About HIX Corporation

HIX Corporation, located in Pittsburg, KS, has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of quality products for the Screen Print and Graphic Transfer Industries since 1963. HIX Corporation was started by the Hix brothers to produce their Textile Conveyor Dryers. Purchased in 1989, HIX has continued to expand their product line to include a full line of Heat Transfer Machines, Screen Printers, Screen Frames, Industrial Ovens, and Commercial Food Equipment including Pizza and Tortilla Presses. HIX products can be purchased worldwide through distribution networks.

HIX is a world leader in the design, development, and distribution of equipment for the Screen Print, Industrial Dryer, and Commercial Food Equipment industries with it’s 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility including integrated aluminum foundry, CNC mill operation, welding, metal forming, wiring, fabrication, assembly, and packaging departments.

Educational Tools
Finally a quality, simple, easy to use way to learn The ART of Screen Printing!
• 1 set of 3 lesson guides 1. Art Design & Prep 2. Screen Prep & Exposure 3. Press Setup & Printing • 5 DVD’s

From art to screen prep & exposure, to press setup & printing, you too can master the art of screen printing. It is easy, fun & profitable. Our simple to use, easy to understand training manuals with accompanying DVD’s will enhance your knowledge and help give you the confidence to make great images through screen printing. Here is what you get, 1 set of 3 lesson guides & 5 DVD’s. Our individual study guides are built around 3 areas of expertise. 1. Art Preparation. 2. Screen Preparation & Exposure. 3 The Screen Printing Process. All in full color. We walk you through the guide step-by-step, starting with the featured lesson and objective, outlining the Tasks, Material & Supplies required, Vocabulary & Outside Reading Reference. Our DVD’s follow the lesson guides even the guide book photos are the same as the DVD. At the end of each lesson is a short quiz. There are 35 lessons in all, 114 pages filled with screen printing expertise. Our 1st Guide & DVD takes you through 48 pages of Art Basics using the computer to create a graphic though color separation. Our 2nd Guide & 2 DVD’s, on screen preparation & exposure, is 35 pages & covers exposure and washout, screen preparation & image alignment. Finally, our 3rd Guide & DVD takes you through 31 pages of step-by-step instructions from taping/preparing your screen for ink loading, registering the screens & on to printing through clean up. These easy to use study guides follow the DVD’s page by page so you can learn at your own pace.
Shop packages ............................................................ Page 3 Exposure Units ............................................................ Page 4 Registration ................................................................. Page 5 Screen Dryers.............................................................. Page 5 Washout Booths .......................................................... Page 5 New Premier Printers ............................................... Page 6-7 Retensionable Frames ................................................ Page 8


Printer Accessories ...................................................... Page 9 Electric Dryers ...................................................... Page 10-12 Flash Cure Spot Heaters ........................................... Page 13 Gel Cure Ovens ......................................................... Page 13 Gas Dryers ................................................................ Page 14 Direct to Garment ...................................................... Page 15 Batch Ovens .............................................................. Page 15


HIX Complete Shop Packages

HIX Little Pro Shop Includes:
• • • •

HIX E-2255 22” wide 120v conveyor dryer 4 color, 1 station printer with micro registration HIX TT-110E table top 120v exposure unit 4 HIX retensionable screen frames 21”x23” O.D. and tool kit

HIX Starter Shop Equipment Includes:
• • • • •

HIX E-2408 24” wide 220v conveyor dryer HIX MSH-1818E 18”x18” 120v spot heater 4 color, 1 station printer with micro registration HIX TT-180D digital table top fluorescent UV 120v exposure unit 4 HIX retensionable screen frames 21”x23” O.D. and tool kit

HIX Pioneer Shop Equipment Includes:
• • • • • •

HIX E-2408 24” wide 220v conveyor dryer HIX MSH-1818E 18”x18” 120v spot heater HIX NP 4 color, 4 station rotary screen printer with micro registration HIX TT-180D digital table top fluorescent UV 120v exposure unit 12 HIX retensionable screen frames 21”x23” O.D. (optional prestretched frames shown) and tool kit Optional HIX King Pin™ 1,2,3 registration system in 4 or 6 color

HIX Premier Shop Equipment Includes:
• • • • • •

HIX New Premier NPII 2410 24” wide 220v conveyor dryer with air circulation HIX SH-1818 automatic 18”x18” 120v spot heater HIX NP 6 color, 4 station rotary screen printer with micro registration HIX Halux-1200D hot strike 1200 metal halide digital 120v screen exposure unit 16 HIX retensionable screen frames 21”x23” O.D. (optional prestretched frames shown) and tool kit Optional 6 color HIX King Pin™ 1,2,3 registration system

All HIX Equipment Comes With A Standard 1-Year Warranty.
*The HIX Halux-1200D, TT-180D and TT-110E are not compatible with the M&R Trilok pin registration system.


