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Newsugar Issue 3

Newsugar Issue 3

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Published by: Jules on Jan 12, 2009
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e om l3c e Wue Iss



Welcome to Issue 3!
Happy Christmas?
Originally due out mid December it’s a little bit late (due mainly to the last couple of weeks being our busiest to date - who would have thought it!) but still here just before Christmas so there is still just enough time to unwrap this delight and enjoy this (only slightly) festive edition over the Christmas break with your loved ones... and a large Gin. There will be plenty more from us in the new year so keep your eyes on the NewSugar site for more info and dates.

NewSugar STILL needs you!
As the magazine continues to develop both in readership, style and content we are keen to hook up with other like minded individuals who feel that they might have something to offer...

You can get in touch with us at: oi@newsugar.co.uk
We are looking forward to making your acquaintance!

Are you a writer, Nearly done... out our next reporter, blogger Check‘My Pocket’ atissues brief, the or creative back of the mag and send opinionist? us your subs... Then New sugar would definitely The magazine is doing like to hear from fantastically thanks to our lovely readers and has had you. thousands of downloads
Do you have a great idea on how we could get even better and tick more of your boxes then let us know, this magazine is all about giving you what you want. Lastly do you have a creative project that you would like to tell us about... Then we are all ears! from well over 60 countries... If you would like to show us and everyone else your work... get submitting! See you in the new year!

This month...
More great work to show you in this edition... That’s all she (well HE technically) wrote.



o ch e m
.au com .




We spoke to Yen from mecho. com.au - the style black book
Who, where and what is Mecho?
Based in Sydney, Australia; mecho.com.au - the style black book digs up stylish creations from the world of fashion, beauty, gadgets, lifestyle products and more. This is an independent online style guide aimed to be a source of inspiration for his/ her little black books with ability to share among their social networks. Also, one of our goals is to help promote inspiring innovative people both locally and internationally.

What made you decide to give birth to Mecho?
With a passion for style and new products combined with my experience working in the digital industry, the idea for this site started to grow. It was created to be a source of inspiration for quick style updates and there is also a dedicated area for inspiring guest bloggers to help promote emerging talents, creative minds and success stories – to start a conversation – to interact.

Have you any tips for new creative minds starting out?
Don’t over think or let fear of failure stop you. Be true to what you do and remember that one way usually leads to another. Stay connected with the world and don’t forget the people that matters to you.

What are the best and worst things about where you are right now?
Best: Meeting interesting people from the world of fashion, design and other inspiring avenues. Worst: Dealing with companies that doesn’t understand our content is at our editorial discretion – our features are non-paid for and we only post things we like.

What is your favourite object at the moment?
My passport. I’m lucky to have a Swedish EU passport and Australian residency which is giving me access to many countries – it provides a sense of security and freedom.

What’s new?
Our juicy newsletter finally started to go out after several months of struggling to get it working!!


And a few of our artist questions for good measure!
What’s in your future?
Continue moulding mecho. com.au | the style black book into an interesting place to visit to get quick style updates as well as creating opportunity to connect with inspiring people and more.

When will you, will you be famous?
I’m a quiet achiever ;)

What adorned you as a child?
White plastic Mickey Mouse sunglasses

What’s in your near future?
Turning my passions into a career. Having just completed a Certificate IV in Design, I’m about to commence a Diploma in Interior Styling and an online course in Photoshop in the New Year.

I dislike most...
Rudeness and ignorance.

Thank you for all the support so far and let’s continue to unwrap 2009 in style. Have a festive season, everyone!

If you were a pet what would you be?
A cat. Ironically, I HATE CATS but I think it’s probably the pet with most freedom and great night vision.

My number one tip is...
Keep your perseverance and don’t loose creativity.

Before I die...
I hope to say that the majority of my life turned out pretty great.

The future of design?

Hope to see a continued Your favourite flaw. collaboration between Being a perfectionist. different genres with a common goal to create stylish Christmassy? sustainable design with fair Swedish traditions on trading, the environment and Christmas Eve, snow, glögg human beings in mind. and gingerbread smell. The Aussie Christmas tends to Favourite dental have a different feel and procedure? usually involve casual summer When they put on the paste wear, beer, barbeque and that has an artificial banana prawns. flavour.


r lo y Ta
hite W




Taylor White

Candy for Dinner
Medium: ballpoint pen and digital Year: 2008

Medium: ballpoint pen, ink, and digital Year: 2008

More of my work can be viewed at my website: www.taylor-white.com

Medium: ballpoint pen and digital Year: 2008

Medium: ballpoint pen, magic marker, and digital Year: 2008

Ragtime Quintet
Medium: ballpoint pen, ink, and digital Year: 2008




When will you, will you be famous?
I’m hoping sometime today, if not sooner.

