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Weather Modification - Artificial Ionospheric Mirror - Plasma Layer.
Weather Modification - Artificial Ionospheric Mirror - Plasma Layer.

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Published by: Martin hume on Jul 25, 2012
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2) Band-limiting and down-sampling,

3) Coherency detection and interferometry triggering

We will now consider each of these stages. An actual FPGA-implementation of a beam-former will
be described in some detail, while the other stages will be discussed more at the conceptual level, to
demonstrate that the hardware needed to build a full specification 3D signal-processing system is
available today.

It must be stressed in this context that substantial progress in FPGA technology is to be expected
before the design of the full 3D system is finalised. The final signal-processing system architecture
is therefore likely to end up looking rather different from the one proposed here – but it would still
have to provide at least the basic processing functions listed above.

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