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Ser. No. 1 Tooling arranged for FO-09 (new slitting machine) 2 Tooling arranged for BS-2 (new slitting machine) 3 Rotary trimming to be establish on all (running & development) parts 4 Training given to all welding operator for setting of new trimming m/c 5 Setting time reduction in all turning machine (1). Tooling rack to be modified (2). Setup change trolley to be arrange (3) Tool arranged for setup trolley item code of all tools frconallenkey003 12 no. frconallenkey004 14 no. frconallenkey005 17 no. frconallenkey008. 3 no frconallenkey013. 1/4 inch. frconallenkey017. 3/8 inch. frconallenkey018. 3/16 inch. frconallenkey024. 7/32 inch. frcons000014 18-19 spanner frcons000015 24-27 spanner frcons000025 23-24 spanner frconspanner0003 spanner c type 14-15 frcons000042 box spanner 13,14 with handle NEW TRIMMING MACHINE ESTABLISH PLAN TARGET DATE ACTIVITY RES. PERSON REMARKS M/C SHIFTING R. C. POWER CONECTION R. C. MAINTAINCE ACTIVITY A.P. TOOLING ARRANGED S.C. TRAINING GIVEN TO OPERATOR S.C. CYCLE TIME TURNING M/C M/C Name Operation Activity Average time Total time Remarks Loading time 12 O.D. & face Hammering 7 VTX-01 ( Line-01) 87 Turning Machining time 61 Separate Unloading time 7 Operator Loading time 12 for both m/c Hammering 5 I.D. & face CNC-01(Line-01) 83 Turning Machining time 62 Unloading time 4 Loading time 8 O.D. & face Hammering 5 VTX-01 ( Line-01) 49 Turning Machining time 31 Single Unloading time 5 operator on both Loading time 7 m/c I.D. & face Hammering 5 CNC-01(Line-01) 47 Turning Machining time 30 Unloading time 5 Loading time O.D. & face Hammering VEX ( Line-10) Turning Machining time M/C Unloading time Under Loading time setting I.D. & face Hammering COLCHESTER (Line-10) Turning Machining time Unloading time Loading time VTX DOUBLE SPINDLE I.D.,O.D. & Hammering (Line-10) NMT Face Machining time Unloading time Note:-