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Rear Friction Drive “Tire Roller” Gas-Powered Motorized Bicyle Plans Installation

The Rear Friction Drive Kit can be used on most suspension bikes as well as solid frame bikes . Step 1: Unbox Kit Contents Your Kit should have arrived with: 1 2-stroke engine with throttle and on off switch Roller unit and clutch plate — 1 “U” bracket and flat bar 8+ locking washers 8 flat washers 4 10mm nuts 4 long Allen headbolts 3 10mm bolts 1 short Allen head bolt 4 15mm nuts 1 6 inch bolt 1 long bolt 1 quick release 1 angle bracket 1 flat bracket with nut welded on 1 round clutch spacer 1 fuel mixing bottle 1 tool kit 1 owner’s instruction manual

Step 2: Attach “U” Bracket Start with the large “U” shaped bracket and flat bar shown here: With 3 bolts, 3 washers, 3 locking washers and 3 nuts, attach the “U” bracket to the upper support in front of the rear wheel as shown here. Just snug the bolts down, you‘ll need to make slight adjustments later. Don‘t forget, we recommend locktite thread locker for all your bolts. Step 3: Attach Roller Unit to Bracket Using the 6” bolt and 3 nuts, attach the roller unit to the “U” bracket as shown. First, put the bolt through one side of the bracket, then a nut, then the roller unit, then a nut, then the other side of the bracket, and finally, the last nut. Use the 4th nut (notshown here) to lock the last nut into place. Center the roller on the rear wheel and tighten the three bolts on the “U” bracket and the roller unit to the bracket. Always be sure the unit is centered.

Step 4: Center Clutch Spacer Place the round clutch spacer over the clutch plate and slide it all the way back against the roller unit. The four short bolts are there to help center the spacer.

Step 5: Attach Motor Using the four Allen head bolts and 4 washers and 4 lock washers, bolt the motor to the roller unit. Place the locking washer on the bolts first, then lift the unit off the rear wheel to insert the 4 bolts from the inside of the roller unit, then the regular washer. This is a good time to remember to add locktite to the threads of each bolt. Hold the motor in place and hand-tighten the 4 bolts. Once the 4 bolts are snug, use the Allen wrench provided in the tool kit to finish tightening the bolts. Be sure the roller spins freely once the motor is tight.

Step 5 Images:
L: Motor, Bolts, & Washers. R: Roller Spin Check.

Step 6: Attach “Long Bolt” Lower Brace & Quick Release Gather the “long bolt” lower brace and quick-release shown. Remove the nut from the left side of the rear wheel axle and place the brace over the axle and screw the bolt onto the brace as shown next. Gather the small Allen bolt, a regular washer, a locking washer, and the angle bracket. Slide the regular washer onto the bolt then slide the bolt through the hole at the rearbottom of the roller unit. Next place the angle bracket over the end of the bolt using the top single hole. Next add a touch of lock tight to the bolt then the locking washer, then the nut. Tighten with the Allen wrench provided and the 10mm wrench. Holding the motor so the roller is just above the rear wheel adjust the long bolt so it comes up to align it’s hole with the bottom of the long hole in the bracket. Slide the small washer and rubber onto the quick release and slide them into the bracket first, then the bolt hole and tighten the finger nut onto the end.

Step 6: Continued With the quick release lever in the up position and the finger nut snug, push down on the motor so the roller rests on the rear wheel. Push down on the lever to lock the motor in the drive position. Lift up on the quick release lever. Lift the roller off the rear wheel push the quick releaseback into place to lock the motor in the up position.

Step 7: Attach On-Off Switch Attatch the on-off switch to the handle bar or the handle bar neck. Attach the throttle lever to the left handle bar. Plastic zip ties can be used to secure the cables to the frame.

GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Obey all traffic regulations. Do not operate bike without the chain guard installed. Always wear a helmet and eye protection when riding. Do not wear loose fitting pants or skirt when riding, as loose fabric can catch in the drive chain and cause an accident. Remember that you are riding a small, motorized vehicle and other traffic may not be able to see you. Wear bright colors on your shirt and helmet. Never ride at night without proper headlight, taillight, and reflectors. Be sure to wear reflective clothing when riding at night. Never ride on pedestrian throughways or sidewalks, especially with the engine running. Never operate your MOTOcycle in an unsafe manner. Wear riding gloves to prevent injury to hands during an accident. Check local and state laws before riding your MOTOcycle on the street. WARNING: ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET WHILE RIDING!!

WARNING: All persons by purchasing a motorized vehicle, engine kit, or individual parts from CJR IMPORTS LLC, agree to the following disclaimer: Operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit, or use of individual parts, involves the rist of serious bodily injury or even death. The buyer accepts total responsibility for any and all vehicle operation or use that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Seller is not responsible for injuries and or damages of any kind resulting from operating this motorized bicycle, engine kit, or use of individual parts.