HALuX™ 1200D - Metal Halide, TT-180D & TT-110E - Florescent u.V.
HIX Exposure Units are built on years of experience and quality.
*The HIX Halux-1200D, TT-180D and TT-110E are not compatible with the M&R Trilok pin registration system. The TT-180D & TT-110E table top exposure units are compact, low cost and efficient. They provide clear exposure of fine lines, half tones and detail work. Powered by high output Aqua Hot Restrike Coral UV florescent lights, TT-180D and uses less energy TT-110E give you a full range of exposure capabilities at an economical price.


Digital Display


Halux™ 1200D

The speed of Ultra High Intensity Metal Halide Halux™ 1200D allows you to get from the art room to the printing press quickly, easily and affordably. The single-point metal halide light source holds fine lines and produces better halftone images, providing accurate exposures. Our powerful 1200W metal halide lamp warms up in less than one minute. This “Hot Restrike” feature, eliminates warming time between exposures, saving electricity and extending bulb life. No assembly is required. Halux™1200D FEATURES
• 1200W metal halide lamp. • Hot restrike eliminates shutters. • 24”x42” exposure area. • Safety vacuum interlock. • Filtered air removes heat and keeps dust out. • Deep draw blanket. • Premium oilless vacuum pump. • 48”Wx35”Dx42”T, 381 lbs. • 120V: 20A, 2400W, 60Hz. 230/240V: 10A, 2400W, 50 Hz. • 120V requires NEMA 5-20P 20A Outlet.

• Table top design measures 40”W x 31”D x 8”H • Maximum exposure area: 23” x 31” • 6 - 30 watt high output Aqua Coral fluorescent UV lamps. • Auto-reset timer, cycle start switch, vacuum power switch, and main power switch • Durable deep draw rubber blanket • 120v, 5A, 60Hz • Vacuum pump: 115v, 3A, 60Hz • Optional let kit


• Table top design measures 27.75”W x 27.75”D x 5.5”H • Maximum exposure area: 23” x 25” • 4 - 14 watt high output Aqua Coral fluorescent UV lamps. • Power switch • Durable rubber blanket • 120v, 5A, 60Hz • Optional leg kit



Create design in registration, Expose in registration, Print in registration with ™
Exposure Plates




design then hole punch art in registration Step 1. After creating your own film positives or vellums, punch two holes with supplied King PIN hole punch


3 2
expose art in registration mount frames in registration

pin on press aligns with hole in screen frame for quick screen mount

Step 2. Expose with the King PIN exposure plate, then mount the King PIN print head mount plate, to the printer. Now you are ready to print in perfect registration. 4 and 6 color kit includes mounting plates,1 hole punch, 1 exposure plate

Step 3. Mount frames in alignment. Reten frames are 100% compatible with the King PIN™ registration for any HIX printer.

• Innovative angle rack system, with self leveling configuration eliminates movable parts. • Filtered Air prevents pin holes. • Slotted air knives provide even heated air to every frame. • 8 fully adjustable frame rails for screens up to 26” x 32”. • 1,600 watts / 5,400 BTU, 14 amps / 120 volts; designed for fast drying. • Air circulation system removes moist air displacement the at rate of 200 cfm. • Separate fan & heat switch. Specs • Galvannealed interior resists corrosion. • Dryer dimensions: 38”W x 36”D x 36”H • 120V also available in 220V • Shipping dimensions: • 36” x 38” counter top perfect for screen stretching 49”x41”x44” surface or table top exposure unit. • Shipping weight: 231 lbs.

Do what the pro’s do, cut down on touch ups, eliminate pin holes, get consistent emulsion cure, dry screens in minutes not hours 38”


10° sloping bars eliminate mesh contact with shelf.


Our Washout Booths offer the best Size, Quality & Value
A Washout Booth is an essential part to any clean-room. Our 32” and 36” Washout Booths are made of durable, chemically resistant 1/4-inch natural poly and features built-in screen supports and a perforated drain. Both size Washout Booths can hold a standard 23”x31” frame. The 36” Washout Booth’s larger size provides an extra four inches in width and five inches in height. Best of all, the 32” and 36” Washout Booths employ the same innovative multipart system that allows them both to be disassembled and shipped via UPS ground in one box. *optional Backlight Available

Measures: Specs:
• • • •

32” Booth: 32”W x 24”L x 64”H

36” Booth: 36”W x 24”L x 69”H • • • • Easy to backlight Easy to assemble Bolt on legs Ships regular UPS ground

Welded main pan Locking side and back panels Built-in screen supports 1/4-inch natural polypro construction




Fully Expandable 1-6 Colors • 1-6 Stations The BEST printer in the industry, just got better. Aluminum cast components, true all heads down printer, state-of-the-art micro registration and pin registration systems.


