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: Percikan Cahaya Ilahi : Syaikh Abdul Qadir Jailani :

The book that I read, is a translation from the Arabic original book written by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, which published in Beirut in 1998. This book contains advices of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jailani about how the people especially the Moeslem through the life. The whole advice in this book based on the Koran and Hadith, as well as some thoughts of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani himself. This book one of the thickest book I have ever read, which is composed of 62 chapter and 391 pages thick. Although I have not read it through, only about half of the book that I read, but the advices in this book are remind me to get closer to God. Some examples of his advices in this book is advices on the impact of a man who defied God, about a man who desires wealth, and about the conversion of a man. All the sentences in this book uses the language of philosophy, so I was a bit difficult to understand the meaning of the book. I only understand a little bit because the language that used in the book is quite difficult to understand, especially for a beginner like me. Because of that, I was a little difficult to describe the contents of the book became an English sentence. But there are some sentences in this book which is the main advice of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jailani, which I wrote in below,

hanya „percikan cahaya ilahi‟ sajalah yang meneranginya." And I attach below the original text of the sentence that I quoted above in Indonesian. then I am afraid if I change the meaning of the sentence after I try to translate into English... nothing else can wait but destruction. only the 'spark of divine light' alone is illuminated. When the eyes of the heart was blinded by lust and passion has mastered the soul. Ketika mata hati telah dibutakan oleh nafsu dan hasrat telah menguasai jiwa. I realize there are still many shortcomings in the writing of this book review."When the heart enveloped in darkness. Because my english is not good enough. “Ketika hati diselimuti kegelapan. I apologize if there is any sentence in my review of this book is not pleased. tak ada lagi yang bisa ditunggu selain kehancuran. .” That is my review for this book.

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