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Bano, Mahmooda From: Sent: To: Subject: Scott, Michael Monday, March 28, 2011 4:01 AM Sheikh, Abdul; Ali, .

Syed; ''; Taylor, Robert Re: Spent Fuel Cooling

Good stuff - thanks. Will discuss tomorrow at 11 am meeting. Sent from my NRC blackberry
Michael Scott,

From: Sheikh, Abdul To: Ali, Syed; Scott, Michael; <>; Taylor, Robert Sent: Mon Mar 28 01:32:10 2011 Subject: Spent Fuel Cooling This morning TEPCO informed us of the following: Volume of water to fill the pool: 1400 metric tons Volume of water pumped yesterday in SFP for Unit 4: 125 Tons Increase in water level: 50 mm (2 inch) I made calaculations and found the following: Volume of water in the pool: 1385 metric tons Increase in water level due to 125 Tons of water: 44.60 inch Of course some water will be lost in the spray to the other areas of reactor building. But not in a ratio of 1 to 22. We should ask clarification from TEPCO about this issue. Abdul