(UNITS 1-2)

(Total 80 marks)

1) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present
simple or present continuous.
Karen.. Do y.ou live (you /1'lve ). m L on d on. ? (be) here on 1 (2) (stay) with my (live) near the university. (you/stay) with them (go) on (work) on a farm this (not have) (do) a drama course at and 1 (9) hostel. It's great because the students (come) from all over the
(10 marks)

Maria: No, 1 (1)
holiday. (3)

sister for the summer. She and her husband

Karen: (4)
every summer?

Maria: No, 1 usually (5)
holiday with my friend, Anna. But she (6) summer. She (7) a holiday this year. What about you?

Karen: 1 (8)
the moment in a student (10) world.


2) Write the 'echo' questions to react to these statements.
. :.. In. 1 passe d my examma D'on Did y.ou? 1 did 't! Bill is in hospital. 2 They didn't speak to me 3 He gave me a present. give you? 4 1've got a new computer 5 1'11 pay for your meal. kind of you.
(5 marks)

1 didn't know that. Why not? What did he 1 haven't. That's very

Test 1 • 3

3) Match the two sentences. Then write one sentence using an


D He got a part-time job. D He went to the post office. D He stayed at college until D He telephoned Susan. D He did some exercises.
8 p.m.


infinitive of purpose.
He got a taxi...!:I.~.9.~t.c!.. tf!?:!Y?.~C!.'!.~.J!!!!~· . a) He had to post a parcel. b) He wanted to keep fit. c) He needed to finish his project. d) He wanted to save time.

4 5

e) He needed to get some extra money.
f) He wanted

to wish her a 'Happy


3 4 5

.. . .
(5 marks)

4) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the past simple.
Sandy: What time .~[~.Y.~~q.C:!X~!. (you/arrive) ..
Nick: We (1) and we (2) eat. Then we (3) Leisure Centre. (get) there at seven o'clock (have) something (go) to the to

Sandy: (4)
No, we (5)

(you/see) the manager? (not see) him but we (meet) the assistant manager.

(6) She (7) (8) (9) We (10)

(be) very nice. She (take) us round the Centre and (give) us a lot of information. (think) it was great!
(5 marks: half a mark each)

4 • Test 1

The endings have a weak form l'dl. 4 5 6 7 .• Q.!i . (5 marks: half a mark each) Test 1 • 5 . (Sometimes the final consonant is doubled.t. drum/drummer). Write the noun forms in the correct columns. 2 3 .. -r or -or.Pronunciation 5) These verbs can form nouns by adding -er. e. 8 9 10 . . • sail • manage • win • teach • sing • act • drive • drum • dive • swim • conduct -er drummer -r -or (5 marks: half a mark each) Vocabulary 6) Write the names of the means of transport .g.J.

There's my brother at the bus stop. week.7) Write the names of the jobs. • ago • last • this • yesterday 1 watched a good film on 'TV He left two hours 2 We're going to a party . . . Dave: Hi. • here's • last • look • Nice to meet you • this is • this morning • do you come from • hard luck • Come and meet • See you later • could have been worse Sam: Oh. Unjumble the letters. . (2) Dave. (10 marks) 8) Complete the sentences with the correct time adverbial. . Sue. HER E ACT . . . ATEW1R 2 lSTTEND 3 LUBD1ER 4 TEERRROP 5 F1LEARUDG 6 A1RHSERSERD 7 ENENER1G 8 TOOCRD 9 RA1NTEP 10 E 5 UN R . . (5 marks) 3 She started her new job a month 4 They were on holiday 5 1 went to see a film Communication 9) Complete the conversation using these words or expressions. . Sue.. afternoon. . . .t~~~~~~ . Sue: Hello. Where (3) 6 • Test 1 ? .!RQkf. evening. (1) him..{~~tnight.

(8) Bye. DO YOU WANT A HEALTHY SUMMER JOB. working hard in the day and having fun in the evening. (10) ! (10 marks) Reading 10) Read the advertisements A for summer jobs and Anita's postcard. If you like getting up early. we need staff to work in the kitchens and restaurants. . here's the job for you! The more fruit you pick. Test 1 • 7 . Dave: Brilliant! Sam: We've just been to the Lost Property Office. Good pay and free meals. CAN YOU SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE? DO YOU LIKE MEETING PEOPLE? We need tourist guides who speak French.only some money. (6) Sue: Well. Staff work six days a week. FREE ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD? We need students to pick fruit on our lovely farm in Kent.Sue: New York. Dave: Oh. Sue. . Accommodation at international student hostel . 1 arrived (4) week. Good pay.five minutes from the hotel! c . it (7) passport wasn't in it . My my bus. Dave.. (9) Sue: Sam: Bye. Sue lost her bag (5) But it wasn't there. German. the more money you earn!! B Spend the summer in London! Would you like to work in a large hotel in the centre of London) During the busy summer period. Italian or Spanish to work on our 'York City Tour' buses throughout the summer. We give you full training and information about the city of York. Dave: Oh.

> Choose one of the jobs in Exercise 10 (or a different would like to do in the summer). We have a couple of hours off in the middle of the day when it's very hot and of course we're free in the evening. (10 marks) 8 • Test 1 . D D 4 A lot of tourists go to York in the summer. We live in a small house on the farm but we have our meals with the family in the farmhouse (Mrs Richardson is a great COOk!). D 3 All the tourist guides speak four languages.we get up at 5. to a friend describing your job.The work is hard . D 8 Anita's mother is a good cook. Hope you're having a qood holiday on the boat . Writing 2 Students get free meals on the farm and in the hotel. See you soon! Love. D 6 The hotel has got more than one restaurant.Had a qood journey here and the weather is brilliant! The other students are nice and friendly.30 and have a big cooked breakfast then start work. How are you? I've got a summer job and I'm working . Mr Richardson has got some bicycles so Pete. in your notebook.. D 9 Anita works on the farm in the evening. D 10 Anita is writing a postcard to her parents. D 5 The hotel workers live in the hotel. The three advertisements are for holiday jobs.. Write job you a short letter.please give my love to your parents.. Answer some of these questions: • Where are you living? • Do you get free food? • How many people are you working with? • What hours do you work? • How much money do you get? • Do you get any free time? • What do you do in your free time? • When are you coming home? Begin like this: Dear .. D (10 marks) . Anita Answer T (true).. F (false) or OK (don't know). D 7 Anita is working on a fruit farm. Maria and I went for a bike ride yesterday into the countryside.

................. 2 He came to England and worked in a restaurant .. D lived nearby..... a) /'1/ write b) We'll have a party....) Complete the sentences with who..... ...... (5 marks) Test 2 • 9 ..~P.............. INOI is an D D they still live............ but 3 a) b) a) I'm going to work b) I'm working harder next year.. He comes from Sardinia. Which sentences are D (defining) and which are ND (non-defining)? My grandfather.... they first met.... D D (10 marks) 5 Last year they went back to visit the restaurant ....lives near us. having a party.... 3 My grandmother......J. Take a raincoat...... was famous for Italian food. . which or where................. a) 4 Are you free tomorrow evening? 5 Do you want to watch a video? No............... thanks...Test Grammar (UNITS 3-5) (Total 80 marks) .......... b) We're I'm going to write a letter to my penfriend. 4 They got married and moved to Aberdeen..... 1 think a) it's raining b) it'll rain this afternoon..... 2 Did you pass the examination? No...... 2) Circle the more appropriate verb.... I won't tell I'm not telling anyone your secret..'.. island in the Mediterranean... often went to that restaurant........... was 70 last week....