I dislike most...
Well, I’m not a huge fan of nausea.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?
I used to save pickle jars so that whenever I got particularly angry I could go out back and hurl them at brick walls in the alley behind my apartment. Since I no longer have an alley, I am currently seeking another means of release.

What’s in your near future?
Leftover Indian food and I Love Lucy reruns are in my immediate future.

Things you weren’t allowed to do as a child.
When I was young I was cautioned against looking at porn. So instead I just made a lot of pornographic drawings. Trouble is, I wasn’t so adept at hiding it, which led to numerous awkward and embarrassing moments.

The future of design?
The future of design in Norway can be found by looking at present-day design elsewhere in the world.

The first book I really read was...
“Make Way For Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey. It was my childhood favorite; I still remember the illustrations to this day.

My most wily method of getting new work is...
Reverse psychology.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
The catch is, it has to have a downside. What would that be? Powers of mind control would be quite useful. The downside is my mind control power would have the same runtime as a cell phone battery. The more time I spent controlling a person’s mind, the more quickly the battery power would run out and then I’d have to spend several hours recharging. Plugged into a wall outlet.

Last time you made a friend.
I’m hoping I made a friend earlier this afternoon, but it’s too soon to tell.

You would be mad not to...
Fall in love with me.

Favourite dental procedure?
Anything that involves the gas.




is r h C
ray G




Chris Gray Images
Dont Panic!


100 Ways to say Hello
An on-going project with illustrator Deanna Halsall to create a hundred different ways of saying hello. I’m only up to two, so only a mear 90 odd left.

Head over to: http://www.weshallsee. co.uk to see more of Chris’ work and for his blossoming illustrative project: http://www.aintlifegrand. co.uk

After collecting the Dont Panic! posters throughout university, I thought I would have a bash at doing a poster and managed to win it!

Happy Christmas
Just a quick Chritmas card design to help raise money for the Salford Graphic Design course exhibition. Illustrators included Andrew Rae / Jeremyville / Matt Sewell / Paul Davis / Deanna Halsall and many more.

Freitag Truck Shots
Finally it is about to hit the streets. The truck tarp I designed a few weeks ago is all printed up and now beautifull shot by Noë Flum. Freitag were brilliant to work with and a big thanks has to go to Rahel, Ralph, Daniel and Marcus Freitag.

Taylors of Harrogate
I was asked nicely to design a print to promote new fair trade coffee. The brief was to have use a classic style seat that doubled as a coffee cup. The brilliant writing by Dave Bevan made my life easier.




Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.
Super Mega Simple

Last time you made a friend.
I can’t remember.

Does the editor even read this...?
I bet he doesn’t. (He does! - I’ve always wanted to do this... –Ed)

When will you, will you be famous?
Probably never.

Lies, lies and more damn lies. Discuss.
I got a D in art.

What’s in your near future?
My own business.

Favourite dental procedure?

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?
I set fire to one of my kitchen chairs once.

My number one tip is...

I dislike most...
People who don’t understand personal distance.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...
Two pairs of the same glasses I never wear.

The future of design?
Is fucked.

My most wily method of getting new work is...
Being nice to people.

If you were a pet what would you be?

I would run for government only if...
It was made of beer bottle sweets.

Nature or nurture?
Bit of both.

Things you weren’t allowed to do as a child.

Hell no.

Where’s your head at?
Somewhere in here.

Before I die...
some spirits.

Get fat.

The first book I really read was...
A glow in the dark nature book. It was amazing!

Christmassy? I am after My dream is...
to be good one day.

Who would you love to be better than?
Bill Murray.

You would be mad not to...
do wheelies.

Favourite thing?
My girlfriend.

Cup of eggnog?
I’m allergic to fish.




rr e H
ller Mue



Herr Mueller
ilikeyourbadbreathdaddy.de 183off.com


Believe Nothing
Herr Mueller’s image was the first one sent to NewSugar this month and it certainly set the awesome the high standard for this issue standard right from the off. We’ve decided to show you the full piece and a selection of the individual parts too. You have definitely got to check out the detail to really appreciate the amount of effort that has gone in to this piece. Good job Herr Mueller!


You can see more of his work at: www. ilikeyourbadbreathdaddy.de & www.183off.com




Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.
Varied, detailed, simple.

Lies, lies and more damn lies. Discuss.
Won´t discuss with paranoids.

Create your own question...?
Where should I start?

What is your favourite piece to date?
The one bringing me yearly royalties

I dislike most...
Can´t decide.


What’s in your near future?

Things you weren’t allowed to do as a child.
Behaving like a grown up.

The first book I ‘really’ read was...
Never read a book not ‘really’.


Nature or nurture?

