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Calculating monolayer capacity Interpretation of experiments performed by Grano et al.

, (1997)

Area per molecule = 28.8 2 Avogadro Number = 6.022 1023


Specific surface area of galena was 0.75 m2/g

3.5g galena sample ground in a mortar and pestle until all the solids were less than 75 microns prior to flotation tests. Volume of flotation cell used was 0.5 dm3 1 monolayer of adsorbed ethyl xanthate is equivalent to 1.7 monolayers = Converting mol/m2 to mol/dm3

1.7 monolayers = Therefore, initial concentration of ethyl xanthate =

Reference: GRANO, S., PRESTIDGE, C. A. & RALSTON, J. (1997), Solution interaction of ethyl xanthate and sulphite and its effect on galena flotation and xanthate adsorption. International Journal of Mineral Processing., 52, 161-186.