...... ....... (they/have) How long a dog? a year............................~........~.C?'('!.. (5 marks) ..... 4 (she/be able to) How long computer? 5 (he/live) How long .... 3 (you/know) How long ... (large) 3 The Hotel Excelsior is the Imperial Hotel.................................. ~- Hotel IMPERIAL HOTEL 270 bedrooms 300 BEDROOMS £200 A NIGHT """"'_ -~ The lmperial Hotel is ~~~((~:.. ... him? Christmas.... ...y'9............ (he/be) How long Club? 2 in the Sports three years.......................h........ ff.~9...................'}....g.... 4/ Complete the sentences with the adjectives in their correct form: as ....... ................ than the Hotel Excelsior..... The Grand Hotel is the lmperial Hotel.3) Complete the questions and answers using the present perfect simple with for and since.... I've lived here since 1995....F'(_~............. (expensive) 2 The Grand Hotel is the Hotel Excelsior....... HOTEL EXCELSIOR GRAND ( 300 bedrooms £200 a night ... (cheap) 5 The Grand Hotel is the Hotel Excelsior.. 10 • Test 2 ...............~. in Paris? February.....-... use a she was seven years old...(((................ (expensive) (5 marks) .......... comparative or superlative........cj ............. as...l!....... (large) 4 The Imperial Hotel is of the three hotels..c!x.........

... • important • possible • correct • fashionable • happy • usual • dependent • healthy • formal • tidy • polite The young boy was very ........... . message for her........ ...p................... It was all 7 There were clothes all over the room.................. 5 He had a very lunch of chips....... ln fact she's very 4 It's to learn to .... . . It was very 8 What an never seen one like that before... Vocabulary 6> Complete the sentences with the positive or negative form of the most suitable adjectives.....'!........ 3 She never says 'please' or 'thank you'. 10 She's a very person and never asks for help.....h~p......... occasion. when his dog died. bird......... . (10 marks) Test 2 • 11 ... 6 There were no mistakes in your homework.... (5 marks) 5 important .. It's a .... I've got an ..'!........... prefixes to these adjectives and mark the 4 interesting ...... They want to look and so they always wear the latest clothes.... chocolate biscuits and cake...... 2 You can't wear jeans and a T-shirt to the wedding... I've speak and write Chinese in a month because it's so difficult....... 9 1 must speak to the manager... ..Pronunciation 5> Add the possible 2 correct 3 usual negative word stress...y.............

. Fine. thanks. (2) jazz concert tonight (3) Carol: No. I'm (4) I'm going to a party this evening. By the way. .':Y. never mind. 12 • Test 2 . Phil: . Ann. surrounded by hills. 1 can't Carol: Hello.9. this . _ in Cornwall are very sandy. with some very old drawings on 10 The storm was getting worse so the ship sailed into the b __ for safety. The farmer let us camp in his f j_ f We always go skiing in the m 2 There are thousands 3 The b 4 Motorboats of trees in this f l!i. 5 They went fishing by the r 6 He lives down in the v 7 Don't go near the edge of the c 8 The children like to play in the r 9 Here is an underground the walls. in winter. (10 marks) Communication 8) Complete the conversations using these words or expressions. pools on the beach. Why? to a at the Blues Club. I do. Phil. Do coming? . Phil: Phil: Oh well. • if that's all right • are things • Sure • Have a nice time • Would you like • Are you free • I'm going • you fancy • of course • Good • sorry. are not allowed on the I but didn't catch any fish..7) Complete the sentences with the most appropriate words. You might fall over. (5) Hi. (6) evening? (7) to go to a jazz concert? at the party. ~r~ ~(~g?? . do you like jazz? Carol: (1) Phil: Well.~ .lj. c .

I'm going to work in a restaurant in Dam Square. (10 marks) Reading 9) Read the article. B Amsterdam is famous for its port. There is something for everyone: you can visit museums and art galleries. The best thing about the winter in Amsterdam is that the canals sometimes freeze and people can go skating on them! I think skating on a canal is much more exciting than skating on the rink at the Sports Centre!! D Next summer I'm going back to Amsterdam. I also visited the house where Rembrandt lived from 1639 to 1658 which was fascinating. 1'11meet you there. the government is in the Hague and the Queen lives at Soestdijk. It has kept a lot of its traditions and old buildings and at the same time it is a modern city which young people enjoy. The correct name for Holland is the Netherlands. cheese. listen to a classical concert or enjoy the nightclubs and discos. the capital of Holland. go for a canal trip. It'll be hard work but it'll be interesting and I'll meet a lot of tourists. I think the best thing about the city is its mixture of old and new. which is in the city centre. C I've been to Amsterdam three times. twice in the summer and once in the winter.pea soup. I'm interested in art and so I enjoyed visiting the Rijksmuseum and seeing the Rembrandt paintings. bridges.Ann: Phil: Ann: Yes. My favourite city by Lizzie King A My favourite city is Amsterdam. hire a bicycle. What (10) idea. The restaurant serves typical Dutch food . Although Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. canals. beans and bacon. (8) time and where? At the Blues Club at 8 o'clock. (9) .they're delicious! Test 2 • 13 . potatoes and little pancakes with butter and sugar which are called 'poffertjes' . go shopping in the street markets. bicycles and flowers.

Facts Opinion What sort of people do you think like the city/town best? What do you like best? Is there anything you don't like? What facts do you know about the city/town? When did you go? What did you do there? Begin like this: My favourite city (town) is . . My past holidays in Amsterdam 2 facts about Amsterdam 3 My next holiday in Amsterdam 4 D Things you can do in Amsterdam D (4 marks) D D b) Answer the questions. .. (6 marks) Writing 10> In your notebook. You can use some of these ideas.a) Match these topics with paragraphs A-O of the article. . . . write about your favourite city or town. Give facts and your own opinion. Does the Dutch Queen live in Amsterdam? 2 What can young people do in the evenings? 3 How many times has Lizzie King been to Amsterdam? 4 Did Rembrandt ever live in Amsterdam? 5 Where did Lizzie skate when she was in Amsterdam? 6 What are 'poffertjes'? .. (10 marks) 14 • Test 2 .

q.~ .YY.J.~. his girlfriend) When (study at university) They first met while they 5 (you/get wet) (it/rain) Yes.~ .j~f!.':'. when you saw her? .) Complete the questions and answers with the correct form of the past simple or past continuous.Te~t' Grammar (She/wear/jeans) (He/watch TV) (telephone) 1 (UNITS 6-7) (Total 80 marks) .'. 3 (the post/come) (have breakfast) 4 (he/meet No. ~.y..~'(.~.~!!!.~~~. (She/wear) What .~!.!!! . (you /telephone/her / alrea dy7) . (10 marks) 2) Use the cues to write sentences in the present perfect..~.~f}.~::~. (5 marks) Test 3 • 15 . on your way to school this morning7 when 1 left home.~f!.:.?~. 4 (he/get a job/yet7) 7 5 (we/finish/our homework/just) . 7 (the fire/start) What was he doing when 2 (you/see the accident) What did you do when for the police and an ambulance.9. it arrived while we when you were at work? . .:!!!g..Zr:. ?~. ! ~~!~p.~~ . (l/not do/my homework/yet) 2 (they/arrive/just7) 7 3 (she/tell me/her news/already) . 7 .g_~ 7 .!!?·.~!!.

