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Colors of Love Excerpt

Colors of Love Excerpt

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Published by Suprina Frazier
A fascinating tale where opposites really do attract.
A fascinating tale where opposites really do attract.

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Published by: Suprina Frazier on Jan 12, 2009
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Colors Of Love

“Not your traditional inspirational romance novel”

Copyright © 2004-2007 by Suprina Frazier Author contact info: suprinafrazier@yahoo.com

Autumn Seymour is a free spirit in every way and has no intentions of ever settling down with anyone. Especially after watching how her father treated her mother. Yet when Autumn meets an extremely gorgeous Christian man that is made to be some woman’s husband, she finds herself not only battling with herself, but also with his conniving older sister. Jarvis is a man of great restraint. In fact, he prides himself on his selfcontrol, which has gotten him very far in life. Unfortunately for him, whenever he’s around Autumn he feels completely out of control…and yet so free. How can that be? Will Jarvis ever be able to reconcile his desires with his beliefs? Even if that woman makes his heart soar higher than a hot air balloon?

Chapter 1
(Autumn’s mood: Peaceful aqua blue) A week later Autumn lay dozing peacefully in a comfortable sleigh bed of the guesthouse that she would be residing in for the next few months. As the sun inched higher in the sky, gentle rays streamed in through the sheer curtains of the bedroom window and stirred her awake. Smiling to herself at being awakened this way, Autumn stretched and rose from the bed with some extra pep in her step. Eager for her early morning swim, she made her way to the nearest sea-facing window to check the weather on her first Saturday in Gallant. The bathroom could wait for the moment. Autumn loved swimming. She often engaged in it in the pool of her apartment complex back home. Whenever the weather allowed, of course. Since Gallant was located on the northwest coast of Florida in the area between Pensacola and Panama City, Autumn was able to swim in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico every day. Every. Single. Day. If there was such a thing as heaven on earth, Gallant was it with its relaxed, low-key atmosphere and beautiful landscape. Like its neighbor Pensacola, Gallant was a great place to unwind and take a much needed break from the rat race of life. In this place, one found it easy to forget that rats existed at all, on any level of life. Even though Autumn’s presence in Gallant was work-related, she truly felt like she was on vacation. In compromise she relabeled it a working vacation in her quest to make the most of both aspects of her visit. Mmm…it feels like a peaceful aqua-blue day, Autumn mused, looking out the window at the calm sea. She couldn’t wait to splash in its depths again. Cracking the window open just a bit, she briefly closed her eyes and took a deep whiff of the compelling salty air. The smile on her face widened.

“I’ll be right there,” a cheerful Autumn promised the sea, before walking away from the window to get ready for her swim. *** In Gallant a week before his daughter was due home from boarding school; Jarvis LaFlavor decided to make good use of the free time he had left on his hands. The first thing he would do on that sun-drenched morning was take a relaxing swim in his in-ground pool. Afterwards, he would drive down to his guesthouse, meet his newest tenant and officially welcome her with the specialty fruit basket his cook had prepared. As always, the leasing of the guesthouse had been handled by the mayor’s wife. Mrs. Wilson was one of just three realtors in the small town. Although Jarvis trusted her judgment, he still liked to check things out for himself. That’s how the thirty-three-year-old managed his businesses. That’s how he managed his life. Before his wife Gayla died, Jarvis used to be even more of a micromanager. A bit of a control freak, he liked being involved with every aspect of a project in order to make sure it was done correctly. Since then he has learned how to delegate more, how to accept the ideas and methods of others and trust that they will work out just as well as any he could have thought of. Now when Jarvis takes off every summer to spend quality time with his eight-year-old daughter, he leaves the family business in the capable hands of his younger brother, Robbie, and semi-retired father, Perry. Robbie worked year round. Perry mainly worked during the summer months in order to stay in the groove of things business-wise and to support Jarvis’ efforts to be a good father. Jarvis really appreciated the help of his father and brother. Truthfully, he appreciated the help of his whole family. They had all been extremely supportive since he became a widower two years ago. Jarvis paused mid-lap as it dawned on him how much time had passed since Gayla’s death. Sometimes it seemed like just yesterday. Other times it seemed like a lifetime ago since he’d been a married man. Jarvis and Gayla eloped their senior year in college. She was beautiful and wholesome. He was handsome and upstanding. Everyone deemed them the perfect couple. They deemed themselves the perfect couple. When Javonte came two years later, right after Jarvis obtained yet another college degree; it made their union seem even more perfect.

