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1) 2) 5) 2 Professional Regulation Commission MARINE DECK OFFICERS DIVISION Manila Documentary Requirements for Admission to the OFFICER IN CHARGE OF A NAVIGATIONAL WATCH Licensure Examination (WRITTEN PHASE) (Effective September 2003) FIRST TIMERS Properly accomplished Action Sheet (PRC MDO Form No. 3) Original and photocopy of B ine Transportation of Science in_ ne Tra jon Program for _(BSMT-MRO) Transcript_of Records with date of applicant must be a graduate of BSMT or BSMT-MRO in a school, academy, institute, college or university recognized by the ‘Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Original copy of authenticated Birth Certificate in security paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO). An approved sea service as apprentice mate / deck cadet / ordinary seaman / able: seaman for at least twelve (12) months on board seagoing ship of To submit the following proof: 4.4 Original Certificei> of Sea Service (PRC MDO Form No. 5) 4.1.1 Properly accomplished, all data filled in 4.1.2 Certified/Signed by the Master of the vessel 4.1.3 Attested by the ship's company or agency 4.1.4 Duly Notarized 4.2 Original Certification from shipping or manning company stating the name and type of vessel, gross tonnage, trading area, rank occupied and inclusive dates of sea service. 4.2.1 Signed by the President / Manager / authorized signatory of the company 4.2.2 Written affixed company dry seal 4.2.3 Duly notarized 4.3. Authenticated copylies of approved POEA Contract of employment with date of deployment to confirm existence of the ship stated in the certificate of sea service (for foreign trade) or Crew list from the vessel stamped by the Philippine Coast Guard (for domestic trade). 4.4 Original and photocopy of Seaman's Identification Record Book (SIRB) 4.4.1 Photocopy pages 1,2, and pages indicating sea service & arrival and departure stamped by the Immigration. In lieu of Practical Assessment, may opt to submit original and photocopy of Certificate of Training and a Certificate of Assessment in Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork {SSBT) Course from training center accredited by the Maritime Training Council (MTC) and recognized by the Board of Marine Deck Officers. Original Medical Certificate (PRC MDO Form No. 4) valid for six (6) months from date of issue OR original and photocopy of Comprehensive Medical Results from clinics or hospitals accredited by DOH (at least with Quality Standards System [QSS] in place) valid for one (1) year from date of issue. 7) Original and photocopy of valid NBI Clearance (valid for one [1] year from date of issue) 8) Four (4) pieces passport size picture (in proper Merchant Marine uniform with one gold stripe, no head gear and with complete name tag, DELA CRUZ, JOHN RAY JR,, CHAN). 9) Original and photocopy of current Community Tax Certificate (cedula) 10) Metered Documentary Stamps (equivalent to P15.00) 11) One (1) mailing envelope with metered postal stamp 12) Examination fee: PHP 600.00 (first timer & repeater), PHP 300.00 (conditioned) REPEATERS / CONDITIONED EXAMINEES: _ To submit item numbers 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Applicant who | graduated under the old BSMT curriculum and wants to avail exemption from taking practical assessment may submit Item No. 5. | (IMPORTANT: All applications for Licensure Examination must be submitted personally by the candidate at the PRC-MDOD or at the PRC Regional Offices not later than twenty (20) days before the first | day of the scheduled examination. ‘EMINDE! ‘O REST FOR ONE (1) YEAR. (Section 23 Article V of the Board of Marine Deck Officers Resolution No. 02-04 s. 2002 dated February /01, 2002, Revised Implementing Rules. and Regulations | Implementing RA 8544 the “Philippine Merchant Marine Officers Act | of 4998” | HREE (3) TIMES FAILED EXAMINEES ARE Sean WARNING: Any deliberate submission of false Idocumientaes requirements is punishable under Sec 35 of Republic Act 8544. Leleeeree PT 2003 MSI