Smooth Operation gas Shock Lift Optional Aluminum Platens gold Zinc Plated Finish Optional Side Clamps

Sequential Lift Provides Level On-Contact Registration

Totally Tool-less

X,Y and Z Axis Movement = Precision!

Six Color Printer RUggED ADjUSTABLE BASE • Screens are leveled and ready to print in seconds. • Full range of interchangeable platens: from jacket holddowns, sleeve boards, youth as well as custom aluminum boards are available. • Faster and easier cleanup with aluminum print heads and zinc plated finishes. • Custom, large format and 8 color presses available. • Gas lifts, NO SPRINGS! • Rotary stop alignment. • Totally tool-less, on/off contact and inclination adjustments. • Tapered Roller bearings. • Air assist screen lift system available.

Silky Smooth Micro Registration • The true “all-heads-down” feature allows printing any color at any/multiple stations simultaneously. • Standard X,Y,Z micro registration. • Standard with 15”x15” wood boards and back screen clamp. • Expandable from 1 to 6 colors and 1 to 6 stations. • Optional side clamps or larger “Bigfoot™” side clamps for extra large frames. • The HIX NP Premier Printer is the fastest manual screen printer in the world, the result of 48 years of engineering excellence. • King PIN™ Pin Registration compatible.
not to scale 39 in/99 cm

Printer Dimensions
96 in/244 cm 70 in/178 cm 96 in/244 cm

1 color bench
21 in/53 cm

4 color bench
53 in/135 cm

4 color / 4 station rotary
96 in/244 cm

6 color / 4 station rotary
96 in/244 cm



1-4 Color Rotary or Single 1 color
Totally modular and expandable to a floor rotary printer. With all the same features: • Aluminum cast components. • Micro registration. • Sequential lift.
• These printers can be placed on a bench top, table or mobile cart system and have a totally tool-free design with on/off contact and inclination adjustments built right into the press. • HIX Premier bench printers also feature 12” screen back clamps, 15”x15” removable wood shirt board, squeegee rest and gas lifts. • Add a HIX vacuum platen; perfect for printing decals, licence plates, transfers and more.

Shown with optional side clamps and vacuum platen

4 Color Bench Printer


optional vacuum platen

Popular options available for HIX printers: • Youth boards. • jacket attachments. • Cap attachments. • Dual sleeve/leg boards. • Aluminum boards. • Side clamps. See all our printer options on page 9.

Start with a HIX bench printer; add on more print heads and stations later to expand to the floor model.

1 Color Bench Printer

This combination printer/conveyor oven provides the perfect solution for shops tight on floor space. The neatly placed, 4 color 1 station printer sets on top of the compact HIX E-2255, a 120v, 22” wide by 5.5’ long conveyor oven. The printer offers the same features as the time tested Premier printers; micro-registration, gas lifts and rotary stop alignment. The printer is totally expandable.
Popular Models Name/Number Print Heads Stations (Colors) (Platens)
1 1 4 4 6 4 6 8

Print Unit Diameter
39” (99 cm) 70” (178 cm) 96” (244 cm) 96” (244 cm) 100” (254 cm) 100” (254 cm) 100” (254 cm) 116” (295 cm)

Maximum Screen Width (O.D.)
21” 28” 28” 21” 21” 25” 25” 21” (53 (71 (71 (53 (53 (64 (64 (53 cm) cm) cm) cm) cm) cm) cm) cm)

Shipping Weight
138 lbs. (63 kg) 173 lbs. (79 kg) 424 lbs. (193 kg) 475 lbs. (216 kg) 552 lbs. (250 kg) 555 lbs. (252 kg) 610 lbs. (277 kg) 1107 lbs. (502 kg)

1c/1s Bench 1 4c/1s Bench 4 4c/4s Floor Rotary 4 6c/4s Floor Rotary 6 6c/6s Floor Rotary 6 LF 6/4 Rotary* 6 LF 6/6 Rotary* 6 Big 8 Floor Rotary 8 Over 40 configurations available

All Premier Printers come standard with 15”x15” wood boards, back clamps, micro registration, gas lifts and tool-less adjustment. See all our additional options on page 9.
*Includes Air Assist System




For Textile and graphic Screen Printing Applications.
The patented HIX Reten® frame offers the most advanced features in frame technology. You’ll save both time and money with our square sidebars, Fastrax™ mesh mounting system and Accutrax™ Tensioning. You’ll also increase your mesh life 7 times or more while reducing your ink consumption by 20% or more.
• Recycle Mesh • Longer Mesh Use • No Wood


Keeps screens tight!




