DIAGNOSTIC TEST IN ENGLISH IV (LTS Tutorial for Maitim Elementary School) Name: _______________________________________ Name of Teacher: ______________________________ A.

Encircle the appropriate verb to complete the sentence. 1. My teacher asked me to (sit, set) beside her. 2. Have you (eat, eaten)? 3. So, (it’s, its) you! B. Read the sentence carefully. Choose the meaning of the italicized word from the box. Write the letter of your answer on the space after the sentence. a. show b. fondness c. friendly Date: ____________ Section: __________

1. The new student in class has a penchant for drawing. ________ 2. Nida is a sociable person. She is rarely alone. _________ 3. Mr. Damaguin gladly demonstrates how to identify the missing number in a mathematical problem. _______ C. Write the appropriate word on the blank. Choose from the list in the box below. couch sketch watch 1. Dondon made a ________ of Dinah in an Oslo paper. 2. The child soundly slept in the _______. 3. We ______ the setting sun. D. Read the story. Answer the questions carefully. Nila went into the grocery store to buy vegetables, meat and fruits. At the checkout counter, the worker, named Jess, gave her only a coin in change. ‘Things are so expensive’, she thought, as an expression crossed her face. 1. Who went to the grocery store? ____________________________

leckture 3. a. 1. lekture b. a. Who was the person at the check out counter? _________________ E.2. What did Nila buy in the grocery store? _______________________ 3. feeture c. Encircle the correct answer. Choose the best answer. fiture b. a. Professor Valmonte made a __________ inside the auditorium. atension 2. feature . Cindy catches everybody’s __________ every time she moves. We are going to __________ the highlights of the activity. attention b. attension c. lecture c.

3. 1. c. it’s B. sketch 2. b.DIAGNOSTIC TEST ANSWER KEY ENGLISH IV A. 2. Nila 2. 1. . 1. C. a. meat and fruits 3. b. couch 3. sit 2. watch D. 2. Jess E. vegetabe. 1. 1. a. eaten 3. 3. c.

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