... 4 You're late! Where did you go / have you been? 5 Hello.... 1 heard / I've heard a lot about you from Sue... 3 He didn't write / hasn't written to me since his birthday.tp the library yesterday.... (5 marks: half a mark each) 4/ Circle the correct verb form. 5 1t takes an hour to cycle house to school.. (5 marks) 16 • Test 3 . and the bank............. • across • over • along • through • down • from • into • past • towards • under • up 1 saw Mrs Bell going )'!... you'll come the stairs to the lOGo down this street... the hill into the valley. 2 The boat sailed 3 She ran 4 He kicked the football and broke the glass.... the top of the mountains.. 1 started / have started this job three months ago... the library the bridge. He walked seventh floor...3) Complete the sentences with the most suitable preposition... 2 1 didn't watch / haven't watched TV last night... Angie.......... 6 Be careful as you go there's a lot of traffic today. 7 The small boy ran 8 If you go to the old church. the window my the road his mother... we8/ have moved to this house in 1998. The cinema is on your left. this path. 9 We had a good view as our plane flew ..

slowly round the garden.Vocabulary 5> Complete the sentences the past simple. across the river. The children in the race.r!. 9 She the cup and it broke.'('!. 11 . 6 The cat suddenly caught the mouse.9. over the wall.cf.[~?L I (10 marks) Test 3 • 17 . 2 The horse 3 He 4 The ball 5 He the high board. 7 The boat sea. into the swimming pool from forward and to the bottom of the out of the boat into 10 When he saw the snake he stood still and didn't 6) Label the clothes and parts of clothes. (10 marks) as fast as they could over the wall. smelling the flowers. • bounce • move • dive • run with the most appropriate verb in • drop • sink • fall • swim • jump • walk • leap She . . 8 The camera the river.{~~.

. sure.7) Complete the sentences with the correct word or expression.. to understand It's international..... makes people laugh.. • comedian • comedy • a sense of humour lt was a very fl!. ..... please? Go straight down this road ... Nicky? Nicky: l'm painting a picture of the garden..~:. film. Could you (1) Tom: Man: Tom: (2) and it's (3) (4) the Town Hall is. The flowers are too big...........~..............~ . Can 1 sit here? Nicky: OK.1 don't think he's got 3 We went to the theatre last week to see a new .careful! Don't sit in the paint.... • on the left • it going • Yes.. 4 You don't • funny • jokes • mime ..'!!... (10) 18 • Test 3 ..............~~I!........ (8) And the tree is too little...lots of glass! Carol: What are you doing............... (5 marks) need language . Their uncle is good at telling 2 He's very serious .....!?!?y. • Excuse me • isn't it? • What's it like? • aren't they? • Whoops! Too late! • tell me where • What's the matter? • It's a disaster! Man: f.... ? ! ? ? ? Carol: How's (5) Nicky: Don't ask! (6) Carol: Why? (7) Nicky: Look at it.. 5A Communication 8) Complete the conversations using these words or expressions... lt's a modem building ..... (9) Carol: Well it's different.... .. Oh ... 1t was a really good play.......... (10 marks) .

The helicopter dropped one of the rescuers down onto the ledge where Tina was lying. was walking with her brother along the cliffs yesterday afternoon when the edge of the path broke and Tina fell over the side of the cliff. The helicopter then lifted [hem both off the ledge and took Tina to hospital.' said Chief Fire Officer. saves the family! 'Simon is a real hero.. a fire started in the sitting room. Last night. And Simon's family agree. they saw a helicopter flying above them. Trusty. Simon told reporters. Simon remembered a television programme about important telephone numbers. It's more exciting to sleep upstairs!' LUcky Tina! Tina Cooper. He wanted to wake his parents and his two sisters. Answer the questions. . Soon. aged 6. Her brother ran and asked some people to help. . Afterwards.. He started coughing and he couldn't breathe. Simon's story Which room did the fire start in? 2 Where is Simon's bedroom? 3 Why couldn't Simon get upstairs? 4 Why did Simon phone 999? 5 What is the name of Simon's dog? 6 Why does Simon want to sleep upstairs? . Smoke was coming into his bedroom. Test 3 • 19 . aged 8. Simon's bedroom is downstairs and the rest of the family sleep upstairs. while the family were sleeping. She fell about halfway down the cliff and landed on a small ledge. . 'I'm going to sleep upstairs from now on so that I can go down the firemen's ladder if we have another fire. .Reading 9) Read the newspaper article. The fire engine arrived in a few minutes and rescued the whole family and their dog. Then. One of them called the police and the coast guard on a mobile phone. Bill Simpson.. Simon. The doctors were amazed to find that she only had a broken wrist. He ran to the telephone and dialled 999. Simon woke up. . The fire was spreading and he couldn't get up the stairs.

. aged 12 . (10 marks) Writing 10/ Choose one of these newspaper headlines and write the article for the newspaper in your notebook. rescue Tina? 10 Was she badly hurt? . 8 Did Tina fall to the bottom 9 How did the helicopter of the cliff? . Tell your readers: • who the story is about • what happened • what they said • where the people were • how they were rescued • who rescued them Girl flies plane to safety Begin with the name and age of your hero/heroine: Sarah Turner. (10 marks) 20 • Test 3 ...Tina's story 7 Why did Tina fall over the side of the cliff? .

on it.~ 2 3 4 D leave now (ought to) D eat some fruit every D eat day (should) D phone a lot of chocolate (ought to) your grandmother (ought to) got an important examination at 9 a. You mustn't / don't have to sit 3 I have to / must take my dog for a walk every day. 3 4 .m..t:.9.Cr~. t. Y9. (5 marks) to travel from Test 4 • 21 .l!.~.tc!' Q.'!}: . The children ~i!)/ have to wear a uniform at school..~.~ f!:.~~~!!!.~'. ':. _('!}P9.Test Grammar (UNITS 8-10) (Total 80 marks) 1) Match the two parts and write sentences ouqhtln't] to.~.9. .'!. ( 9. 2 Be careful . f.q.that chair is broken.Y. .t9. 5 You don't have to / mustn't have a passport England to Scotland. (5 marks) verb.:I(. 5 2/ Circle the most appropriate . It's Sunday tomorrow. tomorrow 5 D wear your d) it's not good for you e) it's good for you f) it's her birthday today old jeans to the party (should) 2 . children have to / must go to school until they are sixteen...Jt:.q.9.:tg~ .9....~~..~r:. f~!!!. a) they're dirty b) the last bus goes in ten minutes c) you've Go to the disco tonight (should) .. 4 In the UK. t 5?!!.'!!. We mustn't / don't have to get up early. C!.~C?Q. C!.f? . using should(n't) or o ..~(?C. f!f?!!.

~~?......3) Complete the questions and answers with the correct form of the present perfect continuous and for/since where necessary.... (you/study) (April) How long /!...Japanese? . ...~~. I've got the key for it.....c. ? and the verbs below...... • help • come • buy • lend • post • open I've forgotten to post these letters ... 5 This door is locked....l!./!P....@~... party/go on) 7 ..q!.~. Use Would you like ... 1 can't do my homework.. 4 1 don't want to go to the party by myself.?J!-!gy'![!g.... •• y"q..y...q...!!!~ . ? or Shall ..!P..... 1 can't get in .~~.f...y..?/I}. (10 marks) 22 • Test 4 ....~~... 7 . 7 ...'!J......~I?!~~~!!...... (10 marks) (they/live/here) (two months) 2 (you/wait/very (half an hour) 3 (it/rain) How long (early this morning) 4 (he/work here/very long) (he left school) 5 (how long/the (eight o'clock) 4) Offer help..r..~~Q.~?t . .ltY.~.t.c!..~~" How long 7 ......l!. long) 7 ...':'....... 3 1 haven't got enough money for my bus fare....• 9... 2 I forgot to get a newspaper when I went shopping this morning.