It actually was for the first five years. The latter five were something else altogether. I hope Ms. Seymour is finding the guesthouse satisfactory, Jarvis mused, sending his mind to the next item on today’s agenda as he abruptly concluded his swim. He didn’t like to think about Gayla for too long. The sadness could be overwhelming at times. Contrary to what it was called, the LaFlavor guesthouse wasn’t actually a guesthouse at all. It was more like a quaint beach house with its two bedrooms, small kitchen, mid-size living room, and close vicinity to the beach. In fact, the guesthouse was closer to the beach than the main house, which was way over on the west side of the LaFlavor property. Acres of rolling meadows divided the two dwellings. Upon showering and changing clothes, Jarvis got in his black Lincoln Navigator and drove down to the guesthouse. He parked in the newly paved driveway on the left. As he exited the vehicle, he heard splashing coming from the distant rear of the dwelling. Jarvis smiled, silently noting that his new tenant enjoyed early morning swims like him. Yet there was one main difference between the two swimmers. Jarvis was not a fan of seawater. He didn’t like swimming in water he couldn’t see the bottom of. He also didn’t like the feel of the ocean sand squishing between his toes. Furthermore, and possibly a bit on the vain side for a man, Jarvis didn’t like the drying effects of salt water on his caramel skin. Interestingly enough, his new tenant, who just so happened to be female, didn’t seem to mind any of those things at all. Jarvis could hear Ms. Seymour splashing to her heart’s content now as he made his way to the back of the house. The fruit basket was left in the car for now since it didn’t make sense to carry it all the way to the beach and back. Jarvis looked to the right at the semi-encased clothesline and realized yet another thing about his new tenant. Ms. Seymour didn’t seem to mind hanging her very sexy lingerie outside to dry. Maybe she likes for her clothes to have that fresh air smell, Jarvis mused, trying to understand why the top-of-the-line dryer that came with the guesthouse had not been used. Yes, that has to be why, Jarvis deduced, recalling how his own mother rarely used her clothes dryer or any of the other quality home appliances at her disposal.

Delores LaFlavor was truly old-fashioned in many aspects of her life. The way she dried her laundry was just one of them. The way she thought men and women should conduct themselves in relationships was another - boy always pursued girl, never the other way around. Soon Jarvis was presented with a different kind of mystery to solve. Why did the sight of Ms. Seymour’s lingerie suddenly cause his pulse to speed up? His loins to tighten with desire. His palms to sweat. Jarvis had seen women’s underwear countless times before, during his ten-year marriage and in the stores he controlled. What was so different about these lacy boudoir gowns and chemises, sheer baby-dolls and teddies, and various tangas and thongs? Why were they affecting him so deeply? Jarvis couldn’t see any immediate difference in any of the lingerie. The designer cuts and vibrant colors weren’t anything out of the ordinary. If there was a difference to be noted about any of the pieces, it was in the tops. Each top piece of lingerie on the clothesline was made for a busty woman. Not B cups or even C cups. D cups all the way. It’s all starting to make sense now, Jarvis mused, reminded of his attraction to busty women. He was also reminded of the fact that he hadn’t been intimate with any woman in quite a while. In actuality, it had been almost a year since Jarvis’ last sexual encounter. That was probably yet another reason he was so easily stirred right now. After unexpectedly becoming a widower, Jarvis tried to date again once a reasonable period of grieving had passed. For six months he filled his empty nights with beautiful women of all flavors, making up for lost time. In fact, there were so many women packed into that six-month timeframe that the new bachelor actually lost count in his quest to relieve his loneliness. All Jarvis ended up being relieved of was a lot of time, energy, and money. Each woman he’d dated had only been interested in what he could give her. Thus the loneliness had not only stayed, but intensified. As a result of those experiences, the lonely bachelor learned a very important and very hard lesson about sex. It was not about the quantity how many people you sleep with or how often you have it. Rather it was all about the quality - how important your lover was to you in and outside of the bedroom.

