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Published by: mitali_4567 on Jan 13, 2008
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Adam’s Bridge (Rama Setu): Adam’s Bridge which is commonly we called as Rama Setu.

The bridge is 30 miles long and separates the Gulf of Mannar from the Palk Strait. The sea in this area is very shallow which is being 1m to 10m deep in the places. There are some controversies regarding with this Rama Setu and one of them is its structure. Some people said that the bridge’s structure is natural while others including former Geological survey of India director S.Badrinaryanan claims that this structure is man made. The Madras high court, the highest court of law in Tamil Nadu (the state declaired the bridge is man-made. The bridge is located at the place called as Dhanushkodi which is nothing but the tip of the Rameswaram in India while it ends at Mannar in Srilanka. This bridge is made up of floating stones. References of these places have been found in Ramayana. The scientific age of determination of the structure is also in the question. But the professor S. M. Ramasamy said that the age of the Rama’s bridge could only be 3,500 years. After carbon dating of the beaches it has been found that it matches with the dates of Ramayana.

Hindus believe that this bridge was built by the Rama which is one of incarnation of Lord Vishnu to rescue his wife Sita who was abducted to Lanka by Ravana, as mentioned in the Ramayana.

Adam's Bridge seen from above the Mannar island, Sri Lanka This is something very interesting that the beach sand of the Adam’s bridge is rich in heavy minerals like Thorium. As well as it is a natural habitat for some rare corals. Also it has been found that Rama’s bridge might have acted as a protection wall during Tsunami disaster occurred in 2004.

The govt. of India has approved a multi-million dollar Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project to create a ship channel by dredging the shallow ocean floor near Dhanushkodi. However some political parties and Hindus organizations oppose this dredging of the Rama’s bridge. As this destruction may creates impact on ecology of that area, potential loss of the Thorium deposits as well as increase in the risk of tsunamis.

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