1. IFIC Bank maintain all recruitment policies to select candidates. A. Strongly Agree C. Neutral E. Strongly Disagree 2. IFIF Bank can justify all kind of technical knowledge and ability of the candidates. 3. IFIC Bank recruitment policy maintain in determining CGPA equivalent to division/classes. 4. IFIC Bank recruitment policy is more effective for the employee than other bank. 5. IFIC Bank has sufficient employees. 6. You all are sufficient for this branch. 7. More manpower can more business growth and possible expansion of branch network. Do you agree with it? 8. You are satisfy of the recruitment policy. B. Agree D. Disagree

1. IFIC Bank provides a good training environment for their employee. A. Strongly Agree C. Neutral E. Strongly Disagree 2. The relation between top level, mid level and lower level is important to achieve organization’s goal. 3. IFIC Bank use useful training method. 4. Top level management are regularly evaluates the training performance of the employees. 5. IFIC Bank arrange training program regularly. 6. Training methods are easy to understandable for all employees. 7. Employee has opportunities to develop their skills by the training. B. Agree D. Disagree

QUESTIONNAIRE 8. IFIC Bank does have a good employee evaluation process for the trained employee. 9. IFIC Bank design training program based on performance. 10. You are satisfy of the training program.

1. IFIC Bank maintain all Employee Act as well for justify employees facilities given. A. Strongly Agree C. Neutral E. Strongly Disagree 2. IFIC Bank gives motivation to the employee as you want. 3. IFIC Bank should arrange Motivational program for the employee. 4. You always be a obedient in your work. 5. You have enough knowledge & ability and better attitude to get reward. 6. You are satisfy of the reward policy. 7. IFIC Bank reward policy gives me sprit to do work hard. B. Agree D. Disagree

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