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511 Union Street, Suite 600 Nashville, TN 37243-0607 JUDGES OF THE TENNESSEE COURT OF THE JUDICIARY J. Steven Stafford Presiding Judge William A. (Tinker) Kelly, Jr. Presiding Judge Pro-Tem Joe G. Riley Disciplinary Counsel Don R. Ash Joyce C. Brofiitt ‘Sue McKnight Evans John W. Gill, Ir. David G. Hayes Jayne Johnson-Crowley Jane Latimer Tohn S. M Paul Neely Robert V. Redding Mary Martin Schaffner Gregory D. Smith D. Michael Swiney ‘Thomas T. Woodall THE TENNESSEE COURT OF THE JUDICIARY Michael W. Catalano, Clerk 109 Supreme Court Buildin June 29, 2007 401 Seventh Avenue, Non Nashville, TN 37219-1407 (615.253-1470 PERSONAL/CONFIDENTIAL Mr. Stanley Green 1953 Goodhaven Drive ‘Memphis, TN 38116 RE: Complaint against W. Fred Axley No. 07-3074 Dear Mr. Green: ‘Your complaint was recently referred by Disciplinary Counsel to an Investigative Panel of judges on this Court. The Panel decided this file should be closed due to the retirement of Judge Axley. Once a judge retires, the Court of the Judiciary no longer has jurisdiction over the Jjudge as the Court of the Judiciary is only a disciplinary body. Accordingly, this is your notification that our file is now closed, ‘Nevertheless, this Court thanks you for your interest in the integrity of our judicial system and regrets we are unabie to assist you further in this| matter. JSS:pjim ce: Disciplinary Counsel Investigative Panel