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Contact Info 4 Gov. Synder's Executive Staff

Contact Info 4 Gov. Synder's Executive Staff

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Contact Info 4 Governor Synder's Executive Staff
Contact Info 4 Governor Synder's Executive Staff

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Published by: apackof2 on Jul 25, 2012
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Executive Office of Governor Rick Snyder Governor Rick Snyder Executive Director to the Governor, Allison Scott Administrative

Assistant, Lisa Oca Transformation Manager, Richard Baird Social Media Director, Michael Brownfield Special Advisor for City Placemaking, Rodney Stokes Scheduling Division Director of Scheduling, Beth Emmitt Deputy Director of Scheduling, Tori Rexford Scheduling Assistant, Rachel Hansen Advance Coordinator, Corey Utley Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor, Nathaniel Forstner External & Strategic Coordinator, Jenell Leonard Administrative Assistant to Lt. Governor, Kelli Saunders Assistant to Lt. Governor, Ben Geiger Office of Chief of Staff Chief of Staff, Dennis Muchmore Deputy Chief of Staff, John Roberts Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff & Deputy Chief of Staff, Wendy Wisniewski Communications Director of Communications, (vacant) Press Secretary, Sara Wurfel Deputy Press Secretary, Ken Silfven Communications Associate, Jennifer Smith Communications Associate, Tigi Habtemariam Communications Associate, Dan Waun Legislative Affairs Senior Advisor to the Governor, Dick Posthumus Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs, Sally Durfee Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs, Darin Ackerman Legislative Affairs Coordinator, Laurie Rospond Office Manager for Legislative Affairs, Alison Keilen Office of Strategic Policy Director of Strategy, Bill Rustem Deputy Director, Žak Tomich Executive Assistant for Strategic Policy, Jean Hall Senior Strategy Advisor, Dennis Schornack Strategy Advisor, Greg Tedder Strategy Advisor, Sara Wycoff Strategy Advisor, Claire Allard Legal Division Legal Counsel, Mike Gadola Deputy Legal Counsel, Beth Clement Deputy Legal Counsel, Dave Murley Deputy Legal Counsel, Senior Policy Advisor, Valerie Brader Executive Administrator, Cheri Arwood Executive Assistant to Legal Division, Samantha Simons

(517) 373-3400 Office of Administrative Services Director, Marsha Quebbeman Office Manager, Judy Chapman Finance Specialist, Jessica Menold Executive Assistant, Lynne Adamczyk Executive Assistant, Michele VanSickle IT Support Technician, A.J. Wilson IT Support Technician, Geoff Rook IT Support Technician, Zach Anthony Multi-Media Coordinator, Stacy Bellgowan Governor’s Residence Residence & Events Director, Kelly Brennan 373-6800 External Affairs Director, Terri Reid Appointments Manager of Appointments, Norm Saari Deputy Manager of Appointments, Nancy Short Executive Assistant for Appointments, Carolyn Harden Appointments Associate, Scott Wagner Appointments Associate, Brooke Pung Constituent Relations Manager of Constituent Services, Steve Sachs Constituent Relations Representative, John Byrd Constituent Relations Representative, Laura Stoken Constituent Relations Representative, Ali Emamdjomeh Constituent Relations Representative, Ania Bieciuk Constituent Relations Representative Melanie Ellison Northern Michigan Office 234 W. Baraga Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855 Director, Dave Nyberg Executive Assistant, Peggy Cleary Washington, D.C. Office Hall of States, 444 N. Capitol NW, Suite 411, Washington, D.C. 20001 Director, Bill McBride Administrative Assistant, Alysha Chadderdon Senior Federal Policy Representative, Eric Brown Senior Federal Policy Representative, Rob Blackwell Office of Urban Initiatives Cadillac Place, 3044 West Grand Blvd. Suite 14-650, Detroit, MI 48202 Director, Harvey Hollins Assistant to Director, Stacie Clayton Grand Rapids Office: Erika Rosebrook Flint Office: Brian Larkin (11/27/12) 241-5599 241-5712 241-5588






(906) 228-2850


(202) 624-5840


(313) 456-4994


(616) 430-0705 (810) 820-1807

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