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,cape P~a:r-;ri'~tr ift ,lM 8ttl.t~of' Nr;wtl~, ,C:ar1)Unaii' rmil01ea.]1 Be: it 1Jy.tie; Senate a:rtd 11(Ju's~ t!f R6~smtatiu~8 t& __ SeQ.f't)JbUy Q,f' ,Unite'fl States ,of America m [CfmgTes,s' a~s's.BNtbled~,. '(be iSI'c~'I~ary Tha't :r:~,JI~r1 ~[fin- [of tbe, Tre t8J~U,-.[T,f"'" ·under.::the dir,eetioD_ o[f the Preside-at .... __ ,.U:oite,d [0,',.,-the, '~!3\IW tl!i$ Ug:ht.... b t::. ,",,'L. d . ~'iIl.. 'ibO'!,l'S!i!!1 ~D! Baild.... States.) be ButiliOt'lZed'J' &:3; 8000 ':u~,m:ay be, to cause to ne ,iUDla~e'_'.Jill :9U,~1I. .h!ead in NOl'ta manner 8S sbaD a;ypeu' ad'vieab1.'e, the lighthouse h.eflelofofle beguD, 'ulld'ST 'Oato'Uua., . - the au,thority [of the s~ate:of N,o,rth Carmina,; on Baldb:e~ad 'wt tbe moufh [of Cape Fe',ar river in llle s;~id ,et~te =. ,A,nd 'that a" SU.~, n~t lexe[ood~g four thousand d.onars~ be app'r,op':r.i~ted for ~,b!eSiame'~ ou.t, [of 'monies, b,€:l"ctofore, appf'opriateil" w'hieh m,ay remafn unex,peDded~,after' sat1s(ymg' the 'p~:r,rH]@e6 lor which. they- '",ere apprnpria;ted; or out :~lly 'oth,er' monles, \vhicll. In,ay be: in the 't're:1I6tuy; Dot ;so'bject to· ;a:oy prior' appro-,


Apr·n, '2, 11111~~, I~Jf'p[i

,xv -A'fi· JJd .1(h'firJ~lW:al' ~1u3' LigntAoUJJe ,on BfJ~wJ


td t1:e 'mwtlt ,of





AP[PRO:V:EI)~, ,AP'fi~,2;,



XVI,-,.,fn A:ct ,31a1;li~king a ,~Wim'" ",M :reguk1.ttng Me

... ,S~'att'i';{a) , '.


tlu' Unltt,J'

the fu),I:o:'win,g offi:ee-ls, and p,er,SO':BS, nam'eJy,-;8.1 Djl,ector'" IU, ,A;nayer:; ~, [Cider Coiner, an E"ngtay,er, a 'Treasurer, ~'Elc"" 2"" And be' i:t" jUr.tAer (!ntre',t[etl~T'ba:t the ,Direttor ,Otf' (he, mint shall 6'mp,Ioy as, man,Y- ~[e.rk~; w'o,rkDlen ,an,d'l>sJ as, he ~baU, time to time. 'fi'o:d;a:r'y" ~u Thlj;ee.t to the applob'8;'do,n 0'£ the P'J'1esidien't
of' Ul:E:. Un ited is'latN;' . ,SEC~'3~ ABd. b,e ,,:t J-ilrfAer ma()t~dJ' :Tbat the :respeauve. mn,cd,ons :and,
~rr.~~"""" __
"'_~rr.:~'W!:.'IH~L~""'~ft'_~~~~r.r......... :_'W!:........ _.. _~~-

~nactcd and tle('l{lt',ed.~That a. mtnt for the purpose 'Of a IUlrt]onal cornage 'be~ and the same is estahl w~bed,; to be, sittlate and 'C3r.ri,ed Ion at the seat o,r the :g:ov,ernm,ent of the United ,State$~for' the, dm;e he·:iD,g'~ And! that {or the wen eondu·ctirJ;g o:f'the bu,sinep,;:fj: 'of 1JH~said mint, t'bf're s'baiI be

Be it ,,:rtar;Ud Ig ,tAe Stn.a"e anil' HUttiUJ. ~f Repres'entai'i;u'eJ qf t,~e ,Un~d, States_, ~l Amerie_a in. C~e5s' as'sembled~ a~i' , is ~~,e~lI I SECTJO-N