What adorned you as a child?
Growing up.



r ou ym e S



Seymour Images
Believe nothing

www.seymour.net.nz www.seymour.blogspot.com

No Place like Home
This is one of the main pieces from my latest show I had in Edinburgh this year. It’s very much inspired by my move from New Zealand to the United Kingdom (No offence). It was the first time I had lived in an apartment block. I kept imagining what was going on in the rooms beside me and underneath.

My main portfolio site is: www.seymour.net.nz I have also started up a new blog site so I can keep things a lot more up to date and upload new work and projects etc. that URL is: www.seymour.blogspot.com

The idea of living in your head and in your own reality, away from normality.

Cabaret Baby.
This is a recent commissioned piece for a Scottish jazz composer who is touring in the New Year. I have been working the tour posters and artwork.

Also my main sales gallery is The Red Door Gallery. They are kind of my representing gallery: www.edinburghart.com

Air Piracy
This piece was from my first solo show. It’s still one of my favourites. I use to do a lot of more framed work like this and the pieces were a bit more flat and graphic.




What is your favourite piece to date?
Probably “No place like home. I think if this piece was on your wall it would take a while to get bored of it as it has heaps going on. I’m pretty proud of it as it was a lot of work and it ended up better than in my head.

What’s in your near future?
Well hopefully I will be able to stay in Berlin for a while longer and work solidly on getting enough work together for a major show. I am also working on crossing my style over in to different mediums so it’s exciting to see where that may lead.

My number one tip is...
Rub your hands on stainless steel if they stink of onion or garlic. The metal absorbs the odours. I learnt this from my years of being a KP.

Favourite thing/s?
I Had to change this from thing, to things otherwise I would get into trouble. OK, My lady, my family, my guitars and my vinyl collection, my hamsters and cooking.

When will you, will you be famous?
I don’t want to be famous…. but I would love to be able to live nicely off my art earnings and have a respected reputation as an artist. Maybe just a little bit of fame ah…..

38 Favourite dental procedure?
Having my wisdom Teeth out. I fainted on the first one and came around a few minutes later minus 4 teeth. I also like that injection that makes your lips numb, good fun!

Very Christmassy. It’s a well celebrated day in my family. We do it a bit different in New Zealand though, ie Beach and BBQ with a bit of back yard cricket.

I like em, try Vegemite or Marmite and sprout sandwiches, crusts cut off of course.

The first book I really read was...

I dislike most...
Being in too close proximity to people at markets and gigs. Also girls that chew gum with their mouth open.

Roald Dahls ‘The Witches’. He was an extremely descriptive My dad has also started author which I loved. I still a very strange tradition of remember being freaked out listening to the partridge family Christmas album during by those crazy witches with their massive nostrils that they present opening time. used for sniffing out children. Probably shouldn’t have told You would be mad not to... you that. Check when your health Stupidest thing I ever insurance expires when bought... travelling abroad. Buying stupid things is one of my specialities. When I was a kid I was hooked on buying collector cards. I had so many kinds and half finished sets. All I ended up with was an expensive pile of useless cardboard.



ul Pa ereru iaeis a Pr P




Pierre-Paul Pariseau Images
Hot woman


Collage and digital.

My main portfolio site is: www.pierrepaulpariseau.com

Watercolour, acrylic paint, collage and digital.

Collage and digital.

Animal Sign
Collage and digital.




What is your favourite piece to date?
The piece I just finished is always my favourite to date because I am still filled with the pleasure, the emotions, the energy I felt while creating it. I am still surprised that I have done this.

My most wily method of getting new work is...
Keeping my eyes and ears wide opened , everywhere I am ( Internet, socializing with new people at a dinner, reading all kinds of publications, at a party, etc..), to discover new possible clients.

Lies, lies and more damn lies. Discuss.
If there are lies in my life they do not seems to reach me, not even collaterally.

Favourite dental procedure?

What’s in your near future?
More illustrations to do with a various range of clients, plus a continuous collaboration with the current ones.

Favourite thing?
To create images, at the same time to collaborate with art directors and other artists.

Before I die...
I would like to travel around the world with my love, a long time. I have been travelling pretty much when I was young, but I didn’t knew her then.

My number one tip is...
Loosened up, let chance be part of your path.

46 My dream is...
To continue dreaming and see some of those dreams come into reality. Fortunately I achieve some dreams sometimes, but it takes time. This is what I was talking about in a previous question about the “number one tip”. Loosened up let chance be part of your life. Dream on.

What is your background and art education?
I am a self-taught artist. I always loved visual art, but also literature, cinema, etc., and still do. I discovered collage after experimenting with other mediums and instantly fell in love with this kind of technique. It was fast,direct,very much unconscious and, of course, surprising. This was very seducing and exciting, not to say very inspiring. Since then I experimented a lot, and then came along the computer, in a positive way.