NEW! Pre Stretched Frames
shown with optional corner dams

• Square sidebars won’t twist/warp like roller frames. They clamp easily into any printer without adapters, saving time & money. • No edge protectors needed; there is no exposed fabric wrapped around our sidebars. • Pre stretched retensionable frames also available in 61, 110 & 158 white mono polyester mesh on 21”x23” & 23”x31” frames. • Retens tape and handle like wood or welded aluminum frames. There’s no need for fabric protectors or special stretching tables. • The Fastrax system is the quickest “fabric to frame” technique available on any frame. There’s no presoftening. Corners can be softened at any time during tensioning or retensioning. Our color coded dual spline fabric locks easily in our continuous slot. No more damaged mesh from inferior end threading systems. • Tension control means quality control. Dual tension jacks provide infinite fabric tension adjustments in each image area quadrant. You get consistent, controllable mesh tension and higher print quality with no thread distortion. • If you “opposite gang run” pocket prints you can rotate and reposition Retens in seconds.

Frame Types
Sizes range (Whole inch only)

Corner Dams

M (Manual Press) 1.5”x1.25” Channel ........................10" - 27" OD. M/A-40 (Manual/Auto Press) 1.5”x1.25” Channel ......10" - 31" OD. A (Automatic Press) 1.5”x1.5” Channel .....................15" - 36" OD. LF (Large Format Press) 2”x1.5” Channel.................28" - 55" OD. Custom Frames ....................................................................... CALL. Toolkit ...........................2 Tension Jacks, Ratchet, Spline Tool, DVD.

Ask about our RetenTool Kit! Comes with Reten DVD Simple Training Video.

Dams prevent the ink from being pushed into the corners. This makes it easier to clean the screens. Time saver.




Air Assist Screen Lift jacket Attachment Aluminum Shirtboards Vacuum Platen Air

Air Assist Screen Lifting mechanism is especially useful with heavy/oversized screens or long runs. It greatly reduces operator fatigue while it increases production. Air pressure needed to lift various size screens is fully adjustable.

The jacket attachments holds jackets tight for precise multi-color print registration. Doubles jacket printing production! And, adjusts for different jacket thicknesses in less than a minute. Print area dimensions are: 7.5”x7.5”, 10”x10”, 14”x14” and 16”x16”.

Aluminum Shirtboards offer years of use and are perfect for flash cure. 10”x14” 16”x17” 16”x20” 14”x14” 18”x22” and custom sizes Shirtboards can be ordered with or without neck placement guides.

The Vacuum Platen attachment for NP Printer makes transfer printing production easier, faster, more quiet and accurate than ever. Redesigned, allows printing on flat substrates (transfers, decals, bumper stickers, licence plates and more). Outside platen dimensions are 15 3/8”x22” with print area dimensions of 13”x17”.

Custom Designed Aluminum Shirtboard

Cap Attachment

Regular side clamps grab and hold your frames, keeping them in tight registration. HIX 16” X 17” Wood & Aluminum Shirtboards are perfect for oversized prints on XL and XXL shirt sizes.

Side Clamps

Sleeve boards

Bigfoot Side Clamps for those jumbo prints such as towels, aprons and all over prints using extra large frames.

• Custom • Oversize • Youth • Sleeve/Leg Boards 4”x14” and 4”x18”.

Cap Attachment & Bracket

Boards have a white melamine surface and bracket attached to the backside for easy mounting to the HIX NP Printer.

(Press, screen, props and squeegee not included)

Printer Accessories - Call 1-800-835-0606 to learn how to expand your printer!
Shirt Board with or without bracket: • 11” x 17” Wood • 10” x 15” Youth Wood • 15” x 15” Wood • 16” x 17” Wood • 4” x 17” Single Wood Sleeve • 14” x 14” Aluminum • 16” x 17” Aluminum • 18” x 22” Aluminum • 8” x 14” Aluminum • 10” x 14” Aluminum • 16” x 20” Aluminum • Custom (call) • Shirt Board Bracket • Dual Sleeve Board 4” x 14” Aluminum • Dual Sleeve Board 4” x 18” Aluminum • Vacuum Bench Vacuum Platen and Pump • Jacket Hold-down 16” x 16” • Sport Shorts Hold-down 7-1/2” x 7-1/2” • Jacket Hold-down 14” x 14” Deluxe with pad • Cap Attachment • Standard Side Clamps • “Big Foot™” Large Format Side Clamps • Crosstube from 19” to 36” • Air Assist Kit 4-6-8 color • King Pin™ 1,2,3 Registration

Customize Your Printer!