C0U\S [or 't_~e U~~t.@d Sta~:;:-, :a,i'U;!!, (Of ~;~ber pU,r~QB&3.,. JU,Di@i 28~ 1,8S4,J ebap, 9'5'; liD ,act. [BBita.b;bsh, &!r,a~,itbe,,' the 'mh'l.t _ t'h,~ Un,ited StilJ;,eSj: :~IMlCh S,' 183;~~, bap~_ gf (Ire c :I":i an B,et i3·~pp]!em.,enta~' 'ta'_ an iaoet eTi;title,;i!i ~tAn IiliiCt ,e,st~b~ ~ i~bJi.n1 a Dt~fit~ :and;. >eil~]ftf'ti~r the' o(.i.oh:m,of 'lb~ u.!.uted fh;ates;>:n J:!uM1ary 18~ UUrl," I~bap.,,3:j aa ,a:ct ~[~ ;am,~~d,an, ilet ~1O'tJd~d!,; ~'~:,A[1lact 'to est~)]]ljS:h '~n;,i1nt':1~0Sl01 tlJ!e 'm1nt (J!f 'tJl.e 'U.~~~dI, ' iS~~fle:s;!l~'Fe;~ul~ajl"Y' l~S?, e'hap., 1.4 J' an ~t am.e~d.a:t.oi[" ,of' ~ ~ct.e~~ablh~hj:Dg' ~m'~ch !il1Iii~,t,at ,Dd'" l3 ~ dt~ IQIlIi~la.~, Geli}r.gll&,~ :alll'd, ,de(fi,i), the d ll,tU!1 o.f ~tbB a8S~je,r: and coin"r j ,F,e:bruatjl' 21, 1843·} ¢.hap~4t. l'Og'

_ ~,) The &ebi fU1!lt.~b]]:sJd]Jlr :81Ild r:egJll]Wng the m~i1t of ,th~:t.I\IlII]t~d Stl.,;U!:E9:; and fM ~,gli la'b~J e()'ll~~~:"~"e b~;IH An act es~mbHs,hi,~. a wnint, o:ad ,mtegllll~t'b"1i:g tile. eOil!i9 Of''tM Uruted. Sta.t~$ pe&;sed, ,April,,",, ill,79S", ~bRP", Hi'~ an act :r-egul&tiD, f-o're'illl cobJs,; ,and_ :lbl' olttier' PUl',po.UUJ" F<c'bliIl~n''y ~'" 17'93:) eh~,. ,5,; ·an :act ~_n. aUer.IIl" 'ii~n of' 'the' ,a~~ ,e..!JtlJMisbing a mil'rlli&a~d regulat:i,ng the, ,t01;I'\fJ. ,of ,the;Unite:d S:tat01l,it hk.,fQ'· :3; 119'4" ¢hJaJp.. 4; Qiftc. ,1Ii.~t:~lpp:le'm.'e:Il'f1'l')' 'WI the. :act :ouUu,ft,d,.;, u:"'-~~~;:~ [etlta,bl,i:ih, 8.. m~!l,l,8l;md r-.egu_~a1ti~!Fltn..!l: ,(i;Q~P8.iIilI;r llt~· ~Q ' UnJ'ei Sln.~,;~'ji ,a~sed, "{,a.roll ~~ m, 19t)". Cilh.p'., "'1'. '; :&D Ilf:.t 'r'el~p~ett!:1g mint" :Ma,,' 27; m 796:, e:~ba,p~ i an ,tb.'n .93' ae,! Jrle9.peC'~1 t:be'm~~,t~Arrn !4:~ ls:eb'if ,eha,.,:s~;:.,_a:.~:~e~ [~,~n,('lem:llllg min;t~~,MeiIru 3." 18{n~ the e:ha.p~.21;: .an ;ii~:l; '0 p~o1on.'g 'the [COlilUltlllanCe of 'tile mnd, ~u,PhUad,e~l,pltla,) Jan'iUU'"V 14), 1-81-8" elhap,. -4;: ali act fu.l'tier 'i;@, p'r.gml~U)',I' the eo.~;:ti~iij~~oe the :mri,fjit, ~tP':b~~ad'elph:ila~ , Mar-,ell 3:;, l82:Jj chap. 4;2; a:n, ~,t, ~o ,eo'ntd~ue ,tho ~i~t a;t "~-:~}~ of' P':b.~]~del,phia~, a~a:_fbr oth_~r_'pu,rpo&e8;1 Ma,,' 19:J,'~S.:2S:J' ~JlJ~p~ 161".'-.. 3:~,3i.Qt [i}~nC~f;iim~·.'~' 'C,~:t,



.......... _........ :_ _'W!_













Duty 'O(f' ,th~: Q'iII,(}eH..

