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A Question of Miracles

A Question of Miracles

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TlIF NTV YORK ABTBH. liR. L. . 1910. LfM'X AM» TMLUEN FOlMiATiONS U) \i Copyridit. ni-: [^AtuKNCE. W.

Rome. The Miraculous Parentage of Jesus. The Fastings and Temptations of Buddha and Jesus. Buddha Seeks Religion in the Forest. Buddha Rejects a Kingdom. : What Saw in Jerusalem. The Miracles of Apollonius. Chapter XIX. Chapter X. Chapter Buddhism Known in Syria. Chapter XII. Some Hebrew and Hindu Miracles. Chapter XVIII. Mode Hindu and Hebrew Sacrifices. Buddha Against Brahmanism. Chapter XIII. The Doctrine of Immortality in Palestine and India.CONTENTS. of Worship of the Jews Jesus Jesus. Chapter VII. Chapter III. IsX 4 6 . Hell of The Heaven and Buddha and The Doctrines of Jesus and Buddha. Chapter V. The Birth and Boyhood of Jesus. in the II. Buddhism Known in Palestine Before Jesus Was Born. Chapter XI. Chapter VIII. Chapter XVI. Chapter IV. Greece. Man a The Corrected Genesis. Chapter XIV. The Wonderful Happenings Life of Buddha. Chapter IX. Chapter Chapter I. Chapter XVII. Protoplasm: XV. Before the Birth of Jesus. Were there Miracles at Jesus' Birth? A Few More Parallels. Chapter VI.

Chapter XXIX. . Chapter Chapter —or Syncope? the Stand. The Miracles Death of Jesus' Appearance to the Disciples. Chapter XXXIII The Apocryphal Gospel of Marcion Compared with Luke's Canonical. Matthew and Luke Take XXX. Chapter XXII. at the Crucifixion of Contradictory Testimony Concerning the Crucifixion. In Conclusion. Examination of Luke Resumed. The Miracles Jesus. Chapter Chapter Chapter Miracles Jesus. XXXII. Was It Resurrection or ? Was It Re- suscitation XXV. XXXI. XXVII. XXVI. Chapter XXVIII. Apocryphal Miracles as Recounted in the Apocryphal Gospels. More Apocryphal Miracles. Chapter Chapter John and His Curious Gospel. in the Lives of Buddha and XXIV. Chapter XXXIV. Chapter XXIII.CONTENTS Chapter XXI. The Apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus Compared with the Canonicals.

and he tells Zoroaster that the first perfection of a Saint is "Good thoughts the next is good words. As I I have treated of Zoroaster volume.INTRODUCTION. Buddha and Jesus were no doubt in a separate the greatest reHgious teachers that ever lived. actually sent lay aside his Ormazd (God) that He an Archangel to him. We shall be told that angels came and ministered talked to 7 . was no shadow there. and the third is good so dazzling that there . that while most marvellous things in these pages. will here only add. yet in are told of Buddha and Jesus tells some matters Zoroaster surpasced them Persian Bible earnestly so honored by us that For the Zoroaster was once both." As God all religions deal in the marvellous. Ormazd (God) was on his throne. its bril- As liancy Zoroaster approached the Iranian heaven. Zoroaster. is it any more wonderful that Ormazd counseled Zoroaster than that Moses and Abraham ? We shall be told in this book that an angel actually held down the branches of a tree and thereby saved Buddha from being drowned in the Ganges. who told him to mortal vestments and visit heaven. was deeds.

the expectation beautiful place — religions have reddened religions. his was man at coming. And that idea. there is no doubt softening influences of time. ered from the roots and briers and brambles of the forest. Nor probable that Mohammedanism can stand against the and Buddhism now hold the stage. has followed the race on to the present day. and finally passed away. born perhaps twenty thousand. and probably forty or fifty thousand years ago. but as time elapses. There is it have been many old religions. many a field. The sun gave him light and and the moon gave him light. brutality and misery. and it is doubtful if any Religions new-born faith can ever supersede them. and the heat. Here was the beginning of religion. They were his friends. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES an acquisition.12 tion. His couch was probably Such. with and hope that he will give him a on the eternal shores. or by some friendly log. he bowed down to them. slaughter. in brief. Buddhism and Christianity. But he possessed a brain that ultimately fields gave him mastery over the beasts of the fowls of the air. were not in existence twenty-five hundred years ago. man began to worship some- thing that could do him some good. which for a time flour- ished. and at last worshiped them. down Man worships God. teach of hells. But the two which today almost control the destinies of the world. and he was thankful to them. But this also must be said of man his wdiole pathway is red with Even his wars. His food must have been gathat the foot of a tree. then faded. Christianity .

I will not extend thig note further. the founder of Christianity. full of well recall known names. etc. . 750 years B." the Lord said he would give him a sign. for my purpose. Besides. However. a little hamlet in Galilee. said at virgin should bear a son. The five birthplace of Jesus. Now if the sign was a virgin and a son. Alexander. C. born in India about two thousand four hundred years ago (i).A QUESTION OF MIRACLES be somewhat assuaged. a score or more of years beyond 500 B. but those men were . a Hindu Prince. (2) man's birthplace. the supposed happening in Bethlehem did not come about until 750 years later. 13 that the pains of the Hells. (2) Many people stoutly maintain that Jesus was born ia Bethlehem. at A There are some who insist that Jesus was born Bethlehem. will Buddhism preceded dred years. later. however. C. a few miles south of Jerusalem. as originally taught. Caesar and Nasimply destroyers of their poleon race. and not one of them has left a single line or motto to improve humanity by ponStatesmen there have been whose names dering it. as that matter is to be examined In the body of this work. History this . If the reader -will examine ch. Isaiah. he will sea that as Ahaz would not ask a "sign. because Isaiah. and Ahaz died more than 730 years before the Bethlehem "sign" came. 7. is not absolutely important. hundred years was Nazareth. They rolled in blood (1) There are those who maintain that Buddha was born 54S years B. But the proof is not entirely certain. Its Christianity by about five hun- founder was Gotama. has little to do with his is subsequent career. C. in proof of and we readily . sixty-five or seventy miles north of Jerusa- lem. not far from the foot of the Himalaya Mountains.

brain and courage sufficient to write into a great state Declaration. if in the lives of the great Hindu and the great The births of both Buddha and Galilean. Neither Buddha nor Jesus sought ment. of which neither Buddha nor Jesus ever And a full century more elapsed before Lincoln came forth. as us to see the right. And that statesman in was Thomas an American. say to his people for all. : Abraham who could God gives "Let us go forward. before any statesman was found with heart. enslaved class: and his teachings brought them freedom. He treated them with kindness. and Jesus. Yet it took nearly 2. as well.14 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES many books. Section 2. see. Buddha's teachings. but most of them were simply schemers. with charity but with firmness in the right. that "all equal. as we shall presently tended to ameliorate family. or both. found the Sudras a degraded. born a country heard. Buddha and Jesus were different moulds from such men. cast in vastly self aggrandize- Nor did they use force to disseminate their doctrines. and we find further along striking parallels in those two books." men are created Jefferson.400 years from Buddha's day. who planned and plotted to rob are written in other countries of their lands or liberties. the records . many hard he conditions of the human In short. another great soul." tations are found in The germs the Hindu shall for these bible two quo- and the New many Testament . He gave them sympathy and love.

15 were as extraordinary as their it subsequent lives were beneficent. too. or fourth heaven. Maya has a very remarkable Kalpa is a Tagt period of time. Suddhodana. select his parents.) However. (4) Whether time. piece of broiled fish and honeycomb. can. an unimportant place. c. and became incarnate. in every grade of life. For at that time. yet through the exercise of wisdom. love and charity. ihej eat and drink in the Jewish Heaven. equal to millions aad (3) millions of years. when about to be incarnated. Paul ia the fourth. he was both wise and fortunate. patience. his and his country in it which to be born. a raja. his rolled its waters a short distance south of Kapilavastu. was caught up to the third. (2 Cor. 51). he reposed securely in the Tusita. also his if period of gestation. he had progressed upward. just after eating a (Luke 24:42. But the earth was rolling in darkness.) A . 12. Of Buddha in is had been born time and again innumerable kalpas (3). to be born a Buddha. fifty or sixty miles north of Benares in India. and that he might bring salvation to man. is highly problematical. held sway at Kapilavastu. and here lived Suddhodana and Queen.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES do not mislead said he us. and that. we are told that he voluntarily renounced his blissful abode in the Hindu heaven. but Buddha made the choice herein mentioned. The mighty Ganges Maya. v. 500 to 543 years b. (4) The Hindus have seven heavens and the Tusita heaven Our Gospels give us only three heavens. it be true that a Bodhisat. or could.) Jesus was carried up into heaven (Luke 24. or prince of the Sakhyas. until as a Bodhisat.

will notice that wild statement hereafter. Matt. a quiet retreat. tell The means an seers interpret the dream. When where. was born without pain. with thousands of attendants and amid flowers and fountains. she visited the garden of Lumbini. (7) came down Section 3. her that it the descent of the Holy (Shing-Shin) into her womb. indicating joy at the nativity. (6) Luke 2. But the most astonishing and incredulous thing of all is that a star should "come dotvn. whose mission will be to save all mankind. 20. (Hindu angels) and Spirit scatter- and she inhales their fragrance. then it vanishes. the future Buddha. and set forth that ten thousand world systems quaked and trembled. and beholds the devas ing flowers about her. The biographers of Buddha are even more careless and extravagant in their statements (5) The reader should notice that in our Bible Joseph dreamt the dream. 13. dream (5) and in that dream she sees a white elephant hovering above her. v. Among to other things the star Pushya welcome the new-born wonder. v." either But I in Palestine or India. it said. from her right side. not far from Jerusalem. and that the child to be born will be all-powerful monarch. she hears music. or a Buddha.i6 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES . (7) The Hindus grow wildly extravagant about Buddha's incarnation and birth. It may have been the same star that 500 years later came down and stood over another young child. the same as they did when Jesus was born (6) and many marvelous events transpired. the Queen is felt that her time was approaching. to welcome either Buddha or Jesus. ruling the world. Angels sang for gladness. ^^ . her son. 1.

were at once restored to and hearing. 22. born deaf and blind. V. were assuaged sight and young children that day. if the record sets forth the truth. that all dead trees trees spontaneously bore fruit. some nine hundred years before this.. and heavenly space. being probably the same breed of lions that refused to devour Daniel (8) . that great droves of lions roamed about Kapilavastu without harming anyone. It will music sounded entrancingly through all not be very hard to believe the statement that the sun and moon stood still at this event. and Luke. because Joshua had accustomed them to obey orders. for they state at Buddha's all birth. Moreover. the earth the hilly places was so severely shaken that suddenly became smooth. some thirty odd supernatural events occurred. that even sprouted leaves and Howers. the spirit inhabiting the tree under which this wonderful child was born. In short. when he was down there having trouble with the Amorites at Gilgal and Gibeon. .. to herald forth the greatness (8) Daniel 6. v. (9) Even the wicked were benefited by Buddha's birth. that the devas (angels) caused on every part of the globe and that fountains of pure water spontaneously gushed a perfumed rain to fall forth in the king's palace. 10 to 14. (9) Joshua X. that tens of thousands of angels thronged together in the air. for we read that the terrors and pains in the different hells Hindu (and the Hindus have many of them) for a time. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES than Matthew 17 that. bent down its branches in silent adoration.

claimed the same sentiment most vigorously." those Hindus proMara. either become a mighty predicted that the boy would seer of renown. took nine steps. birth. and said. says wise men brought gems of gold and treasures.35).) l8 of the A QUESTION OF MIRACLES occasion. 123. "As I was coming on the Sun's in space rejoicing way ( 12) . He was the Asita of the East. Buddha also has treasures and angels at his Vol. as a evil. 2. Sacred Books. heavenly teacher. 2nd part. for we are told that at the birth of Buddha two pure streams of water. lo) the Heaven itself seemed willing to add to the joy of moment. ( 1 1 and portents. chap. or. v. 10. and if the angels earth and the king of the evil world. 4 and 7. another seer. ruling empires in righteousness. he would put an end to and bring universal deliverance to mankind. one warm and the oilier cool. spouted forth and baptized the prodigy without delay. (devas) did not shout "peace on good will toward men. concord and good-will pre- vailed. Malevolence and contentions for a time were banished from all minds. Asita. at that time appeared before the king. by deHberately taking seven that he and declaring had been "born to save ( world. llic child hiiiisclt adding to the amazement of every steps. in studying signs A monarch. alone objected. from the East." Mary at nine months. In the days of Herod wise (12) That is. 2:25. Simeon visited Jesus (Luke. ch. diseases cured themselves without medicine. . men saw a star as they came from the East. I heard the angels to because the king had born him a son who would teach the (10) Protevangelium. tlie one. 11. (11) Matthew. p.

thenceforth took (13) Hebrew writers enlarge on this. there was one dark Queen Maya. ascended into space and disappeared. I bewhich constrained me to now seek thy presence. Samanas (priests) invoked from heaven. and. the king bestowed gifts upon all the poor. was observed to sigh and weep. cloud of sudden grief.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES true 19 way of emancipation from held other portents. it is said. to inherit his wealth his kingdom. with a beauty not before seen on earth. But his son is born to bless all that lives: he will forsake his kingdom. v. to 15. Moreover. and finding nu- merous birth marks foreshowing a wonderful career. moreover. beholding her son. the seer. and thinking that the seer had observed that his beautiful son must shortly die. his aunt." Asita thereupon examined the child. and for the kingdom's weal. 10 multitude of angels appeared at Jesus* birth. and he will prache will grasp the truth. (13) When the child was ten days old he was named Siddhartha. and the king ordered a sacrifice to the gods. died of excessive joy. world is by lust and covetousness. and as the led captive to tice austerities. alarmed at this. The king. Asita replied: "The king desires that his son shall live. for Luke tells us that a (Luke 2. sin." Thereupon. he has been born open out a way of salvation. besought him to forbid it. Gotami. and opened the prison doors and set all captives free. blessings But with all this rejoicing.) . To and this pathetic entreaty. for his father's sake.

ascetic. and the old king was overjoyed when Rahula. he lived with life. for he reasoned that Siddhartha would thought of becoming an the succession. It is "he bathed his body years in the waters of the Ganges.ao A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and nourished the child as her own. but at one sitting. Repressing all giddy conversation. 2. disputed with the scribes in the temple. his grandson. v. virtuous. It must not be forgotten that Asita (Luke. (14) remembering meanwhile the predictions of Asita that the son was destined to forsake home and kingdom. at the early age of nineteen. or (14) Jesus. if there be such an ungodly thing as predesti- £xed fate. he surpassed them father. as never before or since. 46 to 50. then. that doctrine had a firm root and grew and blossomed. and both are represented as being inspired. become an ascetic. in Buddha's case. teachers were assigned to him. When old enough.) and Simeon are both ascetics. ch. now abandon the and devote himself to Thus would the scepter be safely handed down. . but cleansed his heart in the waters of religion. her a restrained. at twelve. and establish the law of love and charity for mankind. all. For at every turn his royal father sought to allure him from his ascetic notions. and religious said." The flitted rapidly by. sought to divert him from his purpose with every possible worldly allurement. was born. Now nation. His Therefore. he caused Siddhartha to marry his cousin Yasodhara. and the glory of the kingdom be enlarged. the beautiful daughter of a neighboring prince.

(16) 1st Peter. (15) On reflection he knew. "All flesh is as grass. musicians to charm his senses. feet. all some arranged the to little while others. and the glory of man. with arguments unctuous yet deceptive. bent and worn. 24. or fate. smooth of tongue. then a dead man. easily overcame all this for one holiday. flitted Graceful forms about the prince. Later on he saw a sick man. He all might well have said. . had brought many a proud spirit now enlisted that powerful auxiliary. and attendants But accident. every turn.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 21 and to that end fixed beautiful gardens for him to stroll in. sweet faces smiled upon him. as all do know. strove all move him. w^hile riding in his chariot. said he. that life's is journey. clutching a stick to support his tottering frame. . "Pleasure is the (15) This supposed old man was a deva (an angel) with changed form to exhibit to the prince the certain lot of all flesh." (16) The to king. and ravishing looks met him at But the Prince remained obdurate. Then their light drapery to catch his eye. half amorously. from romping childhood to wrinkled age. and those objects chained his thoughts effectively. as the flower of the grass. he saw at the roadside an old man. Then came Udaya. but a steady tramp to an open grave. to anticipate his every want. The prince looked on this with a clouded brow. for. and urged him to get pleasures from dalliance . half modestly. knowing well that the beauty of woman and her her lustful arts. with crafty arts that beauty is mistress of.

Man. and. and. his father sent him beyond the city to see if cool breezes and charming scenes might not call away his thoughts to lighter subjects. and a protesting heart. Gambu tree." body. forthwith set about devising other means to whet the prince's appetite for pleasure. on these dark shores. The chariot and prancing steeds were again all his brought forth.aa A QUESTION OF MIRACLES all. would be a hollow comSuch methods are not for me Section 4. sweat streaming from their faces. . yet had been overcome by woman's wiles. and even young boys and girls struggling to force from the earth a scanty subsist- their bodies ence." replied the prince. confined doomed to trouble (17) Fo-Sho-Hing. foremost thought of dispense with it. the oxen lashed to compel them to draw heavy loads. directly he saw the farmers working in the tired and bent. "I should my mind and to follow. with a train of nobles. is a prisoner. The king. Section 295. "If defile I were to consent. It pliance. For fields. Forthwith he dismissed his retinue . under the shade of a painful scene. contemplated the whole The prince beheld in miniature a picture of what is transpiring in every part of the earth." the gods themselves cannot (17) And he cited many cases where great seers who had undergone long periods of discipline. learning from Udaya that arguments were unavailing. It was a fatal mistake.

three times. he had a whirlwind to give him a good fair start. and the Samgha voted as to whether or not an applicant should receive the ordination or be admitted therein. I take my refuge in the Samgha (the church). ' holy triad. and when his church was he made a rule that anyone desiring to become Bhikkhu must first have his hair and beard cut off and put on a yellow robe. there in the presence of the prince.* disease. Buddha. it While Gotama was thus pondering into the likeness of a is said an angel of the pure abode. in the heavens. and the reader will no doubt demand some explanation precedented. his course. and horses of fire. ch. (19) of fire. and. 11. the law. Neither pleadings nor prayers will change that inexorable law." search for the happiness that ncv£r perishes. a glint of With here temporary sunshine. 2. "My name is Shaman. moreover. but they generally had some means Elijah was provided with a chariot of conveyance. I therefore not w^ealth nor beauty. he gradually rose in the air and disappeared This is now the second time this unusual occurrence has happened.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and death the day he and there world is is 23 born. and the church. yet of in it. while he thus spake. I have left my home to seek some way of rescue. and being sad at the thought of age. he must then salute the feet of the Bhikkhus and take sit down squatting. that heeds And. were called the Afterwards this threefold declaration was abolished. It is truly unique and un- Palestine people frequently as- cended to heaven." -This he repeated established. and death. ' . (18) After Buddha's enlightenment. "I my refuge in Buddha. I take my refuge in Dhamma (the law). then raise his joined hands and say. v. the whole pervaded with misery and sorrow. (19) Kings. transforming himself Bhikkhu (18) appeared before him and said.

Let me belife. 34 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES And when the angel came to tell ManoaU about Samson. "stop! "Stop. and the kingdom's permanence. all we have of the record is: "Enoch was not. although he had no vehicle to make the ascension in. Section 5. for God took him. to close their lives as ascetics." father. the flames from off the altar (20) carried him up without any mishap. the law does not seem to have been in operation. (22) It had long been the custom in India for the aged to "leave the world" in other words. come an ascetic. after seeing Shaman arise and disappear in space. 13. permission "to leave the world. 5. v. nor withered age. and devote the remnant of your years to religious duties. ch.. at least in India and Jerusalem. and when life's flame burns low." (20) Judges. — . but will examine further along." {22) "I will remain. I it leave this matter here at present. The prince. (21) Gen. and in these others." said the you are too young to lead a religious Take this kingdom's government. seek the solitudes." replied the son. returned to the palace and sought his father's presence from whom he begged . no disease." (21) In Shaman's case. In a very early affair. just how tell they overcame the law of gravitation ' I cannot and as Newton was not born to expound that law until two thousand years later. "if you will grant me life without end. 20. You should first win an illustrious name.

and a light shone in the prison. And the angel of the Lord (possibly Buddha's deva) came. All this. This story. saying: 'Arise up quickly. "and the angel smote Peter on the side and raised him up. is believed by many to be actually true.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 25 "To ask such things provokes derision. which were before fast barred. pure abode. prison. because it is so printed in the . The decisive hour in the prince's career had struck. fully caparisoned for a rider. the horse came round of it his own accord. (23) And while Kandaka stood considering whether he would obey the prince's order. them. descended and unfastened "That is something supernatural. "for who is able to grant them ?" And forthwith he ordered every avenue of escape guarded sent for the nobles . about five hundred Herod had arrested Peter and put him in and he was sleeping between two soldiers. may seem. but a deva of the we are told. The gates also.' And his chains fell off from his hands. quoted above. and and all the illustrious of the kingto his son the rules of dom. was of no lest avail. is not as wonderful as that told of Peter. were probably some of the Prince's friends. filial to hasten and explain obedience." replied the father. and forthwith he called Kandaka to quickly saddle and bring him his horse. in this instance. he escape. however. bound with two chains. His doors had been securely bolted. (24) The twelfth chapter of Acts." said the prince. (24) And the angel (23) The Devas. were found to be broad open. marvelous as years later.

But helief never makes a thing true. Peter and the angel had been printed in the Hindu we would discredit it entirely. Are either of these Btories true? ." Peter was former says the heavenly gate opened of his oiL'n spirits caused the barred gates to open. I think I ought to add that the Hindu record seems For the nearer the truth than the Hebrew record. and bind on thy sandals' and so he he said. 'Cast thy garment about And he went out and wist not thee. is it In these cases not safer to believe that both Peter and the Prince escaped solely by the help of human hands? For how is it possible that Peter's chains could "fall off from his hands. and follow me. lest his up the trampling and that the Prince was cheered on his way by a great concourse of angels and Nagas (demigods) so that when the morning light might alarm the castle.. 26 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES did." unless those chains were unlocked or filed ofY? And four men. 'Gird thyself And . not New Bible if the story of Testament." The Hindu spirits held poet would have us believe that four feet of the horse. through one street . iron gate that leadeth to the city. from him.' that it was true which was done by the angel but And they came unto the thought he saw a vision. and they went out. while verse lo. at once. and passed on said unto him. which opened to them of its ozvn accord. streamed up in the East the man and horse were three Yoganas distant (about twenty miles). and forthwith the angel departed now certain that the Lord had sent his angel to deliver him out of the hand of Herod. says "the iron accord. Acts 12. Moreover.

for man what man can do for himthat early Moreover. probably) so as not to alarm the king.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES angels. hundred years . 27 no doubt manag-ed the feet of Buddha's horse (padded them. God never does self. five it must not be overlooked later. Hindu writers were fully as extravagant as were the Hebrews.

laws must be set aside. wonderful thing. no miracle. his blood . or annulled.CHAPTER II Some Hebrew and Hindu Miracles. such a thing as a And then is is there any miracle. for the time being. other words. his head would would gush forth from his and arteries. illustrate that let make us at once define and But first let us notice that for nearly nineteen hundred years past. has ever taken place. rigid you would be sworn that the body of such a man was surely dead. at any period of is ? the world's history. well attested. As we have already in encountered the further or supposed miracles. Section miracles. a miracle. Hence the inquiry miracle? arises : Did there ever happen any- where. his body would soon become cold. who puts that man's head 28 . at any period of the world. contrary to the known those or established laws of nature. and progress of this work shall be compelled to frequent mention of them. To illustrate : suproll pose a man were to be decapitated. i. veins pale. from turgus. that well attested? It is What In a miracle a supernatural event. But here comes a Thaumahis body. in order that something contrary to them can take place. a miracle worker.

and so long as she did not get up. and be amazed at the wonderful transforming scene. and most flimsy evidence will In the Hindu sacred books lous story of ( i ) we find the miracuhis granary granary. the slightest suffice. if that man came back to life. when he wanted would bathe his head. and cause showers down from the sky and fill his granary. filled. Mendaka. took place under conditions such as But not a single one of the above indicated. careful observation. and the duly made and attested. before a jury or concourse of proofs reluc- reputable persons or verdict known to be such. Ignorant and superstitious people readily give credence to supernatural wonders. Sacred Books of the East. we might tantly give our assent. 17. causes and breath again to come into You would watch such a performance his nostrils. under his heart again to beat. fills 29 his veins with blood.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES back upon that body. yesterday. Yet God's laws are the same and unchangeable. But where a people for generations have been taught to believe in such things as miracles. His wife was also possessed of very miraculous powShe could sit by the side of a "pint pot ers. 121. sweep out his sit of grain to fall down by the side of it. the vessel of curry was not ex(1) Vol. supposed miracles recorded in either the Hindu or the Hebrew bible. and vessel for curry" and dip and dip. p. with protruding eyes. who. today and forever. Now if such a thing could actually take place. .

by the Lord's direct command to the ravens (2). then Elijah's bill of fare was horrible indeed. so we are told. morning (2) The raven is a carrion eater. and so long as he held the bag in his hand its contents were not exhausted. as when he plowed with one plowout about share seven furrows were turned over. whereupon Mendaka bathed head. showers of grain. and if it brought Elijah some of its own kind of food. But many in believing. the minister made known his it. that Elijah. Their son could take a small bag of money and give to each serving man six months' wages. it seems. possessed that same miraculous power. certain. Elijah. and sat when. . For even their slave was possessed of a miraculous power. mission. We stoutly dispute this it not find printed in people have no trouble lutely Hindu story because we do the Hebrew bible. so we are told. lo! to the astonishment of the minister. Mendaka's whole family were very miraculously endowed. Mendaka's wife beside down also exhibited her miraculous gift by dipping from a pint pot until she fed a host of people. swept out his granary.30 hausted. who lived some four hundred years before Mendaka's time. On his reaching Mendaka. sent a minister to find it. fell down from the sky and filled the granary to overflowing. This easy and comfortable way of meeting all of life's wants soon created such a commotion among the Hindus that King Binbasara. and some are absothe Tishbite. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES In fact. was regularly fed by them.

"I have put a handful of meal a cruse." it for I am gathme and my we may eat Elijah told her to fear not. where he had commanded a widow woman to support him. and landed at "a desert place" not far from Bethsaida. that I it may and dress die. then the Lord told him to go to Zarephath. but nearly one thousand years later we find one greatly more wonderful. On reaching Zarephath. (4) Mark 6. did as Elijah directed. he and his disciples took ship privately on the sea of Galilee. .A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 31 and evening. and begged her to fetch him a morsel of bread. a little village in Zidon. The woman in a barrel. until "the brook Cherith dried up". for "he and she did eat many days" (some say a whole year) "and the barrel of meal wasted not (3). "for the Lord God of Israel saith 'the barrel oil of meal shall not waste.' And the widow. ch. replied. At this time Jesus had already gained (3) iBt Kings. neither did the cruse of oil fail. (4) Section 2. 31 and 32. until the Lord sendeth rain upon the earth. Elijah found the widow gathering sticks. and and a little oil in ering these sticks that son. He had heard of the cruel butchery of John the Baptist by Herod. 17." Both of these stories seem fabulous in the extreme. neither shall the cruse of " fail. which was written concerning Jesus about one hundred years after his tragical death. and probably fearing a similar fate for himself. we are told. v.

14. for they had noth- ing to eat. and they (/// ate and were fishes. (9) Matt. . record says there were about fiz'e thousand men chil- that partook of this repast. the multitude. and they." "Bring them hither. to and looking up to heaven he and gave the loaves to his disciples. fishes. V. v. or healer. filled And that nothing might be Jesus and the fragments that remained kets. and the people. 6.000 people miraculously. besides women and lost. learning of his hiding place. thronged after him in multitudes. 18. V. and he took the five loaves and two small blessed and brake. twelve bas- (10) This feeding of so great a multitude surpasses by (5) The story about his feeding 5. fishes. its (7) Matt. by fifties in a company (8). V. ch. 21. The dren. (8) Grass does not grow in a desert. (5) The day being far spent. that he might cure their sick. 9. took present form about 100 or 120 years after his death." "How many And (6) loaves have the apostles replied. 14. (10) Luke 9. 12 to 17. says five barley loaves and two STudll But John is always extravagant in his statements. his disciples pressed to "send the people to the villages him and country round about. (6) John. as we shall see hereafter.32 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES the reputation of an exorcist. you?" inquired "Five loaves and two Jesus." said Jesus (7). to buy bread for themselves. and he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grosss. (9) ordered the fragments of the feast to be gathered up. all filled.

into Jesus' hands." That crowd would have devoured more than two wagon loads of bread fishes fish. He can not make two adjoining hills without a hollow between them. ments. It must have been reaped and winnowed. There was no necessity for those people to be thus fed. for they surely would not eat raw Let us inquire who baked those barley loaves? Moreover. Yes. It is impossible for Him to add two and two and make the sum equal to five. He can not make this paper upon which I am writing. Besides. after the manner of grain into Mendaka's bins? But I am told there is nothing impossible with God. baked and brought to that "desert place. all white and all black at the same instant. women and children. Who caught those Who scaled and cooked them? Who brought It Then them thither? Mendaka is here very far surpassed. And the more than were cooked. for here we have probably ten thousand men. alone. Did the bread and the fish pour down from the skies in two great streams. fish? would consume as much as ten full regithere were the fish. there are some things impossible even with Him.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES far 33 Mendaka's miracle. It must have been ground and kneaded. And all these make a full meal of that which comes to Jesus from a mysterious. that barley must have been first planted and grown. and even Elijah is left a long way behind. there is no place in history where it can be shown that God ever did anything for man where man could do for himself. unseen quarter. . He can not make two parallel lines intersect each other.

and the rod became a serpent.34 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES could. A . it They seems ( 1 1 ) . there must have been a secret hidden spout. (13) Exodus 7. when the Hebrews were seeking deliverance from Egypt. V. V. 15. we are left the dark. also. (12) I shall not stop to mention a similar performance in ch. And right at the exact point plete information about how all those fishes and comand those in loaves got into Jesus' hands. if one be true the other may be Both. (13) Pharaoh does not seem to have been astounded at this. and of itself is not always convincing. 32 to 39. and they cast down their rods. those five thousand men do not tell us that they were thus miraculously fed. (12) Section 3. for wizards and magicians have been able to do the same tricks. when this story of the loaves and fishes is written about them by Matthew and others. unseen by the multitude. which conveyed to Jesus this marvelous amount of food. 14. any more than He can make two and five to be a thousand. Jesus himself never wrote a word about where we want full it. have gone into "the vil- lages round about and bought for themselves. They are all silent. and they seeming miracle in (11) Matt. for he called his own magicians and sorcerers. 8 to 12. as. If the record be true. 15 of Matt." More- over.. however. are extremely doubtful. the Lord told Aaron to cast his rod before Pharaoh. mouldering in their graves more than one hundred years. For God can not make two small dead fishes into a hundred or five hundred fishes.

. True. and children from generation to generation were taught to believe in the supernatural. But I shall be told that no sleight-of-hand performance or legerdemain can or could ever cause a hungry man to be deceived as to whether he had eaten a full meal or not. and had been taught by their priests. Such thoughts were in the very air. thousand men who are alleged to be present in that desert place near Bethsaida. So much is true but no one of these five . mention this matter here. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES likewise 35 is became all serpents. : I insist upon. the Hebrews had learned from their holy books. acles as well as the I makes the plain assermagicians and sorcerers could perform mir- Hebrew priests. that such things. there are four persons who have written an account about that marvelous af- . not for the purpose of either affirming or denying the truth of the legend. Nor do but this I assert that the miracle did not take place viz. The it record here discloses more than was intended. even if they had not become an inherited belief. This curious legend not complete unless we mention for that Aaron's rod swal- lowed up tion that the other rods. has ever said that he present. that the proof to establish it is totally insuificiettt. so much about miracles and angels. were regarded as the particular heirloom of their race. but to emphasize the fact that for more than fifteen hundred years before Jesus was born. or that he was knew anything about the supposed miracle whereby he was fed.

or they. he will be enchanted as is he passes along. us how got their information. or any place. even to the minutest particular. However. we may notice that in Palestine about a century. after Jesus died. they w^ould be questioned and cross-questioned until every fact. And if wondrous stoof those ries are pleasing to the reader. in surely no such thing in this Bethsaida affair. return. miracles took their flight to for from whence they came. and the people who partook of the feast would be called upon to confirm or disprove the matter. There was transaction. and now nearly nineteen hundred years they have failed to fairyland. At most est sort. we again press the question. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES but not one of action. Did the miracles ever have a beginning? Section 4. there one thing that we . Henceforth in these pages when I encounter the marvelous I shall simply relate what the Hindu and the Hebrew books tell us. even they were turned into serpents If four of the in most truthful men or greatest saints America were to declare that they saw a similar some desert place.36 fair. As miracles suddenly ceased with the deaths two great personages. Does any sane person today ? Aaron's rod swallowed the magicians' rods. Even as in India after Buddha's death. the mar- velous in the Hindu bible subsided somewhat. or perhaps a little more. is only hearsay of the cheap- It may have its whole foundation based upon believe that if falsehood. would be known. them Nor do they tell their evidence telJs us that he saiv the transor where he.

Shortly thereafter the child's father was arrested and thrown into prison. charged with procuring the chaplet by theft. "How did your majesty obtain so much gold. its made mother a roll of grass "chumbat" and told to bind that on the child's head. "Surely the gatekeeper procured the chaplet theft. let us journey a little further. it seems. and asked. Pilindivaka visited the king.! A QUESTION OF MIRACLES are absolutely certain about. as well years ago as the Hebrews. We told that the venerable Pilindivaka once visited a park brating a feast. On hearing this. were very fond of fairy tales. We justly dispute . and so quickly?" The king. it is said. The Hindus. which instantly when done the roll of grass became a beautiful chaplet of gold. how many doubts it would dispel But as we are in the land of the marvelous. and are both these peoples wrote them in their books. so poor that little girl. wept. how else could he. the king's whole palace into gold. were celeBut the family of the gatekeeper was it could afford no ornaments for their who ran about crying. : 37 that angels long since ceased visiting this earth. being so poor. instantly. viz. And are we not just as much in need of them as were the people in India and Palestine twenty-four hundred and nineteen hundred ? If we could just see even one celestial Hyer. "Give me a garland. saw the miracle. decked with garlands. where the children. and at once set the gatekeeper free. have got- ten such a thing?" Thereupon Pilindivaka turned. give me an ornament!" and on learning why it called a Pilindivaka heard the child. who by said.

1 to 10. we are told. why should we not likewise declare the following Hebrew fable untrue A company we in Galilee. not only vanish we are told that Buddha could away but that he could change his (14) Vol. Now if Jesus actually turned that water into wine. 17.38 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Hindu it this foolish tale. 1. in fact. XI. (15) New Testament. itrong drink is raging. p. that in Palestine because of a feast at a marriage where Bome wine bibbers lacked their usual beverage. It will be noticed that both of these alleged miracles. v. They loved wine and wanted some. (15) as that a If there ever was such a thing on earth person. in the presence of others. could invisible to them." which they did. of people about nineteen hundred years ago. Sacred Books of the East. containing two or three firkins each. then in that matter Buddha set an example which the Scriptures tell us Jesus followed. In Vol. 20. for we feel that it is absolutely untrue. The servants were told to fill filled them up "draw out and bear unto the governor of the feast. the one in India being a village feast. That water. ch. make his body and make it vanish out of sight. which says: "Wine is a mocker. took place by reason of two feasts. And they They were then told to tioned its fine flavor. he must have forgotten Proverbs. gathered to celebrate a marriage are told. were and they all had no wine. page 49. if they were such. was instantly made into good wine. 14) But ? if we contradict the Hindu fable. because contradicts and sets at defiance a law ( of universal observation. that the ruler of the feast men- these water pots with water. Sacred Books of the East." . 64. John 2. to the brim. so good. v. but they had was six empty water pots.

V. he would then make such a pleasing address that his hearers would ask. 31. 104. p. 59. he escaped through the midst of them and went on his way." (18) Were these strange occurrences another form. ch.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES color and his voice ence. dry-shod across a river. Fo Sho Hing. Tsan. XI. 12. Did Jesus' disciples. he And Luke. This is just as extravagant as feeding five thoufishes sand with two and five loaves. (16) His books tell us that by virtue of his wonderful spiritual power he could not only transport himself. possess this same marvelous power? Or are both stories. King. v. p. 4. Then. (18) Luke 24. the dreams of extravagant romancers ? However that when the Jews took went out of the temple. (17) be. Sacred Books of the East. five hundred years later. At another time "he In fact. tells us that when those Nazarenes were about to pitch Jesus headlong from the brow of the hill. may we are soberly told that up stones to cast at Jesus. 17. 251. and thus escaped. but a great congregation. in fact. a man or a God ?" invisible. 21. . Sacred Book* of the East. (17) John 8. through the midst of them. 5-30. making himself he would vanish away. p. v. (19) Mark 16. (19) miracles? Or were Buddha and Jesus greatly gifted (16) Vol. copy from Buddha ? Or did the man of Galilee. "Who is this. 39 when he appeared before an audiMoreover. he could take vanished out of sight. Vol.

and none in Palestine hundred years. And there has been no case of feeding five thousand people a full meal on five loaves and two small fishes for more than eighteen hundred years. surely true. .40 A QUESTION OF Or were MIR. there are no more vanishings for eighteen and there have been none for twenty-three hundred years. And there have been no more Mendakas in India since our friend had his granary filled twentythree hundred years ago.'\CLES beyond others ? of dreams? these vanishings the children of Hvcly imaginations? Are they not from is the reahn This much in India.

is that the John 1. The Miraculous Parentage of Jesus. 7. 2:22. 18. He is born without his asking. But the moral world. Matt. or the filth of a barn. 2. and laid in a manger. and was born in the gloom of a cave (i). they grew. ch. Matt. they lived. v. amid rejoicings. They were born. Joseph went for assistance. (2) He was supposed to be of an extinct line of (1) The Mary was taken (2) is Protevangelium. 1. wise men found him in a "house. the heir to a throne. Acts." mention of him (ch. designated Jesus of him "Jesus Christ of NazaPilate wrote the superscription on the cross: "Jesus of 41 . 45 and 46. Nazareth as a man. Mark 1:6 and 1:24. or had died. Mark's first from Galilee. says to a cave about three miles from Bethlehem. its The physical world turned on axis at their comit ing and at their going. Nature did not turn her dial either backward or forward when they came. and goes hence without his requesting. Every man born into this world comes with clenched fist and a cry of pain." 13:54. while 2. or when they went. with the same regularity that would if a mouse had been born.CHAPTER Section i. One of these men was born in a beautiful grove. the son of a prince. v. 11. and was wrapped in swaddling clothes. III. by reason of their coming. they died. or book of James. v. Acts 3:6 calls 9) Luke that he came reth. has been immensely moved and improved. Buddha and Jesus were no exceptions. the reputed son of a The other was humble carpenter.

Bays Jesus came from Nazareth. or thirty years of age. Nor does history make mention of it. John. as we in peace. and that he the record be true he slain. is doubtful authority. when he made his compilation.42 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES if kings. let us inquire somewhat of her parentage and youth. 3. and has been for eighteen hundred years past. loved that i)eriod. Luke 18:37. (4) It has been claimed that Jesus suffered justly. But all his life Jesus was called a Nazarene. as Both of these men commenced the great labor of their lives when about twenty-nine Buddha as a hermit. shall see. followed a wrong authorMoreover. V. and Jesus a preacher of a Gospel new to the Jews. 5. an unceasing controversy about the parentage of Jesus. ch. those told of Jesus at his coming must not be overlooked. C. the family of David had been extinct for more ity. except in Matt. 2nd. As we have told of the legends and the miraculous at Buddha's birth. ch. Jesus did not reach half and swooned away in agony. (3) There is no mention. . 700 years B. an innocent man (4) nailed to a cross by the very ones whom he sought to befriend. than 900 years. of Herod ' slaying the innocents. lived eighty years and died and lamented. 2. and the proof is not wanting that he was born there." John 19:19. Micah. ch. There is. was early sought might be (3) Buddha. We shall notice this when wt come to speak of his trial. Luke's gospel. Matthew. because h« antagonized the law of Moses. King of the Jews. has been As no charge similar to that laid made against any young woman against for Mary nine- now teen hundred years. is fanciful and visionary. 7. Nazareth.

and the being born according to the prologue. not being hard to overcome. 8 and 9. The priests of James.. this time told Zacharias. the When High Priest. receiving her food meantime. (5) That work is called the Protevangelium. and This was lit a sign that Joseph upon was his head. 8 and 9. ch. to take the virgin but he objected that he was an old man. (6) Mrs. to summon the widowers with their rods. and that Anna. he took the virgin to his home. Anna Joachim was therefore a grandmother of Jeaui. from the hand of an angel. Girls develop early under the warm skies of Palestine. it is said. however. a dove flew out of the one zvhich Joseph took. (8) Chaps. and had children. (6) was three years old she was taken where she remained ten or twelve years. and went away to building houses. (7) Protevangelium. or book Luke very evidently had that work before him when he compiled his gospel. Whereupon an angel an- child. and Mary being so young. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES The Book of 43 James (5). his wife. was named Mary." (8) Joseph's scruples. a girl. Protevangelium: Joseph was about eighty years old and was the father of six children by a former wife. . and the priest took the rods and went into the temple to pray. and he copies from it very liberally. because he had no children. and the record is that the Lord at the child to the temple. was in grief by reason of her barrenness. written probably about the time of Matthew. "he would appear ridiculous in Israel. On coming out and distributing the rods. (7) Section 2. nounced that a child should be born to her. sets forth that Joachim was lightly regarded by the scribes and elders.

V. 1. 13. v. ' (14) Luke 2. Protevangelium. she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. The Protevangelium was not condemned by Pope Gelasius. that "she should conceive and bring forth a son. found her with child and reproached her for her conduct." (14) Mary could not understand how that could be. (12) C'h. she being with child by an angel. But Luke tells a different story. supplies the missing link. If this be true Mary must have gone back to the temple soon after her espousal. (10) Matt. And the disturbance had ceased at Jerusalem. ch. for he says an angel came and told her that she had found favor with God. 494. for it says that Joseph on returning from abroad." she knew not how it occurred.' : 44 A QUESTION OF MIR/\CLES Mary (9) to spin the purple for a thereafter selected veil for the temple. Book of James. (12) *Tf I conceal her crime. ' ' . 13 and 14. 18." but Matthew fails to tell us zcho found her in that deliThe Book of James (11). for in his colophon James says: and when the disI. who was Pope A. James. 27 and 35. I retired into a desert place until the death of Herod. cate condition. Israel. I shall be found guilty by the law of the Lord and if I discover her to the children of . 11. (13) Book of James. . (11) The book of James is as well attested as either one of our four canonical Gospels." and the angel added that "the Lord will give unto him the throne of his father David and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever. (10) however. new Matthew says "before Joseph and Mary came together. D. (9) Chap. life I will be I will found to betray the insisted that of an innocent person. therefore put her Mary (13) away privately. I fear lest. wrote this history in Jerusalem turbance was.

Moreover the Book of James also contradicts Mary for it says that as she went for a pitcher of water. "Hail. 12. that the evidence seems to point Luke certainly compiles from to Luke as the copyist of James. 28. chap. "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee." Yet this angel was wrong. 1. aa " young man of ineffable beauty that Luke has it. and the generations of the earth will bless thee. for thou hast found favor with God. blessed art thou among women. Mary. says Mary is ' ' blessed among women. v. at the time of the angel's visit to her? (15) Luke 1. full of grace The Lord is with thee. and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee and the holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of God. ! : The High ple Priest seems to have known : of the angel's visit to her. Here the two narratives are nearly the Evidently Luke same. V." She looked to the right and left. v." (15) . or in the temple. ." (Luke 1. except that Luke is somewhat longer. for thou hast found favor with God. "Fear not. In this matter I hold with Dr. "Fear not. Luke 1.) Was it an angel that saluted Mary. but could see no one. Another version says "She saw a young man of ineffable beauty" who said. for Jesus never gained David's throne. "The angel of the Lord stood beside her" and said. copies James or James copies Luke. and. she went into the house and sat down to work on the purple." Luke says. she heard a voice saying." (16) sents itself : This question here preIn Was Mary living with her parents. for when she finished the veil of the tem- and took it to him. . he said to her all "The Lord has magnified thy name. 30. or was it a said to her she had found favor with the Lord God? Which? (16) Book of James. "many. Schleiermaeher of Germany. frightened.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 45 whereupon the angel said. Mary.

girl. call have the widowers why was he so anxious to and one of them take this young girl by 3. High Priest seems when she brought the it to hai'c when he known called? of the veil to the temple. only about fourteen or fifteen years of who is has grown up in the temple or near there. angel visits his wife." and not. with the priests and scribes. that neither parents nor priests are mentioned as seeing the angel True. as act rashly is . home when the Mary. but Luke mentions the angel Gabriel. Joseph not at we have seen. he will not make her a privately." public example. 1. High Priest only are in the secret. v. They are all on the Gabriel and the knows nothing about sly. but how did he find out if ? Was he present at the "over- shadowMng. as an aged widower. he up- braids her and reproaches her.) (18) Matt. Mark nor John names the angel. and concludes that. as she so very young. we have already seen.46 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES how is it either case. since. Nor shall is Joseph consulted about when the Holy Ghost his wife come upon and overshadow her. (Ch. . them before or There never was Here is a young Jewish age. lot ? Section anything \\q reach here some of the most exall traordinary statements in like history. 1. as to him. he considers carefully. the matter. 26. she to At is this immature age betrothed in a peculiar manner. V. but will "put her (18) And while Joseph away was ponder- (17) Neither Matthew. 19. But when he But he does not finds her in a delicate situation. (17) He those visits.

and went with haste unto the hill country. Joseph overlooked and forgave what he must have of the : considered." Whether the angel awakened Joseph in talking to him we cannot say but "on being raised from his sleep he did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him. and is "Joseph. "And Mary. it would seem that one or the other of the following propositions must be true First he was the son of Joseph and Mary: or. 1:15 to 25. As to the parentage of Jesus. he was the son of God and Mary: or. secondly. for that which in her is conceived Holy Ghost. arose in those days. disputes the paternity of Joseph. and his dream says: the angel of the Lord appears unto him. Which is right? Section 4. How did Matthew find out that the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream? (20) Luke 1:39. 47 in he fell into a sleep. fear not to take unto thee Mary." (19) In other words.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES ing those things. it mildly. a City of Judah" (20) to visit her cousin Elizabeth. 12) tells us that Mary went to her home and kid herself from the children of Israel. We have already seen that Chapter One. Verses 18 to 20. . of Matthew. The book of James (ch. a very serious youthful Dreams : are gossamer things to build a is gospel upon but such the superstructure of our religion. and sets forth that he was only reconciled to the situation by what the angel said to him in : : (19) Matt. it is said. to put indiscretion. he was the son of Mary and some unknown father. thy wife. thirdly. thou son of David.

I can account for this only on the ground that they were not inspired on that point. and believed that a man is what he is. as to the quarrel between Joseph and Mary. Matt. the kid. (22) Protevangelium. 9:27. and Yet twenty-six hundred this prediction. 14. years have slipped by since Isaiah and no part of his prophecy is yet fulfilled. "Is not this the son of David ?" But Jesus made no reply. Luke 18:28.48 his A QUESTION OF MIRACLES dream. however. Jesus was not a descendant of David. (24) (21) Luke 1:26 to 35. 18 to 20. made a prediction that "there should come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse. (24) But Isaiah probably did not write Chapter 11. while it is true that Isaiah. if we follow the genealogy given by MatIt is true. . in and of himself. Luke fully and explicitly agrees with Mat- thew (21). thew. save only as to Joseph's peculiar dream and the reconcilation which it effected. . except that James supposed that Mary was with child by an angel. some blind men called him a son of David (23) and some people. Mark and John are both as silent as the tomb about Joseph's troubles and the angel's visit to him. some seven hundred years before Jesus was born. 12: v. amazed at a cure he effected. may have been wiser than the others. (23) Matt." he also said that the wolf should dwell with the lamb. Now. said. ch. Moreover. 23. v. 1. and the leopard lie down with made the lion eat straw like an ox. Matt. and the paternity of Jesus. and not what his father or mother is or may have been. is sustained by the book of James {22). Or they Matthew.

For Luke's angel who foretold that the Lord would give to Mary's : : son the throne of his father. person believe that the most pure saint that the future. 7. Moreover. Even angels are not always true prophets. and If there ever or ever lived. bordering on the miraculous: for how can any sane lives. they are probably good today. The dream and hope of all the (25) Ch. Isaiah. did not hit the mark. (25) Let us dismiss prophecy as something Section 5. Even . but instead a crown of thorns. The throne was not given to him. can or could look seven hundred years into tell the happenings of that in the coming day ? were such things world as prophecy or fortune-telling. David. and the Hebrews? Are there not the same needs of prophets today as ever? Or did the volume of mystery close for to good when the angel announced Mary that she should bring forth a son? But even prophecies do not always turn out as announced for no rod has as yet come out of the stem of Jesse unless Luke and Matthew are both mistaken. that he might know to refuse the evil and also said a virgin should conceive choose the good. a strained construction has no possible application to Jesus. — and six — for they both travel the same road. will not make it apply to him. because he declared that the son so born must eat butter and honey.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES He : 49 and bear a son but he spoiled its application to Jesus. if they were good things for the people twentyhundred years ago. were there never any prophets outside of Palestine.

a disputed question. or some one of had been that some great descendtheir kings. The Jews waited and looked for a great earthly king. and perhaps always It is will be.50 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES for generations Jews ant of David. we are certain that his meekness and his love and charity for mankind can never be surpassed. possible that its very mystery calls attention to him. and not a great teacher to show them the paths of love. their enemies but bring back the and not only punish glories of David's or Solomon's reign. would arise. The paternity of Jesus has been. . justice and mercy. and thereby to his gentle qualities of mind and heart However that may be.

and would have flung the great one headlong from a precipice to his destruction. Nazareth. "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" (i) But. (1) John 1: (2) Luke 4: V. Once in thy fury. If near such we turn our foot- steps thither. always of importance and a spot. Such a place is immortal in history. and linger about If distant from it. Shakespeare and the Avon will never be forgotten. v. The Birth and Boyhood Section i. and thy name. (2) and has made that deed. The love of a great names in all memories. of a truly great The birthplace or is home and extraordinary man interest to us. Galilee. O Nazareth. as a lofty mountain towers above the valley at its base. we visit the place in imagination. 51 . 29. But he escaped thy rage. as best we memory of men? And there is Nazareth. Vernon and its canonized sleeper ever fade from the selves.CHAPTER IV. Will Mt. of Jesus. in the land of Zebulon. thou didst thrust Him forth. once so wicked that the enquiry was made. 46. and picture to ourcan. it. the home and the country where the great soul towered above the people. and Palestine! thou art as immortal as the rock-ribbed soul has enshrined these hills.

to the uttermost parts of the earth. this period these At Nazarenes were so utterly secluded and unknown that no mention had ever been made of them in history. or on a mat. laid upon the ground. and for plates they use thin. and look off to the southeast. unfloored. and yonder. If we ascend one of the higher hills. These Nazarenes speak a Syrian Dialect. the language of Palestine. The streets of this village. is Mount Carmel.52 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES for all time. Its less than two thousand of Jews. is a small village of probably souls. we shall see Mount Tabor about six miles distant. dimly outlined against the western sky. on the side of a hill. They were but little more advanced in civilization than were our Indians one hundred years ago. Christian era should hare been . Arabs. round cakes. ye centuries! and us see Nazareth nineteen hundred years ago. let known Roll back. (3) Here on an elevated plateau. Knives and forks are unknown to them. irregular and have none. are crooked and narrow its houses are flat-roofed. Chairs they small. and population is made up Phoenicians. whose base is lashed by the waves of the Mediterranean. with a generous sprinkle of Greeks. tree. they squat or recline upon the earth. sometimes on a low stool. Their tables are simply dressed skins. Even the Old Testament is silent about them. with hardly a shade squalid. . Jerusalem. made of coarse material. on the (3) The chronology of the dated four years earlier.

some (4) The Law of Moses. 15. The Pentateuch. 53 yonder to the south. we have known in Palestine nineteen hundred years ago nor in any part of the earth. poverty-stricKen mountain able village of Nazareth. and they repeated it and repeated it after him. way. (4) in a The was oral. and the great men." Here. were not . ch. 7. he called "Jesus of Nazareth. as everywhere in Pales- synagogue was the place where the sons of instruction the seers. and forbid them not. met to study the Thora. a great is and incompar- man to forth. (5) Section From come this sleepy. "Suffer children to surely child. sixty or today. seventy miles beyond our vision. Schools. until they learned it fore this." from babyhood to Here boyhood mirth all Nazareth he grows "Turning to things of earth As only boyhood can. Jesus played marbles. the children standing row. (6) John. little And if he could say in his mature years. v. whereupon the teacher recited a line. Joseph and All his in Mary life are there is and Jesus is there with them. by Buddha. hundred years bewas taught the laws of Manu in the same heart. saya Jesua was not learned. five 2." he must have loved them when he himself was a Perhaps when he was in the Synagogue. tine. the In Nazareth.. come unto me. such as is .— A QUESTION OF MIRACLES borders of Benjamin. . undoubtedly. and ran foot races with the little boys of this mountain village.

all unconscious of the mighty destiny before him. and had a fine time. upon its shores. Bethsaida and Capernaum. but no word he twelve years old. (9) The gospel of the Infancy tells us of the flight into Egypt. . 39." (7) Joseph. 2. no doubt. 21. (7) Mark 6: v. (8) long to catch glimpses of the daily We is life of this wonderful boy. may sometimes have trudged over the mountains And there stood Chorazin. brought water from the spring or well. at a later day. This little boy. as wicked and unrepentant. 5. I shall the miracles Jesus performed -nhen a child in Egypt. 14: v. was a car- penter and the boy. 25. and as the boys of Nazareth all ran about bare-footed. and blocks for the family fire. and to Lake Gennessaret. unless (9) the infancy. Matt. 11. as later it is said he actually could "walk upon the water. Jesus was probably often ordered to wash his feet before going to bed. was a creek or a pond nearby. 14. v. But Matthew makes no mention of the same as Matt. have something to say of this later on. or stepfather. V. We can believe that he frequently ran errands for his mother. he no doubt went in swimming with his playmates. to be denounced by him. this boy's father. no (6) Matt. (8) Matt. often picked up shavings .54 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES him or struck him. For somewhere he became very expert in aquatic sports. is vouchsafed to us until follow the gospel of we We see no miracles whatever. 48. and we wonlie was ready to turn the other (6) larger boy scratched der whether as a boy cheek to be smitten If there also.

the king of Syria. C. There is no question but that he was brought up in Nazareth after his return from Egypt. 16. a before the child shall virgin shall conceive and bear a son. went up toward Jerusalem to make war against it and put a king of their own in Ahaz's place. "Behold. before men- tioning the legends and the miraculous stories con- cerning his birth. life 55 —nothing beyond humdrum days of those other Nazareth boys that grew to manhood in Jesus' time. the land thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings. how could it be a sign to Ahazt He would be dead more than eeven centuriea. that gathered around his name commencing about the year A. Isaiah. v. Section 3. — . Thereupon the Jesus. Rezin. and it is not denied except in the gospel of the Infancy. about Lord firm sent Isaiah. a prophet. and Pekah. the thing should not come to pass (10) and to con- the Ahaz that his Kingdom should not be overthrown. to tell Ahaz . 80 or 100. and know to refuse evil and choose the good. ch. verses 1 to 17 see also ch. 8. 7. Lord said he would give him a sign. and shall call his name Immanuel. and extending on towards us for a century and more. Luke expressly affirms it in chapter 4. plainly has reference to (10) Isaiah. But if the Virgin did not bear a son until (11) Isaiah 7:14: Jesus was born. I have purposely said this about Jesus." (11) This prophecy. to be quiet. D.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES extraordinary happenings in his the ordinary. In a supposed prophecy concerning 740 years B. if it be one. the king of Israel.