In a sandwich with tomatoes they are delicious.

You would be mad not to...
Make my style and art evolved. Dare to surprise myself and not be contrived in one simple idea people make of me as an artist.



ve te S
ack R




Steve Rack Images


Believe Nothing
The 9 remaining Towers of Zun contemplated a new religion. They each stared in unison at the blank pages of the old, tattered book that hovered above the sleeping hope tree. Their robe trains flapped and twirled in a harsh wind of uncertainty. Things might never be the same again.

Bookmarks Set 1
I created these bookmarks, so I can sell them at art events. From left to right: Snuggletuff & Friends (feat Zun), Cloopy (Maggy Bubble & Ikkle Tewwa), Goldbebble, Tower of Perdition, Willow the Wish Tree, Snuggletuff & Maggy Bubble

I have redesigned my site and I am using my blog at: www.steverack.blogspot.com more regularly now, so any future new breaking news will be on there.

Hope for a New Day
This is a piece was part of an exhibition held by CardboardShelter.org in aid of The Big Issue. Each artist was asked to turn an old piece of A4 cardboard into a work of art.

Bookmarks Set 2
From left to right: Spencer & Forest Flumbles, Dreamweavers, Snuggletuff & Seaside Spirit, Xixi & Friends, Princess Orionna & a Haphap, Ikkle Tewwa & Family




What is your favourite piece to date?
At the moment, my favourite piece is my most recent. It is a collection of postcard sized illustrations that I have called ‘20 Hellos’. Each illustration features one of my character designs introducing itself. I would like for people to become more familiar with my re-occurring set of characters that include the likes of Snuggletuff, Ikkle Tewwa, Haphaps and so on. I have just posted them on my blog, and I will be selling prints of them first at The Lock Art Gallery this weekend (14th Dec) as part of the Coventry Art Fair.

What’s in your near future?
At the moment I am working on some book illustrations for a local author, which I plan to finish before the end of this year. Other than that, I am continuing to work on my personal projects (ie. Snuggletuff book, zines, prints, stickers etc.). I would really like to set up some sort of shop via my site, so that my work is more accessible. I am looking very much forward to 2009. Also, I am always on the look out for new opportunities to collaborate with other artists and take on new projects.

Where’s your head at?
Despite my head being in the clouds most of the time, I am a really focused person when it comes to my work, and I think that if I didn’t daydream, I would not have created the world in which my art comes from.

Last time you made a friend.
On MySpace. Just a second ago. :D

Lies, lies and more damn lies. Discuss.
Never lie. It’s bad for your health. Maybe the odd little white lie is OK every now and then.

I dislike most...
At the moment, Cigarettes. I stopped smoking them just over two months ago. They are evil and they do evil things.

The future of design?
I really have no idea. It is interesting to see how things evolve. As much as I like and appreciate digital artwork, I think it would be nice to see more traditional design techniques used more widely on a commercial level (think Norman Rockwell).

54 If you were a pet what would you be?
A cat, or maybe a pot belly pig. Anything but a budgie, parrot or hamster.

Pretend they are strawberries.

The first book I really read was...
The first book I read was Plop the Owl that was afraid of the Dark. The first comic I read was X-Men number 123. The first graphic novel I read was Watchmen. You would be mad not to... go snorkelling with Manatees.

Things you weren’t allowed to do as a child.
We (me and my three brothers) weren’t allowed to walk bare foot in the desert. (I spent a lot of my childhood in New Mexico.) We weren’t allowed in the front room once David Letterman had started. We weren’t allowed to leave our bedroom(s) on Christmas morning until the central heating had kicked in. Sweet memories.

No thanks. I’ll have some more brandy butter though. :D


s lio E
nola Spi




Elios Spinola

Various Works
“All these pieces were made in a period that I’m very upset with. The general political situation, especially in Italy (where I come from), there’s a bad smell of right-wing policies and fascism is ever more diffused all over the country. With episodes of racism Mississippi’s Burning style. Some of the pieces are done during my recent stay in Italy so I guess they reflect a bit of my personal discontent.

I love playing with ink, getting things messed up using pen, water, toilet paper, fabrics, to get shades, marks, lines and textures. Rarely an idea comes out of my head if the speakers are not pumping loud music”

More of my work can be seen here: www.eliosspinola.co.uk




Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.
Vibrant and expressive (sorry 3 syllables)

The future of design?
Won’t be called design anymore…and no copyrights, sorry...

My dream is….
London Commune.

When will you, will you be famous?
After my death, coz anyone won’t be opposed to my success anymore!!!

Who would you love to be better than? :) Myself. Last time you made a friend.
Good one? …the one who gives you a call when you’re sick? …3 years ago.

