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The Carpocratians were followers of Carpocrates, a Platonic philosopher, who incorporated some of the elements of
the Christian religion into his system of philosophy. The sect flourished in Egypt and vicinity early in the Second
Century. Like the Basilidians they called themselves Gnostics, and taught a somewhat similar set of theories.
Irenæus says that the Carpocratians explained the text: "Thou shalt not go out thence until thou hast paid the
uttermost farthing," as teaching "that no one can escape from the power of those angels who made the world, but
that he must pass from body to body until he has experience of every kind of action which can be practiced in this
world, and when nothing is wanting longer to him, then his liberated soul should soar upwards to that God who is
above the angels, the makers of the world. In this way all souls are saved," etc. But while Irenæus calls the
Carpocratians a heretical sect, and denounces some of their tenets, he had no hard words for their doctrine of man's
final destiny.

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