. and that before the child could say "My Father. believe that Isaiah had a vision of Mary and Jesus in his mind when he penned those lines to com- dream. v. 1:23." the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria would be taken away. "that it might be which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet.56 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES a time more than seven centuries l>efore Jesus was born. Matthew sets forth the peculiar con- ception and birth of Jesus. Is not that Polytheism? John is even more extravagant than Matthew. John 6. John 8. 58. ch. Was Jesus born in Bethlehem ? Here again we encounter the same old supposed (12) In Isaiah the son is called Immanuel. and they shall call his name Immanuel." (13) That makes Jesus a God. and fulfilled fort Ahaz ? is But that not all . and shall bring forth a son. v. Nevertheless. (14) John 1:10. 'Behold. saying. v. 41 and 51. that he Moreover. 14. he says. (13) Matt. and she conceived and bore a son. the very next chapter of Isaiah tells us went in unto the prophetess. Section 4. 7. This ia more absurd than anything I ever read in the Hindu bible. (14) But neither John nor Mark makes any mention about Isaiah's prophecy and the birth of Immanuel.' " (12) Hov^ can any honest thinker. or any fair-minded man. a virgin shall be with child. and Joseph's very strange all this was done. for he says the world was made by Jesus. "Emmanuel" and says it Matthew interprets means "God with the word us.

" And he says Samaria shall be as a heap of the field. she shall beat in pieces siege is many people." laid against those in Zion. For those sins." first In that day. nificant village of Bethlehem. 10 to 12. see how to the skies he extols it. sJiall .A QUESTION OF MIRACLES prophecies which have been curiously twisted to 57 mean what Micah and Malachi never intended. the last days the house of the Lord shall be "But in established." and "nations shall beat their swords into plowshares. is telling what he saw ''concerning Samaria and Jerusalem. When (16) "they shall smite the Judge of Israel with a rod upon his cheek. neither shall they learn war any more and every man . and when many "nations are gathered against her. and their spears into pruning hooks. shall sit under his own vine and fig tree. though thou be little among come the thousands of Judah. unto you shall come the dominion. it must be remembered. yet out of thee (15) 1 Micah 1:6 and 7. and her hoofs brass and . was a prophet of Judah. and the is prophets divine for money. lived. Zion to and Jerusalem shall become heaps. C. 710 years B. lem with iniquity (15) . near which he himself ." then "her horn shall be iron. and her graven images beaten to pieces that Zion is built up with blood. that the heads thereof judge for reward. Micah." Micah. and Jerusa. be plowed as a field. Bethlehem. and he was against Samaria and her judge is to be smitBut when he turns to the insigten on the cheek. "But thou. that the priests teach for hire. (16) 3 Micah.

in verses 5 chapter 5. 6. 5. Moreover. have any ref- erence to Jesus." and with the shepherds and princes "shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword.sten that happy day! (18) Micah abridged from 5 to 15. . almost word for word. V. ch. it would be a blessed thing if they were. seven hundred years be(17) Micah 5:2 to 6. . But Jesus 'nas never a ruler iu Israel. and there is now no Assyrian to invade Palestine. and no governor or ruler from Bethlehem has made his appearance in all this time. ivhen the Assyrian come. ''that man shall (this ruler) is to be the peace. forth a ruler whose goings forth have been from everlasting." The world has waited twenty-six hundred years and more since Micah's day. the Assyrian shall "shall be the peace." Micah closes one part of his prophecy with these lurid words The Lord will execute vengeance in anger and fury upon the heathen. But I shall be told that it years later? was a liem is . 6. spiritual ruler that was and to come out of Bethle- not some great warrior. My reply that Micah. Suppose some old Hindu." (17) And this man. says." and he and the shepherds and princes "shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword. he says. 2. when come into our land. if it be one. who was born more than seven hundred Yet Matthew (19) quotes it with approbation. and the swords have never yet been beaten into plow-shares nor have the spears yet been made into pruning hooks. How (18) can this prophecy. such as they have not : heard. or governor. the Assyrian hath not yet come. (19) Matt.58 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES in Israel. may Heaven ha.

(21) Moreover. eh. Herod was on (20) John 4. Luke 2:1 to G.: - A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 59 born. from ever"Whose lasting f" Does not this make Jesus a God? Was he truly here before the mountains were brought forth. he adds old. it as to the date of this taxing or census. the King. had said that a ruler should (naming some insignificant village in come forth from India).. (21) Matt. and there is no sufficient proof of two taxings. but it surely was not at the time of the taxing by Cyrenius." Luke is in error. goings forth have been from of or the earth formed? If so. which is called Bethlehem "and while there. for took place nine or ten years after the period he fixes for the Birth of Jesus. would his saying necessarily cause the child to fore Buddha was be born there? The place of a man's birth is not an indispensable part of his make-up. when Jesus was born. city. just as great. he had been born in Samaria ? For the Samaritans were surely ex- pecting a Messiah. Jesus was born. and after Herod had been in his It is barely possible that Herod ordered prave several years. that therefore Joseph and Mary went from Nazareth to the city of David. Would not Jesus have been ju«t if as useful. then why the necessity else ? that he be born in Bethlehem or anywhere But it is said an order from the governor of Syria compelled every person to be taxed in his own . just as lovely. 25. The census took placo after Archelus was deposed. the slaughter of the children. . 2. in the days of Herod. though history makes no mention of it. The is last clause in Micah's supposed prophecy must be noticed. ruler in Israel to After mentioning that a come from Bethlehem. (20) Section 5. V. here.

unwittingly now for nineteen centuries. He was alive March 12. And it will probably go down loaded with execrations. to be strangled. chapter 5. at this time. for his whole was drenched ful in blood. red-handed as he was. he ordered the death of Antipater. (23) Matthew. or the very same year.6o A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and was wicked and his son. this work. tossing in torments of pain. Antiq. This bloody-handed murderer died the year before Jesus was born. • his death bed. may have been six weeks or two months old. about to overtake him. 17:6. He murdered drowned. (23) (22) Jos. his brother. See also section 2. while panting for his breath. that Herod. the beauti- Mariamne. sorely troubled over the conspiracy of his brother. has held up Herod's name to the contempt and scorn of the worid. 4 and 17:8. for. cruel enough to have order- ed the slaughter of the children. to be treacherously He caused his two sons. 4. word was brought to him of the conspiracy of his son and brother. He caused Aristobulus. 4 years B. Pheroras. ever sought to destroy him. it is Herod. were red with blood to the last. (22) Jesus. outside of Matthew and some of the Apocryphal gospels. by Mariamne. to the latest day. But I find no sufficient proof. life true. his wife. C. . But his nemesis was On his deathbed. C. that he died It is certain between the years 4 B. and 3 B. But his hands son. Antipatcr. C. as he burned some Jewish Rabbis that day for causing the destruction of his golden eagle.

chapters 10 to 22. in Judea. 2:1 says Bethlehem. (26) December the 25th. tells us that the scripture saith "Jesus shall come from Bethlehem. if born there. says he saddled an ass and placed her on it. it must have been late in February. ch. (26) If born in Bethlehem. mentions him as "Jesus of Nazareth. gospel of infancy.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Nor was in set 6i Bethlehem Jesus born December 25. D. seventy or seventy-five miles in a downpour of merely to be taxed. Mark 6: "Jesus came from Nazareth to be baptized. John 7:42. "Jesus of Nazareth. 17. Christmas (24). says he was three years in Egypt. Luke 18:37." Matt. King of the Jews" John 19:19. 3. "Jesus of Nazareth passeth by." Acts 2:22. Did Jesus not live some years in Egypt? Matt.. but it -was not known or kept as such. "Jesus Christ of Nazareth." (27) (24) Christmas is a Christian holiday." Pilate wrote the superscription on his cross "Jesus of Nazareth. Even the sheep and shepherds then seek shelter. is the very height of the rainy season." Matt. a man approved of God. when it happily succeeded pagan festivals and the saturnalia of Eome. says "he came to his country" (Nazareth). (27) John 1:45 and 46. — — ." Per contra. V. (25) The book of James. C. for it is not hkely that Joseph would : out to travel with Mary on an ass or mule (25) rain. v. B. it is strange that the four gospels continually mention him as "J^sus of Nazareth. 2. 13. 13. until the third or fourth century A." Acts 3:6. But. 54.

(i) These two men (2) began age. 62 . but his name is upon the lips of more people than that human being. Anna Joachim. at Jesus' Birth ? Jesus was either a God or a man . he succeeded gloriously. Mary Joachim. their ministries when they were each about twenty-nine or thirty years of Buddha preached fifty years. all honor to his name. And. Buddha has upwards of four hundred millions of followers. he was simply a very religious man who sought to give the world a better religion than the old Jewish superstition. and less tongues then of any unborn. and died in peace. and his mother was half God. If not half a a fifteen or sixteen year old Jewish girl. (2) I call Jesus a man. (1) Jesus has of Catholics and Protestants about one hundred and seventy millions of followers. and was sore need of it. God. He there preached to the Jews the gospel of peace. in lands to him unknown.CHAPTER V Were There Miracles Section i . Buddha alone excepted. He was born and grew like any other mortal from childhood on to maturity. yet his audiences have been in millions. He preached than three years. or he grandmother at all events was Mrs. his was and half man.

more barbarous and blood-thirsty than the Hindus. He certainly did not is know that the nearest star to the earth many millions of miles distant. . went before them. Nor are we told whence they In fact. ance of a (4) I shall be told that it was something that had the appearI answer. as completely out of sight as if the earth had opened and swal- Who those wise men lowed them. they at once drop came. it is Of said some wise men came to Jerusalem saying they had seen his star in the East. as neither their given. we cannot tell. when Matthew wrote that line. Jesus. And after their deaths. 2) would have saved his reputation. is and that if it should approach us." Of course. as that star have done. "which they saw in till it came and stood over where the young child was. about the size of a the East. (3) (4) names nor country are were. that the record says "it was a star. the star. nor whither they returned. And (3) "Lo." star. most marvelous stories began to gather about cross." it is said. alleged to Jesus and Bethlehem would instantly have been crushed out of existence. a little luminous lump of nebula. there would be such a crash of worlds that there would be no further use for any religion whatever. man's fist. condemned Jesus to the emphaand immortalize his life. Matthew (ch. he had no conception of what a He must have supposed that it was star is. or was. if he had aid it had the appearance of a star. but their very cruelty has only served to size their names.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 63 surrounded by friends. and had come to worship him. the Jews. Each of these men brought a better faith into the world than any their own people had ever before known.

) "Who told Matthew of these remarkable dreams? I shall mention this again when I come to speak of apochryphal gospels. 1.64 Section A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 2. Joseph and Egypt. (6) This trip to Egypt is made because Hosea 760 years before this. 1. and remain there lest until the brought him (6) necessity word. we baby in a "house. v." (5) And when they departed. from two years old and under. V. V. and very foundations of our faith on dreams? Matt. They must have remained over night. wherein he Lord appeared to Joseph in was told to take the child and his mother. ch. (8) I have shown in my preceding chapter. "not to return to Herod. But star stories must at once be set aside and are told. (7) Mary by night with the child into We are next told that "Herod was exceeding wroth" that the wise men did not return." Mary and the and they down and worshipped etc. v. 2." (8) (5) Matt. 20. 2:14. flee into Eg}'pt.) (Matt. and angel child. for they specified the particular star "Pushya" as the one that both of tliese came doiim to welcome Buddha. The Hindus went to even greater lengths." Is it not somewhat hazardous to lay the (Hosea. found "fell dismissed as utterly improbable. had said. that. said. and thereupon "he sent forth and slew all the children in Bethlehem. 11. that . for they were warned of God in a flfr£?am him. "Out of Egypt have I brought my son. 13. Herod destroy it is the The was seemingly 'fled so great. (7) Matt." presented him treasures. 2. The wise men. the angel of the a dream. and the coasts thereof. section 5. 12.

gospel of infancy. v. (9) Luke 2:8 to 20. The ch. but it nowhere mentions the slaying of But those who hold to the three canonicals." "A in Saviour.' " And when the angels were gone away into heaven (11) the and good will a lack of proof that Matthew is right as to "the slaughwe can rely upon the Protevangelium. and saying toward men. ch. sec. com- mitted against the little innocents. nor Mark." he said." (9) us "that sud- We have seen how the angels sang for joy when tells Buddha was born. "is this day born in the city of David" and they would "find the babe wrapped swaddling clothes lying in a manger. refuse the babes. (10) Ch. for he brought them good tidings. and cruel beyond description. nor John have anything whatever to say about that multitude of angels which Luke mentions (Luke 2. it 65 (if he is passing strange that Luke nor John makes any mention it of it whatever. Is not reasonable to suppose that a deed so awful. says that Luke. there is ter of the children. ante. and gave them a fright but the angel told them to "fear not. herds were keeping watch over their flocks. angel came unto them. then Matthew does not stand alone. to credit the Protevangelium. 18 and 21 and 22. (10) and Luke denly there was with the angel. 9. would if call from those writers a stinging condemnation. praising God. says Joseph was to start for Egypt at the crowing of the cock. a multi- tude of the heavenly host. It is remarkable that neither Matthew. shepherds. and 'peace on earth.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES In regard to this monstrous order of Herod. detestable. 1. 15) as going away into heaven. some shepwhen an ." but if . 1. really such a thing happened ? in his story of the birth. ever issued such a one) neither Mark. or the gospel of the Infancy. (11) Luke 2:10 to 21.

Matthew." (14) Here. hurries Joseph off to Eg>-pt. were offered as a sacrifice. and took Jesus and Anna the prophetess was there. 14. they brought Jesus to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord. would he not know^ of this ? How if on his death-bed. she was unclean seven days. pel writers. the Section 3. as we have by night. is Galilee. in the blood of her purifying 33 days. Matthew hurried Joseph and Mary and Jesus Luke and Matthew (Matt. Herod was then easy for him. according to the laws of Moses. "they returned unto their own city. If a woman bore a man-child. Jerusalem. "And when all these things were per- even . and found babe. and a in his arms pair of turtle doves. now. were accomplished. Jesus' life if was in danger. Devout old Simeon. was at the temple. Ave are told. 2. (14) Luke 2:39. If why did they bring him to Herod's very door? alive. the child was circumcised. eeem to have been inspired differently on this point. to a flat contradiction between right. Nazareth. shepherds went with haste. or young pigeons. Leviticus 12:2 to 4. to the time they Bethlehem being only five or six miles southeast of brought him to the temple. to send a trusted messenger and learn the whereabouts of Jesus. two gosor the They both cannot be One (12) Ch. 2:5. v. as the angel had told them. (13) Luke 2. v.66 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Mary and seen. formed.) ofif to Egypt by night. 21 to 25." (13) Forty days therefore elapsed from the birth. Luke "When the days of her purification. Does a man have to be inspired to write down sober facts? . 14. (12) says. and on the eighth After that she must continu* day." Luke says.

some water wherein Jesus was bathed. v. D. (16) that a girl whose body was was cured by sprinkling upon her white with leprosy. and 'Alas.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES other says : ^7 ch.' " Antiq. and laid him in an ox-manger. on taking Jesus her arms instantly re- covered her speech. 2. sets them down as sober facts. 18. bent down its close of this book branches and worshiped him." but not a word Egypt. which he said was an evil omen. and a severe pain arose in Herod's belly. and she wrapped the child in swaddling clothes. Josephus says. Acts 12. . 8. "Herod saw an owl sitting on a rope." like life guards around a king. near the ) . He is misleading about Herod. ch. The flight into Eg}'pt. sec. as he approached it. 21 to 23. ch. I am said to those who called him a God and Immortal: soon to be hurried away by death. is surely wrong. praising him. and he fell sick." (16) Eusebius. forth in the gospel of the Infancy. a dishonest historian. whose bark was used for healing. (I will mention this more fully when I come to speak of apocryphal gospels. that a bride in who had be- come dumb. were "Mary heard the children to be killed. Here we eome across the first mention of the mother as "Lady Mary. It may have been the same species of tree that bent down in silent adoration to Buddha. gospel of the infancy says that is said about the flight into The "when Jesus was round in in the temple. and a residence there of three is set years. Book 19. stood a circle. and a tree. 325. at his coming. At (15) Infancy. (15) but it makes no mention of the slaughter of the children. the angels. 5. in writing of these things about A. The ProtevangeHum. together with many wild and extravagant miracles performed by It is said Jesus as a child.

as well as in India and Palestine. Zoroaster. vol. and he is saved. sec. 146. encircled his father's house. who sought to kill the child by placing him in front of a herd of cattle. 3. ch. or wizard. was likewise wel- comed village in a peculiar manner. (17) along Section 4. We shall be told how Jesus fasted forty days in the wilderness. a great religious teacher.68 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES trees put Buddha's advent. Failing in that the wizard sought to burn the fire. p. but two angels. passing the brilliancy of the sun. and OinJcard. 47. We is shall see further how angels ministered to both Buddha. Jesus and Zoroaster. it is said. until the herd passed by. In the one place it said an angel actually held down branches of a tree and thereby saved Buddha from being drowned in the Ganges. 16 and 46. angels came and fed him. just as much truth in one story as the other. child. chapter 3. We are told that for three days and nights before he was born the whole became luminous. And Dinkard. . we are told that Zoroaster laughed The Herod of was a wicked Karap. but the fagots would not take Then Zoroaster is flung into a wolf's den. surMoreover. no doubt. we are told that even dead forth leaves and flowers. Sacred Books of the East. But an old ox. who preceded both Buddha and Jesus by centuries. They seem to have had miracles in Persia. Srosh and Vohuman. stood guard over him outright as he that day came into the world. There is. and a divine radiance. close the wolf's mouth. and that And that an angel actually (17) See Whitney's Zoroaster.

. (19) Krishna. performed (18) Matt. 16. are told that Cansa. finding himself "mocked" (18) slaughtered the young children in his king- dom. . this wicked and perverse world has not either seen or heard so much an angel's wing. he insists on the vast antiquity hie history Jones. at his birth. V. as we have seen. born in a dungeon. was cradled Krishna (Vishnu). others. like among shepherds. in (19) I have followed in this matter Eev. 2. Bhagavat Purana tells us of Krishna or Vishnu." Jesus. for as the rustle of many centuries past. the walls of which. The Bethlehem incarnation and birth.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES introduced Zoroaster to the Almighty. Buddha. That great scholar. says the birth of Chrisna is many centuries before Jesus. vol. 69 But now.. of the Hindu scriptures. Wilford puts the time 1300 B. were strangely illuminated. Sir William Col. the Herod of the all East. we are told. C. fearing the loss of his kingdom. possessed at his birth the power of speech and said to his mother. even when a child. was preceded more than one thousand years by the incarnation and birth of the Hindu God. sought the life of We Krishna. 2. and as soon as born he had the power of speech and conversed with his mother. Cansa. Maurice. and the child was only saved by being hurried away at night and concealed in a distant region. that a chorus of devas (angels) welcomed his advent. we must remember. several centuries later. "I have been born to save the world. Thomas of Hindostan. Vishnu's miraculous conception and birth that he was . . the ruler of the country.

thousand years had been sedulously taught to believe such improbable things.s simply copied the extravagances of fact. many He raises the dead to life. In two thousand years ago . While still In the gospel of the In- fancy (ch. people of India and Persia in such matters led the The Jev. they both may be wrong. 41) \ve are told that Jesus ranked the boys together as if he were a king and they spread gar- ments for him to ers. he cures lepers. preceded him by more than a thousand Section The lavish supply of angels in Persia. ings.70 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES miracles. Why tine have we been so slighted ? Do we as those not need their presence and counsel as much and India and Persia ? But it is I reply that I have scriptures. in Persia And now for nearly twenty- four hundred years in India and three thousand years and nineteen hundred years in Palestine. and do not need them. not a single blessed flyer has ever put in an appearance. sit upon and crowned him with flow- Is it not very remarkable that the happenings at Jesus' birth so nearly resemble or duplicate those of Krishna. Judea and Palestine seems to have completely exhausted the entire stock. years ? who 5. all religions the East. and I am not certain which is men of Palessaid we have the right . They were in their fireside saytrue. he strangles a boy the a huge serpent. the Jewish mind for a be wrong too. other boys choose him King. They had written them books as The way. And others may all Moreover. just shown that Matthew and Luke tell two very different stories on an important point.

as Luke says do not say that (20). V. and wild honey. must digress a little and say Baptist.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES down angels to us. and the improbable has come Let the reader understand me. clothed only in a raiment of camel's hair. If there was a divine . before him. from which to make up his gospel and no doubt he tried to sift them and reach the truth. For I zuas not there to see that remarkable pJienomenon. v. first certain glimpse we catch of him. said. John. were. 1. having had a perfect understanding. I pray that the same 6. forth the things believed. In truth. . the teacher of Jesus. 5. locusts 2. and that then they went away into heaven. influence at his elbow to guide his pen aright. it is was Ch. was a Nazir from he was of the Priestly class (21) and subThe jected to a vow of temperance and chastity. he had manuscripts. as a little it from me. first was not an eye witness of admits this. (23) He must have (20) (21) (22) (23) 15. V. for in that of first which he in He the very verse of his chapter he says that "many" having taken it hand to set also. Luke Luke Matt. 1 to 5. 3. self Luke himwrites. just as I am doing as I write these lines. who was his birth. V. older than Jesus. seemed good to him. influence be not withheld Here now I a few words about John the Section and. to write. 15. the predecessor. I 71 preached the improbable. did not appear. and his food. 1. he is preaching to great audiences in the wilderness of Judea. (22) That is. some think more than a dozen.

In fact. for people flocked to great numbers. 13 to 16. Matt. p. 36. Nazareth from "Jerusalem and all him from as far north as Even Jesus was drawn to him to and received baptism Some claimed : at his hands. who striking resemblance between the two. Max Mullcr. remain four (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) 109. highly probable that the story in the forests of Buddha's solitary life of India had reached John. v. 13. but they must. 3. Ch. however. for the Essenes or Therapeutae were grouped in plentiful It is numbers not from John's scene of activity. 14. (24) of the Pharisees and Sadducees having been sent as spies to "O flee life you to austere returned to them and exhath warned from the wrath to come?" (25) His led many to believe that he was Elias.72 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES him in been an orator of wonderful power. Judea. and vol. 3. Sanskrit Lit. p. p. 4. Vol. long before Jesus was born. Buddha's doctrines had reached Syria and Asia Minor two centuries be- John the Baptist's time. 25. was seething fore in Buddhism. Luke 3. 50. v. II. 11. v. that later influences It is possible may have caused the Baptist to far lead his anchorite life. 7.. he pointed to generation of vipers. before admission to the months on probation. the earth (26). and in truth there was a watch John. V. v. Malachi Matt. allowed his people to follow the customs of their order. 5. . 109. Sacred Books of the East. as Babylon." They came in Galilee. V. Ezekiel sprinkled clean water upon his converts. (2y) Buddha. (29) Matt. 1 to 7. own family (28).

I take my refuge in Dhamma (the law) and in the fraternity of BhikJohn the Baptist did not follow this plan . while John was Jesus came .: A QUESTION OF MIRACLES With Subhadda. khus. 11. the last convert which 73 re- Buddha ceived just before his death. his (30) Matt. until Ablu- tions were familiar to the Jews. on the Eastern shores of the Dead and Sea." led those he who sought baptism down into the river Jor- dan and washed them. baptizing unto repentance. caught his inspiration from the Essenes. And when first words are borrowed . (30) Now. and it is thought that after he had poured water on their heads he finally plunged them under the water. but confession of sins total immersion never John and he no doubt . or possibly as an example it to others. not far from John. sion. but the Essenes. One of his strict conditions was that the sinner must repent. must be remembered. and the Jews never practiced confession and immerJesus. practiced both. and had him repeat "I my refuge in the blessed one. Jesus began to preach. 3. if but ? why the need of his baptism it he was a sinless being unless was to show that thereby he severed his connection with the Pharisees. was born a Pharisee. the four months' probation was omitted and the following ceremony took place Subhadda was taken on one side and his hair and beard shaved ofif . V. then they poured water over his head : and clad him take the in yellow robes.

unfortunately for the world. 11. The seeds or beans of the locust stewed with the sweet leaves. people "wild honey.) {^2) cerning John's diet on "locusts and wild honey. and Mark 6. 3. and wild honey with cheese added. and he bound him into prison. for the from John: is at kingdom of heaven hand. Matthew." the locusts were simply a bean or seed taken from the locust trees which grew near the western shores of the Dead Sea. told in ch. 40. 3. while 15. v. 14. The whole wretched to 26. Luke Matt. 3. 17. 3. v. Matthew. Moreover. John's ministry. was There cut short in the midst of its great usefulness. v." (31) John preached against the rich and said : "He that hath two coats let him impart to him that hath none. (34). there is a sorry Observe that John makes no mention of 14 to 17. But locusts slim diet to build a religion upon. 17 11. would seem to be a The story evil eye of him and is cast Herod was upon John. Mark 1. disagreement with ch. 2 to 6. But in reading ch." tree. 3. is an old Persian tradition that Zoroaster lived for twenty years in the wilderness on cheese. v. in Malt. V. 17. . v.74 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES "Repent ye. Matt." ConJesus preached the same doctrine. that voice (31) (32) (33) (34) from heaven. {^t. Matthew. made not an unpala- table diet. 2. The wild honey was a gum made from the sweet leaves of shrubs. 43. V. 5. which were plentiful in that The juice of these leaves was called by the vicinity. V.

11. V. 75 who asked Jesus "Art thou He that should come. But no mention whatever is made of his being cast into prison and thereafter beheaded on account of his criticism of Herod for having married Herodias. ch. 1 and f36) Matt. tells us that Herod caused John to be beheaded lest his wonderful eloquence win so many followers that he would ultimately raise a rebellion. Antiq. 2. 3. John's note of warning to the world (36) will probably never fade from the memory of man. V. 5. . why this inquiry later on? Josephus. 2.: A QUESTION OF MIRACLES prison he sent two of his disciples. (35) Matt. Book 18. or do we look for another?" (35) Does not this prove that John did not know who Jesus was at the time of the baptism? If he knew before the baptism..

It may seem strange to the reader that miracles most marvelous are alleged to have taken place at the natal hours of both Buddha and Jesus. missed the lad. ch. as she discovered him. Mary here calls Joseph the father of (2) Luke 2:41 to 48. both hearing and^ answering questions. (1) We have already noticed the miracles at Zoroaster's birth. mentioned of Buddha that. thereafter.CHAPTER VI A Few Section More Pakallels." said Mary. and Jesus. ante. Jesus. 3. and at the end of a three days' search he was found in the temple. and she ought to know. all exhibitions of the supernatural mediately subsided in (I) It is both cases for nearly thirty years. after traveling a whole day on its return. we are told. when twelve years all. old. to be present at a feast The caravan. and im- that. 5. to Jerusalem. at one sitting he surpassed them when twelve years of age. went on a trip with his parents from Nazareth of the Passover. See section 76 . i. he was sent to some teachers for instruction. "Thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing (2). with the doctors of the law.

are told that when Buddha (4) Ch. 20. p. thoughtful. this scene nothis earth. beautiful women. with music and dancing. the Prince rode through it all. sec. His rooms were filled with fragrant buds and flowers. and win his heart to wickedness. 3 and 4. lived in "neces- hard pinch" all his life. the streets scattered with flowers. "I will make ten thousand world systems shout for joy. and. V. was about to depart from his father's castle. 1. and whispering admiration of him. were urged upon him. ministers of state attending him. We have already seen the snares and allurements that were strewn in Buddha's path to en- and make him an earthly His royal father spared no pains to win king. the Hindu devil promptly appeared and offered to make him sovereign over four continents and two thousand adjacent isles in seven days if he would just remain. who sity's bore him a son. (3) Matt. and at night." (3) Section 2. 77 lived in luxury in his father's palace until when he married the beautiful Yasodhara. ante. respectful. Jesus never married. silent. for three thousand years. (4) him to the luxuries of an oriental kingship. some lavishly clad. to In all entrap him." Birth stories. 84. no doubt.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Buddha nineteen. In a chariot bespangled with jewels and drawn by tice him from a religious life prancing steeds. "the son of man hath not where to lay his head. Buddha's answer was. hung with canopies and silken banners. for he was later on heard to say. We . the people all receiving the Prince with gladness. 8.

11. He to the is going in search of a pearl of matchless price. his kingly father loving him. a life of ease and luxury. my body shall perish "if I obtain not in my quest. pp. Paul had a similar experience: Romans. have been forced to such an act. empires. p. Sacred 146 and 243." He is now. . and he has renounced the world and is homeless in the forests with the ascetics. the wilderness. Here he remained and six years in a great struggle. There have been many old men who have abdicated thrones.. here is a prince. twenty-nine years old. 78 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES where has had its counterpart. both But old and young. St. swarming and he is firm. After Jesus was found in the temple he Books of the East. eh. man of Galilee. in the early flush of manhood. and many. . and Vol. as we have said. "I that am resolved. but his mind is not on the carnival he is looking beyond the present he sees the impermanence of all . wrestling with the flesh that he perfect purity of heart establish here might reach on earth leave the kingdom of Righteousness. palaces. Great thoughts have taken posFortunes. hardly twenty-nine years old. the people loving him and glad to salute him as their future king. He turns a deaf ear about getting an illustrious name. 96. 20 to L'5. (5) Vol. earthly things. 13. V. millions of India. (5) We him here and turn back to the Section 3. 7. fairly doting on him as his successor. are in the balance against religion and they all fly up in the scale as though they were only a feather. session of his soul." he said.

Did Gethsemane and Golgotha. never stalk across his pathway? Did he ever read Isaiah (11. and was thereafter "subject to Immediately after this episode. Matthew was a Jew and liis vision is limited to Jewry. v. no doubt. No mir- no portents of a remarkable and unThe world moves on surpassed future follow him. and Jesus. the Prince of Peace. the Wonderful Counselor. 2. v." 79 returned to Nazareth. life was probably that of many other young men in Nazareth. . ch. or that he was the Lord's anointed. (8) Matt. says. 2. he drops out of sight utterly for eighteen years. i to 6). Joseph was a carpenter.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES his parents. in who have now slept for nineteen centuries unmarked graves. or suspect that He was the rod (7) that should come out of the stem of Jesse. the Redeemer (8) ? Was his strange paternity ever mentioned to him ? Did he know anything about the "overshadowing" of his mother? Did any one in Nazareth ever talk to him about the Holy Ghost? Was the slaughter of the Bethlehem children a house- and sisters ever menDid Mary ever tell him about wrapping swaddling clothes about him and hiding him hold shudder? tion his escape Did from his brothers it ? Did he visit India in those (6) Luke. 1:22. no signs. (6) acles. His daily the same as if he were not in existence. 45 to 52. assisted him in building houses. We wonder if he ever caught a vision of the mighty future before him. eighteen years? (7) Isaiah 61:1. grim specters. 44 and 24. save his people (meaning the Jews) from their sins.

8o A QUESTION OF MIRACLES irom Herod's wrath. quiet. v. it would seem that if Jesus was all-wise he would not have chosen such a lot of wicked men for his apostles. did he ever (9) suspect that he was to be the Saviour of the world? (10) He was undoubtedly of such steady. V. is not absolutely convincing. With all due respect to his memory. orderly young man. Judas betrayed him. habits and sex? Both Mary and Martha seem Those Nazarenes to have thought much of him. should he not receive the same attention as others of his age. the carpenter. Did those Nazarene girls never ogle him? Did they never try to get up a flirtation with him ? Such a thing is not improbable. all of them forsook him. nor of his enemy. Peter thrice denied him (Matt. therefore. (9) I have seen it published that Jesus visited India. (11) saw him. even deport- ment that mothers with marriageable daughters looked upon him with favor. was he all unconscious that he was to save his people from their sins? About all these matters he is silent. 11. but we have no record whatever that those Nazarene people saw in Jesus anything different from any other sober. that he was there from the time he was twenty until near thirty years of age. While assisting Joseph. nor of Bethlehem as his birthplace. in a manger? As he grew to manhood. (10) Luke 2. 70). and there learned his creed. modest. (11) John 12. Herod. although it is a mystery as to where he spent those intervening years. but the proof. in his carpenter's apron. and nowhere makes any mention of his birth and his lowly couch in the manger. probably daily. 26. Why. 1 to 3. so far. V. .

hand they were few they were cost. that this Genesis. How can any sane man believe such stuff? Nothing that the ignorant Hindus ever put forth equals it in exaggeration. attention. as bench with Joseph. and that silly stuff was not written until about one hundred years after Jesus escaped from that Sepulcher. 1.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES toiling at 8i know. but we are when a certain woman. which says. he it must have given ly much as now. Books were not then. gone there and told them so. ch. 10. said. which impales him on a barbed point. and his poverty precludes the idea that he possess- ed anything more than a copy of the law of Moses. It is even possible that John did not write it. They did not John. and they very frequently excel belief. Concerning Jesus' education we know but little. in his wild extravagance. Jesus could write. charged with a serious (12) John. contains one of the most wild and wicked statements that I ever read. but with that law. (13) Where did John get this special information about the Who told him? Jesus himself never creation of the world? made such a foolish claim. on every . John would probably have been jeered at and scoffed at for his absurd and silly assertion Those Nazarenes were not unfamiliar with (13). But if at twelve years of age he was able to discuss the Thor (the law) with the doctors in the temple." They would have pointed John to the very first line of Genesis. . v. Section 4. his subsequent sermons show him to be thoroughly conversant. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. afterthe ward Nazarene boy had made the world and they would not have believed John if he had (12). yet he never wrote a told that line in the New Testament. .

. for the law violated by the woman. the Pharisees think they have him completely cornered. what sayest thou?" Jesus is writing on the ground. of Leipsic. 20. open defiance of the Mosaic law. he wrote with his finger on the ground. Now. is The scribes insist that the proof of her beyond If all possible question. 1 to 10. they tithes. and stooping down. they cited him to the law of Moses. She is trembling with fear. These men claim pay their to be strict keepers of the law. terror is stamped upon every lineament of her guilt face. V. 10. They question him: "Master. and look over his shoulder to see what he has written. fore him. They look about triumphantly. "Master. though I am not entirely certain that he is right. for an ingenious solution of this mystery of what Jesus wrote. But Professor Gregory cannot be far out of the way. they are conspicuous at the Passover.82 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES was brought be- offense by the scribes and Pharisees. Saxony. ( 14) There was a great audience in the temple. when this terrified woman was pushed through the throng and thrust into his very presence. which condemned her to death. and Jesus had been sitting there. ch. what sayest thou?" Jesus was more than equal to the emergency. they will charge him with cruelty is and bar- he lets her go. Levit. if he conteaching demns barity. then he himself Turn which way he may. for it can hardly be conceived that words less truthful and convicting could have scattered those Pharisees as did those words written on the ground. v. and John 8. teaching the people. in her. And they said. . They press about him. (14) I am indebted to Professor Gregory.

all the other accusers slink away. his sin dad supposed was unknown." "Horan cheated Bunam's widow "Arved's wife zvas compelled of out of her house. 83 is beaten. is There a shuffling in the crowd. But what is he writing? his These are ominous. mortification and upon his face. "Woman. and as he reads of his crime. in the wilderness. his face blanches as did the woman's a moment amazed read it. before." Again he writes upon the ground. is Horan. so that all could Muman's guilt is even greater than that of the wo- man his he seeks to have stoned to death. Eldad is pressing ac- way out. to see his fraud written out. where are those thine accusers? Hath no man . convicting words "Eldad killed his friend.: A QUESTION OF MIRACLES they claim to be sinless they think Jesus . Jesus looks up. who claimed to be honest and pious. Modar. crestfallen and conscience-smitten." to yield to the power El- Muman. Jesus and the woman are left alone. fear are stamped Muman is Horan. let cusers: first cast "He without sin among him a stone at her. Jesus that is now turns upon the woman's you. is striving to reach the door. One by one." Consternation has siezed the woman's accusers. squeez- ing through the throng to hide.

V." "Neither do I condemn thee go. and sin no more. fragrance. . (15) John 8. yet his name and fame fill the whole world with . 10 and 11.84 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES condemned thee?" "None." (15) There is no record that Jesus ever wrote another line. my Lord.

" At *he foot of each of these mountains I would raise two insignificant the top of one I would write the hills. cross. after cruelly nailed to a and brilliant career. the mole-hills their self-love. reaching from earth to heaven the top of base reaching the other in Palestine. scarcely perceptible. one in India. in one form or another Some men." and on each crest write the word These men so loved mankind that they both devoted their lives to the welfare of the race. No man can be truly great whose very soul selfishness. mountains. "self-love. the other toiled to his dying hour to guide is his people into a sure haven of rest and peace.CHAPTER Buddha Seeks Religion Section i. One was of these men. The mountains a short represent their complete unselfishness. wring millions from 85 — — ." on the top of the other "Buddha. cankered with Greed of wealth in other words. selfishstains the whole calendar. If I could paint I compared with other men. VII in the Forest. its Buddha and Jesus as would paint two mighty . On word "J^^us. ness. selfishly and unjustly.

and Vol. This has been done in America. the steel swindlers. (3) I do not say as a matter of fact that they did not come I simply affirm that the record seems to . all should be truth- pure. supreme in love and mercy and all the great moral attributes. 13. and I might greatly prolong the list. p. power and all pelf." (2) 2. library. And To doubly dying shall go down the vile dust from ivhencc they sprung. Sacred Books of the East. There are plenty of the thieving brood in Amer(2) Vol. are said to have come down from heaven to bless the race. 11. "Despite their titles. men are only gigantic robbers under the forms of law. p. : Such men forget that Jesus bor as thyself. unhonored and unsung. the oil thieves. down from Heaven. as we have seen. 144. 95. (3) Section (1) I have changed Sir "Walter Scott's inspired stanzas to hit the coal robbers. but. Unwept. including all trusts and all unlawful combinations. Both Jesus and Buddha. but I shall treat them simply as men of the very highest type. honest. and that ful.86 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES name of being generous liberal the people." (i) said "Love thy neighThey never heard (nor would they have heeded if they had heard) that Buddha preached and urged that "men should be kind and peaceful. Living. and then to gain the and such donate a bagatelle to some university or In truth. just. The wretches concentered in self." bringing hurt to no one. shall forfeit fair renown.

to stifle every feeling of affection for him. with the injunction that his father. The Prince of Peace. He found men undergoing the most terrible life. austerities. The Master. The etc. The Redeemer. where he dismisses he tell Kandaka. where in he expects to undergo a painful discipline true religion. . as we shall see. others captured their food and ate as did the birds. Buddha. The Lord of the World. The The Lamb of God. Tathagata. called The Son of God. The Blessed One. Their bodies therefore did not come down from heaven. it. Such proof would not stand a moment in a Court of Justice. Gotama. 7. Bodhissatta. (5) Fo Sho Hing. seeking Again we have seen him in that great struggle for perfect purity of heart. us follow his fortunes for a time. as he has entered the mountain wilds. The Enlightened One. Everlasting Father. (4) He is now in the forest. Jesus is etc. sec. 5. hoping thereby to gain. Saviour. the king. 1. or go up to heaven. his servant. (5) Some were letting water drip continually on their be faulty. at the end of a birth in heaven. they were born the same as other children.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Their followers have given them names. was cremated. 87 many endearing The Great Samana. 2. The Redeemer. The Great King Buddha is called of Glory. sec. 6. and ch. As Buddha preceded let Jesus ribout five hundred years. and a new world opens on his astonished vision. Some subsisted on roots and twigs. In truth. Varga verses 513 to 526. In fact. The Holy One. at We have seen him the edge of the forest. (4) Ch.

"enduring affliction that they might attain a felicity not granted on earth. a thousand years before Buddha was born. Isaiah 22:12. know not. v.88 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES fishes live." (9) Whether he uttered those words then. v. ch. in the circle of birth and death. and the Catholic Church has brought it down to a very recent period. they 3." Those Hindu births great sins some former had been committed by them. and that ascetics believed that in they w'ere thus atoning for them. (8) Matt. 527. . Section the forests flesh. heads (7). the will spontaneously go I right. Varga 7. while others submerged their bodies in water and Hved as near as possible as the No wonder the prince regarded those men with . 27 to 34. shaven heads. 13.. (7) Joel 1. invented a much more convenient way of atoning for their wickedness. They girded themselves with sackcloth and scattered ashes on their This was common even in Jesus' day (8). Those ascetics which Buddha found in went to awful extremes in mortifying the it punished terribly with every kind of afflic- tion . V. The Jews. but they were. all in the interest and name of religion. pity and was staggered to think that such suffering must be endured "in quest of heavenly reward" thus. But Gotama body said to them : "If you regulate the mind. (6) told to wail The Jews were and moan. (6) Levit. 11:21. (9) Fo Sho Hing. Once a year they brought a bullock without the camp and burned him in the fire to make an atonement for all their sins. 16.

at the palace. 89 The mind is the master. . his (10) 2nd Corinthians. therefore this is no halting place for me. the company all followed him and besought him to remain. the servant. t." (10) There were ascetics. 10. Isaiah 42:2. but we bring is not "regulating the mind. (11) That silly old custom was also prevalent with the Hobrews. still other rites performed fire. 3 to 6. "you inherit from former teachers but I seek a law more in accord . Kandaka. Meanwhile." And as he turned to go. a great man. there was great commotion. (11) "The law which you teach. who could explain the laws of life and death to him. which the prince had deserted. by those such as sacrificing to sprinkling butter libations the day. They chanted mystic prayers until the sun went down. and to macerate the ser- Paul copied hundred years later." he said.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and vant are. everlastingly true. the carnal body. eh. It is said thev could actually walk through fire. a most wise teacher. Such was the inauspicious opening chapter of the greatest religious ferment that up to that hour this wicked old earth had ever seen. Buddha himself probably never dreamed that twenty-four hundred years later he would have nearly one-fourth of the whole religious world in his train." Buddha five : into captivity every thought. when he said 'The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. with human reason. Thereupon he was told to visit Arada. for and chanting mystic prayers at the close of all of which the prince could see no sense or reason.

where he. I lovingly followed him. now shivering w^ith the blasts of night all —how can my son endure Then Yasodhara. man law requires the husband and wife together to take part in religious rites. similar to the one mentionecl in Acts. "he sent me back. was broken with grief. to let Peter out of prison." he said. "Not so. "went forth together. who had prince." she cried." is she said. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES was charged with taking him away. ch. "Oh." go and bring him safely back to me. Nourished in the palace. (12) was strangely lighted. flung herself said." On hearing this Yasodhara." she "has deserted me. . thou vic. his aunt. on going forth. "zvide opened themselves." plied: his "The Gods Kandaka tearfully re"The City Gates. "tread the stones and thorns of the w'ilderness? Gotami. how can his tender feet. our son? to find a Or has he fled from jealousy nymph of the woods or moun- (12) It was a miracle. clad in garments anointed with perfumes." been a mother to the on hearing that he had become a recluse." he replied. 12. upon the ground. along which he rushed. You were in league against him arc in this. where the iron gate opened of its own accord. The Brahfled. "My Lord. broke in : "You two." ' "Can he tains?" forget Rahula. ious reptile ? this?" his wife. but he put upon himself the religious garb and with shaven head entered the sorrowful grove.90 servant. The whole roadway. with moans and tears. but my Lord has to wander alone in the rugged wilds.

ministers. the aunt. hope." They mentioned Gotami. while he I wanders footsore in the wilderness. verse 662. my was stead- fast. Varga Fo Sho. . "He was my is my only joy. and were greatly shocked to find Gotama in a lonely forest. on learning all this. the court and the common people would all exceedingly rejoice . who had reared him from infancy. alone." he said. in this great palace. Once to govern but I cannot die. "yet he solitary.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Section filled 91 4. was so with grief that he at once fasted and prayed the gods to restore his wandering son. and that night and day the tears ." they said. Here am I. her grief and her distress. gone. verse 688. with his head already shaven. difficult to move I as the chained hills but now my mind is dazed. (13) (14) Fo Sho. that Yasodhara had fallen in a swoon when she learned that he had fled to the woods that the king. break down his resolution and bring him quickly back to me. a thoughtful mind "does not require wild and a devoted heart will bring you inward peace. Varga 8. streamed down that he had sent them hither to urge his quick return. The king." (13) The ministers made haste to leave. . his cheeks how sleep had fled from eyelids. my him out. search There is one only hope go. care no longer will . at his return. his garments so soiled that they They scarcely recognized their once bejeweled prince. told him of his his sorrowing father. "Religion. 9. am tossed to and fro like a ship on : a changing tide. (14) solitudes.

passion and ignor- ance." The present. and in the end death claims us. "puts his all in jeopardy. we love.We may hope. what proof fit have you that your hermit garb will than the mild scepter of a faithful is. leadership. I turn my back upon kingly return to lust. or is not. most kindly meant. is But there vague.92 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES These words. "You would make me king. We are born." replied the prince. . and calculated to shake a very firm purpose. all be nothing beyond this life then you miss present pleasures and gain nothing. or be not. we may . renounce the kingly Shall which my father and you would thrust upon me. I surfeit me with sensual my destiny and delight are in religion. uncertain conjecture. ministers rejoined: It is "Man's duty If there is to the a question yet in suspense whether there be. a hereafter. wrinkles come. I pity my kingly father in his fathomless grief. but in this hfe the ties of blood are often severed. and it is hard to resist your pleadings. But if there be an after world. my my To now go back to the soft dalliances of love would be to miss my mission. having once thrust them forth? firm purpose To wear when I left this hermit vestment was father's palace. and are loved in return. "Whoever neglects careful consideration of the present life. We grow old. we fade. you king? for it better Hereafter no certain proof of anyAll beyond is thing beyond the present solid earth. but I You would estate. but every changing hour leaves his mark upon us all. only brought to Gotama a most distressful state of mind. pleasures.

that all the people will give you joyful welcome. we may pray. that Yasodhara mourns your absence.) Astronomers tell U9 of heaven sTidll fall. lofty Sumeru may melt away says the sun and moon may fall to the earth. who lived about two hundred years before Buddha waa born. Now tell me. like drawn sword. equip you for that world? In the universe. truth.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES dream. but (15) he ought not to have misled Jesus. you now to return. was the first transgressor. virtue. we may speculate. Buddha . it may be that fall from heaven. which you can lead in your woods. Isaiah. v. follows us all and finally The curtain falls. contrived another world. 25. morality. that Rahula will fly to your arms. for Mark says the stars give their light. for he says the stars shall not Isaiah misled Mark. and death. 29. justice and mercy must Other princes and even be the same in all of them.: Matt." The prince replied briefly "The sun and the moon can it "How be wrong for : may fall to earth (15). we may but old age and disease a robber with a cuts us is down. come at last. that there are more than three hundred and fifty millions of Now some of those supposed Btars up to the twelfth magnitude. but father's palace as well as in these they returned and ruled wisely. and by your wisdom advance true religion with all your people? Remember that every day you wander here your royal father is sighing for your return. 24. different from this? life. v. for Jesus says the stars shall Hovrever. if there be a million worlds. (Mark 13. that Gotami is in tears. kings have for a time dwelt in these mountains. etc. 93 argue. what Is it behind that curtain ? a curtain or is it a wall ? Is there truly anything but hope? But suppose there be a hereafter ? will not a high Where moral is if to be ? Have the gods If so.

it would take so long that a child born when they began to fall.94 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES piir/wsc shall nut change." With that the prince rose and walked slowly away. And for nearest fixed star is twenty billions of miles distant. such stars to fall to the earth. stars my . went sorrowfully back to the king. and yonder snowy mountains sink down. 1 and disappear. Moreover. at the rate of twenty thousand miles a day. but my tered on liave en- and neither fierce fire nor freezing cold shall move me from it. course. seeing their mission utterly hopeless. vastly larger than our Sun. and the ministers. the are suns. would be a graybeard long before they reached the earth.

these were shorn 95 . glossy locks (1) ( i ) . We have already passed by many such incidents. Of course. and so formed as to give promise of superiority in the world. who nursed him when a child. The old Rishi (prophet) at Buddha's birth." he said. the iris a clear blue. menafter him. "are bright and expanding. the people were so struck Section his up with the exceeding comeliness of his person that they swarmed and some hastened to pass him. from the many pen pictures found in the Indian books. After leaving the ministers. his broad shoulders off. his aunt. Buddha took march for Vulture Peak. as a recluse. eyes. tions his dark.CHAPTER VIII Buddha Rejects a Kingdom. On entering the village at the Peak. as well as possible." Gotami. that they might turn back and gaze upon his handsome features. I shall here briefly describe Buddha. and. his face surpassingly beautiful. about i8o miles distant from his father's palace at Kapilavastu. as we shall encounter them again. observed "His that he was a most excellently endowed child. i.

A QUESTION OF MIRACLES his lion step . where attendants waited upon him. "now is the time to enjoy yourself. . When age wrinkles your brow." Binbasara then entered into a long argument to convince Buddha that his course it. the king could not understand. becomes at once a leader. soon noised about that this majestic looking person was none other than a prince of the Sakya race. Just how he could put all these aside. in the coarse garb of an ascetic. Others have described him with a well moulded and a body straight as an arrow his whole make-up at once commanding and attractive. among any people. as have . "instead of taking its stint of food. without his seeking. Whereupon Binbasara Raga (king) ordered his royal equipage to pay him a visit and on seeing him could not understand why the descendant of an illustrious family should leave a palace." little said the king. and where perfumed garments and anointings were his portion. winning. an inducement to change pire with him." was wrong. broad between eyes deep and piercall as if they would look through the worlds. and of athletic build but with a disposition mild. gentle.96 and ing. ought to grasp the reins of em- pire. houseless. . "Your hand. and desire then seek the solitudes and perform your religious duties. as emadded the "You are young and king. and wander in the woods. offered to divide his lusty. now a recluse. fails. and. It was capacious head . He was probably a little more than six feet tall. Such a person. .

and purity of its King! have asked me to share with you the dignity of your realm. open the portals of heaven to us? There are those who. (2) is And there lust. Thou hast robbed the unsuspecting. heaven. or take a part of yours. would have me go back to the wealth of a kingdom. known to the farth- "You. How some can fu- be that by killing an animal and burning (2) Varga 11. its portion. a feather or a stone." prince respectfully replied that the Section The king's liberality and kindness were est limit." Yet. is no more to a man than a chip. it. It is trash. and plundered the ! innocent. "You. lives. verse 867 and following. yet they neglect the rules of it moral conduct. Fo-Sho-Hing. disease and death. What. at best. how painfully do men toil and scheme after it! This world has gone stark mad in pursuit of it." "We have been taught to offer sacrifices. O King. . I beseech you to go with me in search of that which will put an end to birth. covetousness how many crimes hast thou committed. wealth? It is But wise I seek neither the kingdoms nor the riches of this world. In return. O. to appease the Gods but why destroy life to gain religious merit ? Does pure religion require that we must wade through slaughter to obtain it ? Will the slaying of that which robbing innocence of charm. Those two wretched outlaws ride triumphantly through the world. its wicked brother. O . practice those rites.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES the kings their 97 receiving who have gone in before and are now reward 2. with great austerity.

thee. (4) 2nd Kings. and there has been in the past life much wasting of I to banish it. for the Indians. v. then quickly remercy let me become an early partaker of . that he might win a victory over Israel and Judah. the king of Judah. . must have reached beyond the conlong before he came upon the stage.98 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES good shall ture or present come Yet to us? This world is draped ingly. Slaugh- and religion are opposites. 3. They cannot go hand in hand. ch. These words of the prince so filled the king with new plied emotions. put an end to slaughter." They I pray O king. 27. re: "Go of all seek that of which you are in quest endeavor. Less than four hundred years before Buddha came. Ahaz. with great reverence. That senseless and wicked abomination. vol. the King of Moab offered his eldest son upon the walls of a city as a burnt offering to his god. If (3) Section 3. the Hebrews seem to have clung to and followed with greater pertinacity than any other people." and it is worthy you obtain it. had abolished it. that he at once. ter in sorrow. it. sacrificed his own children by burning them (3) Sacred Books of the East. sacrifices. in turn. his vision (4) And only about two hundred years before Buddha and Binbasara held their conference. In Gotama's severe denunciation of bloody fines of India. seek a mode of escape as yet untried. 19. it pursues us unceasare enemies.

"Human (6) Max Miiller. (8) Thus while rifice rice cakes were being offered as a sac- in India. Some say Kimpurusha was a monkey. the Hebrews were using divinations and enchantments in Palestine. and would have offered him up had not a ram just then became tangled in the bushes. being less given to blood and more to contemplation than the Hebrews. nowhere in the origin among barbarous tribes. . ch. and were worshiping (5) Second Chron. from which rice and barley sprung up. 12.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES in the valley of 99 Hinnon. teach the immortality of Moreover. 419. Anc. (7) See pages 47 to 52. Even when Jesus was presented to the Lord in the temple at Jerusalem. is at least astonishing. we are certain that centuries before Moab and Ahaz burned their children. on Brahmanism and the Mosaic religion compared. 28. (8) Luke 2. a goat. 3. a sheep. invented a . They substi- tuted a horse later on. and finally. last The sacrificial essence. milk and clarified butter.. especially by a people who never doubted the immortality of the soul. who bound (5) Those kings may have Isaac upon the fagots. vol. they sacrificed two young pigslipped eons. says: Bacrifiees are not incompatible with a high stage of civilization. then. an ox . copied Abraham. at from the goat and entered the ground. passing on down. part second.. (7) Thenceforth they offered rice cakes. Sanskrit Lit. The Hindus offered up a mock-man (Kimpurusha). will permit human sacrifices. no people in a high stage of civilization the soul. p. Pentateuch. the Hindus. nor in Kings or Chronicles. others that Kimpurusha means a wicked man. also section 5 of chapter 2. Sacred Books of the East. The Hebrews." How any sensible man can make such a reprehensible Human sacrifices had their statement. v. v. much easier method. 24. 216. (6) However that may be. Whitney's Zoroaster.

17. Think of it that Almighty God could. or can. as blind old the The logic of Homer tells us. v. was ! that gods zccrc persuaded by gifts.loo idols. be moved by burning a man. or a bull or goat. (9) Second Kings. ch. these sacrifices. 12 to 17. or rice cakes and butter! Yet continue to publish tiiose old heathenish records we as a part of our Holy Bible. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and causing their sons and their (9) rlaiighters to pass through consuming flames. .

quoted Isaiah is not certain. but why the writer of chap. it is said he was born for the good and blessing of the world." (2) Both of these men are alleged to have voluntarily undergone an incarnation. v. "The Lord hath anointed me. without either bread or water. their followers made. and still make. 10. is that he was there writing upon those two tables of stone. Sacred Books of the East. 24. great claims in their behalf. but why it (1) Vol. for fasting was .CHAPTER IX The Fastings and Temptations of Buddha and Jesus. their followers. that they might teach righteousness to the remotest corners of the earth. v. fasted for forty days and forty (3) nights. 26. should state that he fatttd all that time. all religions. He was was nec- then up there on Sinai. the poor. section Both of these men were establishing new religions. 18. and in some even Moses. . as asserted by come down from heaven to bring salvation to the race? Of Buddha. Both fasted but that was not strange. neither is it certain that Buddha used the words attributed to him in Fo Sho Varga. Exodus. 101 . But whether Jesus (2) Luke 4. is hard to understand. with the Lord. quotes Isaiah 61. 2nd part. fixing up the ten we are commandments told. Did Jesus and Buddlia. (3) The reasonable supposition about Moses' fast. it is said. ( i ) Jesus said. 1. to preach the gospel to Section i. 23. and 1991. then practiced in nearly yet. 123. p.

and into it.I02 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES f*»r liiin essary U) fast for nearly six weeks has never yet been explained. copy from Buddha . but he did not in that matter. only fasted four weeks his fast barely for Buddha. bathe his body. extended seven days. on a grain or two hemp seed per day. He of subsisted for a time. At his feet flowed the Naran- gana river. after the death of the body. Nor did Jesus copy from Buddha the long and severe penance which Here. Nirvana. On seeking to leave his exhausted strength gave way. age. utmost. A Burmese writer says "It was like the sound of a great bell hung in the canopy of the skies. : On vation. as many others. further consideration the withering of his Buddha concluded that body was not the true way of salit tried. refresh tion could never bring. for nearly six years. The in fasting of Jesus for forty clays was probably copied from Moses. meanwhile. disease. and this he continued until became so w'eak and wasted that they could His fame as a persistent ascetic was. Buddha strove to repress every bodily passion. the latter endured in the forest of Uravila. and he fell back hopelessly into the stream. the impermanency of things. He would and by a composed mind seek that ecstasy which emaciation and mortifica- Another method must be w^ith food. . it is said." his limbs scarcely support his attenuated body. spreading far and W'ide. death and. this he plunged for a bath. at the and some claim that . and with purity of heart gave himself up to meditating upon the great problems of all life.