Desperate to do something to change his dire situation, Jarvis took himself completely off the dating market for a while in a new quest for peace. That quest eventually led him to finally humble himself and go to his Christian parents for help. They prayed with Jarvis and on Cinco de Mayo of last year, he rededicated his life to Christ. Now Jarvis’ parents were waiting for his two other siblings to fully return to their Christian roots, as well. Not with lackluster enthusiasm like his younger brother Robbie. Nor with more tradition than Holy Ghost fire like his older sister Dena. But with a complete surrendering to God’s will. As Jarvis walked down the cobblestone steps towards the beach, he determined within himself to keep surrendering to God’s will. He’d been successfully celibate before. He was determined to be just as successful again. In fact, I’m not having sex again until I remarry, Jarvis thought confidently, convinced that he was more than capable of disciplining his desires. Suddenly, all of that changed. Suddenly Jarvis didn’t want to wait another second to be intimate with a woman. But not just any woman. No, this woman. The one with the pretty Lark Voorhies face. The one emerging out of the dark sea at that very moment in a sky-blue bikini. Jarvis assumed that was a bikini. It looked more like a piece of lingerie than a swimsuit. Definitely something out of Victoria’s Secret, except the secret was out. Way out. Very few of Ms. Seymour’s assets were hidden in that slingshot of a swimsuit. Shapely, full-busted, and cinnamon-skinned was Jarvis’ new tenant. Single, too, according to the lease agreement his mind conveniently chose to reflect upon in that heated moment. His eyes chose to watch the sunlight glistening off the droplets streaming down her gorgeous body. They refused to look away. This was the kind of shot photographers all over the world went out of their way to capture. And yet they would all miss it. This shot was for Jarvis’ eyes only. He felt privileged…and so very, very hot. ***

Walking farther away from the sea, Autumn’s mind focused on one thing only as she encountered the gawking man. Okay, two things. One was the fact that she thought this was supposed to be a private beach. Two, the fact that the sandy-haired man looked a lot like Gary Dourdan, a handsome actor that she’d had a major crush on as a teenager. Rewinding a few things in her mind about the first issue, Autumn quickly recalled the realtor’s exact words when the guesthouse was first recommended to her. ‘But even if your part of the beach isn’t private, there are still so many miles of shoreline that it’s easy to find a secluded spot almost anywhere in town,’ Shireen Wilson said over the phone last month. She’d practically repeated the same words when Autumn arrived in town just last week. So the beach isn’t ‘really’ private at all, Autumn deduced after her brief mental review. Now she wished she hadn’t gone swimming this morning. Or at least worn a pair of shorts with her skimpy bathing suit. Had the free-spirited artist suddenly become shy? No. Autumn’s wish for more fabric was largely motivated by safety concerns. If she had on shorts, she would have had at least one pocket to hide her usual can of mace in. Fortunately, Autumn wasn’t completely defenseless. There were plenty of good-sized rocks among the snow-white sand of the beach if the gawking man turned out to be violent. Blessed with an eagle eye and a great pitching arm, she could knock a piece of lint off the back of a flea if she had to. If the man turned out to be rude, Autumn would simply laugh in his face or let his words roll off her back. After being raised in a household with a verbally abusive father, who only got nicer the sicker he became, she’d grown a very thick emotional skin over the years. In fact, negative things people said to or about Autumn seldom affected her. She definitely didn’t care what they thought of her. Both were beneficial traits to have in her profession where approval and rejection were as unpredictable as the weather. As consuming as one allowed it to be. I hope Mr. Handsome doesn’t turn out to be violent or rude, Autumn thought, desiring a positive encounter with the owner of those unique eyes. They were the richest hazel color she’d ever seen in her life.