All specifications subject to change without notice.


Choice of the Direct To Garment World!

HIX Manufactures all heaters for the exact Watt Density and Maximum Energy Balance Digital Temp Control

HIX Heater

Ask about our BE-II Series Dryers
Heater Diagnostic Panel Relay Display Lights Belt Speed

• Uses less energy • Better insulation • Recirculates hot air • Power exhaust from the bottom • VFD Speed Control • For Max Energy Efficiency • Max Air Flow for waterbase or Plastisol Inks

Air Speed Control True Track Belt Rollers Energy Saving Adjustable Entry/Exit Doors

Variable Speed Belt Motor/ Belt Drive

Adjustable Belt Rollers

Exhaust Motor Air Recirculating External Mount Electronics keeps components cool

Filtered Air Cooled Control Panel

Optional Wheel Kits

Calculating Your Production Needs:
1. Determine inside oven length (dimensions page 11). 2. Determine number of items oven will hold, i.e. 18”/item on 10’ belt = 6 items/cycle. 3. Determine cycles per hour. This depends on cure times of the ink. (See cure time examples) Divide cure time into 60 minutes to get cycles per hour. CURE TIME EXAMPLES: Plastisol Inks -90 seconds (40 cycles/hr) Water-Base Dyes -2 minutes (30 cycles/hr) Nylon Inks - 60 seconds (60 cycles/hr) 4. Multiply number of items the oven can hold (Step 2) by the number of cycles per hour (Step 3). Divide by 12 to obtain dozens per hour. EXAMPLE: 24” wide 10’ oven chamber curing plastisol ink STEP 1 - 10’ oven = 120” STEP 2 - 120” ÷ 18” print = 6 items per cycle STEP 3 - 60 minutes ÷ 90 seconds (plastisol cure time) = 40 cycles per hour STEP 4 - 6 shirts X 40 cycles per hour = 240 items per hour. 240 ÷ 12 = 20 dozen units per hour

NOTE: Pretest all cure times.


HIX dryers offer the most efficient drying technology available.
• The sleek low profile design and side mount control panel, includes an analog variable belt speed controller, thermostatically controlled oven temperature, digital heat controller, and a variable air speed controller to adjust air flow volume within the oven chamber. • The interior walls of the oven are fabricated from corrosion resistant galvanized steel to resist attack from moisture, volatiles, and corrosives released from substrates and inks. • Newly designed with the bottom mounted exhaust system and front mounted control box allows the top of the dryer to be removed for easy access to the heater panels and for interior oven cleaning. • The top and sidewalls are insulated with 2” thick high temp ceramic insulation for optimum energy efficiency. Enjoy savings on your electric bill with a HIX NPII Dryer and higher production drying speeds. • Variable speed air recirculation allows for up to 97% recycled air. • The precise control system of analog belt speed and digital temperature controls give you the ability to choose the correct combinations for differing products. • The heavy-duty belt drive has a variable speed motor with positive chain drive. This system also has permanently lubricated ball bearings at all rotation points for smooth, trouble free service.


Dryer Model:
Recirculating Airflow: Exhaust Duct: Rated Exhaust Flow: Amp at 220V/Phase: KW at 220V: BTU: Length: Width: Height: Belt Width: Oven Length: Entry Length: Exit Length: Belt Height: Volt-VAC:

N/A 4” (10 cm) 49 cfm 15A/1 2.8 KW 9,700 6’ (183 cm) 30” (76 cm) 45” (114 cm) 18” (46 cm) 42” (107 cm) 15” (38 cm) 15” (38 cm) 32” (81 cm) 120 or 220

1300 cfm 3” (7.5 cm) 130 cfm 45A/1 8 KW 27,280 10’ (305 cm) 41” (104 cm) 46” (117 cm) 24” (61 cm) 60” (152 cm) 30” (76 cm) 30” (76 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

1300 cfm 3” (7.5 cm) 130 cfm 32A/3 10.8 KW 36,825 10’ (305 cm) 51” (130 cm) 46” (117 cm) 36” (91 cm) 60” (152 cm) 30” (76 cm) 30” (76 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

1500 cfm 4” (10 cm) 216 cfm 50A/3 17 KW 57,970 16’ (488 cm) 51” (130 cm) 46” (117 cm) 36” (91 cm) 96” (244 cm) 48” (122 cm) 48” (122 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

3000 cfm 5” (12.5 cm) 326 cfm 70A/3 22.9 KW 78,000 19’ (579 cm) 51” (130 cm) 46” (117 cm) 36” (91 cm) 132” (335 cm) 48” (122 cm) 48” (122 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