Section A sublime purpose of a great mind is never thwarted by small obstacles.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 103 But just then when death seemed about to snatch him. (4) (perhaps the same one) told Nanda. when brought. always at one's elbows. after six years of persevering penance. It may have been the same angel that helped Jesus later on. to bring Gotama some which. in his "Buddhism in ChrisHing. they ready to five were pull then. which he grasps. forest. thus equipped. appeared in the air at this moment and begged Buddha to return to his father '« that if he would return. the whole Eastern world! ultimately to shake Looking back now twenty-four centuries. Bhikkhus who had lived with him this sensible act For to they said his religious zeal was flagdeserted ging.) tendom. we seem (4) This is the first miracle since the escape from the palace. verse 1017. And 2. as now." tells us that Mara. 43. . Buddha was now. but his were near. to call his is own. I suppose the angel was some person who happened to be near. This renewed him. Yet this man. reaches a branch to him. A heavenly spirit. In Buddha's case they were the in the forest. the Hindu devil. they him and went back Benares. v. alone in a lonely poorly clad. the daughter of a rice Then an angel and milk. (Luke 22. nothing but an alms bowl in his possession. thus situated. and seeing Buddha's is peril. and safely drawn from the water. Fo Sho Arthur Lillie. palace. and nearby herdsman. we are told. he would become a universal monarch in seven days. Angels from this on will be numerous. barefooted. an alleged miracle takes place. one down. is close at hand. she bowed low critics at his feet offered to him.

The time vvhen the possibly man of may come in the distant Galilee may surpass him. Mara. the evil one. it seems. kindness. goods consists simply in a sublime resoluGod ever rules in the affairs of men and capital in — sometimes to it looks as if if he did. were with joy. likewise. Section tations. lo sec that strange figure there Narangana this world's tion. the heavenly Xagas (angels). it may be that they will yet flourish. Both Buddha and Jesus had their tempBuddha's is now at hand. In both cases. under that Bodhi combined. upon any part of the earth. and not clash. as best our short vision.104 A QUIiSTION OF MIRACLES on the banks of the until river. as both and that love only can conquer hate. tree. If wandering on he finally sits down beneath His whole that Bodhi tree. we must notice. charity do no wrong to any one" is the religions teach a rigid morality. . We are told that 3. but future. then again. alone was dejected and sorrowing. as he just let things go they may — he at least has not frowned either upon Buddha or his mission. is very much like the one in Jerusalem five hundred years later. The Persians. patience. keynote to both religions. seeing Buddha firmly resolved to seek deliverance for the world. "Love. had a devil. they seek to thwart the good purposes of man. or filled sinless beings. This Hindu devil. and he was of the same piece of cloth. . For the followers of that man are greater in number than those of any other four religions on this earth today.

its furies. seemed to have vomited forth It was in this case exactly as it is even to this day. there • (5) Gotama preached in the Pali tongue. and help Here. others itself filled with startling all sounds. . . which The Hindu devil divined at once that Buddha's pur- pose was the overthrow of his kingdom. It was spoken at Kapilavastu. some. This Hindu devil. was a master of Pali also. one of the dialects of ancient India. however. is said. serpents hissed at him Hell . Withstand temptation. the air it appearance of those monsters was enough to strike terror to the stoutest heart. Then. It is said that the Genius of Buddha raised the standard of Pali to the rank of a classic. Pali has long been a dead language. move him. or graft. around Buddha. The Singhalese of Ceylon is. Eden understood Adam's tongue completely. this Indian fiend could wax eloquent in the Pali dialect. closely allied to it. were gathered a host of devils enough to shake heaven and earth. in bribery. was well up in all the ancient Aryan as his diatribes with Zoroaster plainly show and . and were likewise masters is the same thing.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Moreover these one in 105 devils are all great linguists. (5) The devils of Palestine spoke Aramaic fluently. Not being able single-handed to moned a great army of goblins to his assistance. as we shall see. were lion-headed. Mara sumThe Some. snarled at him. a win it is said. and forthwith he threatened him with all manner of vengeance. Yet he remained firm. will come to you. where he was bora. as a last resort. The the Persian devil texts. as tigers.

. sought to entice him into devious paths. one who has weighed both sides. Section 4. (8) We are told that Mara's army of goblins." Nor do the Hindus believe that the "heavens opened" and that (6) ^lark 1:11. describes perfectly a muni. v. as we in the air calling to shall see further on. ch. were filled with alarm and." tians to be true. 7. 5. 21. in whom I am well pleased. says that God himself spoke from the skies. heard a voice him." and Paul. On the other hand the Hindus do not believe that Brahma (God) saluted Jesus as he came up out of "This is my the water from his baptism. one who has overcome evil. fled in utter rout and confusion. and sweet of speech. and has chosen the good. (7) Muni: a man who has overcome all desire. when Jesus was baptized. But she and just as this last tempting bait was rejected arc told that voices from invisible forms (6) in the air were heard praising the great Muni. 2. hearing those voices and seeing no one. 17. is likewise imaginary. (8) Acta 22. throwing away their arms. "voices from invisible forms. (7) Paul de"He that overscribed a Muni exactly when he said we : cometh evil. also cli. 4. Paul to the Komans.io6 A QUESTION OF in iMIR^VCLES some woman. v. 12. says the same. not believed by Chris- In fact it is utterly and completely disbelieved. Matt. The statement about those is Hindu voices.3. 13. ch. v. v. v. First Ejiistle of John. by saying: beloved son. and by some laughed at and sneered at. Who told Mark that? and who told Both statements seem that Hindu writer about those voices? highly improbable. failed. . lustful garb.

v. 3. v." "drove or led" Jesus "up into the wilderness. What earthly. or heavenly. true. ch. but belief. (Matt. Mark. would be passed by as a foolish exaggeration. (10) It has set aside The been by many as a wild and improbable Jewit ish legend. The simple naked assertion of any one man about such an extraordinary occurrence. or it but what is even more curious spirit is that immediately thereafter that same the wild beasts forty days. Jesus was the son God had just said he was pleased with him. is story of the dove and the temptation of Jesus a curious piece of theological writing. 22. It is simply a question of but belief never changes facts. (10) John the Baptist did not Tcnow ivho Jesus was when he baptized him. 10. and devil. ch. V.) John was baptizing ing. 1. God knew exactly hozv the temptation would end. But. has been stoutly and there are about one hundred and sixty millions out of sixteen hundred millions of people on our globe who strenuously insist that the story as told in the gospels is is defended by great not only almost. Luke 3. 32. on the other hand intellects.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES dove descended and even though John says he saw it." and "he was there with What if for? Simply to be tempted by the of God. (9) like a 107 something lit upon Jesus. 2 and 3. why the necessity of His baptism? ^mto repentance. 16 and 17. 11. if he made such an assertion. v. altogether. ch. the spirit descended. Now. would not today be believed in a Court of Justice. The "heavens opened" and did not descend . Matt. good to send Jesus among the "wild beasts for forty days?" (9) John. What had Jesus done that he must needs repent? . for he afterwards sent two disciples to make inNow if Jesus was a sinless bequiry. 1. v.

v. v. and 2. 4. where Jesus had been brought up. like Buddha. Mark not believe in it. 11. therefore. some It is hundred years before. (14) though Luke says: "In those forty days he did eat nothing.3) and 14. . is it Nazareth. (15) Luke. or a cup of water. cb. 1. . v. changed his mind about fasting and did was says Jesus Galilee. 13. 9.io8 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES some of Mara's gobimported from India. Mark 1. V. took place or near. ch. where He was tempted forty days and did eat nothing. not improbable that that Jesus and of I shall show further on his religion. Him- knew led ? Buddha and But where was that wilderness unto which Jesus came from Nazareth of Luke tells us He "returned from Jordan and was (then) led by the spirit unto the wilderness." (15) How then did the angels minister unto Him? Did they give him a piece of bread and butter. v. According to the record to dinner? (13) he was there for the express purpose of being tempted but the angels did not forget him. 1 him ? In (11) Luke (12) Matt. 1 4. and little strange that he should stay out there in the wilderness and not go home . (14) Mark. 2. (1. 12." ( 1 1 ) Later on Jesus. douht the writers of our Gospels had heard of his Perliaps these wild beasts were lins No five Buddha's temptation and they had self triumphant victory. The not a temptation. or did they furnish Him a blanket to keep the chill of night from 4. ( 12) at. Matt. to be baptized in the river Jordan.

26. at least. and more than twelve legions of angels were subject to Jesus' command. 4:25. for he talked to him. world- famous forever — the arch enemy of the human race (16) The angel." etc. Matt. v. who gave him some rice and milk. (16) The devil was on hand also. it. both religions are well supplied with angels. Ten thousand Hindu angels (Devas) appeared at Buddha's birth. But set all this is not so astonishing as that the devil should take Jesus into Jerusalem. and Jesus understood the devil." Did call they walk? Did they go arm in arm? Or did the devil (the master of ceremonies on that occasion) in for a conveyance style? and ride up to the temple fine How all is this? Would is not every one like to know about it? Here a great transaction. P. the Holy City. and him conspicuously upon the pinnacle of the temple. 19.) (17) Luke. Sacred Books of the East.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 109 some of those ways they must have served Him. for the record says. (Matt. 53. In fact. and seems to have known God's power. that he did not try Section 5. for he answered back. make the devil a . in Buddha's case. the lan- guage of Jesus.. (18) I say "personages. as we have seen." for the Gospels person as much as they do John the Baptist. 9: "He brought him to Jerusalem." : it possible that Jesus could have turned that stone into a good wholesome loaf ? We are certain. ch. for he said 'Tf thou be the son Is of God command that this stone be made bread. "the devil took him. vol. ch. 4. v. This devil understood Aramaic. 345. was Nanda. Can the reader imagine how those two famous (17) personages (18) marched up through the streets of Jerusalem ? The inference is that the evil one escorted Jesus.

He to test a verse or written by David. and here the this for? devil gives Jesus a seat. Him harmless in the Th'is reply of Jesus moreover. 5 v. most startling. V. ch. V. or two in some other the ninety-first psalm. is. (20) Ch. . "cast himself And he Jesus to up. 11 and 12. 16. thy "I God. to see whether the angels will "in their hands.no is A QUESTION OF MIRACLES passing up the streets of Jerusalem to the temple. poet. for he quotes that beautiful ninety-first psalm correctly. a thousand years tries to get before Jesus was born." and down" from the pinnacle. Jesus quoted part of a verse found in Deuteronomy (20) : "Thou is shalt not tempt the Lord. bear Him It not allow him to be crushed by the noticed that this devil is not fall. and 91st Psalm. thy God. v. the great unselfish lover and friend of mankind they reach the temple and together climb the — stairway leading to that high and exposed point. ch. or have those words been put into His mouth for a purpose? Neither Mark nor John mentions this affair of going to Jerusa(10) Malt. "Thou shall not : tempt the Lord." But he careful not to cast himself down. with Jesus. must be is only a linguist. aud 6.. the pinnacle. for when he says. thy God"? (21) Did Jesus actually say that. 16. (19) What wants is all The devil himself tells us.." does He not virtually say am the Lord. (21) Deut. but a Hebrew scliolar and a lover of poetry. 6. 4. thus show- ing that He has no faith that the angels would save fall. 6.

1. . in a moment of time showed him "all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them. noted like to have all the incidents. famous (22) Mark. The blue waters of that great inland ocean. ch." there was surely spread out before him a most entrancing panorama.. ch. 3 of this chapter. on the shores of the Mediterranean. 4:8. To the north those old cities. Matt. evil If Jesus stood on Mount Carmel when the one. But neither of them specifies the particular one. (24) Luke 1. Was a journey actually made as stated. Mark leaves the wilderness. even the down with great particularity. to that "exceeding high mountain. met his vision on the west. 5. Matthew takes him into Jerusalem before going to the mountains. salem. yet we that are cut short in a few brief sentences. v. or of Buddha's temptations? (2t. (23) Sec. but Luke gets him to the mountain before going to Jerusalem. 13. Now. and thence through the busy streets of Jeru(22) y the wilderness. . of which everyone would smallest. the Mediterranean. with the angels ministering unto Him in Him and John does not even know about the trip to Nor does anyone of the four Gospel writers tell us how the devil got Jesus down from that pinnacle." (24) 6.) is it weak copy Section into a high saying it Luke says that the devil took Jesus up mountain and Matthew emphasizes that by was "an exceeding high mountain." This was.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES lem and sitting in on the pinnacle. and is. Tyre and Sidon. a world-famous journey. v. the mountain near Nazareth which surpasses all others in height is Mount Carmel.

5. but henceall history for the years to come.. says he showed Matt. 4. their inhabitants never dreaming that from the heights of Carmel the great enemy of mankind was trying to bargain them off with the rest of the world upon a false and fraudulent consideration. Jewish thought bribed blood But he was in Jesus' for That devil. like that race in those days. did not sition pleased. we must when he made that proposeems to have known that veins. the kingdoms of the . reposed sleepily. v. and on its Capernaum and Chorazin.112 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES a thousand years before His day. Moreover. stinted borders of Palestine were only as a leaf in the forest. 9. must have deliver any of the known that the devil could not offering. a consideration all . it may be. ch. verdure. and so he (25) Luke. rose the spires of that . against that southern sky. ch. Jesus. its swift and turbid shores stood and there was the sea of Galilee. compared kingdoms of the world. famous temple of Jerusalem forth to be canonized in all famous then. moreover. villages where Southeast of Carmel all Jesus afterwards dwelt." which the devil to "all the said. green with and beyond them. he could be or bought v. kingdoms he was To waters the east the Jordan rolled . the confined. For the devil did not own a single thing of all that he proffered. tell (25) the truth to Jesus. 4. and therefore that. world in a moment. "had been delivered unto him" that he might give them unto whomsoever he observe. dimly outlined . hills the spread out and valleys of Samaria.

8:16. John 17:15.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES promptly offered Jesus "the whole world" just fall down and worship him. Luke. of Galilee persistently set aside other writings and pin their faith to the New in Testament all but only two men. if 113 He would is Jesus' answer. immortal as the day. omit. Are those devils real living things ? Or are they simply creatures of the poet's brain ? Did old Satan really take Jesus and set him on that pinnacle. it is plain that Jesus believed that there were devils (27) and He prayed God to keep evil (devil) from His disciples (28) and Jesus. v. Matt. (29) The followers of the man all . 13. 4. out many devils. "Get thee behind me. (26) Section cannot close this chapter without re- marking that both of these temptations have a weird and unreal aspect. and also take him up into that mountain? Yet however much we may speculate on this matter. Matt. Matthew and Luke." as and ought to be stamped upon last men's minds and hearts until the evening of the Thereupon the devil "for a season" left Jesus. 6:13. tell us that these episodes of the pinI nacle and the mountain actually took place. But where did Matthew and Luke get their facts? Matthew was a tax collector at the time Jesus is said (26) (27) (28) (29) For a season. and thus ended one of the most remarkable dialogues (if it is a dialogue) in 7. it is said. ch. Satan. afterwards cast . . the Apocryphal gospels. stars. In this this world. I all history. of course.

merely subjectives. no matter what the temptaIf tion one should always stand firmly for the right. for time. may be. for justice and for all truth. on the mounat and Luke never was a disciple. and never any that time saw Jesus. such was the object of the keynote for all Matthew and Luke. I shall not declare that these things did not happen on the mountain and pinnacle. that all those explicit state- ments and colloquies were. and in order to teach us that are. but simply add that the evidence offered to prove them seems lamentably It deficient. however.114 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES company w ilh the devil to have been in tain . we know^ gains and never loses anything in its the four gospels were travels. The best authorities now agree composed from older ztrilings founded on old traditions. they struck men. A story. .

I will proceed to show that he not only probably followed the great Hindu teacher in many things. but will make the proof so strong that to every fair and unprejudiced mind it will truly equal absolute certainty. If now I show and Palestine were en- gaged with each other before Bitddha possibility. in friendly commerce centuries was born. First it must be borne in India in five about mind always that Buddha was born hundred to five hundred and fortythat India three years before Jesus appeared in Galilee. As that statement is Hkely to be con- troverted by narrow-minded people who now think that nothing pertaining to rehgion ever happened beyond the stinted confines of Palestine. I shall have established the even a probability. It is certain that Palestine.CHAPTER X Buddhism Known i in Palestine Before Jesus Was Born. In fact the proof will be nearly as absolute and certain as that Jesus preached in Capernaum. yes. Section . that the religions of those two peoples were more or less known to each other. In some former chapters I have said that Jesus probably copied certain things from Buddha and the Hindus. India and the islands of 115 .

His ships of cinnamon and cassia from Malabar. 26. the Egyptians. silver. the sea. lasting three years. (4) Exodus. apes and peacocks. was at that time He likewise brought in the same business. Hiram. 30. (3) Moreover. (2) Jos. as far back as the days of sand years B. V. 18. for cassia and cinnamon were not then pro- duced west of there. v. we are sure that they must have visited such hot sultry coasts as Malabar and Ceylon. on the shores of the Red Sea. along the coasts of Malabar. the famous king of Tyre. Book 8. and that navy. (i) cinnamon." made distant voyages. as constituting a part of the holy anointing (4) (1) Ist Kings. My tell proof is found in Hebrew records. which was called "the Navy of Tarshish. (3) 1 Kings 10. ch. peacocks and apes. ch. as cinis namon and cassia. including cassia and both. must likewise have sent fleets to Malabar. Of course is well known that peacocks are natives of India and Cejloa. in the time of Moses. v. 9. and they were brought from there to Palestine. 13. were engaged in friendly commerce and perhaps even beyond those old a that. 22. Antiq. mentioned oil. with each other. Kev. 22. and Josephus says Ophir was in India (2). in which Ezion- us that Solomon made navy of ships geber. and as far south as Ceylon. engaged Tarshish sailed every sea.ii6 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Solomon (one thouC). and brought back gold. from India or Ceylon or Those ships reached Ophir. v. long before Solomon's day. v. also Ist Kings 10. 6. and as they returned freighted with merchandise. it . ch. 22 to 25.

Ency. the Phoeni- cians. to the present town of Akabah. is where Solomon Akabah. where John the Baptist merce. (5) From Akabah the line of travel passed northwest. and the same people continue to occupy the same original territories and produce from the soil the same products for exchange. from near the mouth of the Indus. (5) India then had a pop- Ezion-Geber. thence up the Red Sea. and across Arabia. not far from the Dead Sea. but now submerged built his ships. Br. up the Persian Gulf. a much more dangerous voyage and longer than to reach India.. . Moreover. we know. 600 years B. Within two hundred and sixty years after his birth his doctrines had so far supplanted the old Brahmanic religion as to become. p. what happened there after Buddha came. even never a perpetual bar to com- war itself. but they also had a land and wafer route. 807. is near in the Sea. A is temporary interruption. Those people were not only trading along the coast in ships of three year voyages. territory the state religion of a people occupying a greater than all Europe. What a remorse- less destroyer is old time! (6) Vol. C. the reasonable supposition is that their friendly exchanges continue. When two nations or communities of people are found trading together in a friendly way. preached in the wilderness. 18. Russia alone excluded. In the reign of King Asoka.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 117 Babylon at a later day also traded in the cinnamon and odors and ointments of Ceylon and Malabar. circumnavigated Africa. (6) Now let us go back to India and see Section 2.

14. Ency. and so continues to this day. all that vast and populous region from the Yellow Sea to Persia was. its it had penetrated the Indian Ocean and hoisted victorious banner triumphantly over Ceylon. Before Jesus' birth. Buddhism had crossed the Himalayas and was welcomed in Tibet (7) and the swarming multitudes of China had approved it. by sea. In fact. It is true that the old Brahmans still offered serious opposition . (7) new city from every known this of Alexandria people of quarter of the globe. that great Macedonian butcher. two hundred years B. vol. Dagobas (churches) had been erected from the Punjab to the mouth of the Ganges Assam and Burmah had felt . . 226). Alexander.. founded a city named for himself on the southern shores of the Mediterranean and those old lines of intercourse with India. and the numbers continued after Jesus was born. had opened the gates for its tion further west. p. Towards classes. . its influence and surrendered to its mild sway. flocked five Tibet held firmly to Buddha's religion for (Trhicb is partly religious when Lamaism and partly centuries. under the religious sway of Buddhism. on his march to conquer Persia. a migra- great event which took place about three hundred and thirty years B. Moreover. C.. but it was ineffectual to check the rising flood. political) crept in (Br. were called into requisition more frequently than ever all before. Il8 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES same disparity in ulation forty or fifty times greater than Palestine. C.

in great


numbers, and they were welcomed without

regard to their nationahty or their reHgion.

Greeks came with their gods and their philosophy;
Egyptians with their worship of animals and their peculiar ritual for the dead; Persians with their


Avesta (their bible), which taught that



a cold,

frozen place, where the wicked suffered for a time;

and the Jew with his Thora (law), which left out both heaven and hell, but allowed slavery and permitted polygamy. (8) He here offered his bloody sacrifices
without hindrance or objection.
All these



and were simply magnets which drew others to them. Two hundred years B. C. this new city had so grown and flourished that it was the commercial metropolis
of the world.

Does anyone suppose that this could happen and India remain unmoved amid all this trade and tumult ? If so, let us see what Alexander himself did to open


lines of intercourse

with India.

After conquering

Persia he entered the Punjab, the land of the seven

crossed the great Indus, and at the river Jhelum

defeated Porus, an Indian King, but lost his famous


horse, Bucephalus.


here Alexander sent Nearchus, one of his ad-


the Indus, with orders to examine the

route for


along the Indian Ocean to the mouth

of the Euphrates, and later went himself down that great river, where, near its mouth, he planned a new
(8) Exodus 21:2; Leviticus, ch. 25, v. 39 would even buy their own brothers, Levit. 25,


The Jews


at the

Alexandria, to trade with the one


of the


had encountered Buddhism


Bactra and Kabul,

but in northwest India




Dagobas (temples or churches) were found in surIt is said that his of^cers, and even prising numbers. the private soldiers of his army, were greatly interested From the mouth of the Indus in Buddha's religion. Alexander turned toward Bactra, and a year or two later died, as we know, in a drunken debauch at Babylon. But he had opened up a new line of communication with India,

which from that day

to this has never

been closed.
After Alexander's death Bactra and India

to the

portion of Seleucus Nicator, one of Alexander's generals.

But meanwhile Chandra-Gupta,


Buddhist adstoutly op-

venturer, had formed a principality in the Ganges valley in the present territory of

Oudh, and so

posed Nicator's pretensions that war followed. (9) Nicator found his way to the Syrian Section 3.
throne beset with

such serious




Chandra-Gupta peace, and

northwest India,

including the Greek settlements founded by Alexander,

on condition that he would send him




Chandra agreed to accept this if Nicator would give him his daughter in marriage. The bargain was struck,
(9) Chandra Gupta was the Grandfather of Asoka, the King. The Greeks called him Sandrocottus. I will add that the land of Ophir was no doubt in India. There was also a great overland route from India west by way of Palmyra and Mesopotamia.



and thus a Greek princess became a Hindu's wife, and all of Alexander's Greek colonists became Indian subjects. Nicator moreover sent to this Ganges court Megasthenes, that clear headed ambassador, who, in writing his impressions of India gave to the world a most interesting piece of history. "The people," he

"are brave, truthful, industrious, sober, not quar-

relsome, and so honest that they require no locks on
their doors."

struck his attention and called was that in India men and women Buddha's teachings could not be bought and sold. had set the last captive free. "Slavery," said MegasThis was three hunthenes, "does not exist there."

But that which


forth his admiration

dred years before Jesus came.


that time




world, India alone ex-


was engaged

in the nefarious traffic of





Nations then unborn afit is

terwards engaged in


only ninety-eight years

ago that England abolished
loved country, extinguished


my own


barely forty-five years



and then only

after a long

and bloody war.

and under Brahmanic When Buddha came he found rule, had been severe. seven classes of slaves (10), and the poor Sudras were so ground down that they were not allowed to learn But India herself, before
even a text or a line of the Veda.
(10) Captives in war; he who serves for his daily food; born purchased slaves, inherited slave" those given, and thoie enslaved for punishment.






docs not become low

caste by birth; nor

by birth does one become high


caste," he said, "is the result of high actions.



man may degrade

himself to a caste that






Buddha made

against slav-

ery was to take the degraded Sudra into his


must observe that Buddha's religion, like that of Jesus, found its first adherents among the poor and the lowly. The rich Pharisees in


Jerusalem scorned the teachings of Jesus; so also the


of India confronted





Let us


pass on to a



About 224 years

C, Asoka,

a zealous

Buddhist, the grandson of Chandra-Gupta, came to
the throne of Gupta's kingdom. (11)

Asoka was

as intensely zealous for

Paul afterwards for Christianity.

one great advantage over Paul

Buddhism as was But Asoka had he was a king, and he

wielded his kingly scepter in behalf of his religion with
such amazing effect that to this day some of his edicts
are found deeply and plainly graven upon rocks and
pillars, stretching

over a territory from Afghanistan on

the west to the great Brahmaputra on the east, a dis-

tance of

more than two thousand miles. Whatever Asoka did, he did systematically. First he called a grand council, and settled the cardinal
doctrines of the Buddhist faith.

Next, he published

(11) I shall not stop now to mention the diflferent councils of Buddhists, but take that up in a subsequent chapter.


his edicts,


warmly commending the faith to his suband commanding their obedience thereto. He
and missionaries

sent priests

every direction to






founded great numbers of monasteries said he supported from his royal revenues
sixty thousand priests.


more than




every province, and in short

up memorial made it an

active, flourishing state religion.

That the purity of

doctrines might not

lished a department,

become corrupted, he estaband appointed a minister of jusmorals of his people.
in v^'orks, as well as faith;


religion, to look after the

Asoka's religion consisted

he caused wells to be dug for the poor; he beautified

grounds and the highways, by planting





furnished medical aid to the sick,

and won converts by kindness, and not by war. He sent Mahinda, his son, and a band of missionaries, and, later, his daughter and a company of nuns, to Ceylon to convert that people. And considering the slow and toilsome means of travel then, it was a longer and more tedious journey than to circle the globe today. Mahinda's labors, and those of his missionaries and nuns, were not in vain, for the history of Ceylon tells us
that the pure doctrines of


yet live in hearts

and minds of the people. In truth, Asoka did more to push and extend Buddhism, than did Constantine The chasm (A. D. 325) in behalf of Christianity. between those tv/o is noteworthy. Asoka's reign was
permeated with charity and kindness. On the other hand, Constantine's hands were stained with blood.



He murdered

lie also

and put to death Cripus, his murdered Licinius. his nephew.

true that he helped, rather than hindered

Christianity, yet

that he did for


was done from

motives of statecraft. (12)



which Mahinda taught the people of

Ceylon, was to eschew falsehood, intemperance, dishonesty, anger, pride and covetousness, and to forgive
injuries, practice chastity,

contentment, patience and


Asoka's activity

in behalf of

Buddhism was so great

that he sent his missionaries to

barbarian countries,

and ordered them to intermingle with Brahmans and beggars and unbelievers of every class in India, and in

foreign lands.


not only sought to spread the


its doctrines in book form, in and that canon, for more than twenty-two centuries, has been held sacred by the


but he published


southern Buddhists.

This Hindu King,


styles himself the beloved of

he wnshes,for all creatures forbearance, justice and clemency. He wants



one of his

edicts, says

no conquest, only by the good Danamma (the law, or And he mentions the King of religion of Buddha). the Yavanas (the Greeks) and Antiyoga (Antiochus), his neighbor; everywhere he wants Buddha's good law

"To make

that peaceful conquest," he says,
of the courtier than a Christian,

(12) Eusebius,

who was more

wrote a flaming biography of Constantine, but





him with joy."

The only

thing of worth, he says,


which has reference

to the




end of time, to avoid contests; but if a contest comes, they must exercise mercy and clemency; and they shall only regard
his sons,
his grandsons, to the

conquest by the law


of Buddha).


a con-

quest," he says, "brings Salvation here to you.



is in



This brings Salvation here and









Buddhism was known, not only but also in Rome.

in Syria

and Palestine,

C. Greece. and later. There were most certainly amicable relations between India and Greece. both medical aid for all men sorts and for animals. Asoka sent Maharakita at the head of a missionary delegation to Egypt and Greece. of which his generals are the rulers. Vol.. upon such a firm footing of peace that Asoka's inscriptions of Buddhist texts upon the rocks at Guzerat. Section i. Rome. and Asoka. double within the dominions of Antiochus. In the preceding chapter I mentioned the sending of Mahinda and others to convert Ceylon. name of Antiochus the Great likewise ap- Here is one inscription : "Moreover. the grandson of Seleucus Nicator. but on the same rocks the pears. about 250 years B. 12. or about that time. Ency. But just before. were not only allowed to remain unobliterated. for Antiochus Theos. 788.) CHAPTER XL Buddhism Known in Syria. made a friendly treaty with each other. the Greek King. Asoka's system of medical aid is established. p. ( i In short." (1) Br. together with medicants of which are suitable for men and animals. 126 . Before THE Birth of Jesus. the grandson of Chandra-Gupta. those two people were then. 9th edition.

and buying their brothers for bond-men. induced to permit the people. It should also be remembered in this connection that this rock carving was made when the old Mosaic religion was the only one professed by the Jews. 39 to 44. The Greek king here "permits" his people to adopt or accept the Buddhist faith. We are told that somewhat the Greeks. And that faith never did commend itself to the Greeks. the loved of the good Devas (angels). including Palestine. He sent his proselyting missionaries to every nation. where the Jews were follovdng the old Mosaic code. everywhere. With on the erection of a (2) King Asoka was called Deva-Nampiya. and yet is. and a permit from the king to do a certain thing in those days was flag to give up their the equivalent of a request. especially all This is noteworthy in that permits the Greeks and others under that gods and their religions and adopt Buddhism. therefore. to follow the doctrines of the re- ligion of last Asoka wheresoever incision on those rocks it it reacheth" (2). . v. Leviticus 25. w^as. This ancient landmark yet tells Another piece of history.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES This is 127 beat- a Greek inscription. as follovi^s "The Greek King has been. more than two hundred years it was simply a choice between their old gods and the mild and more sensible faith of the Buddhists. moreover. if not a command. Jesus did not appear until later. both here and in foreign counhistoric story. : tries. The storms and ings for more than twenty-one hundred years have not yet obHterated its it. deeply engraven upon these rocks. later than those rock engravings.

I will cite the fact that twen- ty-two years before Jesus was born an elaborate Indian embassy came as far West as Rome and presented its credentials to Augustus. Ency. Those credentials were written on the skins of animals. . D. or Monks. In further proof that Palestine before Jesus came was in touch with Buddhism and was not ignorant of its religion. journeyed from the vicinity of Alassada (Alexandria) to witness those ceremonies (3). and that embassy. likewise tells us that Buddhist missionaries. to attempt distant fields. p. Section 2. generations before his day. (4) Pliny (5). but from had so impressed itself all that appears. a large number of Bhikkhus. 9th edition: Title. Greeks and Egyptians had so flocked to this new capital that even before this discussion the city had been compelled to enlarge its borders.128 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES some Buddhist relics great tope. Jews. no doubt... the elder. Palestine then formed a part of the Syrian empire. the capital of Syria. and Jews. over in Ceylon. challenged Greeks and Jews alike to a public discussion of their and his religion in Antioch. India: vol. C. 72. died A. (4) Br. with its Buddhistic faith. (5) Pliny. D. born 23 A. In fact. or monument. Buddhism upon India that it was ready For that purpose Nagasena. 12. 788. heard that debate and probably engaged in it. one of its devotees. they clung doggedly to their old Mosaic superstitions. was graciously received there. were settled in Palestine not far from the Western shores of the (3) Alassada was the Buddhist name of Alexandria. about 190 years B.

and at the same time they went beyond Moses and taught that the wicked will suffer eternal punishment. (6) Daniel. and Therapeutae did not copy religion. It is is true that in the last chapter of Daniel there a sort of prediction that at a time of great trouble many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall life. ch. but the Essenes learned — also from India. 129 Sea. The doctrines of fore taught in Palestine before Christianity Buddhism were therewas heard of Palestine or even dreamed of. and the Old Testament makes no certain statement or promise of such a thing. C. 12. and many think it has a Persian origin. as we shall see. the Essenes entirely any prevailing They punished with death anyone who blasphemed Moses. and they and the Therapeutae of Alexandria seem to have copied. their doctrines from Persia and from India. centuries after the exile. at least in part. the department of Hell had not been fully organized. (7) The reader should notice that when the book of Daniel was written. some to everlasting and some to shame and everlasting contempt (6). awake. But the Essenes followed Buddhism in teaching the impermanence of the body and the immortality of After the apocryphal book of Tobit apthe soul. v. The Essenes were Jews by birth. 1 and 2. Perhaps here and in Tobit is where Jesus obtained His idea of eternal punishment for the wicked (7). the iDook of Daniel was written about 164 or 166 years B. .A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Dead of. that is. for they believed in the immortality of the soul. Moreover. as the sinner was not then consigned to a furnace of fire. but only to everlasting contempt.

and Ilell and would seem. those who falsely state that Buddha did not teach of heaven for the just. and after his death is reborn into some states of distress and punishment a state of woe. devoid of rectitude. neither excessive heat. There ar« (9) Vol. are rushed off to a dark. Wars of the Jews. the body. The excommunicated. wdiere there freezing cold . is full of anxiety when he dies. when released from ward rejoicing. ch. or punishment for the wicked. dies without anxiety. and there they live in immortal vigor. as live forever. (9) (8) Josephus. Book 2. from a vile prison house. 8. They might just as truly say. 100. Sacred Books of the East. where they suffer a never-ceasing torment.130 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES we have Jesus. nor and refreshed continually by gentle breezes blowing from ofT the ocean. p. that the welldoer. mount upand reach a beautiful land beyond the is great ocean. that Jesus did not teach of a . 17. at the death of the body. but backsliders Essenes taught that bodies are corruptible and imper- manent. that the wrong-doer. was familiar with those doctrines in Tobit. devils it peared. The Persians and Jesus taught the resurrection of from Buddhism were simply The Essenes did the same. sections 9 to 12. thenceforward angels without number. for he taught transmigration . but that souls are immortal and that the souls of the righteous their bodies. But the that there they are fanned souls of the wicked. tempestuous den. and after his death is reborn into some happy state in — heaven. (8) But here again the Essenes did not follow Buddha. strong in rectitude.

v. and ch. to reclaim. (10) . except that their garments were white. The Bhikkhus practiced the strictest rules of celibacy the Essenes and Therapeutse did not marry. to reform. 32 to 35. heaven for the just. We have already seen that Buddha's teachings abolished slavery in India. The Bhikkhus practiced a very severe asceticism so and Therapeutse. 1 to 10. 43 to 45. V. That doctrine or method of having everything in common. An eternal punishment makes the punisher worse than the wickedest. where after a long period of discipline. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES The Buddhists 131 did not offer bloody sacrifices. he opportunity to gain heaven by good deeds. The Bhikkhus (monks) of India wore yellow garments and had everything in common. the whole Jewish superstructure collapsed at once. The Essenes condemned it in Palestine. in the last analysis. but adopted children and reared them to their own modes of life and thought. which the Essenes and Therapeutic learned from India. 4. . . to improve. but when Ananias held back a part of his possessions. ch. 5. and here the Essenes followed them completely. (10) Acts. the Apostles and their followers adopted for a short time. What earthly or heavenly good to consign a wicked man to eternal flames'? Punishment — should be. they could have a new In other words.— . gave the wicked another chance. Buddha taught a re-birth for the wicked. The Bhikkhus rejected pleasure as an evil so also did the Essenes. 2. Section 3. The Therapeutae also did the Essenes . and the Essenes in that matter utterly rejected the old Mosaic ceremony and followed the Indian method. and ch. and has never been heard of in Palestine since.

(12) But some of these matters were not original. moreover. in short. and emphasis on speaking the truth at all times and in this. ch. 8. ( 1 1 ) The Buddhists laid great stress . also.. their prayers. that riches that. the Jews had only two Michael. shorn and tumbled into Hell. Now it is but reasonable to believe that as the Buddhists preceded the Essenes by centuries in teaching their asceticism.132 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and Essenes believed in angels. 8. for a thousand years before Gotama came. doctrines were in the world (12) centuries before the and openly taught in India (11) Josephus. that to any living thing. the Brahmans. but the former were careful to write down the names of their heavenly messengers. as all these was wrong to do harm were to be despised. there was a beautiful place called heaven where the souls of the righteous it live in everlasting enjoyment. and that the souls of the wicked are punished after the death of the body. and angels. their vegetable diet. whose nativity is uncertain. eee. their rejection of slavery. 93. their aboli- tion of animal sacrifices. their doctrine of angels. an Irish angel. sections 2 to At the time of Daniel. their their community of goods. 10. nor injure another in any way. their strict love of truth. that he who gave false evidence should be deprived of his (Manu. and Jesus afterwards did the same.) Bight. whom they knew by name Gabriel. book 2. fastings. in their code. had set forth that no one must appropriate (uteal) the goods of another. C. Buddha the Essenes and Therapeutic followed them. 166 B. their belief in the immortality of the soul. — . evt. preached the Gospel of love and peace. ch. so did Buddha and the Bhikkhus. Wars of the Jews. and that.A with the Buddhists. and they charged their proselytes under oath to preserve them.

possibly in part from the Persians. safer in the counit morals.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Essenes or Therapeutse came. Buddha was then living. (13) Ctesias. Judaism. a trading. T. and bore fruit slowly. was a stubborn. 37 or ch. 13. The Jews being with their more try. trafficking people. thirstcities. 133 we must conclude. wrote a history of India and her religion in the fifth century B. and was least Moreover. . 4. lived mostly in strict But the Essenes. C. for the Jewish law punished apostates with Here may be found the reason why the Essenes claimed to hold to the law of Moses necks . C. prolonged death. therewere imported or learned from the For Buddhists. Our next inquiry is as to the time when those religious doctrines were carried from India into Palestine. 25 to 30. The date is not absolutely cer- but it is highly probable that Asoka's missionaries It about 240 years B. a Greek historian. when an invention is once in the world. true if More especially is this those doctrines have been simply transplanted from some old faith. we know. no patent ought or should be that they granted to the later arrival. — it saved their for in truth they held to very few things in that old bloody Mosaic code. the Brahmans used water for purificatory purposes at seven hundred years before Ezekiel wrote his chapter 36. were They therefore became husbandmen. ing for gain. either in religion or anything else. Zaehariah. fore. contest. led that peaceful crusade. and eh. combated most of those things. well rooted in a distant field. (13) Section Egypt and tain.

pletely had been a hot focus of Buddhism. 200 years B. all I follow that great classical scholar. Schelling and others. Des Langues Semitiques. who. but his system was rather philosophical and We are told by Ennemoser that Thales. or Essenes. and am only opposed by narrow-minded theologians.134 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES a full perhaps visited century after Asoka's missionaries Palestine before they had gained numbers numerous enough to be designated as a rehgious sect. C. after sifting was forced to the conclusion missionaries. Egypt and previously encountered Orphism or not is uncertain. Bohlm. political than religious. either because Jesse was the of (14) There are some \Yho claim that the Therapeutee and Essenes imbibed their doctrines from the Pythagoreans. before they on Jesus were were called father Christians. the late Dean Milthe man of the English Church. Babylon. Eenan. Pythagoras and others \-isited Egypt and India for the purpose Whether Pythagoras had of studying theology and philosophy. . abstained from animal food. teachers. and thence- forward that doctrine was approved by Pythagoras and lowers. Pythagoras was born about 586 years B. In stating that the Essenes of Palestine and the Therapeut?e of Egypt learned their rites from India. (15) Syria was com- At this point I reach the enquiry : Were and the Es- senes the vanguard of that great religious revolution inaugurated by John the Baptist Jesus? Epiphanius says they who believed called Jessaie. in fact. a long list of scholars. his fol- (15) I am supported also by such thinkers as Schopenhauer. C. that Buddhist their original In fact. India were then teaching the transmigration of souls. and at one time had a community of goods. and. as those people practiced celibacy. Kenan's History Gener. were evidence. long before Jesus' day. permeated with it..

The followers called them "a generation of vipers. Book 18. Antiq. (19) Jos. had he not trans- migrated? . where he was baptizing. see. ch. when he saw some of the Pharisees and Sadducees at the Jordan.. but he mostly agreed with the Phari(18) Acts 23:8. 17. the skins of beasts Jesus believed him to be Elias born again and returned to earth. but claim that things are done by fate. fact. p. (20) Cited also by Judge Waite in his History of (16) Epiphanius. (19) The Baptist assailed fiercely every religious order in Palestine. neither Angel nor Spirit. the Christian Religion.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 135 David. 1. because they were His disciples and derive their constitution from Him . He was. eh. book 18. (20) How could Jesus make the statement in Matt. 12. 3. or from the signifies the name Jesus. of the Jews. 1. in an ascetic. Sadducees and Essenes. Palestine only three religious (17) the Pharisees. (17) Josephus." of the Baptist were surely not Sadducees. mentions also Judas as a Galilean. which in Hebrew same as Therapeutae. unless somewhere he had learned about the doctrine of Buddha's transmigration? For if Elias had returned. v. there were in sects. (18) all The Pharisees confess both. when he came preaching in of Judea. except the Essenes and Nazarenes. that is. Antiqs. 73. for the Sadducees say there is no rcstwrection. the name of our Lord. living in the wilderness. and the Baptist. (16) There for is not a bit of doubt that John the Baptist's the wilderness teachings were very similar to those of the Essenes. clothed in . or from Jesus.. savior or physician.

being a Nazarene by birth. 1. Antiq. John's mode of baptism." (25) This same thought. v. 2.. Paul. V. 15. and thieves break through and and belief an Essene. and masses of people. v. 14. the sinner thereby confessing his sins and in this he followed the Essenes. as we have heretofore observed." (24) And Jesus. and when . when He came to John. Matt. was in faith in sermon "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth. almost the soldiers demanded what they should do. his followers were called Nazarenes.: 136 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES whose Josephus makes John an orator of wonderful power. for His very first : He preached their doctrine. 6. Luke Luke 3. fiery eloquence drew to his standard great John preached charity. so also was that of the Essenes. Acts 24. 5. he quoted from Buddha. which was simply another name for Essenes. ch. drink wine or strong drinks. was by immersion. though clothed in different lanJob. The simplicity of the Baptist's diet was remarkThey did not able. (23) Moreover.. when He said steal. was called a Nazarene." {22) His scene of activity was very near where the Essenes for generations had lived in the greatest numbers. where moth and rust doth corrupt. later on. 19. to be baptized in the Jordan. sec. ch. . and said "Do violence to no man. 5. neither did John. (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) Book 18. designated as "the ring leader of the sect. (21) communism. v. John being a Nazarite.

had been uttered by Buddha nearly five 137 hun- dred years before. "Keep pure your body." . put from you all concerns of daily life. lands. when in preaching to his disciples. houses. storing of wealth or hoarding gain. words and conduct.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES guage. All these avoid as you would a fiery pit. he said: cattle.

including Palestine. for biographies of Jesus have been written even to the present time. 138 . the wife of the Emperor Servius. Still grave one hun- that no objection accuracy. Apollonius had been dred years or more. visited India and was received there royally by princes and kings. to compose a life of him. were in friendly communication centuries before Jesus was born. a distinguished scholar of the empire. and that even Rome itself had graciously received an emThe proof is equally plain that bassy from India. When in his is that work was to its composed. and for more than three hunWe of this dred years was worshipped as a God. age would hear only a faint echo of Apollonius. Who was this Apollonius who was thus honored and feted ? Let us see. be- sought Philostratus. a town of Cappadocia. He was born two or three years before Jesus was found in that manger.CHAPTER The Miracles XII of Apollonius. had not Julia Domna. I have already shown that the people of India and Syria. Apollonius of Tyania. Section i.

pre- ceded Apollonius' strange certain His mother. their laws. At that moment our Apollonius. It up. In Bible is Joseph who the dreams. Moreover Damis. strict The fruits of the earth were his exclusive diet. (i) As Apollonius grew Apollonius. had written a full account of the people they had met. gentle zephyrs. but he insisted that he was the son of was soon apparent that he possessed a prodigious memory and was studious and thoughtful. V. the people said he was son of Jupiter. and he resolutely declined to eat any- thing that had ever possessed animal life. his friend. And we are told. their customs. 20. their religions. the Assyrian who had accompanied him to India. slept. at the end of his long silence to . she asleep on the grass.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Philostratus found a wealth of materials to 139 from which compose a biography. Having resolved (1) Matt. when Here. was "warned in a dream" to go to a meadow and gather fell flowers. for Apollonius had corresponded with kings and learned men in Egypt and India. At an early age he became a devoted follower of Pythagoras. 1. and a flock of swans gathered about her and sung in chorus while she son. fanned by near her time. and as his disciple he maintained a silence for five years. to do with the births of great men. her famous it was born. and with scholars in many places. birth. Dreams in ancient times had much a dream.

the chief of the Brahmins. saying to Damis. moreover. At the conclusion of it Babylon. king later on gave the Brahmins a great which Apollonius was cordially nessed cupbearers. are told that Apollonius admitted this to be true. his companion. who offered him a generous supply of gold. for Philos- tratus relates that when several Brahmins. he became very active in reform- ing religious worship wherever he went." On reaching India he was kindly received by King Pharotes. and. On visiting Bal)ylon he was honored by the king. declared that in a previous he had been the pilot of life an Egyptian vessel. But while the king was his visit to sacrificing the horse.140 visit A QUESTION OF MIRACLES foreign lands. and they themselves were elevated in the air two or three feet. they larchus. occupied by the Brahmins. And we The to feast. but refused to join him in tlic sacrifice of a horse to the Sun. Section 2. lest he should be guilty of the shedding of blood. similar to Here he witthe Ganymedes of the invited. after intently gazing at Apollonius. . But here is a statement most incredible. showed him every possible courtesy. struck the earth with their staves or rods made the earth rise and fall and swell like the waves of the sea. that was his duty to go ''where wisdom and his guardian angel led him. he turned his face towards India. standing together. and here Apollonius won all hearts by freely participating in their oblations and ceremonies. Near the king's palace was a wonderful hill. Apollonius offered frankincense as an oblation.

T. (3) Luke 7. and larchus at once healed them all. v. Now this statement about larchus healing the lame and the blind. the chief of the Brahmins. v. (2) Luke. 27. Matt. 14. if larchus in India and the sick. 10 to 17. Luke 8. (3) Section 3. This much is at least certain : the blind Hindu needed his sight. besides women and children. some three hundred years before. 9. When Apollonius' visit to India and the Brahmins ended. he started on his return. 5 to 13. and taking the same route that Alexander did on leaving India. were brought to him. 13 to 21. v.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Greeks. Jesus about the same time was healing the blind was healing the blind and the sick in Palestine. is either true or it is false. And curiously at enough this strange occurrence in India happened five about the same time that Jesus was feeding thou- sand men. After much careful research. 6 to 10. ch. v. with every various ailment. . similar to Jesus. in better order than they could be by the cooks. 141 And it is said that bread and fruits of the season came of themselves already prepared. the lame and the blind and the diseased. in a desert place near Bethsaida. But I am reasonably safe in saying that they were not three years apart. For after the feast which we have just mentioned. going South to the Sea. A great plague was at this time raging John 8. Even second courses likewise came of themselves. (2) I am unable to tell which of these two famous occurrences happened first. was a miracle worker. Moreover we are told that larchus.

But the Ephesians having learned of his presence there sent a deputation earnestly entreating him to come to at Ephesus. (6) Acts 19. is For Apollonius replied: not to be delayed." (6) On being invited to a wedding." (5) rebuked the Palestine devil. . Here now the improbable again ap"I think the journey pears." and immediately on his uttering these words. 13 to 16. Jesus about this time (whether before tell) cannot found a man in the synagogue Jesus "which had a spirit of an unclean devil. in Paul's time.142 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and Apollonius liad only reached Smyrna. one Palestine devil overcame six men. I to come out. where he put an end to the plague. a young Apollonius. were gifted with fluent speech. The demon raved and swore. (4) On reaching Athens. there had been continued struggles between Eastern and Western manners and religions. devils. possessed of an evil man was brought to spirit. so that "they fled out of the house naked and wound- ed. Now both of these devils it him to seems. 4. we are told he appeared in Ephesus. V. Apollonius saw at (4) For more than five hundred years before Jesus' day. were warriors we are told that about twenty-five years after Jesus' death. 33. and Apollonius rebuked him and commanded him Section or after. their assistance. (5) Luke 4. The Jewish also. The Hindu devil under- stood the language of his country. and commanded come out. v. and the Palestine fiend raved furiously in the Galileean dialect.

" and he that was dead sat up and : began to speak. I say unto thee. One day Apollonius met a funeral procession on its way to bury a beautiful young bride. . if it happened. and the rain falling on the young woman's face may have revived her. we are told. and was known many. and as Jesus met the procession. a similar story is young man.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES once that the intended bride was a fiend in 143 human form. (7) Section 5. he came and touched the bier. and was condohng with young husband. hap- pened to in the central part of Greece. preceded Jesus' miracle by about three or four jeara. and she began to breathe. and said "Young man. and every one was the in distress and in tears. And on his making this known. or either of these amazing stories true? One happened in Eome. the vital spark had fled. v. then spoke a low word in her ear. Apollonius' miracle. "and I will dry your tears. who also was being carried to his grave. 11 to 15. arise. chapter told of a 7. But as near as I can compute. and if she was really dead. to the astonishment and joy of her weeping friends. she came back to life. and the other in Galilee. But to all appearances. "Set down the bier. After visiting Egypt and many cities in Africa. Apollonius took up his residence in Smyrna. if it was iucb." He took the young woman's hand. In Luke. The historian honestly adds that it was raining at the time." said Apollonius. (7) Are both. This strange occurrence. all the jewels and gold and silver vessels vanished in a flash out of sight.

would. and he was ordered to leave all such behind called such." replied Apollonius." With this he drew his leg out of the chain." But instead. Domitian asked him. "Why is it. "When will you regain your liberty?" asked Damis." Then he put his leg back in the fetters and waited. "is entitled to be The emperor seems to have been afraid that his prisoner possessed some secret book or charm or amulet." replied Apollonius. Apolhe On reaching Rome was accused of being an enchanter and was thrown into prison and loaded with chains. the prisoner on the vaulted arch above him. "Tomorrow. "but this instant if I choose. cited then emperor of Rome. "supplies it me fur- with raiment. be considered a mockery and a travesty upon justo look at his majesty.: 144 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES where he discoursed on fate and necessity. call When truly brought before the emperor." he replied. A proceeding similar to that which there took place before Domitian." no injury to the dumb brutes of the Apollonius had foretold the plague at Ephesus. . in the United States of America. and he insisted that the most absolute tyrants cnild not over- come or reverse the decrees of fate. and fixed his eyes tice. his friend Damis being imprisoned with him. and said to Damis "You see I am at liberty now. on learning of lonius to appear before him. Doniilian. that you do not wear the same kind of garments as other men?" "The earth. the this. "W^hy do men you a god ?" "Because every good man. I offer fields. and by wearing the garments nishes. Apollonius. The first question was.

to a lower Directly his voice silent. They thought it was an apparition. "but not my soul. which Apollonius readily answered. Then suddenly There were all he cried out. and they were greatly Directly Apollonius added. the philosopher." Another curious story told about him is that on the day and at the very moment that Stephanus assassinated Domitian at Rome. and Damis were walking on the seashore and lamenting with much sorrow." was the reply." Some other questions having been asked by the emperor. he suddenly appeared before them. "How did you do that?" he was asked. "Keep . I is I am surely alive. "I acquit you.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 145 and that was another charge against him. ! fell key then he became . "It myself. "of the crimes charged against you. whereupon Apollonius stretched forth his hand and said. never expecting to see Apollonius again. and Damis wished to know if Apollonius were still living. that. "Strike the tyrant strike !" many Ephesians astonished at this. and while Demetrius." said he. shall detain "You can he vanished out of sight. present. Thy deadly spear cannot slay me. more than one hundred miles distant. to the amazement of the emperor and all present. and he repHed: "By living on a hghter diet than other men. His friend Damis had gone to Penteoli. a three days' journey from Rome." detain my body. not even my body. and I will add. we are told. but you here for the present. Apollonius was walking and talking with many friends in a grove at Ephesus." At this.

who was more than one hundred miles distant at the time of the assassination of Domitian. (9) And to say that Apollonius. 11. of it at the moment that it beyond He may vol. It is said that Jesua Bacred Books vanished out of eight. Stephanus ! courage Strike the murderer! wounded him." (8) Section 5. O Ephesians! for this day the tyrant At this very moment. Vol. Thou Thou hast killed him. did vanish. v. p. Vol. tells this story of him "On the very day : that Domitian was assassinated. 92. -we are told. the deed is done. Apollonius got up in the city of Ephesus. Buddha. v. Luke 24. Dion Cassius adds: to be.. could change his color and vanish. upon a very high stone. composed of flesh. 48 and 49.' " And "As incredible as this fact seems know belief. A few lines back. 31. vanished. have been told of (8) Manning's (9) It is said Dion Cassius. Jesus. is Thou hast struck him. Sacred Books of the East. or made himself inp. 21 and p. upon a most exact search into the matter. bones and blood. I swear it by Minerva. and calling the people together cried out with a loud voice hast : 'Courage. as it was afterwards known. who at one time branded Apollonius as an impostor. p. 2. in my mouth." Dion Cassius. could or can vanish or melt away and disappear as stated above. it is said. 30). Now I do not write that down as a sober fact that I believe for it seems impossible that the body of a human being. ! 146 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES up your courage. it is stated that Apollonius vanished from the presence of Domitian. when they were about to pitch him headlong from a precipice. . 11. while the words are is killed. that Buddha could and of the East. 51. it is no less true. could occurred. visible and escaped (Luke 4.

but not. Death was simply a vanishing of substance into essence. he said nothing is ever created or destroyed. thinks all antiquity fails to equal him. In fact. as Baronius This much ly may truly be said of Apollonius beheved in the immortahty of the soul. by a demon. is merely substance coming into sight.. and at death it vanishes but is not destroyed. in his into opinion. In one of his letters to a friend abstinence from the use of animal foods. may know things of the past. Birth was. born 1637. a French ecclesiastical historian. he firmand he in: sisted that nothing ever perishes. (11) As truth against such criticism I will quote a few lines Hestius: beautiful all it from Apollonius' is letter to his friend "The is not concealed from us. endowed with one and the with a community of reason and affec- (10) Sidonius. (11) Sebastian Tillemont. are all who derive their same nature. ( 10) he speaks with contempt and disdain of riches and gaudy display but he mentions with pleasure his love for science and his . and that those origin from God. in writing of Apollonius about four hundred years after his death. he said. in pouring out the vials of his wrath against Apollonius. only a change of essence substance. Life. writer. he said. and men for brothers and friends. insisted that Satan was his assist- The devil. 147 the tragedy very soon thereafter. how to have all the earth for one's country. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES supposes. One ant. . and he may know what is transpiring at distant places and he might have made known ihose things to Apollonious.

or any other any time or place ever performed one. having taken their flight for (12) John of the 4th Gospel. These things. How can or could man. now nineteen John 2. As to the alleged miracles of Apol- is exceedingly doubtful if he. and through all. more than three hunbelief. ever perislies ing." that matter changes. it 6. but says. whether Greek or Barbarian. would nature. he names and forms." suffer damage in His own Section lonius. at any period of the world contravene or overthrow the laws of God? man. But we must remember that only one man in all the millions that have ever lived. that is it and is ever changit comes and disappears. 6 to 10. and who if He should clothe Himself in not annihilated. into sight It was the firm behef of Apollonlus that nothing . such wildly extravagant things as miracles. of two or three firkins each. as I I dred years after his death but a elsewhere. living in the time of Apol- and did by his word change six water pots filled with water. have said know that we are told that a great personage. at It is true that the supposed miracles of Apollonius were extensively believed in for . into good wine. who is all in all. "are done and permitted by the Eternal God. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and that wheresoever anyone may be or a in whatever manner born. (12) Moreover. could doubtful character. .148 tions. never changes a fact. and he is of lonius. he is still man. tells that improbable story. v. by his puny word.

and his statue was placed among the gods. and ers insist that he died at Ephesus. As to the manner and place of conflicting stories. and a temple at Tyana was built to commemorate him. "After your body is dead. In fact. or anyone else. where great riches were stored under the protection of a pack of watch dogs. attended was seen no more. there are tell Some writers us that he en- tered a temple at Lindus.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 149 hundred years. his name zvas in- voked for centuries as a god. "I will be- lieve you. Nevertheless divine honors were paid him." said the young man. his death. we may justly question whether there was ever. and Apollonius had often tried to convince him of will his error. "I believe last you now ! I believe you The glimpse we catch of this extraordinary man a temple in Crete. he appeared to his friend. such a thing as a miracle performed by Apollonius. who very seriously doubted the immortality of the soul. relates that there was a young man of Tyana. Othby two handmaids. we of this age know that he was not a god. and we are very certain that he never performed a miracle. at any time or place. who in amaze!" ment is at cried out. one of History whom he set free. trained But when Apollonius entered to guard the treasure. Now while it is true that Apollonius was worshiped as a god well into the fourth century. . if you appear to me. and that even Christians believed that he wrought miracles." And we are soberly told that after Apol- lonius died.

come V. The priests observing this. Acts 12.I50 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES him as the temple. they did not bark. (13) As Apollonius makes his exit from that : temple. 10. come and Acts 5. it On its is said the gates shut of themselves. But before morning he cast off his fetters. tells us let that "an iron gate opened of own accord" and Peter and an angel out. come. many voices were heard in unison singing the earth. to heaven. v. v. 26. but fawned upon if he were an old friend or their master. he found them open. them he was not a robber Then going to the passing through. thinking him a robber. 19. rushed out and seized Apollonius and bound him. and (13) Acts 16. secret. "Leave !" Come. . convinced and that he did nothing in gates. and calling the priests before him.

