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Introducing Our Genetic Genocide Signs

Introducing Our Genetic Genocide Signs

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Published by Propaganda Hunter
What a fun idea for a newsletter. :-(
What a fun idea for a newsletter. :-(

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Published by: Propaganda Hunter on Jul 28, 2012
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ur new “Genetic Genocide” signs are intended to reinforce
and expand our provocative, conversation-starting claim
that abortion is genocide. Designed for display on
college campuses, the “Cleft Lip” and “Down” signs are meant
to be exhibited as a set, along with the “Gendercide” and “Gay
Gene” signs. Our purpose is to stimulate new thinking about what
constitutes a genetic “defect,” and what is the most humane way to
respond to that condition.
Some students don’t empathize with preborn children whose lives
are threatened by abortion because they have cleft lip/palate or
Down Syndrome. They will defensively argue that they want to
spare birth-defective children a lifetime of “suffering.” But few of
those students would advocate killing newborn children discovered
to have clefts or Down. These signs help us teach that there is no
meaningful moral distinction which can be drawn between abortion
and infanticide.
The future of medicine is genetic engineering and that will
mean the prenatal power to predict all manner of traits which
are objectively or merely subjectively deemed to be desirable
or undesirable. This “designer baby” mentality threatens our
entire society because the potential for biological and social
abuses is unlimited.
CBR needs to force highly divisive discussions on college
campuses. If it is acceptable to exterminate Down babies as a
matter of personal choice, why should it be impermissible to
exterminate any other baby with a perceived developmental
problem? Or to kill a little girl because you wanted a little
boy? Those questions create excruciating intellectual
indigestion for students who have gorged themselves on the
academic junk food which has corrupted their curricular diet.
Our Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) should anticipate the
future and not merely respond to the past. We are entering
a Brave New World in which genetic engineering may pit
DNA haves against DNA have-nots, and CBR intends to help
shape the narrative by which society will choose between the
wisdom of humanity and the folly of inhumanity.
Whatever the “defects” which may affict the little children
whose photos appear on these signs, those “faws” are far
less debilitating than the defect which is a dark, pro-abortion
heart. These signs challenge viewers to tell us why it is
morally acceptable to kill these “fawed” little children the
moment before they would be born but not the moment after.
Advocates of infanticide are now arguing that it should be
legal for the same reasons that abortion is legal. Thankfully,
most Americans still reject that contention. So in asserting
this claim, infanticide proponents are unwittingly helping our
signs prove that abortion should be outlawed because killing
a baby before birth is every bit as reprehensible as killing
that same baby after birth.
We are confdent that our signs are more persuasive and
memorable than any lecture these kids will ever hear on
these subjects.
Introducing our Genetic Genocide Signs
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform March 2012
Gregg & Lois Cunningham
This sign features Gregg and Lois Cunningham’s
second daughter, Alice, adopted from China in 2005.
Alice is pleased that her photos will help save babies.
Page 2 CEntER fOR BIO-EthICal REfORM March 2012
GaP at five florida Universities
he Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) has
successfully completed its third consecutive
year tour of fve Florida universities: Florida
Gulf Coast University (February 13-14), University of
Central Florida (February 15-16), University of North
Florida (February 20-21), Florida A&M University
(February 22), Florida State University (February 23-
As an aside, this is actually the ffth winter GAP tour
of Florida; the frst took place in January and February
1999. That tour was locally spear-headed by the late
Sister Judith Delaney who worked tirelessly to bring
GAP to fve universities while fghting her personal
battle with bone cancer. We are forever grateful for her
sacrifcial service and for Pastor Clenard Childress, Jr. of
New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, New Jersey,
who provided volunteers for the entire tour.
This 2012 tour was organized by CBR-Midwest and Canadian
Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. The team of staff and volunteers
included international volunteers from Costa Rica, Ecuador and
Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform Executive Director Stephanie Gray (at
left) debates a Florida Gulf Coast University professor during open microphone
session at the February 13-14 Genocide Awareness Project. Having a staff member
periodically answer questions while using a microphone helps draw a crowd.
the UK. CBR-Southeast and CBR-Florida also contributed to this
considerable undertaking to train, house, feed and move all of these
people around the state.
Our GAP training teaches our volunteers to confdently and
respectfully answer the questions students pose. Volunteer Cameron
Cote, a student at University of Victoria, remarked that students
frequently told him they were impressed with the reasonableness
and respect our team members displayed, even under fre for
our beliefs.
Many students approach the GAP display with a story to tell our
staff. One young woman had an abortion at 15, but is now a single
mom of a 2-year-old boy. Another was a 20-year-old student who
refused an abortion at age 16, despite strong pressure from her