3000 cfm 5” (12.5 cm) 326 cfm 95A/3 32.2 KW 110,000 19’ (579 cm) 66” (168 cm) 46” (117 cm) 48” (122 cm) 132” (335 cm) 48” (122 cm) 48” (122 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

* The above models are also available with analog controls in our BEII series. Call for details, 800-835-0606
30 in/76 cm 6 ft/183 cm 41 in/104 cm 51 in/130 cm 51 in/130 cm 51 in/130 cm 66 in/168 cm


10 ft/305 cm

10 ft/305 cm



16 ft/488 cm


19 ft/579 cm

19 ft/579 cm


Dryer Dimensions
NPII and BEII Models
For our full-line of products please visit us online!



HIX EA/E dryers are great for smaller screen printing shops or for those who are looking for an economy priced dryer. The dryers are built with the same HIX standard for quality and reliability. Provides all of the basic needs to cure plastisol inks. The dryers are not recommended for high moisture/waterbased inks. The HIX Premier models are better suited for these applications. HIX EA/E Dryer Features Include:
• High performance, long lasting infra-red heat panels built by HIX • Circulating single speed air system
(not included on E-2408 or E-1806)

Exhaust Fan Simple Controls

Belt Motor Temperature Control Energy Saver • Triple wall on E-2408. • Thermocouple control. Belt Speed Control

• Belt speed and heat controls • Fiberglass belt

Dryer Model:
Recirculating Airflow: Exhaust Duct: Rated Exhaust Flow: Amp at 220V/Phase: KW at 220V: BTU: Length: Width: Height: Belt Width: Oven Length Inside: Oven Length Outside: Entry Length: Exit Length: Belt Height: Volt-VAC:

N/A 3” (7.62 cm) N/A 18.5A 2.2 KW 7,502 5.5’ (165 cm) 31.25” (79 cm) 49.5” (126 cm) 22” (56 cm) 26” (66 cm) 30” (76 cm) 17.5” (44 cm) 17.5” (44 cm) 34.5” (165.1 cm) 120

N/A 10” (25 cm) 400 cfm 32A/1 6 KW 20,630 8’ (244 cm) 30” (76 cm) 54” (137 cm) 24” (61 cm) 42” (107 cm) 54” (137 cm) 20” (51 cm) 20” (51 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

55 cfm 10” (25 cm) 400 cfm 35A/1 6 KW 20,630 10’ (305 cm) 32” (81 cm) 58” (147 cm) 24” (61 cm) 60” (152 cm) 72” (183 cm) 24” (61 cm) 24” (61 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

135 cfm 10” (25 cm) 400 cfm 28A/3 9.1 KW 31,000 10’ (305 cm) 44” (112 cm) 58” (147 cm) 36” (91 cm) 60” (152 cm) 72” (183 cm) 24” (61 cm) 24” (61 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

265 cfm 12” (30 cm) 700 cfm 45A/3 14.2 KW 48,540 16’ (488 cm) 44” (112 cm) 58” (147 cm) 36” (91 cm) 96” (244 cm) 108” (274 cm) 42” (107 cm) 42” (107 cm) 32” (81 cm) 208-240

optional Fume Hood
Heavy Moisture Smoke Fume Discharge?

Fume hoods can be added-on to the exit side, entry side or on both ends of any dryer. The fume hood operates separately from the dryer controls and includes an independent on/off switch. It is equipped with a 50 cfm exhaust fan, a 4” duct opening and separate power cord. Available in 120 volt (1 Amp) and 220 volt (0.5 Amp).
Improve Shop Air Quality Sizes -14.8” H x8.9” L x 32” W (24” Oven) “ “ 44” W (36” Oven) “ “ 56” W (48” Oven) “ “ 69” W (60” Oven)


ASH-1818, SH-1818, MSH-1818E
HIX Flash/Spot Cure Models are designed for your needs; available in three models. Utilizing a rugged infra-red heating element, adjustable height and easy positioning wheels. Our SH and ASH models have an energy saving heat sink that saves 70% of your heat when in idle. Saving you big electricity bills. Premier Air/Autocycle Spot Heater ASH 1818


ASH-1818 - 18”x18” (46cm x 46cm)
All the best features in our top of the line air spot heater. • New thermocouple design temperature control. • Manual foot control. • Auto/cycle swingaway heat head, for fast, hands free flash. • Fan assist air circulation, through the heat head for fastest flash or delicate substrates such as nylon. • Heat “Sink” in ready position saves money and 70% of heat. • Full range temperature control for all your substrates. • Digital LED display, dwell timer. • Wheels for easy positioning