Jesus found in the Thora (law) of Moses. Mosaic religions were claimed by (1) Ex. "By love "Do unto we can con- others that which you would have them do unto you. gave to the Jews and to the world a milder and better faith than the old Mosaic doctrine of revenge." and he said. Jesus. or at least to improve. his own trine eye should pay the penalty. Buddha said : quer wrath." good unto and thy neighbor was all alone the world. to his immortal hand. the ancient religions of their people.CHAPTER XIII Buddha Against Brahmanism. life Buddha's its struggle was against Brahmanism. eye for eye. (i) said : "Be reconciled to thy brother. tooth for tooth. Moses' doc- hand for honor be it said. 21. (2) Luke 6. v. love thy neighbor. do others. He was. the doctrine that if one plucked out the eye of another." same five hundred years later. he disbelieved in the inspiration of the Veda. moreover. and. and iron- bound caste system. Section i. No one will perhaps deny that Gotama and Jesus each sought to overthrow. in short. the Brahman Bible. (2) It is Jesus said the curious to note that both the Brahmic and their founders. and 31 151 . 24.

4:30. than the pyramids old and so venerable that —so the very names of the it. and 9:225. by reaall son of its divine origin. older than Genesis. Vedanta Sutras. India. title. and is. Sacred Books of the East. (4) the birth of a real and happy there Death life. 34. truly venerable with hoary age. telling them what manner is to sacrifice their oblations. (3) dations were laid so far back in the dim and misty past that is it was. 780. older. world would. if Hindu looked about him and questioned He was taught that this passing he led a pious life. Vol. He who assailed it was Its founa heretic and was scorned and banished. followers. (3) Manu. (4) Eigveda. paramount to reasoning and beyond all questioning. page 20. him was as He believed that was somewhere in the universe a self-existent Divine Being. p. vol.. probably. to be of The ancient Hindu believed it Brahma was divine. The ancient why he was here. the Veda. they said. Ency. . It the oldest composition probably on the face of the It is earth. Br. The Brahmins that breathed forth the Rigveda. The Veda therefore. from whom his Atma (soul or self) had become detached but at the death of the body it would The body return to Brahma (God) and be at rest. older than the Iliad and the Odyssey. give place to a seat to with the Gods in heaven. Rishis (poets or seers) who composed are lost in the great ocean of oblivion. insist that they heard (sruti) Brahma's (God's) in voice.152 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES tlieir are claimed to this day by divine or heavenly origin. 12. hence in their inspired Bible. .

24. as if a lump of is salt had been fiung into the sea. but attached to the body like a horse hitched to a cart. When we have passed away. Mine eyes shall behold Him!" (7) As I have said. Some of their thinkers anticipated Bishop Butler by more than three thousand is years." said Yajanavalkya. and the water becomes As and the salt becomes water again. not to be taken salt. was immortal and without body. all of the Hindus did not believe that they would. for Job said "Though after my skin. and disappears into them again. 19.. It becomes dissolved into water. 26-27. he thought. Now I ought. ch. "when we enter into the Divine Spirit. the self. written 1776. there name. Max Miiller's Sanskrit Lit." (8) as our birth Section (5) the I. higher and more enlarged state of does. from which out again. worms destroy this body. thus the Divine Spirit appears from out the elements. without further delay. simply the temporary husk or shell or the spirit or soul But self made its abode for a time. The Hindu was more wise than Job. 12th Khanda Upanishads the Soul or Spirit was the Ego. it was produced. Job. be like a salt lump of thrown into the ocean. — . p." (6) no longer any This was an extreme view which Buddha is did not adopt. for they taught that this life as the life of an embryo in the womb that "death might put us into a life. yet in my flesh I shall see God.: A QUESTION OF MIRACLES where the spirit 153 was. (5) "It is with us. Butler's Analogy. at death. V. (6) (7) (8) 2.

. They spent their whole lives in studying religion and so as to give the philosophy. accents. clear down at the foot of the ladder. with nouns and verbs. particles and conjunctions. they might have overrun and conquered Europe. cowardly race. But all this labor to construct a grammar was probably brought about by the growth and progress of their language. ignorantly. pronouns and adverbs. which was changing tive the very idiom of their original speech. They claimed that all that has reference to virtue and final beatitude was taken from the Veda. Had they been a war-like people. but. studied Siksha (phonetics). and constructed a Vyakarana (grammar) were a learned and thinking people. when they Students lived quietly at home. doing ill to no one. conquer distant nations. and marshalled mighty armies. syntax and prosody.154 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES words concerning the general character of to say a few the Indian people. and an exhaus- Niruka (etymology) all complete at a time when the Greeks had only learned the distinction between nouns and verbs. spent from twelve to forty-eight years memorizing and repeating the texts they had learned from their holy books. they They were a They delved into the science of language. good-for-nothing. They etc. letters. They have heretofore been treated as a despised. same pronunciation to the Sacred They did not invade and texts as the sages of old. On the contrary. they were practicing the precepts of Buddha and Jesus. That would have given them a great . nation of philosophers.

E. B. and to Men. 1. for death. They were not was a cowards and afraid to die. Back many thousands of years. the father of all Soma and Varuna. their chief ones They had gods. many of them. they considered. mock man monkey. At last all bloody sacrifices were put aside. S. they offered bloody their gods. 11. as we have seen. East. and lastly Brahma (God). (9) But later on. Sacred Books of the Sans. water and heaven. anc. and also vol. to the Fathers. passed genius (9) I this unsurold a attacked the infallibility of the have said elsewhere that the or man was Kimpurusha. 190. and there is some evidence that this included human sacrifices.. to the Rishis. fire. Lit. except a pure mind and a heart devoid of After six years of study and penance. but were Indra." (10) Their rice-eating ceremony corresponded somewhat to ours sacrifices to : concerning infant baptism. Agni. 50. 155 page in history possibly they might have changed the whole current of huifian affairs. . Buddha did not believe that sacrifice God either ordered or desired any whatever to be offered evil. (11) Section 3. p. he is born owing a debt to the gods. Max Miiller. release from a degrading bondage to the body. then an ox. In the earlier stages of their religion they worshiped the sun. 12. than a sheep. then Prajapati. the earth. the gods. then a goat. (11) Grihya-Sutras.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES . p. vol. and rice cakes. barley and clarified butter were offered to the gods. him. a horse was substituted. p. for they said ''Whosoever exists. (10) Satapatha-Brahmana.

if he would only admit the divine origin of the Veda. That work is at least 2. and he alone deserves this whole earth. The priests of the Veda did not crucify him. Laws of Manu. that whatever exists world is the property of the Brahmanas." (12) They said. On one point. an whose conduct was reprehensito the ble in the extreme. but they sought in every possible thwart him and to beat back the rising flood. ch.900 years old and possibly 3. Here then was the issue: for their Gotama. . own exclu- sive privileges. however.156 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES first Brahmanic faith. 98 to 105. that . sec. that by "Sruti" (revelation) is meant the Veda. as they legislated for one Gati (caste). Brahmanic code. This made him. and these two must tiot be called in question in any manner. flatly denied origin. (12) ch. divine in attacking those laws. way to They would overlook his doctrine of being and non-being and all other matters. 10 to 11. His growing abuses of the their onslaught was against the Priests. 2. that he who treats with contempt those two sources of the law must be cast out as an atheist and a scorner of the Veda. is an eternal incarnation of the sacred law that he is born as the lord of all created beings in the . also sec. moreover. 1. according atheist and an outcast." the institutes of the sacred law. They "the very birth of a Brahmana . and by "Smriti.300 years old. and to protect their said. other mortals subsist through his benevolence sanctifies that he any company which he may enter. Laws of Manu.

A comparison of languages has made this too plain to — be questioned. who entered Europe on the northern side of the Caspian Sea. has taught who were the ancestors of the nations of Europe. the Teutons and Slavonians. and but little from its inscriptions on carved temples. language comes to our aid.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES there 157 was no clashing of opinions between Buddha and the Brahmans." In these seven linguistic families. prove to be more durable monuments than brass or granite. and that was as to the doctrine of the transmigration of the soul. the roots of the . who emigrated southwest from their ancestral home. has done most of the work of the world. but philology may yet unlock the door. according to Herodotus (2: 126). : we may germs of that old faith transplanted from the Ganges. Those fugitive and airy sounds. or was it the creation of some philosophic mind on the banks of the Nile? the first Were Perhaps we shall never know to a certainty just where the doctrine originated. and the Celts. Greeks and Romans. originating in Egypt. the IndoEuropean. for while the history of India we can learn but little of from its literature. which seem so fleeting and so changeable. The study us of the Sanskrit language has told us a long It story concerning the origin of nations. was an ancient well ask belief. Transmigration. "It shows us that this great family consists of seven races the Hindoos. Persians. and has told us that one great family. But as the Egyptians are the children of the Hindus.

and make it fit for a union with Brahma. built a city How then could they build the pyra- mids? Moreover. that this whole life is a warfare of good and evil. Manu adds: "Let the twice born man who seeks to dwell there sanctify his body. and purify it with holy rites. It is barely possible that the Western Ocean. T. all came from one ancestral tongue — the The Laws of Manu. . In that great migration from the cradle of the race in the far East where they and probably ten thousand years. home have lived for at least eight (13) J." (14) I have said that the Egyptians were the children of the Hindus. The or Negroes have never floated a ship. The grammatical constructions are also the same (13). 158 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES the most common names are one and same. 2:22 to 28.. They were certainly not Negroes. the Egyptians are Indo-German. to this day. in existence at least five or six hundred years before Solomon built his temple. short. the religion of the Egyptians was similar to that of the ples believed the Hindus in that both those peoIn human soul to be of divine origin. farther north and the descendants of that northern stream are today they found a at the delta of the Nile. yet. (14) Manu. Some of their kindred were migrating. mentioned above. and no scholar longer doubts that those seven lan- guages Aryan. chapter on Brahmanism. perhaps at the same time. mentioned all the lands from the Eastern or Indian Ocean to the Western Ocean. may have been the Mediterranean Sea. on parallel lines. Clark's Ten Great Beligions. as the country of the Aryans.

and in the last four hundred years have crossed the Atlantic.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES in 159 Germany. in France. in my own America. and have only halted. on the shores of the distant Pacific. at the Golden Gate. . in England.

were greatly puffed up with pride and self-con- They affected uncommon sanctity. Pharisees The origin of the sect is not surely known. surrounding tribes. i. if it was a religion.) CHAPTER XIV The Doctrine of Immortality India. 10. (2) Matt. 160 . ( i But whatever their origin. They were certainly separatists. the Pharisees. but they Sadducees. in Palestine and Section Pharisees. When we have Jesus was born. to "put away" the wives whom they had married from . the Palestine. there were in seen. when he returned from isee: to separate) Babylon about 458 B. ch. in Jesus' day. consisted in Yet they bloody sacrifices and useless ceremonies. were the most numerous and aggressive. three religious sects. apparent that Baptist (1) Ezra. V. 7. 3. spent fifteen years in getting those Jews who had not been carried into exile. as Of these the and Essenes. were probably the descendants of the returned exiles (Benehaggola) from Babylon. ceit. C. but the their hypocrisy was so severely denounced both John them and the Sadducees. which their Hebrew name signifies (Pharand Ezra. (2) Their religion.

(6) The removing of Souls into other bodies (Book 2.. The souls of the good. V. (6) The Pharisees were full of inconsistencies and con- tradictions. 8. see.. on in this chapter." (5) The wicked. eh. "Under the earth. Paul (Acts 24:15) "hoped" that the just and unjust would all be resurrected. Buddha's home. ch. would be detained there in an everlasting prison. a finger to help them. they claimed. that the doctrine of the immortality of the soul was a new importation among the Jews. would transmigrate into other bodies. and punishments. St. and told his followers that when they went sound no trumpets before them in the streets and synagogues to have glory of men called They have been . and (3) Matt. lest that They would not walk upon the grass on some seeds might be shelled out. They made broad their on the and would not lift phylacteries. 9:11.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES criticised i6i "publi- Jesus (3) for eating with cans and sinners. the Sabbath. see. . as the hypocrites do." They were so vain of pomp and to give alms. and Hve on again in this world in a blissful state. 1. Antiq. (4) Matt. 3. shall see further (5) Jos. teachings to the Persians We . (4). in this life. to parade that Jesus rebuked them. avarice in the immortality of the and pride yet they believed soul. 2. Wars of Jews. Book 18. from Zoroaster's or from Egypt or from India. according as one lived virtuously or viciously. and would be threshing. 14) looks as if some one had heard from India. the slaves of lust. they believed. . but they laid grievous burdens people." they said. "there will be rewards has. Egypt or Babylon. 6.

spirit. for the latter preached a hope for the soul beyond the (9). 22. the Pharisees claimed that fate determines all things. neither angel fate. (7) Luke justly told cup and platter clean. born in Samos." : In short. scripture for their doctrine. 8. i. about 340 years B. grave. the Sad- ducees said "There is no resurrection. . Section It is easy to determine why the Sad- ducees were a less numerous sect than the Pharisees. and the chief places in the synagogues. v. and that the death of the body nor is the end of everything. and the evil which befalls him." The Pharisees confessed both. (8) Luke 11:39. V. (7) Matt. His philosophy resembled Buddha's teaching somewhat. and they had are caused by his own wisdom or folly . that was hunting. but them they kept "the outside of the left the inward part full of raving and wickedness.i62 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES they sought the best rooms at the feasts. yet not sufficiently to take away free- dom of the will to act virtuously or viciously as one chooses. and one of them and he killed it on Sunday. Greece. a flea bit Law. They stuck in the letter of the for if lost its Spirit." (8) Moreover. 2. the mind should be composed and the body free from taint.. V. and Matt. 23. spread through this frame. 23. The Sadducees followed Epicurus who taught that the soul "is only a finer species of body. (10) Acts 23. that the good which comes to him. (9) Epicurus. C. (10) The Sadducees said there is no such thing as but that each man is his own master. 4 to 8. e.

at least to themselves (12). is a still greater enigma. England and isees Russia today. the Egyptians had solved that mysterious probsatisfactorily. and had dead. (11) The Sadducees were strict constructionists. he shall return no more to his that plough iniquity house. They found in the Hebrew scriptures no certain and explicit mention of the immortality of the soul. but M. is it is But they are as sheep without a shepan unsolvable mystery. and can be found. in many parts of America. Two lem thousand three hundred years before Jesus was born. Chabas thinks 4.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES They said. Life. were on hand to snatch the (11) Job 4:8. is mortality of the soul old and moss-grown with age.000 years elapsed before the first dynasty was formed in Egypt. They followed the letter of the law. Mariette goes back about 3. and M. they utterly rejected Having mentioned the Essenes in chapter XI. but think I ought to state that quite a large number of both Phartion 2. and not finding the imit. He that goeth down to the grave come up no more.000 years ago. and death yet the doctrine of the im- true. secno more of them here. 9. herd. Professor Lepsius fixes the date 2. (12) To be exact. C. I will say and Sadducees have survived the vicissitudes of time and country. also Job 7. mortality doctrine taught there. they reap the same. That would be about 9.000 years B. without much serious search. 163 shall and sow wickedness. . C. v.380 years B. established a court to fix the Osiris future of the and his triad and Set and his devils were there to judge the departed.

and some think far beyond that limit. that is. until centuries after the Babylonian exile. — — ' ' ' . Moreover. 11. 13. Catholics. is right as to date. ch. (15) Exodus 33. v. tha Here we have Methodists. one of (13) If Genesis. and like the Brahmans. There were the Addharya Brahmans. He had evidently heard of the Moses fable about "seeing God face to face" (15). (16) It was the same old dispute 2400 years ago in India. and when one day two Brahman students became engaged in a hot dispute as to which was the true faith leading to a state of union with Brahma.. etc. Section 3. about the soul or They say that eelf. C. Unitarians. that we find in America. (16) Gotama asked Vasettha. Buddha found it in the Upanishads (14) and for fifty years he preached it with vigor and success. and they teach that the soul is immortal.920 years B. the Khandokas and others. nor does the Pentathe soul. C. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES The Egyptian doctrine had been in vogue about four hundred years of Egypt. Baptists. Abram was about tality doctrine. the doctrine of the soul's immortality was taught in India more than a thousand years B. Then it is first dimly dis- cerned in the apocrypha.' i64 wicked." (13) when Abram "went up out Yet no unequivocal mention and ap- proval of it appears in Jewish writings. Tittviya. It is probable that Moses did not believe in the immorteuch. the journey of Abram during his sojourn 1. else why his silence? (14) The Upanishads are the philosophical speculations of Hindu philosophers 800 to 1000 years B. revealed from heaven but of the Upanishads are Sruti Thus said the Lord course they were no more revealed than a in the Pentateuch. and in Daniel. in Egypt must have learned of the belief in the immortality of But he makes no mention of it. Buddha pursued the same method of reasoning that Socrates did a few years later in Athens. C. they all claim the right path.

. "they teach different paths. say that they have ever seen replied Vasettha. that if the blind lead the blind. is said to be imperTevigga. (17) Brahma. Sacred Books of the East. the blind teacher leading the blind student?" Jesus had a sim. can — Brahmans now they say we will teach the strait path that leads to Brahma?" "Impossible!" replied Vasettha." re- "Do any of the Brahmans back seven generations. Brahma face to face. we know where Brahma is?' " he asked. "nor did the Rishis of old. "ever seen Brahma face to "They do not claim : to have seen him. "No. the authors of the Veda. having never seen Brahma is it not like a string of blind men. even up to the seventh generation. the eternal.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES the students. then." said Buddha." said Vasettha." asked Buddha. we have seen Brahma. follows that the Brahmans talk foolishly. it That which the Brahmans do not know. which the carefully intone to and recite even they did not pretend know whence or where Brahma is. they would both fall in the ditch. 172. but each one claims his path to be the true one. if 165 each Brahman (God). 15:14." "Have any of face?" those teachers versed in the three Vedas. say 'We know Brahma. "and that being so. self -existent. Vol. (18) sonal. ilar saying." "Even so. teacher claimed that his special school taught the true saving path to a union with Brahma "Yes. they do not. 11. How. (17) plied Vasettha. p. (18) Matt.

never having seen God. yet when asked her. — . "is full to the brim. his entreaty Certainly not. and Varuna. 16 to 22. and here comes a man who ? desires to cross over. must practice the qualities which lead up to that estate: that to pray for the impossible will not avail. Jesus preached the same doctrine when He shall said: "He that bringeth forth good fruit enter the kingdom. that." (20) (19) This question has a deeper meaning than is apparent on Did Gotama intend to impress us with the idea the surface. 180. or how can he Buddha then proceeds sess to illustrate that one. See also Tevigga-Sutta. 7. Vol. how then can we love Him. and Prajapati. but they omit practicing those things which after the death of the body will unite them to Brahma. her complexion. 11. Saered Books of the East. he knows nothing about love her? (19) how then could. "point out the supposition that a safe path that leads to the sun?" The colloquy then proceeds on a if man should say he loves and longs for the most beautiful woman in India. of her family and her name." said he. and as no mortal ever did see God. and where she dwells. any more than the Hindu who had never seen the woman? We may fear Him but love and fear are two vastly different things. p. (20) Matt. to posall moral excellence." asked Buddha." further bank to come to him. can they. V. "This river where we stand. as we see the sun in the heavens. He invokes the Will the bank come by These Brahmans invoke Soma.l66 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES if "Even they could see Brahma.

CHAPTER XV Man when we a Protoplasm i. and no little pent-up six thousand years doth hedge it in. and. more hkely. is old. (3) Even Genesis (Gen. 3. 8. seven or eight thousand. thousand years are as one day with the Lord". v. was a naked savage (3) first . v. ten thou- sand years ago." and he is slowly dressing it of thorns and (1) The Punjab includes all that vast country watered by six In the rivers (originally seven rivers) in northwestern India. as we have said elsewhere. Section It is not a very entrancing thought reflect that our remote ancestors. not as well equipped in his life. last 1. If the Aryans were in the Punjab (i) and on the Ganges ten thousand years ago. and he is "A omewhat savage even yet.600 years Saravasti has gone dry. 7) says he was naked. 3. Psalms 90. 4. The whole world was man's "Garden of Eden. (2) Second Peter. : The Corrected Genesis. years to meet the wants of as the low-browed monkey. that is only a small point of time to Him "whose day is as a thousand years. eh. the Hindus." (2) This earth. the moon. 167 . v. Man at his coming the clouds and the winds. were worshiping the sun.

and clothe him. v. even although the it." "Lord cursed (4) When man and it came. It was a long journey from and shall in a warm climate. O man!" man has been talking to a being far greater and wiser in comparison than man is beyond the worm of the dust. 21. was certainly it in the far East. Does its author want man to prais^ Him? Does man want the ant or the worm to praise him? What good. or Palestine. O man Thou are the most wonderful being beneath the skies. Egypt. If the cradle of the race can ever be found It we there find man first upon his knees. In a high. 3.i68 thistles A QUESTION OF MIRACLES (errors and sins). v. 17. will it do the man to have the worm or the ant say "Great and marvelous are thy works. Have mercy on Yet for all these thousands of years us. forsooth. But neither from the vaulted skies. unless great climatic changes have since taken place. or Babylon. but know we not where or when man first it began to in are reasonably certain that was not there. nor yet in in Ur of the Chaldees. but how far East? It Was on the shores of the Indian Ocean? could not have been North of the Caspian. the world was a mystery to him. even if the Lord should make him a coat of skins. (5) (4) Gen. . (5) Gen. has there ever yet been a sure verbal response. We pray. still. cold altitude man would not survive the first winter. 3. nor from is a mystery : ! the caverns of the earth.

are developed. and man. and seems to have slowly grown during grimage. worm were in the our equals. all his long pil- While it is true that the original forms of all or- ganisms are one and the same. Pritchard. man is but an . in his natural history of man. and they are never contemplated without wonder by those who. high and low." The differences are everywhere striking. on comparing mankind with the inferior That creatures should exist so nearly approachall ing to each other in structure. that the snail and the ances. that "the organized us world presents no contrasts and resemblances ' more remarkable than those which we discover tribes. would be a fact hard to believe if it were not manifest to our observation. the worm. In all the principles of his internal structure. particulars of their physical and yet differing so immeasurably in their endowments and capabilities. but it is nevertheless the fact. it is also true that from that one form all forms. in the study of anatomy and physiology. animal. the atom from which he sprung (we all came from atoms) must somewhere in its travels have encountered a moral principle which has clung to man. are first made aware how near is man in his physical constitution to the brutes. tells Dr. in the composition and functions of his parts. It may not be an inspirational thought.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 169 If he came here by the evolutionary process. to all appear- when we were embryonic state. the snail.

the same perhaps as a worm or frog or monkey in . after a given period. which brings forward its early developments. its decay and by means of which is prepared a succession . as the creatures which he has tamed and trained to be the servile instruments of his will. at the highest round of the ladder.lyo A QUESTION OF MIRACLES lord of the earth. all the great is ones of earth. The points of resemblance are innumerable. In short. Jesus. is The other grand division it called the "creation school. until finally he passes. came from nucleated starting point of Such the without exception. The who contemplates the eternal order of the universe. which teaches that man. and admits. and cells. the physical life of the body. scholars are divided into two great oppos- ing groups." and clings tenaciously to Genesis. in his inception. and his travels of ascent passes through the gradations of inferior animals. of similar beings destined to perpetuate the race. was only a nucleus or simple cell. or which he slays for his daily food. the lord and ruler of all animal life. and they extend to the most recondite arrangements of the mechanism which maintains instrumentally. with great- er brain power. that he develops upwards. Buddha and all life. or schools . is a being composed of the same materials and framed on the same general principles. and surpasses them all . and upwards. one of which is properly called the evolution school. which teaches that God formed man out of the dust of the . he stands supreme in development. and aspires to communion with its invisible maker.

v. by the record. at every turn. or snail. 2. Pritchard in his Natural History of creation theory of Genesis a crushing blow. immortal. Man was not yet. (9) But. (8) Gen. that there appar- ently nothing birth of a pillar. To me today it's all the same. his closest the monkey. Section 2. 3. or cater- or ape. 7. However all this may be. (6) he forms every beast of the field out of the ground. that beautiful garden which has been vainly sought for by generations. and man became a Hving soul. v. live forever. (7) Gen. 19.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES earth. and is. "If true. in other words. But Eden seems to be a myth which baffles all our search. Man. it evolved from an inferior order of beings. The points us to Genesis and Eden. 2. (7) and he was driven out of Eden lest he might eat of the tree of life and become immortal." Suppose for a moment that we admit ante-type is man was orderly. through lower forms I came. creation school. But evolution is (6) Gen. (8) is We may truly say this. any more supernatural in the creation or human body than in that of a rat. there was. or ape. whereby one of these forms developed into a horse. strikes the . Later on. a something invisible to mortal eye. 171 and breathed into his nostrils the breath of Hfe. v. 22 to 24. at least. (9) Dr. and the other into the man who has written this line.

as the record says. around making a great circuit of hundred millions of miles. he looks about him. the question. At the moment of his coming he has no use for language. they call it God. made also the law which five more than controls the protoplasm existence. no friends. no mother. The The nucleated cell did not. and what he was. man must. If God or an angel should speak to him. He has no father. he could not (10) See concluding remarks •where this matter is more fully discussed. he breathes. He is alone in the world. have wondered who he was. on looking about him. He knows no language. back w-ith me. has a law it is governed by law a law-maker.172 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES . ( lo) Now if man was made. have just been put upon him." Hindus call it Brahma." the last touches lives. protoplasm did not. to that Man has just been "made. reader. and law presupposes Then who made that law? That is . I must write it down that the maker of that law which sends our earth around the sun. in imagination. he he opens his eyes. Neither is that this earth law a matter of chance which sends the sun once every year. Go hour. for he is the first and only human being on this whole earth. In other words. and what he was here for. and whence he came. That law did The monkey did not make it. and the minutest atoms it in You may call "the first great cause. not come by chance. in God's own image. the Genesis ought to be corrected. and so do I. .

know that he had a tongue. and it must have taken him a long time to name every beast of the field and every fowl of the air. he did not naked and alone. if so. Her round and solid breasts.— A QUESTION OF MIRACLES answer. Her limbs were much more beautiful than his own. 3 to 7. v. 22. is it ing interest. as there is 173 or invented. naked. v. 1 to 8. Adam had been engaged in naming the cattle. 19 to 22. 2. When Eve was "brought unto him" (12) must have watched her with great and increasNow. (Genesis 2. more nearly a first correct sketch of what probably happened in the or early days of my distant grandparents. or is it a pretty that little fic- the serpent and Eve held colloquy about the fruit and good and evil at the time the Lord was walking in the garden? (13) What did Eve know about good or evil and death ? She had just been made. (1-4) If Genesis be true. that is all a bit of romance. t.) . is a friendly gesture back. (14) here give what As is. He gestures to it He puts out his hand (11) Gen. He noticed at once that she had some resemblance to himself. He was Even Genesis says he was (11) Adam tion. much pleased to see the fascinating beauty of this newly-made woman. 3. Eve was not mad« until after the cattle and birds were named. that true. Adam was. (12) Gen. know what it was for. he wondered what they were for. for language no language that he has learned is an invention. The first man did not or. I will perhaps. These two young people watch each other for a time. (13) Gen. until finally Adam there approaches the new arrival. no doubt.

Perhaps they are on the banks of some waters are moving on to the sea. what the waters are they do not know. almost poetry. but their minds are as an infant's a few hours old. and the It They themselves \\q may call can move. nor did the true Eve talk to any serpent or pluck any forbidden fruit whereby she and her husband were cast out of any garden whatever. Their bodies are healthy. They may have had teeth. They are mysterious even to themselves. It is lovely prose. and therefore have no remembrance of anything whatever. river. As yet they do not know what their tongues are for.174 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and it is taken. but they know less than the monkeys they see in the forests. Here is the first marriage on earth. The first couple have tongues but no speech. They are not idiots. 3. or any other fanciful name. Marriages have always since been made on earth. v. We will suppose that they have been "made" but a few hours. They can only communicate by gestures and by signs. but the and Eve were never beautiful fancy picture : let us not cast it aside. yet they had barely wit enough to know that they could move about like some of the animals which they saw around them. (15) Section 3. . them any beautiful garden. Genesis is a true in Adam and Adam Eve. is their first sight of such a thing. (15) Gen. but they do not know what they are for. 17. Adam and Eve have gone down embalmed in history. but the ground was not and is not cursed by the Almighty.

" East the heavens begin to brighten. on the Bupposition that Adam was made. They go hand in hand to find where it disappeared. rayless. They are weary. When the man awakes. little further. for as yet no lips. for they never saw any such thing before? Meanwhile a strange stomachs. Then some stars are noticed are. It act. black night. but they know not what they How could they. the sun does not return. feeling begins to agitate their What it is they do not know. and it seems were slowly dropping yonder in the distance to the earth. They wait and watch. . of course. also. and they can see (16) I am following the correct Genesis. outstripped in the race. and. and night. but sinking low in the heavens them as if it . they cover themselves and are soon wrapt morsel of food has ever passed their in slumber. finding some leaves by the trunk of a fallen tree. some seeing that flies is and gnats are biting the woman's face. was the first ever given belet neath the skies. nor what it is for soon it is out of sight.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES (16) to 175 Let us follow them a . but are. above their heads. and the shadows begin to creep over the earth. and then something resembling the thing which disin the Slowly appeared gradually lifts itself up. catches them unawares. "What God hath joined no man put asunder. man such a sweet look of love that thenceforth they are inseparable. as near as possible. They know not what it is. and as he ing them the brushgives away she awakes and. The sun is they watch it.

but had come to visit them again from another that pair. some spot. Hunger was meanwhile pressing They saw some little lively things moving around in the stream what they were they knew not they tried to touch them. whither they knew not. The waters and in their of the brook had quenched their lips like the joy they made a noise with word "Ap. and with much agitation points She grasps her him to the Children in brain and experience. and instinctively they paused. has been the main spur to They shook the leaves from their man's exertion. it. naked bodies and wandered forth. as they arc. from that day to this. quarter.6 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES They thought (if each other again. he tasted them. and his parched tongue was cooled he smiled and beckoned to his mate to follow his example. and hunger. and was . they yet are sufficiently discriminating to notice their resemblance to themselves.four hours before) espies some peculiar looking objects in the branches of a nearby tree. At that moment the woman (we must call her a woman. "Ap" has been the name of water in India. which in respects closely resembles herself. an infant mind can think) that the object which they had followed had somehow escaped them in the woods and darkness.i. although "created" or "made" only about twenty." and. but the fishes were likewise refreshed. which she did. ever since then. : . too wary. But soon they came to a little brook that ran They watched close by. the man touched its waters. mate's arm. Those objects had arms . their thirst.

v. — (19) Gen. as before observed. after chattering a moment. he picked it up and. (19) food.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and legs 177 and hands. our Grandfather and Grandmother of ten thousand thing. which. For. who seized and ate it. they were much better provided by their maker than man. At once he offered it to the woman. The monkeys chattered together and seemed happy. in full possession of the field. Bour It may have been a banana. and did eat. more mischievous than the rest. It was not "ap" that he could plainly see. imitating the monkey. it may have been a sweet Mango not the stringy. except as but brains have won and will always win. 6. At this point Genesis and this Aryan legend agree. then held out her hand towards the ape as if begging for more. which it probably was. feet. kind. yet the — generations back. they skipped off to some trees further away (18) and left the first Aryans. 3. The man took her hand and led her cautiously toward the monkeys. and the man drew nearer and watched them. . (17) They were putting something in their mouths. but they were covered with someman and woman were naked. must have concluded that they were to be assailed. . he tasted it. and her husband did Now if there be such a hateful and horrible thing (17) Professor Garner has proven that monkeys have a language of forty-five or more words and. . to brains (18) I have never yet been able to learn what kind of fruit that was. threw something Fortunately it missed him and fell at his at the man. as apples do not grow in hot climates. Directly a young ape. for the woman found that "the tree was good for eat also." and she took of the fruit thereof. seeing them advance. it was not an apple.

they wandered back where they drank again. grief was impossible. sore straits for sustenance. as we have But already said. they started off briskly to find where hid. that it them again. and then. down in the warm sunshine and went to Children of a few hours require When ing. Yet something the man and woman. For.178 in this A QUESTION OF MIRACLES world as predestination. they wanted it to stay with them. in fact. lay sleep. These children of a day knew neither logic nor it Of left poetry. Section 4. viz. all monkey. . as they awoke they saw the it much sleep. and the fruit. and that the man and woman would be there at that precise moment to profit by If the it. and. then the foundations of the earth it is possible that laid it when were predestined in the councils of Heaven that that first was young Ape should fling a when they were in piece of fruit at our parents. the mischievous act of that young monkey. that is instinctively — to say. having appeased to the brook. : Three things were there in conjunction the ape. they did not they loved the know Sun themselves. was wanting. their appetite. and the fruit. and to their them once more in darkness. A believer in predestination must else : hold that "in the beginning" God did know that that young ape would cast that fruit at that juncture. Sun was disappearmight not escape it had before. that course. and the meas- man were predestined. without a care in the world. as above stated. then the all culmination of the matter was happy beyond ure for that man and woman.

revealed by any natural or supernatural means any of the essentials of religion. no one can truly The next chapter will show the absurd lengths to which Sun and Moon and Fire worship extended. and you will will not a find not a . Exodus. without a feeling of depression and sympathy for the hard and toilsome lives before them and their children. for Moon had not gone down in the West when the Sun came streaming up in the East. But I cannot leave this new man and woman. as to heaven. the and. again covered themselves with the friendly leaves and slept the sweet sleep of childhood. even after much serimust ous study. Thus they found . How many them as generations was be- fore they worshiped tell. that God. It would seem to be more necessary to reveal a plan how to get something to eat and to wear. my distant relatives. Suppose an angel had been sent to talk to a pure lives this life." also I add that I do not find. or why it left them. deities. what will? Read Chapter 20. the The next morning was an object lesson to them. And the same hard fate will continue until the "elements melt with fervent heat. at the coming of man. nor why it had once come back to them. pure life win it? If not. With many misgivings they turned back and sought the log of the first night. they had two friends termine. and.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 179 though they knew not what it was. new man and woman about Heaven and Their were pure. as near as the we can now first it de- Sun and Moon were objects of man's adoration.

At least. (23) (20) Matt. All their troubles are over. is if he fails in he is to roast in an everlasting fire (20) where weeping and gnashing of teeth. . (21) Luke 13:28. that I tliis new man have heretofore every animal on the face of the earth was better live. when it came. and are. evil is present (22) to pull him back. But man is commanded . The horse and the dog were. (21) And when man would do good. (22) Romans 7. (23) The latter part of this chapter is simply a bit of imagination. have been taught. equipped to came. being ivhom he never saw. and holds to it without wavering. than was man when he He was cast by a seeming cruel fortune naked upon a than friendless shore. to love a that. more favored man for when they die there is no hell for them. As ten said.l8o single A QUESTION OF MIRACLES one of tlie commandments and new woman could break. v. he is finally blest beyond all measure there there is a law that in a paradise of glory far exceeding so I all his merits. 25:41. yet it seems to be more nearly exact than some parts of Genesis. But if he is born with goodness paramount in his nature. and. 21 to 24.

is as truthful and as perfect as ours. Their Bible. But the Hindus insist that it was Sruti (heard) from In short. and they produce the very names of the men who composed it and translated it. moreover.CHAPTER XVI Hindu and Hebrew Section i. There are persons who are absolutely certain that the Hindu Bible was composed by men. and one of our Gods. aries make such slow progress in converting them to Christianity. that Bible was composed by men and translated by our men. and that their sacrifices. they answer back that the two parts of our Bible do not 181 . they say. was killed because he did not conform to or preach the doctrines of Judaism (the first part of our Bible). they say. that ours is in two parts. to obtain the favors of their Gods. were the inventions of scheming priests. their Bible (the Veda) was divinely inspired from on Here is one of the reasons why our missionhigh. They claim. that heaven by their Rishis (prophets). Sacrifices. If we reply that it was inspired from heaven.

dred years B. led in to us.l82 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES if agree. Anaxagoras. spoke to Moses. that the okl part (the Pentateuch. the Fathers of the race. If we insist that the Hebrew Bible is inspired. all old religions that Hindu and Hebrew and — —were. the college of Asia and Europe. then.) was God changed his mind. useless and senseless ceremony. being this. stained alike with human sacrifices. The are. to grope its way in darkness ? As us see both India and Palestine were once given over to sacrificings to appease how things were God and gain his favor. as hundred years ago. People living in this twentieth century would think it downright foolishness witness —absolute idiocy — of if they were to multitudes men and women wor- Sun and the Moon. some nineteen He may change it again. C. . And to it required all the eloquence of the great Pericles modify his sentence to banishment. a Grecian philosopher. was sentenced to death at Athens. about as large as the Peloponnesus. etc. and our sensibilities are deeply wounded when we consider in fact. he should not also speak to the dren of India? chil- Both of these peoples were men and women of His own "making" and if He marked out the road to heaven for one race. for teaching that the Sun was only a mass shiping the of blazing metal. The Hindus. why leave the other . Yet such were the Even so late as five hunfacts for thousands of years. is there really any reason that can be shown wliy. let when Buddha and Jesus came to preach reformation. if God actually inspired.

perhaps. means * • the fire stick of the Hindus. for Prometheus never stole any fire from heaven for the Hindus. ( i fruits" As the powers of nature. The Hebrews immolated years. Besides. The Aryans brought oblations of "first fruits" to their Spring and rice cakes in Gods barley in the the Autumn. and Satapatba. Fire was obtained either by rubbing the end ©f a hard perpendicular struck and set on (1) V. vol. at least. were and comfort. and possibly after the much more than a thousand rice cakes. The object sought in all sacrifices. barley ceased even animal sacrifices. human victims a thousand years. or did th« priesta inspire Hesiod. Hindus had and had fallen back upon and butter. stick through the groove of a softer one. and yet is. a bolt of lightning fire a dry tree. 808. 369. to gain the favor of heaven. first to receive the adora- Afterwards Agni was added as a Deity. later investigations in philology offer the solution that Promantha. (fire) it visible objects which brought light is probable that they were the tion of the infant world. 19. Br. these peoples inspired. or. 23. (2) Prometheus is the child of a Grecian poet's brain who lived about 900 years B. was.) A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Hindus. (2) Moreover. ' p. they do not have fire in heaven. and in all religions. but in the other place. in Sanskrit. 12. milk. S. Ency. Brahmana. ' — . the first to 183 in their early savage . E. C. Were both of themf 16 to 19. were probably their first to offer such oblations they were likewise the abolish them. p. state. brought into the house of the Lord. a thousand years later. And the He"first — brews. may have Whichever way it Exodus B. but it must have been centuries later. V. the Sun and Moon.

is it ? ( 3 Did not the Hindus simply lead the way? For they probably had their new and full moon sacrifices thousands of years before there was any Jewish clan or nation whatever. was shortly elevated to the dignity of a it God. of the services rendered to man. and as ours follow in their wake. us.) l84 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES it came. and thereupon pro- ceeded to hedge itself about with a cumbersome code of rules which they themselves could only repeat. Should it at any. and it be- came the duty of the family to keep it ever burning. but resulted ere long in giving birth to a sacerdotal class which it claimed to be divinely inspired. All the stupid details of Indian sacrifices quire a volume of offer little would remore than seven hundred pages. . When a Brahman fire led his bride house the nuptial from her Father's was brought along. Even now we would almost worship have it rather than taken permanently from 2. The new and full moon sacrifices were more (3) In my next chapter I shall show the old Jewish worship irhen Jesus visited Jerusalem and the Temple. they claim at least a brief notice. by reason. no doubt. Section nature was The worship of the visible forms of it at first simple and informal. it. If the forms and ceremonies of India worship were not true that ours are only copies simply the inventions of men. but as they form a part of the early man race. and religious history of the hu- to interest the general reader. the householder must expiate the offense by an oblation to the Gods.time become extinguished.

and observe strict silence while the oblations were being my invocations. When his about to take the vow the householder dipped hands into a vessel of water. ! May ! the sacrificer be to fire. fully swept. the God of fire. the devout Brahman. that he might keep his vow. . and I have necessarily abridged greatly. I have also abridged their formula to expel evil spirits. we choose full thee for our Brahma. and North to South. Thereupon the Adhvaryu (Priest) took a blade of grass and flung it towards the South. O ! offered. and : with that act he said at the "Expelled is sin . O Lord of the world Lord of this great universe.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES exacting and more costly. which was their early mode of baptism. wilt thou lead in this sacrifice? " (5) The ceremonies two (4) of the moon sacrifice often lasted days. around twice. fires built. previous to this. it (5) The formula is very long. were required to take a vow that they would abstain from meat and all carnal pleasures. 185 first The hearth was care- then lines were drawn at right angles. every is Adhvaryu the priest who performs the principal part of the sacrifice. on the vault of heaven This I proclaim wind and earth. this I proclaim command of the divine Savitri (God). the abode of the Rakshas (evil spirits). luster at There were and the Adhvaryu (4) changed them and when a log was put on any one of : the fires the priest muttered a text "Let there be Agni " The garhapatya (householder) and his wife. from East three to West. and thereby he became sacrificially pure. Moreover. He then prayed to Agni.

12. as did the Gods. and thereafter it was employed freely as interfere in the sacrifices. 12. made a burnt offering of fresh milk. but if a cow she must be four years old. said that the a sort of amulet. were th*^ scheming priests.i86 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES after sun- morning before snnrise and every evening set. The devils in Palestine later could also talk. (7) The reason. and he was expected his life. to be the children of Prajapati. They claimed. perform Agnihotra every day to the end of The priest's fee for a Hindu's first new moon sacrifice was a cow or pair of cattle. Section 3. in this case. (6) It is Gods perceived that water was a thunderbolt which could be used against the Rakshas. . This was to called his Agnihotra. they said. And they named them Goblins. about in the air. (8) Vol 12. vol. roamed and Hindu on goblins could talk. p. Sacred Books of the East. page 198. and in the two moon sacrifices the Gods entered upon the one that waxes and the Asuras the one which wanes. all Rakshas and Asuras. (7) Of course the Gods. It is beyond question that India pre- ceded Palestine by a great in devils or many centuries. in its belief wicked spirits. 9 and p. In India they were always on hand to and sometimes actually forbade it. unfettered in directions. that the Asuras and Rakshas interfered in the sacrifices was that they were contend- ing for the supremacy. Sacred Books of the Eaat. (8) (6) Satapatha Bralimana. it is said.

' ' simply a legend of the struggle b«tweea light and darkness. as Kuhn says. ancient as well as later on. Vol. and asked for as much earth as he could lie down upon. as to who created They said the Hindus had no such Gods and the devils all sprang at from Prajapati." (11) Exodus 23. it Moses must have heard of law and approved when he said. p. (9) But the Gods regained it by a trick they brought forward Vishnu. 12. the guilt off was wiped this upon hiui." (11) The priests of India when they abandoned animal (9) If God created all beings. Vishnu stretched himself until he covered the entire world. offered Jesus a great many munificent things if he would just fall devil. that no one must make an oblation that without a dakshina — a gift to the officiating If a sacrificer disobeyed this rule. a dwarf. and to divide one time the Rakshas defeated the Gods and were about up the world. the father of the Gods. 59 and 144. is it not. (10) This contending of the Gods is exemplified in Milton 'g Paradise Lost. is and wanted worship. There has been much speculation the Palestine devils.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES This whole matter. 15. "None shall appear before the Lord empty handed. But this stretching of Vishnu over the earth. : This being assented to. but the trouble. priests made is. volves around this central thought : 187 re- the devils ( Rakshas and Asuras) wanted the earth. a rule. . Sacred Books of the East. then did he not create Satan also? if there is such a being. (10) Those Brahman brews priests. V. it The Hebrew down and worship him. remembered. as did the He- later on.

and no my own. Who were those Rakshas and Asuras had evil designs against the sacrificers ? And how (12) Satapatha. 12. might be put down and tied with a hundred that fetters. ch." The Asuras. and do not lease him. . battle in India seven or eight is at the sacrifice. 51. . . us. or hated him. Vol. p. vol. re- It was the same old all thousand years ago. p. Sacred Books of the East. 20. (13) man can hold it. and when he raised it he said it became a thunderbolt against the Rakshas and said. ( 12) of the rice represented the hair .000 years. And the Hotri added. except that the Hotri (priest) prayed whoever had evil designs against the sacrificer. about twenty inches long. Eevelations. "I take it. ''O Divine Savitri hate. not with a thunderbolt. 12. At all sacrifices. the priest made use of a straight wooden sword (sphya). that when water was became the skin when mixed it became the flesh when baked it was the bone and sprinkling it with butter furnished the marrow. (14) The Hebrew devil was only bound for 1." (14) that Section 4. that over waged against evil in America. Sacred Books of the East. (13) Pushan was the distributor to the Gods.! i88 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES that the beard sacrifices told the people that rice cakes possessed all the efficacy of the sacrificial animal . though vanquished turned to the strife continually. tie ("God) him who hates and whom we him re- down to the farthest end of the earth. and in fact the world today. 53." he for "with the hand of Pushan. it is all enemies. poured on rice it .

Lit. Thence it slowly filtered into the Jewish mind. p. while prisoners. in the land of the seven rivers. in north- western India. centuries back the They think the first Hindus themselves cannot Aryan man lived millions of years ago. and color. which they found occupying the country. is It Max Miiller.— A QUESTION OF MIRACLES did a belief in 189 them so possess the Indian mind that they filled the Veda with it ? They not only filled the Veda (15) but their belief reached Persia and Babylon. 557. This belief was first taught. all-conquering hills. handsome people. and all it had the same ending that such wars have had since that day. the oldest book in the world. was memorized by many generations. a or black race. types were flat-nosed. cess. in the Punjab." and to distinguish them further. hideous looking creabattled for their homes. The lower tures." "enemies. and is now thoroughly embedded in the pages of the New Testament. used the word "varna" In contempt they were called flat-nosed. greatly superior in intelligence and civilization to the aborigines. flnally printed. we might say preached. learned it. entered India from the Northwest that then they were dark a fair-skinned. Here at once began a race war.. exactly how many tell. but . He called (15) The Veda Bans. But if the first Aryans were in the Punjab eight or ten thousand years ago. The proof is strong and convincing that the Aryans . but without suc- who The Aryan pushed them to the them "Dasyus. that is a long time. and carried it to Palestine. where Ezra and Nehemiah.

In short." The Asuras must have been a tribe friendly to the Rakshas. is a later arrival. sacrifices. and so worked conjunction with Rakshas that they were likewise branded as "demons." (i6) The Asuras were the of the same piece." hence Rakshas or "forbidders. or devil. black-skinned. and in the New Testament they cut a great figure. "forhiddcrs." "goblins." "monsters. monsters. The imaginaflat- some Aryan poets transformed those looking. they would not permit the Aryans to worship. . for they joined them in confronting the Aryans everywhere. unsightly beings. This controversy or struggle between the Aryans and the aborigines in Punjab was freighted with a great and lasting influence upon millions and millions of people and on nations then unborn." (17) The serpent. the in They disturbed Aryan they forbade it. And because they forbade (raksh) they were called Rakshas. and called monsters on were and demons. later A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Tliey were twitted of eating raw flesh. The Hindu demons traveled West. in They were ene- mies of the Aryans. beyond all question. and wherever any quarter they obtained a slight advantage. The Aryans. mentioned in Genesis. and in revenge.190 noseless." "fiends. from enemies demons. reduced some of the natives to slavery. in Hindu. The Hebrew devil does not actively appear until long after the exile. devils personal devils —make tions of — their first appearance in history. (17) (16) Forbade." "devils. is "Eaksh. into despicable human devils. as a punishment. For here. nosed. and until we reach the Apocrypha.

E. "in the beginning" Prajapati (18) alone all that he created the Gods. Noah landed in the moun- Were they the feeble remnants of ex- piring prehistoric man. 12. Indra was the greatest. and they decked the body of their dead with flowers. B. probably ago. had found a handsome. said. fiendish Dasyus. the world might still be without a devil. that of these. for ? all our religions for all these centuries They were in India both before and after tains of Ararat. Those Aryan visaged Dasyus. 8th Khanda Prapathaka. and it much more than may have been two or six thousand years even four thousand years beyond that period. on their migration into India. the early Aryans worshipped numerous Gods.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 191 Possibly if the Aryans. page 384. dreamed that they were canonizZoroaster must have heard of them. and all the races that of men. the antiif quarians answer. white-skinned. in their lofty sneers at the little dark ing them in history. Vol. S. Some translators make it that Prajapati was this universe. (18) There is a line in the TJpanishads that the Asuraa •worshipped the body. or were they "made" traces of let in it an are Eden so far beyond Adam's day that all buried forever beyond recovery? This. or of them. . But they existed . for his devils are simply reproductions of the Section 5. had. Whence came those flat-nosed Dasyus if who have furnished prototypes. This unhappy meeting of those two races took place in northwestern India. lords. they made no mention On the other hand. they The Dasyus had no Gods. friendly race. not actual devils..

and that they might not lack for numbers. . thirty-three Gods. Varuna was the Lord of punishment. Manu. (20) and Vashnu and Siva they propitiated him with songs. (20) Varuna holds the scepter over Kings.192 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES filched Soma was from heaven by a falcon. were later Gods. (19) Rudra was the God of the roaring storm Agni was fire. all told. and that merging of Gods took place thousands of years before Buddha was born. . the Aryans invented. the Aryans made a pleasant drink. But finally all these were merged in Brahma. (19) Soma was the juice of the moon plant from which 9:245.

and they received the hides of the animals for their fee.. book 3. A thank offering was the same except that the priest received a part of the flesh for his services. 3 to 6. But instead of advancing in great amount of civilization with the passing centuries. and then (1) Jos. Section i. v. and observe what the Jews were doing in Palestine nineteen hundred years ago. the Jews are furiously engaged in slaughtering rams and bulls and long campaign against goats. 9. their bodies.. 1. and in that sin. sec. book 3. eh. (2) Jos. to make atone- ment for When the victims were slain. ch. Antiq. Antiq. now march forward to a period much later.. We have seen in the preceding chapter pre- that India practiced some of the most fooHsh and Let us posterous modes of worship imaginable. and burning parts of their sins.CHAPTER XVII : Mode of Worship of the Jews What Jesus Saw IN Jerusalem. 10. The world is much older. ch. 3. their ( i ) They likewise had new moon offerings.. the priests sprinkled the blood round the altar. (2) the breast" of the animal before the Lord. it ought to have harvested a wisdom. 193 . Ezra. wherein they burned flesh In some instances they "waved unto the Lord.

ch. for they delighted in burning their victims. ch. 12 to 14. 21. nor any one having a blemish. been dead more than eight hundred years. Jerusalem. shoulder tliey could make an offering unto the Lord. 63. Ezekiel. salted his offering.194 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES it gave to "Aaron and his sons. v. 6 and I know some writers try to apologize for the blood-loving 7. 32. v. 20. 7. the high priest." (3) But the right offering. 28 to 34. (4) nor a lame one. v. (3) Leviticus 7. (5) Leviticus. v. 17. they burned sons and daughters in the valley of Hinnon. if it be true that the Lord desired such sacri- he must have been immensely pleased with Solo- mon when he offered twenty-two thousand oxen and one hundred and twenty thousand sheep. Moses (4) Leviticus. 20 to 21. v. v. no doubt. by offering the plea that the children were first slain. also ch. But even if that be admitted. v. found the book of Deuteronomy. C. the flat-nosed man accept (5) The Jews seem to God. 24. V. was not the whole thing an abomination of horrors? (7) Exodus. v. 8. v. ch. then burned.. nor a dwarf. 14 to Moses had 24) is one of the strangest "finds" in all history. Jews. ch. 17. ch. Second Kings. 32. it. bestowed upon the priest for a heave But neither a flat-noscd man. 16. ch. ch. Micah. ch. ." (7) and fice. all sacrifices were strictly forbidden everywhere in Palestine except in that old Jebusite capital. 35. Where had that book been all those centuries? The truth about the matter. 34. (9) The "finding" of that book (2nd Chron. (6) Jeremiah. 2. ch. 6. Agni. Even if the Lord would not have loved the Hindu their and even so late as 600 years B. (9) had undoubtedly heard of th« "flat nosed Eakshas" mentioned in sections 4 and 5 in the preceding chapter. (8) First Kings. (6) Moses says God told him ''to offer sheep and oxen. (8) But after Hilkiah.

during fifteen . v.. 14 to 18. wrote it. ch. not only a holy city. celeto be lamb brated by living in tents and booths in memory of their long journey through the wilderness days. v. . was to their special interest that all sacrifices should be offered in Jenisalem. 6. The Hindus offered first but they did not offer wines. 34 to 43. but the all most the earth to them. in memory of pascha (the feast of the passover) . (11) all sacrifices in This centering of holy place in Jerusalem made It it at once. 17 and 19. 8. traffic became likewise a great center of The Jew would also. (10) Nisan (March and April) was a noted time for them. in imitation of the Hindus. Moreover. the scribe. v. wherein. ch. Fifty days later came the festival of Pentecost. or Hilkiah. the high priest. This was followed by the feast of the tabernacles. is It that Shaphan. 23. but he would cheat his neighbor out of his inheri- tance. 12 to 35.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 195 Thither the Jews flocked in vast numbers three times every year. rams and one hundred and five lambs. ch. 23. Nehemiah. to the Jews. (10) fruits. Temple. (12) Deut. Exodus. sacrifice in the and commerce. if possible. Leviticus. this lasted eight which they sacrificed seventy-one bulls. 29. the Jews became puffed up and pride-blown for they were taught that they were an holy people unto the Lord (12) and that "He had chosen them to be a special . v. 7. ch. after the finding of Deuteronomy. eh. in lieu thereof they gave Agni and Indra some rice. they offered the also a first fruits of the harvest unto the priest. burned and some ivine for the Lord. v. (11) Numbers. boiled in milk.

lions Josephus tells us that in A. (13) This horrible stuff of God . ch. 14. nineteen hundred years ago when Jesus was born. (15) Section 2. Moses writes himself down as a bloodthirsty wretch by giving such an order. 23. But he kept thirty-two thousand little girls for even a worse fate.. three mil- were there at the Passover. and there met great concourses of people gathered from every quarter of Palestine. ch. he visited Jerusalem frequently. It is probable there were about 2. old and young. This Temple was is put into our Bible as being inspired It is cruel history. they slew every male. v. 20. Such was the law. 44 to 46). 25. and Moses was "wroth with the officers" that they had saved all the women alive. 9 to 48. and such was the practice. v. (16) Ch. Josephus. his guess was perhaps a million or so too many. D. and he directed that every one be killed. inspiration. v. ch. from whom they bought their slaves. not (Leviticus. 31. V. (14) But when they devastated Midian.000 Jews in Palestine.196 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES all people unto Himself. Wars of the Jewa. 17. If he obeyed the law of Exodus (16). and could buy the children of people (not Jews) who dwelt among them." people on the face of Thenceforward. (13) If they stormed a city and took it.500. rounding nations in greater degree than ever. section 3. 65. but kept the women and little children as slaves. But as no census was then taken. 10 to 14. above the earth. all sur- and peoples became gentiles or heathen unto them. ch. they murdered every male. (15) Numbers. (14) Deut. book 2.

