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Weather Modification - Artificial Ionospheric Mirror - Plasma Layer.
Weather Modification - Artificial Ionospheric Mirror - Plasma Layer.

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Published by: Martin hume on Jul 25, 2012
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The digital down-converters (Section 8.6) are used to band-limit and decimate the 80 Msamples/s
front-end data stream. These functions are realised with the Intersil ISL5416, which is a wideband,
four-channel, programmable digital down-converter chip. Each channel comprises a numerically
controlled oscillator, a digital mixer, digital filters, automatic gain control, and a decimating filter.
A block diagram of the ISL5416 is shown Figure 10.10.


Figure 10.10: Block diagram of the Intersil ISL5416 DDC chip

All four channels are independently programmable and may be updated in real time. Each channel
can take its input data from any one of the four digital input buses. Input data rates up to 95
Msamples/s are supported. The input data stream is mixed with a complex-valued local oscillator
signal, generated by a 32-bit programmable numerically controlled oscillator (NCO), and the mixer
output is then filtered. Filtering functions include a multi-stage cascaded-integrator-comb (CIC)
filter, two programmable FIR filters (the first up to 32-taps, the second up to 64-taps), a half-band
interpolation filter, and a re-sampling/decimating FIR filter. The overall decimation ratio is from 1
to 4096. The internal data path is 20 bits wide. Channels may be cascaded for increased bandwidth.
Outputs from the part are available over the parallel, serial or microprocessor interfaces. Selectable
outputs include I samples, Q samples, and automatic gain control (AGC) settings. Data from all
four channels can be time-multiplexed onto any one of the available output ports; the Demonstrator
DDCs are all programmed to operate in this mode.

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