The CrossFit Wichita Falls Program Recently I lost interest in posting repetitive daily updates to the CrossFit Wichita

Falls website. We follow a carefully made program that revolves around progressive loading barbell training and two, maybe three, metabolic conditioning workouts a week. I will outline this program here. Future posts on this website will share my weekly thoughts on the success (or lack thereof) regarding the programming as well as the experience, thought, research, study, conversation, and experimentation that goes on in our gym. The CrossFit Wichita Falls program is a mix of barbell training to increase strength and metabolic conditioning. It has no specific goal and can be considered a general physical preparedness (GPP) program. Understanding the fundamental nature of strength helps validate the inclusion of barbell training. Every physical attribute is directly correlated with and limited by strength. The most efficient way to increase all physical attributes is to increase strength because strength is the fundamental capacity. Metabolic conditioning is a collection of movements that are organized to A) produce and maintain a high metabolic output relative to the amount of time it is performed and B) minimize any required recovery necessary, if any, between bouts of said high output. A resulting adaptation of this process is the body’s ability to mobilize and distribute resources efficiently and effectively. Even though metabolic conditioning is an important aspect of performance, it must be understood that its expression is strength-dependent. As strength improves, the effort to maintain an output becomes a smaller fraction of absolute strength. It is relatively easy to improve metabolic conditioning quickly once increases in strength and lean body mass are in place. Therefore strength always maintains precedence over metabolic conditioning in a training program.

and adapts to that stress so that it can handle it in the future. 1936) is imperative to constructing an optimal training program. . Lastly. To summarize. the body undergoes a sub-lethal stress. the theoretical and practical experience gained from coaching this program daily drives adaptations in the program itself to make it more effective. recovers from the stress. This biological process is necessary for survival as well as getting more strong and conditioned.Understanding the General Adaptation Syndrome (Hans Selye. Every aspect of an optimal training program exists to drive a subsequent adaptation in improved performance.

The CrossFit Wichita Falls program is as follows: Monday Squat – Weight lifted x 5 reps x 3 sets. sets across (Increasing 2.5kg per workout) Press – 5x3. sets across (Increasing 2.5kg per workout) Bench Press – 5x3.5kg per workout) Chins/Pull-ups – 3 sets of as many reps as possible (Performed from a dead hang and with body weight initially) Tuesday Power Clean – 3x5. sets across (Increasing 2.5kg per workout) Met-con Wednesday Off Day or Skill Day Thursday Squat – 5x3. sets across (Increasing 2.5kg per workout) Friday Deadlift – 5x1 (Increasing 2.5kg to 5kg per workout) Met-con . sets across (Increasing 2.

so moving them to the following day was the logical solution to include them in the program. . This would essentially make them workouts A and B on the novice linear progression model outlined in Practical Programming for Strength Training (Rippetoe & Kilgore. However. massage or other necessary rehabilitation. stretching. and/or hanging out.Notes: “Sets across” means performing the same amount of weight for all of the working sets · Met-cons will not be in excess of 10 minutes and typically stay in a range of 6 to 8 minutes · The pulling exercises (Power Clean and Deadlift) were originally programmed for Monday and Thursday. time became the limiting factor in completing the exercises. 2006). learning about conceptual frameworks concerning training or nutrition through lecture. active rest. · Skill day can include activities such as POSE running skills.

depending on the individual 4 rounds for time (After the Deadlift Workout): 5 Power cleans 250 m row 5 Rounds for Time (after a Deadlift workout): 250m Row 5 Pull Ups 15 Push Ups 5 Round for time of (after a Deadlift workout): 250m row 5 pull-ups 15 push-ups 4 Rounds for time of (after a Power Clean workout): 10 DB Power snatches 10 KB Swings 10 Air squat .10 Kettlebell swings .7 pull-ups 200 m running repeats with 1 minute rest periods (After Power Clean Workout) Repeated 4 to 6 times.10 dumbbell hang power snatches .These are some of the Met-Cons from the old site: 5 rounds for time (After Power Clean workout) .

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