A QUESTION OF MIRACLES finished only a 197 few years before Jesus was born. where all could see it. The Court of the Gentiles was wide and roomy. as they approached the Temple to be sacrificed to appease God's wrath toward the Jews. ch. six was and court. the royal cloisters. the lowing of cattle and the bleating of flocks of sheep and the plaintive cry of lambs were heard everywhere in the surrounding hills.) — was — . the outer ferent enclosures or courts. and ten thousand men them and put them in place. the Holy of dove stalls Holies. v. the or booths for the money changers — all these cov- ered about eighteen or nineteen acres. 2. at a vast outlay of money and labor. Just before the Feast of the Passover and the feast of the Tabernacles and Pentecost. (17) But the Temple occupied only a small portion included in the dif- The Royal Porch alone hundred feet long. court of Israel. because he took some Greeks beyond the court of the Gentiles (or heathen) that included every one not a circumcised Jew. 20. Herdsmen were (17) That means the Temple proper the Jews told Jesus it forty-six years in building. the sheep pens. Jews never sacrificed for Moreover. the any but circumcised Jews.) (18) Paul was arrested and came near losing his life. the court of the Gentiles. but here a warning was carved. Yet it was comin one year and a half. (John. the slaughter houses for the victims. for it was death for any Gentile to pass beyond it. each forty feet high. the cotes. the cattle yards. studded with one hundred sixty white marble columns. priest's court. A thousand wagons hauled the white stones for polished pleted itself it. the woman's court. (Acts 21. (18) The whole space occupied by the Temple.

The secret channels down through the rocks towards the It king's garden. sheep. was blood. and there slain. 10. 2. the whole day long. haggling about prices for sacrificial . the blood being caught by the priests in bowls and dashed upon the altar. ch. money changers were also on hand yell- ing. nor can a modern man imagine how could be other than intolerably shocking. (John. because the whole Temple was used in a manner that would utterly shock the sensibility of men educated in Christian churches. were borne into the Temple. the proper sacrificial offering. Jesus' parents went to Jerusalem every (19) A Jew could not pay the Temple tax in foreign coin. it blood. gurgled zuith blood. hence the money changers. and of the pavement and walls dripping with gore. incessantly flowing with blood." every feast great nuniljers of (19) At Jews came without sale. "Thousands and tens of thousands of sheep. v. "Here's your shekels for the sanctuary.) (20) Beecher's Life of Jesus. driving bargains. hence the custom of keeping in the Temple. Hour after hour. oxen and doves for This custom was less repulsive to the Jews than it would be to us. ch. as well as at every Pentecost and every feast of the Tabernacles. this spectacle continued. conceive We cannot repul- how even familiarity would abate the siveness of the altar. and carried or driven into the court of the priests." (20) Section 3. at every Passover.198 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES animals there. . blood. 14.

was an unsurpassed abomination. ch. 46. Yet we have no record. slaughter house. v. for that required every male to appear there three times each year. v. many He surely did. both before and after Jesus denounced the traffickers as thieves.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES year to the feast of the Passover. 19. at the time of the great feasts. . The Jewish mode of worship. if he acted in obedience to the law of Exodus (chapter 23). Mark 11. except one Passover. (22) To all appearances. and overthrow the tables of the money den of changers. its religious observances than the Jews of John the Baptist must have witnessed the same horrible sight. and twelve years old 199 when he was he went with them (21) and probably between the ages of twelve and thirty years he saw the slaughter of animals in the Temple times. the outer courts of the Temple altar was a reeking must not omit to mention that Jerusalem and the Temple. The I And here absurdity in Palestine. He also branded the traffickers as a thieves. for he preceded Jesus in preach- (21) Luke 2. and in fact at all times. (22) Luke. No heathen people anywhere had a greater agglomeration of filth and downright were great noisy bazaars. 15 and 16. were probably as filthy and disgusting places as could be found any where on earth. that he ever set himself so decidedly against the Jewish mode of worship as to drive the sheep and oxen out of the Temple.

hucksters and The episode in the Temple with money changers drew upon Jesus the the eye of the Sanhedrin.) (Matt. They who are accounted worthy to obtain that world (23) Luke 3. After driving out the T. says he went secretly to the feast of the Tabernacles. 21. (John 2. says he taught daily in the Temple. From that hour the Phari- sees took counsel how if it They asked him Caesar? they might destroy him. ch. (26) Matt. 19. 13 to 16. 5.200 ing tlie A QUESTION OF MIRACLES baptism or repentance that (23). 12 traflBckers. (25) Jesus made at least three visits to Jerusalem. and they each. 18. as a traitor. Luke. John 1. (25) was lawful to give tribute to Now if he answers no. even unto the cross.) John. It is our law that his brother shall take her. in turn. 3:7. v. 7. and died without issue. Now there were seven brothers. v. But he perceived Defeated them to "render unto Caesar the things and told which are re- Caesar's. only to enlist every Pharisee against him. leaving the woman and no issue. v. took her to wife. (24) Matt." (24) Section evil 4. Matt. In the resurrection. but returned. 22. 4:5. v. who say tion. Then the Sadducees. they tired in confusion. and it is no wonder John branded them as "a generation of vipers. he went to Bethany. to 24. ch. 15 to 23. he can be executed their design. v. 47. Mark 12. ." (26) in their scheme. whose wife is she?" : Jesus answered them quickly resurrection neither "The children of the marry nor are given in marriage. came to him and said "A : there is no resurrec- certain man married and died.

and as he looked upon the bloody altar it must have impressed him as a senseless. p. would ask or require such idiotic performances. for it cannot be possible that an all-wise Being. that the devas (angels) heaven are opapatika that without the is. B. Leviticus. which is a sufficient reason that "they neither marry in nor are given marriage. 27 to 38. Mark 12. v. but on common sense as well. 19 to 25. 11." In that great surging crowd at the Temple. heard of the Hindu doctrine.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES are as the angels in heaven. (Exodus 2. Yet that outrageous proceeding found its complete authority in the We — alleged inspired Pentateuch. Moses commenced life as a murderer. Does any one believe that God inspired the Rishis of India to bake a cake of rice for (27) Luke 20. Jesus and his corporal's guard of Galilean followers must have been as a few sands only on the shores of the ocean.) . Numbers and Deuteronomy were and are inspired of heaven. seem to see him there watching the persistent slaughter of cattle. (28) I must here state that I utterly disbelieve in the inspiration of the Pentateuch. S. awful burlesque not only on religion. E. 213." (27) in the highest 201 probably- He had . the ruler of millions of worlds. (28) But we answer. then Jesus was if Now not justified in scourging the traffickers out of the Temple. sheep. those books never were inspired.. goats and pigeons. Exodus. they come into existence intervention of parents. also Vol.

In Jerusalem. you. p. Moreover. ch. On the other hand Jesus felt that such sacrifices as he had witnessed were Scribes. (30) Matt. it was clearly against the law of Moses. KuUavagga. E. vol. Sacred Books of the East. (30) Such radicalism the Jew could not stand. and man of Galilee — that man- most wonderful combination of heart. L'O. and that true religion was to love one's enemies. of bloody sacrifices must be changed. 11. . if not quite. (29) Section 5. brain and conscience this world has witnessed for nineteen hundred years kind. R. It would uproot and overturn all his ancient notions. the lowers not to practice the low arts of divination. reSilam. 152. 5. and Sadducees quickly saw would be "pushed from their stools.." hence their instant and bitter opposition. 196. —opened up a new chapter visit in the history of truth that the old Mosaic religion Temple impressed him with the was wrong that the doctrine of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" was the law of vengeance. p. etc. ag^o told his fol- Buddha twenty-four hundred years not to sacrifice to the gods. S. the Veda. do good unto them that hate His to the . and therefore the Jew said it must be wrong.202 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Yet tlie Indian priests in their holy Bible. The law (29) Maba and vol. impious. have preached that doctrine to the Hindus for fifty him? or sixty centuries.. Pharisees The that they almost.

Jesus' doctrine was to the Jews a terrible the which they determined to punish." (33) for the new wine would burst the old bottles. but to fulfil it. 11. (31) India. 203 and in its place must be set the docand with pure heart they were to pray but not standing on the corner of the to the Father — streets. v. always narrow and bigoted.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES pealed. But he soon found that He could not put "new wine into old bottles. 9. and in His sermon on the mountain he said he had not come to destroy the law. v. superstition was the pride of their clan. and had fallen back upon for But the Jew. long before Moses was born. v. had without a struggle abolished bloody sacrifices. wonder at his temerity. 16 and 17. trine of love. his new wine (new doctrines) would rend asunder the old Mosaic faith. and little. abolished. human life. and the new piece of cloth put upon an old garment would not agree with it. to persecute. Here is the issue. Jesus said the law and prophets were until John (32). . being a man of blood. and thus put an end forever to the new heresy. any one That very assailed the old Mosaic superstition. if any. 36 and 37. as the hypocrites (Pharisees) do. 5. Hence his determination to destroy man of Galilee. rice cakes. Nothing good (31) Matt.ly looking back. standing here and The calm. (32) Luke 16. 16. had no regard for animal life. We of the twentieth century. even unto strange cities who (34). (33) Luke 5. was ready heresy. (34) Acts. Jewish mind. v. Matt. 26. In other words (and he was right about it). ch.

(35) John 1. (36) The uncharitable Jew would brand every man as a heathen who was not of his clan. virtually pulling down the Temple about their ears. though not a God. This contest has been going on now for nineteen hundred years and the Jews are a . v. do good unto others. scarcely thirty years of age. is dred and fifty millions of people. V. Jesus stands there teaching the doctrine. 46. (36) Mark 13." and he wants that published to all nations.204 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES had ever come out of Nazareth (35) and here was a young Nazarene. 10. devoutly worshiped by an hun- . A greater battle than that between David and Goliath is to be fought. unlovely race. "love thy neighbor. That young Nazarene. scattered.

11.) Asava: love of life. (i) Job. a philosophical Hindu work composed about three thousand years ago. the soul commands. 199. and without body. and therefore immortal." The Upanishads. 299. incorporeal. indissoluBut how ble. which is immortal. B. 19." — Socrates said told that Bikkhu he was still bound by the fetters (Vol. shall he live again ?" Shakespeare says "To to die. indissoluble and immortal? (2) "The body. C. XVIII of Buddha and Jesus.: CHAPTER The Heaven and Hell Section I be. but it is the abode of self. E. and in that sleep of death. or soul. Ency. invisible. Br. in i. or shall I not What and how shall that distant time?" asked a questioning Hindu 500 years B. The Hindus went so far as to claim that if the aye. S. to sleep. therefore it is akin to the divine. p. perchance : "The dream soul is uncompounded. 205 . in a beautiful line. future. vol.." he adds. immutable. (1) Buddha of delusion. asks: "If a man die. The Bhikkhu was told he must do good for its own sake alone." did Socrates know that the soul was uncompounded." See Plato's Phaedo. "Shall ? I exist during the ages of the shall I be. (2) Socrates must have used the vford "soul" in the senia of "mind. "serves. there's the rub. p. says the body is mortal and always held by death.

ch. he reached the banks of the Narangana river. it obtained bliss in heaven. on the other fitting his reached a place exactly merits or de- merits.) (5) Acts 26. called the Bodhi tree. he certain would not win Heaven. and is in Behar. Buddha changed and ten side. that heathen. At (6) last in wander- ing about. Paul's. his conversion was vastly different his from at St. He then did Tiot (4) Jesus while on earth spoke Aramaic. hells : a saint and had seven heavens or a guilty culprit. Moreover. and from the clouds Jesus (who had been crucified some years before) spoke to him in the Hebrew tongue (4) and told Paul that he had come to make him a minister unto the Paul forgot. devoted and fasting. p. soul. as we have al- heretofore seen. (6) It is now called the Phalgu. 14. when he commenced six years to strenuous penance work. 1. — 10 and 11. saw midday a great light from Heaven. forever and ever that is. and sat himself down (3) Laws of Mami. as already mentioned. (5) Jesus never spoke Hebrew —he spoke Aramaic. We have been told that Paul. (Ch. when he made that statement.2o6 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES soul chiefly practiced virtue (and vice only in a small degree). fasting. so that at times he was wasted to During those six years he carefully contemplated the woes and the mysteries of the human most a shadow. 20. That tree ia . v. 14 and 15. felt Penance. Upanishads.. (3) that plan. on journey to Damascus to persecute the Christians. his life Buddha. 140. Revelations punishes the wicked with fire and brimstone. V. mortification of the body. v. 12. eternally. understand Hebrew. vol.

But when Shampati had three times Buddha consented. temple of truth. right means of livelihood. hast freed thyself. Thou in bonds. if marked out an eight. . stories are exceedingly beyond sober fact. With life. look now upon the people trine. the world. The law of Magadha is contaminated. life is The turning about to hide lo. point in his yet to come. Briefly told. S. right belief. they cannot obtain salvation. enveloped the world prosperity.fold path. the thirst or desire of existence. "May the blessed one There are beings whose mental eyes are darkened. the thirst or desire for which. E. right speech. and forthwith announced that the door of immortality was wide Section repeated this request. right effort." O leader of the pilgrim band (7) Wander through experience. followed.. right aspira- right conduct. B. he saw : that a three-fold thirst. O wise one. hast ascended the appeared before him and said preach the doctrine.! A QUESTION OF MIRACLES under a tree to consider 207 how the salvation of the race might be accomphshed. right meditation. and if they do not hear this doctrine. and he the thirst or lust of pleasure. or lust. right memory. Shampati precedes Paul by five hundred years. Preach the doc- Paul on the road to Damascus had a similar But both of these 2. p. this insight into is the miseries and mysteries of his he new-found light under a bushel when we are told that Brahma Shampati. 36. Thou. would surely lead to the bliss of : heaven. 13. (7) Vol. namely tion. from : the world of spirits.

5. must The avoid the extremes sensuality on one hand and asceti- — cism on the other. Thereupon he com- posed his sermon on "The foundation of the of Righteousness." (8) It is if Kingdom not as beautiful as Jesus' will follow. (10) Matt. . Craving or also desiring a future Heaven this not to be considered. (9) Vol. in life must be put (9) be done for its own sake only. Sacred Books of the East. Sacred Booka of the East. V. pp. Ignorance. man must be pure in heart. There etc. 11. embraced Buddhism and led a self-restrained. In short. either Buddha or Jesus. in other words. 148 and 130. is a middle path : right thoughts. are all fetters which must be broken. who has given up the world. to heaven. 11. man. with- Sermon on the Mount. Hatred and ill feeling must be cast aside. he must hunger and thirst after righteousness. (10) To the Jews who would lead such spotless lives. but any one out faltering. 146. twenty-three hundred and fifty years ago. pure life. Jesus promised a place in the kingdom of Heaven. Reliance and ceremonies will not avail. be very certain to gain admission. doubt. right conduct. pride. delusions. 6. (11) If a man in India. if he wrapped holiness about him as a man wraps a mantle round his Good must rites on (8) Vol.2o8 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES all open to who had ears to hear. Craving for success aside. he said. V. 6 to 16. selfrighteousness. (11) Matt. 5. which is will lead one surely Craving must be rooted life in out.. he will be such a place as heaven or Nirvana thereto —even — if there if the gate is narrow. p.

or Jesus or Bethlehem — will he be left in outer darkness in India ? There are millions of pious Buddhists noble eight-fold path. (2nd Corin. will he. and no being back. 209 man was holy in deed and in word and who never heard of Moses. S. and an immeasurable bright light appeared. until the Gods in the the And highest heavens answered back that "the wheel of the empire of truth has been verse can turn set rolling by the Blessed One. B.) But the Buddhists have seven heavens. (12) the who never heard of Jesus. yet they habitually follow the Will they be shut out of the royal chariot-wheel of kingdom? How is this? We the are told that when truth had been set rolling onwards by the Blessed One. Sacred the Kingdom of Eighteousness. 5. Now it has been asserted that while Buddha said (12) P. as we are told." Gods of each of the heavens. 4. lighting up the universe.. and neither Mara (the devil) nor any God in the uniit back. 147. v. Paranimitavi Buddha has a chapter on the Foundation of 7. (13) Paul tells us that he was caught up to the third heaven. and that in thought." (13) This ten thousand world system. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES body. ch. heard the shout of the inhabitants of the Heaven beneath. saying: Gods of earth gave forth a it "The in empire of truth has been the universe can turn set rolling. it is said. shout. 11. it is said. Tusita. 2. upon the world. 3. quaked and trembled. E.. Yama. Thus was Buddhism launched. and they took up the cry. 11. vol.) . 143 to 155. 1 to 4. 6. Brahmakayika. Nimaurati. 12. (P. Bhumma. and their names are as follows: 1. Katumaharagika. Books of the East. vol.

except its own. for after." (16) Moreover Buddha acknowledged the existence of a spiritual body. and bowed down before him. 433." Buddha here teaches two worlds. 35 and Buddha says. S. . but the welldoer. 100. vol.. B... vol. p. he soon there- is said. he mourns in both. (15) See Rhys Davids' misleading article in vol. when he dies. 17. 4. a state of woe and hell . . 126. E. and that while it is true that he proclaimed the higher life in all its purity and perfection ( 14). : is full is of anxiety . for after the death of his body. yet after all he does not acknowledge the existence of a soul as a thing distinct from the parts and powers of death. and is reborn into some happy state in Heaven. Moggallana. but belief. Ency.2IO A QUESTION OF MIRACLES many beautiful things about the sweet rest in Nirvana (Heaven). one of Buddha's chief disciples. 125. where it Bays "the evil doer mourns in this world. but he assumed it as a fixed fact. "Some people go to Heaven." etc. vol. Davids must have read Section 15. He belongs to a class which can see no good in any sect p. p. and there told Moggallana that Devadatta was a traitor (14) p. that excellent eternal place of bliss on the other side of the ocean of existence. (15) man wliicli are dissolved at Let us see if the above be true. strong in recti- tude. Dhamniapada. he reborn into a state of distress and punishment. it when Kakudha appeared to dies. E. Br. Sacred B. When he made the statement above mentioned. he must have known that the laws of Manu explicitly teach the '•mmortality of the soul and Buddha not only never assailed that Not only that. see more of this further on. he mourns in the next. ch. (16) Mahavagga 6:28. 17. But. E. 5. 1. In one of his first sermons Buddha said "The wrongdoer. dies without anxiety. 10. Sacred B.

If so. five hundred years later. Matthew must have read the Kullavagga. 5. ch. B." (18) The Bhikkhus were them desired sured of final told by Gotama that if any of no longer reborn and to "be assalvation. they must fulfill all righteousto be (17) The text says he appeared as big as two rice fields. 268. it Kalpa that is. when was Buddha said. is "Gives birth to the highest merit. in heaven. Deva- having attempted a schism of Gotama. that act. that When the Blessed secret. its truth. ''Blessed are the peacemakers. for Devadatta would soon prove 3. years it is — in Hell. he happy Gotama repeated that he who brings peace to the Samgha (Church). 40. — gha.) Paul. 254 and p. questionable. vol. p. . in 1st Corin. 20. millions of whoever made peace in the SamBut divided. of a in the Samgha (church) and the was meted out the punishment. and p. (17) One learned of this. that one act insures his happiness in Heaven being questioned further. for a Kalpa. he simply enquired if Moggallana had penetrated the mind of that celestial being. so as to know that Kakudha was not mistaken. for As we life shall see further along. Sacred Books of the East. notwithstanding Ehys Davids' assertion that he was an atheist. If (Kullanagga. others occupied his place." and for a Kalpa. posin all Bibles. (18) Matt. It seems that Buddha believed in celestial beings. E. Kakudha. he was not incommoded. 1. S. sibly learned of this Hindu celestial being.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES to 211 Kakudha then vanished away. v. Section datta. And Another great soul. This vanishing out of sight is always. vol. 20. 234. Moggallana was to keep the Buddha.. said. or at least heard of it. said. for they shall be called the children of God.

and Akankeyya Sutta. 117. he his body. 17. Sacred Books of the East. 21. thence never to turn. 11. quite numerous (Vol. 211 to 218. ments of Buddha as to the immortality of the there are many who deny it that he taught that doctrine. ill-will. 11. who belonged to the Nigantha squarely as to the charge." was the reply. vol." "for where your treasure is. p. Sacred Books of the East." A QUESTION OF MIRACLES And if one of the brethren desired to become re- an inheritor of the highest Heaven. and and not good. 213 and 217. was charged against Gotama that he taught the doctrine of annihilation. after the words. delu- sion. Yet nothwithstanding the many repeated statesoul. "the not doing of such actions as are unrighteous. either by lation. who ate their meals naked. the Bikkhu held him to the earth. Siha. lust. (21) questioned bim "I teach. all And as to annihi- proclaim the annihilation of things which are evil. de(19) Matt. V.) . he was told that he must destroy every bond that In other words. is no doctrine if taught than that speaks no any scripture more plainly a Bhikkhu adheres to the right docin evil. All such things must be burned away. p." (19) There trine. I word or deed or thought. Sacred Books of the East. rooted out. (21) The Niganthas were a non-Buddhist sect. and denied the Nevertheless result of actions. there will your heart be also. in will. thoughts and deeds.212 ncss. a general. in the early days of Buddhism. 6. (20) Vol. must "lay up treasures in heaven. be death of (20) born into some happy state in Heaven. Whereupon sect. is irreproachable in conduct. p.

that one could — make his body multiform. moral conduct. where was out walk- us Jesus one night ing on a boisterous sea. 48.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES stroyed. to 10. 17. of lusts. or through a mountain. and pointed him the way to Nir- vana (Heaven). and Gotama likewise preached to him of alms-giving. the genand he desired to become immediately a member of the Samgha (church). there if are charged against him which. even in the body. went lest 31. then he drops down to tlie level of a necroI\Ioreover. 137. v. while things it is true that there are many good some things taught by Gotama. the respect one true. Saered Books of the East. Now. us that Jesus. Mahavagga (23) Vol. one he who tells is guilty of misleading that may be the very Mark (24). E. up to the heaven of Brahma' (God). (22) Vol. At another time the same doctrines were announced to Roga. 3 through some doors. p. 17. and did not sink. 213 These doctrines won Siha. But if he taught Iddliis that is. (24) Chapter G. the doors being shut. and of the corruption of of the danger of vanity. and reach. or magician." (22) eral. or make it become invisible. B. (23) Roga at once became a disciple. he mancer. or make it go through a wall. greatly diminish would like to feel for a teacher who sought to have his followers lead pure and honest lives.. . S. Buddha may tells likewise have misled John. as if through the air. that it could walk on zvater. the Malla. even he was dead. after And again who soberly And 6.

11. as did Judas. more just than the Hell of Jesus. (Ch. vol. (26) Luke 24. and no possible end to They will wail and gnash their teeth the suffering. hells are of different lengths of time. (28) All men tremble at a punishment and fear death. beyond belief. hells are severe trifle. 214..214 A QUESTIOX OF MIRACLES he might be niisuiiderslood. (27) Matt. (25) Luke is also a behever told his disciples he in Icldhis. (25) John. for . B. Devadatta sent a man fully armed. John twice repeats that fooHsh assertion. v. 31 to 34. 19 to 26. for Jesus consigns wicked to a "flaming furnace" for all eternity. 20. self says that "all men tremble at punishment. To accomplish this." his An illustration or two from his followers trembled own lips will show wdiy when they contemplated his the Judas of BuddJiism. But of money. {2y) Buddha's ten trifle. S. if anything. He himare a and only a more reasonable. ch. The Hell of Buddha is. v. John 20. 20. v. Dhamniapada^ sec." (26) Section 4. There are no grades in his Hell. E. p. that overcame leader and founder of the supplant Buddha as the new and growing faith. 129. but even the most moderate and the most brief are enough to make one shudder. he asserts that time Jesus Jesus could vanish out of sight and at that was not a spirit. as ye see me have. 50. all tJie eternally. not the love the Hindu. 10. but they His and different intensities of pain.) . death of his Master. the it was ambition. for a "spirit liath not flesh and bones. V. 13. Devadatta was (28) and sought. Lie desired to hells.

waited long. 20.) same piece of cloth. (29) The two men who were and finally to kill the first. we are told that Devadatta down a mountain slope with the intention of killing the Blessed One. sitting wandered on first to where Buddha was at the foot of a tree. as that where the waters of Jordan rose up upon a heap and stood there. And he saved the man's life by sending him back by a side path. He discoursed to them. (Joshua. confessed his Gotama told him that as sin and begged forgiveness. 243 to 250. p. far failed. Sacred Books of the East. it was meet that he be forgiven. "but two moun- tain peaks came together and thus saved him. but told the man he must return by a certain path. when he came in sight of him became Then Gotama called to terrified and stood stark still. as he had to the one. If one is a falsehood. (29) Vol. them back by a safe Having thus hurled a huge rock and two likewise desired to beHe saved them also by sending path. he had seen his sin and made amends for it. the other seems to be of the 3. him. Sacred Books of the East. 20. come his followers.) ' ' . eh. (Vol. ' ' so that the people could go dry shod over against Jericho. and the man laid aside his bow and quiver. who were instructed to kill any man returning that way. and on that path Devadatta two other men. Devathe road upon which datta procured a great man-slaying elephant and sent it down Buddha was advancing. p. and falling at Buddha's feet. But the man who was to kill Buddha.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES with orders to stationed kill 215 Gotama. 14 to 17. (30) This is a ridiculous and foolish story. 245. approached." (30) Still determined upon the murder of Gotama.

43 to 44. B. and the rich is said to be man's it hell is so arranged that none can escape. 22 to 31. as we have seen. says the fire is not quenched. S. E. . (31) gulf. as we have seen. E." The rich man menfire. p." tioned in Luke. if and is fiendishly excessive. according to the only. just at the commence- ment of his "woe and suffering. about twenty-three hundred and years ago. v. deep. A Kalpa. 263 and 264. and for those offenses Buddha said Devadatta was doomed irretrievably to remain for a Kalpa in a state of suffering and woe. awful or foe. millions and Devadatta's crime was committed fifty millions of years. B. 119 to 122.. ch. who been boiling in an iron pot for twenty-three hundred and that fifty years. Mark 9. But the elephant. impassable alike to friend Section 5. on approaching still posed victim. for is surrounded by a great. Luke. him. 20. who for now nearly nineteen hundred years has been suffering in a "furnace of and has Devadatta (Buddha's would-be murderer). record. v. he is true. but. Devadatta undertook to break up the Sampha (church). p. S. the punishment was For. as it were. stood and allowed Buddha to caress Moreover. had ten hells (31) Vol. Buddha. It was an awful crime. and Vol. 10. The hell into which Devadatta was plunged guarded four-fold.2i6 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES tlic expecting that elephant would destroy him in a his sup- moment. is a vast period of time. represent two such fiendish inflictions we utterly discredit both stories. 16..

of covetousness these. all he says. that load will dwindle to nothing before even Abbuda hell is reached. that a man's evil deeds will follow him into the other world. a Bhikkhu." (32) Buddha now proceeds to lecture his followers upon the sin of lying. B. Abbuda Luke Vol. falsely and without cause accused Sariputta and Naggallana. as a further illustration will show.. . are struck of iron. of having fallen into evil desires. 117 16. a wise Brahman. 10. but the lengths and the rigors of the punishments were terrible in every one of them. during all which time Kokaliya is tossing in torment for backbiting. . Buddha was asked "How long is Paduma hell ?" and "Take a load of Sesamum seeds. Meanwhile millions and millions of years are passing. Soon thereafter Kokaliya was struck with boils. He was told that he was wrong. p. Sometimes the wicked. S.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 217 of different lengths. v. and died. 24: His hell has tormenting flames. and each time was told of his error. where he will suffer as if struck by red hot balls says. Buddha's two chief disciples." He then proceeds to name nine interven: ing hells. E. Paduma hell is the tenth. and he replied every one hundred years throw away one seed. The Hindus say that sometimes backbiters are laid on "spread embers. Kakaliya. and that their lives were pure. of evil doing. will go to the pool for a long time. he bell is the shortest one. Sahampati. (32) to 121. having said that Kokaliya had gone to the : Paduma hell for backbiting. But he repeated the slander again and again.

the with iron iianimcrs. p." (36) . 122. 500. eh. there much difiference in the punish- ment of the wicked in India and in Palestine. v. further. Mark 3. but it was a material "strong body. and Even angels were sent "down to hell' from Jerubound in "chains and darkness. V. and go to dense darkness." (35) salem. (37) — But the curious thing about the Jewish hell is. 10. wicked. (33) Section rial hells.. and watchman pounces upon him and mangles him 6. 25. 43. Sacred Books of E. 15. (34) Manu. There were devils without number in both Palestine and India but Jesus had this advantage over Gotama he could cast them out. 14. 9. 41) everlasting fire. and is jackals tear him. Luke 11. and while vainly striving to cross it. wicked Hindu reaches a dark abyss. it •will be remembered. (37) Matt. 4.) (35) Mark 9." p. Jesus' hell (Mass. and the record is that he cast out many. fact that the hells of both The reader should not overlook the Buddha and Jesus are mate- and that the bodies of the wicked are sent is there. (34) not Besides. his tongue Hell's seized with a hook. p. 32 to 33. v. 2. times they are boiled in iron pots. 142. was ." and Jesus roasted or broiled them in "a furnace of fire that never boiled shall be quenched. v. that while the "flames" are fierce and "tormenting. Buddha them in iron pots "for a long time. he is slashed with sharp knives. (36) 2nd Peter.2i8 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES SomeThereafter. v. v." they (33) Vol. made a strong body for the (Manu.

(39) Buddha abridged the numa moral code in existence ber somewhat. A real fire. to know. the eye utterly. 87. shall thieves and murderers the evil brood enjoy it equally with the pure in heart? But just how long. made a strong body. 12. conof Jesus' hell. (Manu. for The questhey can see across "a great gulf. s. as a vicious strain in his blood for is which he is is not to blame. and what intensity of suffering the wicked will meet. But what did any one. it He born without his consent. There born. I answer: No. are many problems line of unsolvable to us. The answer code of Manu. There is not given to man.) (39) Manu 4. here and now. He learned it No doubt Jesus obtained his ideas of hell from Esdras and the Essenes." (38) tion has been asked From whom did Buddha get his : ideas of hell? from that old more than a thousand years before he was born. the key note of those men know about hell. more philosophical than the Jews. 19 to 31. or all. we know. . any more than the brain? : reader of these lines? Were they inspired about hell? Or was this whole thing born in a poet's when all this is said. is easy. He were. who imported it from India. and Esdras must have learned it from the Essenes. but possibly Second Esdras. by no means. v. would destroy The Hindus.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 219 yet do not extinguish the eyesight of the sinners. tains from the Buddhists. chapter 7. A man may is be born of a wicked ancestors. in (38) Liike 16. Manu las twenty-one hells. it may well be asked and all Yet if there be such a place as heaven. eh. 16. s.

Shall he suffer in a furnace of millions of years? fire. . and dies as he has Possibly he dies under the black hood. a mur- derer.220 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES lie lives the gutter. for millions and Shall he boil in an iron pot for countless ages ? I answer : No . but if God is his judge. in the gutter. lived. the judgment will be exactly just and right.

Vol. to saints immortal hundred years before Jesus was in their religion had no certain place called heaven into which the pious soul could go. C. Not until long after the Babylonish the idea of a filter captivity did life beyond the grave begin slowly to Even then it was not welcomed with hearty approval or admitted But about i6o or 170 years as an article of faith. born. 21. written about 167 years B.— CHAPTER XIX The Doctrines given f" of Jesus and Buddha. 645. the Jews Two years B. not a hair of their heads singed. is as surely apocryphal as Tobit and Wisdom and Maccabees. 221 . the apocalyptic book of Daniel (i) appeared. "Is there a land of pure delight. C. Ency. more than two thousand Section i. and. he states in his last (1) The book of Daniel. C. had been organized in several nations notably the Egyptians. B. after telling that fabulous story about three Hebrews who were flung into a hot furnace of fire and into the reprobate Jewish mind. to enjoy eternal bliss. yet the Hebrews gave no heed to it. Br. True a department of eschatology. Persians and Hindus. P. at the death of the body.

222 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES many of them some to everlasting life and some to everlasting shame and contempt. (4) he Esdras tells something the angel. C. as it is. wherein he says the Lord will give the discomforted Jews the kingdom of Jerusalem. for he killed several newly married men. one of those devils. feeding the poor. give to the poor. Uriel. 7. that after a time of trouble. is chapter. v. 17. had been better not to have given the earth to Adam. and after death look for punishment. "Why is there prom(2) Tobit." we pass "out of this world like grasshoppers. . and that our life an astonishment and fruit But he finally reaches the conclusion that "the righteous shall inherit the immortal of heaven . : a great destroyer of the human race. naked and judge for the father- the Lord will give them the first place in the resurrection. men live in heaviness. for he lamented that fear. (2) Then follows Esdras second. also Ch. life." for a it philosopher. (3) Second Esdras was nritten about 80 to 100 years B." And he asks. etc. V. that sleep in the dust shall awake. the everlasting tabernacles. 7. 3. that if they will defend the orphan. or "else to have restrained him from sinning. In Tobit. se* Ch. The reader will notice that the Jew has to be paid for defending the orphan. 8. ell. clothe the less. (3) Still Esdras was not is satisfied. (4) Ch. for. 2. another apocryphal work. but that the is ungodly of that shall perish. the tree of and he will raise the dead and bring them out of their graves. angels and devils appear and Asmodcns.



an everlasting


when we



with wick-




there a paradise, and medicine, and

and have walked

fruit, that

endureth forever, since as


in unpleasant places,

we can

not reach



Uriel, the angel,



condition of the battle:
shall fight.


born upon earth
suflfer after


he be overcome, he shall

death; but

he gain the victory, his face shall shine

above the



the angel added,

"The Most

High hath made

to come, for few.
shall be saved." (5)

world for many; but the world There be many created, but few

That there might be no mistake about the many


will be lost,

Esdras says, "As a wave



than a drop, so there be

them which be his book with this lurid warning: "Woe be unto them that are bound with their sins, and covered
with their

many more who perish than saved." (6) And he closes


like as a


is is

covered with
cast into the

bushes and thorns;



to be consumed."


where Jesus found

his first

Jewish authority

It is the doctrine (5) We have here the Persian idea of battle. of struggle. There is no escape from the pit, except to win in the contest. He that overcometh reaches the kingdom; but if he be overcome, hell is his portion. No ante-natal defects will be You must win the fight, or suffer with the damned. considered. He that overcometh shall inherit (Rev., ch. 12, v. 17). But is the The terrible law of heredity is active, and rule exactly just? makes many a soul "blacker than darkness." It is handicapped from the beginning; and thus wages an unequal battle, and is overcome. The ancient Hindu was more wise than Esdras, who ought to have studied Manu. (6) 2 Esdras 9, v. 15.


his hell.

for his heaven

Likewise here




from which sprouted

that hateful

trine of forcordination

and abominable docand predestination, preached

by Peter and Paul. (7)



The reason


Buddha and

Jesus failed to graphically describe heaven


knew nothing about

They had never

except in imagination.




side lights turned on, there

even now, with no certain agree-

ment about




a kind of high-grade



where people

by sparkling founin the

and watch the birds of paradise


of the tree of

Others believe that Jesus will stand by Matthew's straight and narrow gate, and

shake hands with every fresh arrival. (9)

was a great where the just would dwell in peace forever. But before they were certain of their fate, every one was obliged to appear before the judgment seat and receive according to the deeds This is all that Paul can tell done in the body. (10) us, though he says he was caught up into the third heaven, and heard unspeakable words. (11)
Paul, walking by faith, thought heaven
in the

house or temple

Jesus follows


in dividing the

whole world

Romans, cli. 8: v. 29. (7) Second Esdras, ch. 9: v 7 and 8. First Peter, ch. 1 v. 20. Ephesians, ch. 1 v. 5 and 11. (8) I place no reliance whatever on John, ch. 3: v. 13, and John, ch. 6: v. 51, unless in chapter 6 we take what is said about the "bread" as figuratively meaning the gospel, the truth, (9) Matt. 7, V. 13. (10) 2nd Corin., ch. 5: v. 4. (11) 2nd Corin., ch. 12: v. 2 to 4.
: :



into two distinct, wide-apart classes, "the well doer and the wrong doer," and he mentions the meek, the merciful and the pure in heart, who are certain to reach the happy eternal shore. (12) Buddha told his followers that their hearts must be filled with deepfelt love for every one; that pity and sympathy, farreaching, must pervade them, and that as Brahma (God) was free from anger, free from malice, pure in mind, they, to become united with him at the death of the body, must become like unto him. The riches of this world, as Jesus viewed them, were dross, were dust, not worth caring for; and he said to his followers, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, but lay up treasures in heaven, where thieves cannot break through and steal." (13) Buddha, centuries before this, had flung away a kingdom and wealth untold. And to his disciples he said, "Seek not to store wealth, or gather gain; abstain from the getting of silver or gold abstain from the getting of flocks and herds, lands and fields." (14) "Love your enemies," said the man of Galilee. (15)

"Be kind



that live," said

Buddha. (16)

Jesus desired that his followers should be perfect,


Father was


(12) Vol. 17, p. 100, Sacred Books of the East. Matt., ch. 5. (13) Vol. XI, p. 202, S. B. Matt. 6: v. 19 and 20. (14) Vol. XI, p. 191, Sacred Books of the East. Fo Sho, sec.

can love his enemies is more than I can see. love his enemies he punishes them; and Jesus himself roasts them in a furnace of fire. (16) Fo Sho, sec. 2024. (17) Matt. 5: v. 48.

2029. (15)



Even God does not



Buddha long before




had told his disciples to with steadfast aim."

"Keep your

hearts," he said, "carefully,

and earnestly

practice every good work."


"Seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteous"Proclaim a consummate, perfect, ness," said Jesus.

of holiness," said Buddha. (19)

Jesus, after appointing twelve disciples, selected sev-

enty others, and he sent the seventy, two and two, "as

Iambs among wolves," into
to preach the gospel.


the cities round about,



he gave them power over they trod on serpents and scorpions,


sting could

do no harm; nothing could hurt


Buddha, when he had sixty-one followers, called them before him and said, "Go ye now, O Bhikkhus, and wander for the gain of the many, for the welfare
of the many, out of compassion for the world; for
the gain and for the welfare of

God and man.


not two of you go the same way.
glorious in letter and in
pure, chaste life." (20)

Preach the doctrine,

the doctrine of a holy,

Such was the
Yet, strange as

feeble beginning of the



religions that have ever been preached


this earth.


seem, both of them have been

Fo Sho, se. 1978 to 1981. (18) (19) Matt. 6: v. 33. Vol. 13, p. 113, Sacred Books of the East. (20) Vol. 13, p. 112, Sacred Books of the East. Luke 10: v. 1. Jesus Bends his disciples two and two; Buddha sends each on»

driven from the countries of their birth.


The Brahbut

mans of India



fiercely for fourteen

hundred years before they expelled


lodging places in China, Japan, Thibet,

Assam and Ceyhad


is it



to say that,


master of India,
ing back

we would have no

missionaries bring-


which the people there worship,

Buddha preached against idols. Not only that, but he condemned
his followers


ridiculed them.

the foolish practice of

sacrificing even rice cakes to the gods.



from house to house (21) Jesus told his disciples not to go from house to house. (22) The seventy were greatly pleased to return and report to Jesus that even the devils were subject unto them. (23) In India the head devil (Mara), it came to Buddha and told him that he is said, had him bound in such strong fetters that he could not escape; that he must give up his religion and go back to the world. Buddha confronted that Hindu devil so resolutely that the devil, "sad and afflicted vanished away." (24) Jesus believed in devils, but he could cast them out whenever he chose. (25)

The Hindu devils all possessed the gift of speech, but many of the Jewish devils were dumb, and sometimes


(21) S. B. E., p. 112, Vol. 13. (22) Luke 10, v. 7. (23) Luke 10, v. 17. (24) Vol. 13, p. 116, S. B. E. (25) Matt. 6: v. 13, and Matt. 8:

v. 16.

Vol. 13, S. B. E., p.






Matt. 12:






Buddha, more than twenty-three hun-

dred years ago, said:

"Few only, go to heaven." {2y) The hea\en of Jesus is also a very difficult place to reach the way there being so narrow, we are told,


few only can



But the way to










"many." (28)
continually on

In other words, a great procession

march, night and day, towards that

awful "furnace of
their teeth

where they wail and gnash
their tongues for pain"

(29) "and


(30), and "the smoke of

their torment ascendeth for-

Moreover the furnace of fire is to burn everlastit was, and is, especially prepared for the devil and his angels. (31) Jesus, therefore, to save his followers from such
ingly, for

a terrible fate, said, "If thy right eye offend thee,



out and cast




It is

better that

one member should perish than "that thy whole body should be cast into hell."



a man's hand offend, he should cut



and cast

away, rather than that his whole body be

cast into hell. (32)

must not be overlooked that Jesus puts the body,

(27) Vol. 10, S. B. E., p. 48. (28) Vol. 10, S. B. E., p. 48.
13: V. 24. (29) Matt. 13: v. 50.

Matt. 7:


13 and 14.

(30) Eev. 16, V. 10. (31) Matt. 25: v. 41. Mark 9: be a groat waste of anthracite, (32) Matt. 5, V. 29.





evidently to




the zvhole body, of the impenitent into the furnace of

and burns



It is also a

dark place,

like the

Persian hell

only the Persian hell freezes in-

stead of burning the wicked.
it is said by physicians, causes a more and awful agony than any other kind of wound The savage Indian tribes of America or suffering. burn their prisoners but in an hour or two that hellish

A great burn,






bodies of the victims were soon reduced to



they "wailed and gnashed their teeth"

in the flames, death

soon ended the tragedy and agony.

possible that Jesus of Nazareth

than the wild savages of the wilderness ?
destroyed his prisoner,

more cruel The savage

lest that prisoner might escape Both Buddha and Jesus send men to hell because they do not love the Lord. Then there is the excessiveness of the punishment; the intensity of the pain and its awful duration. To illustrate

and destroy him.

suppose Judas, for the betrayal of his master, was
sent to hell nineteen

hundred years ago.


roasting in that furnace of fire?

And must

Judas he


on for millions of years?
either of those




how did know about


— Buddha or Jesus
Neither of

the hells they describe?

them had ever been there; nor had either of them ever seen any one who came from there. In fact, there
only one case in

history (and that


questionable) where the


in hell could ever send

back a word of warning to the wicked.

suffering in He was thirsty. also notice that heaven and hell are within speaking distance of each other.. But that wicked rich man in hell. \vc arc told. He was in torment. if the above be true. sec. and when the term of punishment has expired. just across a gulf. the sinner. From what Buddha tell us. (33) Manu 12:17. had more sympathy for mankind than Abraham. in India. (34) In may (32) Luke 16: v. he wanted Abraham to send the beggar Lazarus with even a drop. 48. and his tongue was the flames. There was. it is said. Manu 12. Vol." (P. is given another chance. for they construct a "strong body. "Few only go to (34) Dhammapada. no water in hell. who had enjoyed many good tilings in this life. B. and is. Jesus never explains this. and if they would not hear them they would not be persuaded even if one rose from the dead." Abraham replied that his brothers had Moses and the prophets. 16 to 22. S. Abraham refused. finally fetched up in hell. (33) Jesus and Section heaven 4. it seems. how is it that the flames did not consume the body? A man's body in a furnace of fire would soon be destroyed. 19 to 31. for he was." one that the flames cannot consume. 174. For he besought Abraham to send and warn his brothers.230 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES The rich man. will not be a very populous place. he was not as as philosophical the Hindus. that they might escape the "furnace. E. says: heaven. the saint. 10. and parched. but plainly visible. sec. (32) Now.) We . who was safely housed in glory.

Buddha insisted that good thoughts. an Irish angel. blessed. v. Goodness. for the kingdom. must be practiced for itself alone. and his angels. The Jew was offered heaven on the condition that he would forsake parents and wife and home and follow Jesus. the 231 that heaven of Jesus is is so sparsely is filled when even one sinner reclaimed there much rejoicing. or desire. but after more careful study I think it is no more inspired than Milton's Paradise Lost. (37) Matt. I have elsewhere quoted Revelations as an authority. and prevailed against the dragon and drove him and his (Rev. The Hindu was told that he must not even long for. fought the dragon and his angels. all of Jesus' sermons to teach us how if to reach that delightful. or brethren. a pure and chaste life. he was told. a life beyond the grave. (35) Nevertheless the keynote to is.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES fact. never-ending place of bliss —heaven. is not this distinction If a Buddhist turned his more apparent back upon the (35) Luke (36) I think I ought to add that after Jesus and 144. 15. Revelations is the work of a vigorous imagination. 19. 12. he manifold more even in the present life. or wife and children. joyful. And he promises that shall receive a man will leave house or parents. and in the world to come. V. or Homer's Iliad.) angels down to the earth. promised a consideration for his (37) But after than real? all. Here we notice a seeming marked difference between the teaching of Buddha and Jesus. or Dante 'a Inferno.000 followers reached heaven (Rev. 7. (36) The Jew was piety. 14) there was war in heaven and Michael. . 29. life everlasting. kind words and good deeds must fill and possess one without any ulterior object ivhatever.

(40) Buddha says that even the uncharitable do not go to the world of the gods. visited Jesus on the sly and made the petition that her two sons might sit. they were amazed and Peter anxiously inquired. in his kingdom. desire for a future life in the formless worlds. (38) made the open promise. (39) Matt. one on his right hand and the other on his left. (38) The ten fetters were: doubt. self-righteousness. her two sons. 19: v. 2. that a righteous Hfe. "and followed thee. V. (41) Vol. "Who then can be saved?" "We have forsaken all. 232 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES ten fetters. took up She the contest for James and John. etc. unspotted. ceremonies. judging the twelve tribes of Israel ." and he would let them eat and drink at his table. ignorance.. 24 to 30. desire for a future life in the world of form. Luke 22: v. 48 and 49. he was certain to reach Nirvana (heaven) whether the thought or hope of heaven was upperin his most Jesus mind or not. 20 to 34. 29 and 30." he said. pp. ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones. Zebedee's wife. and Salome. and he adds "The first step : : in holiness is better than sovereignty over the earth" (41) The delusion of self. But that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom. (39) Yet even among the twelve there was some strife for precedence. Sacred Books of the East. . told his disciples often repeated. (40) Matt. when he would win heaven. pride. bodily lusts. 10. and what shall we have therefor?" Jesus replied "When the son of man shall sit on the throne of his glory.

A QUESTION OF MIRACLES But and a this 233 Jesus and of life much can Buddha truly be said of the rehgions of . though will severe. the furnace and the and land him safely on the eternal shores. that. up to. if truly lived surely carry one safely fiery lake past the pit. if there be another world beyond the grave. will their doctrines. .

Buddha and Jesus. if the records be were both transfigured. exclaimed: "How wonderful a thing it is. must be thrown aside it must be overcome. and. amazed. supreme and perfect insight. Upon the body of Buddha there had been placed a robe of burnished cloth of gold but his face and skin. Lord. S. Faith and works and high aims must go hand in hand in an earnest conattains . must continually struggle against it. so exceedingly bright that the robe of its gold has lost "Your body. "the four noble truths must be mastered. Ananda. how be marvelous. and . that the skin of the Blessed splendor." said Buddha." "To attain supreme and perfect insight. XI. beautiful white and beyond all expression.) CHAPTER XX The Miracles true. when he tinued struggle to banish (1) sin. E. his disciple. "appears like a shining flame. the night on which he passes finally away. The mind.." It is said An- anda. B." One should so clear. 234 . at the Death of Buddha. it is said. Section i. outshone the splendor of the robe. through earnest meditation. again." Buddha first. ( i Who wrote this transfiguration story (Vol. if it confronts one." Sin. replied that "there are two occasions when the skin of a Tathagata becomes exceedingly bright.

unable to state.) is the first and oldest by centuries. 3. V. Pharisees and Sadducees were diligently seeking his life. Either is surely safe. E. although he was scarcely thirty-three. v. holy. that both Buddha and forecast their own deaths. B. love and mercy ought to prevail. XI. they p. Jesus. Philippians ch. 235 Buddha told his followers that "they must work out their salvation with diligence. p. teaching that slander and falsehood and anger should be abandoned. five hundred years later. 3. 2.. yet must have known that his days were numbered. when twenty-nine years old. Jude the same. says 2nd Peter ia doubtful authority. Eccl. and that justice. page doubtful if Sd Peter is good authority. keeping watch over their fast to the truth and the law.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES In short. Br. as the Hindu story 534. 2. 3 and 12. to the immortal honor of both hearts. and it is very doubtful whether Peter mentions it. 8. 17. v. Ency. S. Vol. am But it is . they must hold If they did this." They must be earnest. and for fifty-one years he had wandered up and down India.. 61. and Mark 9. told the Jews that nothing ought to be done through strife or vainglory. Possibly Matthew copied from India. B. Paul. would make an end of grief. 81) I it. as we have seen. Eusebius Hist. Peter. steadfast. for the Scribes. James and John mention it. commenced. and that "each one must work out his own salvation with fear and trembling. (2) The gospels of Buddha and Paul here travel the same road. but it is (Vol. 25. But this forecasting Jesus was not marvelous in either case." (2) It must be noticed. Ananda does not say that he wrote probably as true as that mentioned in Matt. Yet. Gotama. He was now eighty years old and he realized that his sands of life were running low. his great life work. ch. also.

and the left. and. S. v.. as quickly as a strong man might stretch out his bent arm.. as Gotama wa3 offered a safe passage on a raft. S. They both contradict. p. — . (5) Vol. 17. 104. V. 13 to 23." (3) Gotama desired to die in Kusinara. Vol." as in Exodus 14. he vanished from sight. 21. as the sun. if possible. (4) it he found it flooded and out of People were there building basket rafts. E. Exodus. 14. 104. 13 to 23. and they invited him to cross. p. or set at defiance. the Red Sea And as that supposed Red Sea afifair prefable. 2. which they surely did. but the Ganges intervened. But it is said that. XI. The reader surpasses in will observe that this foolish statement its audacity. B. There seems to have been no excuse for this Hindu story. as (3) Matt. he and his followers appeared on the further shore. XI. The Hebrews had a strong East wind to blow a hole through the Red Sea. p. p. E. B. v. the outdo Hindus had probably heard of it and determined to it. E. by virtue of his great spiritual power. is said. S. (4) Vol.236 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES The face of Jesus. and thither he bent his footsteps. ch. Buddha did not have to even walk on the water. five it these men. But is it any more fabulous than to tell us "that the waters were a wall on the right hand. 17. a law a plain law of nature. There is probably no truth in either story. Sacred Book of the East. and some had boats which they had decorated. But it would have been more marvelous if Moses had taken Gotama's plan. (5) ceded Gotama's day by more than nine hundred years. they labored to the last for the uplifting of the race. Vol. On its reaching banks. after hundred years "did shine Buddha's transfiguration. 21.. B.

shouted out "Marvelous ! seem to be that of filled Miraculous!" (8) But all religions with the miraculous. ' To the farther shore of existence.) days?" his head had been chopped off? . should he desire he could remain in the same birth for a Kalpa. as a means of salvation. and struggle against ' Mark 6. they are the surely saved. v. they pass this life. only as incredible as forecasting it. forth the passage of the Red Sea. kalpa. there arose. only reached blank verse ''They who cross the ocean drear. as we have seen. That of India Buddha. ch. and with the is unbelievable. his statement any more startling than that of Jesus. "The ocean 48. "The surely saved" are those who follow the eight-fold path. if Buddha and his followers really did cross it is the Ganges. not crossing to another one. who "Destroy this body and I will raise it up again in three Could he have done that if (John. is millions and millions of years. 19 to 21.: A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Jesus did. we are told. drear. on crossing the Ganges. Treading a sure path While the vain world builds its basket boats Those are the zvise. told his disciples that. as above stated. we are told that Moses after and broke Miriam. then no wonder that the people on the farther bank. 2. (8) (9) A yet is Baid: Jonah and the whale myth are of the same piece of cloth. Palestine. 237 (6) into Moreover. v. song. Buddha. (9) On Buddha's rejecting to (6) (7) live. with one voice. The vain world holds to rites and gifts to the gods. when his death." (7) — Now." that is. to the farther shore. ' ' sin. the wise do not tie to ceremonies.

we are told. V. v. as Buddha preceded Jesus. there is not much in common between them. 21. 48. (12) Book of Great Decease. (12) 2. we are told. Jesus. XI. 42 and 43. knowing that his enemies were about to triumph. and an angel." but. Sec. was sent from heaven to strengthen him. (13) The Hindu devil seems to have known." Jesus could do this and more by faith alone. for he promptly appeared and urged him to pass away at Section once. S.238 a A QUESTION OF MIRACLES mighty earthquake. P. By faith. (ii) Both of these men possessed. ready and (10) Ch. (11) Matt. he could topple a mountain into the sea. 44 and 46. 19. Luke 4: v. p. it seems. were weighed the world and vani- can make the earth "move and tremble. that Tathagata was soon to leave the world. John 8: v. 59. and the thunders of heaven broke forth. were told that when a Samana or Brahman if has his heart and passions fully under control. Vol. prayed the Father to let the cup pass. 30. "until the brethren and sisters and lay disciples of the order shall become wise and well trained. (lo) The disciples were startled at this. by intense meditation. some months before this passage of the river. he. O evil one. the marvelous power of "vanishing away. the latter may have learned this wonderful secret from his predecessor. of Great Decease. inquiring the cause." replied Buddha. (13) Luke 22. "I shall not die. B. and. Towards the last days of these two men. K. 49 and 50. all its having as ties. p. 3. Book . 21. great intellectual it of power.

"until this pure religion of ous. time of O . Acts 19: v. The I my deliverance is at hand in three months shall pass to Nirvana. having themselves learned the doctrine. 15. make they. minutely explain until when others start vain doctrines. and so to spread the wonder-working truth abroad. . cording to the precepts. 239 all the greater and lesser duties. cessor of the it is said. shall be able." (14) "I shall not die. (15) A little later the devil appeared again and made the same request and received the same answer. S. establish it. P." (15) A little later. Vol. Matt. mine in a word. it we are was out of season. : answered: "Make thyself happy. versed in the scriptures. told that. and. 4: v. E." music and songs sounded from the "out of reverence to the suc- Buddhas of (14) Sacred Books of the East. Lord." The devil replied "Your religion has become all this. to vanquish and refute them. The Hebrew devil talked to Jesus frequently. as we have heretofore observed. fulfilling life. those trees one mass of bloom. although Moreover. pass away. skies. where he wished to die. until they." said Buddha. Vol. correct in walking acothers of it. shall be able to tell it.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES learned. XI. Gotama and his disciples reached Kusinara. heavenly old. p. 8. by the truth. Pass away now." Buddha shall until. become widespread and prosperit shall have been proclaimed and well grounded among men. evil one. 53. 43. XI. it known. Here he was given a couch in a grove of Sala trees. which they scattered over were and around the Tathagata. B.

in that far-off time. 270. and was probably written long after Gotama was born. the Buddha cycles. p. And Dipankara then predicted further. it is world systems. and that he then made a high resolve to become a Buddha. B.240 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES must not be startled at We what is told us of the Bodhisats. Vol. S. 80 vast that if it should rain incessantly for three years over the whole earth. that in Gotama would be born Narangara edge. that our world system was only one among many. They have a tradition haps. (18) is that he was born four AsanTcyas and one An Asankya is a vast period of time. (17) river. 8. E. Kapilavastu. scattered flowers and shouted (16) their applause. then predicted that at the end of four Asankyes. who is preceded the one of whom we are For India not tied down to any little six thousand years since the world's creation. (Hardy's Manual. But it seems he could choose his parents. but nevertheless a tradition millions of years —a — foolish that millions and ago (i6) Gotama was a Brahman named Sumedha. on the banks of the he would reach the throne of knowlsaid that the angels in ten thousand this Moreover.) On that point I agree with them. writing. (17) This whole supposed prediction looks very suspicious. at happy augury. (18) The Hindus believe there were tens of thousands of world systems. That Dipankara. This tradition The hundred thousand cycles ago. . 35. the number of rain drops falling would That places Gotama '3 only equal the years of an Asankya. Tlic pendulum of one per- her time swings back prodigiously in the opposite direction. ancestry millions and billions of years ago.. great exertion under a bo-tree. p. that. and a hundred thousand Sumedha would become a Buddha named Goafter tama.

the Hindu and Hebrew bibles surpass all modern fiction. . (20) Genesis. not a hair of their heads was singed. back several thousands of years when visiting a Buddha's shrine. The very air at times was filled with them some were large and some were small and to the Sala grove. But as it only takes six days to make a world. Of course both of these stories are utterly untrue. (19) The three Hebrew children. in Buddhist birth stories. (Daniel. Jatoka tales. 34. were likewise impervious to the flames. Genesis would have us believe that Noah and the old patriarchs lived from six hundred to a thousand years. But it dwarfs to nothing by the side of Hindu exaggerations. ranging in height from forty to ninety cubits.) Both are monumental falsehoods. Sea Btory of Sumedha. which set forth that the Buddhas of old lived from sixty to one hundred thousand years. 6: v. I believe. wrapped a thousand wicks about his head and body and set them on fire. Birth Stories. However. walking about in the morning not a hair of his head was singed. stories are told about the 241 Buddhas One of them. ch 3: p. and lo ! . ." (20) and it may be that Genesis is only a faint reflection from the East. all of which is unbelievable. if diligent. for although in a very hot furnace.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Most marvelous of old. (19) For pure imagination and impudent assertion. p. it is certain that India always surpassed Palestine in the number and quality of its spirits. 4. it seems. the Lord has had plenty of time. ago. world of ours is. 3 to 40. to make millions of them. Thus he spent the whole night. only one among millions of worlds. Truly "there were giants in those days. and their bodies are alleged to have been equally enormous. where Gotama was rest- the shrine.

with feelings of reverence. that "if any believing one shall die while on such a pilgrimage." said Gotama. the A QUESTION OF MIRACLES day before he died. of worldly will mind. he will be re-born into the happy realms of birth place of a Tathagata. the spot The attained supreme insight. Section 3. we more could stand on the tip of one's finger. his favorite disciple. the place heaven. Some of those are told. "Now today.242 ing. ought to visit: where he where the kingdom of righteousness was established. There are spirits in the sky. 'Too soon has the blessed one passed away. fall who will dishevel their hair and weep —who on the ground and cry out. "the death of a Tathagata will take place. It is a picture of earth. comweep: whereupon Buddha said to him: (21) The reader must not overlook the statement that spirits in the sky will fall on the ground and weep. in the last watch of the night. . not heaven. and the place where he finally passed away." When asked what should be done with his remains. : he replied "Treat them as men treat the remains of a King of Kings. that Buddha would soon pass away. tlicy came from far and tlie dying Tathagata. were so small that a dozen or near to behold spirits." Buddha then proceeded to state that there were four prostrate — places that believing hearts.' (21) But those who are self-possessed will see the impermanence of all earthly things that whatever is born contains within itself the germ and certainty of dissolution. And he added." when told to menced Ananda.

