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The Ingredients Toward Revival (2)

The Ingredients Toward Revival (2)

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Published by: TVBCBACOLOD on Jul 29, 2012
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July 29, 2012 True Vine Baptist Church Worship Service Sermon Notes Text: 2 Chronicles 7:12-14 Title: The Ingredients

toward Revival (2) Revival – restoration to vigor or activity ; returning to life or consciousness. III. Seek God’s face Seek – baqash – to search out to strive after (specifically in worship or prayer) Face – Paniym – favour, fear of (God’s righteousness) Some requirement in receiving blessings from God - Matthew 6:33 Men's Nature - Romans 3:10-18 Realize these truths: A. God has the solution to every problem – it may e personal, marital, social, political, spiritual, - Prov. 3:56 B. Righteousness exalts a nation – Prov. 14:34 Why we must develop the fear of God: 1. ps. 11:10 - beginning of wisdom 2. Prov.1:7 - beginning of knowledge 3. Prov.8:13 - is to hate evil 4. Prov. 9:10 - Prolongeth days 5. Prov. 14:6 - is strong confidence 6. Prov.14:27 - is the fountain of life 7. prov. 15:13 is instruction of wisdom 8. Prov.19:23 - tendeth to life 9. Prov.22:L4 - are riches 10. Isa. 33:6 is his treasures IV. Turn from Sin What sin can do against revival?

1. Sin hinders our prayers - Ps. 66:18 2. Sin hinders healing - James 5:16 3. Sin hinders God's dealing - Isa. 59:2 The Guaranteed Promises: A. God's promise of hearing - Ps. 4:3. Zech.10:6 B. God's promise of forgiveness –I John 1:9 2Cor. 6:17-18, 7:1 C. God’s promise of Healing – Ex. 15:26 D. God’s Promise of revival Conclusion: Remember, God’s road to revival has NO SHORT CUT. It has no COMPROMISE. Follow these steps so you can experience REVIVAL.

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