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Published by: Sagar Patel on Jul 27, 2012
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1. Describe yourself in 100-150 words. ans- I am sagar patel coming from surendranagar,gujarat from a business family.I choose science stream after scoring 87% in tenth std on insistence of my family members but i wasnt interested in science though i passed my 12th sci from st kabir ahmedabad with a very low 51%,then i choose mech. engg and i could not clear all subjects in 4 semesters and coudnt bear pressure any more so i decided to do what i was interested in and choose this course with support from my parents and family because business was the only thing that always attracted me.

2. What are your strenghts and weakness? ans-My strenght is my willpower,my family,my freinds and beleif in me that yes i can do something great and my weakness is that i am e bit emotional and instantly trust people.

3. Write about your aspiration. ans-My aspiration is to become a great businessman and develop my family business of cotton and tiles and make it achieve great heights of success and glory by winning the hearts of the staffmembers,labourers and customers.

4. Given a chance what you would like to become in future? ans-I would like to become a cricketer alongside businessman in future.

5.Who is your ideal?explain one incident of your ideal which has inspired you a lot? ans-My ideal is steve jobs and my grandpa who settled business for 5 sons of him and 5 sons of his elders brothers and all are in good positions today.

rules for pollution of different kinds should me made strict and see that they are followed. According to you who is the better leader?mahatma gandhi or sardar vallabhbhai patel? ans-According to me sardar patel is better leader than mahatma gandhi because mahatma gandhi played a leading role for independence of india but he couldnt manage population of india and distribute them in different places and he agreed for giving a separate nation to muslims and if he did the same to sikhs or south indians india would be divided into many small countries instead he should have denied for separate nation to muslims and he would have saved many lives . 6.ticketts shouldnt begiven to leaders with a criminal record and salary of government employees and policemen should be increases so they dont encourage corruption.when i was in dilema to take a drop from enggineering i took insipiration from steve jobs that though he was a college drop out he did what he was passionate about and today whole world knows him.This all will lead india in becoming country like japan and canada. ans-I dont think so higher education is necessary to be succesfull in life because we can take example of Mr. If india wants to become a country like japan or canada what should be the plan of action of the government? ans-If india wants to become like japan or canada we should try to abolish corruption completely from our nation and laws of corruption should be made more strict and actions should be taken accordingly against corrupt people. 8.Roads and transportation should be made advanced and programs like tree plantation and environment protection should be increased and encouraged.To be succesfull in life skill and dedication is required not high education. karsanbhai patel who have not even completed that their primary education and yet they came out as business tycoons.increase public awareness for voting and its importance. 7. Views on the statement "higher education is necessary to become succesfull in life".dhirubhai ambani and Mr.We should be passionate about what we do and it will bring us success automatically.

Why we had bharat bandh on 31st may 2012?Do you think such bandhs justified? ans-We had bharat bandh on that day by opposition party bjp against a huge rise petrol prices by 7rs and yes this bandh proved to be succesfull and showed the government that population of india was against them and that led government to decrease the petrol prices 2 times since then and passed the law that prices will be kept increasing and decreasing accordind to variation in dollar and crude prices internationally.he started oil mill at very young age and then in 1984 they established roofing tiles by name of sunshine tiles and then in 1992 they bought patidar fasteners and changed its name to sunshine fasteners and bought unbeleivable revolution in that sector with the help of his two sons prakashbhai and jeetubhai and today it leads surendranagar in fastener manufacturing.They belong to a village sara located in surendranagar district. 9.Alongside revolution in fastener sector they were bring revolution in ceramic sector too with new factory of wall tiles in 1994 Jaysun ceramics and they started manufacturing sanitary wares.which were lost during partition of india and pakistan. EXERCISE 2 Identify a company which you admire and provide following information and opinion about the company 10.in .On the other hand sardar patel also played an important role independence movement and he took the responsibility of forming states and terretories which was a very tedous task and he did it successfully so he is better leader according to me because he is the mentor of republic india. History of the organization ans.Varmora group of industries This company is led by parsottambhai varmora and his 4 brothers and their sons.Parsottam bhai have struggled a lot to reach the heights at present the company is.

jitesh varmora leading 200 workers and engineers located in surendranagar The key person of the group is mr. ans-In fasteners they have their monopoly and there is no industry in surendranagar to compete with them.Lexus and Spaniso .Varmora granito manufactures all kind of ceramic products such as vitrified tiles.Existing compititors of the company.elevation tiles.quartzstone and sanitarywares Sunshine fasteners screw and nut bolts of different diameters and sizes used in big metal industries which include automobile.etc 13. Management of the company and breif about the key person of the company. pvt ltd and their educated sons lead the company to great heights under leadership of bhavesh varmora.The managing director of fasteners section is mr. bhavesh varmora mr.digital printing tiles. ans. parsottambhai varmora and who struggled a lot he did many kind of business such as cotton trading and grains merchant he was filled with great vision though he didnt complete his primary education and today it is because of him the company has reached great heights in ceramic sectors and fastener sectors. Product or service of the company offers.2002 they started manufacturing vitrified tiles and changed the name of their ceramic wing to varmora granito. 11. In ceramic sectors their compititors are Somany.shipping.How the product was identified? ans-Their ceramic products were identified by their great quality and marketing and advertising policies and today its very famous in whole world. 12.stock and accounts section with more than 500 labourers. prakash and mr.sales.Simpolo. 14. pramod varmora etc and its staff members include 120 members which include marketing. ans.aircraft.wall tiles.Today the managing director of the ceramic company located in morbi is mr.

18-How does the company market the product? ans-They have very experienced employees and great skills of marketing. .What are unique features of its marketing practices? ans-They market their products with unique advertisements and their quality maintenence.health camps.it was near about 90 crores before two yeears and their profit of last year was 100 crores.Last three years fianancial performance of the company. 15. ans-Profit of their group before three years was near about 60 crores.Here is one live example of their skill. 17.spain.Johnson ceramics paid their indian marketing manager 6 lakhs per month and mr.Their foreign graduated sons play a great role in marketing and promotion of the company. parsottam varmora recognized his skills and offered him a package of ten lakhs per month.? ans-Today valuation of all their factories is estimated to be 500 crores.They also export their products to countries like u.etc.s.china and many others.a.They also sponsors many events such as different sports tournaments.Financial status of the company. 19.They also have store in each ceramic or fastener fair in any part of the world and they promote their products.Annual sales and net profit of the company ans-Annual sales of its ceramic and fasteners products is estimated to be 1000 crores and their average profit per year is 100 crores which is increasing constantly every year due positive vision and they are constantly adapting new techniques and automatic machines and they keep on innovating new products. 16. They have their hoardings and advertisements in every part of the nations.charity raising functions.australia.srilanka.ceramics.


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