" 4. quotes this very sentiment and almost the exact words. a monk of anreplied that in is other sect. by words and acts of love beyond all measure go now and inform the Mallas of Kusinara that the last watch of this night. (22) Vol. Buddha any not doctrine in which the noble eight-fold path found. hair. there will life found saintly men and women. were to be His disciples. XI. Vol. (22) Do not weep. A of little later came also Subhadda. ch." (23) : : When grieved. T. XI. . that is Section gone the Buddha's last approaching. have I not told you that it is in the very nature of things that we must leave those most dear That whatever is born contains within itself to us? "For a long the seeds of dissolution ?" And he adds time. as laid all the brethren. Ananda. and bowed down revof Some and others fell erently at Gotama's feet. Sacred Books of the East. John. no true saint can be found. and he told the teacher to moments were now fast Ananda that when he was down. 96. (23) Page 101. in any doctrine. Sacred Books of the East. the rules of the order.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 243 "Ananda. with their wives and children. let not your heart be troubled. Then they came in great numbers. Tathagata will pass finally away. 14: 1. some dishevelled their prostrate on the ground in anguish of heart. questioning whether his teachings or those Gotama were right. "that eight-fold path also be is if the noble found. p. the Mallas learned of this they were sorely them wept. you have been very near to me. living the right.

kind and 4. Right or correct views. in self-tniining and self-control. 114. (24) Turning then to Ananda. XI. pure." Does not this eight-fold path cover every possible point in the Ncv/ Testament? Some may say it does not tell you to love God. the path or way. Mindfulness. Right contemplations. and tlicni to iiujuirc freely as to the truth. But not fullness one questioned him. 7. which leads to the "life that is right. a mighty earthquake shook the earth terribly. they have all become converted.244 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES now in Bhikkhus. 6. Searching for the unknowable. 5. Buddha added : "Behold now. and a crash of thunder rent At that (24) On the noble eight-fold path. noble. free from superstition or delusion." one must have "1. kind and truthwhat then? Will ful. living a saintly life such a nir. Right effort. I exhort you. Honest. work out your salvation with diligence. they are assured of tion. decay is inherent in all component things. he told great luinibcrs came to visit liini. active mind. Right speech. high. while he was face to face with them. pure and peaceful conduct at truthful to every one. brethren. Then." These were the last words that Buddha uttered. lapsing into unconsciousness. Right aims. a watchful. there is : "Here is In this assembly of five hundred brethren. intelligent.n fall into a furnace even if he does not believe the man of Calilce to be the only Savior of the world? (25) Vol." final salva- Addressing the Bhikkhus. — . on the great problems and mysteries of life. doing hurt to no one. peaceful. but if one is honest. earnest thought. 8. 2. Sacred Books of the East. are no longer liable to be born in a state of suffering and woe. we are told. he soon thereafter expired. worthy of an earnest man. So live as to bring hurt or pain to no living thing. all times. p. not one who doubts . 3. he said of faith. (25) moment.

. There wag a similar earthquake. anguish. that all Kusinara was strewn knee-deep (28) v/ith mandarava "flowers from heaven. 51 to 54. .. (28) If that be true. but those prostrate and free moaned in who were from passion bore their grief with calm. and cotton wool then placed it in an oil vessel of iron and covered it. they must have a great profusion of flowers in heaven. Fo Sho. reverence and respect to the body of the Blessed One. 45. six making wreaths and canoand with music. says the sun and moon withdrew their shining. and pies. S. 2108. eight (26) Philippians. v. When the Mallas {2y) of Kusinara heard of Gotama's death. XI. self-possessed minds. (27) The Mallas were a religious sect friendly to Gotama. On the seventh day after Buddha's death. p. Yet Ananda says : "There was fell terror. 114. 27. and Vol. Sec. E. Meanwhile. song and dancing. 2. and the hair both in the stood on end. Thus for days they paid homage and respect to the departed Then they treated the remains as they treat the remains of a King of Kings. when Jesus died. (26) nor did any of the dead come out of their graves. v. Luke 23. and afterward built a funeral pile on which to cremate it. sky and on the earth." that worldly-minded spirits. eh." and that spirits from the skies paid honor. 12. they honored his remains by gathering flowers and perfumes. it is said. 245 But the sun was not darkened. Matt. v. but I doubt very much whether the sun or moon was affected by the death of either Buddha or Jesus. we are told. graves also opened at his death. B. the sun was darkened and the veil of the temple was rent.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES the heavens. They wrapped the body in five hundred successive layers of new cloth Great One.

" Kassapa arrived. p. "while you would carry one. (30) Section said that skies When the body had been burned. carried it out by the north gate to the funeral pile. intending were unable to carry the to lift it Mallas chieftains bathed their heads and clad themselves in tlie body to funeral pile. he clasped his hands and walked round the funeral pile. They were amazed at this. Anuruddha. are told that the funeral pile caught on fire of itself." he said. bowed at the feet of the de- we 5. XI. questioning the reason. — . Sacred Books of the East. And when the five hundred thrice When brethren had likewise parted one. Book of the great decease. On examination it was found that every the (29) Vol. XI. "is journeying to Kusinara with hundred of the brethren. then. and the funeral pile will fire until he has reverently saluted the feet of the Blessed One. and here another curious incident oc- They were unable to set the funeral pile on (29) : Again Anuruddha explained the reason five "Kassapa. "is the purpose not catch of the spirits.246 A QUESTION OF MIIL\CLES new garments. it is streams of water poured down from the and burst from the earth beneath. 128. but up. he bowed down. fire. (30) Vol. a disciple. told the Mallas that the spirits desired the body to be carried out by the north gate. to extinguish flames. Such. one of the disciples. page 129. uncovering the feet. and." it by the south Then they curred." he said.

to the soldier caste. but others. Dona above it. so that cairns might be ilar requests erected in many lands. Many other people from different places made sim- and promises. a curious circumstance name among it the saints of the in this Roman : Cath- Church. coming later and desiring a memento. John of Damascus. and a great Thupas or cairn Such. and happened wise A Christian monk. even scraped up the ashes and took them away.sand a religion which at one time and the obsequies of a came Moreover.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES particle of the 247 body was consumed. told them that such a strife was unseemly. were the life man who founded . but the Mallas of Kusinara insisted on keeping them all. Finally. and he suggested a division of the bones into eight parts. This being approved. himself took the iron vessel in which the body built was consumed. and at once a strife arose for their pos- session." The hero of this romance . placed his olic years after his death. in brief. and he promised to celebrate a feast and erect a sacred cairn in their honor. entitled "Barlaam and Joasaph. a thou- near being the faith of the world. a wise old saint. who was subsequently known as St. Dona. composed a highly wrought religious romance. living either in Palestine or close by. save only some of the bones. the division was thus made. because The king of Magadha Gotama belonged desired a portion of them.

Indian prince. whose wonderful acts St. St. The in all its details. Under picture a thin veil. . Thence it crept into encyclopedias and the "Lives of the Saints. one of the Buddha's numerous came to accept and believe the whole romance as absolutely true. was published in seven Joasaph. about two thousand years after Buddha's People finally Pope Sixtus V. and the story it soon became so popular that or eight different languages. was merely a misspelling of Bodhisat. Barlaam and Joasaphat of India. who is was faithful John draws a picture of this none other than Buddha. Buddha is worshiped as a Reman Catholic saint. John of Damascus has described. canonized "the Holy Saints.248 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES prince." death. And to this hour. was Joasaph. titles. a Hindu who was converted to Christianity by Barlaam." And thus. the pious Indian prince.

as ful at hand. and have followed the same rule concerning the last But now we reach the and most important epoch in any one's life the of Galilee. priest-ridden. 26: v. Man — is closing scene. has not been of either It life my purpose to write Jesus. of his approaching fate there is a traitor in his camp." (2) --v. but only a consecutive Buddha or make some comparisons between them — the two I greatest religious teachers the world has ever seen. he seems to have a presentiment .CHAPTER XXI The Miracles Section to i. 21. and on his last visit to that rebellious. city. watching for the chance to destroy him. bitter enemies." he says. (2) Matt. are there in great numbers. have heretofore passed by the life many interesting events in of Buddha. 11. cruel old city —Jerusalem. (i) But Jesus is sad. filled and the is they approach the . . the Passover disciples.5 (1) Luke 19: v. "One of you. The last days of the month of Nisan is (March) are passing. are with joyabout emotions they think the Kingdom of God to appear. Jesus is now about thirty-three years old. at the Crucifixion of Jesus. the Scribes His and Pharisees. "will betray me.

and march forward. Judas.250 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Yonder. (5) His old enemies. an infamous wretch. 12: v. "O Jerusalem. 7. decorating his pathway with branches of trees and singing Hosannas as they proceed. but within. and his Galileans it bring a young colt and spread their garments upon and place their Master thereon. he said. before him. (5) John." (4) He is now at the Mount of Olives. .. ch. V. how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" (6) But the day of their triumph is now at hand. arc likewise on hand. pents. 5 to 10. (4) Matt. **Ye ser. Jesus wept over it (^3) once before. 23: v. beautiful outward. 13. for a few — (3) Luke 19: v. They are to win by treachery and bribery. Jerusalem! thou that killest the prophets and stonest them which are sent unto thee . he had said. 34. how often would I have gathered thy children together. and they insist that Jesus shall rebuke his disciples for this proceeding. 23: v. 21: v. that will go hissing down the generations one of the disciples. Matt. ch. even as a hen gathers her brood under her wings. the Pharisees and Sadducees. "you are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness ye are full of deceit. He has challenged the Pharisees as whited sepulchres. and ye would not. Luke 13: v. 25 to 33. Matt. 14. hypocrisy and iniquity." And he added. tist. ye generation of vipers. 37. are the indistinct outlines of wicked old Jerusalem. Some even salute him as King of Israel. (6) In this matter Jesus seems to have copied John the BapMatt. a name Judas.

another disciple. as we shall see. (7) John 12: v." (8) at Peter flatly A little later. fled. Mark 14: v. and Jesus. (8) Luke 22: v. : if thou be willing. as (10) "they all forsook him Even Jesus was somewhat shaken we and shall see. sent to arrest Jesus. Possibly the reproof given him at Bethany. 56. shalt prison and to death with him. But Peter partially redeemed himself by weeping. Peter was both a coward and a traitor. (10) Mark 14: v. 33 and 34. 50. (9) Mark 14: v. was but a small grade better than the traitor Judas. 17. said. every one of them. also John 18: v. 2 to 7. may have offended him.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES pieces of silver resolved 251 on the betrayal of his Master. the twelve apostles were dastardly cowards. he knew In short. for when the Sanhedrin. for there in Geth- semane he prayed. anointed Jesus' then Judas fell feet. revenge. as a Galilean. saying "Father. and 71. 17 to 25. when Mary If so. 70 . when a Jewish also damsel pointed with him. Matt. 69. protested to his Peter Lord that he was ready Jesus replied to : go to "Peter. (7) Simon Peter." he and it. 26: v. of character — by reason of two contemptible defects the sinful greed of money and that other despicable vice." in his determination to face death. 26: v. "This man was denied And when him that he never Peter was told that his speech betrayed began to curse and swear (9) Then the cock crew. the cock shall not thrice crow this day before thou deny me. Matt.

cor- rupter and deceiver. 26: v. 13 to 15. (12) and the plot to murder Jesus under that bloody old Mosaic code arrested. heaven strengthening him.\teuds over into Nisan 13th is our April 2nd. 27 v. Matt. it is said. — "Whomsoever same is I shall kiss. (13) Levit. 48. but Judas is not there the Sanhedrin having bribed him. not my will And an angel appeared from . (16) Luke 22: v. (15) There was some show of resistance by the disciples. ( 1 1 Section 2. Deut. (14) Matt. 39.) 252 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES this remove cup from but thine be done. his disciples are sleeping. Matt. (15) John 18: v. Doubtful about that angel." said that traitor. and Peter here partially redeemed himself. is the 13th of Nisan." me nevertheless. : . fully matured : he is to be convicted and slain as a blasphemer." (14) Then Judas kissed his Lord. (13) While the chief priests and elders are planning his murder. 14 and 16. April. 50 and 51. and an armed mob seized and bound Jesus and led him away to Annas. 26: v. 24: v. 24. Matt. (12) Nisan (March) it must be remembered e. 1 to 5. (16) he: hold Very doubtful about the healing of that ear ! Neither (11) Luke 22: v. It is now Thursday. for he drew his sword and smote the servant of the high priest and cut off his ear. 42 and 43. 13: v. touched the wounded ear and healed it on the spot. Very doubtful. 63. 24: V. "the him fast. the ex-high priest. 10 to 14. But Jesus. John 18: v. Jesus is in Gethsemane praying. he is leading the mob to arrest and murder his Master.

: . Annas. (19) Mark true it is the 18: 26: 14: v. 26: build in three 19 to 24. whose house the Sanhedrin was then off. here now had was the it in his power to release his prisoner. Peter followed afar and it was at this supreme moment that he three times denied his Lord. 53. Jesus. v. there would have been no crucifixion and no resurrection. 26: v. a warm Sadducee. but the witnesses did false not agree. in session. 57. Annas at him bound unto Caiphas. v. secret I said nothing. Matt. Why askest thou me? Ask them." (17) This answer was considered so impertinent that one of the officers struck Jesus a blow. witnesses. for he father-in-law to Caiphas. 59 to 66. on being ques- him in as to his disciples and doctrines. *I it who testified "This fellow am able to destroy the temple of (17) John (18) Matt. I replied "I spoke openly to the world. sent But instead of releasing him. God and Matt. another Sadducee. 55 to 64. Mark If this be . taught in the synaIn gogue and the temple: the Jews heard me. most shameful thing in all history. (19) Then : there came two other said. (18) The Sanhedrin at once set about hunting false witnesses to convict their prisoner . When tioned by brought before Annas. v. and even John in his wild extravagance does not say it was healed. the then high priest and a nod from Annas at that moment would have saved Jesus and changed the whole current of Western history. 14: v. 55. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 253 Matthew nor Mark mention that heahng. Then all the disciples forsook their master and fled.

24: v." (23) All this happened in the night-time. 19. was stoned to death upon the false charge of speaking against Moses and the temple. (22) Matt. One or the other statement is false. 8 to 14. 27: v. 64. condemning to that. and was punishable with death. (24) Matt. and Acts 1: v. but it had no power to inflict the Yet every member of it voted him They then blindfolded Jesus and spit in his face. 61. 3 to 10. 26: v. after Jesus was Meanwhile Judas.254 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES This implied threat against the temple days. whole Jewish conclave. 66. repented. The inspiration of Matthew. 63 to 66." (22) science-smitten. Acts 6: v. (21 ) A little later the devout Stephen. which Bays Judas hanged himself. Section 3.' " (20) was blasphemous under the old Mosaic superstition. we are told." John 2: v. Matt. Mark 14: v. do not quite agree. 16. Acts 25: v. saying : *T have sinned is in betraying innocent blood. on the evidence of suborned Jews. Levit. 18. 26: v. and smote him on the cheek. There they are. and brought his thirty pieces of silver to the priests and flung them down. and asked him to prophesy "who smote thee. 1 to 10. 8 to 12. 14 to . and lost (21) Deut. The Sanhedrin now made haste to convict Jesus of blasphemy on the perjured testimony offered before it. Both cannot be true. death penalty." (24) (20) How many times in court have I seen important cases won by the addition of one or two false words. became conarrested. which says he fell headlong and burst asunder. (23) Luke 22: v. Jesus prob"Destroy this Temple (of the body) and in three ably said: days 1 shall raise it up." "see thou "What that to us?" replied the priests: That one sentence condemns eternally It speaks volumes against the the whole Sanhedrin. 13: V. "guilty of death.

at that who was and priests rushed headlong on after him. 2 to 5.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 255 an innocent man to death on the evidence of a confessed perjurer. 27: v. as she had had a troublesome dream about him. 27: v. the priests and Scribes. "the many things they witness against thee?" And Pilate marveled that Jesus made And. "Dost thou not liars. 6 and 7. him: "Art thou king of the Jews?" "Thou sayest it. yet they proceed. Pilate. (28) Luke 23: v. hoped to see him perform a miracle. 2 and 3. and he questioned him for a long time. 19. (26) Matt. (25) They were and they knew they were lying. turning to the priests. Mark 15: v. but Jesus made no reply." said Pilate. Matt. (28) Galilee being reply. . and claiming to be king. he sent him to Herod. to obtain his approval of the decree of death which they had pronounced against Here they falsely charged him with being a malefactor and forbidding tribute to Caesar. The Scribes and priests were meanwhile violently actime in the city. Pilate asked hear. still demanding Jesus' Herod was very desirous of seeing Jesus and death. as soon as Pilate found that Jesus was a Galilean. 11 to 14. John 18: v. 20. he said: "I find no fault in this man. 5. The Scribes (25) Luke 23: v. and they know it to be perjured evidence. led Jesus bound unto Pontius him." was the reply. When morning came." (27) At this the priests became furious and charged Jesus with stirring up strife from Galilee to Jerusalem. after consultation. no (26) in Herod's jurisdiction. (27) Pilate's wife sent out and begged him to have nothing to do with Jesus.

Pilate had no authority. 24 and 25. as if Annas and Caiphas. (30) John 9: v. that curse has pursued the chil- dren of those murderous Jews for fifty now more not yet. and thus returned him to Pilate. 21: v. and by our law Finally Ilerod sent ! he ought to die because he hath of Pilate then took made God and he blasphemeth. but the whole Jewish race. Matt." (31) son . crucify him We have a law. 8 to 15. than it generations ." And truly.: 256 cusing A QUESTION OF MIRACLES liiiTi. 4 to 7. and their posterity. withering curse did follow an evil deed. 6. Deut. (29) Section 4. (31) Matt. and those other shameless wretches of that Sanhedrin. Luke 9: v." (30) himself the Son some water and washed his hands. to dress him like a harlequin. Jesus not being a Roman citizen. if ever a scorching. see ye to it. Three times he told the Jews he found no fault in him. to condemn him to death. him back to Pilate with the message that he found no acts or words of But he allowed his soldiers Jesus worthy of death. Levit. 24: v. and mock him and jeer him. This is the Herod who murdered John the Baptist. 1 to 10. every (29) Luke 23: v. "Crucify him. after the lapse of nineteen hundred years. rid In fact. 27: v. 14: v. saying: "I am innocent of the blood of this just per- Then all the people answered back "His blood be on us and on our children. 7. But they cried out. will continue to be abhorred and detested to the very end of time. as governor of Judea. the taint and ignominy of that horlike —not crime has pursued them an avenging Nemesis only them. IG. . and the end all is For looks.

7. hateful race. and Passover. which exit . There were many other prisoners beside Jesus. and he said (32) Levit. 257 even to the uttermost parts of the earth. v. a At feast day. And as the record lengthens. one Barabbas. no matter if he had borrowed some ideas of Buddha. a thief and murderer. It was a religion of peace and good-will to man. and among them. it was better than the old Mosaic doctrine. Jesus had committed no crime. The Jews were Jesus had said a quarrelsome. so heinous. a robber and a murderer." They were a people who knew no mercy. was at hand. and "Blessed are the peace-makers. 18. ch. and a life everlasting. It was now Friday morning. would naturally be supposed that a self-respecting people would ask the release of Jesus rather than that of Barabbas. (33) 2nd Maccabees. Nisan 14 (our April 3). so wicked.: A QUESTION OF MIRACLES member of it. he had simply undertaken to teach those Jews a better religion than that of Moses. the turpitude of those Jews increases at every turn. 9 to 23. a holiday with the Jews. Here now transpires an act so utterly cruel. Now tinguishes man : in the grave forever. Passover it had been a custom for generations to ask the liberation of some prisoner one whom the people — loved. 19: v. is where Jesus learned and found the doctrine of a resurrection. so despicable that it finds no parallel anywhere on earth. no matter if he had adopted from Leviticus "love thy neighbor as thyself" (32) no matter if he had followed Maccabees (33) and taught the resurrection of the body. .

and following. himself a king. he therefore the mob have still its way and . a murderer. and the greatest one Pales- tine has ever produced. "If thou let this set free. I will therefore scourge him and let him go. He who maketh Caesar. One of those prisoners is now to be and Pilate asks "Shall I release unto you the King of the Jews?" (34) Instantly there was a loud clamor of voices. that he feared they and they so hated him might report at home that he had let refused to destroy a rival king. he asked "What hath he done? He is not guilty of death. "thou art not Cresar's friend. led on by the priests. but delivered to the scourge and the cross the greatest and best man of the age. Section 5. the mob. 9." speaketh against Pilate despised the Jews. v. but Pilate was a politician and loved office. ." said they." wicked. where they stripped ofT his clothes and lashed (34) (35) Mark Luke 15: 23: v. and he preached repentance.: 258 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES They were inhumanly "Blessed are the merciful. : : man go." (35) Pilate would have liked to save Jesus. and the priests were leaders in this "Crucify him." said the Jev^s. 22. The soldiers at once led Jesus to a hall. Jesus' death. but when the priests and people clamored so furiously for his execution. 11 to 14. Pilate was willing to release Jesus. Mark 15: v. called Pre- torium. Pilate tamely furiously demanding yielded and released unto them Barabbas. crucify him! Release unto us Barabbas.

then put his clothes back on him and led him away to Golgotha. 27: v. and Jesus must have been most terribly scourged for he was unable afterwards to bear the cross upon which he was to be nailed. 7 to v. 1 to v. which cut to the blood at every blow. Matt. 21. and saluted him mockingly "King of the Jews. Jesus not being a Roman citizen. murderers and traitors. 33. 22 to 23. if Jesus had been justly condemned. (38) Section 6. which was less ignominious and less terrible than a death on the tree. under Leviticus 24 or under Deuteronomy 13 he should have been stoned to death. v. and in derision bowed before him. (39) But that his ignominy might be complete. (37) Even the and there they Sometimes these — Romans held it to be so ignominious that they crucified only slaves. Not infrequently. 259 whipped him with leather straps. (36) Crucifixion was an accursed death. 15 to 23.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES him to a post about four feet high. leather straps had pieces of bone or small pieces of lead attached to the end. Numbers Luke 23: 25: v. 2 to 23. scourging produced death. 8. 12. 22. 21: (38) Mark 15: (39) Deut. v. robbers. When they had scourged him. they clothed him in purple and put a crown of thorns on his head. v. they (36) Mark 15: (37) Deut. to the it is to the eternal disgrace of Pilate that he surrendered mob a man whom he had three times declared innocent." Then they spit upon him. Besides. where they crucified him. .

(41) Mark 15: v. himself he cannot save. saying "Thou roasting in the furnace." and the priests and Scribes added their jeers: that destroyest the temple days. 21 and 22. (42) John 9: v. when they saw and besought him to write — "Herushedhe was the this. save thyself "He saved others. while the impenitent The Jews. even while would not let him die without taunts and jeers." thought he him was say. (40) the other repented. Mark 15: v. . was groaning on the tree." 44. states that one thief repented. if the record be true. says: "The meaning both. call- ing Elias. who : despised the Jews. wrote in bitter irony this superscription." and he refused I have change a Meanwhile four soldiers were on guard at the foot of the cross. 28 to 31. John.26o nailed A QUESTION OF MIRACLES him up between two thieves. Eloi." The late priests. he is now one Jesus in is the heavenly kingdom. and even one But of these insulted him while on the cross. : and buildest it in three and come down now from the cross. wagging their heads. but Luke 23: 27: v. lama. which he caused to be nailed above Jesus' head "Jesus of Nazareth. They marched past him and railed at him. and ran and (40) Matt. said King of the Jews. sabachthani. 42 and 43. I have written. on hearing "Eloi. was not inspired on that point and tajs nothing. and one of them." word. who says he was present. the King of the ofY to Pi- Jews. does not agree with Luk«. and. filled a sponge with vinegar thieves." (41) Pilate. 32. (42) Pilate replied : "What to written. v.

John 13: 23 and 24." (43) Directly after this. 23. This looks strange: he probably had swooned. and John is very iinreliahle. and it was now three o'clock in the afternoon. we are told. the Jews besought Pilate that the legs of the crucified might be broken and the bodies taken away. "Let us see if Elias will to take him down. 34 to 36. 21. but when they came to Jesus they found him "dead already. The drink was to lessen pain. Mark 15: v. 27: V. 46 to 49. A young man even in good health could endure the agony of the cross for two days. Matt. only swooned. There was an old custom among the Jews. . It must be noticed here that Jesus was on the cross only three hours. side with a spear. Jesus swooned away. the next day being the Jewish Sabbath. John is the only one who mentions this incident of the spear. 34. and sometimes for three days. but Jesus. (44) Deut. (43) Matt. stupefying drink. should be buried that day. He had been on the cross only about three hours. The two were killed by breaking their legs. our April 3. aad gall and vinegar would not. It was not a strong. lest the land be defiled. Friday (Nisan). but a soldier. that the body of one who had died on the cross Section 7. V. They broke the legs of the others. 27: v. v. says gall and vinegar. pierced his and blood and water came forth. was dead before the spear touched him. and thieves longer. saying." and did not break his legs.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES come 261 and gave him to drink. (44) Moreover. it is said.

after crying with a loud is up the ghost. 27: v. Luke 23: 262 v. Eccl. and. 8. and his aunt. 50. 25 to 30. (5) There vessel. (3) Mark 15: v. one of 37. and then only There are cases where. No doubt he had only swooned. His. into thy hands I commend my voice. they have been taken down and restored to health. vita. Matt. 46. 27: v. 46 to 50. it Spirit. The three others seem to know nothing about (5) it. and Mary Magdalene agaiji and others." and. (2) Josephus. Matt.CHAPTER XXII Contradictory Testimony Concerning the Crucifixion. was no sudden rupture of any vein or blood or some mention would have been made of it. . Jesus was not an he was able to cry with a loud voice just before he "expired. 33 and V. just before he swooned. Luke 23: (4) John 19: v. ( i ) a considerable period on :he cross. Such VIII. friends were hung on the them recovered. There are cases where men of great physical vigor have hung upon the cross four days. (4) Jesus' last words were said he gave : "Father. mentions a case where three of his cross." (3) talk to his mother. (2) invalid . 46. 75. is the only one of the four canonical writers who mentions this incident of the spear." and "he cried He was also able to with a loud voice. being taken down. (1) Eusebius. after died of starvation.

as John states. but as to the supposed spear incident they are all absolutely silent. did not bring. Now. was thrust into and that is a very important circumstance in this world-renowned event. Moreover. compels me to question his absolute decease. took the body.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES to 263 a rupture would at that instant have caused the blood gush from his nose and mouth. And when we examine the records is and (6) find that John of the Fourth Gospel the only Mark 15: v. This alleged sudden death of a young man thirtytwo or thirty-three years of age. as we shall see directly. having (6) obtained leave. as to that spear-thrust. Neither Luke nor Matthew nor Mark seem ever to have heard anything about it. fixion. . wrapped it in linen cloth and laid it in a new sepulchre. any aloes neither did he assist in putting Jesus' body into that sepulchre. it must not be overlooked that John four the only one of the New Testament writers who makes any mention of the supposed incident that a spear Jesus' side. when he was traveling about the country and ate a broiled fish and a piece of honey comb. and he sent the captain of the guard to inquire about it. is Moreover. 44 and 45. But Nicodemus. Yet they each wrote a history of the cruci. when Joseph of Arimathea visited Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. it is no wonder that Pilate marveled that Jesus was already dead. Joseph. when taken in connection with his alleged appearance a few hours afterwards. after only three hours on the cross.

or the placing of the body in the tomb. (12) Ch. (10) Ch. but we shall see (12) that he believed Jesus had In fact. For he audatells made the world (7). 50 to 56. He makes no mention of it. V. 10. find that we trace his record back and he is always an extremist and an uncertain ciously says Jesus guide.264 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES who tells person of the four us that story of the spear. (9) Matt. word about Pilate (7) John 1. (10) that the veil of the temple rent from top to bottom. 27. and took it and wrapped it in linen. Nor does he mention that Nicodemus was present at the crucifixion. V. Moreover. V. 83. 15. (9). etc. Not only was Nicodemus not present at the crucifixion. He seems never to have heard to Luke (11) says Joseph went it. 23. . etc. but he does not mention was tells Mark us Nicodemus as being present either at the crucifixion. Jesus was able to escaped into the woods.. There are some other things to be noticed just here. V. Matthew says Joseph of Arimathea took Jesus' body down from the cross and laid it in his own new tomb. and begged the body of Jesus. 31. and (8) us that Jesus was God. 9. 58 to 60. 38-46. Mark a is as silent as a dead man about the thrusting of that spear. but he is silent about any spear having been thrust into Jesus' side. V. or of any spear having been thrust into Jesus' side. (11) Ch. (8) John 14. V. but he makes no mention whatever of Nicodemus being present at the crucifixion.

Davidson. for after boiling ia oil his mind must have been shattered. There is no certain proof that John's Gospel was A. 13 to 31. the son of Zebedee. John was taken to Rome and boiled in oil. Eev." (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) British before is said John (21) takes Luke Mark 24. Matthew tells (14) (15) Fourth Gospel says: two days after being nailed to the cross. 16 and 17. The reader must be warned that John of the is very careless about the truth.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES travel about the country as early as 265 Mark also confirms this. He. 26. V. (16) tradicts John here. 27. 23. to bear the cross. 140. tells us that the existence of John's Gospel A. (17) Mark also contradicts John and agrees with Matthew that they compelled Simon to bear the cross. went forth. v. Ch. John must be excused for his many wild statements. 7-13. John 19. D. V. 28. v. (21) Chapter 2. (13) us that Jesus was able to travel about sixty miles to Galilee within Sunday morning. 16. . John's supposed Gospel seems to it. Mark 15. If that be true. Nor is there any certain proof that John. 7-10. (20) have been made up largely from an Apocryphal writin existence before ing called "The Acts of Pilate. V. who wrote the article on the canon for the Encyclopedia. D. Luke (19) likewise contradicts John and agrees (18) with Matthew and Mark that Simon bore the cross. Matt. for he 'They took Jesus and led. Simon by name. v. 140 is incapable of even a probable showing. V. Matt. It that during the persecution under Domitian. ever wrote In truth. him away. 21. for he says they compelled a man of Gyrene. 32." etc. bearMatthew coning his cross.

(22) Chapter 7. Chapter XI. whereas The Acts of Pilate tells us the same in twelve lines. v. The Acts lines. 38 to 41. tells us exactly where John copied (24) the story that Nicodemus came with a mixture of myrrh and aloes. . Jesus was a Jew. and under the Jewish law he should have been buried in some place of infamy. John (23) takes thirty lines. about a hundred pounds weight. of Pilate {22) the twelve Neither Matthew nor same story in Mark nor Luke seem ever to have heard of this wine incident. 19: v. (24) This seems to be in sharp conflict with John (ch. and assisted in the burial of Jesus. (25) In closing this dis- chapter we may notice that Jesus' body was not posed of according to either the custom. (23) Chapter 4. his Roman or Jewish When a Roman suffered death on the cross body was left suspended until devoured by the birds.266 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES tell thirty-four lines to us of the turning of water into tells wine. Acts of Pilate. The same is true of the healing of the nobleman's son. where John says Nicodemus assisted at the burial of (25) John 19. 39 to 42).

that angels (Devas) the 267 from heaven hovered above earth in mid-air. dropped The sun and moon. terrible and awe-inspiring. scattering dust and ashes on crags and hills in awful profusion. All Kusinara (the place of Buddha's death) became immediately strewn knee-deep with mandarava flowers from heaven. Section i. that from the four quarters of the earth a tempestuous wind arose. and murmuring brooks were swollen instantly to great streams.CHAPTER XXIII Miracles in the Lives of Buddha and Jesus." their light. Dust bins and ash heaps were covered with perfume dropped from the skies. When Buddha moment died we are told that there arose. withdrew tears of sympathy. . We are told. "at the of his passing. moreover. So great was the universal sorrow that even flying dragons. and the thunders of heaven burst forth : "That on every hand." a mighty earthquake. the earth spouted forth great flames of shook with the roll and the mountains and valand crash of thunder. it is said. at the same time. as they were hurtled through the air. even up leys to the celestial fire mansions. that.

Of course this improbable story is utterly 2104 to 2114. Vol. (Matt 28: v. XI. is "The veil of the temple rent from top to bottom. 8e» Matt. Sec. that the world would soon forget the precepts of the great teacher. we are not told. witness in court who would tell such an inconsistent tale would impeach his own evidence. and many bodies of the Saints which slept. Is this wonderful story true? Did flesh and blood come back to those corpses? Did articulation of the bones take place? Or did Matthew's imagination run away with him? Moreover. it is said. XI. (2) The Hindu Devil had often before this begged Buddha to die. Luke 23: t. very (1) Vol. But there was one. (2) All these things are said to have happened in India. arise and come out of their graves and go into the holy city and ap- pear unto many. are we told whether those saints went back to their graves. B. . 42. Neither Mark nor John makes any mention of the saints getting ont of their graves. 116. five hundred years before the attempted murder of Jesus on Golgotha. (i) Their only grief was. 50 to 51. graves are opened. Jesus is And when similar taken down from the cross we meet extraordinary occurrences. 51 to 53. p. Neither (3) Just who opened those graves. not far from the Ganges.268 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES "neither sorrowing nor rejoicing. p." they watched the impressive scene witli unwonted interest. we must remember that Matthew and Luke are the only ones of the Gospel writers who tell this improbable story. and climbed down into darkness again. The story is too improbable for belief. Luke 24: v. E. unbelievable and the Hindu who wrote it ought. the evil one Mara-raga who at — — that moment rejoiced exceedingly because Gambud- vipa (the world) was shorn of its glory.. Sacred Books of the East. S. 45. A ." (3) At Jesus' death. or whether they remained above the ground. and Fo She.) 1 to 5. 27: v. Matthew impeaches himself. if within reach. a mishap overtakes the sun. to be punished for misleading Matthew and Luke.

p. Sacred Books of the East. that in India the sun and moon moon it both withdrew their Hght. and Vol. (5) Bud. p. (5) and John goes to the extreme of saying that the world was made by Jesus. XI. (6) There was darkness. 44. of the E. and their exits likewise extraordinary. Mark 15: v. 216. E. ch. "He that hath seen me hath seen the (6) John 14: v. 130. p. (8) Both of these men underwent long fasts both were devils. 20. 45." (4) Section 2. X.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES similar to that 269 which occurred in India. B. and both talked to devils. Birth Stories. 4. Vol. with this difference. while Mara-raga. Sacred Books of the East. as we have seen. Of these remarkable men. 9: Father. made are himself incarnate for the benefit of mankind. 90 and p. tempted by the Hindu devil. at Buddha's demise. (7) When at that streams of water flowed Buddha's remains were cremated we are told down from the skies and moment the earth from beneath opened the same . S. V. though later But in Palestine the on it is to be over- taken with a great calamity. 2nd part .. 64 to 68. 33. (8) Vol. most wonomens precede their coming. it is said. over the whole land for three hours when Jesus derful died. Buddha. (9) (4) Acts 2. 1 to 14.. John misled Paul.. 27: v. it is said. for Peter foolishly says "shall be turned into blood." John 1: v. (9) Matt. Matt. (7) Luke 23: v. XI. . escapes trouble . wide and spouted other torrents upon the funeral pyre. tempted Buddha continuously for six terrible years. But Jesus was tempted only forty days. 6. S. B. Philippiana 2: V.

Hardy's Manual of Buddhism. For two solid bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time. 1 to 13. (13) Buddha. (12) Strange as it may appear. Sec. that he could not stand the liver of a fish. that both all It is Jesus believed that devils were about Jesus likewise believed that devils were inside of some people. 13. from 68 to 70. without doubt. 40 and 41. (12) Acts 2: V. also Mark 1: v. 252. solid body passing through another solid body. V. Did Mark and John copy from Fo Sho? or from whom? The Buddhist story precedes the date of Jesus more than five hundred years. whether it be a door or a stone wall. 1553. to A . it Buddha. 186. (13) Mark 6: v. (lo) not strange. so keen. it is said. could walk on water as on dry land. There were legions of devils in Palestine and the The goblin troop were fully as numerous in India. ''the door being shut. 19 to 26. p. Sacred Books. Sec. Great king of glory. Hindu devil. but that he could cast them out. XI. Fo Sho. The also Vol. 113 to 116. even then it is impossible. could pass through a stone wall "without impediment" ( ?) and Jesus could go through a door. 1553. 16. could rise in mid-air and (14) . hoik Buddha and Jesus. (14) Fo Sho. both absolutely false. Sacred Books of the East. so the Hindu Scriptures tell us." Buddha. p. It is impossible pass these absurd statements without comment and with no word of dissent. 19. possessed a keen sense of smell . They are. (11) Matt. p. therefore. If you say it was done by miracle. is impossible. was sad when he failed to overcome (10) Tobit 6. fumes of the heart and ing." and both religions had their pentecostal day. when burnBuddha and us. Vol. it is said. is said. 32. 8: v. John 6: v. Palestine devil. 48 to 51. indeed. (ii) Both these men believed in "a change of heart. it seems.270 A QUESTION OF MIIL\CLES . 17. John 20: v. Luke 4: v.

(17) As we have heretofore observed. Sec. Muller. John K." 6: v. Vol. "putteth new wine into old bottlea. 9: v. would have con- He preached. 48. v. he said. A star came and stood over the place where Jesus was born and a star. (Matt. S. 16. XI. Sacred Books of the East.) (18) Vol. ." A QUESTION OF MIRACLES walk to and fro. 17.. 271 and Jesus finally." but "if a man smite thee on one cheek. (15) Jesus did not believe in the divine origin of the old Hebrew formed scriptures. The Hindu writer misled Matthew. (16) Neither did Buddha believe in the divine origin and authority of the Veda (the Hindu Bible). 16. " Vol. p. Fo Sho. likewise came down to welcome Buddha. five hundred years before this. Luke 16: v. p. Sacred Books of the East. false. His doctrine was not "an eye for an eye. Heretofore Fo we have seen that 6: v. he said. Sacred Books of the East. p. Intro. 18 to 20. it is said. or his doctrines to them. turn to him the other also." The law and the prophets. 16. 146 and Both of these stories about the stara we know to be p. when Mark Luke Max "No man. and a tooth for a tooth. 243. Sho. 19. in short. Section (15) (16) (17) 3. 46. 77 to 82. p. ascended in the air. and for this he was called a heretic. XI. See also the chapter on the "Foundation of the Kingdom of Eighteousness. a reformation of those old records. 1553. were until John. even the nativity of these two men is strikingly similar. 271. Lit. XXXV. p. and a Hindu writer goes to the extreme of naming Pushya as the very star (18) that came down. .

he "was born to save the Instantly two streams of water. it is said. Here now he surpasses Jesus." (19) We himself proclaimed that he have also seen that when Buddha was born. saying. Luke 2: V. for such was his great virtue and power that particularity. one warm. if but this was to be his last. that moment. poured dov^^n from heaven and baptized him." they pressed so near the child. (19) be true. 13 to 16. but even the to bear him. descending from Heaven. whether sung by angels or not) the angels "went back into tidings of great joy. the angel of the Lord proclaimed good and immediately a heavenly host appeared. . that their gar- ments absolutely touched his body. "Peace on earth. the other cold. heaven. with much Buddha was enjoying himself in the Tusita heaven. was heard on earth and in the skies. exist- The Hindu scriptures tell us. at Both of these men are declared to have had ences previous to their appearance on earth.272 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Jesus was born. and. world. (?) At that moment the Devas (Angels) raised their heavenly songs. that after that song (a blessed song. Angelic music. this In short. He mother that was had undergone many incarnations. good will toward men". an inhabitant of heaven. when archangels from ten thousand world systems appeared before him and notified him that the moment for his advent had arrived. that he could choose not only the continent in which his birth was to take place.

B.. E. ch. says Jesus was "before the world began. likewise. Sacred Books of the East. shall have everlasting life. p. 2. in fact. XI." Vol XI. was again misled by John as to the creation of Paul wrote to the Hebrews. (21) Vol." he said. so we are told. Sacred Books of the East. 9. v. The chapter on Vol. 3) meaning not Neither Buddha nor one world. 271. 146 and p 243. And when he likewise ch. v. S. "Not to do.. i.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 273 forsook his blissful abode and came to earth to teach mankind "the way of salvation". the "Foundation of the Kingdom of Righteousness. 8. ch. John 10: v. Intro. 30. when he wrote First Corinthians. i. world". and I But this is will raise him up at the last day. But John was either dishonest or wildly chimerical. any other of his disciples goes to the foolish extravagance of John (ch. 46. but this is the Father's the will of Him that sent me. (23) all But notwithstanding ments. Jesus. ch.. . heaven. B. XXXV. E. Fo She. p. but all the millions of worlds. came down from "mine own will. 1: v. 187. p. 3 to 10). those sleepers are still in their graves. and as the last day has not yet come. "made the all not will that sent me. and the salvation which Buddha taught meant a "change of heart (20) and a higher hfe. 38 to 41. and Second Timothy." (22) for we are told that Jesus. (23) John had probably read the curious and extravagant things told of Buddha. And Every one which seeth the Son. all things. p. — . p. v. it is these questionable statelittle said." (21) Jesus. 11. was made "a lower than (20) Vol. and determined to surpass them. John 17: v. followed a false light. when he said Jesus made all things (ch. 6: v. The Jews murmured at this. which he Burely did. S. 69." Paul. They did not believe it. XI. 18 to 20. (22) John. and believeth on him. 1: v.

(26) Levit. {2y) (24) Ch. 2: v. the very keystone of the arch. 31. Tobit. .274 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES (24) is it the angels. do you also unto them. in whom I am well pleased. He said. Perkeaboth. as thyself". 7 to 10. 18. Buddha said. "Conquer your foe by your enemies" Buddha force. that preceded Jesus' day. born about seventy-five years before Jesus. you increase his enmity. p." eaid: John 6: v. (25) "Love thy neighbors "Love said. Is this compatible with Matt.. aphorisms. 6 to 16. is made up almost entirely from old maxims. 31 to 61. Sacred Books of the East. Fo Sho.. ch. declared it . p 307. conquer by love. and Vol. 5: v. fore the world that you. ch.. 1 and 2. 4: v. Talmud Jerusalem. 305. ch.. 3: v. Leviticus said. (25) Luke 6: v. precepts and proverbs. 19: v. one hundred and fifty years before Jesus came. Sacred Books of the East. 12. 7: v. Jesus went beyond this and said. Matt." (26) Moreover." agree. where a voice from heaven "This is my beloved son. 38. etc. to be the essence of the law. 17. ch. may be seen to be forbearing and mild. and you will reap no after-sorrow. had uttered a similar thought and Hillel. Sec. (27) Vol. 2241. Sermon on But of this we are certain that Mount. Matt. Paul to the Hebrews. Just here How ? that Paul John and 1-aul hardly makes Jesus lower than the angels The the real words of those two great teachers we do the not probai^ly know. XVII. 16 and 17. having embraced the religious life. "Let your light shine beSection 4. Talmud Bab." But Tobit. while it is one of the most : beautiful compositions in all the world. . 44. "As ye would have men do to you.

even Buddha : said. 16. or sunrise at dawn. "Heaven and earth shall pass away. 35. 5. "Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust hath committed adultery already. and glorify your Father which heaven" ? (28) 'There are beings whose words cannot fail there is no deviation from truth in their speech. 5." (30) The Hindu writer adds. and its heaven and hell. Matt." (29) Jesus said.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Did Jesus copy him when he so shine before said. 275 "Let your Hght see is men that they may your good in works. broken by even looking at the wife of another with a lustful eye. 24. v. Buddhist Birth Stories. "The words of the glorious Buddhas are so the of a sure and everlasting. all of which quaked and trembled and were shaken tablished the (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) P. "The law five is hundred years before Jesus came. Gotama makes frequent mention of ten thousand tvorld systems. said. V. 28. p. Sacred Books of the East. Matt. or the death of a mortal. As sure as the fall of a clod thrown into the air. V. 18." (31) Buddha." But on one point those great teachers utterly disagree. after her. On the other hand. 64. Buddha cannot fail. but my words shall not pass away. XI. Jesus knew nothing and said nothing about any other world than this one. . p. violently.' word Jesus said. Jataka tales. when he es- kingdom of righteousness. in his heart. (32) Matt. Vol. 155.

31. 31. even while presiding over (Matt. 38. 25. if they remained His twelve disciples (36) were to sit upon twelve thrones. and Amos 5. 30. they had no conception of the distance and magnitude of the starry host. but he is one million four hundred thousand times larger than the earth. was misled by Isaiah 13: v. as if chained by millions of iron cables. (35) Matt. therefore. 1 V. and 52. Those early writers believed the earth to be flat and that the stars were only little twinklers just a small distance above their heads. (34) Let us see about this. 34. 2nd Tim. 29 and v. 3. 24: v." and "all the tribes of the earth shall mourn. Will he fall to the earth? or will this little earth fall into him? Whoever wrote Matt. (33) But Jesus was not a : learned philosopher. to his precepts faithful (33) Matt. and eat and drink at Jesus' table. 7." (35) Here Jesus surpasses Buddha for Buddhism has no throne. 28. 10 and v. 10. As Mercury has six and a half times as much light and heat as our earth. 2: V.) the twelve tribes. and Joel 2: v. Cor. the sun himself is only a star. But how can Mercury break loose from its orbit? The Sun. 23 and 24. Luke 21: v." (34) Jesus likewise believed that at the end of the world he would come back to the earth and "sit upon the throne of his glory. Mark 8: v. fifty-eight miles nearer the sun than the earth. 24: v. v. 20. v. 19: v. it would seem that the saints would have rather a hot time. 29 and 30. ch.\CLES Both of those men beheved that this earth will ultimately pass away and Jesus told his followers that the end was close at hand.. millions of miles from the earth to Mercury. 25: v. for he said the stars in the last from the hcazrn. holds it in place. and likewise were to judge the twelve life everlasting in the long hereafter. that all-powerful magnet. Mercury is thirty-sev^n millions of It is. 1. 12.. (36) Luke 18: v.276 A QUESTION OF MIR. and five hundred times larger than all his satellites combined. That being so. IMercury is therefore about 100° hotter than water at the boiling point. and as water boils at 212°. 26. . Moreover. Mark 13: v. 15 : : ch. Eev. Luke 9: v. and Ezra 32: v. All recruits to Jesus' standards were promised day "ivill fall .

Tonsure was also practiced at Sax-itri. (38) All those doctrines about the sim being darkened and the stars falling. (40) Did John copy them? Law of Manu. John. one hundred years in hell. The old Hindu code was so strict that if a "twice born man" (39) even threatened bodily injury against a Brahmana he must wander. also used water in their religious rites. and of a Kshatrya at twentytwo. A chord of Munga grass for a Brahman. Sec. 5. ch.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES tribes of Israel. 30. as centuries before he was born a priestly code and ironbound caste system was in full force. were in the world long before Jesus came. eating it with concentrated mind. 13: v. For women. 4. a hempen string for a Kshatriya. (39) The ceremony of "twice born. for it treated the unfortunate Sudra as rigorously as Moses treated the unfortunate heathen. and the heavens for the saints. he must study the Veda." or "second birth. He only preached them anew. 3: v. 165." was a solemn religious rite. and must lead a pure life. (38) Matt. invoke the sun. passed at sixteen years. 28. emphasized them. says a man "must be born of water and the spirit. The Hindus one thousand years before John. for they could "gnash" them. was placed over the left shoulder and under the Even after Savitri. He must worship his food. as it were. . it is said. morning and evening. or. of a Vaisya at twenty-four. roasted in furnaces of but they still had teeth. and a woolen thread for a Vaisya." to reach heaven. It was as hateful and unjust as the code of Moses. the nuptial ceremony was sufficient. and the punishment of the wicked. (40) The Sudra under Section 5. must right arm. And the same rule holds against Gotama. 277 to be (37) The wicked were then fire . the time of Savitri (invitation) of a Brahman. Luke 22: v. 19: v. (37) Matt. 38 to 43.

) . this tongue. or in whose brain it was born. awful beyond belief. C. was brought by migrating Hindus from India and planted on the Nile. and points to Asia as its birthplace. "is in Asia. Sanscrit." says Bunson. "The cradle of mythology and the language of Egypt. new was fields. or know We of the ancient Egyptian tongue. On closer examination ethnology carries us back beyond Egypt. like transmigration. five or six thousand years ago. It is thousands of years older than Pythagoras. no one can truly tell. every belief and custom carried into in. Hindu was a punishment or retribution for the sins committed in the body. For mortal sins the Hindu "passed a large number of of the (41) Pythagoras was born in Samos about 582 B." Such exact and w^holesale copying never accidental. and there became the root. 278 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Buddha's teaching could rise if he obeyed the law. from the numerous Sanscrit words used by the Egyptians. The transmigration . changes and modifica- tions slip So it in this case. hells Whence came that old belief. Yet Buddha's punishment of the wicked is like that of Jesus. (41 It was probably born it but Herodotus thought in some old Hindu's brain came from Egypt. but Buddha relieved his somewhat by his doctrine of transmigration. Sanscrit was their mother is foundation. And that is with the language came also the belief in But.

(43) In short. Manu 6. Sec. word. sity of returning in the future into a mother's womb. . but if it ever was visited upon the wicked as a retribution. or pig. The old Hindu belief was. transmigration in India was caused by sinful deeds but in Egypt the soul transmigrated whether good or bad. For theft he was born a rat. The Egyptian belief was that the soul. XVII. exploded myth. or crow.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES years through dreadful hells" . for she enters the womb of a jackal. or bird. by deed. that all conditions of the heart that are evil must be rooted out and destroyed (44) that whoever reached this exalted state was freed from the neces. (44) Vol. or goat. or insect. traveled through a circuit of animals. severe on a -woman who violates her duty towards her husband. p. Mann 6. etc. that the soul that chiefly clung to vice was finally overtaken by retribution. Sec. transmigration is an ancient. insects. 12. birds. But when its time of retribution was past. Of course. Gotama found this old Hindu docsoul" is : trine venerable with age and undertook its over- throw by preaching assiduously the doing of such actions as are righteous. is there any other or more effective remedy for it than (42) Manu. 279 (42) and afterwards was born as a dog. 61. it again entered the goal for a new trial. 664. whether good or bad. 54 and following. Sacred Books of the East. Manu is pretty (43) Herodotus 11:123.. and of being reborn into a new existence. and thought. and that this "circuit of the performed every three thousand years. and is tormented by diseases for her sin. 112 to 114. fishes.

28o A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Moreover. it he ought in to have interested himself to save Eve there . does seem as if if Gotaina's sensible teachings? isted in the Jesus ex- beginning ( ?). the garden ful for thus both hell and transmigration dreams —w^ould — fright- never have been heard of. .

606 B. 15 to Of course the sect of Sadducees did not believe in the resur16. after the book of Daniel appeared. which speaks of the dead being raised up unto everlasting life.) Sadducees believe in angels or spirits. he found that doctrine in the world. (Matt. Vol. and he did not condemn it. 9 to 36. (1) The book of Daniel was written about 166 B. (2) But the question resurrected ? is this: Was Jesus' mortal body That has been a disputed question for now nearly nineteen hundred years. and the controversy is not yet Millions of good people firmly believe that his body was actually resurrected. shortly to be followed by Maccabees. Edition 9. 22: v. Buddha did not believe in a and he did not teach that wild and senseless Neither did the Jews believe in it until doctrine. Mark 6: v. 10 to 12. 14. p. ended. 2nd Maccabees 7. Here now we come to i. ( i ) When Jesus came. v. 6. C. 27. 281 . 18: 1. but on the contrary he emphasized it. equally as good. Neither did tht rection. (2) Matt. 8. 17: v. Luke 20: v. Ency. claiming that John the Baptist was Elias come back to the earth.. Matt. 11: v.CHAPTER XXIV Was it Resurrection or Was it Resuscitation? the parting of resurrection of Section the roads. 3. as Bible chronology has it. 805. Acts 23: v. and not. Jos. Br. Antiq. C. and other millions. the body. 23. stoutly deny it.