On one hand, Autumn wanted to rush to her canvas right now and try to duplicate what the Master Artist had done to this man in the womb. On the other hand, she wanted to jump the man’s bones. Fortunately, Autumn stilled those urges in order to ask two very pointed questions. “Are you just going to stand there gawking at me all day? Or are you going to do the gentlemanly thing and introduce yourself?”

Chapter 2
(Autumn’s moods: Aqua-blue, Coral red) Jarvis couldn’t believe he was staring at his gorgeous new tenant like a teenager in heat. He also couldn’t believe that he was unable to think of anything to say or do to change the awkwardness of the moment. Usually Jarvis was the man with a thousand words, two thousand solutions. At least that’s what the board of directors often advocated whenever their esteemed CEO solved yet another problem for the chain of LaFlavor Discount Stores his family owned. If those board members could only see Jarvis now, stammering and without a decent thought in his head, they’d try to replace him. Demand his resignation. “I…um…are you my new tenant?” Jarvis finally got out through the desire-filled haze of his mind. He stood immobile near the bottom of the steps. Autumn’s wet sexy body, curly shoulder-length black hair, spicy cinnamon complexion, and cocoa-colored eyes were doing quite a number on Jarvis’ senses. He was actually afraid to move, lest a baser part of him act upon his desires. I need to find a good wife in a hurry if celibacy is going to start being like this, Jarvis mused, taking in a deep calming breath. He’d done all right in that area up until today. Today everything had changed. Knowing that made him take another deep breath. Wincing at his words, Autumn hung her head for a few short seconds and shook it in disbelief. It was just her luck to annoy the landlord. Just her luck that he was even the landlord at all since that crossed him completely off her list of potential sex partners. Dang. If only Autumn could take back her sharply spoken questions. But words were like newborn babies. Once they left the womb, they could never return. When Autumn looked up at her landlord again, she smiled apologetically. “Yes, I’m Autumn Seymour. Which means you must be Jarvis LaFlavor, right?” She walked the rest of the way to him, picking up her large red beach towel on the way and shaking the sand out of it. “Right,” Jarvis confirmed, slowly regaining his composure. He could probably recover even faster if she hid all of that magnificence with the

towel she held. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Seymour,” he said, extending his right hand in greeting. “Nice to meet you, too, Mr. LaFlavor.” Autumn dried both her hands on the towel before shaking the larger hand offered to her. Jarvis’ hand was not only big, but rough in all the right places, the way she thought men’s hands ought to be. Autumn hated soft hands on a man. To her, it ruined the thrill of being touched by the opposite sex. If she wanted a soft touch on her body, she’d touch herself. But why should she? The world was full of gorgeous, willing men with the right set of hands to please her. “And please excuse my earlier rudeness,” Autumn continued, formally issuing her apology. “I wasn’t sure if you were some sick pervert out to prey on an unsuspecting female or some psycho serial killer. Makes me glad I didn’t chunk one of those big beach rocks at you like I thought to do. I pitched on every softball team I ever played on, so you know a sista would have knocked you out cold. Had you slobbering on the ground right about now,” she teased. Surprise registered in Jarvis’ eyes at her unexpected wit. Mirth quickly joined it. His lips spread into a smile, his mouth opened and a full belly laugh erupted from his throat. Autumn tingled all the way down to her toes at that sound. She laughed, too, marveling at the way Jarvis’ serious face was instantly transformed into a thing of exceptional beauty. Now he was beyond handsome. Oh yes, she was definitely going to remember this man’s face. Every line, every plane of it would be duplicated in her private sketchbook the first chance she got. Autumn also marveled at the fact that Jarvis still held her hand after all this time. She liked that he didn’t want to break their connection yet. She liked that a lot. That and the fact that there wasn’t a ring on any of his fingers, particularly the married one. Autumn also liked how nice Jarvis smelled - woodsy and masculine. Just right. Following her gaze to their hands, Jarvis’ laughter suddenly came to an abrupt end. As he reluctantly released her hand, an unexpected sense of loss attacked him, sending him into instant confusion. “You must be from a big city, because the crime rate is so low in Gallant that it’s almost non-existent,” Jarvis rattled off self-consciously in that