':ro ,~~~ ... ,']1 =

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•..:.. \

And :gilv,,''bond" .to ;P liIJif,.." '


n.€i'li, 'O~, ,l'l'Dire,.!"!!

jiI""tilll-illl .:l ,1',iiI!.',,' ... ,'Mo.,









~---~-.-~---~ ........................... ~......---""" ...... ........

S,., t:o ¢~'g;E!U 'bUJ~~d:ill!:Sto be:


~~~.a;f;~t Qf'

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litJ'fi1I;rtnN," ~l,~ ..




- ";'" 'D,I~"'" [0'-"O"N'" [' -,'",'

_:_r.: "_:~ .. '.:__' .":,;." ~_ ._'

-G~'R'E'-gc-S-... ",

I ,_"-",:,, _~_:_ '~' . .'_':_'.:~


Do'UQf;,1 'Ct

1I'~,1 Ci~~'~'i' r

''Ii 1;(l; ~iS;,


of' May


Of wha't, d~'ii


the Ul.:c.n"~I~~' eeates, Sl._:m,~ ,~' aJJ__ tteen, ..t:.0 one, a~CO'I"u'Ulg' to "l'.~a'!nb~,y,~n, Jaited ·-'h~· '1.._-. 'llll~ ~.t.:', - ~ ~ .l" . ~~ '" 1JeJ_ n we;~g'~,t,~f :p~,r,e~o,~. ,O(~ :P;iUU"O siI v~r.; ~'baltJ:s to, s:a,I'~,ev'elr,Y :6fteen :pouods o d w,e~g,htof p{u·,es,:dver ,sD:aJl be o:f eq'!l)J,a], value: ill, ,all '~PI,a;;rmeD,h;; 'whh. one, ..1' '. t f' Id ., . .:J, :pomu:u. 'w'~.g~[~t(l. 'p~,re ,go:- :''; and So' :1'0, :proporti'CJiD as to i;W,ny gre;a,ter (),r
1 1.- .. .,. •. ;. ":,:1' ,,;:, .• ';

,I.'~ q.ufn:.t'tl'tJ,e~, at th.'e. r,es,e,'C'tL'iVe n·let.31s;.(~~'_;;- .. a,EO", ~ru2~" A~~. be 1,' fort 1~"tJr , ,m(jiJ~ed, ._hat tJ~e ,sta.nd:~i£'d. for aU, g'o']d e~ins,of t~~ V'nll-ea, a'fates 'shall be elevea Illtts ,fine to one 'p~r~:n]~,oy,; ;and, ;a,cco:~~nl,glr,tb%i~,elesen p';tnts i~]]tw,elve of the ~ndre; w,eil'~.t_ each ,of of 't~.e said :OOUIS shall eOt~Sl~rt ~):, p't(llj"'e gOld" and the rem,ai-Dial ODe ,tw~:r(b.:~:~rt of, ,~n,o:y~:a,lli~the said a~~~'oy , ~ls,h'aH be ~;omip~~ed ,or('Biru'~-er_and ,ea'fu~~r" such pru,p'e)'l"t:i,oue;, 'no-t e-;xooed:in;g one half aUY',sr as sb;~U be Ul ,found. e~o'n.,¥~n:i,ent to be regllla'ted by the direloto.r of' the mlill~, :for the ,; ." be "1,., L. b-·' ~' 'oJ! f· ::8 [:,::rute~States;~ 'tune:elng':J WJrit,l~,t~u.'e aJPprlg:'at~,oll ,of- tne -p~"r'C5~,~eDt 0_· th U" d;, nu.tU iurd~ett' p,r.u·v:~sion,shall be made by :~W'" An.d to the end t"h,a;t tbe, a neees,s;a:ry in'~r:I:~u~:tj,o~ 'be ]~:a~in order to the ma'ltlng of such FUrLhe!r 'may ,. .'. iIl.. "1 'b r... ·. :nty or tne ulreetol' O'~~ '!),." m ~nt" at the EUt:plra;bon L.,)I' ~ h ~, prQV'lS'J'~:O,lit :s,~~,at tue, d' .ae . hJ!e :m)~l\setor to, o'f a y'e a,~',art\e:r eomm:en,cing tJle: ojper ati,oll;5; olf the, sa Id mint" ~:Q' r&port to, :re,po:rt ~b.e ,per-lI:eof 'C'Gifl~rea'B~'h!e: p:r.~'~'l:ice: th.eiteof ,(lu:r'i~,g th~' said, ,yeIEm;,ji '~,cu.'ohin:g' th'e com- '~iiCl~:'L' tJh-e ~m~llt
