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CONSUMER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY ofthe SUPREME COURT OF TENNESSEE +101 KER NASHVILL TELEP BEVERLY P. SHARPE, COUNSEL DIRECTOR OF CONSUNER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM October 22, 2007 Stanley Green 1953 Goodhaven Drive Memphis, TN 38116 RE: CAP File No. 07000641 Larry Eugene Copeiand vr., Esquire Dear Mr. Green: ‘We reviewed your recent letter. For a statement to be perjury, it is required that it be a sworn statement under oath. It appears the atlorney's letter was not under oath. The transcript which the attomey sent showed that the case was “nolle” prosecuted. It may be that the attomey could not at first remember the exact circumstances of ‘case several months later, if he handles a large volume of cases. However, if you feel the attorney was involved in a crime, this should be reported to law enforcement. problems of official corruption, please contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice. If the attorney is convic of a crime, the Judgment should be reported to our office. Sincerely, Beverly P. Harpe) Beverly P. Sharpe, Counsel Director of Consumer Assistance BPs: oronestt 2s