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·.:~~P:~ ..... .........
... :._...,: .... :-..:::..,- :..::_ .. :.=:;:-.::=-':_-:"::-:. -..... :.;. ...... .... ~... -..: r- ,:.
.. ••••• ,!:

:.. : ...... :"':':.: .~t·. ... ..... ._ :.....




.;.":;~:~:;'~:~2 ~.: i

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--::: .... :' :. ;:.:.


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;~;--...~: ... ~ ::~
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;.:.. ..:\:.:: ..:~.:.~: .. ;.. :..._.... ~_~

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..--::: . :~:.:. :.:-.-- ..- ':








rh-a B tack ?a nth:e r P0tty b~go n os
PQll-y· ¥fOG

response to ~~$p~~d by th-e Blo-(;k Panther PQftyof

~~hh."3~rs~;n~z"ed o Count y f ret:oom

Or go f1 i~ ot ion w cs th~ B{a ck PGi1the r •

po H ce vi 0 !ence in the block cornmun j ty . The Lowndes Counry Al:abama (The lowndes: Ceunty F.re-edo':ll Orgonlzotion) bLack p€o:ple ;n the South to obtCl n bas~ e: dghn such as the d ght to vote , The symbol the Lownde~
rep-eG red inst!:l n Cl2S.of


The b~o(::k panther". <B expk-;ioed·by /Y-tin~s.t-er of D$fens~ Hue)' r. NEwton7 is an Ol"rim.cd who·wH! not cttcck , U atta-ck~jd;: the bfo:ck pI1ntker b~ck"5 up ~ntil he nus no more room to back~ Theil, the blo~k ~nt~er wi H ·~trike 0~t at his csaol lon{ em sNipe him QuL Newton S~yf that the;: BkKk Pon~her Pqr~l wyH not QHo~X unless put.hed up .against th€ well -..,.. ~\/"~<$:~::;::: r-~3thj~g ebe is p~sE:-!b~:e but to oUod< Ita c.sroik~i1ts -- in order to 1Cve~ Thh principJe of ar-med !ieH-defense which is b:.l~t=::: to the BL1Ck Pontner Porty" wji 1 be e:xp1 o"lnsd ]n a document below ~

The Bl (]ck Panther P.arty storted by Huey NewtClI1 and Bobby Sec I.e whi 1-;-:~h.Jde-nts ot MerrItt College in Oakland set out ad.gi 1\00 HY to l~!.}-Q y potro I the po H -:..e , The y c qrr! ed we>::ipons os pro V id ~d by J mv and -$taye~ the ~egoI d; stone e n rfe:tn th~ peli ce wf1~m they WQtche:d. The F::::sult of this surveil 1cnce wos -0 deere~re tn brutol ity 090irnt members of the b L.:."", ck comm IIn hoy a~d it=: ere osed he rrossrn e nt 0 f t he Bjack font her Po d y by t h-$ po Hce •
I'" 1

The ..~eCFde~ of r!'e Block Panther Party (or; gi nally co ned the Block Panthar Patty for Se1f Defense) soon real iz ed tnat thB: p-o!i ce did no.t make the u I Hrnate deC; sions 05 +0 whom theyattocked Gnd why. The- pol ice -acted os the law enforcem·ent agancy for tho5e who mode the poHti.cal decisi ons , Thus , the Black Panther Porty evohted a pcBtlccd pro» gram to deal with the type 01 po~!tical de~Isjon~ whi ch oHowed tne police to han-ass the block communities and whi~h have reSl;J lred In the draodful I ivitlg condit ions of black pe-opl e in til is country ~ (D~tgi ls of thi$ program may be found in a document below J

~hat the Block Panther Party j s fne .van.9!Jord party of the mess of block rople. Th~ .b~ock commvnity hos r.o~ yet cttained 5ufHdently hjgh conscious
h05 said

Huey P ~ .. e-wton N
ness to verbalize

its dem~,.ds c:lr:.d to oct uoon them ina mec."f.Itngfu I way BlIt becCiuse they know the natuf~ cf the oppresslon under which tney !>uffer; they ~derltffy with the 81ack PCll1ther Party GS fne: spokesmen whi en or~i eu lotes the: ir demcnds , The 5upport f or ~he BIa.-:k ?-cntll er Port y f 0oreoses daily as the black community witnesses what flOPpen~ to those who speak for them ..- the t rrtense brut<tHfy ond hcrrcssment lev; ed against the Block Pon.ther-s by the po] ice·._- and the refuse! of the power structure even to heed ·the: demands of the b 1cck cornrnun ~ty~

l n add~t~or. tD SUPPQtT fot the BIcck Panther Party from the b Lq~k (.:orrUll u rll ty ~oco 11y; 9 rou ps ye be e n s-ef up 1J n over th¢ country ~ ~nterr1C!t~onQn Y I support is eY~den<i&d by rei ~ He.s:!n Tonzon ic , Afr~co, ond ~tQtemen~s svpporfl ng the 8l¢CK Ponthe~ mqde by Afri con 1enders :=;ucn os KW-.:fffte Nkrumch ~r.cl S~ko1.J Toure ~ Both these men have pub~; cal! y 'Supported the demord that Huey Newton be $eT fre-e ~


..As Min tster of Comrnunk.ation,
s; nee the murder

Kath leen Cleaver
T reosurer ,

hos ~aj d I

of BL~ck Ponthe"r


end the loi 11ng of tf'lnlJ1'r'le~obi e Panthers, inch.lcilog EJdddg6' Cleover end, cf cot.H'!".e r j eod ei" Hvey Newton I sup port and


membenhlP m ittee f~f

tn the Po~ther Porty nos increased _geo!netd~qny" Numerous whi re gro'Vp~ such cs 5DS r rha Iv\ed~col ComHvm~{l R~ghts _... he Joh n Brow r'I SO~ ~ r ety,1 Wh Hes J\eo j nsr Rae Lsm, \Vh H-~ for Ht3~ y, min ist~ rs , m t nisteti Q I stud.e:nts ~ ~~ yers .qr0 6th!;:s mernb-eG of the wh ite cornmun j ty havf30 pub II CQI iy stcrted that they SUppo rt th e pro worn of the B~o~ funther P~rty coo want Huey Newton released hom {~j r ~

I "


Th~ ?!09fGm i~ :;;$L)Q~ ~y divided l.nt.p O~ sectlon of t~n POl(lt~ -ant~tt€d ~Wl-lot W,e Wont ond th~~ t~n pa_logr~phs ,~:ploj n~:lJt;j~~e ,ooinh i?~ C $etf~9n -$hH tfed ~~Whot\Ve Be! ~e:v.e ~ For the soke -of c !cdty J Y'l~ h~"~~put ecch ,one of the hin " pO ~ t:- ~r. !~~Nho=~Vie: V4 fJh f~' 1 n mm e=d j otd Y above ~ correspo ndi ng PQragra ph f n , I ~w ts hat we Be e ye ~11, , ..



v~~; 0fit heedom ~ ¥Ie wo~t W
\V_e. S~H € \~e fht!'~ bJo(;k
........ :=:. ......-..:--rr


tv determ Ifie ~he de~tinl'

of our b~Qck commun~ ty. ,

~0p; -e


i H no t he free unf il weare peopk~,

ob 1e to d etenn;:re au r ow ~

d~sH n y









We. bell eve th~j th~ feder-ol guvefnmcnt fS respoi'1sLbl e: Qnd ob1 i_goted to give avery mO!1 employment or q ,guofQt1teed jr",C¢0'2~ \t¥e b~lje-".-€ thct ;f t~e ¥Y'hi~e Arnedcarl bu~j:1e~:sm~n wiJ I Mt sh-e ful ~ emproyment,1 the-n the means of ptoduc ~ion .sholl lcl b~ token f rors rhe busi ne.ssmen end pl aced it) t he com mont ty so' thot th e peep r e Df the commu n ity' cor. :;::.rgonb::e O't1Q empicy aU of ~ts people ond grve a high srondord of living ~
3~ W~ ~u!1t


end to the r~~~..Ir by th~

:V~1 te


of o~r b rqck commul1itl.::"

VV be 1iey ~ f ho t th ~~ tq~ i;:!it g;.Jverrrm e r:!t hes robbed us and :now Wi! are d:emand t fig th e ove rd lie d eSt of forty ceres ~ or.:d two m V ~e~ + forty acres and ~wo mu Ies Will prum j sed 100 yecrs ago as res't itlJ t ion Fer slave iobor and m as'S rnurdf:=r of block people. W~ wi H nccepr the payment in CLJ'iTency whj ch WI H be distributed to' our marty communitles. Th't' GefTTH~f;:g ore flOW Gid~ ns ~he J~w.s ~tI Israel for the genocide of the .lewish peop1 e , The -Germcms murdered six ~H;Hi0:n Jews , The Am@ricqn f'ocist hcf.. tak:S-lJ: p~rt in the ~~oughter of over fifty milfion block people; rherefcr~j' we feel tnot thi s h :0 modest demond }her we make ~ -4., We wont
d~c en t ho'u:5 ~ng _... t k"r ;d-u~ re r of H J

Vie be

th~ ,Jg.od 5Ko~Jzt'~, m~e

.!L~:~~ ; ~ th e wh r~¢t

hlim a t1 be j ngs ~
, ,

j t~

l.:7l:rtdio ~d~ w j n

in0 roopefQtivC;)

~,cf 9 iV~ cia(;ent he us~ng to our b 1Q'C k cornmu n Hy I the:n so thm our I;ommuntty I with gov.ernm,ent qid .. c'6n bUll d

th e ho U sl n~ CInd

and make decWe
WoO nt

€nt hov~,~ngfor: 7f.;s peopl~,.
:5 .,

W:s: ~{;1 nt M

~ip~ ,fo ~ but', CQ!!?~t, or ~a~q\crs 'v~ o~r
'~J -, ,',-

Q !e that.ex tn):€- hh,r-bry Q!1-ci

res the t ru~ nature 0 f t h j s de.cod e nt Amei"'i c on .soc r B-tY.. pm ro ~e i rt t- e pres€nt doy ~Q~i ety ~, '-


?t} educ.otionoJ !iysh~m th~r'w~H ,give to ~r peopJe 0 knowfedge"of :ser'f. If 0 'man does not have -bwf:ed_(Je g(,.h ~rri~Jf orycl,~ is pos(tion in soci ety ood the wor ld J then h.e hc~ I jtt~e cf-,once' to .re la,t~'to anythi ng else. . .. . -




wp~t Qlf b!a~k m~nt-Q,b~


from mnitcn.:y


, in t~e mtljt~ry



$~rv'ice: to d~feod a racist, g~vej"n~ent _ '', 'tf";;t. ~~~ not .pto~ct ~~ ;Nft wl H oot fight end ki other peep!e of color in tn~ world who , like black people ~ ¢ r~ b&i n~<'y ic tj f1!i:r ed. by tk,' vm~.n'ta:;..1.J.st gcV4=r~rn€ n ~ 'of Arn efi co; . Wof,!; wi H pTO teet 0l.J rse Iv es 'fro~ - tl1 e f~ rce 0 no Yi::)~,~~ ~f Jh-e :f6~La,:~}J ~e bnd the rQd~f mH itory J' ,by whotexe-r means necessory , _ , ,

~-y..J~,p~~.!!~e that bj.a:ek

~Iw~~~ be forced to fight rmt



'.... - ':


-. -



7 ~ yJe' ;"fQ0t _,ofi: {~~dt~:e~~

to ~OUC~


BR~T ~f.:lTY and MU~ER


e~ack p*oEle~ ','


:~'~'- g~:_end fXi~!~eh~,jJtqtHy i!1 our bl.qck cornmunHy by orgonizing b~o~ks~lf-defef'1se groups thot ore C ded~-cq::Q l~. ce:enal?.9.-our b~fjC~ commuh~Hy fr~ r(Jctst poHce oppression and blVt.olity" The SIS-cond f\mendmant to th~ ,~~)"j~~~~c.r: or ,!~~, t.ec ;,Sr.otes gP!~ Q nght !Q beqr -Qrms.: We therefore beH~ve that qll b~C2Ck peop~e , Urn... $hOi:J~d 9fl"31 t~$£ ;¥~$ f-;:![, 5e1 r defens~




'V!~ ~,6nL~:..-ee~Qm,f¢~{lH r:!.G,d~.Tc~ hefd in fed~aL,..!tqfel ~e '98J~:::~-t,~ot 41 j ~!o~~ ,peopl e :$hou~d be re~e.r...1sed from ~ ;:) -and 1POr-fi ovtn 1" ~,:, '' 'f;
g,J1l Q

COtHl!y c~


the mony,

jei Is 'ond

;r:~S~hs, b~cc,~$:~ they,


jq(ls. ~.. ,

have not rec~iv-



. 9~


Wtt ~ Iiev~ th§t t hi!

_~_!!f B -~S~~?ffimY~iti$s-t __ .. ~Jz-~t!~~~~: r thWi1illl~flQD- f.!.~ fe~ ~ _U~ii



all Sldt:k

p':oop'l~ Wh~.h

broo . fit fOJ!hj~ tp .. ~ .~rie~ ~fl_.to~~~.~y__~ \!( o~..~~r ~ t






rt~ ~hoi)Irl fn Hew th ~ Un a~rl:5 rates CQ~ ti h,J: t1 ~fj ~ th at b Iacek ~~p 16 w J H ret@ 1v~ f~t r ttib=r;~ 711; 14th AiiH~r.dment ~, the U ~ S CM~HrutLo~ "9ive5 Q men d r1ghr to bi! trt ed by hi$ pe~r gfOVp ~ A ~@@f ii d p~r~ Ii from 0 $i ffi II fir @n@ftOfhre r seC! d 1, r~0 g1 ~iJ~, g~ogr~p~ 1ted, e ~v t ftJ:Mm~ to! ~ b t st(;)rJ ee 1 t!lld ree t ti~ belek~ f1 gftJtft.d ~ To ee th hi th~ ee u ft w 11I bfi! ftHt~d to ~$b~.et 0 i u ry f m-m t h ~ block ~~mrfHJ t1 ity trOOl wh I Ei h th e b lee It de:.; rerJrlfH'it edffJe: We nave b~en~ -and :al",e hei~g tri ed by QI i.. h ite iorie~ that htrV0 flO undet~t.gf)dl fig t}f the jiifV~n-" w age fe~o n IfI S NHlf!l H is f the b leek e5ft1ffl un t ty ~

·~ll0:> . W@



brs~d ~ heu~J

. ~d\JcaH¢n~ cloth in

:~ ~.


Wh en 1f) f he ceu rs~ ~f hurn.ol'"levent s ~ r t b~ eemes tJ.et.eS-to ry for one pt!:op I~ to d issGIve th~ p¢ i It I eo 1 bQnd~ wht th h r:.w e co nn:eeted them w ~th g nether r 0 nd to QS5Ume ~mQng tha pow~rs of thi eorth, th@ $~Pdi'at~ crnd ~q1jU1 ~h:~t on to w hle h the i"QWsof N oto re c nd N~tu re •s. Go d ~1"IH I~ them i B dec ent ~ t ro9!~p~.tt to the 0 pt ht 0 m of me nk ~hd -rt!qU1res t hat t~ ey shou j d dec 1~ r~ the t;a~ ses W if ich tm~~ I them to z.ep.arQt~tH'L W~ h~ld t.h~$e truths to b~ 5-~ If-evi dent r that e Jl men ore created equul r !hOf th~y af$ et1dGwed by t h~ ir Ct~i'J tdt wit h ~eftai n ll'1d I ienab 1~ f i9hts, t hdt mnbhg f h est: dre !ife, I ibeny {jrtd the ptil"ivU of hOf}p"i11E!!$.tJ thot to 0eUre these ri shtsf governments ore- i nstituted tnnofl~ me-fiJI" ded vlng the i r iu~t powers from t he eorse nt of th e go ve roed, that w he neve r qn y form of go vernm ent beco meS destructive of these end~l it is the d ~ht Df people to alter or to cbOli sh it I and to irys!iture f.Je~ overnrneot, 10 ing its fOlJrldction o-n $uch princi les. and organizing ttl powers 1n such form as to t em shal ~ seem most i : ~ to effe-c t the i r sof e .end happ iness. .



Prud e nee, j ndeed F wi I J d ietc te t hat gave rnm en is {ong estah I i shed shou Id not be chonged for Ii 9 ht o nd t rons ie n t causes; and cecordl fI 9 I y a 11 experl enc fJ hath shewn, that me nk indore rnore disposed to suffer,. w~ne evils are wffe:rab le 1 than to right rhemse Ives by eb 0 Iishing the forms to whi ch they ore accustomed. BlJt when Q long trai.., of abus.es. and usurpation ...pur:S.u ing invcricbl the !:.r;Imeobi eet; evinces.CI desi 9" to reduce t em under a $.O:lute despot! sm, it is. t err rig t.r it is their _d u ty, to throw off wen CJ gove rnm en t, on d to pro v id~ new guo rds for the ir future security.




CI nal


:. TI-Ie BIcc k P-ant her Port y prog ram and pi erfc rm is a resu J t of the :~: ewton j' has made of tne nature of pel it1 C"S i J'I Ameri CCi. N

y5 iSo that the Party" and espe c ial [y if's leader,

Hu ey


The way to po] i Hcol chcnge is through power. This is the nature of the bj uck power movement exemplified by Stokeley Cann· i chee lin that te rm • What does th Is me 011 ? Huey Newton hos sc id t hat po 1it ics is wo r wit nout b loods ned and that :~ war is =!J n exte ns ion of po lit ics wi th bloods hed ~ Th e reese n t hot the ReconstrlJ eti on attem pt to put blocks into oHi ce f rOO"'!the Sout h fa iIed WC5 b eccuse the b I a ck leg i s1otors, inte II i e n+, we IJ- edu C eted men I had no -powerfu t Gonst ituen ey 9 ~behind th em , If you re presen t a power Iess gro up j n th e 1eg! s! of u re the r'I you we iId no power. Whet Is -0 pow e rfu I Xgroup? Accoirding to Minister of Defenser Newton~ a powerful group is one WhlCh~ jf it doesn't 911!:!t what it wants .. can deliver a consequence. There ore several ways in which this kind of power is obtcl ned , One WQy ls to own the and.. Th j s ; s feudc j power. It is exe rei se d by form ers w ho ~ when they do not get w hat they WQ nt, CoO n. I et the crops ~ "i rot in the field. This is the kind of consequence that rates attention and action. Ownershi p of 0 business is 0 :$econci .~ .~ way 01 gai!") Ing ecor'lomi c power.. in Amer; Co the slcves were treed w1th the prom] siE by the Freedmen's Bureau ~ of I jforty acres and two rnules , Hod this promise been fuffilled, the black man would heve had land power and the cbility >;to j nfll ct a consequence The prom ise , of course wcs never fu lfi lied

i t







".:_ osk the b tacks to redress the ir 9 ri evonces by ru nn in 9 fa r nffi ce does not pose a rea Iisti c so jut i0 fI _ It i$ true th crt T0 . :.mem be rs the BJock Paot-h@i Party - - Hu e y N ewto n for Con gress in the 7th Co 1'19 ress i ona 1 D isf r ~ct,. Bobby Sea \ e For ··:ksEhilbly in the 17th k5emhly District in Alam@da County, and Kath!@~n CIe<Ner for ~embly in the 18th Assemb'y .Pj:st,ict in San Fra.nci seQ -- did nm for offi ce on the Peace Qnd Freedom Party ti cket ... but thh Wa~ on Iy to nave Q for.y m tD (] rti cu J ate the gr ievan ces. of the black commun ity.. Wh y '? Beco use as st oted above the b] a ck po! j t~ cia wi thout powerfu l co nsti h.,J ency just wa nns a c hoi r i n th e leg i slutu re ...





~ jf

the black -c: ommun ity

I;Qn not 9(1i n ec.o!'lOrn leo

r !and-pow er ~ how


th ey ~ope

to hr;r"'~ :;:nQng.e$

of the j r cond i t ion-s ?



of D$fe~ Huey thQt··.th·~~~~·I'y;~thei-·S0!J(.z;B·.cf.PQw·~r t-s·.:t~t ~f.th$·ablj.i:ty .t~ tnrlrct destruc'i~ft tion crs Q c:orrse:q.uen~e. Th~~..1, •..the plack poopl.e ·~ust.'orrn: i11 !l. poBH (;Q! .fn.'JhiDfl ~ The blo~k p'~rip!e mUM' be obie to cleol wi fh t he 9~cvp<1t Z It 0 J~ ce forces in the r r cornm V n 1t [~5 wh ~n the y ~re ~Hocked ~ Tha o! term Hve j s ro h QYe the po J ice chose~ by. H1:=: .:P~Q'Ck COJ"TImv ~.ty.p Jive tnt he .b 1~ck comm u n i~Y.f' ~ ser-ve' ths needs of the b j ac¥. o:Y-nmu n Tty as that cornrnu n ~ sees .then) .. Th i Wrn) 1 t-y 8:. d.. eon t~9.t ~~e; pct:1 i~e .WOl! jd no j 0 n-g~t ocr' me r~ !y.to d.efen d th:8 irate rests of the i+e b.u $i ~=essm~n .pnd s h.. [ord. .. . ..... . irrJ _ .'. . . Minister

N,sw;~h···$ay.s m

. _.






HO"W' v ~r,. ~he b locks do not lim f t f"hern ~e t ves to d i s..;t:FS$~ i)f POW€{ from th e gu n The B leek ?a ntn-Bt Party hos c po t j e On ti -GQ; ~ roQ~=am cs ..stqtoo Qoov.e wh ich j f Woul'd J j ke to see '6rl:Qct-ed for ~he benafi t of b! :Qck pB0p Ie, .,...





