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Its Time to Go Google

Its Time to Go Google

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Published by Alexandar Jovicic

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Published by: Alexandar Jovicic on Jul 26, 2012
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Google Apps for Business

It's time to go Google
Google Apps for Business

Aleksandar Jovicic – May, 16. 2012

2012 . 16.Google Apps for Business What we have Aleksandar Jovicic – May.

And what about security or backup of those PST files? Very often we have to create backup sets for each user/employee (time consume and space limitation). Aleksandar Jovicic – May. Only one real email address (email account) and several aliases per user. Rests of emails are manually located on user desktop PC separated in several PST files (as archive).Google Apps for Business Microsoft Exchange Server 2GB limited Inbox (if full we see notification email about remaining free space on user mailbox). 16. 2012 .

Aleksandar Jovicic – May. I could list several situations when it’s urgent to have correct information or data instantly. We want our files to be accessible 24/7 whenever we need. All files are located on Server but if we urgently have to access its content we have to either contact coworker to send that data by email or to manually make copies to USB drive and took it with ourselves. working from home or mobile office. All that can be solved with Google Apps for Business. wherever we are.Google Apps for Business Data Server Our Data Server is Intranet based. 16. 2012 . Important meetings. With no limitations.

2012 . 16.Google Apps for Business Aleksandar Jovicic – May.

16. 2012 .Google Apps for Business What we should have Aleksandar Jovicic – May.

and we will be billed for them on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the subscription term. Annual Plan: We commit to a fixed number of accounts for one year at a discounted rate of 40€/user account/year. Forms of Payment We can pay with any major credit card. 16. Unfortunately Google do not accept Google Checkout or other forms of payment. Aleksandar Jovicic – May. on one of two plans. Flexible Plan: Add and delete user accounts at any time for 4€/user account/month.Google Apps for Business Google Apps for Business customers pay a monthly fee for each user. We will be billed at the end of each month and only pay for the number of users we had in that month. We can add additional users anytime. All users on the account must be on the same plan. 2012 . but we will still be billed monthly for the duration of the contract (~3€ per month).

9% uptime Security Disaster recovery. Email encryption Messaging Email attachment size limit: 50MB Aleksandar Jovicic – May. calendar. SSL. 2012 . 16. docs 24/7 + 99. Support: Mobile Device Management Unlimited 25 GB email.Google Apps for Business Suggested Package: Business Ready Maximum Users: Email inbox size: Services: Tech.

Spam filtering. Share external contacts. Custom URL. Email migration tools (for our Microsoft Exchange Server 2007). Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Sites) Google Docs storage: Google Site storage: Attachment size: 1GB/user 10GB/domain + 500MB/user 50MB Mobile web app for Google Docs Offline access to Docs Management Shared domain contacts (global addresses).Google Apps for Business Mobile email and calendar support. Sync with Blackberry mobile phones Collaboration (Drive. 2012 . Docs. 16. Custom logo Aleksandar Jovicic – May.

16. Share individual files or whole folders with individual people. Aleksandar Jovicic – May. Create and reply to comments on files to get feedback or add ideas. Google Docs are also stored in Google Drive.Google Apps for Business Google Drive Store & Share Access your files anywhere Google Drive on PC. Tablet) gives us a single place for up-to-date versions of our files from anywhere. entire team or customers and partners. Mac or mobile device (iPad. 2012 .

If needed. Add documents. entire team or customers and partners. there is up to 16TB of additional storage for each user. presentations. 2012 . Share individual files or whole folders with individual people. Create and reply to comments on files to get feedback or add ideas.Google Apps for Business We start with 5GB of storage for each of our users. etc. Aleksandar Jovicic – May. calendar events. Google Sites Shared workspaces for our team Easy to build Build project sites easy. 16. videos.

Documents embedded from Google Docs don’t count against this quota. encrypted connections. Built-in search makes it easy and fast to find pages you need. Tablet. 16. reliability. inbox. Aleksandar Jovicic – May. iPad.Google Apps for Business Control who can view and who can edit site and always change settings later. real-time file save. 2012 . Security. built-in disaster recovery and sharing controls. Calendar Stay in sync with your team Stay organized and on schedule Get event reminders on your phone. Attach files or docs to your event so you have the proper materials when your meeting starts. We get 10GB quota for company + 500MB for each user at company for attaching files.

Highly scalable Aleksandar Jovicic – May. This allows another user to create events. you can make this easier by delegating access to that person.Google Apps for Business Calendar sharing makes it easy to find time with people or colleagues you work with. Google Cloud Storage Store your data in Google cloud Google’s advanced storage infrastructure makes it easy for companies to store and reliably access vast amounts of business data. If someone else helps you manage your calendar. 2012 . Share calendars within organization. Create event calendar and embed it on website or set up appointment slots. respond and manage your schedule. 16.

Reliable storage service Google’s proven storage and networking infrastructure provides data redundancy for added reliability. OAuth 2. *OAuth is a simple way to publish and interact with protected data. 16. Simple Calculation for ECOVIS Confidas For 60 users and $300 per month ($5 per user) Google Apps will bring us: Aleksandar Jovicic – May. Fast data access Google Storage provides quick and easy access to our data around the world.9% that our data is available when we need it.0* support enhances security and adds flexibility.Google Apps for Business Store and manage an unlimited number of objects – up to five terabytes each. Safer and more secure way for people to give you access. 99. and offers hosting choices in highly optimized data centers in multiple regions. Flexible security and sharing ACLs for individuals or groups simplify authentication and sharing for stored data. 2012 .

By going Google. 16. Gmail saves time by filtering out spam and protecting from possible viruses. Access our files from any place with internet. Essentially a bottomless inbox which means we can save every email. Blackberry. not just from one Gmail account to another. 2012 . PCs. Laptop.470GB of additional email space. Aleksandar Jovicic – May. Macs. Gmail inboxes are 50 times the industry standard. iPad. Cut phone bills! Online documents using real time collaboration. so everyone knows that they’re working on the latest version of a doc. There is a single online copy of each document. we spend $0 and wait 0 weeks to recover files. but to people’s phones worldwide as well. All run Google Apps. reducing the number of emails in our inboxes and searching as well. Voice chat. Outlook and Smartphones. so employees will spend less time deleting emails. Tablet. spreadsheet or presentation.Google Apps for Business 1. That new space will also be organized into conversation threads.

Google Apps for Business Welcome to the future! Security first Google Apps includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data Aleksandar Jovicic – May. 2012 . 16.

balance your budget by sharing a single spreadsheet or let Google Calendar suggest times for your team to meet. For your business. using any device with an Internet connection. You can create an invoice template in Google Docs. Your data belongs to you. all your work is automatically saved in the cloud. Get stuff done faster Google Apps can help streamline everyday tasks like invoicing. Apps frees you up to spend more time on the work that really matters. scheduling and more. and Apps tools enable you to control it. and sites and be able to work securely. You’ll have access to your email.Google Apps for Business safe. budgeting. 2012 . this means every employee and everyone you work with can be productive from anywhere. documents. Aleksandar Jovicic – May. including who you share it with and how you share it. secure and in your control. no matter where you are in the world and what device you're on. calendar. Stay connected from anywhere With Google Apps. 16. By removing these time-consuming bottlenecks.

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