awkward moment. “In fact, for the last two years, there have been zero murders and robberies, only one rape which is still too many in my book, ten assaults, and just nine cases of auto theft and burglary.” The fact that Jarvis had taken to sprouting statistics though he was away from the office was an indication of two things. One, that he hadn’t mentally switched to vacation mode yet. Two, that he was particularly nervous right now. Jarvis always fell back on his business persona when he was anxious or uncomfortable about something. One of Autumn’s perfectly arched brows rose with his comments. What was he, a human fact machine now? She’d been told that her landlord was a CEO of a large company, which meant that he was likely well-educated and probably ate, slept, and drank numbers and statistics. No big surprise there. It was to be expected from a man in his position. But what kind of CEO, or rather what kind of man, quoted statistics to a half-naked woman on a beach? And on a Saturday morning? He must be ‘really’ serious about his job, Autumn mused, also noting how businesslike Jarvis was dressed today. All that white dress shirt and navy trousers needed was a jacket and a tie to become a suit. I bet the missing items are in his car, Autumn thought as she tied the large towel about her torso. She was half-right with that assumption. Jarvis did have a jacket in his car, but he only wore ties when attending business events or for church. Although Autumn was highly attracted to Jarvis without a doubt, she deemed it best that they maintain a strictly professional relationship. Despite how handsome he was, the man already had three major strikes against him. Strikes that could not be ignored. Strike one: Jarvis was obviously too uptight for her tastes. Look at those clothes he was wearing today. If he dressed like that on a Saturday, what did he wear Monday through Friday? A tux? Strike two: The man was rich. Autumn did not date rich men. From past experiences she found them much too controlling for her tastes and very distrustful. Strike three: Autumn never dated men she did business with. A disastrous situation with a certain gallery owner who was only too eager to house some of her paintings at the beginning of their relationship, only to

abruptly take them down when she refused to commit later, taught Autumn that valuable lesson. “Interesting facts, Mr. LaFlavor. It’s comforting to know that Gallant is so safe compared to most cities. And yes, I am from a big city,” Autumn finally replied, doing her part to fill in the awkward silence that had descended between them. A silence that had made their conversation more fragmented than cohesive. “It’s very quiet here, too,” Jarvis said, looking relieved that she had returned to their dialogue. It was touch and go there for a minute. “I especially love that part,” Autumn said, starting towards the guesthouse. She carefully ascended the stairs in her wet sandy feet. Although she loved swimming in the sea and walking along the beach, she always looked forward to showering their effects off her body afterwards. “Me, too. I also like how committed the townsfolk are about respecting one’s privacy.” Jarvis followed her ascent, careful to keep his eyes averted from Autumn’s superb rear view. Fortunately, she’d had the good sense to finally wrap that towel around herself. It was an added blessing that the towel was long, covering her whole torso and stretching all the way down to her lower thighs. Otherwise, the temptation might have been too great for the man trailing her. “The need for privacy is one of the main reasons I built a house down here after my wife died,” Jarvis continued. At the mention of his deceased wife, Autumn abruptly stopped at the top of the stairs and turned around. They both inhaled sharply as their faces came within kissable inches of each other. This aqua-blue day had just turned coral red with passion. *** Though Autumn was two steps up from Jarvis, his height made up the difference, placing him right at eyelevel with her. Now she could really see how rich his hazel eyes were. How much he really did look like Gary Dourdan. Except Gary had greenish-hazel eyes. Jarvis’ was pure hazel. “I…I’m really sorry about your loss,” Autumn stammered out. “How long has your wife been gone?” she asked, trying to appear unaffected by his presence. By those gorgeous eyes of his. It wasn’t working. Autumn’s voice sounded like a husky whisper. Her breathing pattern was different – more shallow and faster.