Whv} r s the 5tctm

of th e Bf G:d{ j~an j n Am-e:d

co rod cry?

Ek.hidge C ~eG¥,8r,'" "Black POl1fueJ" Mi nfster of Information:l" hes $t~t~d th(At the black mon is 0 G(dqnia~ subiect and that blo;:k A1 ii8; ~ f s ~ co k~ny wit h in: wh ite Amer j ccr .. The fa-ct that the .(..Q ion; Q! wb! ects: ore d J spB-tsed th rou gho!l t the CQ 'C·(H.1 rrtry does not m crke the ~r co l onlo j su hi u gat io r:: 0 ny the [~:S reQ i_ C 1eover hos stated tM:oi; been and Chrhti~n7 We were ooth free and segregated, p~Gt th f S d~ a!i ty .hos wo,k¢.d to our ·ctlsod YQntags .. propose to .tfJ rn f t +o O'Uf nav ,':mfoge?: j n th e rno'Mer od .... ontcge into 0 ra II yi n,g po f:n f of odvantage., .

Bl.ock ?ecp~e in North



.q Iwoys




duc~ stofv-s ~



both sleve

we are both ~~t~g[~t$d cud coJonb.ed ~ in -the

It k~ pt us. rvnn1 ng .a~:"(H.h1lj·~. c irC Jei; :100 oy we n th at: w ~ .heve turAed 00 r 'b~a¢k n~'5' from -0 oJ $-


tionary ;;truB8 re.s

ba-ckgrou nJ .. He has w H·hdr:qwn from his MstU e .en vi ronme of w hie h he dq i!y fc~:es a p.{f de ~1e'~'hi s -.6w n' ob iI.i He has been tGu~ht thot he ;~. j r.f.srfor and he .. Wrne-3 :him~iL . He ·tde1··to .change thh -ffhdge ··:trn-?JsrP·h1s~:$frre ''of l'if-s .~- his b de.sire for fl03hy materiQt possesslons ," He- E;:-~ked r.~pe.c:t G lav.r ilh}ch·'86¢s flOt::re;"~:Gfkrm~l ~:TheSk"wh9 'beHave ~r1' co It~ ro I nat! 0 no J ism ir to :!:lm.wer hJ s prob i.~m..~ y tu rti.{ 09. hi m ··bac~to .t ~~ f im ~ ·of.'.~ ~~. h beffltiry in: Afd co ~ Haw .. ever 1 his freedom cnnnot .com~ .frbm :jdentifj:(¢~CJ11:'" ..H'i$·freedbm 'Wl l.!: ~l'H~' frq~)~~_rti..friru"WJ:th re .... olu-

H uey N",yton

has sal d

tnot Ihe black man in AmE! ri co'





co~fos;:;:,;_-;:R~' 0;'~~~-I~;~r-~o~- econom ic i;' [;
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of peop [~ cif"ooJrir :01f. ~v.sr the"·¥;ortd-;·.·:TfJc-I~(ijM.g·:Af;i~o .!~cky~:
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common culture





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dey.r net b¢~n tft5at6'd cs ~n eqlH:1i ~o' the whit'e mon° -~~. L~ bfack rncn was mt given ~!S e~O!lOmic end, poUti Gal ·;",;g.ht~.. "In ,f.Gct f .a.ft.ar ReGonsrrucfibh~·,~th~: S£;lJth$m':""po 11tlcfons con"; vi need the Northern p¢~id-cfam that rhe blOCK ~egb.jctor~ (who had frnignif!cQnt: peWEH\ -dn~yY:stw:·t1l~ :nbt- 'in'Ol nroin .'.' ev@n t t oker. ~tclu~. J\nd s 0:) co n be 'Seen f n the 6 ~S crora j s trugg ~ gb j ng 0n in b ~ €s ack COf(IOJ un l N es ~n the South to.,.
dQy -- th~ .poUtic~~:u:~$.t.H:! on.l.t eve1!..oUo~;:th~ .~of4e~.Te-pr$~ntoHon"" w

The El!rope~ns roped Afrf co eeooomf-GOIJ,

tmd t-ook t.he block


rrfen os ~~ci.yes,,:,~?~ .t~kJo~k mdt1 hcs , to this way ~ Evan Gfte~ th~ Onaru;:!poHOO PrDdQl'Y)otj on the:

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Jorne~ Eo 1~~ ~ $~ i"jat k.~~: ~h~t ~.tis .l·ik~· ~. Hve :.~. a. .~~~ck.. .pn In. Am-ed~: h m the POnd~ho~ thot.mj)~ b;:·chonged·to grve.tlle.plq~kffion ~
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." .' '.: .. '. :." .'._.: ::~~~' .. ::.:.~ ": : : :.. . ~ ~:-"~:.~.-: ,.,,<,:' .. ~·,./~v/ .;','$';:< : -- ~<.: : : .. :,~.d J~T ge bJ a~k .9~ cp.n5G·1_ou $ In .~e NCO·. is to b-.e. In· a 0:" nstci rit--'stbte' b-f:.·fa~ ijE!::~:fh"e:\'Ih :co Ii' n }·f-es
his !-arig·ovardu~-humon.dghts~
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W T b.·N ?" .~ ·.r.
• .rs:s:s:... :z~ : .•. ~.


-. : '~..... ~.~..-.:.::' ~.~~;'~"'.:~"; .,,:.... ~- '.' :::-:; :..;~::



l . The ~~ l~~!b:~ :R!asS.,.ns:~··: ':BQ:~~ to'~ l' ~. qf ·.~h Y :.8u~ QD:' .. h9Y. ~d.~ $' '~~~'. ?0Q IY.s~ ~bat .t~! 5;' $. country rs dn.ifde·d:.. . On' the:dn~{handH-{~f..s'i's'-th~ blQd1: ~'lc~y" rs.}~~:.~.h~!e ~t-0~F:.:~~n!ry". ~jke .. m any oth -$r co ~ n !.a:~ :::;,ppre.s:::o( ~ th e w hit.E; m oth~r Cou nt ry m'Oj r::t (l ioS' 0 n 0 ccu reH Of! army 1n a~ co! any to preserve r he in=Q




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y: N~wt .9~-~r.·~r~e;~ : '90 ·t~e·_oi~r_.t.~sr.~
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tere~5 of' ~.t~.-.[~ c~~s ~ .~?t~.~ l}~! ~~ !~~~ ~.9,o:~.r.s~ ~~~C:fli .g~~r?r€~.~~~_: .!.~e. 9~~yp~ti9n._forye:.t:~~_.P?J~~;.;~HJ.q(,.~..u ! I~iip.~te~ lY.I'fr~ tOhrn;~ 1 .t?~r~:'?~e: .~r ~ctt of Q. ~'~O.f~~NJS ·QP~. ~~t~z~Mry ~.~~:.~q~~ ~ ~:~~ PS~~~.~.9r.\~ 9.Y~tW f~~?ry fff.01:~·to .': S d e e!v.;:i e '-:C;bny tfo~ Hs cippresso.f5·.. . . '.~.

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dri ve n by

Hu-ey P~ Nev/tGn l-S 0 poUt!CQI 'prJ ~ner ..:" H'e' ~~·.s joi'l }~d;y a~,cused of kn 1'1 g·. an. Ock·icnd.· ~.Ir.c~rn·Qn~ not .becQuse .ifl' n he ~cmmHted thi$ crime, which he drd' not f bu't' 'be'cou~e h~ h the Minister of.P~f.ar,~.9f .the_ ..Bk~~k PQn~her ·Party; the Y~og~ard fO'fC9 in the effurt to free the bio.ck cQ1ony~ Stnce the in~epti;'n Df th~ Party rha'O~k!ond polj'c~~ actjrlg as the ~Y"'t-.."2~~:OY -orrn.of i'he ~~PQHcn qrmy, have tried to ryQrr~S5 H out' 9~ .ax!~e:~5~·~~. ~h.e P~rty b.e:c~e- stronger" ~~. tttS pol ~ce tQctl£.S be-cume m6(~ v: (dOllS' ~ The: por~ce hqye fong hw ··th~ j :ce'nse nUmberi; ",000 deser! ptio~$ of ol! the cars

m:err;be~ of the SJ aek Panther

Pm-tv ,



The poHce ~mve ctwoy.s? in the block community, c leimed the right to exercise indiscriminate vio lence , It was for rhis reason -tnot rhe Block Paother Party wos origino:Hy fomled~ Before October 28th the Oeklond police hod J,orross.ed
Newton on niJmercus oc CoOS ions and had threatened hi s IHe ~ 0 stomach becuuse he stood for CnClt1ge in the block ccmmunlty ~

0 crober 28 1967 N ewto n wos arrested ond shot in the

Thcrt night..r PoHce Offl csr Frey stopped on qutomobHe w~ich Pont hers ~ He stopped t he cor fOf (Hi a jj .eg@d traffj C v~ o Ia t ion, testimony before the Grand Jury, Offlcer Hecnes, the poHce tGrlC@ after he stopped the Panther cnr , scid that Newton did that ih e ev ida nee po j nrs to th e rea I poss ibj IIty t ha t both Qffj ~dned Off; cer Frey ..


he knew' to be a car on the list of those dri yen by Bjqck tl1@: no ture of w hi ch has n e ver been disc Iosed • J n h j s offi car who was summoned by Ff~y to come to ht:5 ossls-' not have v gun .. Attorney CharJes Garry has indicated fttad a' "i(:lch crhe rand that Ofn c er Heo nes ~ bu 11 ets ,

"Yhen Hu~y N~wton loter arrived at Ko iser Hespitol he wes in agony from the be lIet in hi 5 stomach,

lt look the emet-·

g=ency room nurse F~fTEI:N MINUTES before she wot.Jld allow him to see 0 dcctor , She wanted forms filled out. She did mt ~lieve he was reol ly nurL f!oally, occordjrlg to. l1er te.s.Hmony before the Grand Jury, Newton threw his b leod -socked shl rt at her to eonvi nee 11 of his po 1n ~ er
While NeYifton was doubled over in pain, When NewtGil wos Hoq!1y Ql~owed to see i;lng position for a man with a buH~t in They shoved him cmd kicked the gurney. kicked his bed and shoved him around in
and before she would 1st him see Q doctor J" the nurse coiled the ponc~,,"· G doctDr, the police arr;v~d and pulled his. hands over his head ...- on ogon-

his stomach

the gurney on whicn he WQS lying. When Newton wes trensferrad to Highland HO$pitQl his poBee guard:; the hopes that they could prevent his wound from healing.





The block communi ty knows that Huey Newton end the PCEr'lthel'$ hove raised a erucic] jssue -~ conrro I of black communities by block psople , They recognize that it 15 the pollee who perpetrate violen~e on 0 da.JJy bcsis in order to mat~to in the-i r H 1eg it 1me te co nt ro J over b I ock 9b etto es • Th ey recogrti z eotho t the act j 0 ns of e Pant hers con sf itute fegi t i- .. mote self defense against a po llce force more interested in polit~cal repression or"l:d Ukeepjng the oiggers in their plcce " than in cctching crirnlnols , And they recognize that indictment of Huey Newton es an attempt not only to wipe out on he ro~c b 1(lc k res is to 0 c:e 1eoder , bu t to a lsc I ot imd ate 0 nd crush the mov erne nt for se If - derem inat ion fo roll hi a ck peap 1e .. 1f b j o ck po nt 1 co I j eade rs are not a clue 11 y C1SS~ ss i noted, as. w ere Med go r Eve ns , iVio leo lrn X I Mqrti n Lut J, er . Kj flg :-- then the government finds woys of confj n ing qnd neutralizi ng them, as in the cases of H. Rap Brown end leRoi jOfle:s~ This is why the black. community s+onds b@hjnd the concept FREE HUEY. They mean that Huey Newton was horrossecl cmd threaten eel and fI noll y 5 ho t because ne ls a block po j iti co! Ieod er; the t he was 0 rres ted and th rown in jail because he h a black poltticalleo::lder" ood thot he faces tt long prison term ond pO$'$;ble O$S<Js!;;ination because he j sob ~!]ck pol iH col leader.. These ere important points for th~ white O"Si well cs the b~cck community. The same type of har:;C$~ent has toke n p lace age inst w h ites who hClve or posed th is go ver nm e ot : t he case of th e Oak Iand 7 0 rr?~ted 0 nco nsp iroc y to co rnrnj tam 1 sdem eo no' : a f e 10 ny . It hQS. happened to those who very peec e flJ IIy tried to prot est


t~e pol ici es r~pr~Med by Dean Rusk,r when he appeored (:It the raj rrnount Hcte I -- demonstrators who were ki cked i' beaten and MACED by the Son Frcmciscc ponce wl-lHe they were RUN NING AWAy ......... trying to foHow orders to dis ... perse , The list coul d go on endless] y. Oppose thE government ..... -and risk your physj col -safety; that ls the me-s$oQgeto

whites 000 blocks ol ike ~
2~ The Legal R.¢"Q$On$~ Huey N.ewton wa!: indicted by the Alam@do County "Grcmd Jury -- or) jury chosen by the 20 iudges on the Alemedo COl)nty Superior Cocrt , crbitrcri Jy .. Judge Die-den, and others, have admitted that this system resu lts t n iu dge~ c hoos] 1"19 the ir fri ends r or po Uti co1 campel gn contributors to serve on thi s "honorory po$ltion ~ Three vo Iurnes of MOO rl rigs roken by t he Co 11 forn i Assern b 1 y a Committee on Governmerncl Efficiency in 1967 have pages of testimony to tl'lh effect ... The persons chosen to serve ate I -overvih s Irn·i 09! Yr w hHe i over 50 ~ ret ired J' or st r! , -0 eti ve bus~ n ess ~ nd prof eS$.1ana! men ond th e ir wi VBS ..

This method of selection is cl@arly contrary to many oases decided by the ~.njted States Supreme Cour+ , in w},i ch they ind icored that 0: 1u ry of one! ~ peers had to cons i!!it

CROSS-SECTIO.N of the commun1ty ond could not SYSTEMAT~CALLY EXCWDE biack people from serving




I H -e Jet when Newton 's attorneys pr.esented thh evi..,. flJi1dGfnent pn ~c~ es , O'!N ~_ p p,~ d .,eel edr ess .,.,..,. T H OUT EVEN WI d~nce ro the courrs of CaHfor~~o( thr~9h th;;: Cat.forn:w· Svpreme CQ:l;in r they w~~e -e_JU r The Gr Gf'",o .halry v j 0


both Gf







nE:ffJlQ1:6 f -un 'L. ~

e;.:;pk~j~jo9 t

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~und-am.entol r; ght:s wh ich t he Co Iiforri ia 5 upreme Coo rt hcs he Id
I , -.

or.e reqv;:red ~n cr;mi~~ A dhtriet

~are~ ui;d y./hich -.:;:rr~ :given in the P:;eUmlnnry


mcy prCcs-~d in 0" fe~ony cas~ eith~f by j ndjctment Of by informat1ofl · lndhctm~nt ~ 0: pf.Q.ceder~ whereby the 0, A~ osk"5 ~h~ :coonty grand fury to r€tur:l1 an [ndi ctmen~ on ~'ide!'lc~ pr:s.entea to t em Y., 1! D .,A:o The D A... .m~'i pr ese nt wh-atsyer e,<:d den~e he ~hoos~% at his so j e :rH~cr-e1Lon ~ Th-e grand p..J ~Q y sum mon W~t~esaes, but j t or:i1y d96~- so v:r!ry foret l~' The defendant is not present except rf he te~tiH ed .,..". nd th Pl. J$ ~wall y und@5~r~ obi-e becc:ruje he WGtV~.$ his 5th A.f"(.i'endm~nt dghh ~n do~ng SIj.. Furthermore", the defendant S Qttof"!ler IS not ~I?wed to be Ofe~@nt :at the proceedings. FfB"Ge~dj ngs ora sscret , 1h~re ~ no d ght for the defense ot .a ~ 1n a gro jury

attQrney in CGJifof"n~Q


pro-c a-ed1ng .





m-ay -chon eG@-E the iwdg~ r.), bjoE:; m~y cross -exomine the prosecurl on Wane-sS-ei; ~oy ooH his own Wltne$$ej; di ~covefy of th~ p!""Q:sec~~tkH11 s €yide~c-€; may q=w=e:5thJrl the d-efeJv::h~nt r and $0 forth ~
-cr-eHon of th€ d~~tdct tri-tornsy .. There CH'~~ gv~d$lHl@£ set down e~ther ~n the CalhorrU-Q C:oror,tut1on Code to su~de hi:5 -choi ce ~

A preHt:JtfXJ'Y neO:flog is. 0 helJd;19 before c mun~(::ipaJ :C()~3tt udge who m~5t decid-e Jowh~ther~ Of not to turn the cese over to the :$~periof" coo ft fo!" fl~a ~, The d.&f~nd~nt mqy hey:e on attorney at thr~ pmc~~dl n.9i onu .FJ~uo!y da~s ~ The attorney I


may nqye

Tn.e way

of prQ~~~ in-~ .,.,.. through the gr {j(3d

itJ ry ~ C r, by woy

of prel ~ l nQ7 m


1"19 ~ .~


at th e


o~bitrcuy dis-

or in the Penal

Th@ distdct

th-e :Qn::md Iury very rarely.,. H~ uiiecl it Cln}y In -Q litt~e over 10/.0of th~ COSS!i i Fl: 1'966 , He t§st; fj ed befDre t ne Assemb J y Governmen ted En;.::: t $!"'! cy .0xnrn Htea trIO t he It k~d to U~ j f ifl GompHcClted -c.a~~$ :SiJcn m th:G~@"tn¥ojYfng OS5e!;}O' frquds 0:[ :in cases involving chHd mo1-e-staHoij., Neither WdS true in rhe Newton ~ore c OthSfS or th.of heoring ~~~rtHed that the grand jury was often u.5sd where the di,stri ct attorney had a poor cose 01 djqn!f hove enoush foch to wHhdqno expo:sute to the pr~tlroinary hearing. This.was true in the Newton (a.~~, To t.hl:!i d:at~ {Jvne }968) the pi'"o$e~i.)ticn has releossd no illform·a=ri on os to its version of the Newton events ~ Thb run, ~ountf!1 tc i ts. ~~Ugt proced..Jr-e of .seeking maxim 1JF'n publi -city t~ preJudi ce tne d€fefl:Se case Tn c sertous erirniI1qj moH~r (~f, the Hf:Jtto!l cese}, The reason? They haven Jt mode up their story )"St"" They are hopJng fhct the def~Me aH~"'ru;!y~ win ret ~~lP theh venlnn ¢f th.e cose so thof th-e- D, A~ COn then Ht hts verslon to counter that one.


AhlmedQ County hu-s

The Grund J!JfY for the lo:;!
How con

f"lve or



hq~ NOT ON

CE f"efv!Sed


indictment !)o~ght

by the Distri


Attorney ~

-d~fend;)r,! tn


~:@~"'vpI ~ke tnot hove ony chance-?

Tho Gr(Jnd )wry indictment

olsc sarves to prelvdice

If ther felt th:@ de:fendon~ was probob!y 9~ntYI

the [(1ter 1IJry be;;..au$e they hove the ouro· of upstQnding what w1H the pellt jury hove to think? .


Raci~. S:e!'l1prcmiH:~ Ot! S~pt€mb~f B/ 1969 ... .ofr;er eIght we~k~. of td,cd the verdk:t came in on the Huey Newton tricL j'h;; protecuHo~t~ CCte h~d .beeil Ob¥~ffij$ly ffim~y+ The defen!5s hod gon-e cU out to bdng out the essentiQHy pc>Hticol notur~ !)f the hiQ~. Stn l, th~ ~Wfy made ~ ~-:::icistcompromise and eonvi cred t-h.H~yNa'?J~on on the J eost severe of three


ra{}n:d{3u9ht~f. P[e~ure from the r-q~j.sf pOW-B, ~truct!..Jre Qverp~ered Huey~~ ccmp-qign d~ring the four clQy~ of iUfY de1iber.atiorn. ..

-chcrre:e~, yobntary

the pr~5sure




the yefd~ c t msan? tr m €-on.s t~ t Hue Y W:QS f (HJ nd gu if ty and no+ g!JTit y ot the same t im~; gui ity of shoot ing OfHcer frey "in thfZ: f-reot of PG5sjcn~jlHlder ~uch prOYOcotfon thor Q!ly 'trecrsoncble mon wov~d hove b~ePl provoked .... II but nQt gvHty .of nt~t Oo!" reco~d degr:e~ murcle.r or kidnappi ng -- aU chQrge~ th-e D ..A., h~ sought to pi n on him ~ h iii ~ik~~y th¢t }Orne ~embers of the ~v~y) beHeving to Hu~y's ir.np.cencel' ¢pfed for the 'es~9r charge be~ause Q hung i-vry w:c~id h-~~.e prcb®!y brcu-sht a retrial ~j1.d one .:ould not he sure of the compos~tion of the n~;:.:::t iur-y.. fvrrnQ!rm6t-et the .c:a~ w~H b-s <Jpp-ealw t{l c hi gher ~ourt whers the only dec!slon wi H be between Gc.quiHQI or mOflslavghter.

The- Y~d:~~ h ~.n.rb,ut ~e trk~~ .·has Jw.st ~9un
.!:yrnb¢~~coqy of 1CC~sm Hl .Am-."E:nccr-~ oCfuoHy tam;; and the oc(;upyi ng f.Ci"C es .