r.i ..
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S E,C~ lS~ ~A:nd 6e, It .f1trt1if.,r" f,1Jac{:,ed, T'ha.t tbe standard ChI' a:~l~ silver colns Q:f the 'United Sta:te9~ sha,U_ be, one thonsand f{j,(u' h'llD.afed and 'Ed:gThlty",'n,ve' 'part s nne to. one, h,und:r'ed ,aud s@:ventY-':lli:n,e p,a:rt'9; a]]@3'~; ;a:nd aeeo~r·diDg~~r one t,n.o,tl]sand, "fQ'!lt h:uD:d.r'c,d and. ,ejg'h'ty~:fiv,e parts in one dl,at 'thO'lle;rlD;~:r six h'll.udred and laixtYt ..fQ,u.l[' parts Qt' the eli.~df\e 'w"clg'nt .()!f each ~f t'll"e said eo'~n:ssh all 'O!onsis:t of 'p1~Jl"e~Hver, and the rem iimi nl' one hund red: and SIBvent:y: ..n i,ne' ,parts of aUQy; '",,'bi'c,h :anQlj' s;:baU be '"~ho~,~'y f o

itI"r,j,i...3 ,.., lllo'1iiy II· l~i~~~U~Yl ,Qil~~~>;I:I·{~I ...P ·

tice:~,and the 'exp'er'lmienlts and o'b~seir'v31~,'Orn.S,wbiieh, ~b,~Uhave 'been, made eo:nee:~:nfn(fJ: "the 'eifeets, ot diife'rent pr,o,portio'Ds, ,ot sihrel" and C1)PPC f in. the

poshio:m, of

~he ~]l'Qy 0:£ the

SMioi.d go]d

coins, tbe l'e,~ons '(Qr ,sue,b, prac-


;Q.,U OJ

~t, go,!d



~t'\ J

d ,. d'" '~ll ~ ':,'ll,~ ,1!O'~::!,'. person or ~pe:r,~;(,H:~,S :~~rl,ng' tne sat:: mint g~-J'eI ,atH,: ~i,~'~E"..rb ~r.]"" to to m u, " II.. '. '·211 -~II 'hllS't tne b ~1·' 'Si~ b - b. - lb. }U] ,~,()~n ::T-(rg:,g~~t :S~dl~i' \"- .]..iiiI L order to, UJ(ur lUen])g:' eoinea j; and ne ~ ..J! d eoined.AI as ;spe~::L 1:Q~ sna,y ~e atter ,t,h :reoeJpt t~~~erEN:;~':i; - '" d"l n, " - ,L e' theee :aas:n.y',e'u, and ae and t,h;at free 0" expense 'tJ\l the :p,e~r50'l1I, or persons by '~h,onl. S;1uIJ,~sbnU the have been br'oug'bt~ ,A,~li,d,as s!}Qn as the _said bun i:on,sn ~,n :ha;ve been coined, the person or persons by w hom the same .shan ha ~e; be-en deli,vere,d~, s;h,mJ,~~ upon d,eln;an,d receive in ,]~:eillhe,reof' coins of .the s,9,'Ill,e t S,pt~~'iee bunion which aha]] have been so ,delive:red,~ ,v'Big'hit :f.o,:[· wei;lb'[; of 0," the 'p~u·le,gold or 'pmr,e S:i]¥€lf -Ul,et',e~n eontaiaed : ,Prfivide,J ~ :ntl':l'.eri'le-;,. , 'Tt. I~ - 11. ·J"I; :~e'at tbe' m utu.n.~ ,opt.l,on '0': t'1 p,ar~y or' parties, un·ng'k. 'iL. ~ '. f l'a L" ,le~$I' 'l ~Jl~d sna ,,I :t,