Vocabulary 5) Write the cooking terms in the past simple.

He toasted the bread.















(10 marks)

6) Complete the table of nouns and adjectives.
Noun Adjective


happy jealous


4 5

shyness nastiness

(5 marks)

Test 4 • 23

7) Make adjectives ending in -yor -ful from these nouns.
• rain • beauty • help • fun • luck -ful • wonder


(5 marks)


8) Complete the conversation using these words or expressions.
• me a favour • Sounds great • Why not • No problem • Would you like • a hand • can manage, thanks • If you must know • do you mean • fancy to eat • I'm afraid I can't an omelette?

Jane: What do you ,(9.r:!~y.Jp ..e;.qy (1) Anna: (2) Jane: No, don't worry. I (4)
so it'll have to be a ham and tomato ! Can I give you (3) omelette.

There isn't any cheese
I like ham and

Anna: (5)
tomato. John: Hi, Rob! Do (6)

Give this
. 7 You both live in the same street. , we're not speaking

video back to Paul, please. He lent it me last week. Rob: Sorry, (7)

John: (8) Rob:

to each other.

John: What (10) Rob: I mean that I'm not speaking to him and he's not speaking me.


John: Oh!
(10 marks)

24 • Test 4


Read the information.





I'll be sixteen next month. I'd like to have a party at home and invite all my friends, but I don't want my parents to be at home then. Last night, I asked my parents about the party. They said I could have a party but they would stay at home. I'm really unhappy now. The party will be a disaster if my parents are in the house. We won't do anything wrong at the party, but we won't be able to relax and enjoy ourselves if they are at home. How can I make my parents understand? Helen

I've got a problem at echool and I don't know what to do

about it. I'm good at Mathe and always get high marks for my homework. Two of the other boye in the claee wait for me before echool etarts and take my homework book. Then they coPy the Mathe homework. The woret; thing ie that they write ana araw in my homework book and the teacher gete angry with me because my book ie dirty and untidy. I don't want to tell my parent-s because it'll be worse for me if they complain to the head teacher. What can I do'? Andrew

My parents are very nice but they are quite old-fashioned. I'm 13. I want to choose my own clothes but my mother always goes shopping with me. She never lets me buy what I want. My friends make fun of me because I don't wear fashionable clothes. They don't ask me to go out with them at weekends and they never invite me to parties. I've tried to talk to my parents about this but they don't understand. What can I do? Chris

Test 4 • 25

6 7 8 9 10 D The two boys who take his book are bullies. D Andrew has told his parents about this. F (false) or OK (don't know). D Chris doesn't wear fashionable clothes. D D Writing 10) In your notebook. You can use some of these expressions: • Thank you • I'm sorry • 1 think you should/ought • If this doesn't work..Answer T (true). 0 Chris's parents are very old. Helen is sixteen years old.... 2 Helen hasn't got any brothers or sisters. D Chris hasn't told her parents about her problem.. D don't like her friends. write a reply to one of the letters in Exercise 9. you must . Begin like this: Thank you for your letter telling to . D (10 marks) D will let her have a party.. (10 marks) 26 • Test 4 . 3 4 Helen's parents Helen's parents 5 Andrew's Maths homework is usually correct. me about .

x.t. b) for c) at Review· 27 . ? a) Did he b) Does he c) Saw you 4 to the cinema last Monday? a) Did you go b) Did you went c) Went you 5 1 a newspaper yesterday.I(. t!. a) wash b) am washing c) washed 2 1 my hair. a) didn't bought b) don't buy c) didn't buy 6 He went to bed a) to midnight.f1..Review (UNITS 1-10) (Total 70 marks) 1) Choose the correct word or words to complete the sentences. a) for helping b) to helping c) to help 3 He saw her last night.?t. my books anywhere? a) Are you seeing b) Have you saw c) Have you seen 1 can't come at the moment.C?l!.. He bought a dictionary him with his English.!!.t. .

a) which b) where c) it 11 1 promise to you.7 Where a) they come b) come they c) do they come 8 My uncle. to us for a long time. a) where b) which c) that 10 Newquay is a seaside resort is very busy in the summer. is a pilot. a) which b) he c) who 9 1 live in an area there are a lot of lakes. a) I'm writing b) 1'11 write c) 1 write 12 a) 1 see b) I've seen c) I'm seeing 13 He a) hasn't written b) doesn't write c) not write 14 How long the manager at nine o'clock. from? is Australian. here? a) do you live b) have you lived c) you live 28 • Review .

a) as tall than b) as tall as c) taller as 17 This is the book l've read. the bridge. c) since 16 My sister isn't me. a) much more crowded b) much crowded c) the more crowded 19 Would you like a) having b) to have c) you have a drink? 20 1 a) was reading b) read c) have read 21 The train crossed a book yesterday afternoon.15 l've known him a) for b) from we were children. a) good b) better c) best 18 It is in summer than winter. a) through b) over c)in 22 Have you finished a) your homework just b) your homework yet c) already your homework ? Review· 29 .

a) doesn't he b) didn't he c) wasn't he 7 (30 marks) 30 • Review . have to to since April. school last year.23 a) I've posted already b) 1 already have posted c) I've already posted 24 He the letters. a) is going on b) goes on c) has been going on 28 a) Have they been b) Do they c) Have they 29 a) 1 help you clean the kitchen? watching a video? Will b) Do c) Shall 30 He came yesterday. You night. a) ought to b) should to c) ought have an early 26 She a) don't have to b) doesn't c) mustn't 27 The strike go to work tomorrow. a) has left b) left c) was leaving 25 You look tired.

where she is going and when. • B tells A he has never been there but he would like to go sometime. A asks B if he has ever been to this place.2) Two friends (A and B) meet each other. (20 marks) Review· 31 . • A tells B about her holiday plans . • B has just come back from a holiday. Write a dialogue between them. • B replies. • A asks B if he would like to go with her on holiday. !\ • A and B greet each other. • B tells A about the holiday and describes where he went. Choose names for them. using these ideas. B asks A where she is going for her next holiday . A asks B where he went on holiday and what sort of place it was.

Tom and their parents (1) just moved Mr to York. Ann and Tom (11) starting their new school (12) centre. Ann. Their new school is more modern (16) met be in her new class. . Then the bank moved him to York be the manager of a new bank there. (6) (7) been in York (9) (10) 17' This made Ann feel much The Robinsons (8) . and 1 can visit you in the school holidays.3/ Complete the passage with any suitable word. Next week. leaving their friends. '1 promise (5) worked for a bank. \ 32 • Review . is in the city to go to school bus. six weeks now. (20 marks) the Railway Museum was brilliant. They used to live in Cardiff (2) Robinson (3) Ann and Tom felt (4) Ann's best friend. Ann has (17) some girls who (18) During the school holidays. Lucy. Tom. They in July at the start of the school . Ann and Tom have (19) (20) thought exploring York. phone you every week. . is interested in the history of transport. They will (13) (14) (15) their school in Cardiff. said. holidays.