For the tri 01 j~ not on~y that

of Huey Nevlfon,

-another tes.t of the confrontoti.on

but between bJ~ck mHi-












H~ey P~ NewtQjlj'" Minister of Defense of the Black YQnther Pwty J W% born on Felxuo ry 17_I' 1942 in Lovisi OM.. He CQrfle to Col HorlllO [n 1945 and j"eiji dw in Ouklcm.d on Brush Street ~ H@ attended the Sonte Fe .and lcfoyette e lementqry seboo ~s ~ Oakland ~ He w-ent to Woodrow Wi lson Jr. HI gh School end then onBndecl Oak ~and Techni eel Hign;:, n His childhood was the 5C111e OJ; tnct of mo~t block youths" He W-Oii nev:ei" given the opportunHy to do ski lled work but workoo very d r~igent Iy QS '0 56CSOfl-oj ccnne ry worker from hi;s 9fcdt)-~t 10 n fro:n high $C hoc I cnwerd ,
Hl)ey N.ewton Learned

~e:ge moredcL

w:~en h~$ high :$choo~ counselors to Id him he was not co 1He set out to show them that no whit~ man could teE him wnat he was capable of doj ng ~
the Qge of 16.,

ta read well at



to h1erri tt Co!j ege and got an AA d8gree W j th un- exce 11 nt grodepo int cr'i'er~.ge. He sp ent one and on e.... If e ho yaOi""i !f; Sen Frcn{<is~o lmv School ~ H~ Left taw schccl fa, organi.!.e fuH -flme for b~tJck Hb.eiOti on ~
Vi ent


VihHe Hvey and Bobby S-ecte t C:h:~~r.rnan of th~ Block PC!1'lth.er Party were: crt Merritt CoHege they formed f\mther Party for 5eU<'"Defen~~ They pqtrnf~ed the block community to ke~p the ponce from br-IJtoHLing ~ pe:ople-:o N$Vltcn ond Seale taught the bJa<:¥..s on the block th~lr ~~90~ rtSht5~ They felt tt10t th.e Panther to be imp~~mBnt:!5d prn~tl(;Qny", Thi$ me.:,n' -s.h::wtirlg wIth Point No.7 of th~ Sieck Panther Pdrty progrqm ·w:!lrG l10n imm~diQte end to pol ice QrufoHty and murder of blc;ck paoph.! ~ IE

the Biock


pro~am had to ~ork to-

Shortly th~r~1JFter }'9Vi"l9 Bobby the lock Panther Po rty and its


He wus appointed It:md po1i~e on AprH 6~ 1968~

inquired about what Bobby and Huey were doing~ T~ey explcined the ideo of 0 perc Hans to Bobby HuHan ~ who ther. become the fi rot b IClck youth to r 0 in the Party. Party Treawrer.. He served the- bj~.:::k community fcdthfuHy untH his murder at the hands of the OakHutton

ELDRIDGE Eldridge C'eave:r,



Minister- of !nfnnnation of the Bleck Panther P~rty WO:5 born in 1935 in Uttle Rock, A-rk~~·m$a5. He cam e toO C-a I Horn i0 Q.S a yO\,3 ng c h H d .0 nd H ved i0 b 1ocr.: and brow n comm un it iss in Los Ange tes.. As Cleaver hi mse ~f ~cys~ P:My first 15 years were given to leorning how to cope with the world and developing my approach to IHe~ I hbr';;ered in my c.hoice.s ond s~ off down c rood thot wos Q dead end~ Uke N\q;9J!m X_; Eldrtdge became involved with cri me j n hi'S 00 rIy youth ..,..,Q -story not at a H untypi cc ~ of b ~ack youth in this coun try ~ From h t s 16th year T E 1dridge spent the next 15 y-eors j n and out .of prison, the kist Nm:e being on unbroken stay of 9 yeaN ~

Cleayeri!s book_, sou~ OrJ lce , gf v es much iltSight into why he jjlf'~ this kind of Hfe end how he came to see Its point lessness , In pdson, ~ClaCNer reed vorociously qnd bec.oMe ~ wdter When h@ wUS paro~ed,. he hod -0 book pun;h~5-ed by ~Gr~w-HHI for pvbHcoHon;r ond a [ob 05: a staff wdter for Romports Magqz.ine. He 01$0 reoHzed the necessi+y for the Hberoticn of block peopte ond hi'$ need to playa meoningfu! port in a;:h+eving this iiberotlon,

The porcle Ciorhc..ritfes hove fried co~i~tent1y to HmH Cleover 's po~liicol freedom,.. He wos told th.qt people in S-ocrQmen to wanted his, parc t e revoked beco use of his po-s Ition 0 n work j n9 for b I~ ck Iibercrl on. When Cleaver spoke at the Apri ~ 15 1967 to Uy at Kezor St!id1urn 1n oppos Hie n to the Un ited Stotes l ro le in th s war in Vi etn om hQ was to Id .by the poro t.e author it ~ to IIcoo lit if or he wo u Id 1ose h is poro Is., C Iecv er dec ided no t to heed such warni (l ~s but to cent irrue es his role ~n the stE'ugg ~e for bl-ack Ii"berction ~

Two weeks after the April l5 wQrning; Cle.oyer- wos -orrestsd he visited Socremento on ~ reporting (3ssignment for Ramparts -- because he was with the BL~¢k Poother~ who we re else orre:st.ed ot that time~ (See the section 011 the SQCremento Inc ~dent be ~ for further deta j ls ~) Cleaver tol d the po lice thot he 11d a va lid press bodg e an d wcs not crrnow a ed, N eye f"f1) e ~ ess h<awas he ld w irh out he jibe ccusa the adu It Q uthor ity hod p Ioced a H he ld II on hI m -:- meant ng th at he might hove hrs parole revoked nnd should therefore: !l9f be released vnder cny c~rcvm~tO"nce3 ~ Even crfter the authornf es verified thot Cleaver not only hod press ~j"eclenti.qb -ond was not anned J' but that he had obtoined permission from h!s. porcle ag~nt to ot tend the Sccromenro session, CleQver W-af. nat fe~eQSed. Fincl ly, the ~udge in "Cg1.nt ralecsed Cleaver on his own recogni"l.-aoc-e,. ciHng the f!:let thqt the pattee hcd mQde a )!mlstake~l tn arresting him, At that point the parole authority ~ifed it.s "hold H., Ofl his return. from Sacramento Cleaver


told th!:lt people in S-acramen·t.o had stoyed up 01' nigh~ viewing fUm foot~ge. 7

t~ ~eB ~f C l e.....,'T<.j er h-Gd ;} ~ 0 ,.., th-9-;~Bby m.r.:ik ~g h1me! 19 ~b! e fn't p-;J"fO [e revQcU"t ~:PD H ovi fl g !1Q r " h",ck. Qt thi:;: f they dec;.hje.ci to rssldc~ h Is pwo!e fQ Pf-eY-2r:t hb 6,~~g!0g ~n ~ny m~nL:-;gfu! ponrica~ Q"ctrvHy., He was !o id thd he coo k1 ~Qt 90 O;J~ side 0 se:,f*n mlle -at~G Q~,-j ::::;:G:.J! m:::f r:rc5 d it-:-=:: PiG}" tk ~ e , Tn ~s ract t c is cr:G ~ed me re <: 6; ~~ 1 t... ... -~ • - R;n, ~ D:}~t~- [lew snt ~!,:--I , 'te";,':{ V.o~!'".. C~t- y -_J, "O~~ ~~e -or h:6 goV8rn-nem to r--==str~ F-D j ~ t lm; (Set f V~~~$ ~- ,:c.mpe f"".Jo n i~? r; ~¥;~ "; G j :C j . fhe h~Gtic !$ Y$ry ~~mikn fo th(~~ of ·hc-<"}SB orr=3:;;r 'tJE.ea ff~~i"1tiy by the S-c~A~Afrjz:;~~ 5-v--;er:~rV?0t ~gdmt th~ who evso·!· m i ~d~Y opp::)s:s their fOC1IT QPQnh~ 1d p'Gct ~-G85, F~rther ffi5~rict r O?":3 0 fi C~ ~q'-::-s ~ac k.~ded~ ka~p ir.:g hJ s nam~ our of the r ne,:tJ.-:""f: SiA ffOL1rGS -- he Wa~ ~:;;f~8G~t;~ if Jd- to ;jpp6:~r ~:mte~e:;{~sk'.::~;he was to mO!ka· nc ~re for spee=:.:.he:sr he W~5 to ¥.{file Y d.... ~ • t ~ ~ .;; h. C G; ~ p:r~~a :--,. ~.f ~ u*3:p~rYn~m c, :I=" i.....--:.-)t;:'"~:;:;:t~Qn$:r::...or C -pH~f .,. pc~ ~ rcn , ~ r ~ :~:;:. ":"~ ~ ........ ~.l' ~~ ~ :nc-·~·n~r{i en jc:a:~ C: r..~ ony O[j"ljq ~ rc ~ea"'I!'"ef pu~ ;.::::f1 • ~ -..J L jsnort ~ ~ wes to p~ -:.;a:~ci ~ ~"f ~ '/{CU~I d. ~a ;..en r ~-.a<:..:if L:: pd SO!; -: ss OJ' ,"":

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CGD~-z t-he trOY81 ~~ W~ l lfted 7 ht the c!her ~e~tf1cHoN tmt,(l1 :·-K~d":" Then on - ~, ;..- os ~~~ea=:,:ef ::;.oy::::: .-- . __..., ~ t--. l _.J -:::--::.. "3.-""={.":" ·-~-)j.:e:v- ~e--.,';!to~ !\!\~n;::;.t£:r ot n t en=::==3 : ~sc~r 0"f :J-;jf ~ n~ Y; Wr.$ £nor d QVi;'1 ~n .,..;"::3:, Gnd : ~ ~ the str~:!SM by at", Q{1kk:H1ci C<:.=pa~·;d w* q~T~sted :and -c~~g£=d with the r~ufd-af ~f D~:E: OakJ~~(.Id t::>p end the w(:;undi f'i.9 of O:n£::the t , ;: ,5, t .~ ~.~01:£ s.o6h 'i Se~ i~~C he:;i rTi1~n of t h $ Port v ~ W:?J~ : n ! j l S6;fY if"~gC "5; l< mo nth :i~ Dh§: nce for th e 5a~i"q~ hot a ... r I ~~ ::::; ~ ~ -~.....l. ,-: Th· men-rc -:~V·~-:.<:·f~nf ~ :i..,. ~-8-GV~t \:'-:iti:s ?-:·~a:;J::-: ~y :_:./h-a~ $~~~ e-nced pl!b~ ~c f..-~P-:-::.::ef ~:~E: c::~:::;:C~ ~"0:f::; nf:=rs i"""tQc 0-;- "f:~'!...:": -nm6" 1,....t"S: h - -. : ~. - <" ;;: - _. , ..... ~ ., . ~ N -l C~E;!~~(::;- 60¢~~:e:-d e CO'iihi ;:.::: ~==:~-=gs~-P~~y - r -'::GLd~?f hh D---_::':~ "5~{:;::ty· ~ hi:- ~O"i.jncr.:~ ~ -::~~PC~J~ to pr-svso: . :e"'-i'lwn.s fa11~orll liS to &,3 gq::< en ~-?h·~~,

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C ~~\:'e;';-.; -auc{::$s-;:: r :TI<J.k!~ p$"op1e '-.;Tds~:=;~Q::;ci;-h·~ PO~!t!Qr:; of the gh:~ck ~off~ef ~ ?~n·y=.:<~dth£:: f!"-Q~U~ of ;o-ci:=;m !" n the w h 1 t=?- c =.:)mm~~?~~y - -- h ~:;; d) ij ~ty to ¥-:"':::.? 6::"y..: f th boM wr: ~ ~ }~$ ~nd b.k~ ck-s.. ..., h T s :'~ k ~ H~€ r{'.:Qce ~r,J F teooam P{JITY :(:on¥e Iii"" n tioo,. where h-e hdped r-:)nt] ~he cc{.::p::>:;-yh& that cd ~owed the biack QP,d brrr-y;qi CO~C-L.=~ t(": w:arK ~.<;Hhms whUw ~n the Pcrty -- a ~i m G":..-~ h lrn on {jnarhBm0- to tho:7.$' ~n governrne~t whQ do not wi;::h qg ~nd to m~ t ~ b;t w ho p~$r 'Or:: end to b~cck p~p~~ C;~Qver F~~ d$t+~t;1i=?.9 th~rsfo;a s ~rth,-;t for d~g~h er ?mpd~C1me~r~" "...."the f~~0 cf lA!Jk:;f::dm X( of Emmett Ti ll , of l0.edgor EVBB ... of fA~rE~ Lvth.&r K1r-r:d: j~~ On Aprn 6! 196B..=- the OGkL"]nci Fd~cs ~d~d to kHi tld6dge C f =e---.:w-er but f~I ~ ~ They s~e =C eaded ~r: k ~!f ~f!g ~! y-eo p'O ~ Pobhy H ut tc~" C !e~'!,!or ~~ ~ ~~ qm Cf::{f"i! need tho j I w ~ e-d d ~ mark eo r0r d~ath rr of" ii2 ht f G;-:-ci the a!"1! y f~-son ~ \~q!j f'Dt k~~t ed WG~ th¢ i'h~r e ~.L.:'"N~too m:q~ y beq;.;t 1f~ j bt~~k p~p! ~ crowd ed crOll n.d J~;r"~nclj (is rh-ot the CCp.5·n.m ~hoot m S f too mCH'ty w itn~g. for e ":.fen the br-a:z.~f1.:( Ct;!:ntsmpi {Jl"_) us C nd ~ fl~emptib~e OGkkmd P~~.!i


of the mQ;f1i ["-'8 of Pq"""]:d 17th £ ~168;: CfeG¥-:S:fls ?OrcLa WGS orbltr-arny re ..... ,ok~d by th$ Mu if Aut"horHy ond he wG:t rerwm~ fO ~G~1 ~hh~~~h hE wos. f".eV~f eve~ tff F:!:Q fot Gf!Y c-r;m~ r!.:$LI !t~t1-;:j from the Apd! lnc~ doS:nt -: Two rn<.:=ntm late;- q SQ~aoo C;()t1r~fy~ cOnfQi~~G ~ui8~ cn::L-ered. Ch.:::~ef\ pQO~e ;-e~ r4h:~t=&d, sCY~!1g ff hod been r~vok~ f~r ~! iti (;\j; i\tOSQr:::;.. The A_:::k.dt A~--th0dty -appeo~ed the cif;cfsjgo.? cnJ on Sept.e·rrj:.~<zr 2/ the C~lHornia C:o!Jrt of AppsGJ,s .:-eversed th-e lower oowrt~~ de-Gr~k:~r..- orc§-=3dng Cl-ea"¥e~ bock h~ ~o~~~!! 60 CGYS" C!~1$t,;· C$ h~ h~d pfomh0 heforB~ hand ~ did not furn hh·:n~.:tdf it.: b(: Nt=':j~Mber 27th,. !~$?ood he d~~a?peared and ha:::; l:~rr1Gd -on the sn-u9gh~ T\H1derground _ t~ the ecr!y


The BklCk ·P~i1rher POny nGd od,:"o~t.:rrBd ~hci B':,.1~fY0~=== j t1 ~h£: black commljnity ha':ie :0 g:Jn to def~nd hrm~e!f. It snou Id be mocie very c~ear A;t th~s :jGe-:=: NOT :'!1€"0(; that b~.aQ.:peop!~ ~hotdd hoy::::: guflJ 1fl ~,d&r rO c~-ne 1nto th=s: wh H~ com ~ rraJP it y -end l\hGo~ ~t up ~.~ h-~ fa ct tn£t"<S: Of:e NO f"ep ffed ~ de-~~:5 of e bek Pa~th er.:, ~am ~f!g j r)C AN Y C!..:1;1m i..Jn j ty ond r::C;! us j ng the~ r wecp=0fi£ ~ther th-a-0 to dBf ~nd t f cw~ !l'>1* .



The po H cc fe:rces ~f'": th~ bl Q ck c.cmm II ~"i ty' ~j€ COm po sed cf m~?1 ~hQ ~~'1~ i~ w h! t-6 ~G;_:: ~.< ~;:: Th ay GftJ h fred at oC"" t ~. .t;::uPfJt iQ n tD:rCGS to p~t:c 1 ~hf7: b~-::;ck (:..-::;.:-m i'ju?";; t 't to prci!:S:(:f wh! m b_.:s ~~ SS Q P.d t{jnd ~:l~=z:~e3.t.s - T h ~~ h broti gh t home v Sty d -eod y by ths fa ct th-ct po HcemBr~ ¥ ~ rh€! gh e Htj try to ~t"ay .f'.!N<t1j f rem 1rc 1de tits ~n \·,<"+d-r:h or-. iy t:J0~k::; :!J fE: r n....... d • ~ or o! ve L _ r' l_ L i~ ("" " 't b~ .. ~d BXO:!'nP ~B:;: ~ rw c: ~: c~~ .gOf!.g~ qre nJ~c=r -!::X...:I , 0 :O~ ¥ ~ ~:l ~?18a ·f.um:~dE h! e po ~~ f .etu::5.e to get to ~~DP ~t~ ~ 3Gel< k~ :; a r-e ~ ce , fight~n9 Gm·or::g. th.emw~:-.-:e5__" H-::-:ec"; k:.:::;: stay ~::t;:-:,ay_, ~f Q black WQmQn comp(ain$ ro the pD~ ~{;::: fhot he:- n5Jmnd p nQs threQ~~ned v ~ ~~nce ?9~ f ~ % h $:() th e pc l ~CB tc j ~ het ~o CO ~~ Q i UWy--ef '" V1heft fu$ l:E"Wy=>31 t f ~e~ to ; ?"~tB;V!E:"!i e.. the po 11 e 0 {,; :'q'j they do r-..o t !;k$ ?0 g~~ i~'Y"O: ~v$d -( 'l ¢-orne~tj"c d J ~p~t~., * The j ~-st goez, O~ ~nd ~ ~1. F~fthe~ Q;~ ~ ;h~ PO!j r;:~ ~re of ~ ~~$ ten fn'~:p!v&d in t+:~ ~"c~_rod(~n -~ the r;iJmb~n ganes,:- rok&--offt from Jbpe Gnd prc.st?f-;:..Jtioo nn-ct 50 fcrth ~ HowaYer I ~ $hc~ ]~. -G b j .c:-c..~ m~n ght ".J IT h he m~;; th-s po~ -C~ QOO1 e ~ ~ ~ n mmed ~ otB ty ., At g=.hoc l f. where b! ~ck ar:!D ¥'rhife ch I~jet! d t" ......J.:. "". L ~. '?;...:!~ l:-, ,. ~ ...k .,.. k cr h~ - ., d i ,l~< ~ ;r:; n:~s :s:cn:Qc~y.c;:r-c:s "'~~.s-.bj:GCK c,,~ ."!-}r~n ar:s:: -~. ~n 0-~~. 1:-0 ::;.penc GOp jn .JUV::::::?1~ te c·g:::: ~ - w. ~~ f·ne w-=tfe eM ~~ fer: ora, ~e at m:ost give n Q. C~ht l ~n t(} -tQk~ h~e M the; t ~f-e n-rs. OHan b~ad~ p-eop ~:e Ofe p~ k-et op m rG ~ ~ c fo:;, q j !eyed rr~"" ff1 ~ ¥ ~ ot ~c ~s , tf" s b L::~ck m-a~ 0 f b-:)y ~3 5een i"US"1n ~ ng qwoy from Q ? k,..;~\JI..:+~ra the po H~~ be H=eve c -crhn e Mo':) been E".:d C:Jfnm! ft:;:)d tffi0d ~~f 0 r mp€{""ry cd me L· tl-~ i shoot f! ist and E',:Uik L¥::::~t kJ tiS ioler ~ T he: ~r:;-'t j cl~nh of foh ~ 3erk--:;:!ay Oak ~ q i1 !a.:nd "Oi1d Scr;1 F rc:~-c~ s.co ~ ~ r<:~rr-:emu;;~ 1V: fact it ~ in:e j dei1t.$ ~t,;ch Q.:,S tne:.!e th~! h ~ye been tfJ e tri gg~r ~n Q imost Q l j the € s
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the Bt~ck ·Panther Party was grapnieoHy iHustrated when after- tv\.arti~ Lutf'ler Kin91~.asS9S:iio~~fonJ' ~eQfe.1 Ch+Ql~.E]n of the Party ... went -around Oeklcnd in tj sound trock urging black people to stay hOt:n!2: and not becO·me I nv-olved !j'.I; v!olence" Why? NQt because there WQ5 no reoscn for revol t but because the S·lack PQntj,~rs knOw thOt -~ch s.po~tqneous rebeU-ion resul ts in death for black people ond no chang?s in their condit lo ns' of ·Hfe ~ . Such YiQJ.en~ rs sporcdic , ~hort-Jivedf ond costly, However;, it is 01$0 very door thot non-violent tQCt1~ h-cive resulted ·in: no .. chan~e "91~-ei""" ~t1 fact I before his deeth, .N\ortin luther King indi cered that the Poor People,:! Mdrch- on V/.o$htngton . w~s h\~$fJ~Al, attempt ~c use Mno:rvio!:ent tcc:tics. to get what hls peo-p1e hove been denie,ffor 400 year1~ Aft(!r tr,ot ,-. Dr., Kt ng mdicot-e-d f a H he cov Id see was fqscjsm ~ And he cou id not urge people to remei n non-v iolent in the fot:~ of tho!" .
The pOt;aiQ~"of


