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Heizer DoubleTap 10-24-11 Final

Heizer DoubleTap 10-24-11 Final

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Published by Joe Behrle

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Published by: Joe Behrle on Jul 28, 2012
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Heizer Defense LLC www.heizerdefense.


Aerospace Technology Firearms FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The first Titanium Tactical Pocket Pistol born from aerospace technology with 7 Patents Pending and 100% US made. The future of concealed carry firepower is in your hands.

ST LOUIS, MO (October 2011) – Heizer Defense LLC, a firearms company producing a new paradigm of pistols for the responsible-citizen and law enforcement markets is proud to introduce their first model for the concealed carry market; the DoubleTap™. The DoubleTap™ is a tactical pocket pistol, loaded with 7 patents pending, built on a titanium or aluminum frame; the slimmest and lightest on the market today at only .665 inches wide and 14 ounces. Available in a showstopping .45 ACP or the more popular 9MM, this no-snag, hammerless designed pistol is completely designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest degree of precision and tolerances in an aerospace facility using aerospace technology and equipment. The DoubleTap™ carries two rounds in the chamber and the integral grips house two additional spare rounds. The breakaction features a patent-pending progressive barrel porting option that cuts muzzle rise and recoil. The ambidextrous thumb latch releases the action to eject the spent rounds. Unlike any firearm, the DoubleTap™ features a truly revolutionary double-action trigger system that utilizes ball bearings for a smooth action and crisp trigger pull. The DoubleTap™ is available in a titanium or aluminum frame and is finished with a MIL-STD finish, the same used on military aircraft, for corrosion and wear resistant finish. Production guns will be available in the first quarter of 2012. For more information visit www.heizerdefense.com and visit Heizer on Facebook.


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2 Rounds in Chamber 2 Spare Rounds in Grip

Patent Pending Double-Action Trigger System

5/8 Inch Wide Hammerless, No-Snag Design

### About Heizer Defense: Heizer Defense LLC is a firearms design, engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. www.heizerdefense.com
PR Contact: Laura Burgess Marketing P: 252-288-5805 laura@lauraburgess.com

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