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Golab’s rk & work
7th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Religion English English
Monday, Jan. In Class: 7-G & In Class: 7-A & 7-B In Class: 8A & 8B -
12th 7S–pod cast, – Spelling Bee, pass pass out weekly
Check An Album of out MUG and MUG, Spelling Bee
Jesus pg. 28, Gospel handwriting HW: none
Truths HW: none Vocabulary – Unit
HW: finish Gospel Vocabulary – Unit 11 11
Truths – pg. 28 In Class – none In Class – none
HW: Def. & CTS HW: Def. & CTS

Tuesday, Jan. In Class: 7-G & 7S In Class: 7-A & 7B – In Class: finish
13th –check Gospel finish Spelling Bee, if Spelling Bee
Truths, read page 29 possible Complete HW: none
and 30 subjects and
predicates, WS 71-72 Vocabulary – Unit
HW: quiz on 11
pages 29 & 30 on HW: finish pg. 71-72
Wednesday In Class – check Def.
Vocabulary – Unit 11 & CTS
In Class – check Def. HW: S/A & CRW

Wed., Jan. 14th In Class: 7-G& 7S In Class: 7-A & 7-B – In Class: Dialogue in
– quiz, review page check WS 71-72; stories HW: none
32 Simple subjects & Vocabulary – Unit
HW: none predicates, WS pgs. 11
In Class – check S/A
HW: none & CRW
Vocabulary – Unit 11 HW: VIC
In Class – check S/A

Thursday, Jan. In Class: 7-G & 7- In Class: 7-A & 7B: In Class: prompt –
15th S – no class Daily MUG (2); check Mix and Match –
HW: none pgs 69-70, checkpoint must have dialogue
Mass Day pg. 388 HW: MUG and
HW: wkshts 159 – 160 handwriting due
due Monday, MUG and Friday
handwriting due Vocabulary – Unit
Friday 11
Vocabulary – Unit 11 In Class – check VIC
In Class – check VIC HW: study for test
HW: study for test

Friday, Jan. 16th In Class: 7-G & 7S In Class: 7A & 7B – In Class: 8A & 8B –
– Key terms: Lab Lab
Assumption, Handwriting and MUG Handwriting and
Immaculate due MUG due
Conception, & Virgin
Birth, check page 32 HW: none HW: none
and do quiz 5 Vocabulary – Unit 11 Vocabulary – Unit
HW: none In Class – test 11
HW: none In Class – test
HW: none

Please note that
these plans are
not set in stone.
Due to changes in
schedules and
events, these
plans may be
subject to change.
Please check
these plans during
the week to insure
you have the
correct copy.