Why do the Pa nthers -Be1T eva the Sf-a ck Cornmun ity Vi r H be An nih if Qted ?
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~whHg comm-+ln-dty~ 15 prepared For genQctde.. VVhHes -Qll over thi-s notion o;!.re ann! 1*9 th.e.m.:se lves to protect thei r com~ r!'H ... ~"p-dy ffOin an mvnsron of bJacks.,. TJJ~s Is so even though net one whIte comm1Joity has. yet been invode:d Of even thfM~n€d wH-h w(:h inveslen , This Is h~Jeeven ~hough whHe.s cluim thot even if there were on jnvosion of block~ they woukj be be:aren clmosr i.mm€cii.:ltdy., Why ore they ann~? FeaL feo .. thot ste·ms from a 1o.ck of und-erstanding of tM Wotts ineid.ei1t5;r fOOf inGt sterns from 0 ~-ock of vnderstcrndlng -of what it ;~Hke to be black in this country, Feor of miUtoncy that asks for change NOW ~ ~r. ~ft the fear comes bec"!ltJj,e the whltes know that they thems@Jyes ate powerless t~ get ch an ge th at wou Id -app.eose tha m iH ta nc y of the b! ccks ~ .The y hqve no more centro r ove r the ir govern ment thon do bhJck people:. They do riot choose who win run for ofH~$ ..,..,that is .0 b~ck-5"oom political decjsIof"l.. They .

know thcrt -;qmpotgn

sp<!:ec.hss ere not han-es.L

of his p¢:sitton ~ gover~"1l ent ~- they buy guns ~


They knOV'{ thQ:t when they vot.e for a candidate they rnusf ret y not on on Feith that hoe wi 11 govern we (L So when they ot~ ~froid they do not rely on their

Not on~y the white man cs .on individual h ormed, PoBce deportmenh a11 over this noHon ore stockpiling weopons which., rn their horror! ore motched only by those used by the army [n Vietnam .. Vlhy the :5tockprle? For the Second Civil V'tjar~ Ihi~ is the Vloy Esqujre Magat.ine.SUV:I H in their M~tch 1968 i.sslJe ... in an article ~f that titre by Gorry Wflb. Reporter Wnh. visjted po lice chiefs. 0:11 over the country to find out what they were p!cr'Wiog with regard to pO.5s~b~-e violence in the block commoni+les , R.em@mber when yo\..! reno this that the black people are arming for selfdefe ns~ with go ns ~
A Hsf t ng of t h $ weapons

m.qnd armored
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incl u d ed = t c nks r ufTIlored personn e J cord ern jeeps with gun mou n ts cornbunt for Vletnom use , gas of all kinds jnch .. -.dlng MACE r now felt by the feder~1 dr!.lS adf)ljnisti""otton
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for more dcrfigerows them tear gO:)1 bored boyonah1 M-l rifle:s,. heH~opters .. tear gQ$ grenodes,. shotg~nsJo poHce do95 .. shock bqtons, machine glH15, assouh gun~ which shoot through wqH"S~ The ~~stcould go On and .on, Some of the mote uru.tsual weopons ioc1uded Uoon-Iethal u fl~m~ thrO'Hen:, sound devt ces wh i-oh cause pe-opl@ to rei.eo~e their bowels.;!" or low theil aquiHbrjum,· odhe~~ve.s wh}ch ccuse pork of fhe body to stick together which if moved cause large creos of flesh . be torn o.w ay ~ foam I i nv i:;'J b Ie gases odors cletect'i b ie by dogs, p IaM ic con] eft i s . t ro nq u i f IZ e rs I e J ectri c slu ices J hoses., gaggi ng go~e$.. end on and en, ..



to be o mere reaction ro bl:a~k peoples' qesire.to defend the;r homes and Ijyes~ Thi,. listing of weapons is such [;IS to wipe out enttr.e oreos !:'If 0 popeletion, such 05 i~ be~ng done in Vi em am . One con not use tOil ks and mac hi ne guns I" SO-Und dev lc es, Q.nd fI orne t h «r« e rs, se I e cti ve I y ogai nsf s n ipers , The!';e weapons either wip~ out larg.e orees of peopl s or they arenJt esed at aU .

This Hst of wecpons is far too i.engthy and horrifying

During all the past rich the Notloncd G~ord and the focol police shot :ndlscdminat-efy at block people •. Innocent women -and c.hHdren were inJ~.H·ed05. well M peopte only su:spectecl of tooting ~ Cap~laJ punishment wcs e:xten~ed to those who cppeored dt the wrong ploce --at the wrong ttm-e.. No crime :at cl l was necessary, Furrher riot contingenc.y plans inch:ded the reqoe~t in Detroit for $9 ,OOO~OOO for riot equipment.. Where snipers ore suspected, the article indicated thot entire bundhl9:S were rezed t~ the ground~ These dec;ciF the orNcJe weot on ... are nat omong tho:se H$ted os cosI .. . tW _t~ as ~ The ~y(;ho logy of th~ po Iice !oterviewed by WH 1s Wg~ thot potanHal rE?ts mu-st be crushed, Thh me-ems thot police patrot the ghetto end look for "suspiclous II cct1vjt~es. \Vho could blame the poHce for 'J.$10g violence to squelch a potentiol rlct? On~y those who might question the rlahHe of such activity in the first p~ace cnd who might q:uestion th~ right of Qfl indivi dvol man with a gun to poS3 judgment on -another man wHhovt b.e:ne~it of triaL. 1n Los Mge~~~ !n Ju!y of .. J967, c Blad: Muslim temple waS pock ... atked wah mac::hhw au~s., The polic.e ciClimoo that th~y suspected that the m Temple W.Q!s. the hidi ng ptece for guns~ NahJ~aUy...they shot f~nt end asked quesHans later •. The result? No guns·· found., In thi-s cass,... because of wid-es.pre~d publicity, MC3yor Yc-rty WcH. forced to apotogi:z~ publicly for t~e outrageous


iJl the b1 ack commu:t) it Y by the po 1~C€ ~ The pO nee are tt j ng Iltough II ~ To quol e Cook Count y Sher iff Wo<;.d {Ch ic~gQ):: " ~!Whe we had our "fv\a}'Wood rio f l w -*nt erou 00 te I J ~ n :ng my men on the bu HhOf:i1j" 50 on toose on the street coujd hear f thGt any doter who wi sed hi s honds ebove his nead "" wo:uJ~ be gui hy of aggravoted Qs:!-Ouit and shou ld be fired on, ~ olso told my men to shoot oorefuH y -~ we d ldn 1t: h~ve" ~xtr.a men i.e t~k@ wOlJt1ded off to ho~p1toLs~~~ Compore th!:t wi th wn-ot happ~ned to DenLil DoweU ond Bobby Hutton "

co nduc t of t he po Ii~ ~ Howe ve r,.


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(see" bel~w)~ dersr II ~ ., ~n

A further TnterestJng

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compC3d$.Orl WQS a stotement made by Ht3IT GQrin9" who issued these "shoot first 9fQVEU foulf ~h~t1 errors tOede in cction , It




the &rkeLsy

CO n$p~ rocy

pi4Hc::e broke jnto the home of Ponther CnatrrnQrl Bobby Seale at 3~30 A"M~ Of) phoney c::ilGtg~ of to comm mu msr ......!;no rg~j. tho t the ~ 1; ce co u t d J'J-.e~er-sv.bstcnt iQte eM even to press - ~ Hu ey P ~



Newton issued 1=ikH1date: No.3: H {"fIN5 donned the un ifOf"m~ of PfJl~c-am~!1..r posed os su~h,.. end thereby gail"l:ed entUJ;'!:C€ to locked doors controlled by dval outlaws whh whom rney wef~ contending for control of the oootleggit19 Industry in Chlcow, end


J-il e

5 L Va le r.t1 fie Do y mqssQc=r€ of FebftlO ry 1.4:,

1929! ~ n

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becouse th!35€ gang$te~:I' gcrinlr.g enhy thrcu.gh their di~$Jbe 0:$ ?QHCemf;nT proceeded fO extermin~ ate their rivals with mQchhv~£Iun fire, we beHeve thqt pp.Jde:nce would d!ctah~ thor one shol,:lJd be a 1ert when O~fl i"l'1g one T s thQr to stran 9 ers, 1!:ita ot n l ght ~ 1n the wee hotH"$ of the: morn j ng ..,..., ye n e wh~ tl1~~.e sttclf1:ge-r; wear the uniform of ponC€m~n, H~5tOry feaches U~ m.". the men in the un1form m-tJ 'j or :nay ~ot bB a pol j cerncn au tho~1 s.ed toe ro e r rl1e home:; of f n e peep 1e

TokiR9 no flee of the fact that {I) on January 16/ 1968, ~t 3~30 A~M., r members of the San Frcncisco Pol j ce Depmiment k ieked clown the door ond made (lO HJ egal eohy f ond search of the home" of E !dri dge Cleaver 1 Min~:rter of Information., These Pigs had no S-&.of:::;n warrant no orrest wcrrcnt , and were therefore not outhOf!Zed to enter. They w~re flot invited 10 ~ Penn~.$sion for them t"c ent~r was expHcitly denied by the M~ntstsr of ~tJ.fcrm~tion~ Present were Sister Kathleen Cleaver:," our Communicotiom. Secreh:uy .and wife to our Mfnlster of Information,. end Brother Emory Oouglo~ .... our Reyolutlonary Artjsr.,

To ki ng fwrth~r no tI e e of the f",::t thot (2) 0 n f ebru.ary 25! 1948:1' YaV ero ~ud form. ed ~-apos of f n.e Berk~ loey pj 9 Depc:l.rht'l Eimt, occompo n; ed _by sever o J ';ther w h H e men in p Ia inc loth es.i' beor ing a rl ossortment of shotguns. .. rifles,. Clnd service rev{:dv~{"S,. made q forcefu I r unL:r~Nfu~ entry" and seorch of the home of Bobby S:eale ChOLtmO~ of OEJ r Party,. and h~~ wif~;- $i"Sf8r Artie 5eaje ~ These pjs~

had no warrant eIthe=- to seoreh or t-o crresl , When asked by Cho:frman Bobby ro produce a Wf2r~ ront r they .Qrro.9Qn~ly stated thai th~y d;d not need OilE! ~ Th£"y nad no Qut~ority to enter .... whot ~ they Qjd have wos the pcwer of ttJ~ g~n. ThV$ we ore confronted with Q crl+lcel sitoottonr Our :0 rgan j:zat lon has. rece ived serio us thraats f fO:J(J cerro in ro c! s.t e 1e"ments of VIh it e Am er icc inc ~vding the 00 kl and, ~ rke I ey I (1nd Sa n F(one isco Pi 9 Departm ~nt 5 ~ T hr e<:Ih; to tQke ¢lI r !~ S to ex.V€ fermLnote ~!i.. We. cannot determi!')e when ar:y of these -s:' ements ... or 0 combi notion of them I may mO"le to lmplement thBse thf:e"!]r~+ We must he alert to the da~ger ot aU +irnes, We wi jJ not foU ¥ ict im to a St. VfJ lent itl€ S /1los~acre , There for:e t hose who cpprccch our doors in th~ manns r of outlaws,. who seek to etlter our homes i1!egcrBY:r ufllawfu Uy "-and in a rowdy fashion r those who ki ck our doors down with no authority and S->;!ek to rc~c.:::;k our kmf.:~ in vkJoHcrJ of OUf HUMAN R~G H IS; wl n hen cefoft h be treote-d as au t 1cws r as gong.5ten,.. as l5V"i k!o ers ~ We haVE: no W D Y of d 8term in; ng t hG t a rnc n in en ~ form 1n vo 1v@d iIt 0 for-ced out low e:nt ry into ou rhome Is ~i1 fqe t a Guard i an of th e Law ~ He j S Qcti ng lib::!! 0 t cwb~ oker on d we rmJ$ make an .qPlXopri at<e respo tise .
J i" I


the: IIne ct tile thre~ho ld of our doors ~ it i~ therefore mUrJaateci as .0 9~fler:al orJ.s:r to all m6mbers of the Siad Panther Party for Self Defen~e that aH m~mb.ers mus:- acquke the teehnico1 -e9uiprnent to defend their home~ and th~jr dependent~ end do 'tO~ Any memb-er of the Party


5!J>Ch technlccd equ[pmenr who faits to dBfend Porty for life

hb ~hr~shho~d shaH be e.XpeHed from the


.: ~



h cQn be seen from thi s .N\Qnclate cmd frOOl the speeches. of member:; uf the P~rty that the "B~od<: Panthers ore eng~ged in SELF D EFEN Sf. .A.n yon e who 9~I;es Q1) '1 thou gh t to whot h a~ ha pp-ened In th e black commun i ty 0 ~j Over the count ry i n term s of po jj -c:e bruto H"y 1 a nd e~yone who reads tlv~ n ews.p~t1 .e~n $:€:,s whQt ish uppe ni ng espe-c roOy to' the BJock r " Pcnther Porty, m!Jlt conc:hK~e thot ~he ve:ry leost tMt b 1oclr.:peopla JlHJsfdo to continue Ijving f n thJ~ COl)ntr y ~s to pr.:o~ ":; teet thei r persons from ottaci As the Black Panthe~.s have :soid ~ r r ~ the mOo beh j rd the gu t'I who ;s de i1~erous. Bj(lek ":1 ~ 10 ~ :.:.

'"~ , ""

exod U~ to the f~rna ces ~
Many people

on}"One e be " !f t hey tire weapons it is when the yare persono Uy cttocked .. If \IV h j t-es hove c Ireod y dec~ ored wor on th e b Io:ck pecpl e and ore form iJig huge m H It en-d 0 Hor ersenc h, whet kind of response do they .expect fr()i'11 the bJack comrnvnity? A:s Stoked.ey Carmichael has sqid ... the blocks are not going to d!~ thE: woy the J~$ in ElJf"ope died ~ The Warw'W GheNo Upr~sLi"""..g ~ 11 be thE;i:¢xcmple to foH-ow -~ not the quiet w
Po ntne'f.$ do acc.i
'0 r

no t

dent 011y shoot each other

ob~eGt to the notion of the gun saying that there ore other ways to ·stop violence -- that the blQcks shou ld go~n poBH~a! or)d economi c power , However 0:5 wi! J be shown b-eJow, h tokes power to get power. 1f vlolence is to be pf~v ent~, the wh t tes hove the T mmed j Qt e oh Hgot jon to stop t he po Uce from 1,)5 in9 th e if (lITO Y of wecpo [15 ogoi nst the b~a.cks~ To csk the blocks to turf) fhe oth~r cheek and get kHIed is a f:.uea thot is immoral and fooli1h~.

ri ght fo beer crrns , Cal i fornlo Assemb] ymOI"'1 r\o\u Iforo d€cki@d thm thi~ right would howe to be curbed, He introduced u btl1 "pro~ibtHng instruction in the use of f~=n:afms for th~ purpose of rioting, and pr.ohibHirrg th-e carrying of locded Hrf!'Clfm.$ on pvbHc streets a(1d in pub]!c pjaces by 0.11 ~xcep.t p~Qce officers, guards! and m!!;!mbers Qf the armed Forces , (S ~ F., Cnronicle stOryf 5/3/67) ~ As most peop4e kn &N ~ the Se Ganci Am endm ent to the U n r ted Stat 9:5; C.o nst itwti 0 il so ys th at nA Vie I t reg u i(l ted m j ~t ti a? b@ing nee essory to the wcvrity of q free Stme, the right of the people to keep and bear orms shcl l not be infri('lged. 1) The purpose of th I~ om$t1ciment wos to p;-ev~nt the very thlng thot l\1v~ford 's bj 11 tries to set 1,Jp~ the reglJ 10+Ion of the peop' e lS dght to b43 h~e ~ V!hat Ls the nor-Lire of thT s right? Huey Newton stat ed "it very c1ead y when he soid thw if the people ore un~;msd I and if the government hos Q feg~..G:f'" po i]ce force end ..;3 m~ tory force I the people ore 51 eN€-',; to th~ government d 11 or or-e 5ub~act to slavery at -ony flme~ New-tOflls conc lusloric so tong Q"S the poHr.;e ore Qrmed the black people shouJd be oriTls-d~ fu Newton scid: !Jt.JTnety perc.ent of th~ reason we carded guns in the flrst pl.ace was educatkm(lf," We set the ex~-nple,. We made black people aw-are that they hove the right to corry gum. il

B.e~iJ~~ tne 81m::k Panthef

Party hcs exercIsed itt constitutional



On AprU l



1967/ a young bl acl rncn named Damn Dowe II, eged 22 ye(lfS ... WQS kH Ied by CI member of the CC?ntro Cost.a Sherifes departmenL Damit Do-wen WoOS kiUed with hi! hands rnised over his head~ H~s femily wos denied t~e .. right to photograph his body and the dght to have his c~othe~ re~urflBd to them~ Den:z:i.l Dowen was unarmed. Furthe~.-:more the sheriff5 knew that he was suffering from em injured hip which would prevent him from e:5Gapfng from the scene

of the crjrne , WHY WAS HE K}LLED?
-~ other
tnQn t~¢·


block ~

As. with the killing of Panther Bobby Hutton .

(see below) there

is no reason

On April 18 ... 19671 the Slq-ck Funther representatives r bearing crms, went to see Dbtri-ct Attorney Nei~dly of Contro . Casto County to ask for on investigation of Denzil DoweHlj death. The DIsrdct Anomey sold that·he woul-d hold such an iovestlgoHcn and wouJd recommend that tne sheriff who shot Doweil b~ removed from duty pending the investigation.
19671' repres.-entot ives of the Black Panther.5 end some other int8fe$ted persons met with the sheriff ~ He refused to anow the POf"lther~ to enter hjs office carrying gU.t1$~ Becoose Ponther leQd@r Huey Newton felt the confer-· en ~ was so ~ mporh.:mt I he an d the 'Other Ptmthers gove up thej r ri9 h t to we CJr Q gun and .removed the gu ns befo to ~ king to the she rt ff ~ The sheri ff refused to remove th e men who 5 t Dowe n pend iIIg ~he invest igot ion , Furth$", e ~e:.. f\,Jsed to instruct hh men not to kiH suspect! in crimes ~nl/o~v~ngonly property," (The situatjon In the DClwe~rkiHins). Th e und er~heriff instru c! ed the Pant h ers that if they w jshed c:hctog~ mQde r the y shov~ d go to So cram ento qnd .speck to the legislature~ This some undersheriff Ramsey went to the AS5ernb1y nod spoke In fovor of the: Mulforo Bin -- end in doing ~O: referred speclflcel ly to the need For the btU to deal with the Block Panthe~~

On Apri 1





In response to thif r:ct"')feren-c:€ and to the r!\u]fo:rd Bill itself! Mlnjster of Defense Huey P-anther Ch 0 ion a n Bobby S eo 1e de 1ivere-d on tne ste ps of the co pt to l ! S-Elcrq.m,ento on r.

Newton wrote 1.:3 ~tatement·which IVLa y 2,. 1967 The stQte~ enr is

as fonows~

The Black Ponther Party for Self Defense ccl ls upon th~ Am~d

COli people

In general and the block

peep 1e in porr icu Ier to ta ke ccrefu j not-e of the rod s t CQ! ifom k; Leg ls ia ture k:h is now co ns j deri ng Jegbiotion aimed at keepi ng the block people disO;Tr:ied and powerl~S$ Cll the very some time rh a t reel sf po ~ic.e ag@n-c ie$ th roughout the COFJ n~ry Qre i"Otens if yi ng the ter ror , b~t.a lit y, murder .
and represslen of bldck p~opte, ..


At rhe some time .thot the .Amed con govern.ment

;5 wa:gh,g .0 rqc~st wer of genocide t~ Vietngm, T0e on cQmps in which Japanese Aro.ericcns were interned during World Waf Two .ore b~bn9


m@ bc;rofrd:t: treatment far -omp:; G re be j ng prepared for . bl.ock peopfe; who are detem'1rn~ to go~n their fn~f;dom by Gny maons n~-c€.srofy~ emkwemenf of b iock ~QP j -e f~;: th~ very beglntl l ti:9 of th is cQ!.Jrrrry ~ th$ g€~O~ ~de p:roOcticed on th$> P.me ri ~an indI ~rn; <ind the CD nfi n iog of th e svrv ivors on :f~~eNcli D~::;; ths ~"<i"ee )ynctd r;s ~f thou SQnd$ of f b lO-CK metl cnd W{ffflen ~ the dropp~ of c+om 19 bombs D n: H~ro~hj mO and NogGwk 1fond now th$ ng . 'CGward:y mossccre in Vi~tnqm, pn t~::;tjfy to th:E: fect th~t t:;)wqrcl~ p=;op~$ of color the ro..:i$t pow~ er ~ff1jctur.e of AtH~d~;J but one po Hey; repre~-.sianj gerw!;k~e" t-error =and t~ bi g, ~Hck"

fSnovoted GOO .expanded. Since Amedc.cr hi~rk!.:i~ly fflS~r-..,..W t~ nen-w hit e pwp 1e ~ we qte for!;ed t-Q COil c! ~de r ha~ the:se ~nCBp.,tratL~~





p$O~;d~ h~~ b~:9ged;- p~oyed t pet~tro~edo' derr:>onsrrc; ad and ?v-?rythi ng el-se fo .g~t tr...e r"c:~~t .:;.tn..;crure of A>rH:~ric-oto right. th~ wrong.; whh::h hJ¥~ hi$1odCJHy Peen perpatrcted :(!~i~t
AU of the~
Q._g gr-essfon

h1ack peopLe.