..... ......... We (6) see each other in the summer holidays .. (feel) healthier if you (10 marks) Test 5 • 33 (eat) more fruit and vegetables.. (be) bored..W you see Robert and Ann next week? B: Well..... The doctor says he (9) soon or he (10) have to go to hospital.... 2I ................... 3I \ 4 If he he 5 You ......................wi!!.. So I know I (1) on Monday....t (get) a prize... But he see always comes to the Tuesday class so I (3) him on Tuesday.. I don't know when] see her again.....'vY..... (feel) tired if] (not have) enough sleep.. If he W((1? (win) the race.. A: Tim is ill so he (7) B: Oh dear! (8) be at school tomorrow... (not go) to the party unless she (ask) me....... He doesn't always come to college not see him then....... you (not get) a seat at the concert.gt....... so I (2) see him........... he Unless you ................ ..Test' Grammar 1/ "'- (UNITS 11-12) (Total 80 marks) Complete the sentences with will... (arrive) early. Ann is on holiday for three weeks so I (4) (5) see her............ (stay) at home all weekend.... 2) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. won't or might...I'm not sure....... Robert and I are in the same class at college. he be at school next week? feel better (10 marks) A: I'm not sure. \ 1 A: ...........

...q........!X/. ...C!../'y....P.....m............ !.....3) Write negative questions..c!.... (clean/her bedroom) 7 7 ........ (5 marks) 34 • Test 5 ..... f...ty...... served? is served at 8 a.. y.............C?0....'!!................~....30 a.......... (when/breakfast/serve) When is breakfast Breakfast 7 (5 marks) 8 a. ............. t!.. !!X~r..r..~ .Ij_..9... Your friend hasn't homework? done her homework ......... 2 (write to/her penfriend) 3 (telephone/her aunt) Your friend can't lend you £ 1 O.~~:.....~ .......... 7 . (what time/the newspapers/deliver/yesterday) 6.....~~ r.cf..~.................... ~/'y'~" 0..~ "!'!..........m........~ P........~g. .~ f ... party) 5 (help me/with my homework) .... 4) Write questions and answers using the present or past simple passive....~!?t~....~c ~ f.~~:~. 2 (how often/the bedrooms/clean last week) Every day ...ryJ......!..y.. .~!!...~[ .~. 7 3 (where/the I'm thirsty glasses/keep) ln the kitchen..m .....1Y. q......Q/.. 4 (come to/my birthday .........c!.. 0 P..C! !.

.q .. Mrs Williams.. thank you. 6 11's raining..5) Complete the sentences using the correct form of get and the words below.. 3 It's my mother's birthday tomorrow He ..... because they played Test 5 • 35 ...........m. at 7.. He did well in the examination..... 7 He last year when he was on holiday and he was in hospital for three weeks.. Your husband for say he will be late...... (10 marks) last May.. 2 The children wasn't very interesting. You'll at 8 a..t.9...30 a....... for her......~?~~g~. and have me when you go shopping...... • a present • up • bored • married • ill • tired • better • a newspaper • 90% • wet phoned to • a message 1Y..m... She's coming out 9 When was Susan and David's wedding? They 10 The children football all afternoon........... 8 How is your aunt? She of hospital tomorrow.9.f!1.......... please? if you go out now..~......... 4 1 always breakfast 5 Can you ....... you........... because the film so 1 must .......

?~'!..!r!:.. 3 They always say 'please' and 'thank you'. . 1 . She is very .. She's very 2 He always finds something wrong with everything 1 do.. 5 Susie is a good babysitter... of me. 3 4 5 .. (5 marks) 36 • Test 5 .Vocabulary 6> 2 Write the names of the parts of the body. She always does silly things. She's really . (5 marks: half a mark each) 7) Complete the definitions with adjectives to describe behaviour.. .. He's very . 4 James offered to carry the old lady's shopping bags and she thanked him for being so .. The children like her and she never does silly things.p.... 7 .. They're very .......... She never says 'please' and 'thank you'... ....

Can you (1) Well.. it (2) (3) me to the match in your car.1?~).HgpJ!!9.l am. ? What is it? if you could take Sergei: Karen: Sergei: Karen: Sergei: (5) (6) 1'11help you. sir? Is there a problem? Yes.Communication 8) Complete the conversations using these words or expressions. 1'11take you if You help me and you'll help me with my science project. (10 marks) 1 can't get a to Receptionist: Yes. are you going to the game Yes. • do me a favour • How's it going • a look at it Sergei: • I'm afraid • It's a deal • of course • All right • The trouble is • Could you • 1 was wondering into the basketball team. (7) picture on the television (8) have (9) in my room. By the way. • depends Congratulations on getting Karen . (10) someone Test 5 • 37 . Oh good. tomorrow? Karen: Fine. sir. (4) my bike is broken and my father can't take me in his car because he is working so 1 can't get to the match. Karen: Receptionist: Hotel guest: Can 1 help you.?.. 1j. send someone ? . 1'11send immediately.

Yours faithfully. cfMt2/(I tVlJ:e Ms Susan White 38 • Test 5 . My school is in Stratford. This would be safer for the cyclists and for the motorists too. We think there should be a cycle track all the way from Wellesbourne to Stratford. Most of my friends cycle to school and they want more cycle tracks too. I have to ride on a busy main road for some of the journey and this is quite dangerous. There is a cycle track for part of the way between my home and the school. I go to school by bike every day. but not all the way. It was going very fast and it nearly knocked me off my bike. Yesterday. There was an article in your newspaper last week about cycling and you asked readers to write and give you their views.Reading 9) Read the letter. 11 Willow Road Wellesbourne Warwick CV349ST 3 July The Editor Stratford News 35 Church Street Stratford Warwick CV51EF Dear Sir I am writing to complain about the lack of cycle tracks on our roads. I was cycling on this road when a lorry overtook me.

. I am writing . and say In your second paragraph. say what you think should be done to Begin like this: Dear . to complain is the (3) about Susan.!t.livesin (1) goes to school in (2) newspaper (4) article about (5) (6) newspaper (7) (8) (9) (10) bike..'.0. In your third paragraph.paraqraph Susan .w. write a letter to a local newspaper about one of the following topics: In • sports facilities in your town • traffic in your town • local events • healthy food In your first paragraph say why you are writing.Complete tbis.t. and she Her local In week's paper she read an Susan always to school. improve the situation... describe the present situation if you think anything is wrong. (10 marks) Test 5 • 39 . She is writing to the because there isn't a cycle track the way from her to school. She nearly had an yesterday when a almost knocked her off her (10 marks) Writing 10) your notebook.

1 . 4 She for a fortnight. (5 marks) 3/ Complete the sentences using the past simple and the past perfect.~~(not write) because 1 ~.rj.R{1g. The child 2 We (be) upset because she (arrive) late and the film (be) angry because the students she (break) her toy. (Wh at/you/ do: you/be/ri ch?) (l/be/rich: l/buy a boat) you/be/prime minister?) . . (5 marks) 2) Write questions and answers using the second conditional.Y..q. any-..?. it's over there. (do) (feel ill) (go) home. 4 (What/you/do you/have/a holiday from school next week?) . (5 marks) 3 The teacher their homework. Look.hgtw.ry. Your bag where round here.~!. every-.R. one has moved it. (4) must be (5) one has been in this room today.Ii!.i.w.9. no-.Ry . 2 (What/you/do: 3 (l/be/prime minister: l/build/more hospitals) .t.~.cj_Q"(f.(U9. (lost) her address. (start). 51 (go) to the doctor because (not see) Ann because she 40 • Test 6 .~.seen my bag? (1) l've looked (2) (3) where.rmY. (i~r. W.:t... . B: Well...Test' Grammar 1/ Complete (UNITS 13-15) (Total 80 marks) the conversation with some-.:!. where for it and 1 can't find it A: Has.l!.Ulg.Y.(!. 5 (1/go/to the beach/we/not have/lessons next week) .

