AHS has completed an internal review to ensure there were no additional inappropriate expenditures.

The review is complete; no additional cases came to light. AHS has clarified current policy with all staff, and in particular, management and senior leadership to ensure the government legislation is well understood. Ongoing education will occur. CLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of AHS. CLS has undertaken to further educate staff on existing legislation. The legislation governing political contributions by public organizations were changed several years ago, and when AHS officially came into being in 2009 all parts of the organization should have been aware that purchasing places at these and other types of partisan political events using public dollars is not acceptable. The rules were clear and we are accountable. AHS is currently developing an internal corporate policy that will provide specific internal guidelines covering federal/provincial/municipal political contributions. AHS has disclosed contributions made by AHS since 2009 and forwarded the information on the contributions to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer for further review. Until that investigation is complete, AHS will not comment further.

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