HIX has developed an exciting new product for narrow web, multi-color print operations. The HIX Thermatrol Gel / Cure Unit is designed to replace vertical web dryers used between individual color print stations.
Energy Saver • Heat sink returns 70+% of heat

This unit is perfect for gelling, pre-curing, and post-curing inks of various compositions. It is used with continuous roll to roll web printing or screen printing. Capital expenditures and operating costs are significantly lower than with conventional web dryers. Units custom designed to meet customer’s process needs. gel Cure Features Include:
• Multiple zones of digital temperature control. • Operating temperatures of up to 350°F. • Airflow directed from the top downward onto the web which gives quicker, more efficient curing operation. • Two HIX exclusive CritiSense, non-contact sensors for accurate, instantaneous control of the process. • Custom sizes and wattages to meet your process requirements. • Custom designed temperature capacities meet user process flow requirements. • Compact size of 46” x 25” for an 18 inch web on GC-4800 model. • Custom designed models available in web widths up to 6 foot. • 8” exhaust duct with bottom exit. • 240 / 480 volt, 3-phase.

Autocycle Spot Heater SH 1818

SH-1818 - 18”x18” (46cm x 46cm)
• Same great features as our ASH models without the fan air assist. • High Performance long lasting heater element. • Insulated safeguard housing.

Manual Spot Heater MSH-1818E

MSH-1818E - 18”x18” (46cm x 46cm)
• Simple/Easy to use. • Low cost. • Adjustable height.

Model ASH 1818 SH 1818 MSH-1818E Size Adjustable Heathead Height 120V 220V 18” x 18” 28 x 48 3000W, 14 Amps 18” x 18” 28 x 48 2200W, 18.5 Amps 3500W, 16.5 Amps 18” x 18” 28 x 48 2200W, 18.5 Amps 2200W, 10 Amps WT 160 .lbs, 71Kg 147 .lbs, 65Kg 120 .lbs, 54Kg


The HIX gas Textile Dryer provides excellent cure control for plastisol, direct to garment ink jet, solvent and waterbased inks. Simply put, HIX gas dryers are the most efficient gas conveyor dryers on the market. HIX HG/BG series Gas Dryers have been designed to meet the production and energy saving goals of any modern screenprinting operation. The efficient BTU burner, which works with the fresh air combustion blower, re-circulates most of the heated oven air to keep operation expenses low. HIX Gas dryers are capable of handling the belt coverage and speed required to run with automated presses. Available in belt widths 36”, 48”, 60”, & 72”.
2 - 1500 CFM Blower 3000 CFM Total

Removable top panels provide convenient access to filters for easy maintenance.

• Saves Energy • Better Insulation • Lowers NOx & CO emission output.



HIX Hg 3612
Hg-3612 Features Include:
• 36 inch wide by 12 foot long conveyor area. • Energy efficient 85,000 BTU burner. • Single speed recirculating air system. • Fresh air combustion blower lowers NOx and CO emission output. • Analog belt speed control and digital temperature control. • High resolution gas modulating valve allows temperature to stay within +/-5°F of set point.

85,000 BTU • Easy access to filters for cleaning. And removable top panels make it convenient for maintaining. • 6 foot long oven chamber with 1 foot fume hoods on each end. • Power: 220 Volt, 5 Amps / Single Phase. Gas: 4.5”-10” water column pressure input. (Natural Gas) • Recirculating Air Flow: 1/2 HP, 1,000 CFM. Exhaust: 10” Duct, 450 CFM. • Natural gas or propane models available.

HIX Bg Series
Bg Features Include: • Dual recirculation blowers • Perfect for use with automatic printers • Energy efficient 300,000 BTU burner • Single speed recirculating air system (80%-85%) • Fresh air combustion blower lowers NOx and CO emission output • Analog belt speed control and digital temperature control • High resolution gas modulating valve allows temperature to stay within +/-5°F of set point

300,000 BTU • Manual reset high temperature limit switch, combustion air proving switch, recirculating air proving switch, exhaust air proving switch, and flame safeguard control • Easy access filters for cleaning and removable top panels make it convenient for maintaining • Natural gas or propane models available • Built to UL-795 standard for commercial gas fired ovens