23 and v. gliastly. or that he all had been ac- decapitated. . 53. could survive the agonies of the cross two or three days. believed Jesus was he dead when he took his body from the to cross. the Joseph of Arimathea may have it. 40. questionable thrust of the spear. as I A healthy young man with abundant have heretofore sliown. And and it is said. could he walked until they had been set and bandaged and grown together again? How about that? vitality. rigid could no more come back to life than any if Cross. as not. life's his veins and arteries emptied of currents. and. and was dead. when taken was in fact a pale. (4) Mark 15: v. could he resurrect himself? if Did he resurrect himself. and sometimes even four Jesus was on the cross only about three hours. but himself says nothing about It is said he brought as some linen cloth with which wrap it. John (3) only person wlio makes that assertion. cross. it the body of Jesus. other dead body. Gospel writers who says the side of Jesus was pierced by a spear. who did? Or have suppose the bones of his legs had been broken on the were the legs of the thieves. 31 to 34.282 It is A QUESTION OF MIRACLES objected that tlie down from corpse. (4) tacle ever witnessed That day there was enacted the most shameful specon this earth. suppose his throat had been cut from ear tually to ear. was then the custom of the Jews. is In fact. John 19: v. which brands for- John is the only one of the four (3) John 19: v. as the soldiers thought. even before that days.

as witness Bishop Cramer. save thyself and come down now from the cross!" win his seamless robe." then he stands upon a pedestal above every human being who If. and casting lots as to which shall Here comes a procession and jeer as they pass by: "Ah. (8) Some of his followers are equally devoted. forgive them. and they wag their heads But worse than all this. him? when they were mocking him in his agony he was able to say. and the Jews who were Right the actors in the tragedy. 23 and 24.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES ever with infamy those 283 Roman soldiers. that we may see and believe. 35. thou that destroyest the Temple and buildest it in three days. Jesus was not a cruel those Jews who nailed him on that cross (5) John 19: v. (7) preceded him. : . the learned of all Jerusalem. V." . for even those Pharisees might then have believed on . 29 to 31." (6) Would it not have been better for the world if Jesus had actually come dovv'n from the cross. 27: v. brother. they know not what they do. 27: v. and we will kindle such a light in England today that the world will see it. he was able to say to another sufferer: "Let us stand firm. as Luke alleges. himself he cannot save" "Let the King of Israel come down now from the cross. (8) man. (6) Mark 15: v. doctors of the law. (7) Ch. Matt. are there and they mock him "He saved others. at the foot of the cross the soldiers are divid- ing Jesus' garments. Matt. 23. When the flamea were consuming him. "Father. the chief priests and scribes. 39 to 43. 34. (5) of Jews. who was burned at the stake. and if Moreover.

and when he obtained leave he bought linen (11) to wrap it in. on Friday afternoon. intending come back after the Sabbath and anoint him. probably a later. without doubt. and no signs of returning consciousness had appeared. 46. 1. He was taken down from the cross little probably sometime after four o'clock. 1. for is said they brought spices. If the spear was actually thrust into his side. he surely will forgive them. and the last to leave him. will cry to him out of the lie he not have mercy? If has the power. V. (9) Matt. to beg the body. 27. v. no human But being can if it now truly tell. its wrung with anguish while watching her son's agony on the cross. believed it him to be dead. Luke 24: v. vary. . (10) Mark 16: v. (11) Mark 15. (12) Matt. and it may have been But five o'clock in the afternoon. Jesus' mother was there she had followed him from Galilee. (9) mother's heart was. that circumstance adds weight to the claim of those who insist that he was really dead. 60. 27. A man's mother is the first one to come to him in It was so at Caldistress. she with all women who if followed him from to Galilee. was rolled to Her door. and was at the sepulcher when the stone . those Moreover. the record be true. (12) finished was six o'clock when Joseph wrap- ping the body. (10) Section 2. she it may have seen the blood as gushed from the wound. or even six o'clock. exactly when that stone was rolled to that door. Joseph had visited Pilate. 60.284 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES pit.

If he V. (14) Luke 23: (15) John 10. as to the exact time simply a guess when Joseph But rolled that stone to it the door of that sepulcher. (15) He knew really did have it in his power to escape. Such a monument of infamy towers to the very heavens. ing. . He could have escaped in several ways. It a perpetual benediction upon will mankind. was Friday even- Nisan 4th (April. and the best man ever born in Palestine was shamelessly nailed to the cross between two thieves. 17 and 18. D. might have found shelter in the wilderness. Peter had denied him (14). He knew the whole Sanhedrin was arrayed against him. He He could have gone back to Galilee. that Jewish And when him. 1 to 5.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES And every 285 moment beyond that point of time gives It is all strength to that supposition. Jesus had eaten the Great things had transpired in Jerusalem in the preceding twenty-four hours. his is it Sermon on the Mount can never be all surpassed. 33). V. though repeatedly saying. crucify mob was clamoring. Pilate. Judas to be a traitor. the Scribes and elders had arrested him . A. Paschal supper (13) Judas had betrayed him." had cruelly scourged him. "I find no fault in him. and so this suffering remain forever. "Crucify him!" the weak-kneed Pilate tamely yielded. . (13) Luke 22. if Now the record be true. all and ignominy on the cross might have been avoided if For it seems as if he Jesus had so willed it. Even if we say that Jesus was only a man.

stands unimpeached and unimpeachable. 7. (20) 2nd Peter 3: v.286 coukl Iced A QUESTION OF MIRACLES live tliuusaml witli '"fuc loaves and Uvo small fishes. Water. and there it will remain sure and steadwith fervent heat. v. 22. and unchallenged. will run down hill. (19) Or it may have been the angel Nanda. in fact. — fast. 4. (17) Second Maccabees. a monu- mental fact. But after been all these questionable statements have sifted. But the resurrection of the material body of Jesus. 32 to 38. 15 to 21 and ch. we know from universal observation." could he not feed himself when and where he pleased? (i6) Or did he have the brave example of those seven glorious Maccabees before him? (17) Or did. an angel from heaven come to give him strength and courage? (18) If so. People will die — in fact they are dying (16) Matt. v. cross. it may have been one of the same angels that ministered unto him in the wilderness. 15. sublimity of that The mournful on that It is innocent sufferer. fast until the elements shall melt (20) Section 3. V. stands upon a very different footing. else why does the there in the Mount of Olives Jesus wavered angel appear. xi. (18) This remarkable statement of Luke (ch. 14. who fed Buddha when he was famishing. 43) deserves observation. 10. the great fact of the nailing to that cross stands out boldly. . It is not improper to ask who told Luke about The least that can be said of it is that that story of the angel. if the angel did appear? Nanda fed Buddha at the end of his long (19) Matt. ch.

remained So closed the day at that sepulcher that Friday night. and John makes no mention of a guard at the tomb. for the reason that it contradicts a law of universal observation. And John (21) same men — Luke. and happen every day in obedience to a law^. Luke and John each wrote a book saying that in their day water ran up hill of itself. may have been John the Presbyter and he may have been John. neither does Mark. They are of observation. This John. or Matthew. Mark. or Luke. was taken down from the cross. and placed carefully in a tomb. v. Both of those cases are self-evident. — ' . and a multitude of witnesses — — will not convince those us. as a guard. or John.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES all 287 all about us —and the proof is overwlielming that will die. Luke and Mark know nothing about that spear. nor Luke. four men Matthevir. nor Mark seems to have heard of the myrrh and aloes (John 19:39 and 40). (22) But there is no statement by Mark. whoever he was. the son of Zebedee and Salome. neither does Luke. who wrote the fourth gospel. and in that garden was the sepulcher where Jesus was laid (John 19. (22) Neither Matthew. (21) Matthew and Mark were Jev/s. and every one of them asserts therein that Jesus was crucified (that is not hard to believe). John. is the only person who makes any mention that the spear was thrust into Jesus side. John says Jesus was crucified in a garden. and was pronounced dead. we at once discredit such a story. on that point. was wrapped with cloth. that anyone. Luke is believed to have been an Italian. Matthew and —each wrote a book. Mark. John is the only one inspired. Matthew. We pronounce against it. But if we find that about nineteen hun- common dred years ago. The whole story of the guard at the tomb depends on Matthew. 41).

Saturday. until the third night. just here. we are not (24) told what time the next day. And to be a link in that chain. over. more exact. was a holy day with is Nobody all that Saturday watching that tomb. we re- member that deceiver said while he I was yet alive. let us observe. have as much v. "the next day Now.'" (23) from the Pilate. saying. Command and risen fore that the sepulcher be day . link. there- after three days will rise again. told those Jews to go and set a watch and make the sepulcher secure. But what hour the next day did they set the watch ? Here is a great gap in the evidence. or in the afternoon. connecting link. next day. being Passthe Jews. 27: (24) Matt. . lest his disciples made come by secure. 62 to 66.. is A chain. whether it was in the fore- noon. Or ends of a chain. two chains with no Matt. let us see: that followed the day of preparation.288 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 'i1ic of preparation. or. says. and say unto the people he dead. it is said. right to guess that was in the (23) Matt. 62 to 65. only as strong as its is weakest broken. is steal him away. All that is a matter of guess and surmise. the chief priests and Pharisees came unto Pilate. 27. ch. 'Sir. And w^e are told that they set a watch and sealed the sepulcher. Meanwhile the tomb I is it unguarded. there are here two if you please. 27. v. the chief priests and Pharisees visited Pilate.

' * ' ' all Eoman history! . before Those were Eoman (25) This whole thing lacks probability. they slept while on guard! There is not an instance like this in soldiers. Nor was it in the evening. nor Luke nor John until this day. "this saying is conunonly reported among the Jews Neither Mark. Moreover the bribe-takers." and so the problem must remain forever unas Syncope may have seized Jesus when suffering on the cross. 289 you have to say It was not in the morning it was in the forenoon. Moreover." and probably verses 62 to 66. Now I am not going to assert.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES afternoon that the guard was set." is sum said. and the stealing of the body. of the next day. Nor am I going to insist that the body. that is they reported that money and did as they were taught. are an accretion (Matt." (25) Matthew makes no comment about this alleged bribery. that as no guard was sent until "the next day. crucifixion. or we probably would be so told. stolen. It was simply "the next day. This Pilate story about the sleeping soldiers is a clumsy invention. 27). the words. They and forged the lie that his "disciples came by night and stole him away while they slept. Matthew says. and may have misled those watching the solved. ch. would probably have crucified those soldiers had they been found The soldiers took the sleeping while on guard." Jesus' body was meanwhile took a "large of money. That counterfeit of death has misled many. if soldiers on that watch were liars and the story told of them be it true." seem to have ever heard of this interesting episode of the soldiers. and only adds. and for a Eoman soldier to sleep on guard brought the penalty of death. "until this day.

it seems Jesus very shortly after being put in that tomb. as to this particular matter. or faint- ing terminated his suspension on the cross. But I assert. . may have The guard accretion of the soldiers not having been men- tioned by either Mark. it looks like an or interpolation. Or it may be that the others were not inspired just then. and traveled to Galilee. Furthermore. to remove the body. And in those hours there was time enough for the disciples. if they saw fit. being hungry. that if that mortal body ever re- from that tomb. (26) Luke mentions. Luke or John. and to remove it without detection. v. 10. v. 4. (29) 24: 24: v. a possibihty that syncope. 13 to 16. he ate fish and honey- comb (28). there was time enough for Jesus to recover from a syncope. if that had given him the appearance of gained consciousness and escaped death.290 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES There do is the coming of the guard. He could then escape without assistance. made his escape from journeyed with some friends to Emmaus some (2y) . 28. and the coming of the Because there must have soldiers "the next day. v. 24. (26) Luke (27) Luke (28) Luke (29) Matt. Moreover. 42. Or those "two men'' which assisted him. regained consciousness and escaped. there was plenty of time for it to escape between the hours that Joseph left it there." been from sixteen to twenty hours from the time the stone was rolled to the door of the tomb. it and and on his return. and the arrival of the soldiers.

A QUESTION OF MIRACLES This Golgotha case is 291 all the only one in history where it is alleged that three hours on the cross proved fatal to anyone. . and in the evening revived and escaped. Jesus probably had only swooned.

CHAPTER XXV. be that he got out the very night he was put No one has ever told. What virtue him stay there three days? Is not that a feeble of Jonah in the whale's belly? (1) Matt." i. Luke 33. (2) The in farthest of to time thirty that he was in that tomb was having copy twenty hours. Luke Bays "after three days. but how long had he been out when first seen? That is the question. The resurrection was promised tomb to take place the third day. or ever can tell. 22. Mark 31. The Miracles Section days. 292 . v. It But Jesus was not in the may there. v. in 8. himself. Even Mark 8. "J^^^^s was risen early the first day of the week. and he was out very early Sunday morning. v. Who ? knows but life may have discovered some signs of when wrapMag- ping him in that linen cloth dalen took stretch But it seems that a few hours in that sepulcher had so changed him that him to be the gardener. v. (i) He was put there on Friday afternoon or evening. Mark says. though Mark says "after three three days. just when he left that sepulcher." But Mark 8." (2) John 20:15. 31. says he shall that Joseph rise after three days. of Jesus' Appearance to the Disciples. 17:23.

mistaken about that angel len . But Matthew was . Whereupon they entered the sepulchre. V. John . 2. 28.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES his in the sepulchre three days. Matt. 1. v. seeing that the (3) (4) women were affrighted. 116. Vol." etc. where we are told that at the moment of Buddha's exit a great earthqval-e shook the earth (Fo Sho Sec. for it was the language of Palestine and he spake to Magdalen and others. E. could he not resurrect himself at any time? (3) Matthew says: "There was a great earthquake and an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it." His countenance was like lightning and his rai- ment was white as snow. ought to have given his authority about that angel. mentions any earthquake. calmed their 10. v. v. and Mark 16. S. 9. Matthew ought to have told us who informed him that an angel came down and rolled that stone away. B. p. where they would find him. "It was a great earthquake. 28. They looked. (4) That angel understood the Aramean tongue. for Mark says "as Magda- and those others approached the sepulchre. XI. V. Matt. nor does any writer of history make any mention of an earthquake at that time. they began to question who should roll away the stone. 2104). and behold it was already rolled away. If 293 vague statement. says they came "very early" to the tomb." who. John 20. v. 2. 1. Neither Mark nor Luke. and yet Matthew says. in his wild extravagance of statement. Luke 24. V. Mark 16. But John is always wild.. and found a young man clothed in a long white garment. 17 and 18." H© probably copied from those Hindu fables. and told them to go quickly and tell the disciples that Jesus was risen and gone into Galilee. 1 to 7. does not say that Jesus remained he had power to lay down his life and take it up again. John says "when it was yet dark Magdalen came. nor even John.

21. those women fled from the sepulchre. believe it.294 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES them say to his disciples. Jolin was not as honest as an Illinois clergyman. the Italian. V. (5) Trembling and amazed. replied. 32 to 44. They him believed Jesus to be dead beyond any earthly or heavenly help. and when Magdalen (of the seven devils) found the disciples. 8 to 12. they did not believe in the resurrection. v. and. Luke 9. that perhaps Lazarus was not quite dead. In other words. Matt. How Still they did not (6) could they believe such an amazing story? No such thing had ever before happened in all this w^orld. They seem never to have heard of Bethany and Lazarus and his four days of syncope in the tomb. Let us now see what Luke. . 10. though they had been often told about it. (7) John 11. Those disciples must have heard repeatedly say that he must suffer death and be raised again the third day. He tells the story of women bringing spices to the sepulcher and find- ing the stone rolled away from the door . has to say about this matter. tzvo men stood and that they by them in (5) Mark 16. (8) Section those 2. (6) Matt. weeping and disconsolate. they were mourning and weeping and refused to believe her story. v. 17. otherwise they would not have stood aloof unbelieving. V. entered. "I have often thought. 16. (7) nor did they believe that he would be raised the third day. fears anil bade "Jesus is risen" and gone into Galilee. v. 22. brethren. v." (8) Mark 16. who. when pressed for his opinion about Lazarus' resurrection. behold. 23. and nothing like it has ever happened since.


shining garments.


The women were frightened and
to the earth.



Those men said seek ye the Hving among the dead? He is


risen." (9)

When Magdalen

told these things to the disciples,

"they seemed as idle tales and they believed them not."
Peter, to test the truth thereof, ran to the sepulcher,

where he found only the linen clothes. (10) Those "two men in shining garments" had utterly disappeared. Whence they came or whither they went, or who they were, or what their mission to the sepulcher, no human being, for now nearly nineteen hundred
years, has been able to

Perhaps during all these centuries those angels in white garments have existed only in the towering
imagination of that


of the seven devils. (11)

John enlarges upon this story of Luke, and instead of two men in shining garments, they became, under his facile pen, "two angels in white," one of them sitting at the head and the other at the feet where the body of Jesus had lain. (12)
Luke, as

we have

just observed,

about any angels whatever at the
(9) Luke 24, v. 5. (10) Luke 24, v. 1 to 12.

knows nothing tomb. But John

(11) John 20, V. 12. (12) John 20, V. 12, has "two angels in white." Matthew has only one angel (Matt. 28, v. 1), but that angel has "a counteMark has but one young man in a long nance like lightning. white garment" (Mark 16, v. 5). Luke 24, v. 5, has no angels at the tomb, but he has two men in shining garments. Which of these four men was inspired? All those four conflicting state' ' * *

ments cannot be



But John did not enter
until Peter

says he ran with Peter and. in fact, he outran I'oter
to the sepulcher.

came up and went

into the tomb, then John followed and they found the linen and the napkins nothing

Here now follows this startling line: "As yet his knew not the Scripture, that he must rise again from the dead." Yet Matthew (13) tells us that Jesus had preached that do'^trine to his disciples, and Luke 9, v. 22, and Mark 8, v. 31, say the same. If John was inspired, did he forget his inspiration? (14) Jesus had been preaching, so we are told, more than a year about his death and resurrection, John no doubt being present. (15)



fourth gospel
(13) (14) (15) (16)
Ch. 16,

Moreover, John himself, if he wrote the (16) mentions the miraculous about


V. 21. 20, V. 9. Matt. 16, V. 21;


8, v.



9, v. 22.

John, the son of Zebedee, was an uneducated, clumsy, phlegmatic fisherman. There is no sure unimpeachable record that Paul traveled up and down in Asia he was ever in Ephesus. Minor, establishing churches for fifteen or sixteen years, and he makes no mention of John, the son of Zebedee. There were two Johns: John the Presbyter, and John the Fisherman. Ireneus, who wrote about 182 to 188 A. D., is the authority for John of Galilee being in Ephesus. He is also the one who insisted that Jesus was M^U years old at the time of the crucifixion (Ireneus vs. Heresies, Book 2, ch. 22, sec. 6). Ireneus was born 120 to 140 A. D. and died about 202 A. D. He believed that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were all equal in the trinity. Tertulian, the African, later came to the help of Ireneus, but he broke down his own evidence by saying that John of Galilee was banished to Patmos after having been boiled i7i oil. John the Presbyter probably wrote the Second and Third Epistles, wherein he styles himself the Elder. John of Galilee was not a Greek scholar. This whole question being in sharp dispute, I will only




says that Jesus turned water into wine;

came down from heaven; and that Jesus was "before Abraham." (17) "He that hath seen me
that he

hath seen the Father." (18)

There are some other incomprehensible things about this resurrection matter which now take place. The same day that Peter and John ran to the sepulcher and found it empty, two of the disciples went to Emmaus, a village about seven miles from Jerusalem; and while on their way Jesus joined them, so we are told, and went with them, and talked with them. They told him certain women had seen a vision of angels, which said that Jesus was alive; and when they reached the village they besought him to tarry

with them. (19)
All this time those

men knew

not to



were talking; but


supper they recognized him, and

"he vanished out of sight." (20)

not surprising that those
in Jesus'


did not notice the

nail holes

hands and feet? could he walk ivithout limping? His been very sore from the nail holes.


must have

Astonished at

what had happened, they returned

at once to Jerusa-

observe that the author of Eevelations was gifted with a glowing imagination. John of the Fourth Gospel wrote theology, but not a gospel of love. (17) John 1, V. 10 and John 2, v. 1 to 10; John 6, v. 38; John
8, V. 58.

(18) John 14, V. 9. (19) Luke 24, v. 12 and 13. (20) Luke 24, v. 31.



where they found the eleven; and while talking to them "Jesus stood in their midst," and said, "behold my hands and feet; that it is I myself; handle me and see. for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me

Whereupon Jesus asked for meat, and they gave him a piece of broiled fish and some honeycomb, and he ate before

they did not believe. (21)

them. (22) That spear thrust, it seems, had not jured his stomach. (23) Jesus was, therefore, at that time not a spirit.



and blood, and had a stomach, and was hungry, and did eat; at least such is the narrative of Luke, and John indirectly corroborates him. (24) At these gatherings, Thomas, one of the disciples, was absent and when told of these things, said he would not believe them unless he could see the prints of the nails, and thrust his hand into the wound made by the spear. John now fixes this all up; wherein he says, eight days later, the disciples, including Thomas, w^ere in a room, "the doors being shut" (25) and Jesus passed through those closed doors and stood in the midst of them and said "Thomas, reach hither thy





(21) Luke 24, v. 39 to 43; John 20, v. 27. John says Jesus asked Thomas to thrust his hand into his side. (22) This is to show, no doubt, that if there is to be a resurI am staggered at this; rection, it is to be a bodily resurrection. for if these bodies are to be resurrected and come back and people the earth again, the question of food and raiment will likewise come back, and it is the old strife over again. (23) John 19, v. 34. (24) The spear, while on the cross, had stomach; for we see here that he could eat. (25) John 20, v. 26.

injured Jesus'



and behold my hands; thrust thy hand and be not faithless, but believing." (26)
will notice that


The reader

even after eight days the
in the side

nail holes zvere there,
there, for

and that wound



Thomas was

told to thrust his




Moreover, as the soldiers at the crucifixion had divided Jesus' garments among themselves, wherewith

was Jesiis clothed while wandering about the country from Jerusalem to Galilee? It may be that those "men in shining garments" who were seen at the tomb, furnished him with proper raiment but the record here makes no mention of his having on any apparel whatever.

(26) John 20,


24 to 30.




It is

a marvelous story that

Mark and Luke

tell us,

but in some things, as



see directly, they

do not quite agree.
that ''this

John (i)

us of the thrust of the spear, but he stabs his



when he adds

was done"

that not

a bone should be broken (lest an old Mosaic law be

however, contradicts himself,

for he says Jesus

was dead, even before


touched him. (3) Upon the very point wherein
fully informed,

we would

like to




us utterly.




blood and water came from the pierced side but of the
severity of the

wound he


discreetly silent.

death, as we have already

said, after

only three hours

(1) Ch. 19, V. 34. (2) Exodus 12, V. 46, is an old rule concerning the Passover, Neither has and has nothing in common with the crucifixion.


ch. 9, v.



34, v. 20,



quoted to sus-

tain the spear-thrust, says "many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him ov.t of them all. He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken." But they would have broken his legs if he had not swooned. lawyer who would quote authorities so foreign to the point would be laughed out of court. Yet there is a great and interesting question, and a trick and cheat is offered to show why Jesus' legs were not broken.




19, V. 33.


on the


Suppose they cross, we may fairly doubt. (4) severed his head from his body, as the executioner had
did that of Charles

or Louis

that he could place his

would we believe head back again, and on the


same day take a walk with those men to Emmaus? Decapitated, his veins would be empty; how then? Nor is that other foolish story that he was born of a He was born, no virgin, necessary to his greatness. doubt, and nourished and grew the same as any other
boy in Nazareth. His father, Joseph, was a carpenter, and Jesus
sisted him.


This boy, by reason of his wonderful genius, rose above his humble parentage and, after death, legends and fictions gathered thickly about his great name.

John of the Fourth Gospel undertook to make him preexistent. But in asserting that he came down from
heaven, he only copies, in diluted form, an old
superstition, that


Gotama, nearly


hundred years
to save the

before, likewise

came down from heaven


Section 2. A copyist and imitator always goes beyond his original, and it is so with John; he wrote down audaciously that this Galilean boy made the world, and he says "He that hath seen me, hath seen the Father" (5), "and without him was not anything made that was made." (6)

(4) (5) (6)

John John

23, v. 44;
14, V. 9.
1, V.


15, v. 25.

Jesus swooned about the

ninth hour; Matt. 27,

46 to 51.

1 to 10.

that great lights appeared in all of them that the blind received their sight and the deaf their hearing. Both are idle dreams the imaginations of poets. 41. . 3. we ideas of this universe.38. But we are told that when he left his Hindu heaven to descend and become incarnate earth in his mother's womb in order to found the sublime Kingdom of righteousness. V." Jesus never said that Those (7) Vol. extravagant happenings at Buddha's incarnation had no doubt penetrated Palestine before John or Luke -wrote. v.: 302 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES This surpasses by far what is said of Buddha. 46 to 48." said they. . and are not his sisters here with us? How is it then that you say T came down from heaven'?" (9) Moreover. . . and Simon. and they changed The Hindus were more advanced in the programme somewhat." (7) The Jews. (10) Ch. your father. and was shaken violently. the dumb spake and the lame walked. still farther. XI. Of course I ought to state that John 's extravagance about Jesus creating the world is. Jesus never denied that Joseph was his father. "We know Joseph. and and Juda. honestly disbelieved that Jesus came down from Heaven. (8) John 6. it seems. no more truthful than the quaking of ten thousand world systems when Buddha became incarnate. They said "Is not this the carpenter. p. Sacred Books of the East. and Luke (10) says "Joseph was his parent. are told that ten tliousand world systems quaked and trembled. the brother of James. for he was not able to "make" a world. 2. as I believe. "this was made to shake and tremble. For when Buddha became incarnate. that in all the hells the fires were quenched. is it "and we know your mother. how then that you say 'I came down from heaven' ?" (8) Those Jews pushed him Joses. (9) Mark 6. V.

also Vol. E. (12) Acts 1. we must remember.. 10. B. she dreamed a dream that the Holy Spirit (Shing-Shin) descended and entered her side and Maya's son was thence likeBut Maya wise "born to save the world. V. 26. Vol. 14. Sacred Books of the East. Fo Sho. page 19. E. virtuous life. B. 10. Varga 1. and as we have seen. . that I do not believe that the angel Gabriel was actually sent to Mary. But the Hindus did not dishonor the name of Maya as did the Hebrews the Nazarene Mary they did not : (11) Matt. no one up to this hour knows the time of her death or the place of her burial. but in . Buddha's mother. I wish to say before I forget it. she became the mother of several other children. Maya. p. V. is the last mention of Mary. and both of them start in the mysterious shadowland of also overshadowed. (13) Luke 1. five hundred years before Joseph dreamed that curious one about Mary and the Holy Ghost. to the hundred years after that event her name dropped completely from the memory of men. (11) Poor IMar}'! She no doubt led an honest." (13) dreamed her dream herself. 13. She followed Jesus with a cross. nor is it probable that gods and angels danced for joy when Buddha was born. 123. V. (12) In fact. 123." and he never said a the angel Gabriel visiting her. S. Nor do I believe that the Holy Spirit (Shing-Shin) came to Maya on a white elephant. p. 19. flight into word about Nor did he ever mention that Egypt. Vol. Here now are two great religions. dreams. 2.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES his 303 mother was "overshadowed. S. and for more than one mother's love. was Maya's case.

it Who will enfranchise all the everywhere. proceeded make Mary. if it were not for Jesus? We would know very much less about Athens and Greece if Demosthenes and Plato had never been born." why that stain of sin did not follow the ancestral tree down to Mr. or care to know. But if the Sermon on the Mount ever becomes the lode-star of the nations.304 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES in wait two or three luindred years and then. is only necessary to add that the church of Rome. But that church has never answered "In Adam's fall. his wife. of Pilate and Caiphas and the bloody finger-marks of the Sanhedrin. immortal and rescued the name of Mary from her unmarked grave. and from her to Jesus. and Anna. people. As to to that matter. a very if great personage. illuminating and immortalizing the country and the age in which that It was the unsurpassed genius of Jesus made Galilee famous nay. this ques- But tion I : must hasten on and answer carefully Was Jesus resurrected ? The record does not give full and complete particu- . the father and mother of Mary. and when that day comes. immortal. after a long waiting. the fabled golden age will have arrived. zvc sinned all. Section 3. Joachim. say that sub- Buddha was an it illegitimate. the Nazarene mother of Jesus. if it is not already. it appears. — — would know. The period of Jesus will then surely be. A great name is a great light. stance.

In truth. the brain no longer acts. their evidence. says there were two angels. (14) Matt. it is somewhat conflicting. but neither of out of the tomb. John. he who wrapped Jesus' body. 12 —two angels in white. Nor do they tell from they learned these strange things. seen that he had been only three hours on the is and there a very strong probability that Jesus had only fainted or swooned. therefore. always wild. in fact. is its beating cannot be de- tected. there is loss of sensation and volition. 28. his friend. only . 4 20. and says "it (14) Now here are four persons writing about the resur- rection. v. 2 to 5— an angel. them saw Jesus when he came They were not eye-witnesses to that is marvelous event. 5 24. —two men in shining garments. a syncope is sometimes so severe and lasting that the heart seems to stop its beating.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES lars. spired differently. V. . The body lies V. life. there tirely entire no pulse whatever. I have shown that Matthew says there "was at the it seems. clothed in white. v. hearsay and no one of them seems to know exactly when that stone was rolled away." Luke disagrees with both of them and tells us there were two men at the tomb in shining garments. may have noticed signs of we have cross . whom was Now if we for bear in mind that Joseph. and drawing upon his imagination for the facts. respiration is ensuspended. was inwas a young man. —a young man. 305 and in fact. an angel tomb?" But Mark. for in- stance. Mark Luke John 16.

familiar with crucifixions. There no heart-beat. 75. There have been cases stated —numerous ones—where was tiot all the appearances of death were as plain as that just . Three hours' suspension thereon. The thieves at the end of that time were still alive: Jesus was young. 44. it It can be pricked or cut with a knife. and there would somewhere have been would have spouted out of the mouth and some it. (15) Pilate. Herodotus 71. 194. ch. and yet the person after many hours of apparIt ent death. "marlife. 28. Josephus. . T. then syn. a resurrection . Matt. it was resuscitation. mention of That he was in agony there is no doubt . cope seized him and he was taken down for dead after awhile he regained consciousness and and escaped (15) Mark XV. heretofore. and is prononnccd dead.3o6 rigid A QUESTlOxM OF iMlRACLES and cold . I have shown. and probably could have lived two or three days on that cross. I have shown that Nicodemus believed Jesus was alive. for him. that persons much longer on the cross have been revived. for in that case nose. and is will not bleed. veled" that three hours had ended Jesus' Section the blood There could not have been any sudden rupture of the aorta to cause death. for a young man in good health. who was 4. he was temperate. were not sufficient. he was healthy. Jesus was not long enough on that cross to kill him. Vita. In section 3. and he sent men into the woods to search Truly he was alive and had gone to Galilee. 7. 31. has revived.

19 and 20. But a swoon. in the chitch of syncope.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES from the tomb. says. travel. those I 307 either alone or with the assistance of in men (16) white garments. saved him. Paul. if it even if pricked by the point of a spear. as his life whale's belly? I can believe that he came forth himself alone with- out help from that sepulcher. 18. that Jesus could lay Now down John and take it up again (18). in Paul's case. (20) Acts 14^ V. put in that tomb. is and the very next day was able to The disciples. (17) Luke 24. or syncope. when those two men were there instead. Neither Joseph nor Nicodemus says a word about this placing of the body Nicodemus did not believe Jesus was in the tomb. ch. (17) must here caution the reader to remember that neither Matthew nor Mark nor Luke knows anything about the incident of the spear thrust. (18) John 10. why need he wait three days? Was it because Jonah was three days in the true. we was resuscitated. from (16) What make us believe the angels were there. He are told. V. 3. 4. . 31. (19) was afterwards stoned by the Antioch and Iconium until they supposed they Jews of had killed him. post. that Jesus descended the use of trying to v. If Jesus was be he would not cringe or flinch. (19) See Sec. (20) true. because the weak and flimsy hearsay evidence does not convince me that his body was dead when put there. and they carried him out of the city for dead. were the men Is in white it garments who rendered him assistance. as claimed.

462. (21) Max Miiller. that syncope and resuscitation make a complete answer to the question of Jesus' resurrection. of that old man. . descended. (21) We must conclude. to befriend man. and on the Ganges.. in the Punjab. Sanscrit Lit. or Hindu legend. p. then. the God of Fire.3o8 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES to his Heaven. it is said. to make intercession for man and reconcile maker? Or is that a weak imitation. centuries before either Buddha or Jesus was born? whereby Agni. from his blest abode and became the messenger and mediator between God and him copy.

the carpenter ters are likewise mentioned as a carpenter. We must take it as we find it. on a in court today. is no doubt also true. He was no doubt born and lived in Nazareth of Galilee. he is religious. they furnish some evidence body. 3. True. or add to it. as did the other boys of Nazareth in his day and time. somehow. but it is the unusual and the marvelous which we are here to examine. such evidence. intensely religious. and as the and his brothers and sis. If the four gospels prove anything as a that Jesus' mortal record. But we cannot go back nineteen hundred years and correct the record. (i) Now all of these things stamp him beyond dispute as only a man.CHAPTER XXVII Matthew and Luke Take the Section i. mentioned. Such things are usual. Stand. So. likewise But was (1) Mark 6. That he lived and grew from childhood on to manhood. v. We find Jesus son of Joseph. . got out of or was assisted out of that sepulcher. trial of a similar claim would not justify a verdict and judgment in its favor. There are some things about Jesus which we will not question.

how .) Both stories (2) (3) 6." (4) This extravagance and nonsense. and it is said did eat a and some honeycomb. and the doors being shut. wherein he states that the disciples "being within. v. Acts 10. 214." Jesus came and stood in the midst of them. then could Jesus thrust his mortal body through those "closed doors?" The statement must be untrue for it contradicts a universal law. (4) They were "doors. V. Yet if the above taxes our credulity. Here now we sepulcher. was probably copied by John from that told of Buddha "passing through stone walls. XI." actually came forth from that tomb. and that like any other mortal body it required nourishment and received it. are utterly unbelievable and false. 26. He was drank with his things. that Jesus' mortal body. they Now if he did all those and blood body was able to travel about. 41. broiled fish hungry. E. says that Jesus "did eat and drink after he rose from the dead. S. the predecessor and teacher of Jesus.3IO A QUESTION OF MIRACLES John the Baptist. possible. B. and utterly discredit John 20. Mark Luke 24. v. 42 and 43. face a problem vastly more if difficult to credit than that of the resuscitation and exit from the Let us assume and believe. how shall we ever scale the dizzy heights and frowning cliffs just before us? 25 to 27. v. as I have said before." that his flesh show not curtains. (3) But we are staggered. of itself or with the help of those "men in shining garments." (Vol. but John being decapitated (2) could neither be resuscitated nor resurrected. and later he ate and disciples. p. .

sir. Yes. No. I did not see the angel. That was the tradition when I wrote. Did you see that angel? Answer. (5) Question. at the table? (6) is Answer. Question. sir I saw him while I was collecting taxes. the carpenter: and. and had gone into Galilee? had Answer. (7) Question. where? Answer. by the sea of Galilee. Matthew. (7) There is no certain proof that Matthew wrote the Gospel which bears his name. (6) Luke 5. verses 5 to that the angel told (5) Matt. if so. . the son of Joseph. so written. Yes. Did you afterwards make Jesus a great feast where a large company of publicans and sinners Question. as you say in chapter 7. Is your name Matthew? Answer. You gave That Did in the is Jesus a feast after he had ap- pointed you a disciple? Answer. Tradition says that I wrote it. Magdalen that Jesus risen from the dead. 29. please take the stand. New 28. Did you ever see Jesus. Question.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES I shall 311 to now proceed to call happened after the exit some witnesses as from the tomb. v. Is it true. but I have here given him the benefit of a doubt. That so written. what Mr. Question. V. . Question. 9. sat down with him. 9. you write that document called "Matthew" Testament ? Answer.

Is that true? Answer. Well. you say (10) an angel descended from heaven and rolled the stone from the door of the sepulcher. . and that he told them to have his brethren go into Galilee. V. I wrote down what I heard. ch. why should they doubt? Question. Matthew. and when they saw him. sir. V. 28. 16 and 17. angel tradition among the people. (9) Matt. some doubted. v. you say that the eleven disciples went into Galilee. 9 and 10. in Palestine. Did you write your Gospel on rumor? Answer. you say that Jesus himself met Magdalen and others near the tomb. Matthew. stories and I wrote down such things as I heard. (10) Matt. Well.312 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES tlic told Tlien how did you know that Magdalen those things? Answer. Question. 2. ple. (9) Why did they doubt ? it Answer. that was the rumor and Question. That was the rumor and the report there Question. Well. 28. 28. they did not believe Else was Jesus whom they saw. (8) Is that true? Answer. that was a saying among the peo- (8) Matt.. that you wrote your Gospel on rumor and report ? Answer. Question. Question. There were a great many curious flying about. where they would see him. Do you mean to tell me. to the mountain where Jesus had appointed. Matthew.

Question. V. see that angel descend from heaven which you say rolled the stone from the tomb? Answer. do you claim that you were inspired from heaven to write your Gospel? Answer. / never claimed that I was inspired. Why were you silent about it ? Answer. V. . Who told you about that angel? Answer. I thing about the ascension of Jesus into heaven ? Such a thing was not an article of faith when I wrote. Matthew. that was and is a very important matter. Did you. I did not see him get out of the tomb. But. 1 to (12) John 20. (11) Question. 28. Question. I should have written about it if I had heard of it." Jesus came through those doors and stood in the midst of them? (12) Answer. Were you among the disciples when "the doors being shut. 19. I had never heard of it when I wrote. sir. (11) Matt. Question. I Answer. I heard that Mary Magdalen said she saw and talked to the angel. but I had not. know nothing about that. Question. Matthew. 7. Some people possibly might have heard of it. Did you see Jesus get out of the tomb ? Answer. Matthew. I did not see him put there. I did not see him. Question. why did you not write someit. I never heard of that or I should have written about Question.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 313 Question. Did you see Jesus put into that tomb? Answer.

Mark 14. 26. Please state what you know about Answer. Were you. (15) Matt. v. I was not there. Matthew. V. 56. 26. Matthew. or I should have written about Question. (14) Matt. : In your Gospel you say "Then all the disciples forsook Jesus and fled. Question. Do you. Did Jesus run away? Answer. cowardly act. V. Alatthew. cension or I I know nothing whatever about it. (13) John 18. I did not witness his ascension. 47. 47. No. ascension into heaven? when I wrote. I brand that as a base. Now. . that all the disciples fled and left Jesus in the hands of that murderous mob. Jesus' as- should have written about Question. (15) Question. Why forsake him? Answer." (14) What made them run away. but he might have escaped. There was a multitude against him. a village about two miles from Jerusalem? Answer. know whether Jesus' little ascension took place in Galilee or in Bethany. Had they stood firm they might have saved him.314 sinij)])- A QUESTION OF MIRACLES wrote clown what was told me. There was no Jesus' such thing as inspiration Question. and it. 10. V. present in Gethsemane when Simon Peter cut off Malchus' ear? (13) Answer. I know nothing about it.

v. Mark. Yes. 5. be the use of sending an who angel rolled the stone Answer. You are sure. Question. 5. please take the stand. and that the angel talked to Magdalen and others. (16) (17) Mark Mark (18) (19) Mark Mark 16. as that? What would the skies to do such a little thing Could not that young man roll away the stone? A man rolled it there. v. did you not? Answer. Well. angel at all. 16.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Question. sir. 5 to 8. and that young man no doubt rolled it away. Mark. 5. please tell us if you know absowas that young man. and I am sure I am right. that there was only one young man at the tomb when Magdalen came there that Sunday morning? Answer. Matthew says there was an angel at the tomb. (18) way down from Question. 315 Mr. (19) 16. give us your version of that matter. v. lutely that I think it was that young man clothed in white that rolled the stone away. please tell us all you know about that matter. please . and not the angel. Question. It was not an young man (16) clothed in a white garment. are you. . the stone Matthew says an angel came. Answer. I never heard of but one. You wrote a Gospel. Matthew It was that is wrong. Mark. rolled back from the door of the sepulcher Mark. 16. (17) it Mark. away. v. Question. Answer. I wrote one. Now.

Ch. and while they don't agree with me.3i6 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES But Luke says (20) there were two men garments at the sepulcher.//^' Answer./. 24. who states that there were two angels in white at the tomb when Magdalen came? Answer. Question. v. how is that? I say. V. 4. for John {2y) says there were two at Luke (28) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) insists there V. V. in ^A/. as I said before. 12. Question. neither said they anything to any man. for they were afraid. Mark. John 1. . 4. Mark Ch.) those (24) women "did run to bring the disciples zvord. and John (26) is against you. Ch. 24. Question. that you are contraJohn (21). 12. 12. 22 to 25. that were at the tomb. V. 16. Ch. V. Answer. V. they do not agree with each other. dicted by How is this. 10. trembling and amazed. V. 20. IMark. for he says there were two angels in white and the angels talked to the women. They w-rote after I wrote. and angels. and it is a wonder that he had not said ten angels instead of two. Ch. you say ]\Iagdalen and Mary fled from the sepulcher. were two men and the tomb. 20. 28. Matthew contradicts you there. Ch. He says Jesus made the world (22). 7 and 8. 24. John is always extreme. for he says (27. Matt. 8." And Luke (25) also contradicts you. there was only one those other man at the tomb when Magdalen and women came. 20. v.

(30) Luke 24. Answer. Mark. they found the stone already away from and Matthew says an us all angel descended from heaven and rolled that stone back and sat upon it. please take the stand. I never claimed any inspiration. Answer. for the present. 28. v. Luke. there was no such thing in my day. and an earthquake and there was neither angel nor earthquake. V. and the placing of the sepulcher. and its Jesus' minhis body in disappearance therefrom ? it Answer. There were "two men in shining garments" (30) at the sepulcher. 2. Mark. Question. Mr. That is all. Mr. but no angels were there. Luke. when those women came the sepulcher . Tradition has that I did. Please tell you know about that interesting matter. Question. you have stated in chapter on Sunday morning. V. Question. 24 that rolled Now. . (31) Matt. 4. I know nothing concerning the angels which Matthew says descended from heaven and rolled away the stone from that tomb.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES . 2. But Luke. bringing their spices. claim that you were inspired to write your Gospel? No. you yourself say "that cer(29) Ch. 317 Matthew (29) says there was one angel. 28. Did you write a history of istry and crucifixion. (31) Question. Do you.

Then. and I I never claim." and so I set forth my understanding of the matter. please state whether you ever saw Jesus in the flesh.3i8 tain A QUESTION OF MIRACLES women there sazv a lisioii of angels." (32) How about that? certain strange objects. Answer. Luke. (33) Marcion wrote a Gospel about the time of Luke and he says that there were "two men in white clothes" at the sepulcher. wrote. . which said Jesus was ahve. simply set forth the early belief of the followers of Jesus. I\Ir. Answer. Some say that Luke copied largely from INIareion. you do not claim that the things about which you wrote were witnessed by you ? Answer. Jesus could and did flesh walk about the country. I never claimed to have seen him. 29 to 43. w^as it. It was the belief. and if so. that ]\lary Well. 1 to 3. I did not witness them. v. No. We will see about that further along. (34) Question. that after was found empty. (35) Luke 24. sir. there was a tradition floating about Magdalen saw which she took to be angels. (34) Luke 1. that he had and an appetite and did eat? (35) and bones. 23. when and where you saw him. v. "Many" had undertaken to set forth the things believed among us. {2)2)) Luke. That certainly was the belief when I (32) Luke 24. the sepulcher I did.ed that Question. Question. then. v. and "delivered unto us by eye-witnesses. Answer.

you say that they eat and drink in heaven. How is that? How could they Your live if is they did not eat? like this heaven. that true. The good Indians. V. Question. and have plenty of blankets. Except that the wicked are in hell. Question. would feast on green corn and venison and fish." now will not the wicked in hell perish unless they also "eat and drink?" Answer: Question ness over : I never thought of that. the bad Indians would live. (40) Ch. and have no blankets at all. and full impossible for an eclipse of the sun at the here flatly of the moon. . v. Yes. (37) Luke 22. Is that true? Answer. v.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Question. (37) Answer. v. it is that is false. 44 to 45. Now. Luke. 1. they said. spired 319 Do I you. An eclipse of the sun can (36) Luke 1. you say (40) that there was dark- all the earth from the is sixth to the ninth hour at the time of the crucifixion. (39) Luke. false . I Answer. 23. they said. on stinking fish. answered that question much better than Luke. 23. (38) You say the righteous "eat and drink in heaven. something present world? Answer: Question. then. The laws of the universe contradict you. Luke. (39) The Natchez Indians in Mississippi. in my day and time. (38) Luke 16. absolutely for the Passover and crucifixion were at the full of the moon. Luke. (36) Question. wrote down simply the things believed by Jesus' followers. claim that 3^ou were in- when you wrote your Gospel? never claimed inspiration. old crocodile legs. 30.

the sun. and the Passover and cruci- fixion were Answer. and his ascension at Bethany. Question. you are contradicted by Mark. in chapter 24. Question. Luke. Question. But. I was told that the ascension How V. (41) Jesus appointed Galilee as the place to meet his and that they met him there. you mention the meeting of Jesus and the eleven in Jerusalem. Luke. Question.320 o}ily A QUESTION OF iMlRACLES occur at uczv moon. But. Now. V. How is it that you and Matthew disagree ? You both cannot be right. He ? says (42) that Galilee pointed place to meet Jesus' disciples. but Matthew says disciples. The moon must be earth. Answer. that the sun could only be darkened by an eclipse? and there was no eclipse at the full moon. what do you say Well. 7. interposed between the sun and Echpses of the sun must always come from the west. 28. soon after the crucifixion do you place the ascension of Jesus? (41) Ch. I to that? Answer. at the full of the I moon ? v. rHDt am not an astronomer and did know of such things when I wrote. Bethany. Luke. to say about that was the apWhat have you was from Answer. Bethany was the place of the ascension. 7 to 10. . (42) Ch. not Galilee. To produce an eclipse of the sun. moon and earth must be in a straight hue. 16. 33 to 51. Luke. don't you see. wrote down only what people believed. also.

that nonsense? in Answer. The Acts were written some years later and the tradition had changed. Bethany. 16." I cannot tell. in a day or so say. 50 and 51. per contra. 28. Question. 7. v. See Matt. resurrection. 3. Answer. I am credited with it. ." Please explain your contradictions made by yourself of yourself. what people believed my (43) Ch. (45) Acts 2. 321 Within two or three days following the Question. Question. or was it forty days thereafter ? (44) Answer. 20. into blood. did you write that work called "Acts of the Apostles?" Answer.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Answer. ch. But which is right did Jesus ascend from Bethany. Question. You say (45) "the is moon will be turned is all Don't you know that that Well. 24. V. v. 1. about two miles Luke. (44) Matthew and Mark send the disciples to Galilee. place ? Where do you in say Jesus' ascension took Answer. In your gospel you have Jesus ascend within a day or so after the crucifixion. Mark 16. It took place from Jerusalem. as you say in your Gospel. sixty-five Luke contradicts them or seventy miles distant from Jerusalem. day. so you by the apostles "forty days. V. Luke. but in "The Acts" (43) he was. two miles from Jerusalem. Question. seen alive thereafter : after the crucifixion . flatly and says the ascension took place in Bethany. v.

V. (46) Acts I cannot answer that. . But.322 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES And you wrote it Question. It was see it." Please state how you know that. the belief of the Apostles . down? Answer. Question. 9 and 10. Answer. I did not Question. I do not know. Luke. You say (46) Jesus "was taken up and a cloud received him out of sight. how is it that Apostles utters a word about this ascension no one of those which you mention ? Answer. Yes. 1. that was what the people beheved.

being a Jew. V. Luke 2. to have known that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (5) and worked John 1. 2. 10. "who was (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) subject to his parents. V. John 14. hath us that Jesus said: "He seen the Father. and many others since that Moreover. he ought." That statement is easy to when John tells us that a Nazarene boy. V. if it was John of Galilee. v. 14. v. Genesis says: believe. the son of Zebedee. first chapter he makes the extraordinary statement that Jesus made this world ( i ) and that God begat him. is whole The author In his very of the fourth Gospel of this class. John that hath seen me. John 1. wild.CHAPTER XXVIII John and His Curious Gospel. but who wrote the fourth canonical. the fisherman of Nazareth. their statements discredit their Some writers are so extravagant in that we are led unwillingly to utterly story. (2) He misled Paul into making the same . 323 . Section i. 9." (4) Now. foolish statement (3) day have followed John's tells false light. Hebrews 1. 51.

but was the son of Joseph and Mary. made the world. "A prophet is not without honor save in his own country" : and consoling. Whoever was the author of the fourth gospel. John. D. wrote against Cerinthus. that Martha. who made all the millions and millions of worlds around us? (7) Another very improbable story. He did not reply "I made the world. philosopher and writer. told by John. v. or grave. and wrote about 120 to 140 A. v. but Irenaeus himself ia often carried away by his prejudices. 18 to 25) and (Luke 1. Cerinthus was born about 70 years A. his sister. while in a bath. 3." "By this Jesus approached the cave. a Jewish 2. it. he stinketh. saw Cerinthus and leaped out and ran away. and are not his brothers and sisters here with us?" (6) Jesus' reply. 1. the same as their other cliildren. 26 to 36.) (9) John 11. in fact. was capable of such a task." and we may well ask if Jesus made this was sensible : world. (Matt. Lord. He claimed that Cerinthus was a heretic. It is said that John.— 324 at the A QUESTION OF MIRACLES carpenters bench. who had been dead (9) four days : so long. D. . is that Jesus turned or made some water instantly into wine of such fine flavor that the governor of the feast was highly pleased Still w^ith it. said time. who composed a gospel wherein he insisted that Jesus was not born of a virgin. 6. we stoutly dispute Is it any wonder that the Jews asked: "Is not this the carpenter. (8) is another world-wide story told by John that Jesus raised Lazarus. he contradicts the virgin story of Matthew. the son of Mary. and ordered (6) (7) (8) Mark John John 6. clumsy fisherman. 42. Irenaeus makes this statement of the incident of the bath. 39. V. the ignorant. it is said. V. But I have always questioned whether John.

" a friendly mountain broke loose and slid down into the plain. of his death howled and luere rent from top to of this improbable incident. to be removed. The writer tain where. because he would not disclose the hid- ing place of his son. probably borrowed it from an old Persian myth.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES a stone which had been placed 325 upon it. and that a friendly mountain opened and received them: that Zacharias. now. 24). make any or mention whatever of it. or book of James it wherein is said that when the young chil- dren were to be slaughtered by order of Herod. whole story about Lazarus on a par with the Protevangelium. are supposed by is and neither Matthew. thereby shel- . how is it that Matthew and those others knew nothing about it? It is more wonderful than anything which they Is not this tell. nor Mark. Elizabeth took her son John and fled to the mountains. all with a napkin. and that the roofs of the temple at the moment bottom. in a "v/ar of religions. "Lazarus. nor Luke. come forth!" and Laza- walked out of that grave. was murdered on the footsteps of the temple. Then Jesus rus. of whom some to have been inspired. bound hand and foot. How is this? Is this true? If the raising of Lazarus is it a bit of romance? ever happened. it prayed. that a mounopened and gave shelter to Elizabeth and her child. that told in (ch. and immediately thereafter he cried : with a loud voice is said. with his grave clothes on and his face bound a world-famous transaction. Here.

in their midst and spoke us that (11) lest And. etc. ch. 14. and Jesus came and stood in their midst and said "Peace be unto you. II. V. John as a novelist or writer of fiction would have been a great success. he must fulfill all righteousness. were assem- bled in a room. that Buddha could pass if through a stone wall. ." : (12) How doors ? solid could Jesus' body pass through those closed How can one solid body pass through another body? And it was a solid body. or fence. the great Persian. (14) Vol. He must not drive back ecstacy of contemplation. John tells eight days later the disciples were again assembled and the doors were again shut. or mountain. and could walk on water as solid on ground. (lo) Tlie Persians call their which means "came to help. but as a writer of gospel truth he is a miserable failure. (11) John 20. V. he wmII not be believed.326 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES mountain Mount Madofryad. Not only that. (13) John 20. (13) The only way that I can account for this is that John had probably read the fable. 27. He then could become visible or invisible. (12) John 20. Sacred Books of the East. 214 and 215. for Thomas thrust his hand into Jesus' side. V. (14) and (10) See Whitney's Zoroaster. 19. for fear of the Jews. etc. disciples. or falsehood. for there we are told that if one should desire to exercise the different Iddhis. the doors being shut. 26. page 133. p. Jesus came and stood to them. tering the Iranians from their victorious enemies. he could go without stopping at the further side of a wall. Listen to his extravagance : The we are told." Section 2.. His life teachings. may have misled John.

eh. (15) Such a story told today would not be believed. but fails to tell who or what carried him up. John had gone back to his old business. For about the year 180 A. something that everyone would like to improbable that John. was a Jew. the slcy. and one morning after the crucifixion he saw Jesus standing on the shore. He has not a word to say as to what became of Jesus after that dinner. and John closes his gospel. but he does not say that the author of that gospel was an apostle. etc. (15) Luke 24. 51. speaks of a gospel of John.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES It is possible that 327 that Jesus' John did not believe mortal body could arise in the air and go up into heaven. v. On that point Luke is emphatic —he says Jesus w^as carried up there. wrote It may have been John that curious fourth gospel. (16) A few words from Jesus about feeding his lambs and his sheep. 20. the fisherman. and Jesus told him to cast his net on the right side of the ship and there was a great catch of fish. as if on solid ground. (16) John. But Bishop of Antioch. the son of Zebedee. lus.. John. Theophiit is know. that of a fisherman. Moreover. and Jesus then dined with John and others. the Presbyter. as heretofore stated. D. or wallc on . John's last words in his gospel tell us that he was at the sea of Tiberias. and John of the fourth gospel denounced the Jews as the children of tut he could travel cross-legged through water.

the King of the Jews. V. v. But Cerinthus was not born until 70 A. Bishop of Lyons. V. v. (26) Ireneus. in contempt of them. says John's gospel was written to confute the errors and blunders of Cerinthus. V. 10. v. (17) Jews as unbelieving." (25) Now if it was John it is the fisherman who wrote the fourth gospel. wrote a gospel in -which he set forth that Jesus was not crucified that it was Simon of Cyrene (Luke 23. 8. (24) And Jews Pilate hated the Jews. 18.the Jews 19) . 12. Basilides. and wrote. and nailed it on the cross. . (20) The law of Moses is spoken of as "your" law.328 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES lie mentions the the devil. ple. 38. (22) Pilate told Jews had taken counsel to put him to The Jews took Jesus and bound him. that world-famous. v. And when Jesus talked to the peo- Jews took up the stones to stone him. V. 23 and 24. {2^) the the that he found no fault in Jesus. 26) who bore the cross and suffered on it. agnostic of Alexandria. 10. 28. remarkable. John — was not alive then. v. John. and when Jesus walked in the temple the Jews came round about him. 19. at least. ch. "J^^^s of Nazareth. ch. 44. v. he seems to have known nothing about the ascension. that he makes no mention whatever of Jesus' ascension. and there was a division among. born 130 to 140 A. (27) Matt. (26) If John was a disciple. D. Asia Minor. 31 to 33. 18. 10. iu Smyrna. ( (18). John John John John John John 9. D. and he did not write until about 115 A. 53 and 54. 11. (2y) It is possible John (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) John. (21) Jesus walked no more openly when he learned that the death. immortal superscription. D. 18. 16 and 17.

Buddhist monks. (29) See chapter 10. They had been further. man of Galilee. Buddha had proclaimed the higher life (28). 125. And to persuade Jews to change their faith was as difficult as it would be now to offer a new and different gospel to the followers of the easily changed. See Ante. ter is treated at greater length. Life and Teachings Persian. centuries before Jesus came. 13. (29) But in one matter. It must be noticed before we proceed Jewish converts to the new faith did not cast aside the Old Testament. that the first taught that it book of the their fathers was of divine origin. 100. 17. teachings Buddha. the Great Chicago bar. . (28) Vol. It was the holy and their grandfathers. until about the last half second century. for Hindu this (28) Vol. (28) But Buddha had probably learned of of heaven and hell from Zoroaster. 329 of the doubters. above.. p. and had likewise preached the doctrine of punishment for the wicked. and had been such for many generations. for some doubted. of at least. 17. as of the we have it at present. and those Essenes became at once friendly to the neiu religion. In fact. by Loren Harper Whitney.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES may have been one Section 3. strange as may now seem. of the where mat- of Zoroaster. living And. this doctrine for his pupils taught it to the Persians centuries before Buddha was born. John did not follow the while the great p. Saered Books of the East. for generations had been on the western shores of the Dead Sea (near where John the Baptist appeared). ch. Faiths are not and there was no New it Testament. or Essenes.

7. "Canon. (31) Eev. 5. by some people. Mark v. .. Books of the East. Dr. John in his gospel knows nothing of any otlier world than this one. (30) Matt. 81 and 82 and p. 9." vol. and is which of very strikingly similar to the transfiguration five Buddha hundred years before. D. (30) Without extending this chapter further. the old and new and testaments have been called. 11. and Mark. The transfiguration story which Matthew. Br. 214. (31) V. Vol.330 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES speaks of ten thousand world systems. Then commenced the formation of the church of Rome and from : that date to the present. and Luke mention with much particularity. Ency. is not even men- tioned by John. although the three other gospel writ- John was present on that mountain when Jesus talked to Moses and Elias. Davidson's article. 1. Burldha's transfiguration. p. Sacred p. I will only add that the collection of writings now called the New Testament were not held to be holy or inspired until ers are careful to state that about the year 170 A. holy inspired. 17. 28.