A-s the

~~ce -cl095



Cfty Han t~:n$ a

"JeceH, and hypO:Ci:-SY~ of the ;a~ i:sJ Am-er r ~~ n SO'l~H·t'lm;ent esco ~:'lt s ~.n V·; etr..arn r the po ~t ce age nc i:9;' of e the repression Qf b~Q'Ck:peopLe i·htoughQut sher·as Gf Am«l~o VI CiD~S· po~: prods and j n-cr-eru-ed pat re Ii hQ¥~ beCOO1~ fqm ~~;~r s j gh ts irJ b l a,.;k CQrnm u nf t i ~ ~5 de~f ecr to tha pieo$ of blc.ck ~,pte for rol"!s-f f~on fhh ~nCi:e!E]dr..g terror ~ effOIT$ h~V8
m9r-S f€pr-ag~r)ni

be:en on$Wer~




Ths S~Q'ck ?~nther Pori-v for Seff Defe..I"Js€ beH.e'<fES rnor t he dm~ ha:; ~n{!,:p for b~'"J"~-J; people to arm " them:5-e i¥% ogo~ n~t rh~s ter!"Of before It h 1':00' k:5rr. 'qv!: p-er1·d~ng iV:~iford Act bdr,gs the: hour- of dQotn cne step n$O"~ef A people who hqye suffered so m~{:h for 50 1QnS ~t the h~nds of Q f'(lci~t s)C·~6ty must df(1W the Hn~ somewhere. Vie be~j$ve that the b10ck comm!Jn~th:.~: .A:mef~co must of rl SB u~ as one man !O ha! t ~he prcgfe~:! Of] of c: trend thQi 1ecds l.-:!eyi t~b iY to the j r f':3ta I d estru ~t ~:pn.,


The B iQCk. Pant hers..

Sleek. Panthers w&!'-e arffi.e.d ~ Hod the ?qnth~fS entered the .Assembly w;th g~m to do ony s-MccHng! t~y n-dd omple oppoIT~.. Hy. m howe ver , th t'j WiE not thel r purpose ~ Th@y come to pro test th~ l\tt.1~ford 3d! s wh i ch was exp Hei H y <.H recN~d ~gE]~ -.:$t th.ern Q nd to d ~~ ve-r ~he .('j bove-q!):Or i ed stCltem ent of H uey New ten on the _gerl:Oc~de ~ natu r a of the J...rnerl (.;Qn go:. . 1fj e nt 0

men and reporters m a ve the t.l2"l €"v j Q t1 - j.;"i OW"are of *1BEt ri9'flt to

corr yi ng 9U p.~ ~~9a !y:> then we m to the .A~""TIb~y Q~$:r-;let~o r, ~ect 1011 !ad by (_'j ~1e-'-N of t~! ev j s1Or! I \/Vhen they were directed to the cbwPl~j th:6 kS6::n1b~y members recpJ&$ted thqt tM guard$ reC:Q~f"Q-S f E1Dt the guns. The ~ Is j otors dl d n ~t WOOf peop j e , GSpecJ Q 11 bl ack peo p Le~ to be mode eg y


cony arms ~

The capite! pollee were~ at

n times;!" Gwq-re

of the foct




orr~$t~d whde at the capito l, Hov'i'~ver;, 0.$ they were iegv!ng SC3~rQJ"nento~ the poHce dog up an old fi:;h oncl G01--r.:e ~CYt thor ~Je~h v.rHh lc,~d-ed weopons 10 {1 vehic!e.,. The L;lW WClS enact-ed to prev-ent acc.idents. ;'hen hunters Gmf~ed gum.. The PQgthers: ~ere h!:r'l!ng thai: CQi:'S ~efvk:ed ar a _gaa 5t.atior'1 when the poEce Ofr~sted 23 of them f or viojat~on of the Fish unci GO-n'ie code, The Panther-: djd nor re"Sist an-e"5t, even rho~.9h they wsre armed (rOO w-ere nl.f1nerOlJ~, Aft~,. b-ei Gg Qrr~:;;t:sd . the Ponth@rs were tnrowf) in~c the ~ . drunk hn1=k .of the [o i 1 wHh nejth-er bsdt nor b 1-crf1K'€-t5 They w.er-e rr ec;te-O Just nke the cnimols. for the kH Hng of wh~ch ~ regu lotions. were mode ~n the Fish and Gwne l.ovf.,
B~oal.J~e th-e PQnthers ~:N~re1egcUy CQrry~r::-.9 gUn$r they could
not ~

the press response to the lnCtaent WQ5 to d~shxt whot happened GOO t.o rGLie ~he soectre of" viQ~~n~e. The press -ooHed the POilfhers thugs and i~dt-cated thot·th-ey· ~me to Sacrcmernc 0f1!y fa .d~Zirupt the p.roc~edings of the. ~b~y . Howev€-r I -os Newton poj nt~ o;;t,.. tne YGvng b~ack peop:te on the block at nome h.qv~ been ccdled hoodlurn~ ond thugs oU rneir Hves. Thu£.f Y~hen ~he! heq-rd what th~ papers OlHed the PantMr"5, they wt)ot-ed to kn~w wh~t th~.$e ]Jhood lurns B wer~ up t-o, eGrryiJ'lS 9~ .. W.~;;;.,. Tb,;;;: fh~ PGnrh~f ;n.6S5oge ww:. spre.od 1n rhe block cornmunit·y o.Jmo:sT bee-cruse of tha press d~stQrhorn.


Hvey N.ew~00 predicted

As to press accouots coHi ng the Panth-er$ mi 1itpntly anti -white .. tn-ese were false chqrges ~. As ChtdrnlGfl Qf the Block Paclher Patty Bobby Sea j e hat stotsd on inn;,Jmerab~ e OCCtlS ien;: r rq ci $:.~ ~";i: fhe bcrg of the w-hite mOD ~ ~ 0 f the Ku K tux K ~an nct of tn8 Block Ponth-er Porty., ~t takes too much thfje ~nd :energy to hcte a person for the CO~Of of hl":s skip. ond it j~ fp·:3st to do so .. What the block man hote!i rs OPPRESSiON" It!~ the: qcth"Jn~ of tl-~ whit~ roon which tho Block Panthers ore ~nteraMed i.r, ~ The mQO who b the enemy ;~ the men who "?$e$ the :,"Qchm the opprezion! and who acts t~ .conti nus it or who refuses to >'Jet end rher'Sby qi!GWS it to -t:ont1n.1.J~;Gnd the enemy fs thtf;!white power -sMJch.u£:: WI th oH iu roc ~~t ifl;?rI t~Eons 0 nd it:s rac) sf ('.I-rgor.l ZW lO n-'S ,




T~ whi t.e power :structure wc~t~ to, d !vid.e whHe :,:rnd b ra~k r{Ji.:Hcc~~-~ iC kepp th€:m fran wod·d ng ~og~th~ to end roci Sn-l Qnd oppr€~~ on ., rh 6 tK;k: PGr1th'2f PG;i y f~a b thot ~~ W j 11 ft:":"~ G.;:}{j" ~~t r~~ w? th ~-h~ grou p.s w ~ w~!-h to sa~"'Ie t he pro b.._, te ~em:5 of rc:;: ism 0 nd 0 ppr~5"i G n ~ r-d w hJ s;']pp:<rf -}he pro gram of the Block Pard he~" Part y " . .



of the Bleck Panfher Party ~ Attorneys feel thor the hi Ii b clecrl y unccnsfitotionel , However I QS will be shewn balow,.. lock of funds, os weJi 05 the notvre of the court syste-m prevem ~he unconstitutioooHty from being adequately te$tecL Eight members of the Slack Panther Parry W:P1ed ioH sentence!]. on the phoney charge. The rest did not s~rV~ time b.ec01)se th-e d istd ct at to rney in d j cored that if e19 ht WO~ d seNe he: wov 1d not pres! charges .ago 1nst 1 e rest , It" -sMovid be noted that rob type of iu~t!-Ce is nor Hm1f:ed to the BIQCk Pontn.$'fs ~ Every day b~CJck. peep le ore arrested on charges wht c"h Ofe fal;$e Of tJnsub$tant~ ated ~ S-ecause of lock of funds many of them serve ian senrenees , Mony of thooe '"oN h!!- CO rl aff-.Jrd ottorneys are fou n d $ u11ty by a II-wh ita iuri es cmd iu dg us ~ S inee So c rcme~to ~ the Panthers hav:e


been co nsr.g\"lt ~I h;JrQSs~ ~

TH-t .













On 5 lind ily .. ,pd I I ~1968 r the Block Panther p.ort}' ho~ p j an ned c pi en ic borbe cue 4 to r.gI se mon-ay fo:r th~ dei anse of Huey P ~ New ton" Saturday gh t t ~ dge C}.e!!edrj vBr ~ Bobby Huttonr and a l'lumber of other Ponthers wete ddving around Ooklond 1'0~9nect food thot sisters hqd pr~~r.ed~ Their- miss ion was interrupted when 'S~erol s'llJad cors of Ookl ond potiG@ int~rcepte-d and ambushed the Panthers In their own community .. Today, Sebby Hutton r~ dead _,- murdered by ~he Ooklond pi fP wr..:;::t1 he trf ed to surre nd et from the gcn-fi l1ed house ~ E ~d reoge Cleo ver wos thrown behind bars and would be ther-e today 'except for the fect rhot he refused to re+um ro pr!snn end went undergrolJnd cite!' q brief pore 16; knowi ng th~t returninQ to pr ison meont tl1at he woo Id be murdered ~ Seven other Panthers plus Ch~(1ver face Grand Jury rndictments for CEttempted rnurder , indictments based on Fclse informat jon provided by the pi gs ond extorted confe"ions from the imprisoned P'Ontl1ers ..



The following


came out in an interview

c Sen franclS{jQ Chronicle reporter had with


in iail:

B9bby HuH-on, aged 17 f wo~ ki Hed by po Ii"c-a buUet.!; -~ h@was
raised and he wos unarmed

ld to ru n for a squ~d cor end,

wh n e

hls hands were

officer$. shot him down. was acru-

Yitth one

two exceptions, the ofs-sncd L)f guns the police c~Qtm was taken from tl1e scene of the shoot-out c H y t~k oS n from a parked Ponrher I scar".5 lock ed tru 11k 1 rnH es (lWI(] Yfend hour;; j of er ..

foHowi ng the pence ambush of the Panfhers, cops made no qttempt fO irnmediotel y allow Cleaver hQlJse the y w€re ho Ied up in ~ ~E'lS te-cld they po urad a fws!Jl ode of bull ets in t h rOIJ gh its we IIs ~ EIdr i.dge Cleo ders that ~ as
Vef 0

and Hlitton out of the

was not carry' ng 0 gu n .. !II was never armed.f" parolee" I should not be .qrmed,.




c;;d , "be C QLJseH uey P.. N ewto n ho d LI]id down


Although the pi9S and the rccist press repeatedly tried to cal! the ombu~h .q Panther set .... whhin two minutes offer lIp, the poHce hod stopped -and ptJlled th-eir weopons at 2905 Union Streer , an entire tw"o-bloc::k eree was blocked . ~ and doz ens of Emeryv j Il e one Ock len d po U ce oHi eers had (su pposed IY a nsw er ing q co n for re 1nfc rC@fJ'ents) Q ppeored on the


~horoughiy ~~-';lp:ped

wHh riot- heLm@T:s.. OVERKlll



gm.. bombs ....


C ~ er sac count 0 f the ln c ident ind ~CQte.d tho!'" fh:9 i reu b' e began nrou 11d 9 :;30 P. M" when -0 $q ucd cer puH~d Q longeov slde three Panther cars porkecl on 28th Street" Cleaver saw a cop get out (J squad COtF which hod suddenly pu~led up , J1heo::J:rdsome ~oud to~k. IJ from a cop "end 5.udde~ly (J gun exploded right in my foce ;" C$e::aver SCiid he end Bobby '~lit oor " through on aH-e:y\¥oy and through C! side door into the basement of a house that had no co~.n-ection with the Panthers.. ~Ve laid down on our back~ and the cops :stn:rted firing., 1 eouid see their bullets coming in through a beaverboard partition abo!Jt ~ foot cbcve my face iI



protected th-em and a was probQb~y a rlcechet thot lcter wounded Cleaver.. A lear gas ecnnisrer also- ~l t h~m in the ~~~t. HIke gas was thi ck now and Bobby took off my e'othi Fig rc ~~ . where ~ wes hiL I was bjeeding from my fOot end coughing ~~~ 13

A concrete


of the puJl..dlng partit'JlIy

n.g e 1se. fj f ed hy the po c e .;set· f1re to the bawmenf and the s 1de of the use . !\Ve. COu Id j t !it~ It an ymc.re :and I ye ed , 'We Ire com i" ng oet , HI C ieove r Hmped out of t h~ house r with Bobb y ho Idj tW h i~ rm to s~ppo.rt· h irn,. . Out in. th~ c j ~eyw -I,).y./" I; ~ :> .:. we bc:tn. f e i~ a clow~ whGo they ith e :e;op-:¥ .to I d us to q.nd cops. from th~ street Lredlqp~ .1$ yards m-Y~Ji app~ach~d. us ~ They kj c;k:e:d us and cursed us for ·about H·ve m i0:JtBS - -> whi b vs e w~f.e j yi ng ~n the gr-OlJnd., At th is t ime C ~e aver wcs w~ot~ng on iy hi 5 SQ~ks... a H h is other :~J i:09 havi ng ~t'I ott ~tripp€d pH b::f Bobby ~n -0 3eor..c:~ for wounds "Then the .cop~ tol llZ fo get up ond .stor+ running for tile £q{lod car ...H ~j~av.er wos l.Jr..qb~e to .becouse of the leg.wound, ~nri he feU. HBobby:siorted ru.nning _,.~ he ran uhvut 10 ycrdE- -- 000 I they ~!"ott.ed snooHn_g h~m" l heard 12 shots, it was herd hJ tel i for sure H~ hQd hh honds hjgh i.~ the Q~ f until he di ~.d}

F incd !1. Q te.ar gas cqrtri.dge



or rorneth"









C !=SQV -ar Was t o~e~ to M~gb j Q nd Ho~p j~.Q j ?m:8 rgenc Y room ~ tnell ~u~hed. off to San Q uent in f cm:cl the J1, ~G3 :$00:11 as his JWIye r ~f"f j v ed ~ wos w h~ ~ked eff to VqCOl.!' l !13 ...... ~uppO$~d f y Fe i"' "m e-d·~(;Q 1 -ott:e i'1i"~on r ~! Q 1thoug h $q~ Q l.:l:$nt in ho~ scm e of th e .. bc;.:jt mt=;dr wj fad I hie~ in the Store pr~ son system ~ At VC.(:;GV; f le.t C~ €:.avef Was kept ~n tota~ hofo=tion ~~mQX5mt:lrnsecur+ i~y~: v/H~ hh -..v~feand ~~yen;. given ardy curtailed vlsits_<" and no orher ViS!for::J.. a!~owed ~ It wos pn~y power the th-e E~tabHsbmem- Pres.s whrch HOQUy got· the ChfOtl~cle r-epcri'er -an int&rVlev~ wl~h h:m ~


afT~~ted P-anth..en ~- $63., ooa [or C ~BGVef (wh ich i~ hIe h~-....=qnf 5ii1"CS n-;~ :poro le WG~ revoked th~:s ~utomot~cGHy confinfn.g him for the f"'>"2xt fo~!" f0t:G) and $40 .... 000 eoch fo~ the oth-er. S6va~~. CI-aoverl"s poro le was ($v.oKSO of 3 A,. M" the night of Apd! 7 and there W~ no h~rjnp,







s~t fer


n the

Th~ Grolld J~fY tesrjmony ogi1irtsr the rd ne P(mth~rs who Wer~ :,.jj'"f€:"EreC ~hat n [gh~.I' :crt the ::;~e of the :;h00t~OUt ... 151 homes .neo:·by... .(:Ir l n the i" ~ ;;:: crs _..I!1C ~t,l des (! H ege; d tl co ofess.i 0 ns by thet~ th:!!" th ey hod be~(j 0iJ t ~~t j~:9 to do rom oak shooting ,; -ond other stctemenrs" ,.411 such stcternenrs ere diffLeu It or impo~!bl~ to bei i.eve V-l"OU ld hcrv~ ~.an vol unted iy given by -nny Block P.:Jntoor arrested fOf shcQting ot cops, As ill the Ne-wton '-G5€ r th@ Grand Jury w~ b~qtont!y empJdyed !o den y rhe def e ndc nt-'3 the f r d ght to. .a pre Iirrd n Dry he~f·j ng {se~ -GaOVB) ~


Chdrl.e~ R. Gorry fijed -affidavits of the Pontners arm~te-d fn a ~l!1t agq~?1St the City of O~k~andJ' the Chief of Po Iice :e:nd the 1Y\.oy-or of Oak len d , seek. ht_g to en i0 tnt h € DA from !.lri y furt her prcsecu t jon s of the Pen ~he;:1; The -offi d QvHs -c:mrS€d Wl!to lizGHojl -of the Pantheffi br the po lic@ f ]nt;m~dation c~ lying" Some Panthers d i~ make Rrlef st-otern ent s to a m Q n the y were t Q Id waS the i r low yer T wh 0 h qcl ba Sr1 bro~.g hr ~n "beccuse Garry and ether Pent}, er attornsys nod no ; nf eresr t n the !:ase jl (n cornp I.e-te f abrr cot ion) ~ Th e H 1uwyer Il tUf~ed C0t !ar~ r to be 0 cop , A~Qt}:,~ c nther was beoteil on the so les of hr s feet unttl he mode Q s.t.otemen~., A fh"i~d Pantn-er $al'd he had never mad~ cr,! statement to tf1.e police at qi j,.. Qncl that it WQS pure j j e.son -ihe~r part when they attdbuted stGtements to him" The ccmpLete stotemenr:s J n ~he affidQvih iflcHcate thot the cop nGrrG.5~~nt Qtld br~t~! h::.q~ ion ~ere d~signed !-o (l) ~1COrJuseow deceive each of the b('ot~er~ "Gnd turn them agc4J:lsr aoen ether o~ on ~ i.drl dge C~eGver by blat.j"nt~y ~ yif18 to them; (2) to get stat em ants frorn them w h j ch wo t] 1d bu i f d up a-s much e v I .den~e -0 go b-~~ E~dihige C ~ ezy.j~r "OspoSsl b 1e ~~ Attorney



Th€"" oct i.Q:'is of ~h~ po H (:~ rn attempting to -ex tort t nese CQr,f essi on.s makes It qu ite c ;~r tho t th e ir tor.g-ef woS th e j eodership of -the Panth en -- ~ thh =CO~y EldrTd..ge C I.e-gver ~ Uke Mi-£t @Jem:$r.h; of the pawsr strucwre they ore ~"forking on n t ne o~umpt ~on t fu~t ; f yo U co r-) d esi"ro y the r eaclers~ iP 'tOO can Cf~ rpl~j·he movement. h (J:$uo t ~ fh ey fQ~t e-d to see ~he .extent· to whh:::h the s~nJ9g!~ In the bJ-ock cormnut!i ty grovrs out of the nead:i of toot -entire C{.lmmunity"~ Op=presslon in th e black cvmmvn ~ Y !~ t not got r, 9 tC ~ gon~ or ft;.rgotten w~ en t hB If;'oo~r; 6f th;s- 8 j Qck P-o~th ~r P~rfy ~f.e iQ j. f ~d Qr
~hct The people

, ,

Qre not go~tlg to ~top fightIng ..

. POltCf


HARASSMENT .............


THE BLACK PANTHER A Som.p~~ of Inc!dents Of
Il'1 .,






·Spfi ng and Summer 19@ ., Tills Wa~ the mon jn.tens-s ?$~lGd .of h-a:~$!";menf' for the Panfhers vp to that· point.,. ft rook p!-oceQrt=er ~ def.l1;;flStrOt~Qr:: by Pat1~hers carrying rHtes at the CaHfon~ia St.ate Leghk~fuf.e in 5.ciGfnmento dudng A.u~mbl y d~~te. on ~. hi ~~ ¥rh j cn ~QU J d ~eJSt riGt -0 c iHzen s dght to wor ~rms ~ D~d ng th ~i= ~ef icd, PQnthers w-a re f~e¢..ed fy .sl-oWed .~ <:ors fj nd. e:n th e 5tTeet; many were OHe&ted; homes. we r.e ~rl feted i 11 egQ i~ by po ~2G6'"~ n y

~, ...






Mqy 22, 196i ~ Bobby Se!l!s went to the Oakland County Courthouse to: hoi I Huey Newton out of [oj 1., He was ~Qnltlg a.g~f~~0 reh~rning waH clJ!side the courthouse ~rryin:g -.a ::nlegoJ Ii $hotgun~ He was. errested end c~afged w ~th em obscure low _.r JotJ ng M..:.::kto me 1800 I S r wh ~ch m-akes ita cr im e to ~ uggl e gum into a a 11, or to pos sass


a gUfl ~.dtdc-ent to o jOt


4·,. Jvne 2}' 1967 ~ W",rren T!Jcker

orrest!:!d by the Berkal~y poJ1.ce. was cccused of fj ghti flg with a whH.e boy He: Wos a OW ad th e two ph one e-a H s !hot any pr j W ner ~5 :r equ jJ$~ by low to hove , He was s-epor)r'!lt~d fi"OITI·the· oth-er inmGt.a-s... He was td:ad; convicted oOnd sent to SO("JM R!~.a where he was. told not J-p en~ge in ony politic.al dl scuss Io n ~ H~ wcs fOi""ced h) work 0 n tfl e f.arm sec tl 0 n end toO .t;vthis I'A fro U hlJ j r style.. He pol:l1ted out til e+ the

not n




ppjh:::e h~ve pictures of H!J.ey N.e~rton and Bobby Seol e which ~r~ -c-apti9:ned llAppro[Jch with Caution ..


