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Sac Bee Ad - 7-26-12 - Final

Sac Bee Ad - 7-26-12 - Final

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Published by: Fair Is Fair on Jul 26, 2012
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Daniel F. Akerson Chairman & CEO General Motors

Thomas J. Falk Chairman & CEO Kimberly-Clark

John V. Faraci Chairman & CEO International Paper

Sergio Marchionne Chairman & CEO Chrysler

WHEREAS, with no disclosure in the middle of the night during the legislative process in 2009, a corporate tax loophole was mysteriously inserted into state law that is being exploited by out-of-state companies so that they pay lower taxes than state taxpayers; and WHEREAS, this out-of-state corporate loophole is costing the state tens of thousands of jobs in a time of high unemployment by serving as a deterrent for companies to locate jobs here; and WHEREAS, the exploitation of this tax loophole by out-of-state corporations is forcing California taxpayers to pay more than their fair share in taxes while costing the state approximately $1 billion a year at a time when we are slashing support for schools; and WHEREAS, Prop 39 will not involve any new taxes on California taxpayers, but will close this loophole and level the playing field by requiring out-of-state corporations to play by the same rules as California companies and, in so doing, create tens of thousands of new jobs and reduce school cuts; and WHEREAS, Chrysler, General Motors, Kimberly-Clark and International Paper have been opposing the effort to close the loophole; AND WHEREAS, California represents the most important consumer market for these companies and rewards them tens of millions in government contracts and support; THEREFORE WE CHALLENGE THESE FOUR OUT-OF-STATE COMPANIES TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Today, we are calling on these four companies to make clear by high noon on July 30 whether they are going to stand with California by pledging not to oppose Proposition 39. If they choose to stand with California, we will welcome their commitment. If they choose to stand against California, we will launch THE BIG FOUR TAX DODGERS campaign a sustained effort to inform taxpayers, consumers and government officials about the conduct of these four companies, including but not limited to: the specifics of their government contracts; their record of state and local tax delinquencies; the amount of bailout money they received that came from California; their record of off-shoring of jobs; and what contracts or other issues they are currently lobbying before federal, state and local governments. The first report to be made public at high noon on Monday will document the California taxpayer funded contracts currently awarded to these corporations. To sign up to receive the report electronically,please go to: http://www.facebook.com/FairIsFairTaxation
Paid for by Yes on 39 - Californians to Close the Out-of-State Corporate Tax Loophole. Major funding by Thomas F. Steyer and Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs, sponsored by environmental organizations and business for clean energy and jobs - Yes on 39.

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