I would run for government only if...
I could make it vanish.

The first book I really read was...
I think “Gertrude” by Herman Hesse.

My number one tip is...
Listen to Brian Eno and read something difficult.

Cup of eggnog?
No thanks, I’d rather have a beer.

Lies, lies and more damn lies. Discuss.
I don’t lie, but once I lied badly and I’m still paying the consequences, when you lie I think you deceive yourself.

If you were a pet what would you be?
Definitely a dog.



m o D
per Coo




Dom Cooper

Nothing 1
Your belief is so low that you don’t care, not even when a raven unravels your noodle from your head. You just stare off into the distance numb.

Front image from The Owl Service’s ‘A Garland Of Song’ album (Southern Records) Vector, photo, super 8, Photoshop. (darkness & light, folk imagery)

More of my work can be viewed at my website: www.domcooper.com

Ec 1
Images for The Electric Cinema’s self titled album. (Sugarlow Records). Vector, collage, super 8, Photoshop. (The lyrics deal with weather, relationships and living in a city etc)

Nothing 2
All you see is nothing, around you a complex world weaves, yet nothing is burnt into your vision.

Ec 1
As above




Describe your style in three (two syllable) words.
{a} Vector Collage Bivouac.

Last time you made a friend.
On ‘Concrete Hermit’ this week, hello my friends.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?
The Death Star {in my spare time, using a complex matrix of Ewok fur, matchsticks and glue}.

The future of design?
Is unwritten, yet misprinted with spelling mistakes.

Lies, lies and more damn lies. Discuss.
{recipe} 1: Start off white. 2: Fade to grey. 3: Blacken until you’ve created a black hole. 4: Finally we’re all sucked in.

You would be mad not to...
Believe in something.

Nature or nurture?
{nature} more trees, less cars, more folk music, less x-factor music.

Where’s your head at?
Tilted and constantly moving about {a wishful thinking polymath}.

I dislike most...
The ‘Real’ world {it’s plastic, boring and costly}

Favourite thing?
My straw tweed suitcase. It has a black ribbon handle, a tag with an owl, and mud splatter from the Greenman. Inside it has percussion utensils galore, including my Muppet’s ‘Animal’ tambourine. A pen or two, my notebooks, lyrics. A harmonica, a long shoelace in red, a wrench and much more.

What adorned you as a child?
More hair, less beard.

My dream is...
Quiet, remote and shared. It includes mini versions and felt beards.




a sh ri T

ally cN M



Trisha McNally
trishamcnally.carbonmade .com

Believe Nothing
Based on the struggle between the sensible mind and the reckless heart in a world where few people love fearlessly. Is it any better to give your heart away cautiously in love when if it ends it will still be ripped out of you?

Caged Femininity
From a collection entitled freaks. I’m fascinated by the portrayal of sexual woman in film noir as diseased and mentally ill and the attempt to repress their desires. This image is homage to this idea but instead of a noir urban city the scene is played in a circus.

Born into a Light
Started as a photo of the bubbled textured rock, which became the background and ended up an expedition into spectacular colour and the birth of a female space traveller. Pretty colours, pretty girl.

Inspired by the question of how we perceive reality and view the world. Especially as viewed by an artist, our senses are almost heightened and we can see beyond the mental and physical realms. It looks at the mystery of the mind and the how perception is not always reality.

The term originates from the Greek term, hysterikos. The term hysteria was coined by Hippocrates, who thought that suffocation and madness arose in women whose uteri had become too dry from lack of sexual intercourse and, as a result, wandered upward, compressing the heart, lungs, and diaphragm.

Please come see my portfolio: www.trishamcnally. carbonmade.com




Where’s your head at?
Buried deep under the ground most days. I’m like an ostrich. But I like it there, its dark, moist and another world exist there. Good thinking place really.

Favourite thing?
Smelling my hair, it’s my version of biting your nails. It’s a stress/comfort thing. I either look insane doing it or like I have drugs in it. But mmh it’s so lovely, especially freshly washed.

What adorned you as a child?
Bows, Hair clips and bobbles any hair bling really as all I had was hand me down clothes. I was and still I’m all about the accessories.

My number one tip is... You’ve got to stay positive. If you were a pet what would you be? A cat. I belong on a Nature or nurture?
Nature, you can’t teach talent. But if you have talent you have to nurture it otherwise you won’t progress. Success is about 80% hard work alone. windowsill above a radiator looking unimpressed by the world around me, I would be a cat that only eats chocolate mice though and doesn’t smell other cats’ bums.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...
Magic eight ball. I’m highly indecisive and thought it would help make my decisions. It didn’t, it keeps just telling me to “try again later”.