Octobe: 2EI 19;67.. Huey Ne;vton wovndad and qrr8$ted tic;r fr.e.y wos ki Hed ond Off! cer Heones wounded.




incident 10 Oakland

in whicn Oakland Of-


Jd~~~~,rr}~~ :=1968~o


Captoi 11 Oevid

H n [lord

o!'fe.st~d while

pO$$~ng Gut j eaf~ets or oakland T ech ~
of Ej dri dB eel


'OtS.3trOQk: $tr:;~t,. Son
and P'ont her Rav c iu! 10

J ~H'l'JQry 16 J 196:8 " At,3 ;30 A. M ~ Son f rene Isco po Iicemen b rok e do~tr~ the doc r

and seorched

the apartmenf
were prese nt ~

~~ without



ecv er I s ope rtm en t Eldddge .. h is wife Kath~ een,

nor)'" Arti

s,l Emory

Do \.l9!:r.l S





5, 196.8.

funtner and hb 8 ir!f6 eoo were Qrrtited fo.- ~\:H ~turbi ng the peace, D~" Speck ~nd Jcrnes Forman spoke. They were beoten in jaiL
At 1~OOA. M~




F82ru!!7 24~ 1968.
son i and glJestioned

Pontlie.r Jimmy Chorley appr~ached


pol lcemcm W'ho .W-OSftill th:- act of ossj~uhin.g.o

the off~-cer~ He was promptly orresred and charged

th reslst mg crrest ..

blcck per-

10.. f~rua

ry 25, 19~ ~

At;3 =30 A., M. po! ~ce b.rok -e down the door -of Bohb y Sea Ie '"5 horne ~ wh.e re Bobby anQ h is wj fe


Artie, were h~ bed csleeo, There in Q; va~ue "conspirccy to commit

no warrant.

PoHce said -they were actin.g on o cemplclnt
which was promptly dropped for lack



mVfder)~ charge,

rating po lice confh~~ted we-apom IJnd arrested Mr_ ond Nkrs. Seale" Four other olso orresred a short time loter ... and ~hqt9~d wHh mi-sdemeonof"S.., Mr ~ onci Mrs .. Sec]e fao-6 trio] on Ch.t;lf_g~$ of pes-' . sess ing iIlego I we a po ns i j nc J ud j ng poss.e~~j n of gu ns with seri Q j numbers fi Iecl off. Seo Ie co Jlh~~d$ t hd t the .po lie e 0 ff I ~d off t he ser I Q~ nut'"E'l bers ofter the orre:d ~ H uey P~ Newto nand Bobby See le , before fa rm ing the B j ock Pan t her Pon- y corefu I j y stu d 1ed afld -ano j yz.. ed the j dW parte ini 119 to CartYI ng 9ufl~ and tought th ese J crws to n t;!W mem bers of

evidence, Shotgun .... Pontlien ... in c car nearby, were

the Block Panther

Party ~- they w.sre -;=nythi n9 bvt




JO\& ond followed the ·Imv j n c U


11 ~..lhh"d and fo~rth weeks

1968., A .rom of arrests of black men either in the Panthers or identified with rhe-;; ~ One of th e r ~~l,f~nts took ;-ce ;~ fr-ont of the Nature I Shop of Sa i1 Pob 1.0 St-reet t n Oekl and ~. Th i-s inc ident happen@d.when pollee stopped the cor of ~ bleck yout" ~n: en .alleged trcffic Vlolotioll tn· front ·of the shop. P:oIicemen pu lied the youth from the cor threw him t:lgoLnst the car deer and beot him brw.Jtcll y About" :t.eo Ponthers end thei r ossoci Qt~ gothered around to protest and were orrested , T},i~ r.ash of orre$ts col nclded with the visit of Stoke iey Co tm ichce I to tn.e Sa y Areo ~

of februory




12~ ~tH

3T 196-8.. PoHce entered Ftdher NeIl~~ church in Oakland where the Panthers were holding a ~eeting., A yout li ossoc h~ted. w Hh the p~r;the~ (but not au thor; z ed by them to possess a gUil) was r nccord ing to po Hce JI drunk end waving 0 gun .outside the church .. Police surrcund.ed the c:huJch and eflterec fty about ·twelve of thern , with 12 ~uage: shotguns held 1n front of them ~n Q tnreutenlng manner .. They W@:f~ oi:companiwJ jne-xplkob~y, by o wh ite CathoB c pri est end (] bl ack d-ergyman_.. both from Oaklono Dovld Hi U10rd came out of the sanctuary end refused to allow pol ice to ~otef the sanctuary. Upon seel ng Hill La rd so pog ce lowered thei f guns and cast thek ~yes cbou! ~ looking for Someone ehe., The P-onthers ore CQnvinced they were look~n:g fQr Bobby Sec!~ ~



13 ..

15fego., :=They hco

.Apr! I 5! 1968" Son Diego pol.ce cr-oshed down the door of Ken Denml)n
no worn:J i1t ~

PF P leader

-and PantMr orgoniz.er

in 500

14~ ;Aprn

1968., 5~verot Pontner$ in CQr5 in west QQkJand on SGtordGY night,!' April 6 were -a.ppro~ched by hvo po'" Bcame:n and m-en'Oceci with giJ£l.S~ When thB P.anfuen tried to defend themielves,. shooting began, .and the Panthe!$

{".on Ento -a fleurby hou~., After ~bovt 90 minutru: of shooting by some 50 members of the OGkJaod P..D~ who ;et fire to th ~ houw and H j k:d it w j th te nf ga"5. r the Pont~ en; were for.-ced to -svrro ndet ~ Wit h f b o-d j ight s cov eri ng the house ... Bobby Hutton walked out w;th hh hon.ds up., Scmeooe yetted that he hQd a g.;n,. and he was :dlOL He wQS 15

not armed; no ,9Vrl was fcvnd -on)'where nwr h1s body~ Eldrldge C!eavar~ wounded. in the leg .... od eyes bcdly o bur ned by tear gqs r com e ou t • I toto ~$ n j ne persons wae arrested r j n c h;.d ing Pcm her Not 10 n'-1 CGpto ~n DQ¥ id I


H r l~ iQf.Q
~pr~j ~




1f cernen



nded s iight

~~ y

Two Slack mnther wom-en we=re 90ing obout Oak.k~rQ 1n Q ~Qr putHng up posrers announcIng the Ct::'ndj.do:'C y of H~ey Newt~n for CQn;gn~ss and Bobby Sea te for A.s:3.amb! y on th G P~qC e tHld F r~~dom H ~et Twe lye poH=cemen. wH}, snGtguns sl-opped their car God wc~checl it ~.-"without probable ~5e~ Throughout the dqy~ potrol .c::a rs c l:rc ~ d th e N-ewton'" S:e·rd campa isn hsudquo;t€:r:s ~ e 5Q!T'lt10p j =ar and other Pa nfhers were ph ys r c::p ily stepped by poH.;e from fJL_.ltHng up ;::;ornpolw post-efS ~ .Pn~J,ceh~ve be~n spon~d by OddQm j'"~idep,ts tead 119 down N;awto51~ Seo ~e posrers ,

16 ~

!j?r i~ 1,3



!?...2,~ FOl..Ir rnern be rs of


B j a ck funth er Porty w ere ; et=u rnt ng
It Wm Fdcl~.:r1 they v~~re ...


were Clrrestsd Oh suspicion

of robb$,Y ~ S ~n-;e

Bobby Hutto n 's fu j"1arc i whe n they be k!:!pr over thB: w£2kend before they

po Iice Pjoc-s>d1;te ~~ ~t r11e::lns rhre:a doY5 cl~tgntion ~nsteod c,f Clysmight he.,., fore 0 court app€'Cfan::;e., Ths robbery took place- on tkndcy., Ft.;rrherm0n~ !h~ fcbb.e{y CC,r W\JS driven by on€! perso n w Hh (H18 pa:sse-nger ~ Four p eop h;: wer.e Qff9S.ted f d day ~ Th e ~r »ais. ~:n ~he ~hQP be l ng repfj ired at the t! me of the aHegeti robbr.=!fY ~ On Sund~y,.. Gfter G we~end :e>f work by Att0f~"H:~y AJex nOffmQfin:r the ~J.$~f$ct~ j:;: ware r{;!!leGSBd =-=-- they ~cujdnSt be ]d::.=mified O~ Sqving ~.;~~ 0 remOf£ con{1:$:cHon w~th the cH~ged ;oblgry.. 'VVhen urr~ted they were \"'rJa~; they were iqkan in with dti;ho'.!!1 gur=..5~

cos.. d he arraiS!'led ~ Thb!} d




1 ~ 12.6.B", A ~h:;:te.r~myear old _gir~ WQ.S arrested for ex.torti en for seHlrlg Hvey buttons During the Icsf h 0 If of 1968 and


18., 1968 '""]969..

nA ing eTa$'""to c rU;5 tb e ~H h ock PQrlther~emerg ~d ond WQS men +s were hond ed do-wn ago inst the Pan th~r$. \Vh =e-ncrrests Vier e mode , bo; i w~s "S et for o srro nom ~co J omou nts ~ Du r! ng December Gild J a fluary a iOM j nd l c+men tt ago j rut POj1}her l ~Dders w€re ha~d ad down ~ So It irnore , Chi cogo ! n N e« York T S-5crtt Ie F Jersey C it-y r Des Mo j nes, Ouk ~Q nd So n Front isco ~ ond Los kg-€! ~ ~ Dud 09 t he lost week e:s of lY1arch, 19 PQlnthers 1n Ch FcqgO were Qrr.e~f-ed on a vcri.ety of -charge:; ~t"l"d 21 N.ew York: Panthers were j ndi cted on +he inCf$dib1oe -charge that they ,:::oi1$pin:~d to brow up s.ever(d depGrtm~()~ £tore£: ~ The NBY/ York 21 w:-·:re h~ld On $1001"000 bond each The fu;-~~ of repression are ~j ecrl y making G' franti c effort to ct1)sh the Poni"ne: ."

th e

n rs+ me nths

a concerh::d roii-';P f .fOC Y on t he part of the esco Hat -ad fo new h ei gn 1'5 Fran coost to eocst j nd j ct~





19 ~ Genera 1~ Po iice 11 rossrne nt of the B 1o~k Pqnt her Porty nos fQ! i.en 1me d sH 11~t e pat r ems I f nd i~atl:19 ~ 5 ys~em~T~c a off ernp t to l nH mi daf.e d n:d destm y th e Ferty Q nd J lqu I: dGf ~ or ian its J -9.Q=defsh j p ~ We no ~e:
FF"V' •


Is :







l~ny wh it e peop Ie do no t v nd erstcn d wh y th e B~ ock Panther Party prog rem hos os poj nt no. S t h~ dernond th of hI 0 ck p2Cple be freed from jQih'4 The simple Qnswer ~s th;.:~tblock pwp~e have never received e faIr trial in this. country,
Whci Is 1:;! fair trkd? For one thing, -0 f.oir triol is on~ wherein your peers judge your cottons. As the Black Panther Progffli"TI hos stated .. a peer lS a person who is from your -c.ommvflfty -- Q person who hO$ the some soclo+economic stotus os }"CU do a perso ri; who me y know ,,"OU - - CJ nd if he does not know yOJj f who can IJ nde rS~Clnd the w~y you th~ nk " No whlte men in _Amedeo understands th"$ '"Noy t! black man think:; ~- hewould hQve to hove lived ct.5 a bh;H;~ person in 0 r>J~~~tsoclery to v.nderstand thot. ThU5, no white men ccn be 0 block mon~s peer .. Furthermore; c peer 15 one who ;;hpres YOLJr sod O""'-$:C onom ~C titQ tv$. • N Q so cf -0 J sc te 01' i.st -cou l d sed ousl y q uorre i w r t h the not ic r'1 t h a=t 0 ne! s c 1css status af-e~ts the woy he think~.f fhe way he recets to Q gty.s:n 5Bt of clrcurnstonces , The rlch man cannot reclly undersfand the:: man who :st eo l:s f.or h t$ hu~gry fom i1y ~ Th e w~ ~te m idd ~~-c I0$ perso n cannot u ndersta nd why b 1rJ eke hi ld r ~n fi gh t Qft-xsr.g thennel ves. One :sho;)id reaci block psyc.hj crtrht Fronz FaJ10n 's Wretched ?f the Earth to understond viol ence in ~ th* b~Q~k ~~mrn1JftHy "'"'"'" N\ph::olrn XJ-s .~~D~iQgr?f?~<' or .




The blQck mcm is most Hkel y to be .qrr~ted, ;);-OM Hket y to b~ corrvi cted, most ljke~ y to spend long yean; in j aH ~ \-Vhy? N of be CauSE b j"O ck rn~r. corom it more cr irnes . Too rnQny courts ond com mi ss i0 ns have 1ong recognized tho t iusr ice for th e poo-r is not th~ ~~ C5 ~u~t~ce for the monied, The pO¢( ccrnnot offord !(1Wyers ~ The pPOf are forced to "cop a pi@OIJ r~th~T thun f-; ght the ir -C.QS.e r he bloc k man ls td e d by w h j te iud,ges;, wh ite juri es .. Arres ted by white po t ic~ ~ ho ore ~ ofte n brut a 1 qno who w ~11 fG bri .-:ate ch Clrges that he Co nnot d j sprove ~

The b~Qck man cannot offord bqil -~ ilnd mony v/hi te It.=dges fee I tl,at i"t does Q person good to be in iail 'OJ few days roth@i:'" than be bailed ouf -- thus destroying our herolded :~presumption of jl1nocenc~<" For the black man there is

presumption 0 f gu . ~t• jI











PARTY .....

SInce the Qb.ovs W 0 S cri gi n a H y Gompi Ied and w ri tt en in the .:s:umm:srof 1968 the Black Pon ther Porty h cs m 0 -ved u nqW-5tjon~b~y into the vcmguQrd of the block liberatjon itn... ~gte [11 the Unjted States. No' "5urpd~~n8iy r rhelr continued growth and lecdershlp been met with frantic acts repression by the racist power srruc+ure , The ru Ufl9 cless ohY~ous,ly recognizes the genuine threot the Biack Panther Party pos~s to thelr explolfi ve interesh~ In one week clone in the early spring of 1969,.. 21 New York Panthers were busted and charged wHh a conspirocy plot to bomb downtown deportmen t stotes d uri ng the E(]ster rvsh; a fj obv j 0 us fobd cat iDO iJ'i the f cce of c cnt t nuou 5 {] C ts en d stctem e nt$ by th e Panthers demons.troting their dedico:ticn to -serving the people '""'~ knBng them. not



The 21 were he Id on $100.1 0Cl0 bond e¢¢h ~ During the serna week., 19 Panthers were arrested in Chl cago on Q VQd ety of chorge:;.. Bobby Seal e r Chajrmc·n of the Bleck Panther Party I W05 one of ei ght ch~r.ged w j censpi racy and 1J:S.i ng interstate traff ic to inc it e 0 rlct , i n co (1n e{:t ion wi fh t 1-1 e dLsQrdersat th e 0 emoc ra He Party No tione I Co rrve nH0 neve 11 though Seale was only io ChicQgo very briefly that week to ~peak at d roHy in Lincoln Park in support of Chicago 's str j k l ng bus dri VB rs . Th e po fi t ico t nature of the ind f c+rnent 0g qj ns+ Cho ~ on Seo J e is. c 1earl y oppar@ nt ~ Th e po we r rm S tr ucture J he v j ng j mpr iso ner Hue y N ewtc n ond dd yen E1 ridge Cleaver d un d ergrou no is 0bv iou $ ~y aox iOU S to d ispose of Bobby SEal e as well.


One re-cent oct of repre~sive violence OgC3; nst the B;ock Panth-E!f Pt.::nty j~ of portteulo r .si gnTfi ccnce to the cleve lopment of the black; l iberQtion movemenr , On January 17... 1969.r two members of rn~ Los ArJg.e les chapter of the Panthsf""S,
AIp:enHce (&.mchy) Carter and Jolin Hugginsj" WeT? shot to deoth aj- Q meeting cf the UCLA.. BSU.., Member'$ of Rop. Kan::ngq!s bla:;k coltur-o ~ noticn.Q1ist organ lzotiofl, US.r hav;a been apprehended in connection with rhe murders This hos !rtip!red consldercble hO$tJlity between the Ponthers end US and c thorough critjque of clJiturcl notionoiism by the Panth:?ts:o Th~ Panther.s~ position on cuHvro~ nationalism hod bee~ mcd:2 ~bundaJltly ctear earHer by H!Jey Newton in an inteNiew which he .grqnted +-0 The 1v\cve~e~ whil.e in pdson .. Whet'l asked hf~ vi-ews on tl1e differences betw~11 cut.,., turql and .revolutionQry notian(d i-sm J Huay soia";


The re ore hAto

k j n d 5 of

iuHonory notionoHsm

not i0 no I ; ~m~ revo Iv ti onqry JHlti Gna sm a rId recrct loncty no ti (l no H sm ~ ReYoIS fir;)t dependent upon a people's revaluHon with the end goa) bejn~ the peo-



C i; It u ro j t)~tL~r1G:1j s m) or pork ch op nat t 0 no Hsm , os ~ s-or.rV?~lmes Co Hit! [s oo:s j Co II y cr proo t -em of h cv ~~g. the wro ng .:po H ti co 1 perspe ct 1ve • h seems to be [] reGO::: t! 0 G iilsr:aoG of respond j og to po H t i~ co 1 oppre ....... , The c-uhural nat~c~o1ists ere coi1cerr::ed. w~rh. retufn; ng to the oJd Afrtcon cu-!tlJte '5f on ."ond thereby re99rnlng their identify end freedom.:. ~n other words, they fe&l fhat fhe African cul,ture w ~ o:l..iOO1ati coH y bri n:g po Hti cal fre:edam" t~~ny fhne:5 cu~tw~~l ngf1ona!j~:; fa into It ne cs






react j OM~y r:Gt~ enG ~~$t:;

Papa Doc k~ Haiti i~' r! e Ieel ~ant .e):;ampte of fBOc.tb·nGf/ not! or~l iml ~ He oppresses the p.sopl.e O but he does promote the Afd can CL.d ru re , H-.:.:; og-Oln-st any"1hi ng other th~n block r wh~ch on the ~s . surfqce s-e~m,')very gocd, b;.rt for h}rn it is ord y ~o fllidead th8 peopi e , H0 mendy klci:ed out the racists and rep !qced them wHh hI rnself os the QPp!""~~wr., tA~ny of the f'fqHona fists h~ ~·hh country

de~ire ~he scm e ?nds.

The Bfack Pont-her Party ~ which ; 5. a revo fut lQnQry grp:Jp of block ps-op!;e ....r-B-cd lzes ther we have to hav€: an identity ~ We have to r~o!1:z.e cur b!qck h£dro=ge ; n ::'}r-d€f to give us ;;h~nsth to mov-e . On Cin-d progress... Qtlt os r-:)r cs rehHnin.g to the old Af.r~cqn Ct.dtV'B~ 1t~5 vnnecessory and lt 's f'lO{ ddvcnrogeoGs in mony f"6'Specls. We bet ieve that Gwhure itself w~ n not l iberot-B us , \V;;J.r~ 9.Q~ng
to need


"Sf r 002 er 5.tuff


'Th.e Block Panther Porry ls Q revolutionory nationq1h1 9fWP end we see .a maier contrQdJ,,;tlon be. tween capito~; sm in th is cOlIntry and our i nrerests. We n~jjHz.e tilat th L~ cowntry became v~t"y d ch upon s lovery and thot ~.lO"Very is capftal ism in the extrffile" Wra ncr-..... h¥o evil 5 to figh t! eapHolism e .and rue j .srn We mu-st destroy bot h roc j sm an d Co pHcd i5m ~ . . .

Aft~r th.e ossosinct ions ~ Bobby ore sections from en inte;:-view


even more empnqtIc in wjth Bobby Seale whicl1 .appBOt~

hi~ eqn9%mnati01"1 of




The Movement =-=-• .......