Jarvis wasn’t doing much better. He thought his heart would literally pound out of his chest at her tantalizing nearness. Autumn was so close that he could literally feel and smell her warm minty breath as it wafted across his face. “T…two years,” Jarvis replied, before swallowing over his suddenly dry throat. “A bad car accident. We were married for ten years.” He kept his answers short as the somber memory of his wife caused his heartbeat to regulate again and brought his body back in check. Though he never regretted his marriage to Gayla, Jarvis did regret that her memory only served as a temporary reprieve from his attraction to Autumn. That it would take something much stronger to permanently set him free. Worse, the longer he looked into Autumn’s cocoa eyes, the more his desire returned in full force. God, what is happening to me? Jarvis prayed, feeling as if he was kindling to this woman’s flame. Before long he would be consumed by desire. This could not be happening to him. Not to always-in-control Jarvis LaFlavor. Even his feet were rebelling against him right now, refusing to move away in order to provide some much needed distance between them. Clearing his throat, Jarvis found enough fortitude to force himself to return to neutral conversation. “I have an eight-year-old daughter named Javonte. She’ll be coming at the end of the week from boarding school.” He could only hope that talking about his daughter would curtail the strong reaction he was having to his new tenant once and for all. Or at least enough to make his feet finally obey his brain. “Javonte,” Autumn repeated, continuing to peruse Jarvis’ features up close. “Pretty name.” “Yes, she was named after me. Or rather her name is a variation of mine.” Those were the last words Autumn paid attention to as her mind drifted off to other things. Particularly the fact that she had never seen a finer male specimen than the man standing before her right now. That said a lot since Autumn had definitely seen her fair share of men over the years. Not to mention all the nude male models she’d painted. Jarvis had them all beat and she hadn’t even seen him naked...yet. Reluctantly breaking gaze with him, Autumn’s eyes traveled downward to admire some of Jarvis’ other attractive features. He had a neat goatee that was trimmed and lined up to perfection. His muscular frame suggested that

he wasn’t all business. That he made time to keep his body in shape. And yet he wasn’t too muscular. More quarterback muscular, not defensive tackle muscular. Again, just right. The initials JL was tattooed on Jarvis right forearm, suggesting that he had a hidden wild side somewhere. A bit of a wild child herself, Autumn wanted to trace those letters with her tongue. Now. But she refrained. Autumn had to remember her rules, plus the three strikes Jarvis already had against him. Even still, it wouldn’t hurt to look a little bit longer. After all, he truly was a fine specimen. Autumn cocked her head to the side to get an even tastier view. As Jarvis continued to make small talk about his daughter, he tried hard to ignore the fact that he was being physically assessed. And rather boldly, too. With her head leaning slightly to the side like that, it was clear that Autumn didn’t care a whit about him knowing exactly what she was doing. Was there a shy bone in her whole body? Probably not, judging from that racy swimsuit she had on. Jarvis tried equally hard to keep his eyes above Autumn’s neck and not surrender to an open perusal of his own. But the most difficult thing of all was to keep from reacting to her perusal of him. Everywhere Autumn’s gaze touched down, Jarvis felt heat. Sweat was starting to bead on his upper lip and forehead even though it was still pretty early in the day. Through it all Jarvis still fought the obvious. He still tried to hide just how attracted he was to Autumn. How much he wanted to just lean in a few inches more and taste her. Just taste her. Jarvis already knew she would taste minty. He’d gotten enough whiffs of her mouthwash to know that. What he didn’t know was how she would react to his kiss. Jarvis might never know the answer to that since he was too afraid to find out. *** Returning her gaze to his face, Autumn made another attempt at conversation to make up for her previous silence. “I…um…lost my dad a little over three months ago. It was a long illness brought about by years of alcohol abuse. We weren’t close.” Now what in the world made her say that?