. 'Don't buy me a present for my birthday: (want) She .........!??~ .~~~r:.....9.. The teacher gave us . 5 He asked me to contact you. or not enough..... There are .IJ...IJ... chairs.. (5 marks) . .qy 'Don't talk in the library: (tell) He 2 'Come with me to the cinema on Saturday: (ask) She 3 'Have another sandwich: (want) She 4 'Don't miss your train: (want) She 5 'Enjoy yourself at the party: (tell) She ..........~!-!Y............P.... .~!!.. 5 The coat was £47....~(~0...........vy~!!. 3 There are ten people here and only six chairs. . (5 marks) 5) Write reported requests and commands.. 1 gave the shop assistant £50 and she gave me £5 change..rhr!.4) Rewrite the sentences using too much.l!9..J. too many....r.... She's got sixty pairs of shoes..C!. 4 There are a hundred people here and only eighty chairs..~g..... 2 They wanted her to phone him..~.... She's got 2 We had a lot of homework last night.... eggs...~/..... 1 haven't got .... . She gave me change..~9... 1 can't make an omelette... Pronunciation 6) Underline the two stressed syllables in each sentence. He told us to g_Q... people.......... There are .. 4 He ordered us to be quiet. ..r/~r.. (5 marks) Test 6 • 41 She asked us to listen.~!r. 3 He told us to hurry. 1 couldn't finish it..

. ~e. (10 marks) 3 He gets angry over very small matters 4 She's always telling us what to do 5 She likes making things with her hands 6 He doesn't like meeting new people 7 She always does what she promises to do 8 She likes reading love stories 9 He's very friendly and likes meeting people 10 She gets upset if people say unkind things to her..I!~ .... .... 3 EGG 40KfL 5 EAYVH ARE .p. ........ .. . 5.t....t.p..Vocabulary 7/ Match the adjectives to the descriptions.... 1 ....... He doesn't make a lot of noise 2 She always cries at the end of a sad film . 6 .. . .~:J2?......9. EALMT ....... • bossy • quiet • emotional • loud • reliable • romantic • quick-tempered • practical • sensitive • shy • sociable She makes a lot of noise. 8) Write the names of the musical instruments..... ....... 2 3 . .~. (5 marks) ZAZJ 2 CALLASS1C 42 • Test 6 .. J9.~§ 1I1II111II1Il1II!1l!IIIIII!III!1l1111 4..J~='~?mI.. .......r!!P..... .. (5 marks) 9) Write the types of music...~(!-!....... o p p ...

exam. (10 marks) Test 6 • 43 .. Marta: Bye and (10) in your exam.m. . at Marta: That's OK. 1 (7) I'm glad (8) too. 1 will.Communication 10) Complete the conversations using these expressions. ..(3) 1 will.Yc:?!-! . (1) for me. Thanks (6) . Julio: (9) tomorrow. Marta: You should relax before an important Julio: That's (4) (Time: 9.~ ~!L worried. Julio: 1 am! I've got my science exam tomorrow.~~~IJ:1. Marta: Yes. Julio: Thanks. • maybe • See you • Why don't you • you came • You seem a bit • good luck • Keep your fingers crossed • easier said than done • a really good time • for suggesting • enjoyed it (Time: 5 p.. ... (2) come to the Sports Club this evening? Julio: Oh. . . .) Julio: 1 had (5) the Sports Club this evening.) it Marta: . 1 don't know .m. .30 p.

If I were you. 1 think you should tell the teacher. isn't it? You say you are interested in basketball and drama so perhaps you could join the sports club or the drama society . for example.that would be a good way to make new friends. They can talk to the teachers at your school and stop the bullying. lt would be a good idea to keep a diary of what happens . Simon 44 • Test 6 . YOUR Dear Amy MAG Thank you for your letter. perhaps you could invite them to your house to watch a video or listen to your CDs. l'd try to make friends with one or two of the quieter students who are not bullying you. If any of the students in your class live near you.after two ar three weeks. Keep smiling! FAST'TRACK \M~~AZINE Dear Amy. Try to find one or two students who like the same things that you like and get to know them. It is difficult to make friends in a new school. I'm sure that some of the other students will be more friendly in time. You could show the diary to your teacher if the bullying continues. who the students were and what they did. lf it doesn't stop. 1 think the bullying will stop sa on . lf 1 were you. you said they stopped you on the way to school last friday morning and told you to give them your pocket money. Bullying is a serious matter. This is often a problem when a new student comes into a class.write down the time. I'm sorry you aren't happy at your new school because some of the students are bullying you.Reading 11) Read the two letters from the Problem Page of two different magazines. Best wishes. Thank you for your letter telling me about your new school and the problems you are having. where you were. It is terrible that the bullies took your pocket money and called you nasty names. I'd tell your parents about it immediately.

(1 mark) b) Answer T (true). write replies to two problems for the Problem Page of a teenage magazine. 6 Amy likes drama. D 2 Pippa thinks the bullying will not go on for a long time. She doesn't like her teachers. F (false) or DK (don't know). Choose two of these problems: a) 1 hate parties. My best friend has invited me to his birthday What should 1 do? b) 1 never know what to say to people when 1 meet them for the first time . "How can 1 Test 6 • 45 .a) What is Amy's problem? Circle the correct answer. D D 7 Simon tells Amy to keep a diary. 3 She has failed her exams. make them change their minds? (10 marks) party.what can 1 talk about? c) "How can 1 make friends at my new school? d) My parents won't let me stay out late at weekends. D 5 Pippa and Simon think Amy should try to make friends with some of the other students. 3 Pippa thinks Amy should tell her parents 4 Amy's parents don't give her any pocket D about the problem. Pippa works for fast Track Magazine. D (9 marks) Writing 12) In your notebook. 8 Some of the other students D live near Amy. 2 She is being bullied at her new school. D money. D 9 Simon was bullied at school when he was a boy.

good friends. They're 5 Cheer up! Don't be 6 The children are on holiday..it was a good way to learn about the theatre.. (10 marks) 3 I'm 4 I know they'll help me..... but we liked cooking.•... We (2) (not/do) much housework (3) of Chinese and Indian meals. You used to live (1' ).... The book was ...... Interviewer: I'd like to ask you about your life before you became rve 1 f amous. (5 marks) 2) Complete the sentences with so or such a/an.... In L on d on... I (5) a small drama group ..... (share) a flat with three friends..Test Grammar 1/ (UNITS 16-17) (Total 80 marks) Complete the interview with the correct form of used to and the verbs in brackets. excited because they're going boring nobody wants to talk to him... exciting city.......... 7 He's 8 She's 9 London is 10 They live 46 • Test 7 .. interesting It was middle of it.. miserable...... boring film that 1 went to sleep in the expensive coat. did n 't you. she won the competition. far away it's difficult to see them... good swimmer... 7 Wayne: Yes.... We (cook) a lot (you/act) (belong to) Interviewer: (4) then? Wayne: Yes.m.. We had a great time.. hungry 1 could eat anything..?9. reading it.... I (1) ...... 2 I've never seen I stayed up until 2 a...

.'!!.c!.'7. 'She is living in Paris now: (say) He 2 'She went there three months ago: (say) 3 'She likes Paris very much: (tell) 4 'She's got a small flat there: (tell) 5 'It isn't very expensive: .~(. (say) 6 '1 visited her in April: .(1_[~~!.t!.~. (tell) 7 '1 can't speak French very well: .!~ . . .~.~ .Lf.t . .~~.~(1_~. (tell) 9 'She'll stay in France for two years: .~. (say) 8 'Louise can speak French fluently: .. (10 marks) Vocabulary 4) Write the nouns from these verbs in the correct columns • paint • teach • act • sail • build -or • invent -er painter (5 marks) Test 7 • 47 .Lf.. (say) 10 'I'm going to visit her again in August: (tell) .~~.. .?t.~ .~ 9. 'My sister. Louise.~~?.~. is a student: (tell) .0.3) Change the statements into reported speech.Jg.