-an :r



""'s:: l)1l:I

MOVE ME NT ~ Recent~y r-n Lo.s Angele~ the S!o-ck Pont~6r Vfa£ an~.....::ked by groups other th;:Hl th~ ofH.". -ci a f po H ce 1n th e farm of ossossi nation of two key ~eodef.s~ john Huggins / De:puty Mi nl srer of {nformo~ tior1 of Southefli Co [jforni a; and Alprenti ce Bunchy~~ Certer De·puty Mi nTst.e:r of Def$n-;;e of Southern Co J ifo rn i-tr .. W 05.11d you com me n t 0 t1 th ese osscss inat rODS?
JI i"

to thi.s orrocioos , rnuderous .:5yst@m. A1. Bra t h er "~~aasia f one I.) f the ne -it !ead~rs of the cho pte r l J1 L.. A. saY!3, )]1her e 's a hc-g {damogo_gi c po Ht~ c.ions}, th~re 15 a pi (3 (rOCLst po Hce forc.e5) f and therf/:S ~ hoQr (avo(oclQIJS bU."5-1 nessmE~Hj) Those who cornrni ned the csscssinotions ~ in Los Ahge les ere pork C~OpB end t~ pork chops ore ir"l fo-et the some os the pig. Now We know for 0 f-act fhat the pork chops, :-he cultural naHonalisn ill: this counrr y r are easily swayed and used by p~g power strucrure . ~n Los AngeJe-s 1t WC";l the pork chops
ens orB

B BY: The po n ti co j ossosslncf


COJ:jfSS;- ~

irect j y reloted

of the organi z cr ion r US ... led by Ron Karenga thqt ~r~ r-espofl:Sib~e [o r the po I iti ca~ ~o of out rnoi t1 Ieoders{ .lohn Htlg9 ins and A!pr@nt~ce ·'Bvtldl y ~~ Center ~
.. -:. "I' •

O.$SOS51 nat

ions of


\Vhat do yov think there is obour c:ultvrol ·nat~on-aPsm groups_, that mckes them the enemy of revolutionari&$?


cside from the c-gent~ within

nattonalhm th~;; WO'j~ They come pdmor1ly from the middle Glass bourg~Gi~. ThiSY hove ;_J tendepc..y to prtH.::Hc..e a farm of black rccism, Jntt~oHy through di~or1c .. Frenz FoonG!")1 who wrote the book; Wrefched of the E::lrth~ srofes ~hcl m·:;mytimes cvr blqi;k bn;thef5 who ore in these co !1ege5 and who re~ofe to the bo:vr8~~:d5 ~css hove their inteHeCfual ~ possessjons 5tH! in pawn to th~ f'.Aan 1:5 sy~tem so much that they b=e.:g En to hate G whit~ person: ~jmp Iy be{;oUs~· of the co lor. of thei;- ski f:! Tho. f r s ;-eo fIy procH c 1n:g the some ro C h~mthat ex isrs ih 8 s ys+em t hot we 'lre try, hlg· to desrroy. This~:s tryins to fight fire witn Hre ~ Th~s ls ~ot <.1 fvntHC'n-al thi ng t-o do because every .. prac.ticaJ p-erwn in the b~cck comrnuni+y kmw~ that if a Bfa starts in th:e ir notJse they don ~t·go run.n~ ng +0 get som-e f1re to put it ::]~j" I they get some wafer to put the fire out b.ecqu~e ev.e-rybody knows thor you put fi re -ov} with wata.r.. 18 . BOBBY;

WeH_.... t understand


The Blqck ?qnther Pony gets this anolysIs end th~s understanding from having 0 broader perspective of vthor the clcss system is cboof , We think the cultvro~ nationQ~tstl~ ;deo~ogy 1$ very Umit$cL The firsT thing they start t.Q~king about 1~ tne¥r cuJtu~e~ The,./re trying to LdenHfYl they 're the. ones who ~ve b.een lost .. that have b~en most dis(:onneded 'with the -cufture of Afdeo or what hove you or whctev-er they th Ink they mfght need to ;4Jsta~ n themse ives, The yore more eos fly used by the pig power structwre than the mosses -- the fi e ~ rdggers ~ .A fi sld nIgger is l Hercd ~y robbed by the pig . . .. d power structure ond he figures out a way to _geforth and take bock some of fhat stuff that was robbed from h;m ..... os Of) individual _ without be~ fig able to ortic§..datB it him5~!f ~.
Nc\v this cuiturcrt nationaHsT h supposed to be able to art~culate end he does, but he does SO in such a fosIon thot prorects this same racht capito l!$t system.. ThdT1S v?ry important because the capito system is -a c~a5s system ~ The BJock Po.nther Party is deoH ng more with kif Hflg end getfing rid of {rna :cla~s tlystem ~ \Ve1re fcdking about soclolisrn, The cv~furG! notlonaHst$ say that socialism won!f do qnything for US~ ThereJs the controcictjon behl'les~ the old and the new ~ Block people hove no rime to practice bLock rocism ono the messes of b!ack pcop~e do not hate white people fust because of the co ~or of the~r 5k f n Vinot the mGsses Df biock peopl e ocruo n y hate (and th is ~$ 50meth irig l have scid ~·~me and time agaIn; Huey has $q*d it time and time- again) is ~Nhat is beIng done to U'5 and the



~7~f&n that

~f:e~tes what is being done



The masses of b f ock pecpJ e undersJQnd th~P:7 ls: a fe¥! John BfOWr15 -':~OlH;G somewhere who ere go j ng to be he lpi ng to get rid of those rcci st, capH·o Hstl;;,: expfo~ te~ hl th 1s CD~ntry ~ $0 we !re not· going to go out fooHsn~y and wy there ;5 nO possibn ity of cd~gn~n9with some riGhteous. white revo lutlOf1Cldes". or other poor end oppressed peoples ~n thr~ cO!Jntry who mignt come to see the l isht about th$ fact that it~s the capitalist system thQt they must get rid of.

A culturol nctjonolist is a foot , The white ro~j'St power structure w~ H hol ler Bbtcck copitaHsm~' and just because the word block Is on the front of CQpilQ~i:sm he ret.otes to iL But the BJacK Panther Party is smarter than that because we ask the q~esHon whot about Jewish capH-aHsrn? What about irish capitalism? What about Ang1o-Soxon Gapita H~m? The only thing they~ve ever dOfie for us, If
Hy Angio- Soxon and h-hh capitQH sm i was. to perpetuate the exp lo itatfon~ The Ang~o-Soxon capitaHst kept block peopte jn slcvery , stole the Iond Qway from the indi-. cns , oppressed Mexicon-AmedcansT oppressed Ch~r,e$e~A.-nericQns" So capitoHsm CCul~t be any good for Vs ond this is what the:se c~J1tural natj OnqH-Sf:5 don It understond, They don jt know how to dec} with that .. $0 they come up ond teU us thjng~ Hke:r' !film td-cki09 the men out of some of thi3 money .. H VveH the man is the biggest trickster in the damn y./or~-d. He MQS rricked peop!e out of who le counrri es, out of who'e continents and here is fnb fooi r th~-5 ~gfjoront ass coming down teHtng us he "s tri eking the man out of somerh t ng.. $'0 we say thot once we under;,tand what c ~:.o$S is o n abolJt we ore go~n9 to hove to show these foots that they~re g:;dng to have to g€t some broader ideo{ogy ~

you look back ~n h istory




!f we could dejve into this


Hft16 f{}rther,.

di cted that there would be these kind'S of <lS~os.5rnuffons flf\an ~ Vie hove always felt that one of the key points Df stroin between cufrun:::d nct lonol ists and the revoluH oncry nQtionoUsts, red by the Blo-ck Pqnther Party+," wcs over some of the 1deo!ogtcal questions you have just raised ~ SpecificaHy the P~nther ideciogy.-+ mdlnJy expressed by Huey as the need for revohJHonary nationalism coupled wlth the need for re¥oiution In the whH-e mother country~ (Sea Huey Ne'rvton tolks to the j\"O\fEMENT r AGgV?f ~ 1968., ,tdso ovai h:sb~e 0$ G pornphJet from the fAOVEI\J\ENT PRESS f 330 Grove SL F :S .. F ~ c.onfornlq 94t02 or 5DS or \608 Y~!est AAodison St I), Chtca.go:f

As ~on9 as (:; Of '9 months ogo E\dtidg~ preby ctdtvtaf nQtiotHlH~f group; worktng ·w-iJh the

H' ~ 60612 ~ J5¢) V1cuJd you Hke to commer.r on th~s cspe ct .
.,.-< ~

BO 83 Y;

Eldri dge to 1ked qbo~t the nece%~ ty for ~ ibefaTl on 1n the co) o~y and


~uti on ~n the

like to exp~oi n it more on q pr(~ct[c0~ lev€~.:- Vlhcrr 's hoppef1ing here is that it~5 lmpzy;~~b~eE 1)5 Hvey soys, fur us to hGve cantroI Qf the j!1~HtutiohS in our CCnHlHJn~ty ~'hen a cnpitallst lc system exists 011 the O\jtsk~e of If ~ V-ih$0 lD fac·t the cDpHu1i.stlc 5fs.re-m 'NOS the ver; system that ,~ ~... f t' r . eO$hJved us ond ;$ respons;bH? or OlJ~ con F1V~G OPP;C!510n ~ ;)0 ~~ 'we wont to d.eve~-cp a wei oHsfc 5Ystenl within the b·'ock community w-e:re soy!ng irs cdro .going to have to exist ~n fhe white community, We l re sayL'1g toot the v.,h itg ccmmunH Y the moth e-f ccn... H1try:i'" ~5 the farher of ra~ist -?" exnh)i tot~ ve cooi .... toH"Sm dnci it exricit~ bL(jc~ peopie In the bja~k c0mmvn~ty., y\Jhen Nl~on beg~r~ to $or~ad the idea ~f black cQP~taHs.m oH he~$ dcing is 3tref1gthen~n9 rhe cap~to~ isr ic sys~em \Yh~Gh ~s the ~ery system that put us in s.~overy ~
(f""!Ot08.r country ~ Pd
l ".,., ~


s The culture I nationa iisrs hav:$ ~ ~or9~ te(Jdency to r elore ~G bl cck capna~isrn , We lay that 's w~·:!::n~g Wf!/re; taHdng dbout :=;Q¢kd ism cs Q wh;.1:[ e af.p~ ~ not ilJ~t bl~ck .socjaHsm It WL:o~ ld b~ absufd to go to Cub:~end start Jalkj flg Clbout- blo~k sccio lism , The c~.dTIJraf :not10r.a lists JQlk ~t the th;td veo r! d . We t Q' ~k (lbotJ r ~h€ Co f o:i"ed pe op ~es cf thf:: ·wor Id b~t ot the ~.~ time·there ar-e -;:tiH going fO be nx1t1Y mQny whjta.peop~e who '.. 90;~ ore to want fo change th~ .system bet<nJ:s~ they Q~ port coo parceL of the. _ d eve Iopme l1t· 'Of In.d[j kind., if the th j rcl wodd Qnd the rna f ori t y of e .p~ r cppressed peopf.e hoppert fo be colored OllQ thay make <1. profDund im- "'"pact upon jarge numbers of wh ite peoph:"! obout Q (I~W a~ ~ttef" :5ysJem where- manki rx1 doesn It exploit rncnkind tn:8D I n fo~t th is ~!Hve r r..at


n.-egot r ve ~



co j tu ra ~ no~ j a r!a j j ~h don ~tu ndersr
q i (tfK;8S

G nd

t h of when the

Parr y has
p.€opJ e



Goa H tior.;;

W!lf, wh i peo te

p! e


.a rs

c w hu ro l r~::rt OM i

bas Ico II y oppo$~ to fh e roc bt:l" copHJJ n.stl c system, The Hsrs don ~t hov~ er<,~lJgh ::::8ns~ to see rhi.5.~ 1 ne5e ~om.e cu!....,.

ront her'" it is w rth those wh r.t~
S1o d<.

turo; fjcth:)i1O~ Isrs


lobs th~re

to wcri=; downtown with the OJpH~l Isrs ~ They want

in tha p:Yi~rry pfQgr&ns"


11-6y ~L:Jj~ they gre trh::::k~r::g the M_r;:m wlth the REAL AVAR ~CfOU.s Pl GS who have ooen op_'

press ifig tnem for 400 ye ors , W -e dre try E t~ moke Q pro f0~ od ~mp!l c{ ng cr Jot of ·whrte pe0p~e in this coont:r'y.:::rnd espe·d 1JHy thos~ reds., lef!~ ist:$ Cfnd rod j co Is j n th e wh f t e com~!1:J ty tryi lSg to [_j nder5tand who t we reed ~y 5Qyt r-..g





TM8 wnites will haye io go b~K:k Qrid :shoot the1r mothe~ ond fathers wh·o ore across trr 1s counfry o 00 <no un d th~· WOf;" fd ~ ThuY ~":S .exu-ct ~! ot s go.., wh ing to hove to happen and we. dCJt1 ~t pu U ~t1y bones on our end. If we S~ obi ock cop d d j jlg down th e ttrm r m uroer if19 a b lo{;k rnon Of bruto 11" f rig z j., im , H 's rmt the CO~Of of hi:5 skin, H·l~ the ccrions GrId the thLng1 he Is. &1 r;g thot we] re oppo~ed ro , so we 're 8O~n:g to hoy=::!- to k l f r h~ fOO., J t db~n If rnoke ony difference: ,.vhot c(">jor the pelSDi"/~ sk~n js r jtj_s what the $On h dc~ng to tne peQph~:,"



Bos i Co I~Y cu j tv red n-qti orn::d 1sb hHTI 1n ta PQpa ODes.,. Papo Doc nr 1e s H cr{f~ crrnJ oppresses the peopfe ~ '..He Cs;t?]]t hoye: no Gvfh';i"o1 ncrH~nQfltt.;:; in thi~s. co IJ nf ry wh 0 crre go j ng to ru n oround QOO IT1lJ rd er on d btu t a Ii2: e ctrrd ~fl t i~ ml date fJ€op r e ju;st for ~arne ChF ckenshir :!;".".;:hump chonge. And if they th·ink th:e-y[re bed, weH they rJ~n.st S~en notnfflg yet .,/erd of quotoJ~o~ .


Be.s:ides spuring

the Parrthen to irl-crerued open oppo.5lHol1 to cu I turoJ nd"'" ti 0 no 1isrn on :;;tret e.g j c grat:m ds f th~ mt.Ffd e r of A ~prent! C8: Bun ch y EI Corte r a nd Jon n H ugg ~ns has Cl ~so CGlJs$'d rBpercu~h)n~ w f th in fu e P.cnty it se lf . : Porty members who heve broken Party d i;scipH n-e or fan ed to devote fhe=jr sffo rts to th€ s srv ica G f the b J G.::k C Qmmun ~ 0::; we ~r cs t hose shown to·i ty be r eple SfJ ~ ti n g the ph j j osoph r of c u hI,,::o r j")Qt r Dno lisrn have b~f{ disci ~ r

pHned by rh-= Pvrty aM In some cqs-e~ hove b.een ~xpeHBd F.rom iL Th is ~ need For tight dl sc:ip~i ne wi th r n tha B!a:.:k Ppi'1i'n 65' P~lfy becomes cl:::::ody -appan~l1t -..vhert .one reaHze-s th.~t the b~o~k community is. frr 0 Hght for ~fs ow n 5u-rv~ I an d tb::rr r€ pF~55 ion in ~h e b f a-ck cam i"t'11J n; ty Q!1d e.?.P9(: i01 j y" . VQ fhat d i:re:cted tCtWard th e Pon ~hen; ; s ,eCE':}, j ng unpr~cede nte-d h€ igh ts ~ In the foce of th~s f~pre:.:;__s;c(ll th~ PCrlthar.s :Si"opped accepting new membeo; for a th ree to 5j~ month pe60d ~n Drder to c.orrcenfrdte en poLiti 'Zed edu+ cat! on w J!hi n the k ronks .!J rrd pu t forth the f:;;· j[.ow 1rrg ru I es fo.- PGrJy m~~-hers: j

i 20

J ~ No party m-ember con hove narcotics or weed in ht:f pcssession while dotng pdrly work". 2 ~ Any port}"' member found shootlnq narcotics will be expelled from this per+y,
be DRUNK whne doing daily party work , .. 4., No perry membe:r wd ~ violate rules relating to offi-ee work , general meeti 095 of the· BLACK PANTHER PARTY! and meet~nm of the BLACK PANTHER PARTY A.NYWHERE. ....... . 5., h10 party member wiH USE ... POINT ~ or .F~RE a wecpon of any kind unnecesscri ly or accidentalJy at
3:) No porry member can

6., No party member can join ony other crmy force other thdn the BLACK UBERATION ARMY~ i. No party membst can have 0 weapon in hj~ possession whi Le DRUNK or locded off norcofics or weed. 8:> r~o P--;Jrty membar wiD commIt any crirnes ogc.dnsf other party members Of BLACK people at QU, and CQnnot st.eQI or take from the peep Ie not even 0 need Ie or -0 .pi ece of thre-od.


9.,. "1Vhen dITe~ted BLACK PANTHER MEMBERS wiH give on~y .nfime/· ~ddr~.Ss ... and si_gn nothing. l=_gcd fi r-s! oid ml)st be u nderstood by P-orty members" . 10 .. The Ten Point Program end ptotfcrm of the BLACK PANTHER PARTY must be known and understood



eoch PeMy memba~ ~

11" Party Communi c:otions fflvst be National and loco!. 12 ~ Tn!:! 10 .....0-10 -program shol,.dd be known by I members and aho understood
13~ AH Fh~;-:;nee officer$

wnJ opercte under the [urlsdlcr ion of the Ministry


by ali members.

of Fincnce ,

14 ~ Eoch per50n wi I~ subm it (] report of doH y work

of work~

15 ~ Eocn .s!Jb""='Sect~cll leader





Ueutenoot.1 end Captoi n must

subma dany reports

16 AU Panthers must ~earn to operat~ and servi ce weopons cQrrectly .. 17 All Leod:etship personnel who expel o member must submit this information to the Editor of the Nev.rsp-qper, 50 that it wH! be pubHshed In the poper and wlB be ~t1own by 011 chapters cm<l broncbes .. 18" P0Utk:o~ Ed!J..;;otion Classes ore mordqrCJry for genero) membershlp , 19 Only cfflce personnel a5$.19ilsod to ~e5pectlve offices each day should be ther.e~ AH others. are to seH ropers ano do PoHtica! work OlJt in t'h.e community, !nclud~ng CaptOIn:5-, Section Leoders , etc .. 20 COMl\.~UNICAr~ONS ~"'"' chapters miJSt submit weBk!y reports in writing to the Natiotl.ai H-eudaH




mu~t impiement Ffrst Aid -emd/I.or M$dic~1 Ccdres, Z2" Ail Chapters,," BrQn~he$~ and components of the BLACK PANTHER PARTY must submit a mo~thJy finonci-cd Report to the Miilister of Finon-ce, Or1d. 01.50 the Cerrrrnl Cornrnl Ftee~ 23 ~ Eyeryen~ f n a leod-ers'hip posit ion mus:t reud no fess tnon two hours per doy to kf:ep obreost of the ohongj ng po HHcq~ ~itu{1tion~ 24. No chapt:e·T or brQ~h shott accept grunts! poverty f~nd$, money or any other aid from any :govern ....
·men~· ger.cy \vitho~t contacHng a




the Naticncd Hec:dquarters ~ 25 ~ A! I· cM<Jpten: must qdhera to the po! Icy t'Jnd the ideo~ogy ~ o;d down by the CE NTRA L CO ~JiMITTE E of th$ BLA.CK PANTHER PARTY


26 ... All Brooches mU5t submit weekiy reports in wdth~g to their f€5pective

ChCipte-rs., 1969): of political edu-


iSobby Sea~e cc-m:nentect on th~!Oproblem in an interview
.cction? Hove the:ic ba@:(] other

with The /oAovemsnt {March,

aspects of the purg@s;" s:vc.h os


of po:Hf~cal education at thb r ime , Many of tne brother~ who come off the bioct-: .a~e "f>..(tl hip ro r~Q9jng someflrnes , but we found rhot brathef'S oo,gin to relate a lot more wh&i1 they recd t~1£ Red Book;" or wh~n they begli1 to reed the Essays of the Mini st er of Defense .. Ther; they b~.gin +o re~ate to what the Party r.eally ~5.., They get on understanding of ~h:e Forty functjonBOBBY-;: We
• ~r..g

have had







l'l!OVEMENT; -Wo~dd you comment en the grmvth thi s h os. caused ~ , " ,

of the orgcmizqti on natjqna!ly

end some of the problems

that ha v e COm e d OVI n og'o inst liS hay€" flo d so me ocs~ ve resu h~ so to speok , We tT gave th e who l'e 'ye-a'r of 1968 tot h e 'p i95 Q nd t h cnk t h ern ' for organ,l'z ing' our orgonl ~at ion, Of co urse thsss .ottccks hov-e: ulso coused losses and con s1derable problems'; ~n 'Sectde, .. .rhree brothers hov~ beei1 kn led 1 but. t'here 'hovJ' be-en two p;gs' ki! j ecl ~nd nine wouoded , ' In Denver they raj ded our oHj ce Qi1d in Newark they bambe~ the offt C~ ~ In New York thBre hos been a :lot of +roub] e wi rh ,the pt gt tumpl~g , 8083

Y~,Th:e ott~-cks

On t he brothBt~ ~' ... . - - - ,.










hos hod the same probl ems that ~he centre] heodquatters hrn h.::1d But we lV=9 stood up .agai nst them and'the ~ orgordzat ion ~~sH I! grO'Ning. One of th~ key prebiems h(3s been keepl1Jg: :the chapters supp Ij:ed with 'our ergan ~ THE B LA.CK PANT HER}, th:q 'B1~d( COi11munHy , News Sefvlce" This Is key b~caus~ W~ know from, studying j"eyq~uHonary pr;ncrp~e~ tha:t the organ is .q rea! orgG!niz ing r.o.ol h') terms of di r ect ~y confccf ng the messes ond re !ating to bundhl:g the ir c?rtScioEJs ....

