you go into the maze. and a yellow statue in the maze will come to life. To open a way out on the other side of the maze.After that is a cut scene where Ib faints and has a nightmare. which is worth a look. a bar will snap into place behind you. You can try to look in the hole. 2. go to the blue button portrait (the middle one) and press it. 4. could change The next step outlines how to get if you skip the maze. As you continue down the hall. you’ll notice a small pass through. head down the stairs. Take your time to heal and look around (and maybe calm your nerves?) before continuing on to Episode 3. so skip it 3. or not doing so.

However. though. you do get to choose from three words to fill in the blank. . there is a message in violet beneath the lamp just outside the door. If you pick “Realm”.) 8. but it will not unlock the door. Before leaving. books. I’ll tell you that it’s “Abyss”. Beyond is a small room with some bookshelves and a painting. but the painting will set off a cut scene. though. 9. 6. Garry will agree with you. 7. This one is unlocked. Unfortunately. though. When it’s finished. Now that you pulled the cord. Garry can move it without a problem. you originally read it as “??? of the Deep” because of Ib’s lacking vocabulary. The shelves hold two interesting. The message asks the name of Guertena’s floor painting. To save some time.find a square doorway on the south wall of the hall. the one with the angler fish that you walked into near the beginning of the game. (Note: The game will try to trick you here. leave the room. Go back through the small room to the locked door. You’ll find yourself in a small room with a statue blocking the way. “Abyss of the Deep” will unlock it. but not vital. pull the cord in the corner. The door blocked by the statue turns out to be the one you heard someone knocking at when you entered the violet rooms. so you could get it by process of elimination. 5.

Continue north.10. you’ll find red words on the walls and floors. 12. investigate one of the rabbit ornaments. Going through the door will trigger a cut scene where you meet a girl named Mary. 13. 11. You’ll have to go on without him. They start around the save point. At least you have the key to unlock that door. Follow the hall up until you reach a fork with two doors. When you do. Next. It doesn’t matter which. 14. Follow them through a new doorway. a green one will fly off the table and shatter. First. Going past the painting between the two rooms will trigger yet another cut scene that ends with Garry trapped on the side of the fork with the bunny room and Ib and Mary on the other. look at the bookshelf to the left. even if you don’t need it. The closer of the two is locked. Garry and Mary will argue about whether it is cute or unsettling. 15. look at the painting. revealing a key inside. Finally. . but the farther one is not. and she will join your party. Take the key and leave the room. In the hall. Proceed down the hall until you reach a sideways T going north and south. you’ll find a painting of a rabbit titled “Red Eyes” with rabbit ornaments sitting on tables on either side of it. Go south first and use the vase there. It will start a short conversation with Mary. Inside. Backtrack down the hall until you see red footprints.

More hang from nooses on the ceiling. This room has a hole in the floor that you can’t cross. winding hallway. you will step on a rose tile: red if you’re Garry. The next room is a long. You’ll have to go forward. 3. though. The one the farthest to the right has a palette knife that Mary will hold on to. *switch* 5. so continue through the door. and splatter against a wall. When you go back to the bunny room. 4. All you can do for now is save. Mary will announce that there’s nothing else of interest in the room and suggest you go back for Garry. check the box down and to the left of that one. As you go through it. 2. blue if you’re Ib. the red nose will fall off a clown painting. and you’ll find a statue in the way of the door you entered from. There’s nothing to really do here. Brown notes will also appear as you walk. To save time. Look in all the open boxes. When you do. I’ll just say *switch* when you need to change characters. you’ll find that both the painting and the ornaments are now blue-faced. Next. 1. roll down stairs. you’ll go back and forth between playing as Ib and Garry to progress. red-eyed dolls.During the next section of the game. . To switch. When she does. the lights will flicker off. Unlocking the door will bring you to a small room filled with boxes and statues.

(Note: The revelation of what is actually in this room says a lot about Ib’s mental state at this point in the game. Read all its messages on the walls to unlock the door at the end. This is something that is important to keep in mind during certain endings. then push the blue block into the hole. A doll will follow you down the hallway. Investigating the bookshelf to the right will reveal a hole in the wall you can escape through.) 6. . What she sees. Finally. This will give Ib and Mary a way over the hole. The next room has a rose tile in it. Proceed through the narrow hallway. Pull the second from the right. Mary will ask you some questions depending on your choices thus far. Garry will be able to use it. 7. Walk across the strange painting. This will unlock the door. go to the next room. might not necessarily be real. but some will hurt you. and what you as the player see through her. *switch* 8. Push the blue block into the little triangle indent in the floor. To the far right in the new room is a series of 5 pull cords. 9. *switch* 10. 11. The others have varying results.

are two items you need: the violet paint ball and an umbrella. Grab one. In the wall south of that is the only other door already unlocked. There is a cord to pull. You won’t be able to get the key on the other side until Garry finds all seven paint balls. but you can’t reach it yet. Read the sign on the north wall. 13. and go back and grab the other. 15. You . Continue north until you see another and go inside. though. then go to the main room. Inside. 18.12. You’ll find a yellow ball of paint there. 14. 19. The room inside is colorless and has a hole in the middle. To the left of the rose tile is an unlocked door. heal with the blue vase. The first door you’ll see in the next room is locked. Go back to the door you entered from. Inside are three tables with mannequin heads. To the far right in the main room is a wall with two paintings. *switch* 17. too. This room is full of gas that makes you lose a petal for every step. It instructs you to find seven balls of paint scattered throughout the violet rooms you’re in. On the south wall is an unlocked door. Now go to the right side of the room. Knock off the head on the desk in the bottom left corner. 16.