'L_ ~

S~CT ·'14,. ,Arul be ~itfwtll"er

ii, "'"'U!' [A,:

I I vr-

,eJ1."flet~d; ITba:t
'L. ,.

it, _~'h,aUbe'tti~fo'r' any


jn,g ~ '8~!~'h

.'~ t" -~ iii ~"if.: I tain@d in tb,e ,said b'w,~jo:nj'll;S an. In d' em.nh:,ile~l~,o:nto 't~Te m::nl:t, 'I(or tJ:e tl,[IDIB, '~v oh 'Yr'<i]] nee.ess;ari~,Y· be reg't]iired ftlf coining th.e , hi 'bunIon ~ a no fo:r 'the:!':an~e wil~eh sban 'b,av~eoleeu so mt~.d.,e: in 'COI~'ru.S, A,nod. l,t ,sfufi,aU~be 'the: d,~ty of the: 8ec;r,eta.ry of' t'be T"r~"~lSur'yt~):~rrni:~h 't he ~:s,aid mlhtt :rr~'n:t f "thn,e ~,Q ,:tim,e· ·wn!ene,v'cr' ,the, sta'te, of ,tbe 'b;e,asiurj wiU :a;d,m,l;t th,e~~eof~, wdh suo'~ s~ms fas ~a_r: be 'De,~es~i~r1rOT :~~e.?d,n'i~.the,~~,~.d,~ e~c~,;~'ng'e!$;,t~~"'~~e l.',ep1Ia'ced ;o;s spe~d:lJ.t.y .as ~:a.y. be _out 'of '~IJ~e, COl~lS ,!h~c,I,~ ~"I:I, ~av,~~'~~n :m:BJId.,co:f' t~e. brudJi@iti1 ftJ'f wbieh 'th,e, 11liOn~!es,so 'flulusiu:!d shall nave been i!'1j'!iL... jL-.,o!ill~ pc i!'iI-r' :ej'x~,:h~figed' ;and _tbe s~id d:ed,~tl!e~ion0" ,one ,half' ~ie;,',c~n't:,sha,~~ 'Gon~tl:tute een't;, tlQ' 00na~l. ~
, , ~ Co _~'~,~ ,_ .__, 0 '

~h~c.:~HlJ.jd. :~:int,}'t,o". :m~~,ke; Bra' i,rom,edlw,ate, ,e'x,eba:r.!lge O'f ,con~s :Ihr ~~,~nd bll,l!hon:t .\;'luth a, ded 1l1,c'Uo:n of u"rd OUlg; :h:tdf per o~nt~· fVlJ),m 'th.,e wldght o,f t~:~p,nrle, go:~d~ (l'r pure;_ ;s;il~er con, ..

bu:ni~()n:~,an.d _,of ,.tbe:~ireeto;r_






. ·d·..:It'.:·, " ... , ·t·LV1l';i1t"'JI~~ o·:·f n, e.'~ d 'wwart_JJ, ,~;ell'a:yufo;~~"'/~~·ilie iI,ilHl:', e;~,~'~jli,I''''P:?,~~ ..
JIi,,,... r··'
J~" ".-. ," __

'iL ~J"iI·U·IIJJ._~ lUilii~I' __ jI!..t, ~

S iE!C~ l Ii And 'hi:. d ~".~,'t.l~r'~RlUied, That, _the~b~III~on \V,]:UCD

I: ;:" j@l., I

t'~B ,i:i'81d· <-I ~'1'·D·,;f ~,I'¥' ~.' ~,~:~~,>I.\" ,. ,. ,

'(',''' .. : ", ..






.... '.










,equiv'a):en:t 't;,b,er'oo,i' in coins l'\e:nlde1r.ted:~ if ~lema:nded,;, i.n 'the ()~de,r'n!, 'w)ue.n P bu]M~r:Jl"1Il,ril~ I:~g
_ . iIII"Iii~l1~,

~<!!I ~'iLl.l~-

'!iI,t"_o··'!8'~Da;d··· 'to, Ule' mb1Jj,t ,to 'be 'eoh~ed .' s'ilaU be ,coii:n.ed [ ..I!,[~~ . \ '_<_',' .~... ,: ,~ .' "~' .,,'. ~-~
...'..:IJ·:_1 .~.:._' ~~ __:__. l"_·:_~I.L, '_-' . .:._l l .. ~ ", .. __ I] _-




an be


t be

tute ,:I, ,CtliilIDd,! r O\Ji.u,e;r 0: "~


_.l: ;[];C!"',

