Molecular clairvoyance and invisibility: As an addendum to: http://www.scribd.

com/doc/86679123/Yin-Xing-Yin-Marici-sutra-Mudra-of-Hiding-Forms As this is a scrapbook type compilation and not totally my own creation I figure I would add my own flavor to it to make it more me. I remember in other instructions to “hold the empty fist in front of the heart” and considering that. I feel that its possible that Anima siddhi is a extra component of the Mudra of hiding forms. That being said it makes sense to imagine Anu as inside the empty fist at times and gauge the results. We could literally place a heart shape within the fist and cover it with our hand or in other instructions, move it in circles while chanting the mantra.

At other times, to enhance ones molecular clairvoyance you can adopt a procedure that you can apply to any form of qigong or meditation. Spacial tratakam or the contemplation of the air and space surrounding the body, not the whole body itself or specific locations. This is also well facilitated when combined with the Kou Zhang or short circuit. The short circuit is when the palms face each other with a space between them. In front of the body this is called Embracing the Qian and Kun. Instead of focusing on the force between the palms you switch awareness to the space around your body as if you were sitting inside a balloon.

There has been a lot of information about “Qi balls” in the past which is ironic as it started about the time when I was working on putting information like this online. It was not yet time and one issue with the “Qi ball” materials is that the ball is not the preffered shape. A column or beam like a flashlight is its natural form. When one has a sensation between the palms, you maintain this with the position of the hands but change your focus and essentially eventually transfer this “Gong” to the space around the body leading to awareness of domain of the 8th chakra. A great flower essence for this is Red or Rose campion.

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