Look at the J page and remember the date that “Juggling” was painted. Go to the door with the tree above it. look at the bookshelf right next to the keyhole. 20. but that’s the only one you have to knock over. 24. Grab the key on the table in the bottom right corner. In it is a book called “Collected Words of Guertena”.can knock over the others. You’ll find that it is unlocked now. 21. Again. Go north. . you have three choices and can figure it out through process of elimination. On the left side of the room is another door. Before you leave. Inside is a bunch of bookshelves and a pink ball of paint that you can’t reach yet. Go to the wall of paintings and look at the one on the right. 25. Use the key you just found in the keyhole. too. It unlocks a door for Garry. and it will give you the blue ball of paint. *switch* 23. but it’s “Marvelous Night”. Inside are bookshelves and a keyhole in the wall. It’s locked. but requires a password—the name to a pictured painting. Put the umbrella on the hook. It will ask you the date it was painted. 22. Put in the date you just got from the book.

Go back to the mannequin head room. Read the copy of “Collected Works of Guertena” on the shelf to the right of the ear painting. Read .26. If not. and then walk to the cord and pull it. 32. Look at the bookshelf in the top right corner of the left half of the room. Give the woman in it the umbrella. and in the book you’ll find the green ball of paint. 31. Don’t leave the room yet. it will bear fruit. Go in. Walk to it. When you walk past the door with the tree above it. On the north wall is a painting. 28. especially the M page. 30. The vase on the south wall will now be full of water trickling down from the raining room above. and it will start to rain. That will shut off the gas. *switch* 29. Inside is a book. Go to the most southern edge of the room. Go to the painting of the fisherman on the right side of the room and get the umbrella. and you’ll be able to get the pink ball of paint. Go back into the room with the red gas. *switch* 27. heal. The doll that followed you into the room from the hall has moved right next to the locked door there. go back through this section of the walkthrough and figure out which you missed. You should have three left. by the rose tile.

) 33. though. You have to find the doll with the key to the door. If you win. you will cut to Ib and Mary. Losing this game does not mean a game over. When you try to leave. a clock will start ticking and a giant doll will begin to climb out of the white painting. If it reaches you. If you lose. Whether or not you win or lose is up to you. especially if you don’t like dolls. It should be the last one. Garry will go up and find them. Grab the ball of white paint under the white painting. it will change the plot progression andcould (but might not) change the ending. If you do. 34.its message and then get the red paint ball out of its stomach. (Note: This next section is one of the scariest in the game. you’ll find the door locked and the dolls prompting you to “have another treasure hunt”. Follow it into the now-unlocked room. Regardless. Garry will run out the door and end up near . you’ve lost. and the two of them will find Garry in the room talking to the dolls. When you walk away from the door. cut straight to after the next switch. If you win. If you lose. 35. I will provide a picture to show you which doll has the key.

If he won. This is where things change slightly depending on if Garry won or lost the game with the dolls. Go through the door originally obstructed by red gas. Follow her out to the hall you came in from. but when you’re done. Mary will leave your party.the fishing hook painting. When you come back. You’ll find a statue blocking a stairway. Either way. If he lost. go down the stairs and get him before coming back up. Proceed down the stairs and onto Episode 4. Talk to Mary. 39. 38. he’ll meet you at the top of the stairs. but Garry will move it. you’ll find Mary gone. 41. *switch* 37. You can talk to her. and you’ll find her mutilating a mannequin head with the palette knife. Go to what was once the black and white room and obtain the key. Go up the stairs. Try to talk to her and then go back into the main room. 36. Go through it. The last door is open. and you’ll have to go back into the brown room. . 40. Go ahead and unlock the door next to the fisherman painting. You’ll automatically switch to Ib and Mary. you need to continue. She’ll follow you back.

Take the turn that goes north. This is also the last part of the walkthrough. It will only wilt it. then right twice. Go left. but DO NOT dip in your rose. Grab it and head back outside. Here is a pink house with a vase and save point nearby. . but if you keep walking and don’t pause. which you’ll need soon. they will miss. there will be a path before a house. the background will become more like a child’s drawing. 2. Go inside the upside down house. Fill your bucket in the lake. Check the message in blue on the house. 5. After you leave. 4. If you need to heal. As you go.Ib Walkthrough: Episode 4 and 5 This continues from Episode 3. It’s a bucket. Some objects will come flying at you. You’ll find yourself in an area with dead trees. Episode 4 It’s a straight hall from the brown room to the Sketchbook. head north. 1. then continue to the left. 6. To the far left is a blue object. When you finally arrive at the Sketchbook. Episode 4 and Episode 5 are in a post together since they are both quite short. 3. use the vase. though it’s only one use.