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Bg-4820 Bg-6020 Bg-7220
Length.................... 20’ (610 cm) ........... 20’ (610 cm) ...........20’ (610 cm) Width...................... 81” (206 cm) .......... 93” (236 cm) ..........105” (267 cm) Height .................... 82” (208 cm) .......... 82” (208 cm) ..........82” (208 cm) Belt Width .............. 48” (122 cm) .......... 60” (152 cm) ..........72” (183 cm) Oven Length Inside ................... 132” (335 cm) ........ 132” (335 cm) ........132” (335 cm) Outside ................ 156” (396 cm) ........ 156” (396 cm) ........156” (396 cm) Entry Length ......... 48” (122 cm) .......... 48” (122 cm) ..........48” (122 cm) Exit Length ............ 36” (91 cm) ............ 36” (91 cm) ............36” (91 cm) Same for all BG Dryers Exhaust Duct.................14” (36 cm)

Length............................ 12’ (365 cm) Width.............................. 45” (114 cm) Height ............................ 69” (175 cm) to exhaust/ 53” (134 cm) oventop Belt Width ...................... 36” (91 cm) Oven Length Inside ........................... 72” (182.9 cm) Outside ........................ 96” (243.8 cm) Entry Length ................. 36” (91 cm) Exit Length .................... 36” (91 cm) Belt Height (from floor)... 34” (86 cm) Volt-VAC ........................ 120V • 208-240V Recirculating Airflow .... 1,000cfm Exhaust Duct................. 10” (25 cm) Exhaust Flow ................ 450 cfm Amps.............................. 220V 3 Amps 1-Phase/ 120V 8 Amps BTU ................................ 85,000

Belt Height (from floor) ...34” (86 cm) Exhaust Flow ...................1,500 cfm Volt-VAC ..............................208-240 Amp at 220V/Phase ............... 10A/3 Recirculating Airflow .......3,000 cfm BTU ......................................300,000

Since 1963, HIX has been the leader in curing water based screen printing inks on garments with our electric dryers. Our expertise with this process has put HIX years ahead of the competition, and made us the only real choice when it comes too effectively curing water based inks in an electric drying system. HIX electric dryers combine the right mix of infra red energy and forced hot convection air to evaporate water and cure ink from water based screenprint and ink jet inks. Cure direct to garment inks with our heat press, Verticure drawer or conveyor ovens. HIX is proud to introduce its Verticure ovens. S-650P Verticure Designed specifically for curing Direct to RECOMMENDED FOR DIRECT TO gARMENT Garment solvent or water based ink jet inks.



Features Include:

The HIX S-650P is the most reliable AutoOpening heat transfer machine on the market. With the added feature of a digital pressure display no press can compare to the quality and consistent results of the S-650P. Features Include:
• Auto-opening function: no air compressor needed. • Digital pressure, time and temp. display. • Quick release for manual opening. • Optional exchangeable platens • Floating lower platen. • Elevated arm for higher pressure. • Large opening and underside clearance for easy shirt positioning.


• Cures both water based and solvent based direct to garment ink jet inks. • Developed specifically for direct to garment curing applications. • Perfect for shops with space restrictions the HIX Verticure fits in a 4’x4’ footprint. • Cures both light and dark colored garments in just minutes. • Separate timer for each drying drawer in either 1, 2 or 4 drawer design. • Forced hot air at each drawer level. • 208v-240v, 55 amps, 3” type B exhaust duct, digital heat control, variable air speed control. • Fiber mesh bottom in each drawer • Auto-opening drawer (2-drawer only)


The NPII-3616 and NPII-3619 ovens are perfect for curing direct to garment inks and ideal for drying water-based textile inks, as well as traditional plastisol an solvent-based evaporative inks.

3625 Mug Oven HIX has standard and custom • a 36” wide by 25’ long mug oven system that will process mug ovens: 600 mugs per hour 2414 Mug Oven • a larger, longer, wider belt Features Include: • a 24” wide by 14’ long mug allows for more wraps and • infrared and forced air drying oven system that will process higher production capabilities • 1 horsepower blower motor over 200 mugs per hour Custom Mug Ovens • side mount controls • mugs come off the oven • custom oven systems with • variable belt speed through our cooler, which allows capacities to handle your profor easy handling/packaging • variable air speed duction needs, are also availright off the production line • easy access to heater panels able - please call for more • no messy water quenching information (1-800-835-0606) • double-wall insulation on top and sidewalls. *HIX gAS DRYERS ARE ALSO A gREAT OPTION FOR CURINg DIRECT TO gARMENT PRINTS.



Designed to suit YOUR needs. For curing products that require long process cure times and items not suitable for conveyor drying.
• Audible alarm and lights to indicate temperature fluctuations. • Recirculating air systems to save energy costs. • Exhaust ducts to vent fumes and moisture. • Mobile or stationary units. • Shelving or hanging options available.

Batch Ovens Features Include:

• Walk in and floor models. • Convection air and infrared systems available. • Filtered air to remove dust and impurities. • Digital or analog time and temperature controls.

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