They h~"e 'id ~:l to 'i ntim ldote us ~ Each



we get hvndr>!!d~ of n~w memb6rs I 'fju~hJ n9';fl" The peopi e don ~t Iike IJ~ , list be ir'Jg ottacked ~ Once in c wh He we get cu !tUf'O I noti ono lIsts os new members ~ VIe trY to t~ch, thsrn that the on!y, -:',-uhijre is a revolutionary cu lrure , To get them to undersh:~nd th~s j n a '';-ery broad sense. We wqnt brothers who are block nati oro nsts and at the som ~ ti me in~ernatl onaft~h:> They hQv~ to undersrcnd ihwt they must be 1rJternQt~onan:s.ts because t-hls LS 0 peop~e IS struggle a'S Q whole .. And black p:aopie iusr ho:ppen' to" be tl movi ng vanguard force within the eorifi nes of rocisr Americ:G,P putt. n.g forth this revoh .. Qi1.rJr)i strtJ:ggl e and aiding one contdbuting d'i to, 'h~ world wlde stru'ggle ~
Every tj me we are



<d~ w~ hove had probieTP.s wi ~h q few n.ew membe-rs who

ere very opportunhH

C, or

f,~ .., rst

S 'nee the oftcc'k.:s by the pig:s all throLJgh

is usi hg onother techn1 ~D they t":'..an mole' it look Hk-e the'y oren It the ones ~ But the Party knows and we undersicnd that it \ really the pwppete:er.. the pig power srructore Itse! i , from the f B~ c~d Nixon aH fhe woy down to th~ loccl mOYOi and the loco I pi 95 who :qre usi ng the CU ltufaJ noii oncHsts., $0 W~ tre g~ ing to get rid of the cu 1rural notiono ~is+s and thaT I~ a'll pan and puree! of cnangi ng 'the' sysrem as a who~e"
Recenti y the Pcnther~ have eroodened th:e~r organizing' tact; C$ in p;-der to reoch new constituencies in s'chools and on the job .. They have developed a wcrkl ng ri!::I ctionsbi p wi rb rhe leag!.Je of Revoluti cnory BT w::k Workers,- primarny located in DetroH" and l rd fiated the FI"own organiz ing proi sets :{]morlg bl cck workers , They hqve abo Qtte,mptsd to dev~1op rejpHoi1s. w1Hl block student groups and have formulated the fonowing'Tf!n,P?F~t 'progf'~ for BJa.:::k Studeflt Unicru~

1963 d~d 0 'mLJch to bull d O\Jf o-rSQni;;;{Jtl0~ t~e power strucfure que and that Is to try to use cu Ituro! natrona liSts to try to destroy our o..-gaoizert"iol1'l

w~ wont

an eOu:G!Jti on for OUr PE;!OpJ e that exposes the true naturE. ot th is d scod.ent Amer~ con soci We wan~ on educ-ati on that teoch~s us our true history end ro Ie in the pre-ssnt day soci ety,

ety ...

We bejj~¥~


on .educational

S_r-;T-ePl thor WE II g;ve

knowl edge of himself late to anyth 'Eng e be ~

and hi 5 position

our pe.Qp~e a k~owledge self ~ ~f oj men does not in .soc ;ety end the ,,«odd ... then he has little chcnce TO re,


WE WANT POWER TO DETERMINE THE DESTINY Of OUR SCHOOL. We bed j ave tMt we wi if net be free wi th in the schoo 1s to get Q decent educQfi on unless we' ore able to , hove (J say,ond determ'i fie lhe Ty~ :of education that 'w~ II offect and determ~ nfJ th~ destiny of our people ..



Gnd f.aderal

ru It.

er) t ;s reSpOl'1Sl b lea nd Db ~~.9 f.!d to g; ve ever y man a d eeent at

that the city


educot ion ~

TO THE ROBB:ERY BY THE WHITE MAN OF OUR SLACK COfAMUNITYr We D€Hff'll'€: fhaf thi:s"-rqcist government MS robbed us of an edu caf'i on , We be iieve thot this racist capitalist gove:fnment'h.0.5~tobbed rhe-Block Commun!.ty of as mon's'y by forcFfig U$ to poy hi,gher foxes fer ~es~ 3. ~Vt WANT'AN'END qvoBty~ 4" Wt.
thot if

W.ANT" p'rtE'NT"



wn I not



g'ive decent foci I ities to our, community


THE USf OF STUDENTS ~ We beJ iev e
schools , th.en the schools, and


tneif foc1HHe~ ShOldd be t.ak~n out of the honds of these few fndividuaf of th=e commvnHy - ! with goveff1ment aid, so the community con develop

r~'GisJs ondpleced


Systertl ~


~nt.? !he honds decent end suItc.1bIe educoticn.

THAT TEACHES Ho¥t TO ~U.RVIVE~N THE PRESENT DAY SOCjE"fY.. W~ betl&'LJe tnot if the educcflonel system does not teach us how to sLJrviv-e in soc; sry QOO t~ ·'Morld It loses H~ mel!:::mh"lg for existence, ,




6. -YVEV/ANT AU R.AC)ST TEACHERS TO BE EXCLUDED AND if:ESTRICTED FROM ALL PUBue SCHOOLS. Vie believe that jf the teecher In :a scheol Is acting in racist fashion then toot teot:::l1er ts not interested

th3 weUqf~ or deve topme~t of the students

bur on 1y ln their destruc+i on.

J ~ \VE WANT AN 1MAAEDlATE END TO PO UCE BRUTAL1TY AND tV\U.RDER Of ·fH-ACK PEOPLE .. WE V;t..,NT .fU._L POU(E AND SPECIAL AGENTS TO BE EXCLUDED A~~D RESTRfCTED FROM SCHOOL PRfMJSE5? ljVe hsHeve rho1 there shcul d be an end io harassment by the poii ce .~epa:rtment of Block pscp!~., V.-'e. b~~ Lev-e thQf If .qH of the po H.ce Wf!:re pu Iled out of the $choo!s 1'". the schools wo;;Jd be-come mo{f,: ftm~~~ of':r<..lL . '.

\NANT ALL STUDENTS THAT HAVE BEEN EXEI\o\PT ... EXPELLED, OR SUSPENDfD fROM SCHOOL TO BE ?E~f~STATED We b¢l!€-ve all st;Jdenfs ::should be ;-einstQt~d bBt';(illS~ they hoven It .received fa~r

s. ·0lE

i"J~d ~mp.arHal [:..l dgmenf or r..ove been

put OUf because of incj dents or "5 ~tuotfons thct nove occured ovt-

~i de of the


Guthodty ~

9 ~ WE WANT All STUDENTS WHEN BROUGHT TO TRtAL TO BE TRIED IN STUDENT COURT BY A JURY OF THEIR PEER GROUP OR STUDENTS Of THEiR SCHOOL .. We b~l~eve ~hQt the student court .should foHOVi the Unlfed Stotes ConstHutk~n so that sti)denf5 Can re;;,~;v-e ~ fa 1r tf"~O L The 14th Amendment of th~ U~S:o Constit!Jtjon gi ...... a man (1 right to be tried by a jury of his pee:; gfOUp~ A peer is. a es person from a sfmlkW" econcml ccl , sociai, re liplous , geographicol,. e~vhonmento~.1 hidod..:::a~ and racial background .. To do thas the court w.olJ~d b~ fcrced to s:~dect 0 jury of students from th~ community from
wh i-c:h th~ def~ndent

.and whfte

ccme , We hove baen orid are baing td ed by 0 white pdncipo!, 'Ii ce+pri nc Lpn! ( ~tudent:a thot hove no undema:ndTng of the l\.lV~rGge r eosoni ng man l~ of the Bf-ac::k Comrr;'-..n;ity +

10~ WE ¥/ANT POWER" ENROLLMENT.r EQU1PMENT r EDUCAT10N .. TEACHERS, JUSTiCE AND PEACE ~ k OLJrmajor poIHk:.of able-dive:!' .an c:ssembly fot the 5tud.ent body.r in which only the student:; wi n be Q Ho',¥~d to pattI cip-a+e for H"10 purpose of cl~termini ng the WJ H of the ::;tuaem;j 05 to the schoo ]IS d~~ti ny.

W.e hold these t:ruth.::; as being s~df-evjdet1t

that they or·a- endowed by their erector wfth certain in[;lnenQb~e 6ght5, thor omon.9 rh85e ere fjfef Jiberty and the pursutt of hcppi ness ~ To secure these t"ights with En the schools , goyemm~nts -ore iuti rured -omo.ng the students I deriJ


an men are

creorsd &CjuoJ


frOfi1 the consent of the govern.~d, that whenever ony form of student government bs com-e-s dest nJct hie to t hes e :ends lit Is th e d _ght of t h-e st ude t1 ts to -0 It er or abo Ii$h it ~.,d to j nst i tute new government J" laying itil f.o.wndaf&on .on such pdncipl~$ Qnd organfzJng its power [n 5uch form as to them shcn .se~m ffiO"$t Hkely t9 effe~t the!, ::sofety (..1d hQPpLne~5 .. w II j d; e r~t~ th at 90\/19 t nm.e nt5, j 0.1"19 as rab ti s},ed 111m,d d :f¥.)t be cbc nge d For H ght end tn::l.flst ent C(Rl:5Q"S, -or4 .ot;co;-di ngl y -.;3 11exp*,j""i ~rt(~ hov~ shewH, th"t mankind are rnore H abh.! to suffer while ~..... a~-8 s,:Jfferohl$ I than to r ight themse1 ves by abo! 1 shi:l1g the form:s to whi ch they ore accu~t;m'~ ~~ ed ~ B~t ¥he~ o ~.Q\!g i·rol n af ~bu.se~ and force r pu~<Jlng ~rr¥ariGbl y ~he soroe ob(e:ct, rev-eo 15 a desl gn ta red:u=ce ~~e1iI to ~b::;oh.ke destflJ::! I~n r it h theLr dght ~ it [s thei-r duty r to throw off sue'h ~ 9o ...... ~rnmeot Pruden~e;-

vi ng th-si.r

f~~t powe.5

l ndeed


end fQ



.9l)Clrd~ fut ~he){ ~utl,,;lre



SOSBY: Tna LXJ.f .k:ay p'ogf"~m:s we:. are trylng JO implement are-: the b.re-okfast for c:hljdre:n which is 9011')9 on nqyJ; the .pehhon Compatgn fe!" the comr)1unity ccnh-Q} of the pp1~ce;Ff-e:05! h.ecfth clinics. in the block 23


ond black

liberation schools in the bloek cornmunity.

Some people are go]n9 to coH the;i,a
a reform 1st program. i5. one th~ ng w.hen

progrQins f'eformist

bvt we "re r~volvti enerles and what

they co H

thB <::apLtoHst5 put tt up end it 's another thi ng when th~ revo lutlcnory comp puts it 0P.,
?...evo1utionorLes must a Iways go forth to answer the mcrnentory desires and' needs of the people ~ the poor arid oppressed peop 1~,. wh j Ie wog i n 9 the revo Iut i 0 no r y str ugg 1e • It I s very im porta nt beco use j t' .streng them the people FS revo lutloncry camp while it weakens the comp of the ccpi ta list power structure , ~~.. MOVE MEN T: Wt H you to Ik concretely
t>t:ructufe? .

about how a breckfost for ch~ ldr.en program weckens

the pig power

SO.BBY~ Yes. First

food ro serve to the school kids by 7 ~30.

let me explain what the program IS. We hove Black Panther Potty members up at 6~30 iD the morning to be down at tne churches in the block cornmvnlty by.7 ol<;:lock to
. .




This w~okens the power structure because tile bus.i nessrn en j n the bl ock communl ty ore the ones whQ hqYE; to denote to th h program ~ We nope to get th is go i ng around the country ...,- thcf of €ve,y doHDr fhof 0 focist cop~taH5t (or ony kind of businessman r be he black or white] a pep.p.y 'Of ft is gD~0.g +o have to have ro come bock to the communir y The very bus! nessrncn who expf ohs +he ~ommui!ity must begin fo. 9~ «e Q~ f eO$~0 penny beck .. And it 's organized i fl such a '!N0Y that th.9-SB penni es occurnu f ot:e a he H of Q ~ct of food For every do llcr and rhct food goes. into tne stomachs of the .chndren in the: b~ock comrfHJnity ~

We toke it away from tile big businessmen. The poHric'ans{. ;f they w-ere (itQ honest WOU Id have inst ttvted thl s a long time ago as a means of strengthen! ng h is camp and he might sf I If try to co-opt thi s pro-grarn and he wi!l pi obabJ y use som e cu lturol nat~onQj lsts to hel p him, ffut we ~r;;.': gojng to !eove it in the camp of the peopl e , • •• This is



socicl istlc progfom.

i, ~


."~~I-t -N~
.. "

.,: :

-r :. --j? - ~ ~ ~.--:f ~i 1'1 :A·..._ -- .-." ::... ::
_./ ~' ....


.. ---..._



.I . \ -~~
-~ ~

L\~~' ~

. . JJ;_

t ."
' •• T

J .... \;

1--., I . 1 ";:--~




donate, . welre gonna teU ths people in the block community "Don buy from hjm" Why? Becousa he won ~t donote one penny 'of every dollar for some hreok:fo:st for some ch if d ren before f h.ey go to schoo ~ in th e morn ing • It 15 (J sccic Ii,sti c program., We ·re educot i09 fh@ peaple throLJSh o procH cal fur.ctjoni I'1g operation of a soc ia list j c progrom.. On c e the peep Ie see CJ soc i 0 Iistic program r s va luob] e to: them i' they won ~t.throw it m.vay ~ By prccfi ci ng sociaBsm they learn it better ~ The f;rst bu$i nessmon who says he :afn 1t






A reyotvtiQncry organizat Jon nos fo mal flfa. nand ri ghteousJy serve the people and not [us+ Jive them ~ And ;-hen the people ~eethat We tre not fiVE ng theylre 90Ing to re~ate to that., Beco'Js=8 it IS thei r program. We Ire 9i vi ng every penny we get to them ... It 's th-ei rs .......we say h~s the people!5 money ~


~. . -f


As HlJey has soid , r~We are or:dy like Oxen to be ridden by the people .A strong detachment that the peo+

p~e can ajwa~

Lise to serve them Or when crisis comes

.-.. -.


f~rth. The :orty tr; es to he~p ~/ve the ir prob lems i to old and css+st the people and sea thot their basic pe llti col desi res ore onswerad, . ,

These ~.re t~e programs thot we -e(e work'ing on .. Free

h.eq!th c.Bni cs i n the block communi ty whsn we get !hose 9P~ng.,. We ore going to j nst Hut.e free heo Ith cl inI CSo. FR.EE hec hh c n~ i cs , The word I~fr~e,. They tofk


FREE bfr~edom in every abstract .!


rberori c .. for chi tdren .. Now - we ....... oat some freedom
.5UP8~j'-1 ot
~. ._

work; rlg ~ Free

thot 's heed04Ti. There \~ ~m€fh~ng mated a r I y v:G~l:Iabl e there, somerh ~n_g for the ~ljN; ":'-Ql of cur people" free to l~ve" like Huey P .. Newton scys r '\~V8fY mun O~ -the face of th~s Cd Un he;: 0 ri:ght to Jive I ther~fore he has G dght ;-0 work That is bosh: ~
I mean


cl in! e, see whot


Thci 's ¥"!hy free heohh cl; 0~cs, commwnf ty cotltrcd of the poH CE r free breQkf~st for the en i r drEn ~ Ih j~ is whot freedom reaU y !s -- end rnuch , much more ;n the f~h;:r.e +- k E~ got to be muted a Hy va~u abl e1 it]s got to be ccmstp..Jcted om or9anj:z.~d ood it~s gDt ~o relcte to ~he poHHcaf oeeds ~rJd desire of the people .

B! ock

l Q fh

imperh:_, H;;rn - For th-e b!-.']ck co ~c~y in /vnerT GG th i5 means th e 2~~h-LJ ct;on of copft.aHsm in the motner country .. k Huey p" Newfor: ho'S 'Sh::d-~d r ~<T::::be u r-evolwH OGary j'iOHDnO Pst you -f.:'(j:_j ~d by n~c.essi ty have ?o be o so ci oj Is+ ~ I~ Therefore , th-e B i o(_:;k P~nthe r Pctry ;s Qt on c e (eVQ 1u t;::'J ~Q ry OGt icno ~ st 0nd sec ~G; ; st ; 1:;~e~~ctone iis r , The Black Von ~ ~ I ther mod:.=:: c-f o?erqfk~n 1$ to ~\er;;e tha p-acpk~., ~,Ths objective is; '~~IBr to the p:e-.opLa-, The fol ~owing excerpts from ~ < • ~ P ::__ L .. t h e 11 pow ~r i r.! t.he peo De::: I qn art • G , ~~ «: C ,.,. n~n ~ i:2: ~y ..._,.s ~:."9V~ ~n t z,~<:!" nc .c.:: k P0 nt:he r ~f:!"'W.spqper -C-S:S cr ~ 8:S L ~ u! b ;l=Dy.,.' ~ i!e C i1h~.ers ~se Am~do;::m

P..:.lnr her.; or~ )e VC fuN 0 nor y n~::&~ {:I t hts l n cd H once w l rr. ether (}ppr e s>ec th; 1'd wo d d P€o P~ 5e e k ~ns: nat {Dna 1 ~I b8f"~ 0(; e Th:;: y re::::d! € the t h-:; the st rwg.g ie fo r not i0 nc 1 n b~fQnO i:: v j etc ry c am es on j y TO th0~ wll 0 f.1J Ccessf u n y fhfOW off z







~:tT-~ J fj

r2 \-- ern m!oJ r.; < s c- 9 l.:l..'" Tor .L~ e n.i S :r! n 1 rn

Qj: ~ ~ i1:.<"f]:ent \)

~th· r a- ~mm=ea :"ate f

. a ~~"S


1:"0r t-:'! S B"iI



f or-cern

e f"I f ott

t nter~st:5 0f ~he w.orki tlg c !~5S;but Tn the movement of th~ pn3:$ent r they DbQ represent the future of that mov~ent~ l1 - Mar-x}" Eng8:h in the COMrAUNiS~ MANlfESTO ..
:L'" •

... h ::::: neta ry mo :Qr::d rcke core of

there has n~yef been ~r. 0~gqt1b:.at~of1 tne U:- S s « to my know !€dge ~ J n.:::: ng ~he one {0L.tnd€d on in kd~ the th eory of th e obove t:h::cr-ee.:l' thGt hO"5 be en cb te tc co rr y f arth t k ~duo j -pri t1:e.; p k::d program ~ Eoc h one either lost s~9ht of \ ts revaiut1 an-aty ~f:5pes:::H ve CM fc~t9~ i nrc the pit of reform isrn or has beef) v ~:rbo 1J y rev 0 luYL3!:CH-Y on 1y;- not carl ng to d eo 1 w j t h the d-o j i Y de m 0 ~d-s of the P~Q p j to f the reb y iso I~tl ng themse 1ves from th s peop lE: ~


I he 1i$ve that the P-Gnrhe~ c~n fu IfH I thct dQ\JblG -r!3~a-; ~n-d-"8edr rhey hove: proven !t ~::-; seve-ra 1 -:fJ ... _.; s] nee the~r in.;::epHon ~ sconr 3 ~O~ ago. When h~-ey G!!d Bobby corTi ed on the; r Gfmecl patrols; wb:en the Panthers m·.arched inrc th~ StQt~ Lsg i~!Gtur::;:: ~ :Jrrr.~d th.-::::y ~h0;::-.,;ed tr,e psa?!~ "ot Qr) ly the"ir w~ ~11 ng~ n e$$ t.o prcer!c e t h to ir t }-"&Of/;, but the y shot th e 6 j d c~ r:e-,-~ t ~O ~~ GO-""'.-.e r~me: (1'1" th ~ary f!J [] cf bo 1es . Y;gn (No pun i ntend-e....! ~ Bur there it b,,)
f -e- " ~

Wh en the

Pen the rs knocked

EIdrtdg.B and K.qti1 iGBn, the peop f elk now the jWhen Pooth-e~poke

T he ~nth


ond long -ra n ge nee ds fj ~d under the present

to pe-op Le cboe T the po if t k::a I cQn~::E G:C ies of H 1.38 Y e Bobb y s d they were carryl ng out the f~f5f,;: th$ m05=t [rnpor+ont orgc:liz l:19 t~neL to ~k wi th _ peopl e Gnd t h.e i:j'" ~eeds CInd d; SCUS6 w hot act ~ n 1$ n e(;eS;0 ry to :;a t i~fy /these nee chi 0 of the electoto~ struggle.:l' they f$f!?ne-d cOi'"'istanHy ~ LInd qppHed it to ths Panther Program !5: the demo n ds of th B peopl f;; Ct Wf i ~~e r: expr € $5 ~0 11 0 f both ~he imm e-dtat e wh j !B fi:Cog n I :z j.ng I" -as -stated c.1eqd yin Po hi t # 7 th of c If 0 r t ftese c.onner be 5at is.syst-.em of -economi c e>::p~o1tati 00 .. ~ fu H emplo j'!flenij cormot be guronteed -- and f

n doors

ta 1king

.. «=%.~
: ·:/·~h.. .

.< .~

h most ciefi n j te I y eonnot if super pro n ts GTe to be ma lnta Ined ~- th~n the peop~e musr t Qke sic means of production and n"H'':! the bu~; ness.es ond industries by themselves r for themselves"
mi nQt~O(Lfor


th e baSe~f~deter-

Here . is G perfect exomple of fu ~ iIing the 2 bas j c. components _ .. reform q_nd n.::::VG~utio~; Vie wont freedom ~ fi ThB;f.@ are ~ct:s of doH y freedoms thai are part i oUy qth;d nab Ie under- capi foHsm ~ fri0re iobs , better .hcusi fl9 r i ess h::axatlen, more feprGSentot1 0["1, even cornmu n Tty contro! of po{ ice and schoo Is are posslbi liH es; fr~e"'" doms that wilt cost the p.rofit-mDf1gen less to g1ve thor!: to with.ho~d :-- w"!th the proper threats end perhaps c ~itt~e PHYSICAL pressure ~ But the u Ittmate freedom; tclf....,determinotion is vnthinkab!e without
rakerl., r By 01 t
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the Block (0 l ony wit 1 never be given by the colon; ~~ rul er.s; ~t wi H hove to be

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Art Work by Chqr!otte Mossey




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