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Weather Modification - Artificial Ionospheric Mirror - Plasma Layer.
Weather Modification - Artificial Ionospheric Mirror - Plasma Layer.

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Published by: Martin hume on Jul 25, 2012
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The anti alias filtering is split between three filters. The first filter on the ADC board
is a monolithic filter with a sharp characteristic but fairly high insertion loss, which
implements the bulk of the out of band signal rejection, especially at frequencies close
to the 200-240 MHz band. The two later filters are built from discrete surface mount
components, have a much less sharp pass-band, and are used to attenuate out of band
noise generated by the the amplifiers after the first filter and strong signals at
frequencies far from the band of interest (e.g 100MHz, 450 MHz, 900MHz). These
filters have a significantly lower insertion loss, lowering required output level from
the preceding amplifier stage, and thus the distortion generated in that amplifier.

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