5/ Complete the sentences with the correct part of speech from the verbs.m. . . 1Smy h 0bb y. . The cottage hasn't got central (8) the (10 marks) . 6 (equip) You should take the right with you when you go climbing. (state ) 1 rna de a statement (demonstrate) The students id a b ou t t h e aCC1 ent to t he po l'ice. was to swim begins at 7.30 p. in . but there are electric (9) and they (1 0) cottage very well. 4 (perform) The 5 (entertain) the evening. (pamt ) Paintin'9. He likes (1) very good (2) (3) end of the (4) but he isn't a so he (not) in the deep pool. 2 (win) The 3 (achieve) Her greatest the English Channel. organised a big received £500. . 6/ Complete the sentences with the correct noun. The hotel organises free 48 • Test 7 . cook I'm not a very good (5) I burnt the sausages last night when 1 (6) got to clean the (7) . the dinner so now I've .

He travels abroad a lot and he's very busy. is important. 8 (invent) The changed the way people communicate. I just need .~.J. He doesn't wasn't at the party because Sue: (1) Jan: didn't come because he didn't want to buy you a present! (2) (3) Sue: He (4) (5) Jan: Well. • Not at all.C?'!. 9 (communicate) A lot of done by E-mail. 10 (build) The the walls of the house. (6) ? Are you going to meet him this evening? I said I'd .p.~.He he was ill. his job.~?~~ wants .7 (educate) My parents think a good of the telephone today is repaired the roof and . (10 marks) . to meet me. that's with any of his old friends.. (10 marks) Communication 7) Complete the conversations using these words or expressions.. Sue: Really! So Jan: (7) phone him later. Sue: So you're (8) Jan: (9) time to (10) Test 7 • 49 . Jan: • partly because of That was Pete . are you? • certainly has • changed a lot • think about it • I haven't made my mind up yet. • I bet • Don't be so unkind! • on the phone • keep in touch • playing hard to get. He said he ! I think he Pete has since you knew him.

it's more expensive in August. Debbie: That's the White Lodge Hotel. One is near the beach. How much is it? l'm coming with three friends. The other is in the town centre. There are shops and a water sports centre there. l'd like to know about hotels which accept dogs. Can 1 help you? Debbie: Mrs Watts: Yes. Right. the prices change . please. most of the hotels used to accept pets but they don't now. Shall 1 send you the information leaflet? Yes. There are only two which welcome guests and their dogs. Debbie: Bob: Debbie: Tourist lnformation Centre. Can 1 help you? Yes. The telephone number is 689455. please.Reading 8/ Read the conversation and answer the questions. Well. Can you give me some information about camp sites? Yes. 50 • Test 7 . the main site is half a mile out of the town. l'll just take down your name and address. Tourist lnformation Centre. Debbie: Right. Well. It's called Hillside Park and it's very well-equipped. or perhaps August. Maybe June or July. Bob: Debbie: Bob: Debbie: Bob: Debbie: That sounds great. Mrs Watts: l'd prefer the one near the beach. l've got a small dog and 1 want to bring her with me when I come for a week's holiday in July. When are you coming? l'm not sure. please.

Please can you give me some information about a city or town in your country?' • Where is the town and how big is it? • Do you know anything about the history of the town? What is it well-known for? Have any famous people lived there or visited the town? • How has it changed in the last thirty years? What work did people use to do? What sort of work do people do now? Are there any new buildings? • What can a visitor do and see in the city/town? • What do you think is the best thing about this city/town? • What do you think is the worst thing about this city/town? (10 marks) Test 7 • 51 . 10 Debbie is going to send Bob some information about the camp site. D holiday. write a reply to a friend in the UK who has written to you: 'I've got to do a Geography project about a city or town in another country. 2 Mrs Watts has got a dog. 3 Debbie works in a seaside town. D 6 Mrs Watts decides to stay at the White Lodge Hotel. 7 Bob and three friends are going on a camping August. F (false) or OK (don't know). D D (10 marks) 8 It is more expensive to camp at Hillside Park in July than in D 9 Bob and his friends decide to have their holiday in August. D Writing 9) In your notebook. Debbie is a tourist in the town. 4 There are eight hotels D in the town.Answer T (true). D D D 5 Mrs Watts wants to stay in the town centre.

....................9.. .................................. 7' ...................................................................... 7' ........................ ' ...................................................................UC! ... 9 He asked her if she liked science fiction films......~....................................... 10 He asked her what she was going to do next........................................................~...... .......................................................... 7' ..~............. ........................................... school/he's/old/not/to/leave/enough 52 • Test 8 ...hp...................................................1.................. 5 He asked her if she could speak any other languages.~<?r!.... He asked her if she liked speaking English..~<?9............ 7' ........................ 7' .................... 6 He asked her what time her lessons finished ..~!!?~:...................................................... ' ........ ...J........................... f........ ' ........................C!........ 8 He asked her which film she was going to see ...................................... J!. 2 He asked her who her teacher was.................................................... 7 He asked her when she was meeting her friends.................. 7' 4 He asked her if she had been to the UK or the USA ..............C!.............!~...Y..................... 7' (10 marks) 2) Reorder the words to make correct sentences........................................................................................~ ............................~F!9.........!! ~.......................................Test Grammar (UNITS 18-20) (Total 80 marks) 1) Change the reported questions into direct speech......... ' ......q...... 7' ........!!~ ~ §P........ 7' ..........l!..... 7' 3 He asked her where her classroom was ..~ r ! He asked her if she had studied another language first....... ........0....... hot/too/to/ drin k/this/is/ coffee rr.......................................

(tell) him the (meet) your parents. 7 She offered 8 They didn't want bad news. She promised .\~)(r!. 3 She's not clever enough to win. (meet) my friends when (lend) me £ 1O. (let) me pay for their drinks. (cycle) to school. We've decided 2 1 don't mind 3 She tries to avoid 4 They refused (buy) a boat. (finish) your work? (10 marks) 5 He's given up 6 1 missed 1 worked abroad. (wait) for them. (tidy) her room. 5 They're not comfortable enough to sit on. 4 We're too tired to dance. (meet) him on her way home..y. (5 marks) Test 8 • 53 . 9 1 enjoyed 10 Did you manage Pronunciation 4) Underline the stressed syllables in these sentences. He's too young to gQ. 2 It's not big enough to use.2 the/film/they/too/ arrived/see/to/late 3 in/the/doesn't/she/team/enough/well/play/to/be 4 me/to/help/too/he's/busy 5 it's/snow/enough/for/cold (5 marks) 3) Complete each sentence with the verb in the infinitive or the gerund (-ing form). It's too expensive to buy.