What is your favourite piece to date?
One I’m working on now, I find I’m fickle and once I’ve finished on a piece, a day later I look at it and it’s no longer where I’m at. But I guess that can be positive because as an artist you should be constantly moving forward and wanting to improve.

My dream is...
To be a full time artists and be happy. Seems simple but I haven’t quite achieved it yet.

Lies, lies and more damn lies. Discuss.
The worst lies are the ones we tell to ourselves. These are the ones that creep up on you until one day you realise you’ve been in denial and you don’t know your own truth anymore.

You would be mad not to...
Like cream buns. Some people don’t and I don’t understand it, it makes me not trust them.

Not feeling it yet. I’m just very anti stuff and the whole buy, buy, buy mentality at the moment. I just want some new paints oh and world peace of course.




tt a M

ent D



Matt Dent

Everything is OK.
Thoughts/ Ideas etc: The idea was to create a piece based on the idea of how society always seems to think that everything is going to be OK. Its simple, while everyone seems to think its all going to be OK, the message ‘believe nothing’ is lurking not to far away.

Magic Hands
This is a promotional piece, its based on the idea of creativity and art that my hands create. It is set to be on some snazzy T-shirts in the near future.

I will be at the Portobello Winterfest in London from the 19th / 21st December, selling some zines, postcards, and a selection of other things. Come down as there is plenty going on, including DJ’s, live music and other fun things. For more info visit my website.

Obey Me
This was for The Wizards Hat Zine created by Jeffrey Bowman and Andy J Miller, who are both awesome designers/illustrators. The theme was magic, so I put together a little piece based on the art of magic and mind control. Go buy this Now!

This was put together for my zine ‘book of stuff’. It was created on what I like to call a day when nothing seems to happen; it kind of represented my mindset at that time, which was obviously pretty confused.

I am always updating my blog at State28.com, so feel free to check it when you can for more news and info.

I am also going to be releasing a series of zines with my big bro Chris Dent (www.chrisdent.co.uk) which will be a crazy mixture of cities, people and body parts. WoW.

Man-Hat-On was one of my very first pieces for a series called ‘The Last Cities’. I was attempting to form a link between people and cities.





What is your favourite piece to date?
My favourite piece to date is called Magic Hands, I had the idea in my head for ages, it was cool to finally be able to do it. I am hoping to do a limited run of screen prints, or T-shirts.

Favourite thing?
My favourite thing at the moment has to be my advent calendar; I’m guaranteed some chocolate without going to the shop every day.

My dream is...
To move to New York.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...
When I was about 14 I bought a flashing aerial for my Erickson Mobile, Very Naff. I was known as the kid with the flashing aerial, which has luckily since passed.

If you were a pet what would you be?
I have just watched this so I would have to be the tarantula from Home Alone. It pretty much saved Kevin’s life.

What’s in your near future?
Hopefully loads of freelance work, I am always looking to contribute to zines and hopefully some T-shirts and screen prints that I might actually get round to doing. Also a new design job is on the cards, which will be nice.

For some reason I always find myself eating them but I don’t really like them, so no thanks.

Things you weren’t allowed to do as a child.
I wasn’t allowed to play football in the front room, (but I did) I wasn’t allowed to run off in Homebase and set off the alarm (but I did) and I definitely wasn’t allowed to eat too much chocolate (but I did)

The first book I really read was...
There were a few before this, but I remember and love all the Goosebumps, in particular (Night of The Living Dummy)

Where’s your head at?
My head is in a very good place at the moment, I have really good support, I am loving what I am doing, its’ super. The best thing about being a freelance illustrator is not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow, it could be nothing or it could be something amazing.

Before I die...
I am going to marry my girlfriend, have kids and live on a purple submarine.

You would be mad not to...
Visit my website www.state28. com. (sorry couldn’t resist, self promotion always gets the better of me)




es u cq Jauss tra S



Jacques Strauss Images

jacquesstrauss.carbonmade .com

This is a piece I entered for a Brahma design comp last year sadly it didn’t go to far but I had a lot of fun with it and it was a nice learning curve.

Believe Nothing
It’s just a exploration of people and the promises they make and the stories they tell. Believe nothing!

I moved back to South Africa .Landed my first ever creative job for a clothing company (no more van driving).

Hatchet Twins
NS: It is what it is.

I also have a limited edition range of signature shirts coming out in June for Von Zipper sunglasses/clothing.

He will.

Just a bit of fun really.

I’m currently working on the first Issue of my first zine with some friends, and also busy working on a exhibition ..... (on the street) for free for all. To be removed by the council when they see fit.




What is your favourite piece to date?
It’s a work in progress.

Favourite dental procedure?
Free Root canals from Guys hospital done by dental students in London.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...
A limited ed Alien Head DVD box set… No resale value whatsoever.

