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Free Neville Goddard - Use the Principle

Free Neville Goddard - Use the Principle

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Published by Twenty Twenty
Neville Goddard Lessons you can apply daily in your life.
Neville Goddard Lessons you can apply daily in your life.

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Published by: Twenty Twenty on Jul 26, 2012
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FREE NEVILLE GODDARD – APPLY THE PRINCIPLE – DO IT NOW. Courtesy of http://www.freeneville.

com Hey mate, Today’s Neville Goddard lesson of the day, shares not only the POWER of our name – t he name of God – I am – it also reminds us that we all – including Neville – go through phases where we get slack, where we forget, where we coast along. The importan t thing is that we RETURN, that we go back, and that we apply this principle tow ards the fulfillment of our dreams. Apply the principle – and when you notice that you were coasting – just say to yours elf, “time to stop – to remember – and to totally be the I AM”. Have a great day! Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria. “Go back and apply this principle towards the fulfillment of your dreams. I can te ll you: in my own case, small as it has been, it has all been when I was faithfu l to the use of God’s name. When I dared to assume that I am what at the moment re ason denies and my senses deny it, and I remained faithful to it, then I invaria bly realized it. There have been unnumbered times when I have not been faithful to it. I coasted, as we all coast after a while. Then we are jacked up suddenly and we have to go back to the use of the name. And so, “Those who know thy name pu t their trust in thee.” Not in anything outside of thee. And your name is “I AM,” and it is your name forever and forever. So put your trust in the name of God by wal king out of here tonight in the belief that you are already the man, the woman y ou would like to be and see the world as you would see it, were it true. And to the degree you remain loyal to that assumption, to that degree you will external ize it and reap it as fruit within this world.” – Neville Goddard – Courtesy of Freene ville.com Now let us go into the silence.

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