Knowledge Selection For MFTL Programmer

1. To increase the family income, a mother every day produce two types of cakes for sale. Cost to produce cake type I is Rp.200 with profits of 40%, while each cake type II Rp.300 for cost and profits by 30%. If she have capital of Rp. 100 million and at most only produce 400 cakes every day. Please calculate the greatest gains can be achieved ...

2. Four positive numbers will form an arithmetic sequence. If the multiplication first and fourth numbers are 46 and multiplying the second and third number is 144, then the sum of these four numbers are ....

3. The population of a city each year following the trend of the rules of geometric progression. In 1996 there is the addition of a population of 6 people, 54 people in 1998. Then the addition of the population in 2001 is ....

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