Psalm 38

Leader // Cong.


Yahweh, / do not, in your // rage rebuke me, Nor in // your burning chasten me. For your arrows // penetrate me, And // your hand is pinning me. There is no soundness of my flesh in the face // of your boiling; There is no peace in my bones because // of my impurity. For my liabilities pass o- // ver my head, Like a heavy burden they are // too heavy for me. My wounds // stink, they fester, In the // face of my foolishness. I am convulsed, // I am sore bowed down; All the day long I drag // about in ashes. For my loins are // full of burning, And there is no // soundness in my flesh. I am benumbed // and sore crushed; I roar from the // groaning of my heart. My Master, close in front of you is // all my longing, And my sighing is // not hidden from you. My heart palpitates; // my strength fails. And the light of my eyes - // even them, it is gone. My loved ones and my friends stand away // from my plague; And my nigh // ones stand afar off. They lay snares for me, who seek my life, and those intent on my harm // speak destructive words. And they utter de- // ceits all the day long. And I, I am like a deaf // man, not hearing, And like a mute man who will // not open his mouth. I am become like a man // who does not hear And in // whose mouth are no replies. For in you, // Yahweh, I wait. You will answer me, // my Master, my God.

Leader //



For I said, 'Lest they // rejoice over me;' Who, when my foot slips, would magnify // themselves against me. For I am a- // bout to stumble, And my grief is close in front // of me continually. For my liability I // will declare; I am anxious on account // of my impurity. And my vigorous enemies // are bone-crushing, And many are // my lying haters. And those requiting e- // vil for good, They oppose me // for my pursuit of good. Forsake // me not, Yahweh! My // God, be not far from me. Make // haste to help me, My Mas- // ter, my salvation. Blessed be Yahweh, // God of Israel, From everlasting // to everlasting. A- // men, Yes, // Amen.

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