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PHYSU 121: Principles of Physics I Test 3 11/21/2008

Dr. R. A. Di Dio / Chestnut Hill College

90 minutes…All work must be done in the exam booklet

I. Interpreting & Analyzing Graphs (40 pts)

1. A 5.0 kg block moves across a frictionless
surface from x = 0, where it has a velocity
of 5 m/s to x = 3.0 m , subject to the 6
following varying force, which acts only in 5
the x-direction. 4
a) Approximate the total work done on the

Force (N)
block by the force during the
displacement. 2
b) Determine the speed of the mass at x = 1
3 m. 0
-1 0 1 2 3 4

Position (m)

2. Two cars, each of the same mass, travel towards each other at the same speed and ultimately
collide. Sketch px vs. time graphs of for mass 1 and mass 2, and for the total system. (all
three graphs on the same set of axes) for (a) a totally inelastic collision, and (b) a perfectly
elastic collision. Be sure to label all axes and curves appropriately!

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II. Problems (60 pts)

3. A block of mass 2.4 kg moves to the right at 5 m/s, colliding with a stationary block of mass 6.0 kg.
Calculate the final velocity of the masses after a collision, assuming (a) a totally inelastic collision,
and (b) a perfectly elastic one.

4. A helicopter hoists a 65 kg astronaut 20 m vertically from the ocean using a cable. The tension in the
cable is 10% more than the weight of the astronaut.
a) Determine the work done by gravity as the astronaut is lifted the 20 m
b) Determine the work done by the cable tension as the astronaut is lifted the 20 m
c) Use work-kinetic energy theorem to determine the velocity of the astronaut as she reaches the

5. A block of mass m slides down a frictionless

track, enters a loop-the-loop, then exits at
ground level. The block starts at height h
above the ground, and the loop has radius R

a) Determine the velocity of the block at the

top of the of the loop
h R
b) Determine the velocity of the block as it
exits along the ground

6. A karate expert breaks a pine board with a rapid hand chop. The hand is 540 g and strikes the top of
the board with a speed of 9.5 m/s. The hand breaks the board, coming to a rest in 0.01 s after hitting
the board.

a) What is the impulse delivered to the hand by the board? (Calculate magnitude and indicate
b) What is the average force on the block by the hand during the chop?

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