rl·'!LIiiA'If'i:;.."rt [Ii 1 If' 9.'lII o!. ~'ll! "iil'!'Jlol"''''ri,!R ~1Ll ~~oIiJIJ~

""J"""''1','' iIo"", ~J l b-,:... ·;ooro!iI'I!",l\r.1-Y iiI~l ~

aocor·ding' bJ priority of (leli'\,·e;·,y on]:y:; an.d. 'w'itbout 'p!efereD:ce to an.y person p~raO,ns; and if. any .~prefer'enceshaJ~ be gwv.en~ontrar., to '(he direction iafo~r\esaid~the o:f6.cer. by w,bom. 9!!JJc'hu.nd.ule· pl:'e!~f\e·~.le,e,sbaU be gil' en, s't. all in each case forfeIt. and pay one theusan d o.'oll Qrf3.; to be recovered wifh oosts of suit. And tD the end that it m:ay be kn~n 'if such preference shall at any Ume be gi ve:n~the or oflie.ertJo 'Whom the siid bullion :sh:an be d,eliy'eroo to be coined, :sbln give-tn the person ,€)I" persons. g tn.. same, a ulemOl'Q,nd um in VI'tm.tiDg 11 e under' h~. hand, den o··,t·'~·~n-.f.t ,'t!l2'b·i(;t'Lt:· fi-,rnl'e:r;"e·· '113'13' '~'nd value~Lh·<or\O~f. together 'with the dav "I~, t··h··i!I, ~lf!.in", . -JJ ;and .Ofdetr- of 'i,t.a d.eU 'f,er,. lneo the mi;nrt. tb~V'"lift Ain.d [7je: t forfier i en,a~'ed,The.,t an the g'Old. and :siho~0r'coins Cotrts m~de a mwf.i!i1 'tora.df.!,t~ w hich 'shan btl Vie, been struek Q,t, and issued fr:\om the said mint, slud] 'be a lu:wftd tender' in all pa,y'ment81 wh:at~S!oe'ver,. those of fun w'e~ah't ;Rc('(),Tcll .. 'in,g' to tbe res'peeti ve val'o)es herein before declared." and lhose of less th an fll.n \Ve:~gh:t at propertierial t~ tlJ.eir respeeti ve _wei.. hts, . .. ·tli.nd t{J; 'be mad1e.· 8EC~ ,17,. And be: it fillrtlff" enaei:edJl Th at it :sbaU be the dllty of the (:)(!tmformift'b·l~, W respeeti'fe ,O'ffioexs.[of the said min t, 'earefuID]y ~'Od. faithrun, tal .ll:se thalr tbe ,$<tM.d:m best, endeavours tha't aU tbe go~d and ,si1'01" coins wbi,eh shallbe struck w-"'i,,·i..,tn "- .... «V'iIl a;t the said m~.ntshall be, n~ ue~;li'ly,Bfi ID&jr be~.'oo:nfb:r:m:l.b]e 'to the se,",e'ral standards, iB[d vr.~ei.ghtsaforesaid, and t'bat the copper ~'~11.[er~.f he ,cents, t and half Gents afor~;8,;id. may 'be composed, sha U be ~.f g~d. qu.a]~i~y, . The TlItlasamll" S<EC., 1St. And, the better to secure a due ormfurml~J of t.[i)e:said ,gomdl ta, 'r:iI,iie'r"'~ ·n·ot and sih!et 6o,in's to thel' r,erspeo-tiv[Q standards, B'[e it fitrt1ta en(1£.t[fd~ ).~ 9~'$: t1liJQ;ij; 'f-ilCIt'Et$! ,g'O'~dor s·ilver, w.'bi[ob sh:~n piC.