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eas we Cs Maco In math, document cameras con be used to. . Demonstrate using real items For example: base ten blocks, rulers, coins, ete Problem Solving Geometry Concepts such as tesselations and reflections can be easier to see Graphing, charts and tables ‘show/save student work including pictures, video and sometimes audio Seleaie In science, document cameras can . Show step by step instructions . Dissections : Show real items : be used too show hands on items such as tools, artifacts, pictures : show/save student work including pictures, video and sometimes audio Sselal Studies In Social Studies, document cameras can. ‘Show maps and atlases Photo literacy... Looking closely at photos ‘Show & Tell ‘Modelling notetaking strategies Displaying fragile items Showing real artifacts show/save student work including F pictures, video and sometimes ‘aualio Cataguage 2lis In language arts, document cameras can be used for Punctuation and Grammar correction Group Editing of student/class work without need for special copying ( paper to transparency) Displaying student work Save student work such as pictures, video and sometimes audio Handwriting Concepts of print Picture Book reading ‘Modelling notetaking skills Shared Reading