When will you, will you be famous?
When the process is complete.


I would run for government only if...
Monika Lewinsky was my right hand woman… get it?

My number one tip is...
draw, draw and draw some more.

What adorned you as a child?

The future of design?

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?
A Skateboard… and my virginity.

Favourite thing?
Artistic Freedumb, with opposable thumbs.




lf o d u R

idt chm S



Rudolf Schmidt
concretehermitnetwork.com/ profile/RudolfSchmidt

Believe Nothing Image 1 & 2
The nature of lies and polite phrases that are intrinsic to everyday communication but are often, just, false, friendly, sound bites.

Images 3 & 4

I think it is worth mentioning that Rudolf Schmidt is an alter ego of Chris Seddon. Rudolf Schmidt is the fake name that Holden Caulfield from J.D Salinger’s novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ gives to a female passenger on a train.




Describe your style in Things you weren’t three (two syllable) words. allowed to do as a child.
Kooky, eldritch, crude. Have a TV in my room.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...
A pair of New Balance trainers that were £80. I think they were too big for me. I remember seeing my reflection, whilst walking down the road and being horrified. Big, white, shiny things, that seemed to amplify the size of my feet.

What’s in your near future?

What adorned you as a child?
A catapult. I would stand on the extension roof and fire stones into the air, over the rooftops,as far as I could.

My number one tip is...
Vary your processes.

Where’s your head at?

It was eventually confiscated Somewhere between Wasted by my Dad and hidden. I Sundays and Canyon Dreams. found it about three years later, in a box in the garage.

The first book I really read was...
Fantastic Mr Fox.

Favourite thing?
Squirrel mop brushes

Last time you made a friend.
Friends = pens.

What is the best thing you’ve ever destroyed?
When I was younger I broke into a residential showroom and smashed everything in there. windows, walls, seats, toilets. It was like that scene from ‘This Is England’. Recently I’ve wanted to perch my laptop on the floor and kneel on it.

If you were a pet what would you be?
A Calimanco cat



ri e C

ore Patm



Ceri Patmore

Believe Nothing:
My image for this issues title is based on the notion that the facade of celebrity very often fools the public. We’re presented with an ideal image, but when we dig a little deeper, that idyllic view is often shattered.

Concerned Neighbour:
An illustration for The Guardian to accompany an article in the Family Supplement. The story was about a woman who was concerned about her neighbours treatment of her children, and the consequences of her neglect.

I have a new look website: www.ceripatmore.co.uk Which has a link to my blog where I add any new occurrences that happen in my exciting life as an illustrator! I will also be launching ‘The Cherrytop Press’ with fellow illustrator Matthew Hams in the New Year: www.cherrytoppress.etsy. com So check it out come 2009!

Word to the Wise:
The naivety of children can be wiser than the tarnished views and opinions of an adult. Although smoking a pipe isn’t too smart I admit!

Wired Gadgets:
Two icons to illustrate new gadgets for 2008 in Wired Magazine. The gadgets were shoes that cool your feet as you exercise, and a smart bra that gives intelligent support when running.

We’re So Proud:
This image looks at the alarming trend of spoiled older children and teenagers.




Things you weren’t Describe your style in three (two syllable) words. allowed to do as a child.
Comely, Blooming Morsels.

What adorned you as a child?
My Mum is a great believer in adornment- so I have built up an obscene amount of jewellery and accessories over the years. I have a theory that women love shoes because they represent where you’re going, and adore bags which represent what you have and want to hold onto. Well…that and they’re pretty!

What is your favourite piece to date?
It’s very often the last thing I’ve done. Partly due to relief at seeing it finished, but I also hope that with each one I get a little better.

I wasn’t allowed to watch Grange Hill in case it was a bad influence. But I saw far worse things in my ‘real life’ school than they would ever be allowed to show on kids TV at 5pm!

Your favourite flaw.
My impatience serves as a blessing when sticking to deadlines and getting stuff done.

What’s in your near future?
A trip to New York. I’ve wanted to go for 10 years and I’m fully prepared to be the most decadent tourist ever!

Very much so, I love Christmas! Mainly because it gives you a licence to put fairy lights and glitter on anything you come into contact with. I truly believe that if this licence lasted all year round, the world would be a much happier place.

I would run for government only if...
our government wasn’t doing such a terrific job already… ahem…yeah.

Where’s your head at?
In the clouds most of the time, in my hands some of the time.

You would be mad not to...
love advent calendar chocolate! There is no better wake-up routine than chomping on a tiny piece of cheap chocolate…it clings to the palette and is a fantastic way to start cold and dark December days!

Favourite dental procedure?
I do love a trip to the hygienist, a nice little scrub and rinse does the nashers a world of good.

