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God on Illiteration


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2009 by Anthony J. Fejfar

In the Catholic tradition many kudos are given to Mystics but in fact being

High Level Mystic can be a dangerous profession. Psychiatrists don’t like Mysticism, it

conflicts with their stupid logical positivism. Psychiatrists are atheists who think that all

religion is conventional bullshit and that spiritual experience is schizophrenic.

Additionally, in the Church Mystics are spiritual and political leaders and this upsets

the hierarchical organized church of the Bishops and Popes. So the smart move is to put

Being on your Chakra Stem at Level 1 and to only believe in God on Illeration at Level 3

If you put God on your Chakra Stem at Levels 1 or 2 then that God, according Depak

Choprah is a God who has Satanic attributes. You can also believe in The God of Being

at Level 4 on your Chakra Stem because this Being Level is in Virtual Reality and no

seems to care Believing in God on Illiteration is believing in God using Logical

Accident. This the God of Moses, the God of Alternative Prophet Concsciousness who

is an Energized Probability Field.