}Clt:JJ Q'l' e..,cn, Tlha.t frOom.e\\l'e·ry :Slepara'te: m~sa of stan dard <coin ·tll' be be made mtiO, eoi ns at die said min'i., t,her,e shall be taken, set, apart 'by .aBlSa~~~ 'the: t'!r.1e·it,::9JQ!',er an,d. reserved in biB c.uato;dy a ee:rtuiu number of pieoes, :not~ less 'tha,n three, and thatonce In. ~'ery ye31' t1u~ 'pieces so set apart, by and re.'fJe'vl&d~ ;S'h;IU be ;Issiyed. un,der. the insp,ec'tion [of tile Chi~f J.ustlc'e o,f the U nit-ed. States, {hie Secretary and CO'mptT'Om~el' of ~be Tl'~easu:r,Y~ the .sOOT.l}tary ,for the dep,artm[ent of StateJ, Ind the Atto:rnley_ Gene.ja,1: the United Sta.res,~ (w no are b;e'reby 're.qu ~r,€dto, attend ~Dr'tbllt purpose Q\t, the, said: m.i,nt, on the ls:st M[ond.ay in .1l~]:'y in each J'emr~)Of' under 'me inspeeti_on of aDy three of them, in Bu,c,b man n[el' ;I.a,[t-b8Y eif' a 'm:ajority o.r them shan direc't.~, and in. the presence of the: director, 8~aY'M' ,aDd chief ,oo,tnfT [o{F :said mint :;:8,Dd if it :5:bf~U be found 'tb:l,t, the ,gold, aed the sih'ler ~ assajed, s'baU not be' lDfe-ri.[or· to thm.l· respeeti ve ~s)tandJ;a'r,ds, hereso. in before declared more til In one part in. lone bu'O.. red and fo-rty~,fbur d par~.s, the om.c'er' or offi.c.ers [0-£ the said mi nt ,vh,om i:t may eeneerri Sb8~I be: held exeusable; but. if ,any if'[eatar inferiority s,h:aJJ appear, it 'shan 'be

,the: slid. hlllUon .s'b:all bave be-en brougbti or' d·eli,'e,r·ed; g:~vin.g pri,ority


. _:.... ..:r.












10.:....: .. _







A6r·~"~£!:'ed'_.,~ ;Il.~,.I!) ...... ~~ ;uD. ~Vl t.i~,,¥1

1i'lhl'.D·>t:ol~ 'I'\'io~it., fl1.... Jr III. 'Y"'Q. ·Ul~"'iIi


of th··I ~

~- 'g

Ui_'.,~~.IJ ~. - ,8: ·~@:u::;Oii uti'il.d··__ 41·1f..e< c'!li"lo~·'~: " '~a'~, .. ,'; gU ' ~"tJJ..

[il'~;·~,t .... !IgI'b,I. . ~.~g.'Ii'I ~J~.U, 'lJPJ

or v

if): Q1II R":'!,.

d.'elb~,:~;~~ th;"u
'Ii'I< ... ,... ,_'Ii 'II!-<'!."!' .......

offi[oors[ [Sha1} 'be .~'eem[ed_ dU~lquali6,ed to. 'hold their ~eapejedV"el oifices., SEC,; '~9", .ilJ.nld' ,be it. fU'ftltf~ ~i~Q}~wd~Th.a.t if auy of 'the I,old @f' silver ;

allan be strllck Of' eoined at the said 'faint shaH be. d,~b~~-d or In ad.e worr,g;e as to proportion ,of fine gold or Dlle.: sihrer tbere,i n oo.n.tained,. or. :shaU be of' ]ess w"sight or ~'a.1ue ,than. the same on gbt 'to be pU,rStlan·t to t~l,e dirootio,ns of this act, l<b:r,ongh the ,d·efall:~t or \,':itlt the eonni \I'a.-nee of any the oSeers ,or' perea,i)s w'ho slHlll be, e:mp,lo'Y1ed, a;t