Cup of eggnog?
Raw eggs? No thanks, but a Gingerbread Latte would be a different matter.




e n a h S
nes Jo




Shane Jones Images

thisishorrorbusiness.blogspot. com

I have completed the album inlay artwork for the debut CD by a band called ‘The Dead Pleasures’ (A Chorus of Corpses) and it is available from their American website (www.robotmonster. us) and the band directly (www.myspace.com/ deadpleasurestheband).

I am halfway through compiling my second art book (and follow up to my first- available through my blog), and am working on a Children’s book for release next winter.

Do Monster Monkeys dream of sightseeing tall buildings around he world?


Another strong contender for Spiderman 4... Aww... he looks so cute. It was great when he fell in love the ‘Wasp’ in Secret Wars back in the 80’s.. I wonder what their kids would look like? God Web bless you Stan Lee... The Hugh My website is still undergoing Hefner of the comic book major surgery www. world. horrorbusiness.co.uk but you are welcome to visit Zombina me at: Trick or Treat... the sweetest http://thisishorrorbusiness. Vampire you could ever blogspot.com/) and catch up meet? with my current musings.

I’d love to undertake some commercial work in the new year, and start getting into T-shirts/clothing branding... hell, anything that’s interesting!

If anyone is looking for artists to exhibit in 2009.. please let me know.

Santa (Booze + Cookie)
I heard that Santa Clause lives to serve... he has no cravings!

Email me at: rageofachillies@ hotmail.com




What is your favourite piece to date?
I’m liking a little ‘manga influenced’ picture I’ve done of Zombina from ‘Zombina and the Skeletones recently.

Who would you love to be better than?
Jon Burgerman... because it would be me who’s artwork everyone adored.. and I’d be famous… and get to be on Blue Peter too!

Your favourite flaw.
I rather like my kitchen floor. By the way, you’ve spelt ‘floor’ wrong you silly Billy’s!

When will you, will you be famous?
I can’t answer… I can’t answer that... (unless some other clever bugger has come up with the same answer… in which case- I will be famous when someone calls me to do some work for them after seeing me in New Sugar).

What adorned you as a child?
Clothes... it was deemed socially unacceptable for small fat children to go around with their diddlers out. Clothes with patches of rock bands on (Kiss, Scorpions, Motorhead, ACDC and the like… old school ROCK!!!)

Last time you made a friend.
It was a cold Winter’s day, all crisp and white… 2 days later the sun came out and my friend was gone. Nothing left but a small pool of wee where he stood… and I was alone again!

What’s in your near future?
It was almost in Hospital yesterday!

Favourite dental procedure?
Ones that other people have to have.

Stupidest thing I ever bought...
If you asked my Fiancée she’d say ‘EVERYTHING’ I buy! Sprouts? Satan’s dirty balls!.. You give me sprouts, I give you PAIN!

Where’s your head at?

Yesterday it was almost in Dracula’s plaything. Hospital after I banged it up pretty good when putting Things you weren’t the Christmas lights up in the allowed to do as a child. kitchen! Thankfully, today it’s still attached to me shoulders! I wasn’t allowed to play with Mr Winkle for fear of going blind!!!

If you were a pet what would you be?

Cup of eggnog?
Thank you kindly for this festive cup of Satan’s sperm… I would rather lick the sweat off Marilyn Manson’s hairy bottom.




4 e su Is
rief B


Issue 4 Brief
‘My Pocket’ Want to submit?
If you would like to submit your work for issue 4 this is the place to find out more! Each chosen artist will get to show their submission piece for the issue’s theme. In addition to that we show a further 2 – 4 of your favourite pieces to show off a bit more of you and your style. Send as many pieces of work as you like and we will pick our favourites.

What we need from you:

If you have any events, websites, blogs or happenings you want us to mention send us details on those too. If all this seems like a lot to send... Just remember the more we get from you, the more we have to give you the best exposure possible.

• This month’s brief piece
which needs to be supplied 740 x 740 pixels (as either JPGs or PNGs no PDFs please) Several other favourite pieces of yours which you would like to be considered for the mag. Not necessarily at 740x740 although that would be good. All images must be 72dpi or higher It’s for screen output so there are no colour restrictions A maximum of 50 words about each picture you send us i.e. name/brief/ thoughts/inspiration etc.

• •

After all NewSugar is about just that... Exposing you!

Once you have all your stuff ready send us an email with all your images etc. attached If you get picked we will send to: you 30 questions chosen by subs@newsugar.co.uk both the NewSugar crew and some of your fellow artists. More info on the NewSugar You will need to choose 12 of these and send us your answers (sadly not on a postcard!) to make up part of your feature. site...



r u O
nds Frie



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