I will go on to explain. To the left is a second door. 9. Press them in the sequence on the wall. and a key will appear in the center of the room. The switches represent the different areas of the Sketchbook. The shapes on the wall are the same ones you released from Pandora’s Box. Obtain the little mirror inside. then take the pink path north twice. but finding it is difficult and time consuming. They flew out and scattered themselves around the Sketchbook. Go inside and open Pandora’s Box in the middle of the gallery. Here you’ll find a patch of orange sunlight. which you can unlock with your key. Water it from the bucket and retrieve the key that is inside. Leave through there. For that reason. The red switches on the floor correspond with the shapes on the north wall. Go inside. Here. Here you’ll find the gallery. Otherwise. If you don’t care to know why the pictures correspond with the switches. 10.7. 8. you’ll see a blue tulip bud next to the house. Head to the left. Now go south twice until you reach the area where you entered. and the reflection will melt the ice on the door of the blue building. I am including both a long explanation and a diagram for easily solving it. Place the mirror on the ground. This puzzle has a rather simple answer. just scroll down to the diagram. The diagram shows which switch goes with which shape. The paths of the .

The sun is shining down in the area in the top left corner. if you already know where things are. a cat head was drawn on the back of the sign. Inside is the pink toy box. In the middle top area. An extra butterfly has been added to the left middle area. if you stare into the lake. Now that you have the key. Finally. 12. Unlock the door of the house surrounded by flowers. 11. In each area. you’ll find a shape. this one with eyes on its wings. if you go into the house on the right bottom corner and look at the clock. In the bottom middle corner. leave the blue building and go right. there is a star on it. you can see the moon reflected in it. After Mary pushes you into the toy box. The trees in the middle right have borne fruit. The easiest way to determine your ending is to first . and one has a single apple. you can press the switches without actually “finding” any of these. In the top right. the events will change according to what ending you have unlocked. The sign in the middle bottom area has a swirl on the front.Sketchbook create a shape similar to that of the switches and the lines that connect them. the heart is on the door of the house. However.

Garry is knocked out above the clown drawn on the floor. Once she leaves. you have a choice. From there. and he’ll assure you that you’ll find it. You have no choice but to trade Garry’s for it. Once you get it. 13. Regardless of your ending. since you lost it when you fell. Garry is still above the clown. Good: You’ll find your rose near the north edge of the toy box. You’ll be back in the room you were in before Mary pushed you into the toy box. once you finish. but you’ll be able to wake him. Again. Bad: Your rose in nowhere to be found. Head straight down the hall and up the stairs. Bad: You arrive in the same room to find Mary. Good: You MUST burn the roses with Garry’s lighter and head up the stairs. It’s next to the drawing of the pink cat. what you do is variable depending upon the ending you have. Mary will appear with Ib’s rose. collect the pink key.follow the directions for the “good” ending and try to find your rose. only now the toy box is gone and the stairs that were behind it are covered in thorns and yellow roses. If you ignore the roses and . Just below the clown is the pink key. Evade them and make your way to the doorway in the middle of the north wall of the toy box. all the toys will come to life and try to kill you.

) 2. Go to the long painting that started this mess on the top floor. Inside. Don’t hesitate. That is the end of episode 4. Otherwise. 3. You are now back in the gallery. but not what you have to do. 15. . Episode 5 1. you can go back to where you left Gary in the hallway and take his lighter. The cutscenes will change according to your ending here. Now you can go back downstairs and leave. Head down it and continue down the hall. Mary will appear to chase you with her palette knife. Burn it.choose to leave the house. skip to step 15. since Garry’s with you! Do so if you feel so inclined. jump into it. where you will find Mary’s painting. and you burn her as well. When you take a few steps away from the stairway. Go as quickly as you can to the opposite end of the room. then use it to burn the roses and ascend the stairs regardless. This will vary according to your ending. you’ll see a staircase. you can now read the names of all the paintings. (Note: If you have the good ending. Go south to the pink house. The key will unlock it. Once the frame disappears. You’ll be transported to the gallery—this one lit and populated. 14. but it is still dark and everyone is still gone.

the game really takes no time at all. There. It has been replaced with Garry’s “sleeping” body. I highly suggest you play Ib again. If there are any confusing parts. And that’s all! I hope this walkthrough was helpful and easy to follow. After that. . please tell me via ask! Otherwise. or just plain typos. And once you know how to solve the puzzles. It’s fun to go back and unlock all the endings or see how different choices affect the plot. you will find Mary with your parents. Maybe even several times. Bad (but burned Mary): Go look at the Hanged Man painting on the north wall of the top floor. He’s looking at the rose sculpture on the bottom floor. errors. Bad (didn’t burn Mary): Go back to the lobby. find your parents in the lobby. south of the painting of the angler fish.Good: Go talk to Garry.

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