rra ud o]lent intent, lUl:d. it i~.nJof the., said c6iee:rl,or peJ'.90\iilI. 8.hW] em bez:;tl~: In,,J' o.f ,the metu~s, 'w'bic·h shan at an." dm,le be eommitiled 'W 'tliei:f ,c•• 1tge for ,the:'purposJe of being c~'lned, oir 8:'0.1of ~tbe [caim, w'hicb :snQll be st'l'uek ,or oolne1d. at. th,e s:aid w1lnt, ,elrery sue,b, om [ter' or perlon 'w'bo ~'b:ali w:m ... mit any ·or [eithe~ 01. the sai.d: O,i:(fDeE'-B~ elutll he deemed ggi'~tyof ,fel'~lly, and siindl suffer death. ·g'E,e., 'OO~ ./lnd .6e' 'i.'t fiwtiw' ,enacted, ·T.bat t'be~ MIO'Qe,. o,f' aC-I0011;nt of ,the. U M;fb~d State.s. III sll 'be el,p,r~5ed. in dol~.a~e: ~u.n:it~,. 'Ol' dism,es; or teuths'f eent~, ·or'hundr·edth.:s" ,and, nliUe-s O'f thoo,smd.tbs, disme heing' 'tbe '~,en.tb p8rt [~r a [o[O'nar'" a. dle bQ:ndredt'h FllUt of :a.. tloUa,~, a mine t.he tbou~
~h,e tB,a:~la m.inf~ f'o~



purpose of profit. ,&r g~dn~ [ot'benvise or




'S~'P.eI'a ... liUiU!U'liI]

, . Ii!

'I: '-lllri ," 11Q' ~, lri'~

1 (' 1 ~[.

,".J:.~~1i I'~

t:Q be 1"'~!lCie:d :e.t,_, (~h,a.rl~o:n, ba ...


,.,!:,~atiiDl' .. o


'b~'1:'and, ,ChQila...

l)~8ik baJ~]w."UJht o~ .e.~r,ta'in, 'Co.nd,~ ... tiona till) be hunt '(Ji~ M,o,Il'" '~ok PO~a\t filii

,Sta.~e,(If' N" Y ~

- "':L


- ~ f.



],!!IInd.,n (h'e :state ,or Ohi'il), ". i

ICOIJlgr.e~i!l~ ~'Itbou~;b S1trletly ,m'p,riv,at'fJaet~, has appne~ti'QB to :I'Q :large I, b~dy of ,t~ J~s~if1' its illsslrtion ~:n th~ forrm 0'£ u,; l!)otle. ,A.,'nad fo'1" l~teT,t4i:n,l'Ag tM Bo'~ I'll la, 1\"ac,t o/' LaM pul',th~ed by Joh,'n f)l~§' ,Siumma .. Be i/le;1(ltlcied by tlill S8rt~te' I~nd H~f;' qf ~qn'e~"ta.u.\~ ,qf fke~ unit" St,(l-1:'u.s.' <td A.~~ici!i~,i~1i.Co.'1tr~$,.f. dt~embl~4, Tl~;(lt t~ij ~,I'"~i9;~iMl:t orr t~~ Un~.t-ed.~tDt,@~, ~e, ~J!td,h~" hc;r~:by,~i,s..allE'tb.ori~j~d:~~tbe~:~e~iloMt ~,:~,J,o~~n, 'C];ev,~sSy':[fjUnl~~':> ~filfj, agent Q~'" to. :Idte.-f 'lfhe ~ilI,n'll'a.ct m;we: betw\t!6iL1 Ul~ _la:te bo'a"rd of tr~a9,urry .o'~ ,81.ndithe !;ai,d]Jo'hn Clev~ij ;s.Ynlmel~ fo,T ,the iSale; of a u,~t 0," l~d, -of' o~€: :r;n,iUicflt of :a~l\ej6" l'~ ~nc,}~;'I'JUl-nner ' 'that the i~ tra,et, may ~)(:tJend, from 'lll'ij'3, m,o~,thOIl" ~hlD.l G;re~t M.,i;::lm;~I' 'to tbe :ffl,outh I~r Li,Ule Mlami~ and. tllJi)'
The rouo',\v].[nl!i' ~c;t


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