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God's Hands.

God's Hands.

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Published by Will Smile

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Published by: Will Smile on Jul 26, 2012
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So, it appears I am completely lost. All I have worked on in my life has been destroyed or stolen from me.

I need to find love again. It’s quite a handicap learning so much That makes all the wishful thinking and ‘beliefs’ of others look so absurd. Let me look again and see if anyone else needs anything from me that I can be bothered supplying. Has my inspiration been folly all these years? Or am I ignoring clues? I will do what I did at Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver in November 2006 when I was homeless and penniless as a fugitive from corrupt UK Police and Intelligence who took actions to destroy me as a “Sex Offender”. I put myself in the hands of “God” – by which I meant the humanitarian part of my consciousness that led me to do what I could for the benefit of the majority. OK, God, what do you need me to do? The answer to that appears to be “Get your dog Ali back”. It’s all dying from here on but the dog’s company keeps attention on enjoying today as much as

possible. It also maintains my basic attitude towards life as loving and compassionate, gratitude riding above bitterness about the damage to my life in the past. Getting Ali back involves going against great odds alone. Someone in ‘Intelligence’ has gone to great lengths to prejudice public authorities and public opinion against me. Confrontation with a view to having any of this corrected means I am putting myself in danger of further cruel injustice. So I counsel: Do not fear or panic. Be calm, patient and persistent. Enjoy doing what you know to be the right thing even if it might turn out to have a sad ending. Never say die. This is still the most amazing life I have ever been aware of. Be at peace in your heart. Extending your life now is for others benefit. Remember that. The past truth might never come out but the truth you express today will be remembered. Where there’s a Will there is a way. “God” is the best harmony between Will and Flow.

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