1 to 10. as other men do. and did Question. V. ch. in verses 50 and 51. you say that Jesus. Answer. please tell us who it was or what it was. and it came to pass while he blessed them. and that he preached to his disciples. 2. never heard that Jesus had any chariot. that carried Jesus up Answer. and bones. I wrote that. had flesh eat. I do not know. Do you know what the "Acts of the Apostles" say about the ascension? (2) Answer. Luke. a village about two miles from Jerusalem. he was parted from them and carried up into heaven. Luke. Answer. fire. or horses of Question. and lifted up his hands and blessed them. Question. you say he led them out as far as Bethany. (2) Acts 1. Yes.) CHAPTFR XXIX Examination of Luke Resumed. Yes. and horses of ( i such as Elijah had when he went up ? him up. after leaving the tomb. to take fire. it says that when he had spoken to (1) 2 Kings. Question. In the last chapter of your gospel. 331 . Now. and then near the close of chapter 24. into heaven? Was I it a chariot of fire.

was held down to the earth by that universal law of attraction of gravitation. like any other body of matter. and his body. I so understood Question. Possiblv.SZ2 A QUESTIUX OF MIRACLES "he was taken up and a cloud received their sij^ht. anything about the law of gravitation. but It was Jesus' mortal body that went up. 9. Luke. Luke. Question. "I write of the things which are most surely believed among us. Question. \\'ere they the it. As Jesus went up two men in white gar- ments stood by. all whereby bodies or particles of matter. did )-ou know when you wrote that gospel. I did not witness and in the very first verse of my gospel I say. and Jesus' body was composed of particles of matter. Question." his disciples him out of Question. I never heard of such a thing. it was his crucified body. w^ere a cloud received him out of sight?" (3) Answer. How then do you say "he was carried up into heaven. there was no such law in Palestine. in shining garments that were at the sepulcher? I Answer." it." 1. It was a tradition among the people of Palestine that "his body went up. was it? Answer. Certainly. same two men do not know. (3) Acta . you are mistaken. That law was in full force in Palestine. did they? Answer. everywhere in the and are attracted toward each other? Answer. V. and universe.

I wrote.000 miles per hour. that being a little more than twenty-two miles per second. Question. all you really knew about when you wrote. tion floating tine. You did not know. the period of your gospel. . Yes.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Question. everybody knew that the earth was flat and that heaven was just above it. Question. I would dispute I it. and that you not ? Answer. that the earth was traveling through space at an enormous lieved the earth to be you beheaven was just a bit above in the sky. flat. believed mostly in Galilee. what would you say to that? Answer. ance. Certainly not. What else could I I say? should assert that at the Well. when was stationary and quiet. it flies through space about eleven hundred and thirty-three miles per minute. was through space. Luke. at a velocity of about sixty or seventy thousand miles an hour. At it. I would say that it was impossible. (4) (4) The reader should notice that as the earth travels 68. did velocity ? Answer. Of course. am sure it did not move then. this earth that. it was a local tradition. suppose time you say Jesus flying made his ascension. was it? Answer. did you. 333 Jesus' ascension. Question. or twenty-five times swifter than a bullet. You mean to say that it had that appear- Answer. was from a tradiabout among the people there in Pales- Then. and without wings. too. Question. or eleven hundred and thirty or forty miles a minute. the earth.

movement of the sun and the turning of the earth and we are traveling through space more than forty times swifter than the fastest bullet. But assume that the earth does revolve and that it is rushing rapidly through heaven also rushing along by the side of it for the benefit of the saints? Add on to this the its axis. know when you wrote your gospel that the sun was moving northward toward Lyra. I if it do not admit that the earth moves. then heaven must move Question. for if so. on its axis. about three hundred millions of miles each year? Answer. heaven must necessarily speed along with the same velocity. (5) That was the old argument centuries ago.334 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Now. if Question. that this earth does axis every day. in order that good people may safely reach it? Answer. . also. and held mankind in its remorseless grip for many generations. In the first place. revolve on its But suppose. must it not. and must keep pace with it. Luke. but does move. and carrying the earth along with it. Luke. This earth does not revolve on out and fly ofT its axis. Question. heaven is just above the earth. did you Question. as you say. lakes and oceans would (5) spill and become lost in space. and tlie earth is Hying through space. is space. I never heard of such a thing. completely — does heaven revolve around it also. as I have said. keeping pace with it so that any good people who may happen to die can reach it easily ? Answer. all the waters in the rivers.

Suppose. or how they can keep warm in heaven. is pinned to the belief of a few ignorant Jews. and if that be true then the ascension is mentioned by Luke onlv. then heaven 335 if the earth moves. Do you not know that the atmosphere is was eight or ten miles above the earth so excessively cold that if a man could be lifted that high. If it is. Question. you say that Jesus was carried up into heaven. makes only this brief statement: "After the Lord had spoken unto them (his disciples) he was received up into heaven. I do not see how he could live. so bitterly cold up there. does.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Answer. but that the belief of the early Christians. could Jesus live up there in that worse than arctic region? Answer. The faith of the world in this matter. Luke. Well. please tell us who or what carried him up? (6) Answer. (7) Mark. and the intense cold would freeze him stiff directly? How. 51. that this earth. v. Luke. I cannot tell how he was carried up. That may be so. Luke." Matthew makes no mention of the ascension whatever. . his breath would become labored and heavy. eh. (7) Question. then. therefore. but the Jewish Christians in my day believed it. Question. It must be remembered that careful criticism of Mark closes his gospel at the eighth verse of his last chapter. 16. Question. in fact. as you say it must surely follow close by. and sat on the right hand of God. do you millions of people know that you (of all the who have ever lived) are the only one who says that "J^sus was carried up into heaven?" Answer. v. as here- (6) Luke 24. 19.

." he said. and a good man. he would be one hundred and fifty millions of miles from his brother Jim. His brother John. ' ' . Well. and then I would hop off right where Jim went up. "If it was I. I told him he would have to be very quick hopping off. also a good man. unless heaven travels around with the earth. too. and that it travels around the sun once every year. I reply again that I simply wrote down (8) A friend of mine. and that its orbit or patli is about five hundred and eighty or ninety millions of miles? There are two brothers. that although your words contradict and set at defiance the law of gravitation in this ascension matter. I don't see. for he would be going forty times faster than a bullet. 336 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES tofore stated. But even then he would be more than a hundred million miles from his brother. men James dies in the month of May do you. To be more nearly exact. "I would just jump right back onto the earth and cling there until she swung around to May. yet notwithstanding all this the faitli of the world hangs suspended on your and Mark's un- supported words. had an easy way of its solution. that he goes up at once to heaven? : Answer. as neither Matthew nor John makes any mention about Jesus' ascension. Question. I believe that. Now. Question. turns on its axis. Luke. Yes. therefore. it turns out." how are those two in the brothers ever to be united? (8) Answer. when I put this question to him. is not that so? Answer. dies month of November. when the earth has traveled about two hundred and ninety millions of miles from where James ''went up. both good you believe. James and John.

Luke. or Mars. 19. stars. of Mark. 10. that the that. and plains and atmospheres. 9. truly the stars are worlds. v. with oceans and continents. and rivers and climates and peoples: now. v. who is there to die for the sins see in the sky. Luke.) But the reader should be cautioned that the last eight verses of Mark are said to be spurious: Vol. (11) is a crime as well as the only son of Now. and of Luke. v. as well as here. which we ours. 8. if Jesus is the only begotten son of the Most High. again I ask. for I 337 am answerable or at least no more than Question. are worlds of all those people. v. if Jesus (9) Mark says: "Jesus was received up into heaven and sat on the right hand of God." p. they are only beautiful bright specks in the sky. 11. 16. 9th edition. and there is no doubt whatever but that they are inhabited the same as our globe. ch. To murder is a man on Venus. 24.. 28. The moral law pervades the universe.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES the belief of the Jewish Christians. sin is sin in those worlds. But. Br. and some of them are larger than a thousand such globes as ours. Sixty years ago who would have said that w« could telegraph across the Atlantic? . or Mercury here. Ency. ch. That was the belief of the early Christians. (10) Question. (9) Suppose. (10) The true and proper ending of Matthew is eh. like some of them. (11) I believe the time is coming when we will telegraph t» Mars and Venus. 801." (Mark 16. title "Gospels. how could or can anyone live up there on those little bright things in the air? Of course the stars are not worlds. or are we of this earth the only wicked ones in all the universe? How is this? Answer. Your question amazes me. and those worlds have mountains and rivers and lakes and oceans and continents and forests.

I have said. If the stars are worlds. wonsay. when. Luke. tell us that there are more than three hundred and fifty millions of stars or worlds (down to the twelfth magnitude). Perhaps their people did not sin. Is it believable that this vast host are put there just for us to look at. It would wear him out. (12) The number of stars visible to the naked eye exceeds fiftyhundred. derful. more than three hundred and Our earth is only a very small star fifty millions can be seen! and like every human life. and that they. Of it there are such a vast number of worlds. I know nothing of any other world than this one. But with telescopes. will die in the long hereafter. But philosophers and astronomers. if Your question reaches deep down. Question. there imposed on him the sorrowful task of all making atonement lions of for all the peoples of the mil- worlds about us? What think you? (12) Answer. Luke? Answer. they have mountains and rivers and scenery and atmospheres similar to ours. too. what were they made for if not to be inhabited? Answer. as Question. That five is all. What is that? All that vast host of habitable worlds and not a sinner this world of ours the only degenerate? among them? Is What do you Mr. .338 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES is God. it is wonderful. would seem as if Jesus could hardly follow the business of dying for each and all of them. philosophers tell us that the stars are as much alive as trees or plants. many of them vastly greater than this earth. after long and patient research. course.

Those books which the have been branded for centuries as apocryphal. . is complete without some mention of what are called apocryphal gospels and apocryphal miracles. V. phal" in the Protestant Bible. D.: CHAPTER XXX Apocryphal Miracles as Recounted in the Apocryphal Gospels. as in the were. first line Luke tells us that "many" before day had undertaken to set forth the things most surely believed (i) by the followers of the new-born faith. The following named books are branded "apocryviz. (1) Notice that he only writes of the things "most surely be- lieved" (Luke 1. written probably about one hundred and fifty years B. At the close of the century A. No statement of religious teachings in first and second centuries A. 1).side lights on many things stated first preceding chapters. pose here and because it is I pro- now to give a brief hearing. D. not only it just. It is very doubtful whether Luke used the words "most surely" in the above sentence. Section i. C. First Esdras. but moreover they throw. 339 . and well on into the second.. many persons were busily engaged in writing of the things which were believed by the In his very his new converts of John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth.

(4) Ch. 17. 7 V. "is a very 7. are mostly made up of efforts of a Jewish queen to beneher people. the Assyrian General. There is a dolorous train in The Wisdom says. V. is a work of a far different character. and 2nd Esdras. and finally murdered him in his tent. But The IVisdoni of Solomon.340 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES to Second Esdras. there is doubt and questioning. sense of smell. neither was there any man known to have returned from the grave. We are born. and we shall be here- though we had never been. last one hun- Tlierc is nuich I'lnc writing in this book. in the apocryphal. "Our life. after as tells us. writ- ten in the second century B. 6. (2) Tobit. v. w-ritten long after the exile. 24. (4) who has withal a sharp Judith is the story of a beautiful Hebrew widow. lieved from an invasion of the Assyrians. re- through the wiles and wickedness of a woman." Section 2. (2) Ch. Serious speculation makes its appearance it . wriltcn about eighty dred years B. chapters The fit of Esther. at venture. "Our 8. Thus was Judea. C. and Matthew and Luke must have been diHJesus was hkewise famihar gent students thereof. 12." it and tedious. who deceived Holofernes. C." it says. and in the death of man there is no remedy. has numerous angels (3). shadow Luke 13. 13 and 14. (3) Ch. Matt. in Egypt. time. . "is short of Solomon. with Esdras. but only one devil.

2. is 341 and our end is fast sealed. 9.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES that passeth away. (8) Ch." and their hope is full of immortality. the son of Sirach. 24. however. Man. Ecclesiasticus. but through envy of the devil. Here creeps in this abominable doctrine: "The Lord hath the care of His elect" (6). We are admonished to (5) Ch. in Solomon." (9) And we are commanded to "be a father unto the beautiful sentences. contains many much sage advice. was created to be immortal. (9) Ch. V. 4. (8) The book closes with a threat of wrath without mercy." (5) There is a touch of modern thought. 3. with lustrate: fatherless. it is said. we are told. and shall judge the nations. be sincere and not cultivate a . V. 2. to the ungodly." "The Lord is full of Compassion and Mercy. but the ungodly shall be punished. the Lord. C. 1 and 5. 1 to 10. 3. (7) In truth whoever wrote The Wisdom of Solomon sounded the key-note of the New Testament. V. V. The righteous are said to be full of the hope of immortality. The devil also appears. written 140 to 200 years B. (10) Ch. 1 and 2. He forgiveth sins. To il"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. (7) Ch. death came into the world. V. will fight for us. (6) Ch. 10. for we are told that "no torment shall reach the souls of the righteous." (10) If we strive for the truth unto death. or the Wisdom of Jesus. there no returning-.

v." is filled with many (12) beautiful mottoes. Ch. had she walked with God. "in a strange country. "The friends thou hast and their adoption tried. but help not the sinner. In the very first verse. V. 20. Baruch has not even a hope in the long hereafter. of Banich held to be apocryphal by and deutero-canonical by Roman Catholics.) 342 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Shakespeare. V. He says the dead that are in the graves. 25. will whose souls are taken from give unto the Lord neither praise nor righteousness. and was (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) Ch. 19. she would have dwelt in peace forever. Jiis much sage advice. grapple them to thy soul with hooks of steel. (15) Baruch held its place in the Hebrew canon for two hundred and eighty years after Jesus came. "We are in our captivity. "is better than a is liar. Ch. V. 6. hardly comes up to the high stand. V. their bodies. double tongue." he says." ( 1 catches his inspiration from chapter 6 1 Chapter 12. Ch. 7. when he says. V." he says." "A thief. 17. . and One of the best is: "He shall live that can rule tongue without strife. Ch. 7. 2." (13) The Book Protestants. in his play of Hamlet. Israel is waxen old." (14) But like many other old Jewish writers. Baruch says he wrote the book in Babylon. ard of the Sermon on the Mount Ecclcsiasticus for it tells us to "give to the good man. 8 to 13. 6. 3.

In the history of Bel and the Dragon. . whom two was villains sought to beguile and because she true. the story of a faithful wife.. very costly. burning the Chaldeans who fed the furnace. and yet not a hair of Azarias' head be singed. . 3. Br. The History of Susanna stands on It is a dif- ferent footing. And two At was she was only saved from death by putting the witnesses apart and questioning them closely. Eney. 23 to 27. (16) The Song of at the Three Holy Children false. But an explanation that an angel is attempted when we are told the flames. and great quantities of flour and wine. came dozvn into that oven and smote and made it moist and comfortable. (18) Ch. V. 1. devoured all that sub- (16) Vol. survive unsinged in an oven so hot with pitch and rosin and wood that the flames streamed up forty-nine cubits. the woman saved and the villains were put to death in her stead. as a sacred. Bel was a Babylonian forty sheep idol. 5. (18) 3. once their perjury was laid bare. or inspired book. they determined on her destruction. This is whole story Section simply a supplement to the book of Daniel (17) and both are truly apocryphal. for each day he devoured The king told Daniel that Bel 3.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES read in public on the 343 Day of Atonement. p. (17) Ch. startles us once with a statement so brazen that as absolutely we turn it down For how could Azarias and those other Hebrews.

" and wine w^ere brought. But if me that Bel devoureth them. The First Book of Maccabees is a book of wars." into the temple. there is no deceit in thee. O Bel. and slew the priests. Daniel smiled and told was only clay and brass. The king and Daniel then went the food fast and and the door made "Tomorrow when thou comest. then Daniel shall die. the king cried out "Great art thou. the priests and their families en- tered by the secret door and ate and drank everything." Then Daniel laughed and pointed footprints in the ashes on the floor the king to the and showed him the secret entrance. "if Bel has not eaten all. we The suffer death. finding the seal unbroken and the table empty. During the night. with the king's signet. who destroyed both. or else Daniel has spoken falsely. where the priests and their families came in.: 344 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES clay. called his three score Wroth at this. the king and he depriests felt secure. but delivered Bel and his temple to Daniel. secret door. The king at this grew wroth." said the priests. ye shall surely die. stance every the king that Bel At this. for under the table they had a whereby they had entered and consumed the food and drink given to Bel. Now when Daniel had scattered ashes on the floor. and could not eat or drink anything. in which Judas (called Maccabees) was for a time the . parted. In the morning the king and Daniel. the king and ten not priests and said unto devoureth ye can certify them: "If ye tell me who this is that these things.

caused a great apparition of a horse with a terrible rider appear. It was a shrewd trick of an ancient Shylock more likely." (23) it is Chapter seven is a story of the heroic death of a mother and her seven sons. God for the death of The new king. said. (19) In this same Ch. chapter in a litter. V. V. 5. second Maccabees. (21) Ch. spirits. v. the clashing of swords. Moreover. was seen "for almost forty days. the shaking of shields. 3. Br. C. which was written 114 to 150 years B. (23) Ch.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES general of the Hebrews. by infamous torture. 2 and 3. 9. to seize them. I think they were mistaken. and the horse smote Heliodorus with his feet. Anlearning of the great riches stored in the temple of Jerusalem. we find the first certain mention that the Old Testament is thought to be an inspired book. 12. page 154. the thrust of lances. but was finally slain. 30. sends Heli- odorus. v. ch. and the charge of battalions in the air. Ency. will be a royal feast unto him. 4. two young men of great strength and beauty scourged Heliodorus so violently that he earth and fell to the was borne away is If the reader five. (22) of a military cast of mind. will He there learn of apparitions. 345 He fought valiantly. (20) Section thanks to tiochus. on Maccabees Second commences with their great enemy. (20) Vol. 13. to The Lord to of save the treasures. 3. 48. 12. This. Maccabees is a book of deception and treachery. his treasurer. (22) The Jews said it was the Almighty Lord that appeared and saved their treasure. . be(19) Ch.

v. beyond the grave. or They show us of the life Hindu belief. Manasses was suffering great tribulation as a helpless prisoner in a strange land. that the Persian belief. (25) Ch. where we get the first full mention of the nczv gospel of the resurrection. one hundred and seventy years B. and his prayer ought to have a place in every Bible. Ezekiel The book of Daniel was written 28. But it was to be a bodily resurWe are told that Razis. seized his own bowels and Lord to luirled them at his enemies. V. was slowly filtering into the depraved Jewish mind. The Jews imported that doctrine from Persia or India. 14. C. He was a captive in Babylon. furniish evidence of the Jewish faith. is nearly 700 years B. 37 to 46. (25) ers of Jerusalem. 3. about 165 to 175 years B. (26) The Prayer of Manosses. 14. 94 and 95. (24) Zoroaster had preached it centuries and centuries before either Daniel or Maccabees were dreamed of. C. . 43 to 45. in a fierce conflict with Nicanor's men. then immediately he expired. calling upon the restore his hozvcls again. Second Maccabees. King of Judah. V. (26) Ch. it is noteworthy that appears about the same date as the book of Daniel. p. being wounded unto death.346 A QUESTION OF MIR^XCLES llcsh. cause they would not cat swine The whole chapter but it may be simply the imagination of the writer. one of the eldrection. But whence came this great consoling thought that mankind will escape the darkness and the eternal It came from Persia. (24) The legend of Daniel and Ezekiel 14. See Whitney's silence of the grave? Zoroaster. 12. V. C. The last two chapters of the work wd are considering.

A QUESTION OF MIRACLES He was sions. . I will been pres- ent ily when Canon was in settled. He confessed his multiphed transgresall and humbly asked forgiveness for simply add on this point that had the I his of- fenses. I should most heart- have voted Manasses' favor. so that he Hft his head. 347 could not loaded with chains.

Mark. Some impeachable date can be fixed for either class. 348 "Have nothing . except that he says Pilate's wife had a dream that day of Chapter 2. of those alleg/ed gospels were written before. or Matthew and Luke copy from Nicodemus. a great number of persons were engaged in writing histories of His time which they called "Gospels. first one hundred is more certain than that for the and fifty years after Jesus' death. and some after the canonicals but no absolute and un. To illus- The Acts of Pilate or Gospels of trate : In chapter two. and Pilate's wife sent to him saying: to do with that just man. either copied Nicodemus are from Matthew and Luke and others. quotes this word for word.." and in those gospels they tell most marvelous things. Luke and to now John. But nothing etc. they are ingloriously turned down.CHAPTER XXXI The Apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus Compared With the Canonicals. We turn very similar to some ancient writings. tells us that Pilate him. Jesus is brought before Pilate. those of Matthew." chapter 2^. Section i. concerning him in a vision this night. verse 19. for I have suffered much Matthew. Acts of Pilate. and because they are extravagant about miracles.

"If he is from God. 38 and 39. V." firmity. Luke copies Nicodemus exactly or Nicodemus copies Luke. his will stand. chapter 23. who disturbed the water at a certain time. Acts of Pilate. "Hast thou heard what copies this: they testify against thee?" Pilate says." man who has such as no man a Section 2. "suffering a great inwas expecting a cure from the coming of at Jerusalem." Luke.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES called Jesus to 349 him and said." John. to be heard in Jesus' behalf. "I lay for thirty-eight years by the sheep pool. but if from men. ch. they will come to naught. Which . (2) Ch." and he begs Pilate And Nicodeto dismiss him. Nicodemus appears and entreats Pilate : . wonderful works mus adds. makes Pilate say of Jesus "I have found no cause of death in him I will therefore chastise him and let him go. Acts of Pilate. for he says : "Jesus is done many useful and glorious things. said the man. In Acts 5. "It is him be whipped and sent away. of every infirmity. chapter verses 2 to 10. 4. 27. one is the copyist ? In chapter 6. . v. first Whoever whole thereafter descended into it was made 5. verse 22. says there were five porches at this "sheep (1) Ch. Pilate said unto them not proper to crucify him. to be merciful. and do him no harm. "Hearest thou Matthew (i) how many things they wit- ness against thee?" (2) When let the Jews were clamor: ing for Jesus' crucifixion." In the Acts of Pilate. I an angel. 4. another Pilate permitted Jew asked him. 13. on earth has done. or can do.

" said one. said. when the into the pool." and immediately the man was made whole and took up his bed and walked. besides Nicodemus. the African. interceded for Jesus. after the troubling of the was made whole. one hundred and sixty words to tell of this man waiting at the eheep pool." troubled. "and he restored me to sight. that whoever waters. The law of ly evident." Luke." "I was a leper." A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and that the halt." said another. says: "John Burvived the ordeal of being boiled in oil. ' ' . verses 12 and 13. but he uses sixty words as against thirty in Nicodemus. to put me Jesus said unto him. in two hundred and thirty-two words. Nicodemus tells us It took John exactly (3) A story always gains on its travels. 'Be thou clean. first. saying. Some other Jews. Nicodemus now tells the rest of this story in one quarter of the space of John. Luke tells the same with no imis provements. tells this same story. "Rise. the blind. If that be so.350 pool. it may have unbalanced John's mind Bomewhat. accretion in John and Luke. Tertulian. And John mentions this man who had lain there thirty-eight years. "I was blind. Nicodemus pictures the same story as well or better than John in fifty words less. "and he cured me by his word only. I made whole?" have no man. the lay there waiting for the angel to come and move waters. The story of the paralytic is told in Acts of Pilate in ninety-three words. here plain- (3) trial In mock before Pilate. and the withered.' and immediately I was cleansed from leprosy. in chapter 5. take up thy bed and walk. "J^sus finding a man languishing there. "Wilt thou be The man answered. water is "Sir. stepped in.

V. "Many" had written before Luke. countries. 4. and Luke (8) later on. 7. v. mons are subject to him. Ch. and he ought to have given Nicodemus credit for this incident. Acts of Pilate. Joseph soon after returned. copies Nicodemus almost word (9) After the crucifixion. 2. 50 to 53. Ch. but they all fled except Nicodemus. 12. Nicodemus must have been a man of courage and firmness. on learning that for word. Luke 23. 8. (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) Cli. . v. Matt. whereupon the Jews seized and confined him in a chamber. 7. V. and the absolute truth will probably never be Hnown. 27. 12." "Even deNicodemus (5) and Mat- thew (6) say that "Jesus healed one possessed with a devil. 31 to 36. there are many disputants on each side." of Pilate (7) tells the story of Jesus "casting out a devil. Joseph of Arimathea had begged and buried the body of Jesus. for we are told that in this exigency he faced the Jews boldly and expostulated with them. (11) John 3. (10) Although he came to Jesus by night (11). where there were no windows.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 351 (4) that a Pharisee stood forth and declared that a great company of infirm persons came from GaHlee and the coast all. On the question of priority between Luke and the gospel of Nicodemus." just after he himself had been The Acts driven from Nazareth. the Jews. Ch. 57 to 59. sought to arrest him and his accomplices. and they fastened the door and put a seal upon the lock and placed a guard there. Ch. (10) Ch. and that Jesus healed them Then others of the Jews cried out.

who returned and related his extraordinary escape." whom we guarded Nicodemus alive. was on the lock. . (13) Ch. 20. John (14) Jesus had then gone into Galilee. set him free. Yet we are told that the same seal. (14) Ch. whom ye put own chamber. Acts of Pilate.352 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Here now appears a miracle something like that Acts 12. unbroken. ch. all this time (13) believed Jesus to be and he sent men into the mountains to search for him. and we will produce in the sepulcher. 15. They did not find Jesus. in the soldiers said : under guard Jesus. V. but found Joseph. he could not be found. 26. in your "You produce Joseph. and in the altercation which followed. when Peter was released from prison by When the Jews ordered Joseph to be an angel. He said Jesus entered that tells the room and same kind of a story. The Jews did not believe the soldiers. (12) Actsof Pilate. brought forth (12) from that dark sealed chamber. 13.

while it is true that the Protevangelium has been it . wrote this history in Jeand when the disturbance was. An Now. One of the improbable things which James mentions is that Elizabeth. early gospel. D. nor can anyone tell when or where they were written. took him and fled to the moun(1) He must mean Herod Antipas. or book of James. hearing that her son John was being searched for. until the death of Herod. was the Protevangelium. and the disturbance ceased. See ch. was with alleged miracles of the most extraordinary character. no one of the four canonicals has any colophon. I retired into a desert place. James. certificate is also true that it has a its of genuineness : for at the conclusion colophon says rusalem.CHAPTER XXXII More Apocryphal Miracles. branded as apocryphal. ante." (i) Moreover. The second century A. written probably about the time of Luke. James mentions the peculiar betrothal of Joseph and Mary. 5. and filled each gospel. was canonical re- writers of Gospels of every grade. Section plete with i. "I. for Herod the Great died the year before or the same year Jesus was born. and apocryphal. 353 .

top to bottom. . 4. 2. but James men. 18. The gospel of Luke. V. A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and that a friendly mountain opened wide and Another is that when Zacharias was killed. Ch. (3) (4) that Joseph and Mary reached Bethlehem. James. and they were and she was taken into a cave. but James says when within three miles Luke tells us of that place her time drew near. The gospel of the Infancy. 1. obliged to stop . and Jesus was born there. V. for they assert that Jesus was taken to the temple in Jerusalem (2) things (3) (4) (5) (6) Luke himself mentions that "many" have written of before him. 24 to 28. a place used for the herding of sheep. quotes liberally from the Protevangelium (2). 354 tains. his blood hardened into stone and the roofs of the temples howled and were rent from safely received them.) Ch. was only fourteen years old. and the journey. tions one thing which Luke utterly ignores for James says that Mary. and the stopping at that cave. Luke and the gospel of the Infancy here now contradict Matthew in the most explicit terms. and ascribed to Thomas.. which seems truly to have been made up from "many" older manuscripts. (Luke 1. v. these John 20. written in the sec- ond century. the doubter ( 5 ) mentions the taxing. Ch. 12. at the time of her conception. The Protevangelium (6) says they stopped three miles from Bethlehem. .

eh. makes any mention whatever of the star which came and stood over the young child. ch. to own city of Nazareth. if Jesus was taken to Jerusalem. outshinJames (11) East saw ing all the other stars in the heavens.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES and was there circumcised on the eighth day after birth. Moreover. But Matthew tells us that the wise men from the it and followed it. (9) Holy men of God spoke. "Joseph and Mary returned into Galilee. ch. (8) Luke 2. 39. One or the other Which one is true? was) that "all of these stories is surely We have been taught (at is least I scripture given by inspira- tion. V. and that (7) Infancy. (13) Ch. but they cannot both be true. 5 and 6. Luke their says.) the Holy Ghost. (12) Matt. it is said. moved by . 2. 355 his (7) And after the circumcision in the temple." (8) Now. as they were (Second epistle of Peter. Luke. 14. (11) Ch. v. 1. 2. (12) But James (13) says Joseph believed Mary was to be zvith child by an angel. 21. (10) Matt. 1. as Luke de- scribes." (9) in this matter? Which one of these men was inspired Two may witnesses in court swearing to absolute opposites both be false. 18 to 20. 21. Neither John nor Mark nor Luke Section 2. though Matthew hints at it broadly. v. he was not rushed off to Egypt. tells us. as Matthew false. (10) And the book of mentions it as a very large star. James divulges a secret of which neither of the canonicals makes explicit mention.

4 B. 1:20. and soothes him. (18) Matt. and an angel appears to him in a dream." Then after starting for Galilee. and he is the one charged with the slaughter of the infants. and Hosea. First. Again after the death of Herod. a Jewish writer seven hundred years before. that they should not return to Herod. (17) Then he is "warned of God in a dream. 9 and 10. yet it is not certain that Matthew is right in charging him with that awful crime. 1.356 if A QUESTION OF MIRACLES fi)iind he concealed her crime. Matthew's first chapter is mostly made up of Joseph's five dreams. (15) Herod the Great died the year Jesus was born. the angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in another dream (18) and bids him go to Egypt. (14) Matt. . (17) Matt. he would he guilty by the law of the Lord. But history makes no mention of the murder of the children. Is it not a curious circumstance that Matthew makes the birth of Jesus so great and important that a star moves through the heavens "till it comes and stands over this child?'' (14) Then he sends the parents and child in hot haste off to Egypt. that is." Leaving out the star story. he is in trouble about his wife. V. had said: "When Israel was a child. V. (15) Yet neither Mark. and called my son out of Egypt. 11. C. then I loved him. and was vile enough to kill the babes. Luke nor John mentions a word about either the journey or the residence in Egypt. and while it is true that Herod murdered his sons and his wife. V. (16) Ch. 13. And Matthew gives as his sole reason for that journey that Hosea (16). where they remain until the death of Herod. 2. 2.

and he is warned God in yet another dream. 2. may have somewhat warned of an misled him. V. Bays Joseph and Mary resided in Memphis three years." (21) one of the canonicals mentions a word about the miracles which Jesus is said to have performed in Egypt and I can only account for this on the theory . . white (19) Matt. being into Egypt. 9. A girl. (21) Infancy. and he goes and dwells Nazareth. 19. (20) told The thoughful reader will just here inquire who Matthew about those five dreams? Joseph could tell not him. Chapter 29. The for it gospel of the Infancy. while he was a baby. written before or about the time of Matthew. 2. big and down at his approach. says the wise men came from the East. angel. Joseph learns that Archelaus of in is king. fled says. That star story. for Joseph had been in his grave a cenwritten. little. according to the prophecy of Zoroaster. On reaching Israel.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES 357 an angel of the Lord appears in still another dream (19) and tells him to take the child and his mother and go into the land of Israel. fell said all the idols. V. (20) Matt. tury when Matthew was Does Surely it require in- spiration to state a sober fact? we can affirm to build that dreams are gossamer things upon which a great historical faith. ch. No that the alleged miracles are so astounding as to sur- pass belief. is an importation from Persia. it seems. On in being carried in his mother's arms into a temple it is Egypt. Gospel of the Infancy. 22. "Joseph.



with leprosy, on taking Jesus
ly cured.


changed into back, and at

her arms, was instantsome offense, had been a mule Jesus was placed on that mule's once the mule was transformed into the

young man,


young man. (22)
in a desert place, Jesus

caused a cooling

said, to


forth, to the great relief

of the parched sufferers.

The Jewish

instinct of trade

seems to have been

strong in Mary,


she cured

a sick boy,

by giving his mother some of Jesus' swaddling clothes, in exchange for a beautiful carpet. The touch of the
swaddling clothes,



healed Caleb (23) in-

But another woman, an enemy of Caleb, seized him and threw him into a well. Instead of drowning, Caleb sat calmly upon the surface of the waters, uninjured. His persecutor, the woman, by accident fell into the well, and instantly perished. A 3^oung woman who had been long afflicted by Satan sucking her blood, was cured by wrapping some of Jesus' swaddling clothes about her head. Flames at once burst forth from these clothes, and so badly scorched the dragon that he cried out "What have Whither I to do with thee, Jesus, thou son of Mary? Luke, in chapter 8, v. 28, quotes this shall I go?" dragon story, with this difference; that the devil, in Luke, begs to enter into some swine, and the swine perish by drowning in the sea.

(22) Ch. 10 to 20, Gospel of the Infancy. (23) Ch. 27 to 34, Gospel of the Infancy.

some boys


Chapter 40 of the Infancy tells us that Jesus turned into kids, and he said to the kids, "Come

hither, O ye kids"; and they came. Then at a word he changed them back into boys. Later on, he could

change water into wine,

at least

John so






perhaps just as true as the other.

While Jesus was

that he raised a dead

a boy boy to




are told


Later he met a
to his grave.

funeral procession bearing a

young man

He came

and touched the bier, and said to the corpse, "Arise," and the dead sat up and began to speak.

that of

condemn the Infancy story and not also Luke? Matthew makes no mention whatever of the length


of time Jesus remained in Egypt; but the Infancy
here comes to our assistance, and
us that his resi-

dence there lasted three years.

But Joseph, when he

came near Judea, on his return, hearing that Archelaus was king, was afraid, and an angel appeared to him, and said, "O Joseph, go into the city of Nazareth, and
there abide." (26)

Section 4. Nothing is mentioned of Jesus' boyhood in any of the four approved gospels, from his
birth until he

twelve years of age.

Then we


one solitary glimpse of him (2y), and he again disappears utterly, until his baptism, when he is about
(24) John 2, v. 3 to 10. (25) Luke 7, v. 11 to 15. (26) Ch. 26, Infancy. (27) Luke 2, v. 40 to 54.


(28) The gospel of

twenty-nine or thirty years old.
the Infancy


hiatus somewhat,

and con-



in his

mention of the discussion with the

doctors in the temple.

But the Infancy goes beyond

Luke, and


us that Jesus went to school to Zac-

and from him to a more learned teacher. This for some reason untold, raised his hand to strike Jesus, and it is said his hand instantly withered, and the master presently died. Moreover, it is
last teacher,

said in the Infancy (29)

that Jesus explained to an

astronomer the number of spheres, and heavenly bodies,

their triangular, square


sextile aspect; their

progressive and

retrograde motions, their


explained to a philosopher, physics and natural

philosophy, the powers of the body,

bones and ar-

and how the soul operates on the body.
says that after the return to Nazareth,

The Infancy

Jesus worked with Joseph, his father (30), as a carpenter; and when Joseph wanted anything longer or
shorter, Jesus


would stretch his hand toward it, and became the length desired that Joseph hav;

ing spent a long time in building a throne for the king

and he was greatly worried; so troubled in fact, that he went to bed without his supper. In the morning Jesus took hold of one side, and Joseph the other, and pulled, and the throne straightway came to the right dimensions.
of Jerusalem,






(28) Mark 1, v. 9; Matt. 3, (29) Infancy, ch. 48 to 53. (30) Ch. 37 and 39.




3, v. 23.



(31) Jesus, it is said, concealed his miracles and devoted himself to the study of the law till thirty years "The end old. The Infancy concludes in these words

of the whole gospel of the Infancy, by the assistance
of the

Supreme God, according


what we found


the original."
(31) Is not this too much for sober belief? But did Jordan (Joshua, ch. 3, back its waters for the Israelites to cross? V. 16.) Did the winds and waves calm down at Jesus' rebuke? Did Buddha, when a great inundation surrounded the place where he lived, cause the water to recede at his words? (V. 13, Sacred Books of the East, p. 131.) Did Buddha walk on water? (Fo Sho Hing, p. 222, sec. 1551.) Did Jesus walk on water? (Mark
6, V.




The Apocryphal Gospel of Marcion Compared With Luke's Canonical.

ceaseless warfare has been

Concerning the gospel of Marcion, a waged for and against it,

for nearly i,6oo years,

and the end


not yet.



can look into the seeds of time and say which

grain will

grow and which


When Marcion and Luke were


could have told which gospel would become canoni-



inquiry, therefore,


who was

Marcion, and what was his gospel that has been sounding

down all these centuries? As near as his period can be

at Sinope, in Pontius,

fixed, he was born on the southern shore of the

Black Sea, about the year


A. D.

Tertulian, his

enemy and






things in Sinope are cold and torpid; yet nothing

so sad as that Marcion

was born


In early


Marcion was a prosperous shipowner His vessels gathered wealth for him all

along the coasts of Pontius.

When, between

the age

of twenty-five and thirty, he became a convert from

his life

paganism to Christianity, at once the whole tenor of was changed. He became not only religious,


but intensely religious.


The God of


Old Testachildren,

ment seemed to him to be stern and wrathful in visiting the iniquities of the fathers

upon the

even to the fourth generation.

( i

Marcion turned from
dispensation of the

this vengeful


of Galilee.

God to the new The new wine


to burst the old bottles. (2) In short, the old

law of vengeance was to be suspended by


message of love and peace. Marcion soon became so filled with enthusiasm for the new religion that he wrote a gospel, and hoped to win the whole world to his standard and had he gained Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna (3), Marcion pos;

might have taken the place of Luke in the canonicals. Moreover, the Roman Catholic church might have waned, instead of waxing so strong and great. Such strange destinies, from little happensibly

ings, often await all



Marcion had abstained from speculation about cosmogony of the universe, he might not have been led to believe in the Demiurge or two Gods





God who



out of matter, and

(1) Exodus 20, V. 5. (2) Luke 5, v. 7. (3) Polycarp was born in Asia Minor about the year 69 A. D., and lived to the ripe age of 90. He was arrested by the Jews and burned at the stake, as an enemy of their religion. Even the heathens piled fagots around him, and the Jews refused to give up even his bones for burial. What (4) Is it not true that the Bible mentions two Gods? is the devil but a great powerful wicked creature, that can only be bound for a thousand years (Rev. 22 v. 2). In Jesus' day, there were many devils; He talked to them, and they answered (Luke 4, t. 33 to 35). back.




other God, more merciful,

imposed on him a law hard to Hve up to, and that who would save him.



In writing of men, doctrines and be-

in the first

and second centuries, one must ex-



patience and not

draw the

line too closely

for the


followers of Jesus are Jews, born and

reared under a code that was unjust, and


improbable miracles.
religion at

To Matthew, Luke and

John, a

religion w^ithout miracles was,

as they believed,


Hence no writer or preacher of

religions could ob-

tain a hearing at that period or later on, unless he


frequent and repeated mention of miracles. Marcion was no exception to the rule. He wrote a gospel, and established churches, and between the years 175 and 250 A. D. his followers came near

pushing the


church to the wall.


preached powerfully against the Demiurge

and insisted that man must put his trust in good God and his Son that faith, charity, love and good works would save the soul. The body, he said,
bad God



It will

never be resurrected.


soul or

alone survives.

The Demiurge, he


punish the wicked in Hell.

Marcion's gospel for more than two hundred years

Then its power and when the sixth century arrived there w^ere only a few scattered Marcionites here and there, and another century saw them in a
exerted a wide influence in the world.

began slowly to


total eclipse.

for his word was with power. v. 33 is word for word the same as Marcion in chapter i. v. repeats this exactly. Luke has i. thee. and he laid his hands on . 4) 'Let us alone. Having said this much of Marcion and his religion. Marcion. chapter i. 38 9. 6. who thou art. the holy one 34.) "And in the synagogue. that thus the reader may judge whether he borrowed from Luke. ch. v. is the same as verse 3 Marcion. or Luke wrote a gospel of his own. v. that he strove to improve the old Jewish religion. what have we to do with Jesus? Art thou come to (Luke 3. ch. He which some scholars think Luke had before him when he composed his gospel. v. Chapter Luke. 4." (Luke 4. v.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES But this 36s much may first be safely said of him. and 39 are Chapter i. and give the corresponding verses and chapters from Luke. (Luke 4. 2: Caesar Marcion. 31. Marcion. I shall now quote numerous passages from his gospel. borrowed from Marcion. and taught them on the Sabbath And they were exceedingly days. a city of Galilee. and he made the collection of New Testament gospels that was ever made. the same words as 4. I. 17.) astonished at his doctrine. verse *Tn the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius came down to Capernaum. v. v. 8 and Marcion: "Now when the sun was setting.' " I know Luke 4. v. and he cried out with a loud voice: (Luke 4. all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him. identical with ch. i) Jesus destroy us? of God. there was a man who had a spirit of an unclean devil. 5 and v. In verses 35 and 36. 32.

17. 6. i to 19. v. head. v. Chapter 5 of Marcion. had "an alabaster box of ointment. 44 and 45. v. 37 and The only difference is that Luke says the woman 38. 36 "And he turned to the woman. ch. 23 and 24. v. : Marcion. 3. is identical with Luke. ch. wherein Jesus aptw^o. One Mar- certainly copied from the Chapter cion. says: on Jesus' head. is Chapter ch. here identical with Marcion." 40. and said unto Simon. 17. Luke. and anointed them and kissed them. ch. is every one of them and healed them. thou gavest me no water for my feet she has washed my feet with her tears. Marcion. pointed seventy and sent them "two and into every city. ch. and has anointed them. except that Luke says. v. Mark seems to have been inspired differently. 30 and 31." (5) ch. 7. and Luke. 4 130 : "A sinful woman standing near." and Marcion and Luke here agree." are found in Luke. 4. 22." Marcion. both mention the incident of Jesus rebuking the wind and the raging waters. . "The woman poured the ointment (5) Mark 14. washed his feet with her tears. i to 20. v. 8. v. i to 18. v. Marcion. v." The Luke. V. in talked with" him." Read Luke. 7. 8. 'See'st thou this woman? I entered into thy house." Luke 7. ch. and kissed them. v. v. ch. v. 3. says she "anointed his feet. ch. v. 9. "she wiped the feet with the hair of her : . Mar- cion. Elias same words are Chapter 7. ch.366 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Luke. V. is the same as Marcion. before his feet. is identical with 5. v. 4. 38. 10. "And behold two men 30 and Moses in glory. Chapter 6. i to 18. other.' " Luke. 4.

. v. in ch. 18. "Behold there was a in woman which had was bound up herself. II and to 6: 12. found in Luke. 11. 4. 25. 13. 10. 'Woman. I Chapter Marcion. 11. she Marcion. 367 The incident of a certain lawyer standis ing up and tempting Jesus. is heaven. thou art loosed from thy infirm- and he laid his hand on her. 12 of Luke. v. 9 of Marcion are many 10. 28. 8. a im- proved 2. say 'Father. In ch. 13. 10. Chapter Marcion : When to us." . ch.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Section V. and could no wise lift And when ity' . and you yourselves thrust out : out. "And he said unto them. 11 to 14. and all the prophets in the kingdom of God. 3 and "Who etc. and immediately was made straight and glorified God. and Jacob. is of you. says: "There shall be weep- ing and gnashing of teeth. so on earth. if a son ask a fish. when ye shall see Abraham and Isaac. ye pray. 3. and says "There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. v." Luke has these identical words in ch." Luke. may thy holy spirit come thy will be done. righteous in the when ye shall see all the cast Kingdom of God. told by Luke in ch. ch. v. and together. and Marcion 8. ch. V. ch. a spirit of infirmity eighteen years. verses identical with ch. 5. in phraseology. with Luke. changes this somewhat. and said unto her. being a father. he called her to him. and yourselves.' " This same prayer. v. v. Jesus saw her. ch. v. and held back." identical in Marcion. 2. as in little Thy kingdom come. 7.

28 to 31. 11." Moreover. says: "Jesus appoints kingdoms unto his disciples. the inspiration seems to wablittle. Matthew also was a materialist (Matt. 47. utterly disagree can eat and drink in the kingdom at Jesus' to dust table. they But Marcion in chapter 22. when he not one 16. short. (6) The reader should remember that instead of finding only a few lines in each chapter of Luke and Marcion which are exactly alike. verse 17.) Marcion believed that the spirit only survives at death. . verse says: "Heaven and earth may pass. chapter 17: easier for heaven and earth to pass. it would seem. the two men seem to have been inspired to same identical thoughts. than one tittle is of the lazu to fail." Again. word for word. Marcion thought that the body at death goes back and utterly perishes. v. there is not a single chapter of Maror Marcion cion from which Luke did not draw his inspiration drew his inspiration from Luke. Sometimes. all along." that the soul only survives (7) that there would be no violations of law. t.368 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES i6 of If tlie reader will turn to chapter Luke and In read the the first first ten verses thereof. these utter. v. 8. Marcion. ble a as witness chapter 13. (6) 19." Luke. Kemarkable. that therefore it would need "no food and drink. but tittle of my words "It is shall fail. 22. and that they shall sit on thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel. is it not? — (7) Luke.) . Luke V. he will have read ten verses of chapter 13 of Marcion. and Luke in chapter on a very important matter. is a materialist (ch. it is true. 24. 25 to 31. and Matt. Luke inspired in the first seventeen verses as of his chapter 18 exactly is word for word Marcion inspired in his first eighteen verses of chapter 15.

and 53 of Luke are not found in Marcion. are all set forth by Marcion in his chapter 21. verses i to 40. For in nearly everything else their gospels. verses 13 to 39. has reference to him sician. if so. name would indicate that he was an Italian. may and may not have reference to Luke. . and meeting the eleven. and his telling them he is not a spirit. how he sat at meat with them. and Jesus the journey of the two men joining them on the way. then Luke was a phy- But it is even questioned whether Colossians was written by Paul. and Jesus' sudden appearance to the eleven. are almost exactly alike. the gospel writer. and his vanishing out of sight. their return to Jerusalem.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES members. The incidents of Emmaus. would require judges judge them as Luke tells us. 14. Philemon 24. v. and Luke has the same in chapter 24. 4. His but of Luke we know nothing to a certainty. but has iiesh and bones. as we to have seen. we know where and when he was born. Second . 369 consequently neither the twelve tribes. (Luca« nus. except that verses 45. nor any of their sitting on thrones to This open clash between these two gospel writers led probably to Marcion's condemnation as a heretic. yet. 52 We have seen who Marcion was. ch. and much of his life work. In fact the chapter of last chapter of Marcion and the last Luke are the same.) It is not certain that Colossians.

"it will not down. their pens dipped in gall. in phraseology. Yet Marcion's story is said to be apocryphal — that is. . Ch. Which one or Luke? of these men is the plagiarist. so exactly alike. They state so many things probable and improbable. and to the last day. has been disputed back and forth. 11." I will only add that Luke's gospel is much longer than Marcion's in fact. or Luke before Marcion. or both from some older writer. uninspired for — even when he agrees with Luke. in historical state- ment. not a verse in the first three chapters of is Luke found in Marcion.. Otherwise they are as we have seen. for now nearly seventeen hundred years. 4. Mar- cion's bitter. is He known because he established churches. 370 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES but did that Timotliy (8) inciilions a "Luke" who was with Paul. (8) word word and verse for verse. implacable foes. like Banquo's ghost. give him a certain unquestioned place in history. V. and verse for verse. Marcion that they both copied An easy solution is from the same old manuscripts. will go down. and. that one must have copied from the other. no doubt. man write Luke's gospel? Here now is one of the revenges of time. almost identical in doctrines. old false Jewish Luke's name so it is attached to the third gospel. The question whether Marcion wrote before Luke. and underits took to rescue Christendom from superstitions.

As to creation. here. created out of a time. But I cannot conceive of a time when the elements which compose it were not in existence. Nor could He if create himself." "The Creator." "God. To illustrate. or ever could be. 1 call that law maker the "Eternal One. divide these atoms again and again.CHAPTER XXXIV In Conclusion. The argument to my mind is fallacious. perform This earth. when this earth. milHons nothing. Matter is You may change its form. until the strongest micro371 . I hold that there was and millions of years ago." And I cannot conceive of a time beyond which he did not exist. Section i. as we know it now. annihilate it. Nor could matter create Him. In short. there must have been a time when nothing else existed. Nor can I imagine how something can. but you cannot eternal. did not exist. Some believe that such a Being exists. matter was here when God was all the stars in our system (not to mention millions of other worlds about us). and law always presupposes a law maker. and their revolutions in obedience to a law. you may take a stone and crush it to an impalpable powder.

and put him For man. make ing. For that great intelligence which call God must have finally made man. is Our years earth an illustration. and cannot get away from the earth. quarrelsome animal. but every one of its particles is still here. and created man. but it cannot be annihilated. You have only destroyed the stone. and his Insensible matter did not antecedent history is blood stained. Nevertheless. Section ated. On the other hand. nothing is. I am at a loss to know. which produced God is therefore responsible for man's being . In the vast space between Uranus and Neptune there is plenty of room millions and — millions of miles intervene between them. and could not make the law of attraction or gravitation. can Cera world out of nothing? God tainly not nothing added to nothing. as we see here. it have purposely used the word crerepeatedly. to my view. just above here. him today. because. 2. the law of evolution. you have not annihilated them. is a selfish. I makes no difference if we came by I evolution. suppose God concludes that He will create or make a new star or planet to revolve around our sun. But just why God created this world.372 scope still A QUESTION OF MIRACLES fails to distinL^iiish the iiifinitesimal particles. Matter can be changed and is all the while changcreate or . It obeys a law with such precision and exactness that in one thousand it has not varied five seconds of time in its rapid flight around the sun. all along his path- way. Now. he possesses infinite possibilities.

21. for evolution. 142 (2) Gen.) A QUESTION OF MIRACLES here. But I laugh at the belief that God created the world only six thousand years ago. and from that rib he constructs Eve. This yet it Adam story is a beautiful little nursery let it tale. Add the twenty-three hundred and sixty years since he wrote and we have thirteen thousand seven hundred years." the Lord cuts him open and takes out one of his ribs and closes up the flesh thereof. And he was ab- solutely ignorant of the evolutionary process. tells us that the Egyptians in his day claimed a long line of Kings. seems to satisfy some minds. Think of the builder of millions of worlds creating Adam. The insensible clod make the law of mind somewhere A is not responsible. the evidence originates or with scarcely any apparent structure. he causes upon him. 2. 373 it could not forth. who wrote about 2. man did not come by way of Eden's is But on the other life hand. Sec. . the evidence convincing that gates. and standing him up by Eden's fence to dry. and finished the job completely in six of our days. Herodotus 2. reaching back eleven thousand three hundred and forty years. so is stand. and bring man in the universe made that law that produced man upon this earth. The first or stronger germ. and while Adam is in that "deep sleep. not only absorbs strong that or springs from a minute germ cell (1) Herodotus.360 years ago. ( i The man who wrote Genesis evidently had never studied the testimony of the rocks. v. Nevertheless. which in time absorbs other germs or cells. (2). having forgotten to make a deep sleep to fall Adam a wife. and that is more than eight thousand years beyond Jesus.

or ever could be. no germ or the oxygen. where there is the place to look for emwho. it Nor do I believe The minutest life . — Go back a little earth. and the sunshine to warm that water? Here now are six things that must accidentally come together. and that means . a careless accident. under a law. and dies and there The minutest law. everyis here by reason of a law was never yet a law without a laiv maker. etc. and the water.374 A QUESTION OF MIRACLES it the weaker germ. and hydrogen. Yet no nucleated water.. hydrogen. nitrogen in and a The five mixed together plenty of stagnant pool. so that cell it be- comes a part of itself. somehow else warm sunshine. in his anatomical researches. Now . the great elephant. carbon. the oxygen. all and the monsters of the deep. things will not pro- duce the no cell. Now thing is I cannot bring my mind to believe that we live in a world of chance. or what. Fpr But how can there be a plan without a planner? a plan means a contrivance. such as we have on this cell omit the carbon further. has yet elements is been found that did not contain oxygen. are here in obedience to a Even the learned Cuvier. and tell me who made the For you must always sunshine and the oxygen? reckon with the sun. and oxygen. and nitrogen. made the carbon. but assimilates it. or be brought together. and no life. was forced to admit that there are distinct plans of organization —even among animalcules. insect. bryonic life. cell can. five Omit and the other . or you will have no cell. formed.

where there is an everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels (3). into the in both cases. Buddha would be destroyed in Hell. Section 3. (5) Matt. to fill the land and the seas with various and multitudinous powers. The nucleated cell or germ was not the thinker that The cell or germ could finally brought forth man. not evolve itself in and of its own unaided inherent power was given to it. furthermore. and in a short time he will go hence against his wish and will. and there is 375 no thought without a thinker. A and millions of . That there is another place called Hell. it is said. V. and that in Hell there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. and it started upon its mission. V. if true. he is born subject to that awful law of (3) Matt. 10. v. Kalpa is a vast period of time. 23.A QUESTION OF MIRACLES thought. is fiendishly cruel and excessive. (4) Both soul and — body. A forms of life. which we can reach by prayer and diligence. (6) The supposed it punishment unbelievable. (5) also preached that the wicked Hindus may suffer in terrible hells. man born world without his knowledge or consent. (4) Luke 13. He is told that there is a place beyond this life. 41. and that mission was a vast one. called Heaven a place of rejoicing and happiness. To a reasonable mind is absolutely is Consider this a moment. 25. millions (6) years. that sinners would be boiled for a Kalpa. Man finds himself here on earth. in iron pots. he came without his asking. 23.

(8) And Mark is just as severe. suffer for the misdeeds of a in fact. with all the advantages of ease and plenty. born perhaps the same day. p. 5. (8) Ch. this from Buddha. V. and weigh him down with crimes he W^ould it not be more just to re- make the ancestor suffer for the sins of his children. than to make the children suffer for the sins of their parents? The progenitor has some control over his posterity. With force. and he is taught to pilfer and lie even in childhood. Is that a just law ? Must you If it.) .lid A QUESTION OF MIRACLES . Matthew and Mark may have learned (9) Mark 9. 268. (vol. but the children absolutely none over the ancestral Every man placed here ought to have an equal life's struggle. As he passes along through boyhood (7) Exodus 20." So also would Luke. is raised tree. unfortunate child of sin in an "everlasting fire. v. 22 to 28. and his soul becomes stained with murMatthew's law (just quoted) would burn that der. Sacred Books of the East. 20. heredity (7) and it seems to be true that the iniquities of the fathers are in fact visited upon the children. 16. and ere long he develops into a highwayman. back perhaps an hun- dred years. But what opportunity is there for the child of the gutter and the curbstone? His home is a hovel. chance in in an atmosphere of love. even to the third and fourth generation. 254 and p. the child of the drunkard or thief is punished for a crime of his progenitors. for made that law. 43. V. Why never committed? verse Exodus. wicked anthat law in cestor? to repeal God. (9) Another boy. then he ought it is tn'ribly unjust.

They imagine. but Matthew and Luke and Mark knew no more about the eternal shores than you or I. will Heaven.! A QUESTION OF MIRACLES he is 377 carefully taught those beautiful precepts in the Sermon on the Mount (and every child ought to be taught them) and he follows them through life. whatever they may Is be. They picture the joys of Heaven and the miseries of Hell and when we . according to the New Testament. Matthew and Luke. To of Heaven sum this matter up. Now. Nevertheless. Or To is such the best justice that Heaven can administer? there some mistake somewhere in the record? it us of short vision will looks as if the chancery courts have to modify many a decree. hilt they know absolutely nothing about it. and all that time his more fortunate brother will be enjoying the sweets of Paradise. as the final assize. they dream. the unfortunate child of the gutter must suffer eternally in the flames. they quote us . The truth about that (if there is unknown coun- try beyond the grave such a place) no human being can truly tell. then the justice of the skies sinks to a lower level than that of the earth Eternal sleep would seem to be more fitting than eternal burning. or some other merciful plan. fix pel the child of the gutter to an unadjustable high mark of morality and commeasure up to it. they hope. ideas question them. or roast ? eternally in the furnace Or the sinning soul back to the Heaven in earth for a new will pity send trial? If not this. The most eloquent divines may thunder in their pulpits and pound their desks.

that they seem to sands of years. when he asked: "What doth the Lord require of thee. was not this whole matter summed up and epitomized by old Micah (lo). they would no doubt reap greater harvests. V.37^ of A QUESTION OF MIRACLES Heaven and Hell have been in this world for thouSo long. indeed. . 8. and to love mercy. have become an inherited belief. and to walk humbly with thy God?" (10) Ch. who lived about two hundred and fifty years before Buddha was born. but to do justly. 6. After all. If the churches would devote their energies to teaching mercy and justice.

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