father and her boyfriend to kill her baby. As a young mother, she
has been mentored by a pro-life couple. She told a CCBR staff
member her moving story, viewable here: http://www.youtube.com/
ex=1&feature=plcp –
Your continued support is vital to help us reach this younger
generation. In 2011 alone, GAP visited 24 universities with total
enrollments of over half a million students. Countless lives are
saved each time we show people the photographic evidence that
abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby.
CBR Summer Internships
Please contact our offce if you are interested in a
summer internship with CBR. Your summer will be
well-spent helping us save babies, and you will receive
invaluable training that could lead to a full-time
pro-life vocation. Internship locations are available
in California, Tennessee and possibly other regional
Please stand with us as we seek justice
for preborn children.
“The LORD loves righteousness and justice;
the earth is full of his unfailing love.”
Psalm 33:5
• Pray for God to bless our new CBR-Kenya affliate
• Funding and volunteers to conduct our Corporate
Accountability Project (CAP) and run our trucks
April 2-3 George Mason University, Virginia
April 4-5 Virginia Commonwealth University
April 9-10 University of Maine-Orono
April 11-12 University of Southern Maine
April 11-12 Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA
April 16-17 University of Connecticut
April 18-19 University of Massachusetts
April 25-26 California State University, Long Beach
Training Seminars & Speaking Engagements
March 31 Fairfax, Virginia
April 1 Richmond, Virginia
“Choice” Sign Outreaches
March Weekly in Bangor, Augusta & Portland, ME
March 2 South Mountain High School, Phoenix
March 27 East Tennessee State University
April 9 University of Richmond, Virginia
CBR-Kenya conducted their frst public “Choice” abortion photo
outreach in a Nairobi slum. Director Vincent Were and six volunteers
stood with the signs outside a church, a clinic, vendors and various
other locations to increase the numbers of people educated about
abortionnO.org CEntER fOR BIO-EthICal REfORM Page 3
CBR-Kenya affliate
e are pleased to announce that CBR has a new Kenyan
affliate, CBR-Kenya. Through a Nairobi-based group,
Vincent Were had been showing our “Choice Blues”
DVD and the prenatal development DVD to educate Kenyans
about abortion. Due to his continued interest in partnering with
us to increase his effectiveness, we invited him to talk via Skype.
During our February Skype call, we invited Vincent to direct
a CBR-Kenya affliate and then subsequently sent him CBR’s
Strategy to Outlaw Abortion. He responded with this letter:
We are charged to move to the streets and care not who thinks PUBLICLY
Lois, and this flls our eyes with tears: WE CAN’T FIGHT ABORTION
I feel the strength and confdence of a LION to go public and fght abortion.
And as we start Public fghts on abortion our governments’ leaders as well
as the civil society not forgetting the general public would better style up.
This is because as I wrote to you last month all Kenyans are busy both in
the print and electronic media deliberating on the fate of our leaders who
made appearances at the International Criminal Court for “crimes against
Humanity” committed after the fawed general elections in 2007........
We lost slightly above 1200 citizens in the civil strife in 2007, AND WE LOSE
Nairobi city only…
I ask a question which I fear not ask......which is the greatest case that the
ICC judges should be handling, is it the POST ELECTION VIOLENCE or the
I therefore plead with everyone.....we need to re-defne CRIMES AGAINST
Earlier this month, Vincent traveled to Tanzania to lobby pro-
lifers to adopt CBR strategy. He reported to us: “The group in
Tanzania is well set to run this campaign. They are set for this
This past week, Vincent received his frst shipment of our 3 x
4-foot “Choice” signs, sent to him at no charge thanks to our
donors. He immediately used them to save a friend’s baby from
abortion. On Sunday, his team of six volunteers wasted no time
in taking the signs out to educate the public. Here is his March
19 email report:
Yesterday after our church service, our group went to the
streets of a ghetto community, talking to people along the
streets and sensitizing them on the dangers of abortion.
I love this work and I will never stop it. What I saw
yesterday was quite encouraging.
Ladies saying, “Waaaah, this is how it looks like to
terminate a pregnancy. I will never do it!”
One lady confessed in tears before people that she had
killed her baby and asked, “Where were you when I was
doing it?” Well, we had to take her aside and just Minister
to her.
Soon we will be out to the streets in the city. Remember in
Nairobi city alone, we have 9 million people. What a work!
Praise God for our international affliates who are often working
in diffcult places, but are doing so in the strength of the Lord
with the knowledge that we can stop the killing.
news from the north
anadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has launched
an abortion photo postcard campaign and it was
the top story of the day on Calgary television
news broadcasts. See the March 2, 2012 CBC TV video
here: http://www.unmaskingchoice.ca/video/2012/03/05/
PO Box 219
Lake Forest, CA 92609-0219
CEntER fOR BIO-EthICal REfORM March 2012
address corrections
Electronic funds donations
Credit card donations
Product order inquiries
Estate donations
PO Box 219, lake forest, Ca 92609 • 949/206-0600 • cbr@cbrinfo.org • abortionnO.org
There is no meaningful moral distinction which can
be drawn between abortion and infanticide.
Gregg Cunningham
CBR-Arizona held a School “Choice” Project at South Mountain High School in Phoenix on
March 2nd. It’s a predominately African-American school, so we were blessed to have three
African-American volunteers help interact with students.

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