D Don't drive too fast! o Bye. S We've only got several/ a few minutes before the train leaves. c) Bye. See you. (10 marks) 6) Complete the table of neutral and strong adjectives. I won't. (5 marks) D Have a good weekend. I had~ about two sandwiches for lunch. I will. please. 7 There are plenty of/many seats here. 6 I've been writing to her for some / for long time. The same to you. b) Thanks. See you. a) Thanks. 54 • Test 8 . 2 3 4 5 6 D Drive carefully. I haven't seen you since ages / for ages. 3 Just wait several / a couple of minutes. 4 He lived in Paris for about three years / lots of years. don't worry. 10 Loads / Thousands of tourists visit London every year. D Remember me to your parents. Neutral good 1 2 Strong brilliant exhausted terrible 3 4 afraid big hungry 5 (5 marks) 7) Match the expressions and responses. thank you. D Good luck with your driving test.Vocabulary 5/ Circle the correct answer. I will. 5 They'll be here in several/ a few minutes. 2 He's got loads of / thousands of money. e) Don't worry. f) Yes. I'll need it. d) Yes. 9 There are lots of / lot of people on the beach today.

Oh. Terry? 1 passed one and failed one. I'm sure 1'11pass it then. . Oh well. (9) don't do anything (10) and . 1'11 just take my jacket off. then. actually • Excuse me • if we sit here • 1 wouldn't do • Give him my regards • Do you mind if • Famous last words • some. right.Communication 8/ Complete the conversations using these words or expressions. I'm a bit cold. is it all right (1) (2) Thanks. (7) were going to pass it last time. in Terry: Mike: Terry: Where are you going for your holiday? l'm going to stay with Carlos in Spain at Christmas. You were sure you Terry! . ? Oh. win (6) When can you take it again? Next month. great. (3) window? (4) 1 open the It's very hot in here. How did you (5) your exams. (10 marks) Test 8 • 55 . • get on • Well. (8) You've got to study while on we're holiday. of course. • Poor • Yes. lose some Mike: Woman: Mike: Terry: Woman: Terry: Mike: Terry: Mike: Terry: Mike: Excuse me.

of course. When I was at and cricket school my favourite subjects were Biology and Moths. The The best part of the lob is meeting lots of interesting people. weekends. . perhaps working 56 • Test 8 . I worked I decided to study a foreign language I chose Japanese because very few people can in the UK. I loved all sports. (3 I think I'll stay in my present lob for five or six years and then move to the USA My girlfriend multinational company is American. I was in the school football teams. I've got a worst part is that we often have to work late in the evening and at modern flat near the centre of the city . . I like Zurich . .there's a lot to do here. cream and blue. o Now I'm working in Zurich and I'm enjoying my job very much.Reading 9) Read the article. I used to ploy every Saturday e I became speaking languages mistake interested in languages to people when I went on on exchange I enjoy at my and I seem to learn laughing visit to France and then. the next year. And. I've pointed all the rooms myself in my favourite colours . at university speak and write Japanese job. in their own language quite quickly I don't mind people i mistakes and I always ask my friends to correct me when I make a E> After my visit to Germany. She works in New for a York so I'd like to get a job there. and what do you do? Our guest this week is Matt Cross who works as an interpreter for on international organisation Here are some of the things Matt told us when we spoke to him in Zurich o I haven't always been interested in languages. Then I got a job with a company Tokyo for four years. to Germany. I thought I would get a good in Tokyo I lived and worked in hard at university and did well in the examinations.grey.it's on the fifth floor and the view over the city is great.

(10 marks) Test 8 • 57 . I like to . (10 marks) Writing 10) In your notebook. • What important lesson have you learnt so far in life? using your answers. . . . friends. . . write answers to these questions. Begin like this: Now write a paragraph In my spare time. 2 Was Matt good at sports when he was at school? 3 Which country did Matt go to on his first exchange visit? 4 Why did he choose to study Japanese? . • How do you relax? • What sort of things make you laugh? • What sort of things annoy you? • What are your best and worst qualities? • How important are these things to you .. 9 Where is his fiat? 10 Why does he want to move to the USA? . success in your studies/work. Was Matt interested in foreign languages at school? . .Answer these questions. good health..and why? travel Money. 5 Did he pass his university exams? 6 How long did he work in Tokyo? 7 Where is he working now? 8 What does he like best about his job? .

? 58 • Exit test . 1'11 go. if you miss the last bus? your homework a) Did you do b) Haven't you done c) Do you do yet? 5 Tennis a) is playing b) plays c) is played 6 How often a) the post is collected b) does someone collect the post c) is the post collected in the park in the summer. a) some b) any c) no 1 a) might b) will c) won't 2 lf they a) will ask b) ask c) are asking 3 What a) are you doing b) you do c) will you do 4 see them tomorrow but I'm not sure. There aren't grJY chairs in the room.Exit test (UNITS 11-20) (Total 70 marks) . me to the party.) Choose the correct word or words to complete the sentence.

7 . a boat since they were children. we a) will buy a boat b) would buy a boat c) bought in Africa. in the hotel was very friendly.7 They a) got married b) are married c) married 8 a) Everybody b) Somebody c) Anybody last year. 9 I've never been a) somewhere b) nowhere c) anywhere 10 What would you do if a) you was me b) I were you c) you were me 11 If we were rich. Exit test • 59 . 12 They a) didn't meet b) hadn't met c) don't meet she her exam. 13 She felt happy because a) has passed b) passes c) had passed 14 There were a) too much b) too many c) a lot people in the room.

15 1 haven't a) enough b) much c) lots of 16 He asked a) that 1 got money to buy that CD. b) me to c) me 17 1 told him a) to not be b) not be c) not to be 18 They a) aren't b) don't c) didn't 19 late. 22 She said that she a) has been b) was c) had been 60 • Exit test . help him. like sailing. use to use of use to have a pet when you were younger? a) Used you to b) Did you use to c) Do you use to 20 It was a) such a b) so c) such 21 He told a) us a funny story. big city that we got lost. b) to us c) fOT us to Paris.

(30 marks) Exit test • 61 . to the party.23 She said that she a) couldn't b) can't c) isn't 24 1 asked him where a) you came from b) he came from c) do you come from 25 He asked me if 1 a) were going b) am going c) was going 26 They asked me a) who was my friend b) who is your friend c) who my friend was 27 1 think they give us a) too much b) too many c) very much speak French. . 28 Do you mind a) carrying b) to carry c) you carrying 29 They agreed a) coming b) having come c) to come these books? early. . homework. 30 He isn't a) old enough to b) enough old to c) old enough for get a job.

are not (10) . Sandy is good at all sports. She does not spend (14) time on her homework.2) An English language experiences learning your experiences. Class V Teacher Sandy is in Class V... Answer the questions • How old were you when you started learning English? English? • What do you find easy or difficult about learning • What do you like best about learning English? • How do you use English outside the classroom? Do you write to a pen-friend in English? Do you like English films or songs? Have you visited any English-speaking countries? • How do you think you will use English in the future? Now use your answers to write a paragraph. be a Science teacher (5) she finishes her studies. When she returned (8) school.. History and Music. Students (16) expected to spend about two hours on their homework every evening. She is (18) a good basketball player that she (19) made the team captain last month. Two of Sandy's subjects. (20 marks) 3) Complete the passage with any suitable word. (20 marks) 62 • Exit test .. She (15) that she always finishes her homework in an hour. magazine has asked readers to write about their in your notebook about English.. Sandy told (3) she wants (4) ... she (17) to like football best but now she prefers basketball..... I am sure she (6) pass her examinations next year.. been ill... I think she (11) be better at these two subjects if she (12) her homework (13) . If she works hard. When she was younger.. Sandy is a (20) person and she has a lot of friends.. Sandy missed five weeks of school in the autumn because she (7) . Begin like this: I started learning English . She (1) worked hard all this year. carefully.. Her best subject is Chemistry and she always (2) good marks for Chemistry tests.... she worked hard (9) she soon caught up with her studies... strong as the rest. Report on Sandy Crowther written by Mrs Shaw.

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