Autumn hadn’t intended on telling Jarvis something so personal. And yet she had. But why? Maybe it was because Jarvis had freely shared some of his personal information with her and she felt obligated to return the favor. Or maybe Autumn just felt so emotionally comfortable in his presence that it was easy to reveal her secrets to him. Possibly both. “I’m sorry to hear about your misfortunes, too,” Jarvis said, expressing sympathy for her loss and estranged relationship with her father. Autumn nodded receptively. Yet the sympathy in his telltale eyes amounted to only a teaspoon compared to the overflowing cup of raw desire swimming in his hazel pools. Steaming desire Jarvis couldn’t hide no matter how hard he tried. Feeling her body react to what she’d seen in his eyes, Autumn suddenly wanted to erase every strike against him. Throw all of her rules out the window and form new ones. Though Autumn would keep her biggest rule of all, which included never falling in love, she would gladly discard all the others. No dating a rich man. Gone. No mixing business with pleasure. Gone. Waiting until at least a month of exclusive dating before sleeping with any man. Gone. No second date unless something about the man really moved her. Doubly gone. Jarvis didn’t need the first date to get into her bed. If he made the slightest verbal or physical overture towards her, Autumn was going to invite him into the guesthouse for coffee and a whole lot more. She didn’t even care about him being uptight. She’d loosen him up. Today. Right now, if he wanted her to. As if he sensed the sexual tension growing even stronger between them, Jarvis looked away momentarily to collect himself. He took in a deep breath and swallowed hard. Autumn smiled knowingly. She knew she’d gotten to him. Now all Jarvis had to do was make a move. Just one verbal or physical move towards her and she was his…at least for today.

“Hopefully the peace and quiet of Gallant will help your heart heal, too,” Jarvis said, picking up the conversation where it left off as he finally turned to face her again. No conversation had ever been more fragmented and yet so informative at the same time. Jarvis and Autumn had learned just as much about each other during the silent moments as they had while talking. “Although my dad and I reconciled before he died, I could use any additional peace this place can give me,” Autumn replied, responding quicker this time. Inwardly she was still waiting for Jarvis to make a move towards her. Any move. Come on, boy, you can do it! Autumn urged him on silently. “That’s good to hear,” Jarvis said, moving a few inches away from her, finally putting some distance between them. Had Autumn not seen ‘it’, she might have frowned at that subtle rejection. ‘It’ was not a cousin off the Addams Family show. No, ‘it’ was that same steamy look that made Autumn want to discard her rules in the first place. In fact, Jarvis’ eyes were rapidly becoming saturated with even more desire, despite the distance he’d placed between them. Autumn smiled with satisfaction and prepared to reel today’s catch right on in. “I’m thinking I could also use a new friend in town,” she prompted in case Jarvis was the shy type when it came to sensual things. “Would you like to be my friend, Mr. LaFlavor?” Autumn asked, touching his left arm. Jarvis inhaled sharply at her soft touch. At that smoldering look she gave him. At her brazen words. That was it. Jarvis had finally reached the limit of his restraint. Taken all he could take. Resisted as much as he could. Yes, he would be Autumn’s friend. He would be much more than that to her if she let him. Swallowing the extra saliva in his mouth, Jarvis parted his lips and said, “I—” Just then, the phone in the guesthouse rang. ***** If you liked this excerpt and want to purchase Colors of Love in its entirety, click on the link below: http://www.lulu.com/content/2131441

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